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01:00:07 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Fedora Ambassadors Meeting
01:00:17 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Fedora Ambassadors Meeting - Announcements
01:00:22 <StabbyMc> Hello everyone.
01:00:32 * herlo is here
01:00:32 <StabbyMc> Lets start with announcements, shout 'em if you got 'em.
01:00:52 <herlo> UTOSC is ~3 weeks away, come join us!
01:00:58 <herlo> tons of Fedorans will be there :)
01:00:59 <mock> bacon
01:01:36 <StabbyMc> herlo: you have some more UTOSC stuff in the Events part of the meeting, right?
01:01:42 <herlo> yes
01:02:10 <StabbyMc> More announcements?
01:02:25 <StabbyMc> 3
01:02:34 <StabbyMc> 2
01:02:42 <StabbyMc> 1
01:02:48 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Fedora Ambassadors Meeting - Events
01:02:54 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
01:03:00 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Fedora Ambassadors Meeting - Open Video Conference
01:03:06 <StabbyMc> Who's topic is this?
01:03:27 <rbergeron> i don't know, but that sounds like fun.
01:03:29 <herlo> threethirty I think
01:03:39 <threethirty> yeah its mine
01:03:40 <herlo> he's the only other one beside you and me
01:03:48 * StabbyMc yeilds to threethirty
01:03:50 <herlo> who edited the wiki )
01:05:17 <threethirty> Ok OVC is the Open Video Conference, i just found out about it last week and looking at the schedule it looks like something that would be useful in trying to create a fedora video presence on the web
01:05:40 <herlo> how so?
01:06:13 <threethirty> marketing tried this a while ago and we ran into some bumps one being Freedom... OVC is a whole conference dedicated to just this issue
01:06:23 <herlo> also, is it 2011 or 2010?  You put 2011 in the title, but then 2010 on the dates.
01:06:44 <threethirty> sorry it 2010, i was excited
01:06:54 <herlo> threethirty: are you referring to fedora.tv?
01:07:01 <rbergeron> no
01:07:05 <herlo> or some other method
01:07:10 <rbergeron> he's referring to our work with the students at allegheny
01:07:20 <herlo> ahh
01:07:37 <rbergeron> where it was a youtube / flash lovefest
01:07:38 <rbergeron> :)
01:07:49 <threethirty> that is an understatement
01:08:02 <herlo> I would say that we have tried a few solutions, sounds like that's the latest attempt...
01:08:10 <herlo> I like that we're continuing down this road
01:08:25 <mock> +1
01:08:32 * herlo would love to come, but he's otherwise occupied
01:08:48 <herlo> threethirty: what do you want/need from us?
01:09:23 * herlo gives threethirty a big ole pat on the back and sends him on his way to OVC :{
01:09:26 <threethirty> herlo: a greyhound ticket and a place to sleep.
01:09:40 <herlo> threethirty: how far away are you??
01:09:54 <inode0> is it on the event page?
01:09:59 <threethirty> herlo: richmond, IN, 23 hours on greyhound
01:10:04 <threethirty> inode0: not my location
01:10:04 <herlo> and how much is the event?
01:10:10 <threethirty> herlo: its free
01:10:11 <inode0> the event?
01:10:16 <herlo> inode0: it can be added
01:10:19 <herlo> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OVC2010
01:10:20 * inode0 knows your location
01:10:33 <threethirty> inode0: OVC is in manhattan
01:10:36 <herlo> right
01:10:54 * herlo wonders how much a plane ticket is because that sounds *awfully* long
01:11:34 * ke4qqq suggests that you drag jds2001 along as well, he's pretty close.
01:11:34 * mock is uploading his vacation pictures from his trip to nyc as we type...
