05:03:05 <juhp> #startmeeting i18n
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05:03:14 <juhp> #meetingname i18n
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05:04:15 <pravins> hi juhp
05:04:24 <juhp> hi pravins
05:05:31 <paragan> hi
05:05:39 <epico_laptop> hi
05:06:05 <juhp> hi paragan and epico_laptop
05:06:14 <juhp> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2010-07-29
05:06:33 <tagoh> hi
05:06:56 <fujiwarat> hi
05:06:56 <juhp> hi
05:08:30 <juhp> ok guess we start
05:10:15 <juhp> #topic bugs days for fonts and ibus
05:10:19 <paragan> I think we have many fonts and ibus bugs that still need to be fixed and reported against all active fedora releases.
05:10:29 <juhp> yeah
05:10:46 <paragan> How about if we organize some bugs day for them?
05:11:01 <juhp> I agree - think it is a good idea
05:11:15 <paragan> we will try to triage bugs, fixes if it looks easy to fix
05:11:24 <paragan> test bugs in MODIFIED
05:11:32 <juhp> a couple of days spent focusing on bugs should help to cleanup our bug queues quite a bit?
05:11:42 <paragan> thus we can try to minimize bugs for fonts and ibus
05:11:49 <juhp> right
05:12:06 <juhp> so which one first?
05:12:09 <juhp> maybe fonts?
05:12:14 <paragan> sure
05:12:20 <juhp> what do others think?
05:12:42 <juhp> maybe should have put F14 status first
05:12:54 <juhp> I think after alpha is released would be good
05:13:10 <juhp> crossing fingers that alpha is good for testing...
05:13:27 <paragan> yes
05:13:37 <juhp> so may be later next month i would say
05:14:23 <juhp> otherwise hopefully rawhide should be in a better state by then anyway and we will be used to git hopefully (more on that next I guess)
05:14:59 <paragan> ok
05:15:02 <juhp> paragan: so how about 1+ week after f14alpha released
05:15:10 <paragan> cool
05:15:16 <juhp> for fonts
05:15:25 <paragan> yes
05:15:26 <juhp> and maybe do IM list in September
05:15:38 <paragan> ok
05:16:09 <juhp> ok then I will leave it on agenda as a reminder as we approach the alpha
05:16:29 <juhp> #topic F14
05:17:12 <juhp> as you probably noticed by now F14 is freeze currently for "branching"
05:17:27 <juhp> well actually the move to git
05:17:47 <juhp> so it means pretty big changes in our interaction with koji
05:18:26 <juhp> rawhide is also in an "interesting" state so I expect to see some slip for f14alpha
05:18:48 <paragan> yeah
05:18:57 <juhp> but currently don't see any major i18n blocker type issues - well except console locale perhaps
05:19:07 <juhp> but that doesn't block alpha anyway
05:19:46 <juhp> (upstart also just got replaced by systemd, not to mention python2.7, and the dist-gist)
05:19:54 <juhp> so a lot happening in the rawhide space
05:20:31 <juhp> I believe cvs->git is still ongoing: will maybe finish in the next day or two hopefully
05:20:53 <juhp> new fedora-packager packages are already appearing on koji
05:21:23 <juhp> (since current fedpkg connects with the staged koji for git)
05:21:58 <juhp> so if you have any uncommitted changes in cvs you should migrate those over the git when it goes up
05:22:10 <juhp> readonly cvs should still be available for some time
05:22:33 <juhp> anyway you can read Jesse's mail on devel-announce list for more details
05:22:37 <paragan> juhp, thanks for this information
05:22:45 <juhp> :)
05:23:17 <tagoh> got fedpkg crashed when I tried yesterday, but anyway. hope I'm missing something..
05:23:38 <juhp> oh
05:24:09 <juhp> latest package now is fedora-packager-
05:24:19 <juhp> I haven't tried 0.5.0 yet...
05:24:39 <juhp> not sure it works until new git/koji is live
05:24:49 <tagoh> aha. I should update first then.. hmm
05:26:54 <juhp> #topic bug stats
05:27:04 <juhp> rawhide: 72 bugs (-7); 28 NEW (-6)
05:27:05 <juhp> :)
05:27:27 <juhp> I noticed there is new freetype upstream
05:27:33 <juhp> dunno if it is too late for f14
05:27:54 <juhp> ok could be fonts topic - just mention since I added it to F14Target
05:29:33 <juhp> F13: 41 bugs (-3); 17 NEW (-5)
05:29:34 <juhp> F12: 63 bugs (-2), 38 NEW (0)
05:29:46 <juhp> great - nice to see bug counts going down :-)
05:29:55 <paragan> :)
05:30:09 <juhp> #topic fonts & rendering
05:30:52 <paragan> I see few bugs in ON_QA. nkumar and pravins can work on them to close them
05:31:18 <paragan> few packages still need renaming of font packages
05:31:21 <pravins> paragan: sure
05:31:24 <juhp> cool
05:31:36 <juhp> fonts/rendering (31 fonts (-5); 23 font (-4) bugs)
05:32:04 <paragan> tagoh, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=517789
05:32:09 <juhp> tagoh: any particular bugs to discuss you think?
