01:02:08 <nb> #startmeeting FAMNA
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01:02:10 * rbergeron hands nb a #
01:02:13 <nb> #meetingname FAMNA
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01:02:24 <nb> #topic Announcements
01:02:31 <lcafiero> As it should be
01:02:32 <nb> #chair rrix
01:02:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: nb rrix
01:02:36 * ianweller 
01:02:41 * mock 
01:02:45 <VileGent> no roll call
01:03:01 <nb> Anyone have any announcements?
01:03:27 <inode0> yeah
01:03:29 <lcafiero> yes - j0hn is a new ambassador, give him a round of applause.
01:03:43 * mock claps
01:03:52 <fedbot> claps
01:03:53 * nb claps
01:03:56 <j0hn> hello all
01:04:11 <inode0> three ambassadors were elected to the Fedora Board since we last met, congratulations to them all
01:04:34 <inode0> and another was appointed :)
01:04:36 <lcafiero> Indeed
01:04:41 * nb is going to be taking over shipping for the Central region soon
01:04:59 <lcafiero> and one wasn't :-)
01:04:59 <ke4qqq> nb: can you find me a likeminded individual closer to the eastcoast
01:05:00 * inode0 bows down and kisses nb's feet
01:05:02 <nb> oh, i got an email about max's cc expiring, i assume ke4qqq is taking care of that?
01:05:13 <herlo> hi all
01:05:17 * herlo is slow
01:05:18 <ke4qqq> nb: an email from whom?? ups?
01:05:18 <VileGent> ke4qqq,  i told you will discuss at SELF
01:05:25 <nb> ke4qqq, yeah
01:05:38 <nb> i think it was for the fedora account...... i have an old account, but i never use it
01:05:42 <ke4qqq> I'll check expiry date, but hopefully inode0 will have a card soon and can handle it
01:06:10 <nb> Any other announcements?
01:06:23 <inode0> there is still pork left
01:06:53 <VileGent> pack it up with dryice and send it to SELF for next weekend
01:07:14 <nb> #topic Events
01:07:24 <ke4qqq> +1 VileGent
01:07:35 <nb> the only thing on the agenda under this is Ohio Linux Fest Forms
01:08:36 <VileGent> I recieved the forms from Ohio Linuxfest this morning and forwarded to Max to get the table taken care of and hopefully we can be one of the first to get free electric as in the past
01:09:10 <VileGent> eof
01:09:27 <nb> anyone else?
01:09:43 * inode0 commends VileGent for always being on top of getting that conference arranged as early as possible
01:09:50 * herlo reminds everyone that UTOSC call for papers is going on until July 15 at http://utosc.com
01:09:58 <herlo> eom
01:10:07 <VileGent> SELF is next Weekend, FossCon the weekend After then the summit
01:10:21 <rbergeron> summer o fun!
01:10:39 <herlo> yeah, if you can afford to get to it all :)
01:10:42 <nb> does everyone that needs swag have it?
01:10:54 <ke4qqq> ohhh media status?
01:10:57 <herlo> hehe
01:11:02 <lcafiero> We'll need some pens for OSCON in July
01:11:06 * ke4qqq is hopeful
01:11:06 <lcafiero> But it's not pressing
01:11:21 * herlo actually sent an email today to the media replicators, should know the status tomorrow
01:11:25 <ke4qqq> lcafiero: I have some pens if you need some by then - though hopefully you won't be getting them from me
01:11:29 <inode0> StabbyMc should be ordering more pens I think
01:11:41 * herlo thinsk the topic is different now
01:11:42 <ke4qqq> herlo: awesome - thanks - guesses at this point on availability by SELF?
01:11:54 <nb> #topic swag/media
01:12:10 * nb is looking at placing another order for buttons
01:12:17 <lcafiero> We'll need some pens for OSCON in July, but it's not pressing
01:12:17 <nb> i need to call the vendor
01:12:24 <lcafiero> (thought I'd put that under the right heading)
01:13:07 <nb> #info lcafiero will need some pens for OSCON in July
01:13:24 <lcafiero> thank you :-)
01:13:28 <herlo> ke4qqq: media could be likely if it comes by early next week, which is what I asked
01:13:35 <nb> #info herlo is checking on media status
01:13:55 <nb> #action herlo will let us know when he gets a response to his email from the media replicators
01:14:03 * nb fails at remembering to use meetbot commands
01:14:10 <rbergeron> is there a backup plan if there isn't media available by then?
01:14:26 <rbergeron> then = SELF
01:14:41 <VileGent> rbergeron,  yes we have media burning party friday nite
01:15:02 <herlo> or you can use F12 media :)
01:15:14 * herlo has plenty to share, well not a ton or anything
01:15:28 <rbergeron> well - i have a bunch that you sent me recently as well, and some that i grabbed from rrix
01:15:41 <VileGent> ke4qqq,  how much f12 have you have left?