01:11:37 * inode0 would like to hear more about what happens there and what Fedora will be doing there
01:11:42 <threethirty> herlo: i wondered that too, but i dont know anything about NY geography and knew that penn station was a stop on greyhound
01:12:06 <inode0> money can sort itself out if it is interesting
01:12:06 <herlo> threethirty: you can get to penn from the subway and to the subway from jfk and newark pretty easily
01:12:07 * lcafiero votes to get jds2001 involved since he's good a volunteering other peopel
01:12:10 <lcafiero> people, too
01:12:34 * herlo thinks inode0 is on to somethign and wants to hear that stuff too
01:13:47 <threethirty> there are talks about Free codecs, one on how to "build your own youtube" etc
01:14:09 <rbergeron> I think it's a good idea, if we can get the fedora video stuff going, and we have a timeline for that, or if we think attending will help spur that along. Maybe a presentation or a roadmap / plan to be presented as a result of what was learned during FUDCon would be a good idea.
01:14:10 <inode0> I'm curious if anyone from Red Hat goes?
01:14:25 <ke4qqq> threethirty: did choke respond to u
01:14:46 * herlo would be interested in the fudcon goals for video
01:14:58 <herlo> especially since I've been heavily involved with freeseer
01:15:02 <threethirty> ke4qqq: yes he did, he said there were some red hat people going and that they had their rooming sorted out
01:15:03 * rbergeron nods - i would actualy like fudcon videoz even or possibly streaming :)
01:15:22 <herlo> rbergeron: I am working on the vids this year for FUDCon btw
01:15:26 <rbergeron> ahhh.
01:15:28 <herlo> using freeseer is making it *simple*
01:15:30 <inode0> is colby going?
01:15:41 * herlo hopes so
01:15:56 * inode0 means to this NYC event
01:16:00 <herlo> indeed
01:16:04 * herlo meant that too
01:16:05 <rbergeron> herlo: you should look at kaltura. http://www.kaltura.org/ i talked to them a bit at oscon; they actually run their stuff on Fedora. they also were the backend for a lot of the red hat summit videos as well.
01:16:18 <rbergeron> heck, maybe they'd want to sponsor the video end, not to totally throw us offtrack ;D
01:16:29 <herlo> rbergeron: pm
01:16:30 * rbergeron gets back on the train and apologizes
01:18:23 <StabbyMc> Ok, I think we may have taken a left turn somewhere.
01:18:26 * herlo thinks there is enough interest in OVC to get threethirty there...
01:18:33 <rbergeron> yes.
01:18:40 <StabbyMc> thanks for putting us back on topic herlo.
01:18:41 <threethirty> this side discussion is why i thought it was important to have someone go (even if it wasnt me) to OVC we hall have ideas for stuff we'd like to do but no infra
01:18:47 * inode0 is not clear on the goals or value to be honest
01:19:06 <herlo> let me state some good goals then
01:19:18 <herlo> if threethirty attends, he can bring back the following
01:19:18 <rbergeron> are we having a fedora booth presence, or is the goal to learn about video and take that back and do stuff in fedora?
01:19:25 <herlo> a report of what happened
01:19:35 <threethirty> rbergeron: to learn
01:19:43 <herlo> a list of people who are doing free video who might want to have their package in fedora
01:19:49 <herlo> friends
01:20:16 <herlo> and to the end goal, some contacts that might be willing to help us build a cool free video suite in all free software
01:20:19 <threethirty> rbergeron: i was hoping to get some media to bring with me to hand out if anyone was interested
01:20:42 <herlo> threethirty: I can send some if you want, but it might be tight, maybe nb has some??
01:20:46 <rbergeron> then i say go forth and learn, and whatever else herlo is saying. I just want to see a plan for moving our video stuff forward so we have something vs. nothing.
01:20:47 <inode0> threethirty: we can of course send anything that is needed
01:20:49 <rbergeron> I have a bunch of media.
01:20:56 <herlo> rbergeron: keep it
01:21:02 <inode0> but we want something back
01:21:06 <herlo> we have people who can send it
01:21:17 <herlo> inode0: what do we want?  Did I not give you enough to get somethign back?
01:21:34 * inode0 suggests threethirty follow the SOP for requesting travel funding
01:21:50 <StabbyMc> inode0: got a link?
