05:07:07 <juhp> #startmeeting i18n
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05:07:21 <juhp> #meetingname i18n
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05:07:34 <pravins> hi
05:07:36 <juhp> ok welcome to this week's i18n project meeting
05:07:41 <juhp> hi
05:07:49 <dychen_> HI
05:07:51 <juhp> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2010-09-09
05:07:55 <paragan> hi
05:07:56 <juhp> is the agenda page
05:08:05 <dueno> hi
05:08:32 <epico_laptop> hi
05:09:19 <juhp> not too much agenda - so will try to keep the meeting bit brief if possible
05:10:17 <juhp> well guess we better get started then
05:10:31 <juhp> #topic F14
05:10:57 <pravins> paragan: juhp  can we add new fonts added recently in fedora in Documentation_I18n_Beat, i.e. google font directory?
05:11:27 <juhp> pravins: maybe - are they international? :)
05:11:28 <paragan> sure
05:11:42 <paragan> all are latin fonts
05:11:47 <jni> hi
05:11:50 <juhp> ok
05:12:02 <juhp> guess there is not Fonts beat?
05:12:05 <juhp> no
05:12:11 <juhp> guess there is no Fonts beat?
05:12:16 * pravins really thinking to take some mileage for fedora from New rupee symbol
05:12:31 <pravins> i.e pushing lohit with added new rupee symbol sign
05:12:51 <juhp> pravins: you could mention if you like
05:13:13 <pravins> juhp: yes, sure that's a nice point for fedora
05:13:18 <juhp> if there is no Fonts beat - anyone want to make one?
05:14:07 <juhp> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Documentation_Fonts_Beat
05:14:12 <juhp> anyway there is
05:14:23 <juhp> so please add google directory there
05:14:29 <pravins> juhp: thanks
05:14:47 <juhp> it is not really relevant to i18n IMHO
05:15:08 <juhp> so next week is F14 Beta freeze
05:15:11 <pravins> juhp: ok, no props
05:15:28 * juhp not really 100% how bodhi plays with the freeze
05:16:17 <juhp> if packages are in testings before the freeze can they still all go into dist-f14?
05:16:46 <juhp> maybe they have to be stable before the freeze?
05:16:55 <paragan> not sure
05:17:21 <paragan> good to get all our packages Karma and pushed to stable
05:17:22 <juhp> well if so we are already effectively frozen, hmm so maybe not?
05:17:30 <juhp> anyway
05:18:02 <juhp> next devel milestone is 2010-10-18	Final Change Deadline
05:19:14 <juhp> ah maybe bodhi is good until that freeze?
05:19:26 <juhp> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Change_deadlines
05:19:49 <juhp> also reminder next week there is https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2010-09-16_AnacondaTranslationKeyboard
05:19:57 <juhp> F14: 33 bugs (+4); 17 NEW (+2)
05:20:02 <juhp> bugs a bit up
05:20:27 <juhp> any F14 issues to discuss?
05:21:48 <juhp> paragan: thanks for reporting the gettext-devel conflict
05:22:38 <juhp> guess I will beta put on my laptop
05:22:46 <juhp> put beta even
05:23:33 <juhp> oh any more thoughts on splitting of zh comps?
05:23:46 <juhp> perhaps it is a bit late now for f14
05:24:21 <juhp> # bug stats
05:24:28 <juhp> #topic bug stats
05:24:37 <juhp> rawhide: 40 bugs (-2); 18 NEW (-1)
05:24:43 <juhp> F13: 55 bugs (+1); 30 NEW (0)
05:24:43 <juhp> F12: 41 bugs (-10), 23 NEW (-9)
05:25:40 <juhp> #topic fonts/rendering
05:25:57 <juhp> any fonts or rendering issues?
05:26:09 <juhp> perhaps we should separate them
05:26:18 <juhp> 32 fonts (+2); 20 font (+1) bugs
05:27:20 <juhp> 11 and 13 NEW
05:29:26 <juhp> 3 FTBFS
05:31:26 <juhp> #topic input methods
05:31:59 <juhp> fujiwarat: do you know if phuang is back yet?
05:32:32 <fujiwarat> Yes, today I'm talking with him about ibus.
05:32:37 <juhp> ok
05:32:41 <juhp> cool
05:33:13 <fujiwarat> He's interested how Windows treats surrounding feature.
05:33:27 <juhp> I see
05:33:33 <fujiwarat> I googled it but could not find the topic now.
