05:09:59 <juhp> #startmeeting i18n
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05:10:19 <juhp> #meetingname i18n
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05:11:50 <juhp> welcome to this week's i18n meeting
05:12:09 <juhp> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2010-08-12
05:12:31 <juhp> sorry for the late start...
05:15:39 * juhp waits for people to appear
05:15:56 <epico_laptop> hi
05:16:08 <jni> hi
05:16:49 <juhp> hi epico_laptop and jni
05:17:14 <dueno> hi
05:17:56 <juhp> hi dueno
05:21:55 <juhp> anyone else? :)
05:22:09 <fujiwarat> hi
05:22:21 <juhp> ok maybe we start and see who appears
05:22:26 <juhp> hi fujiwarat
05:24:04 <paragan> hi
05:24:10 <pravins> hi
05:24:20 * juhp tweaks the agenda list
05:24:27 <juhp> let's start with F14
05:24:36 <juhp> #topic F14
05:25:30 <juhp> I think F14 Alpha is getting stable as in installable now after a bumpy ride in the last week
05:25:39 <juhp> but slipping by 1 week
05:25:48 <paragan> yes
05:26:35 <juhp> We probably need more info for the relnotes https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Documentation_I18n_Beat
05:27:18 <juhp> if you have something that needs mentioning or documenting then please add it
05:27:34 * juhp didn't know about zenheiset
05:29:34 <juhp> epico_laptop: is that a separate package?
05:29:47 <epico_laptop> not, just a shell script.
05:30:03 <juhp> ok so including in the main package
05:30:16 <epico_laptop> in wqy-zenhei-fonts-0.9.45
05:30:18 <epico_laptop> yes
05:30:20 <juhp> epico_laptop: and it added .conf file to ~/.fonts/ ?
05:30:25 <juhp> adds
05:30:41 <epico_laptop> not, it affects the system wide.
05:30:48 <juhp> aha
05:32:12 <juhp> epico_laptop: I see - in long term I think we really want a general tool for all font configuration, but guess bitmap is particularly popular for chinese
05:32:44 * epico_laptop think so.
05:32:52 <juhp> epico_laptop: how many people use bitmap do you think?
05:33:08 <epico_laptop> about a half.
05:33:40 <epico_laptop> maybe from 1/4 to 3/4.
05:33:56 <juhp> by choice? :)
05:34:30 <epico_laptop> yes.
05:34:33 <epico_laptop> .bug 620615
05:34:34 <zodbot> epico_laptop: Bug 620615 fedora 13 yum update 后系统中文字体变得没有原来清楚了。很模糊。 - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=620615
05:34:45 <juhp> aha
05:34:46 <epico_laptop> a bug report to request bitmap font.
05:34:51 <juhp> cool
05:34:55 <juhp> I see
05:38:33 <juhp> 2 target bugs
05:38:55 <juhp> one is freetype which is already in QA
05:40:15 <juhp> and the other Java font support for Japanese
05:40:26 <juhp> nim-nim made a valid comment
05:40:42 <juhp> openjdk really needs to support fontconfig properly
05:41:21 <juhp> #topic bugs days
05:41:38 <juhp> paragan: maybe next week we can set a date for the first one?
05:41:48 <paragan> sure
05:42:35 <juhp> hm or the one after - but maybe next week assuming alpha is ready to ship the following week
05:43:49 <juhp> #topic bug stats
05:45:43 <juhp> rawhide: 36 bugs (-1); 16 NEW (0)
05:45:48 <juhp> F14: 37 bugs (+5); 16 NEW (+1)
05:48:03 <juhp> F13: 47 bugs (+2); 24 NEW (+2)
05:48:03 <juhp> F12: 60 bugs (0), 39 NEW (+1)
05:48:03 <juhp> 15 package reviews (+1)
05:48:20 <juhp> numbers going up this week
05:48:48 <juhp> #topic fonts/rendering
05:49:13 <juhp> any topics to discuss for fonts or rendering?
05:50:01 <juhp> mtasaka mentioned a change with new freetype - though said it wasn't a problem
05:50:08 <juhp> not quite sure that the change is yet
05:50:20 <juhp> what
05:51:03 <paragan> ok
05:53:55 <juhp> .bug 623085
05:53:56 <zodbot> juhp: Bug 623085 Rendering error for Chinese character using wqy-zenhei - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=623085
05:54:29 <juhp> hmm
05:55:05 <epico_laptop> I will reply that soon.
05:55:16 <juhp> sure thanks
05:55:25 <epico_laptop> welcome.
05:56:42 <juhp> #topic Input methods
05:57:13 <pravins> ibus-sayura and ibus-rawcode looks stable now, no new bugs from long time :)
05:57:24 <juhp> goodie
05:59:08 <juhp> I patched imsettings to change the behaviour of none.conf - so that it does not use the XIM path by default any more
05:59:54 <juhp> rather now only enable xcompose with XIM for pt_BR and fi_FI (and more other locales that need it)
05:59:56 <tagoh> juhp: thanks
06:00:20 <juhp> tagoh: I guess it is good that "off" now if really "off"
06:00:35 <tagoh> yep
06:00:47 <juhp> we may also disable XIM for qt - after consulting the KDE SIG for input on that
06:01:49 <juhp> so people who what to use the XIM immodule code path will have to use xcompose (or some valid XIM client^Wserver of course)
06:02:23 <juhp> if -> is
06:02:53 <juhp> what = want ...
06:03:05 <juhp> anyway - any other news on the IM front?
06:03:23 <juhp> tagoh: how is the license of mozc coming out? :)
06:04:01 <tagoh> no progress from upstream actually.
06:04:24 <tagoh> trying to find out if there are any further issues there.
06:04:25 <juhp> waiting?
06:04:28 <juhp> okay
06:04:51 <tagoh> hope it will be clear in next update
06:04:58 <juhp> cool
06:06:04 * juhp wonders about "*may* need to be rebuilt against Python 2.7"?
06:10:50 <juhp> epico_laptop: yeah seems ibus-pinyin and ibus-xkbc have rebuild issues
06:11:26 <juhp> we should do something about the FTBFS for ibus-table-*
06:11:38 <juhp> well try to talk to dychen soon...
06:12:19 <juhp> #topic package reviews
06:12:54 <epico_laptop> will check it later.
06:13:14 <juhp> :)
06:13:48 <juhp> epico_laptop: ibus-pinyin is boost - not sure what is going on there: doesn't like new boost-1.44?
06:14:26 <juhp> 14 packages reviews (maybe one was closed recently?)
06:14:47 <epico_laptop> sorry, about 4-5 bugs report today, just see the build log.
06:15:27 <paragan> will see to finish review assigned to me
06:16:03 <juhp> great
06:16:51 <juhp> alright I think we are mostly out of time
06:17:25 <juhp> #topic open
06:17:52 <juhp> other updates/issues/topics to raise today? :)
06:18:45 <juhp> if not let's close our meeting shortly
06:19:37 <juhp> f14alpha rc3 should install I think if people want to test btw
06:20:05 <juhp> ok then thanks for the meeting!
06:20:21 <juhp> #endmeeting