01:21:51 <inode0> and lay it out
01:21:59 <herlo> inode0: indeed, I thought he had done that
01:22:01 <rbergeron> We have a boatload of recorded video around, and no way to distribute it that is in keeping with our foundations.
01:22:11 * inode0 hasn't seen anything
01:22:24 <herlo> inode0: I assumed since it was on the agenda
01:22:42 * herlo knows that makes somethign out of u and me
01:22:57 <inode0> I'd like something more concrete than "I'd like to go investigate..."
01:23:19 <herlo> sure sure
01:23:29 <herlo> I was saying I thought he had done the process...
01:24:05 <threethirty> i cant be sure what is to be learned there... if i did i woulnt need to go to learn it
01:24:26 <threethirty> we have made software freedom a bottleneck and i want to fix that
01:24:27 <ke4qqq> I think it's important that fedora have a presence at OVC - even if it's only an 'investigatory' one. To have no one represent us would seem as if we didn't care, which is clearly not the case
01:24:31 <herlo> threethirty: that's not quite what inode0 was saying
01:24:57 <ke4qqq> perhaps the part threethirty is leaving out is that he's largely been driving a lot of the video struff in -mktg over the past 6 months
01:25:00 <herlo> I think he's saying you should use soem of the suggestions we gave as justification
01:25:24 <threethirty> ke4qqq: i forget not everyone here was watching that...
01:25:34 <ke4qqq> so there is a clear end goal he's working out for fedora - he prolly just assumes we are all subscribed to each list.
01:25:52 <herlo> hehe, I am, but don't have time to read them all
01:26:23 <herlo> threethirty: you and I should talk though, I might have some things to show you
01:26:33 * ke4qqq has no objections to funding threethirty
01:26:40 <sthistle> +1
01:26:40 * herlo concurs
01:26:56 <dramsey> +1
01:27:04 <herlo> but he should fill out the request to follow protocol
01:27:12 * lcafiero has no objection, however he would like a clarification of what the goals are on the wiki, as inode0 suggests
01:27:15 <threethirty> herlo: i can do that
01:27:27 <threethirty> lcafiero: i can do that
01:27:28 <mock> +1
01:28:00 <StabbyMc> Ok, anything more on this topic before moving on?
01:28:50 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Fedora Ambassadors Meeting - UTOSC 2010 Sponsorship
01:28:56 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Utah_Open_Source_Conference_2010
01:29:02 <StabbyMc> herlo: all you.
01:29:06 <herlo> whee!
01:29:08 <herlo> so
01:29:18 <herlo> as you all know, this October 7-9 is UTOSC
01:29:33 <herlo> several are attending/speaking from this crowd
01:29:41 <herlo> visit http://utosc.com for more info
01:29:57 <VileGent> includeing jsmith doing a keynote
01:30:15 <lcafiero> Fedora BoF
01:30:21 <herlo> yes, rbergeron is marketing presenting and quaid is also keynoting
01:30:37 <rbergeron> and rrix is presenting
01:30:38 <rbergeron> iirc
01:30:42 <herlo> we *had* ruth suehle but she had a conflic
01:30:44 <herlo> t
01:30:45 <VileGent> 2 of the 3 keynotes are fedora people?
01:30:51 <herlo> rbergeron: BoF, but yeah
01:30:57 * lcafiero is presenting on something non-Fedora related.