05:32:37 <nkumar> yep
05:32:56 <juhp> ah droid
05:33:39 <juhp> yeah good to close what we can - otherwise we will hopefully get to it on the bug day
05:34:06 <juhp> just need to think how to divide them up perhaps or not duplicate effort that day
05:34:07 <tagoh> paragan: all my comment is already there.. it depends on what you expect as a fix for that
05:34:27 <juhp> tagoh: do you want to leave it open or close? :)
05:34:35 <paragan> hmm
05:35:57 <juhp> tagoh: so priority is still issue?
05:35:58 <tagoh> juhp: still may be good to have less priority for Droid perhaps
05:36:23 <juhp> but I think they want to make it default for gnome3 desktop?
05:36:31 <tagoh> aha
05:36:40 <tagoh> in upstream? or fedora?
05:36:44 <juhp> fedora
05:37:15 <tagoh> for what? :)
05:37:26 <juhp> I didn't mention it in comment 36 but that was the context that brought this up for me again
05:37:37 <juhp> tagoh: as in replace dejavu, sorry
05:37:50 <tagoh> ok
05:38:27 <juhp> designers seem to think that dejavu is not as nice as droid
05:38:52 <juhp> but I think there was also pushback about non-Asian coverage which is better in droid
05:38:58 <juhp> ugh dejavu
05:38:59 <tagoh> that may works if they make Droid Sans Japanese as separate package?
05:39:27 <juhp> yeah but mailhot seemed opposed to that iirc :_\
05:39:44 <juhp> anyway dunno - it might not happen?
05:39:54 <juhp> I don't know the latest status...
05:40:05 <juhp> rawhide is still with dejavu afaik
05:40:08 <juhp> and gnome2...
05:40:29 <tagoh> I see he wanted to see them as one font for convenience but assuming the goal is to make it default, there are too much affects on that change so far.
05:40:47 <juhp> yeah
05:41:09 <juhp> splitting makes good sense to me but anyway
05:41:17 <juhp> I think
05:41:39 <juhp> tagoh: I think better to close and then open a new bug if necessary IMHO?
05:41:59 <juhp> nothing seems to be happening anyway :)
05:42:36 <tagoh> sure. concern may be one understands that we agreed current packaging and go ahead with it for default
05:42:53 <juhp> or move back to assigned?
05:43:24 <juhp> I would like some movement of the bug anyway rather than staying long time in modified :)
05:43:50 <juhp> mailhot seems to have been busy lately?
05:44:20 <tagoh> ok, good to indicate our position on current packaging IMHO. so may be good to go back to ASSIGNED with some comment?
05:44:21 <juhp> epico_laptop: you were talking about splitting ghostscript more?
05:44:29 <juhp> tagoh: ok thanks
05:44:51 <juhp> tagoh: do you have a suggested new value for the priority
05:45:07 <epico_laptop> yes, just try to use wqy-zenhei for zh_CN in ghostscript.
05:45:30 <tagoh> juhp: ok, will think of it a bit and update bz later.
05:45:36 <juhp> great
05:45:48 <epico_laptop> In /usr/share/ghostscript/conf.d/*.zh_CN.
05:46:17 <juhp> epico_laptop: have you discussed with tagoh btw?
05:46:22 <epico_laptop> not yet.
05:46:26 <juhp> ok
05:46:43 <juhp> tagoh: any thoughts on the ghostscript files?
05:47:08 <tagoh> what's the issue?
05:47:50 <epico_laptop> Just try to use wqy-zenhei for zh_CN in ghostscript.
05:47:53 <juhp> epico_laptop: since it is just for f14 - I guess it may be worth trying - but that is just my opinion
05:48:13 <juhp> tagoh: currently zh ghostscript is combined in one package iiuc
05:48:48 <tagoh> juhp: and want to have separate files for them?
05:49:08 <juhp> separate packages I think?
