05:07:03 <juhp> #startmeeting i18n
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05:07:21 <juhp> #meetingname i18n
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05:07:51 <tagoh> hi
05:07:55 <juhp> welcome to this week's i18n meeting
05:07:58 <juhp> hi tagoh
05:08:04 <juhp> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2010-08-26
05:08:39 <dueno> hi
05:09:32 <epico_laptop> hi
05:09:46 <paragan> hi
05:09:53 <fujiwarat> hi
05:09:55 <pravins> hi
05:13:11 <juhp> ok
05:13:20 <juhp> let's get started
05:13:44 <juhp> sorry for late start - toomanymeetings...
05:16:38 <dychen_> hi
05:18:11 <juhp> #topic F14
05:18:13 <juhp> ok
05:18:55 <juhp> 2010-09-07 Software Translation Deadline
05:18:55 <juhp> 2010-09-14 Beta Change Deadline; Features 100% Complete
05:19:45 <juhp> so under 3 weeks to beta freeze
05:21:00 <juhp> no blockers and 2 targets
05:21:43 <juhp> any updates for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Documentation_I18n_Beat?
05:22:42 <juhp> dueno, fujiwarat: could you expand a bit on eekboard and input-pad there please?  (don't need a lot of detail)
05:23:00 <dueno> juhp: sure
05:23:21 <juhp> cool thanks
05:23:36 <fujiwarat> Sorry, I didn't get time by today.
05:23:45 <juhp> great
05:25:31 <juhp> added a note about changes to imsettings for X compose
05:26:08 <juhp> I forgot to mention last time:
05:26:40 <juhp> I believe there is a QA testday coming up soon for anaconda translations and keyboards
05:27:02 <juhp> seems to be moved to 16th now
05:27:18 <juhp> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2010-09-16_AnacondaTranslationKeyboard
05:27:40 <juhp> bit related to i18n to mentioning it here
05:28:20 <juhp> #topic bugs day
05:28:54 <juhp> paragan: thanks for the announcement
05:29:08 <paragan> welcome
05:29:19 <juhp> want to say something on it? :)
05:30:15 <juhp> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/i18n/2010-August/001049.html
05:30:25 <juhp> so next week 1st Sept
05:30:38 <paragan> yes we are going to organise bugs day event
05:30:59 <paragan> we will check all the Input Method bugs in Fedora
05:31:34 <paragan> and see if we can update them by either closing it or adding "Triaged" keyword
05:32:29 <juhp> ok.  some bugs can perhaps to moved to newer or older release too
05:32:44 <juhp> guess we can use #fedora-i18n ?
05:33:44 <juhp> #topic bug stats
05:33:59 <juhp> I didn't have time to update the dashboard...
05:34:00 <paragan> yes
05:34:06 <juhp> ok
05:34:36 <juhp> will do it after this
05:35:13 <juhp> #topic fonts/rendering
05:36:50 <juhp> any topics to discuss?
05:37:05 <pravins> yeah
05:37:29 <pravins> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=627171
05:37:59 <pravins> while working on .bug 623995
05:38:19 <pravins> i found some bugs are from fonts and some from qt
05:38:26 <pravins> now i have resolved most of the from fonts
05:38:30 <pravins> now its time for qt
05:38:58 <juhp> aha
05:39:04 <pravins> qt is not processing blwf feature properly, thats why all of the indic oriya fonts fails in qt for below base substitution forms
05:39:20 <juhp> hmm
05:39:24 <pravins> afaik this is the only remaining bug
05:39:40 <pravins> will try to give some more update in next week
05:39:48 <juhp> cool
05:41:24 <juhp> paragan: you had something on fontconfig?
05:42:36 <juhp> anything else?
05:43:02 <juhp> #topic input-methods
05:43:39 <juhp> I made a new bz url for IM but missing lots of components
05:43:52 <juhp> dunno if there is a better way to track input bugs
05:45:03 <dychen_> juhp, not quite should whether you want to track upstream bugs.