01:30:58 <herlo> VileGent: they are
01:31:36 <herlo> VileGent: we had a plan for another, but it fell through, non-fedora even
01:31:55 <herlo> so we were gonig to have 4 but now we have 3
01:31:59 <herlo> still pretty darn good
01:32:02 <herlo> anyway
01:32:24 <herlo> on the meeting agenda are the prospectus and sponsorship docuemnts
01:32:41 <herlo> we're approachign fedora for a sponsorship as we have in past years
01:32:44 <VileGent> herlo,  ok what did we do historicly on supporting utos
01:32:59 <herlo> we'd also like to approch RH, but not sure if we have enough time
01:33:10 <herlo> VileGent: last year was the only year Fedora was a sponsor
01:33:20 <herlo> in previous years, they hd a booth or did presentations
01:33:35 <herlo> the amount they gave was equivalent to a booth, $700
01:33:56 * inode0 proposes allocating $1500 to the event owner and letting the owner sort out the details - UTOSC has always been valuable to Fedora <- to get us started
01:33:57 <herlo> the booths are $750 this year, but I don't know what you guys want to do
01:34:22 <herlo> I know that others are traveling as well, so there might be monies needign to be sent that direction
01:34:40 * herlo opens this up for discussion
01:35:11 <ke4qqq> +1 to inode's proposal - let herlo divvy up 1500 as he sees fit, for travel and sponsorship.
01:35:29 * herlo points the ownership to lcafiero, hopefully :)
01:35:34 * rbergeron and rrix are requesting in the neighborhood of 600-700 in an upcoming portion of the agenda, for gas and hotel.
01:35:45 <herlo> I'm organizing the event, but the booth is in lcafiero's hands
01:35:46 * lcafiero turns around and looks at who herlo is pointing to.
01:35:47 <rbergeron> probably closer to 600.
01:35:50 <herlo> which we ought to mention...
01:36:11 <herlo> lcafiero: haha
01:36:12 <lcafiero> right, since it's herlo's gig, I'm the event owner.
01:36:30 <lcafiero> herlo's gig = utosc
01:36:35 * inode0 trusts the event owner to do right whoever it is :)
01:37:11 <rbergeron> lcafiero: are you requesting fundage?
01:37:23 <lcafiero> Yes.
01:37:31 <ke4qqq> hmmmm so when is this??
01:37:45 <lcafiero> when am i requesting the funding or when is the event?
01:37:52 <ke4qqq> the event
01:38:12 <herlo> Oct 7-9
01:38:20 <herlo> just under 3-weeks
01:38:40 <lcafiero> I need to make a chart on the wiki to sort out funding requests, a la other events.
01:38:45 <lcafiero> Which I'll do in a few minutes.
01:38:46 <rbergeron> i already did that.
01:38:54 * herlo meant to have this discussion last meeting but failed...
01:38:59 * laubersm coming in late hears a round of who's on first, what's on second, I dont know....
01:39:01 <herlo> lcafiero: I can help you...
01:39:04 <lcafiero> thanks, rbergeron
01:39:15 * lcafiero thinks that was fast.
01:39:20 <herlo> lol :)
01:39:47 <StabbyMc> rbergeron: is it time for me to change the topic again?
01:39:53 <ke4qqq> lcafiero: can you send it to f-a-l when you have that done- I imagine we can do this all on the list
01:40:04 <lcafiero> OK, ke4qqq
01:40:19 <VileGent> +1 to inodes proposal
01:40:21 <lcafiero> Don't forget, rbergeron and rrix, to put your names down on the booth list as well
01:40:26 * herlo thinsk this is good :)
01:40:37 <herlo> lcafiero: poke quaid too
01:40:42 <lcafiero> yes.
01:40:45 <rbergeron> i'll sign up for hte booth if i know i'm going :)
01:40:45 <herlo> and his girls for their bios :)
01:40:58 <lcafiero> we also have the girls as well.
01:41:11 * ke4qqq really wants us to get out of the nickel and dime budgeting - lets give $eventowner money - and charge him to get maximum benefit for fedora
01:41:19 * herlo notes he is working on gettting balsa airplanes this year for the airplane throw :)
01:41:20 <rbergeron> stabbymc: sure.
01:41:25 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Fedora Ambassadors Meeting - UTOSC Attendance sponsorship
01:41:50 <StabbyMc> rbergeron: the floor is yours.
01:41:51 <herlo> StabbyMc: I think that was already taken care of :)
01:42:04 <StabbyMc> well fine then!