05:34:34 <fujiwarat> Hmm.., probably I need to decide it by next Tuesday?
05:35:09 <juhp> fujiwarat: you mean for f14?
05:35:24 <fujiwarat> Yes
05:36:11 <juhp> well I don't think it is a f14 blocker :) but would be nice to get it in of course though main thing would be to get it accepted upstream
05:38:15 <fujiwarat> I think it's not blocker so I thought I need to think whether the feature is integrated in f14 or not by next Tuesday.
05:38:25 <juhp> fujiwarat: true
05:38:32 <juhp> right
05:38:42 <fujiwarat> ok
05:38:52 <juhp> otherwise it could be an f14 update say :)
05:39:49 <juhp> I am still trying to detemine the differences in compose sequences between gtk and X
05:40:32 <juhp> afaict gtk compose supports most of those from X en_US.utf8 rules
05:41:05 <juhp> so not sure if only difference is other locale sequences
05:41:46 <juhp> fujiwarat: do you have newer ibus for f14 for testing the xkb changes?
05:42:06 <juhp> any other input related topics or news?
05:43:24 <fujiwarat> I had investigated other issues so I don't update xkb yet but now xkb setting is moved to ibus-setup Advanced tab.
05:43:34 <juhp> cool
05:44:04 <juhp> fujiwarat: so guess it will be in Beta?
05:44:22 <fujiwarat> Yes, I think it.
05:44:26 <juhp> great
05:44:47 <juhp> #topic package reviews
05:44:54 <juhp> 14 open
05:45:03 <juhp> any need any attention?
05:46:14 <juhp> dychen_: does ibus-chewing need MakerDialog yet?
05:46:30 <dychen_> juhp, Not yet.
05:47:24 <juhp> I see nkumar packaged ibus-table-other
05:48:46 <nkumar> hi, yep I would need a package review :)
05:49:48 <juhp> #topic open
05:49:59 <juhp> anything else? :)
05:50:18 <epico_laptop> one question about autoconf.
05:50:23 <juhp> anyone have any updates or news to share?
05:50:28 <juhp> epico_laptop: aha
05:51:14 <epico_laptop> in the past, the autoconf build 3 static library in 3 directorys. How to merge the 3 static library into one?
05:52:03 <juhp> maybe not autoconf?
05:52:13 <epico_laptop> sorry, automake.
05:52:17 <juhp> ah
05:52:18 <dychen_> epico_laptop, Wanna try cmake? :-)
05:52:24 <epico_laptop> any guide?
05:52:51 <juhp> you want static or just shared?
05:52:58 <epico_laptop> dychen_: thanks. :)
05:53:03 <epico_laptop> just static.
05:53:08 <juhp> dychen_: yeah - autotools is not fun
05:53:16 <juhp> epico_laptop: why? :)
05:53:49 <epico_laptop> the static library is provided to library users, I think one is easy for users.
05:54:12 <juhp> well perhaps we can take the question off-line - I don't have a quick answer - or anyone have an idea now?
05:54:31 <juhp> epico_laptop: in fedora basically static libs are deprecated
05:54:43 <juhp> should go into -static subpackage anyway
05:54:53 <epico_laptop> thanks. I see.
05:55:07 <dychen_> juhp, perhaps epico_laptop want to use some tool like valgrind.
05:55:11 <juhp> most packages remove all static libs when building
05:55:36 <epico_laptop> dychen_: why?
05:56:10 <fujiwarat> Probably you could remove '--disable-static' in spec file.
05:56:23 <fujiwarat> %configure --disable-static
05:56:39 <dychen_> epico_laptop, static are easier to debug with valgrind.
05:56:43 <juhp> well seems there are 3 static libs and he wants 1
05:56:58 <juhp> epico_laptop: which package btw?
05:57:03 <epico_laptop> libpinyin.
05:57:07 <epico_laptop> on github.com
05:57:13 <juhp> anyway other other topics before we close? :)
05:57:37 <juhp> epico_laptop: ok - so why does it generate 3 libs?
05:57:47 <juhp> s/other//
05:57:57 <epico_laptop> I separate it into 3 directories.
05:58:54 <juhp> so can't you tell automake to build one lib from the sources in the subdirs?
05:59:20 <juhp> maybe automake is not optimal for that
05:59:58 <juhp> anyway close the meeting around here
06:00:21 <juhp> thanks everyone
06:01:17 <juhp> #endmeeting