01:15:42 <herlo> true, I have at least as much as you do...
01:15:53 <herlo> rbergeron: ^^
01:15:57 <ke4qqq> VileGent: zero
01:16:00 * inode0 has no F12 media left
01:16:04 <rbergeron> herlo: i gotcha
01:16:15 * nb has maybe 10 of each of F12
01:16:25 <nb> probably not economical to ship that, but i could if needed
01:16:27 <rbergeron> i've got at least probably 75-100
01:16:33 <rbergeron> plus what herlo has
01:16:35 <lcafiero> You can also do what we did as OSCON last year -- we set up the mini with the live usb creator and made live usb sticks
01:16:38 <rbergeron> in case of emergency
01:17:02 <lcafiero> I have probably about 50-75 disks left if needed
01:17:10 <rbergeron> so - i think we can probably group up on that after we find out status from herlo on f13 media.
01:17:23 <VileGent> send f12 media and we have a burning party friday night if needed
01:17:40 <VileGent> either way we need to get rid of the f12 media
01:18:17 <nb> does someone want me to ship mine to them? I probably have a total of 40-50 (combining all of the types)
01:18:38 <inode0> I wouldn't bother
01:18:45 <inode0> people will want F13
01:18:52 <nb> yeah i agree
01:19:20 <ke4qqq> yeah 6 months is ancient in the FLOSS world
01:19:42 <ke4qqq> we burned up F12 media pretty well I think -
01:20:07 <rbergeron> okay - so we hope for delivery, and otherwise, media burning party?
01:20:25 <herlo> yeah, and with the new method for delivering media for F13 I'm doing, I'll be holding onto less here and getting more to the events...
01:20:38 <nb> #info we are hoping to get F13 media by SELF, if not, there will be a media burning party
01:20:39 <inode0> someone going can take F12 media, but I doubt people will really want it is all
01:20:40 <nb> new method?
01:20:47 <VileGent> rbergeron,  yep
01:21:10 <herlo> nb: yeah, just shifting media to focus on known events and then still dividing media up evenly after that
01:21:24 <VileGent> rbergeron,  if you want to bring any f12 you have please do
01:21:41 <rbergeron> mmm, but then i won't have room for cookies and shoes :)
01:21:46 <nb> herlo, oh ok
01:21:47 <rbergeron> oh wait, i can stick them in steve's bag.
01:21:52 <rbergeron> :D
01:21:58 <VileGent> i thought i was doing the cookies
01:22:12 <rrix> nb: thank ya cutey pie :)
01:22:14 <nb> herlo, makes sense, instead of being like oh ok who can send media to X event
01:22:14 <rbergeron> i might bring one box, you know, just so people believe that cookies exist.
01:22:22 <nb> rrix, i #chair'ed you
01:22:35 <nb> we are ready for budget review
01:22:43 <VileGent> yes no
01:22:50 <herlo> nb: right, I'll be pinging event leaders when the media is ready, save SELF, since I already know where I'm sending that media
01:23:32 <VileGent> I need contact info from cprofitt and whomever we are sending the banners to for OSCON
01:23:59 <lcafiero> that would be crossbytes
01:24:13 <herlo> I bet lcafiero can get you that offline VileGent
01:24:21 <lcafiero> I can get you that info, VileGent
01:24:30 <lcafiero> herlo is right
01:24:30 <rrix> Time to switch gears?
01:24:40 <herlo> to?
01:24:42 <VileGent> herlo send a little extra for FossCOn to and i will send them the media with the event box
01:25:22 <herlo> VileGent: we can talk about it afterward, since I need to send out a list of what events I'm sending media for anyway...and account for any others that haven't been provisioned
01:26:43 <rbergeron> i think we can move on now :)
01:26:45 <rrix> Okay
01:26:46 <rrix> :D
01:26:53 <rrix> #topic Budget Review
01:26:56 * rbergeron gives rrix the invisible pass
01:26:59 <rrix> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Budget
01:27:17 * rrix yields to some FAMSCo'er?
01:27:27 * herlo spends monies
01:27:34 <herlo> muuuuaaahahaaahaaaahaaaaa!!!
01:27:41 <ke4qqq> but all media was spent last Q right?
01:27:48 <rbergeron> ke4qqq: yesssss.
01:27:57 <rbergeron> that's how it appears anyhow
01:28:06 * rrix nods
01:28:29 <ke4qqq> rrix: what are you yielding for - famna decides how to spend it's own money
01:28:38 <ke4qqq> famsco doesn't meddle there, anymore :)
01:28:38 <rrix> So, there's, like, nothing for Q2, do we have any ideas?