01:42:05 <rbergeron> Ryan and I are requesting $625 for gas for our epic utah drive and hotel room. Unless ryan finds another roommate (i am pushing him at jsmith).
01:42:08 <rbergeron> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Utah_Open_Source_Conference_2010#Proposed_Budget
01:42:14 <lcafiero> heh
01:42:17 <herlo> oh, haha, nm
01:42:28 <rbergeron> I am speaking on OMNOM (open marketing, not obscured marketing) and he is doing a BoF on Campus Ambassadors.
01:42:41 <rbergeron> In the hopes of haivng Campus Ambassador groups on other campuses, presumably.
01:43:12 * herlo hopes for that too :)
01:43:22 <rbergeron> So I can either ask $event owner to divvy out money accordingly, or just ask y'all.
01:43:24 * ke4qqq notes that at one time Campus Amb. had their own budget as well
01:43:31 <rbergeron> My car will be coming with cookies.
01:43:53 <lcafiero> mmmm, cookies
01:43:55 <sthistle> +1 to cookies
01:44:11 <rbergeron> yeah, i'll bring cookies.
01:44:26 <rbergeron> Yes, I can check with spevack on the whole campus ambassador budget.
01:44:35 <rbergeron> Because presumably maybe this could come from that budget.
01:44:49 <herlo> woohoo! cookies
01:44:49 * rbergeron didn't know that there was a budget there
01:45:00 * ke4qqq notes spevack has lots of pockets
01:45:01 <rbergeron> so apparently i'll go ot the list with this one also.
01:45:25 <rbergeron> and then sync back with herlo.
01:45:30 <herlo> w00t!
01:45:40 <inode0> I think the question for us tonight is what are we comfortable shooting in the direction of UTOSC?
01:45:45 <rbergeron> We have one more meeting before the actual event (day before).
01:45:51 <rbergeron> lcafiero, what are you expecting to request in terms of money?
01:46:09 * herlo thinks $30m should do :)
01:46:14 <lcafiero> $30m
01:46:19 <herlo> w00t!
01:46:22 <herlo> lol
01:47:15 <lcafiero> If we have $1500 to spend, we'll see how far it goes. If we spend less, we spend less.
01:47:25 <inode0> We have three +1's for $1500. If that doesn't turn out to be enough come back and/or try with spevack?!
01:47:33 <lcafiero> I'm not sure that answers your question.
01:47:40 <inode0> lcafiero: sponsor the event with what you don't need
01:47:42 <lcafiero> I think we have general consensus on the $1500, no?
01:47:48 <sthistle> +1
01:47:53 <threethirty> +1
01:47:55 <herlo> +1
01:47:56 <lcafiero> Oh, OK.
01:48:01 * herlo was really hoping for that $30m
01:48:07 <herlo> oh well, maybe next year :)
01:48:12 <lcafiero> I thought the sponsorship was separate, but that'll work.
01:48:27 <herlo> lcafiero: I think we can work with whatever fedora wants to give us :)
01:48:35 <herlo> us = utosc
01:48:39 <lcafiero> absolutely, herlo
01:48:50 * herlo wears too many hats these days
01:49:10 <ke4qqq> herlo: start a collection :)
01:49:31 <lcafiero> but they're all fedoras
01:49:31 <herlo> lol, have a few hats already, don't need more !!
01:50:27 * herlo thinks we killed that topic
01:50:29 <rbergeron> Okay. Are we moving on? We can sort out the actual stuff on list.
01:50:40 <herlo> indeed
01:50:42 <lcafiero> right
01:50:51 * herlo waits for StabbyMc to wake up :)
01:50:54 <rbergeron> I'll wait to hear back from max on the existence of campus ambassador budget, we can wait from larry to hear about how much $, and see what else is left after that.
01:51:00 <lcafiero> right.
01:51:04 <rbergeron> in the meantime, lcafiero, $1500, don't go to vegas :)
01:51:05 * threethirty pokes StabbyMc with a stick
01:51:10 <StabbyMc> I'm here, I'm here.
