03:31:04 <dramsey> #startmeeting Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2010-07-18 - APAC
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03:31:16 <dramsey> I'll cut and paste your content here:
03:31:25 <dramsey> (12:29:52 PM) harish: some updates:
03:31:25 <dramsey> (12:30:06 PM) harish: i have mailed out Fedora 13 LiveDVDs to a few people
03:31:25 <dramsey> (12:30:26 PM) harish: including Tuan, a chap in NZ and one other (whom I can't recall right now).
03:31:25 <dramsey> (12:30:37 PM) harish: Oh, the Malaysians.
03:31:25 <dramsey> (12:30:52 PM) harish: I still have a bunch left to send out.
03:31:26 <dramsey> (12:30:59 PM) harish: david - need any?
03:31:26 <dramsey> (12:31:18 PM) harish: that's it from me.
03:31:44 <dramsey> Yes, your LiveDVDs sound great!
03:31:45 <dramsey> :)
03:32:04 <harish> email me the mailing address and a phone number then.
03:32:06 <dramsey> Just did my biweekly Akihabara meeting, media is always nice to have.
03:32:08 <dramsey> Okay.  :)
03:32:22 <dramsey> Appreciate your news harish.  :)
03:32:28 <dramsey> bckurera, any news from your place?
03:33:22 <dramsey> #idea follow up with harish on LiveDVDs
03:33:46 <bckurera> YES as you can rem dramsey
03:33:49 <bckurera> i need some media
03:33:56 <dramsey> Excellent!
03:34:34 <dramsey> Any other requests bckurera?
03:34:40 <bckurera> so hw can i get them?
03:34:42 <harish> bckurera, email me your mailing address with a phone number.  send it to harish -at- redhat -dot- com.
03:35:01 <bckurera> ok i ll mail u harish
03:35:09 <bckurera> thanks lot for filling the need
03:35:22 <dramsey> Yes, absolutely, thank you harsih.
03:35:29 <dramsey> s/harsih/harish
03:35:30 <dramsey> :)
03:35:48 <dramsey> Other thoughts?
03:36:10 <harish> i would like to run an experiment on alternate network connections.
03:36:21 <dramsey> Okay, what's that about?
03:36:24 <dramsey> #action bckurera to e-mail harish regarding LiveDVDs
03:36:44 <harish> well, i'm partial to UUCP.
03:37:14 <bckurera> ok dramsey
03:37:16 <harish> I'd like to see if we can run a UUCP network (see uucp map project) within the fedora group.
03:37:24 <bckurera> i have another news
03:37:54 <dramsey> Cool.
03:38:05 <dramsey> Sounds grand.
03:39:02 * harish I will let bckurera go first
03:39:25 <bckurera> As you all know I run a FOSS magazine in Sri Lanka
03:39:46 <bckurera> proudly that is the first and ONLY mag about FOSS in Sri Lanka
03:40:00 <bckurera> so v r planning next issue on 15th Aug
03:40:11 <bckurera> link http://FOSSuser.com
03:40:20 <bckurera> #link http://FOSSuser.com
03:41:19 <dramsey> Fantastic!
03:42:02 <bckurera> so let me know your idea to promote fedora with the magaznie if u have any
03:42:35 <harish> bckurera, you could take articles from FWN
03:42:46 <dramsey> "1
03:42:49 <dramsey> +1
03:42:54 <dramsey> bckurera, may be a post to our fedora ambassadors' mailing list, too.  What do you think?
03:43:17 <bckurera> yyes
03:43:34 <dramsey> welcome lcafiero.  bckurera was writing about his FOSS magazine work.
03:43:37 <bckurera> @ the moment other ambassadors work there with the magazine
03:43:57 <dramsey> I like this idea "(12:42:51 PM) harish: bckurera, you could take articles from FWN"
03:44:28 <bckurera> thanks for the idea harish
03:44:32 <bckurera> i ll look forward
03:44:33 <harish> lcafiero, welcome
03:44:34 <lcafiero> bckurera: you should check with fwn, there are some beat assignments that need to be filled
03:44:44 <lcafiero> hey, harish dramsey everyone
03:45:12 <dramsey> lcafiero! :)
03:45:46 <dramsey> lcafiero, did " M Yakub Mizan (123mizan@gmail.com)" follow up on the FWN Ambassadors beat?‏
03:45:50 <bckurera> v r trying there to promote our linux remiz Hanthana there too
03:45:56 <bckurera> hope u all aware :)
03:46:08 <dramsey> bckurera, no, that is news to me.
03:46:22 <lcafiero> dramsey: yes. I forwarded it to pascal calarco, who coordinates fedora weekly news
03:46:23 <harish> bckurera, is that remix Fedora-based?
03:47:01 <bckurera> ok i ll tell  you all about the hanthana, it s a fedora remix
03:47:24 <bckurera> #link http://hanthana.org/
03:47:40 <harish> are you looking to have it as a spin as well?
03:47:46 <bckurera> snavin is one of ppl heading with the releases
03:48:03 <dramsey> #info Hanthana - Fedora remix
03:48:36 <bckurera> Dont worry Sri Lanka is working hard with FOSS, obviously Fedora too
03:48:39 <bckurera> :)
03:48:47 <dramsey> +1
03:49:03 <bckurera> if v have help v can do more, we have workshopsevents many more
03:49:16 <bckurera> you all can read the magazine it includes all the events
03:49:26 <bckurera> issued bi-monthly
03:50:43 <harish> btw, we should invite Jared Smith to this channel sometime.  He's the new FPL if case you did not know.
