01:09:55 <VileGent> #startmeeting
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01:10:11 <VileGent> #chair inode
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01:10:15 * rbergeron literally just got here
01:10:33 <VileGent> ok looking up agenda
01:11:41 <rbergeron> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2010-6-16#Agenda
01:12:26 <VileGent> #topic Announcements
01:12:34 <VileGent> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2010-June/014718.html
01:12:57 <VileGent> If you want to get an Ambassador Polo Order it NOW
01:12:58 <inode0> I just wanted to remind people this is your chance to get a polo
01:13:30 <VileGent> any other Announcements??
01:13:41 <VileGent> 3
01:13:45 <VileGent> 2
01:13:53 <VileGent> 1
01:14:04 <VileGent> #topic Events
01:14:39 <VileGent> I put up my SELF report on http://jbwillia.wordpress.com
01:15:22 <rbergeron> is everything set for Summit?
01:15:26 <rbergeron> inode0?
01:15:35 <VileGent> #topic Summit
01:15:54 <inode0> yes, as far as I know everything is on the way
01:16:01 <rbergeron> excellent.
01:16:04 <VileGent> Event Box and V-banners will be delivered in Boston Tomorrow
01:16:09 <inode0> I shipped 50lbs of stuff this morning
01:16:17 <rbergeron> paper :)
01:16:23 <inode0> mostly :)
01:17:09 <VileGent> i can post the tracking # for each here is needed
01:17:30 <VileGent> any more on summit?
01:17:39 <rbergeron> Doesn't look like it.
01:17:46 <VileGent> #topic FOSSCON
01:18:35 <VileGent> threethirty isnt going so it doesnt look like we will be having a table so event box and V-banners sent to boston
01:19:19 <rbergeron> okay
01:19:29 <VileGent> #July Events
01:19:46 <VileGent> we have leadership conference and OSCON
01:19:54 <crossbytes> OSCON room rate at the Double Tree: $154.00 per night plus tax (currently 12.5%) for single or double occupancy.The Double Tree is sold out for the nights of July 16, 17 and 18. Rooms are available for arrival beginning July 19.
01:20:41 <crossbytes> updating the wiki and adding other hotel rooms and price options
01:20:54 <VileGent> V-banners will be shipped from summit directly to the crossbytes
01:21:20 <crossbytes> perfect
01:21:47 <VileGent> #Events -Other
01:21:55 <VileGent> Anything Else for Events??
01:22:40 <VileGent> #Buget Review
01:22:57 <VileGent> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Budget
01:23:15 <VileGent> no idea on the cost of doing the Media
01:23:48 <VileGent> nm media came out of last quarters budget
01:23:52 <inode0> we need to get the t-shirts paid for
01:24:16 <VileGent> #action Tshirts need paid for
01:24:41 <VileGent> anything Else for the Budget
01:25:03 <rbergeron> are the shirts ordered/
01:25:04 <rbergeron> ?
01:25:12 <inode0> we are giving them away
01:25:23 <VileGent> rbergeron,  we passed some out this weekend
01:25:29 <rbergeron> ah
01:25:38 * rbergeron didn't know if they were old or new
01:25:47 <rbergeron> does spevack have the invoice?
01:26:04 * inode0 doesn't know what spevack has ... I saw email about it
01:26:17 <inode0> well, I'm sure he does
01:26:26 <VileGent> and someone was working on buttons IIRC
01:27:19 <VileGent> Anything Else for Budget
01:27:51 <VileGent> #topic Unfinished Business
01:28:22 <VileGent> any Unfinished Business we need to take a look at
01:28:50 <VileGent> #topic
01:28:57 <VileGent> #topic Open Floor
01:29:48 <VileGent> Anyone have anything for Open floor
01:30:19 * rbergeron has nothing
01:30:25 <dramsey> Thank you VileGent for chairing  :)
01:30:27 <dramsey> :)  My best to you all for your success at the Red Hat Summit 2010.  :)
01:30:27 <VileGent> inode?
01:30:40 <inode0> I'm good
01:30:56 <inode0> or at least distracted :)
01:31:11 <VileGent> After talking to ke4qqq at SELF i took the job as SE region Shipping Clerk
01:31:26 <inode0> thank you
01:31:32 <inode0> for that and everything else
01:31:36 <VileGent> and I think he was adding me to the tracker
01:32:11 <VileGent> #action ke4qqq  add VileGent  to tracker
01:33:05 <VileGent> i want to welcome pascalprogrammer  to the Ambassador meeting
01:33:14 <inode0> I have an OSCON question
01:33:21 <VileGent> he is my newly approved mentoree
01:33:30 <inode0> Is the expo hall open on the tutorial days?
01:33:52 <VileGent> ping crossbytes
01:34:11 <inode0> seems just wed/thu
01:34:18 <crossbytes> larry knows the details, i am headed over in person to get details
01:35:17 <VileGent> ok people start piping up
01:35:38 <VileGent> 20 minutes will be a record for anAmbassador meeting
01:36:13 <VileGent> any thing else
01:36:31 * inode0 suggests blowing this joint
01:36:33 <VileGent> closeing in 30
01:37:11 <VileGent> #endmeeting