01:51:17 * lcafiero was just checking flights to Brazil . . .
01:51:18 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Fedora Ambassadors Meeting - Budget Review
01:51:20 <herlo> rbergeron: hahahah
01:51:20 * lcafiero kids
01:51:21 <rbergeron> though i'll be going through there on the way
01:51:25 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_budget
01:51:57 <StabbyMc> So I haven't heard that we're crunched for budget.
01:52:08 <StabbyMc> spevack: any input here?
01:52:25 <herlo> probably aren't
01:52:45 <StabbyMc> I wanted to give the opportunity.
01:52:52 <StabbyMc> #topic Unfinished Business / Open Floor
01:53:08 <StabbyMc> I have an open floor item.
01:53:17 <StabbyMc> I'm looking for someone to take over proctoring meetings.
01:53:36 <StabbyMc> I've almost served out the year, it's time to pass the torch.
01:53:38 <herlo> wait!
01:53:49 <herlo> what about the discs??
01:54:02 <herlo> it's on the budget review
01:54:07 <herlo> F14 Media Production - reconsider production of double-sided media?!
01:54:07 <StabbyMc> See, this is why someone else needs to take over meetings ;-)
01:54:11 <herlo> lol
01:54:28 <StabbyMc> Fine, lets put that in open floor and I'll suffer.
01:54:33 <StabbyMc> herlo: go.
01:54:48 <herlo> kk
01:55:07 <herlo> I just wonder what others think, since I am the one creating media, I can looking to the pricing
01:55:14 <herlo> it seems reasonable enough
01:55:33 <threethirty> i think the double sided media is a cool idea
01:55:38 <herlo> double sided DVDs for x86 & x86_64 seem like a decent idea
01:55:42 <inode0> seems a reasonable thing if it isn't too expensive
01:55:52 <lcafiero> live?
01:56:07 <mock> +2 for double sided media
01:56:11 <inode0> live x86 still seems ok to me
01:56:24 <inode0> but either way
01:56:25 <rbergeron> do we have a ballpark pricing? I'm down if it's not asininely expensive.
01:56:27 <lcafiero> good point
01:56:35 <makfinsky> +1
01:56:40 * ke4qqq hates doublesided
01:56:43 <herlo> inode0: indeed, not planning to change that
01:56:45 <VileGent> i can say that that x86_64 flew at OLF
01:56:49 <ke4qqq> but if it's reasonable I won't object
01:56:51 <sthistle> save a tree, or whatever discs are made out of :-)
01:56:58 <inode0> yeah, I don't like double sided personally either
01:57:01 * herlo guesses it won't be more than $1.25/per
01:57:06 * ke4qqq likes having the fedora logo ont he discs
01:57:08 <herlo> s/per/pc/
01:57:15 <inode0> sthistle: this doesn't reduce how many we make, only increases the price
01:57:20 <herlo> ke4qqq: we still can in the hole :)
01:57:20 <ke4qqq> 1.25 per??? thats well nigh double and we lose the logo
01:57:28 <herlo> ke4qqq: no it's not
01:57:30 <threethirty> ke4qqq: cant we something screened in the middle of the disc?
01:57:34 <sthistle> -1 then
01:57:35 <herlo> it's about .40 more
01:57:46 <herlo> dvd always cost more
01:57:54 <ke4qqq> you are right - I am thinking CD cost
01:57:54 <herlo> about $.89/pc
01:57:59 <herlo> ke4qqq: indeed
01:58:00 <herlo> :)
01:58:01 <sthistle> fedora logo adds advertising value..
01:58:09 * herlo agrees withthe logo point
01:58:13 <lcafiero> hmm. good point
01:58:21 <herlo> I think it might be a good idea to do a small run of the mixed double sided
01:58:26 <VileGent> i agree but also isnt what the sleeve for
01:58:27 <inode0> not much, if there is a sleeve that is enough advertising I think
01:58:34 <herlo> but I actually think the sleeves provide as much value as the logo on the CD
01:58:35 <makfinsky> Who hands out cd/dvd's without a sleeve?