03:50:56 <dramsey> +1 excellent idea!
03:51:00 <dramsey> Good information bckurera!
03:51:22 <bckurera> #info FOSS User Magazine
03:51:27 <dramsey> I like your idea harish, will try.
03:51:53 <dramsey> #info bckurera makes good information regarding FOSS in Sri Lanka.
03:52:51 <dramsey> Other thoughts?
03:53:02 <bckurera> Another thing is representation of Fedora
03:53:26 <bckurera> In events we dont have way to say we are from fedora
03:53:28 <dramsey> Please, go ahead.
03:53:33 <bckurera> it is a disadvantage
03:53:59 <bckurera> if v have Tshirt that say FEDORA v can wear and there is a demand for us
03:54:10 <bckurera> some may ask what is Fedora and so on
03:54:20 <dramsey> Ah, understood.
03:54:36 <bckurera> it is a way to promote fedora coz frankly what v are doing is marketting
03:54:45 <dramsey> I think the Fedora Ambassadors from EMEA and NA, do shirts, too.
03:54:54 <bckurera> yes thats the thing
03:55:21 <dramsey> I have a couple of shirts that I have.
03:55:23 <bckurera> there are only 7 in SL
03:55:48 <bckurera> if u can sent one its a grate help
03:56:09 <bckurera> as i new to this role i  have non,
03:56:15 <dramsey> #info inquiry on fedora shirt for bckurera
03:56:18 <harish> is your magazine able to find sponsors for t-shirts?
03:56:35 <bckurera> i m searching @ the moment i dnt have
03:56:48 <bckurera> so please look forward my request
03:56:55 <bckurera> i have another thing to say
03:57:00 <dramsey> what's that?
03:57:03 <bckurera> dnt get fed up with me
03:57:06 <bckurera> pls:)
03:57:17 <dramsey> all's well.
03:57:33 <bckurera> the free software day is cumming up we are not ready for that
03:57:38 <bckurera> only 2 3 months left
03:57:47 <dramsey> Representation of Fedora may be depends on venue or audience.  Makes for good ice-breaker.
03:58:33 <bckurera> so i like to focus ur all attention as it is a very valuable event for us
03:58:49 <dramsey> Understood.
03:59:08 <bckurera> so if possible please impress other by a mail
03:59:20 <dramsey> Any other news or thoughts?  We are almost at 04:00 UTC, so may be wrap up soon.
03:59:25 <bckurera> i think it is ought to have some event heading the day
03:59:34 <dramsey> I think harish had ideas on UUCP
03:59:48 <bckurera> #info Free Software Day events
03:59:51 <bckurera> ok thats all i have
03:59:57 <bckurera> thanks for giving time
04:00:00 <dramsey> thank you bckurera
04:00:18 <bckurera> no worries for FOSS always
04:00:20 <bckurera> :)
04:00:28 <dramsey> harish, may you empower us with your information on UUCP network (see uucp map project) :)
04:01:03 <dramsey> FYI, I just did another biweekly at Akihabara, sort of warm, but lots of people! :D
04:02:29 <harish> dramsey, I used to run a UUCP node in Singapore in 1990-92 and was the internet gateway for Bangladesh and
04:02:31 <harish> Nepal :-).
04:02:55 <dramsey> Wow!  That is excellent!
04:03:08 <harish> UUCP is the way to ensure that if the Internet service providers fail or governments try to play punk with the Internet, we can fall back to UUCP.
04:03:31 <dramsey> Ah, that is logical and makes sense.
04:04:06 <dramsey> #info harish indicates about UUCP network (see uucp map project)
04:04:11 <harish> and I'd like to bring in the amateur radio community as well.
04:04:17 <dramsey> +1
04:04:47 <dramsey> If there are ideas which I may e-mail our people, then please tell me and I will do so in order to support you.  :)
04:05:52 <dramsey> Sounds like a new way for business, I like your ideas guys!
04:06:06 <dramsey> Other thoughts or inquiries to share?
04:06:17 <harish> just remember that it was the UUCP network that was the precursor to the TCP/IP network.
04:06:29 <dramsey> Ah, I did not know that.
04:07:10 <dramsey> Sort of infrastructure alternative to consider
04:09:05 <dramsey> Any other good information from anyone?
04:09:45 <dramsey> I think this meeting went well, thank you all.  :)
04:09:51 <dramsey> End meeting okay?  :)
04:10:11 <lcafiero> OK
04:10:15 <bckurera> ok
04:10:17 <lcafiero> Thanks for letting me sit in
04:10:27 <dramsey> always a pleasure!
04:10:33 <dramsey> sending cold asahi to everyone
04:10:34 <dramsey> :D
04:10:51 <lcafiero> heh
04:11:14 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending and have a great day!  :)
04:11:18 <dramsey> 5
04:11:19 <bckurera> thanks for all
04:11:21 <dramsey> 4
04:11:24 <dramsey> 3
04:11:26 <dramsey> 2
04:11:31 <dramsey> 1
04:11:35 <dramsey> 0.5
04:11:40 <dramsey> #endmeeting