05:45:11 <juhp> though these two grouping are missing lots of other packages I realised
05:45:17 <paragan> paragan, yes we are still in need of updated from behdad
05:45:40 <juhp> dychen_: good question
05:45:50 <dychen_> But some of which are bugs in Ubuntu....
05:45:58 <paragan> we need ortho files to be updated soon in fontconfig
05:46:00 <dychen_> and other source.
05:46:11 <juhp> dychen_: might be too much but maybe bugs that affect fedora
05:46:18 <juhp> for here I mean
05:46:24 <juhp> paragan: ok
05:46:34 <juhp> paragan: which is most urgent?
05:46:48 <paragan> I think ne_NP
05:47:46 <juhp> ok
05:47:55 <juhp> last update?
05:48:54 <juhp> fujiwarat, dueno: wondering how to proceed with the surrounding-text support for ibus-gtk?
05:49:00 <paragan> I have these bugs reported in upstream http://ln-s.net/7Waf
05:49:31 <juhp> paragan: that's a lot
05:49:47 <fujiwarat> Yes, as you know, we have several discussions in this week. Today I noticed phaung is on vacation.
05:50:01 <fujiwarat> I will talk about it two weeks later.
05:50:15 <juhp> I wrote a blog most about the recent changes to imsettings related to X locale compose (xim) and unicode input
05:50:25 <juhp> fujiwarat: okay cool
05:50:49 <juhp> would be good if we can get agreement upstream :)
05:51:00 <juhp> most = post
05:51:39 <juhp> paragan: wondering how to proceed - perhaps you could ask mclasen for advice?
05:51:57 <paragan> ok I will send him a mail
05:52:05 <juhp> or maybe we can get them into fedora?
05:52:07 <juhp> ok
05:52:28 <dueno> .bug 627256
05:52:30 <zodbot> dueno: Bug 627256 [abrt] ibus-m17n-1.3.0-3.fc14: __strlen_sse2: Process /usr/libexec/ibus-engine-m17n was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV) - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=627256
05:52:46 <dueno> I suspect this bug is also found in other ibus IMEs
05:53:12 <juhp> aha
05:53:38 <juhp> dueno: I see
05:53:53 <juhp> dueno: so just need rebuild?
05:54:04 <dueno> juhp: yes
05:54:18 <juhp> wonder if ibus should break soname then in future for such changes
05:54:55 <fujiwarat> In my test, currently I saw the problem in ibus-m17n only because ibus-m17n modifies the IBusEngineDesc.rank is modified while the structure size is changed.
05:55:05 <juhp> aha
05:55:41 <juhp> so we don't need to rebuild all IMEs every time there is version update?
05:56:23 <juhp> thanks
05:56:31 <juhp> any other issues?
05:57:06 <juhp> #topic package reviews
05:57:11 <juhp> any updates?
05:58:05 <dueno> fujiwarat: thanks for checking
05:58:09 <fujiwarat> Sorry for the inconvenience. Currently I have the plan to modify ibus_engine_description_new2 to use va_list format.
05:58:16 <epico_laptop> ghostscript-chinese passed review by paragan
05:58:43 <paragan> working on fontik package review today
05:59:41 <juhp> tagoh: so mozc is done - thanks!
05:59:48 <juhp> cool
06:00:38 <tagoh> juhp: yep. though the package only built for f15 so far and waiting for pushing gyp to stable since the fix of the updates are required to get the right thing
06:00:58 <juhp> okay :)
06:01:19 <tagoh> -overrides might be applied to that though but not asking releng about it
06:01:19 <juhp> nkumar: how about ibus-table-other?
06:02:35 <juhp> ok
06:03:15 <juhp> fine
06:03:24 <juhp> #topic open
06:03:43 <juhp> any other updates or news to share?
06:04:27 <juhp> otherwise let's close the meeting shortly
06:04:41 <juhp> next meeting is same time next week here
06:06:01 <juhp> thanks everyone :)
06:06:14 <juhp> #endmeeting