01:58:47 <makfinsky> herlo: Agreed.
01:59:02 <herlo> we certainly don't
01:59:05 <sthistle> I have tons of cd's at my desk in the office.. cannot find a single sleeve :-)
01:59:06 <inode0> I think we should go one way or the other
01:59:24 <mock> soon we'll be known as "that double-sided distro"
01:59:26 <inode0> the point of double sided is so people don't need to choose, not to give them a 3rd choice
01:59:27 <threethirty> maybe marketing can find us some research on logos on discs?
01:59:39 <herlo> sthistle: yes, but think about that for a second, how many of those are burned cds??
02:00:05 <fenris02> paper sleeves are easily obtained.
02:00:17 <lcafiero> no, mock -- OpenSUSE does that already.
02:00:17 <herlo> fenris02: nah, we want professional ones for handing out
02:00:23 <sthistle> herlo, prolly all of them :-)
02:00:27 <VileGent> i think we try it for f14 since f14  has fewer events in the que
02:00:35 <herlo> sthistle: exactly
02:00:41 <threethirty> VileGent: +1
02:00:43 <mock> lcafiero: oh
02:00:53 <herlo> but printed media, you don't do that, plus we'er really handing them out at events with the sleeves on them
02:00:58 <fenris02> herlo, like the plastic hard-shell thin ones that you can slide a cover into?
02:01:11 <VileGent> fenris02,  cardboard
02:01:14 <sthistle> herlo, but I use a sharpie to write on them to know what they are
02:01:21 <rbergeron> threethirty: like if it is valueable?
02:01:22 <herlo> fenris02: have you not seen the media?
02:01:29 <fenris02> herlo, nope.
02:01:42 <threethirty> rbergeron: tbh any data would be useful imho
02:01:51 <herlo> anyone got a pic of the media??
02:02:03 <rbergeron> threethirty: ask the list, but my plate is full.
02:02:05 <herlo> sounds like there is def interest here
02:02:10 <herlo> I'll do some research
02:02:25 * inode0 thinks we are going to get the sort of sleeves we always do :)
02:02:25 <StabbyMc> Ok folks it's getting to be about that time.
02:02:29 <rbergeron> honestly: I would imagine that asking a large vendor might do the most good - they may have those kind of statistics on hand to help a company decide what the best route is.
02:02:50 <VileGent> herlo,  check the priceing
02:02:57 <sthistle> like some big vendor that sells dounle sided cd's :-)
02:03:07 <herlo> VileGent: exactly
02:03:35 * herlo will do some research in a couple weeks, probably after UTOSC
02:03:38 <VileGent> then we will have to file a design ticket
02:03:42 <herlo> so let's slate that for November
02:03:49 <inode0> suggestion: if we can afford it switch to double-sided DVDs for F14
02:03:55 <inode0> re-evaluate for F15
02:04:08 <rbergeron> yeah, deciding in november is like... when F14 is out, i don't know how much lead time we need.
02:04:33 <herlo> rbergeron: it's like when I will be placing the order
02:04:51 <herlo> so I'll do the research prior to that and we can make the decision a the meeting before I order
02:05:00 <lcafiero> incidentally, as an aside, I don't know how others who distributed media fare, but I always end up with a lot more install media left over when a new release comes out and little live cds. Just throwing that out there
02:05:08 <herlo> unless it's supposed to be out Nov1, I thought it was mid-November now
02:05:25 <herlo> whatever 2-3 weeks out is
02:05:26 <lcafiero> possibly discussion for when f14 is actually pressed.
02:05:28 <herlo> that's when I'll do it
02:06:12 <rbergeron> Release is Nov. 2
02:06:24 <rbergeron> instead of Oct. 26
02:06:57 <sthistle> lcafiero, I will take a little live cd.. any releases.. :-)
02:07:14 * lcafiero knew someone would pick up on that. sthistle gets the prize
02:07:15 <rbergeron> herlo: find out when you can, and we'll go from there.