05:49:39 <juhp> epico_laptop: just to step back - what is the reason again for separately packaging the ghostscript files?
05:49:58 <epico_laptop> about ghostscript-zh_CN and ghostscript-zh_TW two rpm?
05:49:59 <juhp> ah because of uming and ukai split?
05:50:20 <juhp> even for cjkuni I meant but yeah
05:50:31 <juhp> just trying to understand the motivation again
05:50:42 <epico_laptop> because with this, zhongyi-song-fonts won't need sed scripts to use zhongyi-song for zh_CN in ghostscript.
05:51:05 <juhp> ok (but that is rhel)
05:51:16 <tagoh> hmm, worth trying improving ghostscript side to get rid of that config
05:52:12 <juhp> do we have an rfe for that?
05:52:24 <tagoh> dunnon
05:53:37 <epico_laptop> maybe also wqy-zenhei is liked by zh_CN.
05:53:41 <epico_laptop> zh_CN users.
05:54:15 <juhp> epico_laptop: what if we just move zh_CN from cjkuni to wqy-zenhei?
05:54:51 <epico_laptop> maybe I can try this.
05:55:00 <epico_laptop> For fedora 14.
05:55:02 <juhp> seems simpler to me naively
05:55:03 <juhp> ok
05:55:58 <epico_laptop> a new package, like ghostscript-zh_CN and ghostscript-zh_TW or so?
05:56:09 <juhp> paraganL fonttools got built?
05:56:13 <juhp> oops
05:56:20 <juhp> paragan:
05:56:43 <paragan> juhp, yes
05:56:59 <juhp> great
05:57:09 <juhp> any opinions on freetype?
05:57:10 <paragan> new fonttools is now available in devel as well as EPEL6
05:57:29 <juhp> seems to have better/improvements for hinting apparent - didn't read the changelog
05:57:35 <juhp> great
05:57:52 <paragan> I think good to have freetype also included in F14
05:58:13 * paragan also need to look for detailed changes
05:58:43 <juhp> behdad's last build was in March
05:58:49 <juhp> wonder who will do it then
05:59:21 <juhp> well guess there should still be time after alpha but would be good to have it already
05:59:37 <paragan> yes
06:00:23 <juhp> ok we better move on
06:00:31 <juhp> #topic input-methods
06:01:28 <juhp> tagoh: how about mozc?
06:01:54 <juhp> #info input methods (23 ibus (-1) bugs)
06:02:15 <juhp> want to submit it for f14?
06:02:34 <juhp> still need to add an icon I guess
06:02:40 <juhp> any other im updates?
06:02:43 <tagoh> icons is finally available upstream since yesterday's release
06:02:50 <juhp> oh cool
06:03:21 <tagoh> so may be a time to file a review now
06:03:26 <juhp> :)
06:03:32 <juhp> sounds good
06:04:02 <juhp> I have been using it a little but the icon was kind of a blocker.. :)
06:04:12 <tagoh> right
06:04:23 <tagoh> it hardly affects its usability
06:04:52 <juhp> fujiwarat: anyone complained about ibus breaking moving up/down in google search suggestions lists?
06:05:04 <juhp> tagoh: :)
06:05:23 <juhp> maybe more of an ibus issue with the applet vanishing...
06:05:39 <juhp> fujiwarat: ah in chromium
06:06:06 <juhp> dunno it might be chromium's fault - perhaps i should test firefox or did i?
06:06:14 <juhp> will try
06:06:22 <juhp> quite annoying though
06:06:22 <fujiwarat> juhp: Sorry, I'm not sure about it.
06:06:48 <juhp> fujiwarat: basically it jumps over suggestions - ie moves by 2 not 1
06:07:05 <juhp> I suspect it may be the ibus-1.3.6 changes
06:07:27 <juhp> the keysnooper perhaps?
06:07:34 <juhp> well dunno...
06:08:07 <juhp> dychen_: any update on ftbfs?
06:08:47 <juhp> ok shall we move on?
06:08:55 <juhp> #topic open
06:09:09 <dychen_> Going to release ibus-chewing-1.3.6-20100729. :-)
06:09:13 <juhp> any other matters to talk about or updates/news to share
06:09:19 <juhp> dychen_: ok
06:10:42 <juhp> okay pretty much out/over time so we can stop here I guess
06:11:03 <juhp> wondering if we will do/need another i18n related testday for f14?
06:11:42 <juhp> if you have any ideas about that let's talk more in a coming meeting
06:11:54 <juhp> thanks everyone for the meeting!
06:12:30 <juhp> #endmeeting