00:00:38 <poelcat> #startmeeting Fedora 14 Alpha Go/No-Go Meeting
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00:00:53 <poelcat> who is here for this auspicious occassion?
00:00:56 * stickster 
00:01:02 <poelcat> hi stickster
00:01:17 <juhp> hi
00:01:25 <stickster> Heya poelcat... jsmith-away SMS'd me earlier -- he's still on the road and can't make it but I can text him if we need anythnig
00:01:29 * j_dulaney is alive
00:01:37 <poelcat> juhp: j_dulaney hi
00:01:43 <poelcat> stickster: okay
00:01:47 * rbergeron is here
00:01:48 <j_dulaney> Am I representing QA?
00:01:56 <j_dulaney> I'm not sure
00:02:02 <poelcat> j_dulaney: since you asked, yes ;-)
00:02:22 <poelcat> anyone representing rel-eng or development?
00:02:23 <j_dulaney> LOL
00:02:34 <j_dulaney> Me and my big, er, fingers
00:03:08 * stickster looks for usual suspects adamw & Oxf13
00:03:18 <j_dulaney> adamw will not be here
00:03:28 * stickster missed that -- thanks j_dulaney !
00:03:42 * stickster needs to learn to read scrollback in small windows :-)
00:03:51 <j_dulaney> LOL
00:03:53 <poelcat> #topic roll call
00:03:56 <poelcat> #info attendees stickster juhp j_dulaney rbergeron and everyone in #fedora-meeting
00:04:03 <poelcat> anyone I missed before we start?
00:04:11 <Oxf13> I'm here, but I have no context for the decision
00:04:20 <poelcat> #topic To Go or Not To Go?
00:04:27 <poelcat> Oxf13: then the answer is 'yes' :)
00:04:38 <poelcat> but that is a good way to lead in
00:04:47 * nirik arrives late.
00:05:03 <poelcat> the purpose of our meeting tonight is decide whether the Fedora 14 Alpha is ready for the people
00:05:13 <poelcat> the criteria for doing is is:
00:05:21 <poelcat> 1) have all the tests been run
00:05:33 <poelcat> 2) are there any open 'f14alpha' blocker bugs
00:05:58 <poelcat> i believe i saw on list that all the tests have been run
00:06:11 <poelcat> and last I checked there are no f14alpha blocker bugs
00:06:25 <stickster> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_14_Alpha_RC4_Desktop
00:06:29 <stickster> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_14_Alpha_RC4_Install
00:06:32 <poelcat> does anyone have a view or information that differs from that ?
00:06:34 <j_dulaney> Both were my impression
00:06:40 <stickster> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=F14Alpha
00:07:22 <poelcat> Is anyone aware of any reasons that we should not move forward with RC4 as the Fedora 14 Alpha?
00:07:31 * nirik is not. Go. :)
00:07:38 <j_dulaney> None that I know of
00:07:39 * poelcat waits 60 more seconds
00:07:43 <j_dulaney> I say go, as well
00:07:43 <Oxf13> SHIPIT
00:07:46 * rbergeron busts out her blue pom-poms
00:07:49 <stickster> Nope, blocker list looks clear and test results look good. Known issues are, uh, known :-)
00:08:16 <poelcat> #agreed Fedora 14 Alpha RC4 is delcared GOLD
00:08:18 <Oxf13> First fedora release in a while that wasn't touched by me
00:08:38 <Oxf13> hurray that it worked, boo job security :)
00:08:39 * poelcat resists a joke about being touched by Oxf13
00:08:48 * j_dulaney opens a bottle of beer
00:09:01 <poelcat> #topic remaining Fedora 14 Alpha tasks
00:09:09 <juhp> I think alpha is looking good - only annoying problem I am aware of is net doesn't seem to auto-connect for installs but that needn't stop alpha
00:09:12 <poelcat> j_dulaney: do you know how things are coming on the common bugs page?
00:09:13 <Oxf13> I'm going to celebrate by going to yoga.
00:09:20 <stickster> Oxf13: You're still safe until we get more SOPs out of you :-D
00:09:27 <poelcat> Oxf13: lol... what happened to bike riding?
00:09:35 <Oxf13> poelcat: I'll be riding my bike to yoga
00:09:38 <stickster> Oxf13 is a centurian, hadn't you heard?
00:09:40 * stickster bows
00:10:03 <poelcat> anyone know the common bugs wiki page is coming?
00:10:09 <poelcat> s/know/know how
00:10:17 <stickster> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F14_bugs
00:10:18 <Oxf13> stickster: double centurian even!  Looking at maybe doing some amateur racing next year.
00:10:23 <j_dulaney> poelcat: I'm checking
00:10:24 <rbergeron> and here i thought he was just a centurion :)
00:10:39 <j_dulaney> http speeds seem agonizingly slow at the moment for me
00:10:44 <stickster> poelcat: The most glaring issue we know of, the radeon issue with certain cards, is there
00:11:05 <stickster> juhp: If you know of a net problem, can you explain it on that page and provide bug link(s) please?
00:11:19 <juhp> stickster: sure
00:11:23 <stickster> Thanks juhp!
00:11:28 <poelcat> Oxf13: and you'll start "staging the mirrors" tonight or tomorrow?
00:11:32 <j_dulaney> poelcat:  indeed
00:11:34 <j_dulaney> If I recall, that is a beta blocker
00:11:56 <Oxf13> poelcat: yes, either I will tomorrow or notting/dgilmore.  I'll sync up with them.  I'll be responsible for making sure it gets done.
00:12:06 <stickster> Thanks Oxf13.
00:12:13 <poelcat> Oxf13: excellent
00:12:18 <poelcat> #topic open discussion
00:12:23 <j_dulaney> poelcat: sorry about my slow response with common bugs
00:12:27 <poelcat> anything else before this record ending?
00:12:52 <poelcat> j_dulaney: next time make sure you have a cached version of the page before the meeting ;-)
00:12:53 * stickster looking forward to putting this puppy on his laptop this weekend.
00:13:04 <poelcat> j_dulaney: jk
00:13:09 <poelcat> okay anything else?
00:13:12 * poelcat closes in 60
00:13:13 <stickster> Yeah, tell the future why dontcha! :-D
00:13:40 <j_dulaney> No objections from me
00:13:46 <poelcat> #agreed rel-eng to start staging mirrors tomorrow
00:14:14 <poelcat> thanks everyone!
00:14:16 <poelcat> #endmeeting