02:07:16 <rbergeron> :)
02:07:24 <herlo> indeed
02:07:26 * herlo is done
02:07:41 <lcafiero> little = few, of course
02:08:02 <StabbyMc> Ok, other open floor items before I call the meeting?
02:08:06 <lcafiero> yes
02:08:18 <lcafiero> http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/Blogs/Paw-Prints-Writings-of-the-maddog/Goodbye-Ubuntu-hello-Fedora
02:08:25 <herlo> StabbyMc: we'll consider your propsal with a few grains of salt btw :)
02:08:26 <VileGent> lcafiero,  i have 70 live, 20 each of dvds
02:08:41 <lcafiero> Jon maddog Hall writes about installing FEL on his laptop
02:08:55 <makfinsky> Nice!
02:09:00 <herlo> VileGent: want me to send you more??
02:09:22 <lcafiero> I have about 10 live cds
02:09:35 <lcafiero> herlo, wait until after utosc
02:09:59 <herlo> hehe
02:10:20 <lcafiero> we have an event in texas next week
02:10:50 <lcafiero> rjbeatty, a new ambassador, is going to table at the Stephens County Fair in . . . Breckenridge, Texas
02:11:13 <StabbyMc> is rjbeatty here?
02:11:13 <herlo> lcafiero: if only I was here another week :)
02:11:37 <lcafiero> He is not, which is why I mention it. He is my manatee.
02:11:43 <lcafiero> I am his mentor
02:11:57 <StabbyMc> does he need something that he doesn't have?
02:12:06 <lcafiero> I am sending him a box of swag.
02:12:10 <lcafiero> and media
02:12:21 <lcafiero> but I'm pretty much tapped out in the media dept. after that.
02:12:37 <herlo> StabbyMc: I think it was just an announcement that didn't make it to the beginning of the meeting :)
02:12:55 <lcafiero> I have another one, if you can bear with me for a minute
02:13:08 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: you have one minute, GO!
02:13:16 <herlo> lol
02:13:38 <lcafiero> there;s a Grace Hopper Celebration around women in tech sometime at the end of the month in Atlanta
02:13:42 <StabbyMc> But in seriousness, it's been an hour and 15 minutes, after that it's time to wrap the meeting.
02:13:52 * ke4qqq notes StabbyMc lives in ATL
02:13:54 <lcafiero> Stormy Peters asked me if I can send some media/swag for them, so I'm going to send them a bit
02:14:07 <lcafiero> that's all from me.
02:14:10 * StabbyMc notes that he will be in Colorado that week.
02:14:21 <ke4qqq> ohhh well
02:14:22 * herlo notes that StabbyMc is in Austin this week
02:14:39 * lcafiero would love StabbyMc and herlo's frequent flier miles
02:15:02 <herlo> except you don't fly
02:15:06 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: I'll happily trade FF miles for time a home with my wife and almost child.
02:15:15 <lcafiero> oh, and StabbyMc -- I can't make Tuesdays on time until the farmers market ends around halloween, but I'd consider taking over proctoring the meetings
02:15:24 <laubersm> lcafiero, you can have mine... as long as I get paid to stay at home
02:15:30 <lcafiero> which sounds painful, but still
02:15:40 <lcafiero> I have rewards miles from amtrak, thank you.
02:15:48 <herlo> k, back on topic
02:15:59 <herlo> anything else?
02:16:00 <lcafiero> is the minute up?
02:16:05 <StabbyMc> it is.
02:16:09 * herlo wants to talk with his sig0
02:16:11 <StabbyMc> Last call for open floor.
02:16:32 <StabbyMc> 3
02:16:49 <StabbyMc> 2
02:16:59 <StabbyMc> 1
02:17:00 <lcafiero> wait.
02:17:02 <lcafiero> just kidding
02:17:03 <StabbyMc> #endmeeting