01:28:44 <rrix> ke4qqq: I'm trying, I'm trying :p
01:28:49 <nb> buttons
01:28:54 <rrix> Buttons!
01:29:00 <ke4qqq> well does fosscon have a budget?
01:29:04 * nb is going to talk to the vendor
01:29:06 <rrix> #idea swag; buttons
01:29:08 <rbergeron> OLF budget
01:29:10 <ke4qqq> we spending money on summit?
01:29:10 <VileGent> rrix,  more tshirts OLF etc
01:29:13 <rrix> #action nb to talk to the button master
01:29:14 * herlo wants to go to the Leadership Summit on Fedora :)
01:29:47 <rrix> OLF -> Ohio or Ontario linux fest?
01:29:48 <inode0> there are numerous events and I thought we decided to get pens and buttons this Q?
01:29:51 <rbergeron> ohio
01:29:56 <VileGent> Ohio
01:29:56 <herlo> http://www.communityleadershipsummit.com/ <-- this
01:30:16 <lcafiero> Isn't that part of OSCON?
01:30:27 <inode0> pre-oscon
01:30:29 <lcafiero> +1 on pens/button
01:30:43 <ke4qqq> so how much are pens/buttons?
01:30:43 <lcafiero> Yeah, but like the day before or something like that.
01:30:48 <rrix> #idea new order of pens
01:30:59 <rrix> Who's behind the pens? Is that still inode0?
01:31:10 <ke4qqq> inode0: we still need to work on that budget
01:31:17 <inode0> iirc pens like last time are around $1300 and buttons around $500
01:31:17 * herlo definitely +1s pens
01:31:20 <herlo> and buttons
01:31:33 <ke4qqq> inode0: any benefit to a larger button order?
01:31:36 <rrix> #info around 1300$ for pens, 500$ for buttons
01:31:40 <VileGent> do we have voice stickers yet
01:31:52 <inode0> we can look but 2500 buttons last quite a while
01:32:02 <rrix> Yeah, that's a boatload of buttons
01:32:14 <inode0> and that is 3000 pens
01:32:38 <rrix> That is enough for all of NA?
01:32:52 <VileGent> proable for a year or so
01:33:00 <inode0> has lasted more than one year from the last order
01:33:02 <lcafiero> standard or metric boatload?
01:33:02 <ke4qqq> rrix: for 9months+ iirc
01:33:03 * rrix nods good stuff
01:33:17 <rrix> Okay, I've got a +1 on pens and buttons
01:33:42 <inode0> yeah, we've only had the pens around 9 months but we still have some
01:34:17 <inode0> they are in the pipeline - not really a decision needed at this point unless we want to up the order
01:34:34 <rrix> I think that is sufficient
01:35:02 <inode0> we can always get more later - that is enough to last a year more or less
01:35:09 <rrix> sounds good
01:35:25 <rrix> Any other NA events/budget items? Do we want to spend some time for discussion of Community Leadership Summit?
01:35:31 <VileGent> ke4qqq,  did stabbymc order more stickers
01:35:51 <lcafiero> I don't think so, rrix
01:35:51 <ke4qqq> VileGent: I have stickers from stabby
01:35:52 <inode0> is there a request regarding the leadership summit?
01:36:06 * herlo is going, it's not a question.  I'll take that offline
01:36:08 <lcafiero> I think we'll roll that all into the OSCON budget
01:36:11 <ke4qqq> actually - is there a proposal
01:36:22 <herlo> I'll get it all sorted this week or next.. :)
01:36:36 <lcafiero> herlo, let's discuss later
01:36:38 <herlo> lcafiero: good idea
01:36:43 <herlo> but yeah, discuss later :)
01:36:45 * rrix nods
01:37:02 <rrix> Do we have a set budget for OSCON yet? Do we want one?
01:37:12 <lcafiero> Yep.
01:37:13 * inode0 hasn't seen a request
01:37:17 * ke4qqq hasn't either
01:37:28 <lcafiero> Very observant. crossbytes and I are working on it
01:37:36 <rrix> Cool beans
01:37:36 <VileGent> OLF is up
01:37:38 <herlo> how does that work?  Before, we just put in guesses...
01:37:57 <inode0> herlo: for people there is now a clear process
01:37:58 <rrix> #info lcafiero and crossbytes working on OSCON stuff
01:38:10 <herlo> inode0: cool, I'd like a link to the process page :)
01:38:12 <inode0> more or less based on the FUDCon process
01:38:19 <herlo> inode0: ahh, nice.
01:38:20 * herlo likes
01:38:28 <ke4qqq> herlo: you were there and participated in drafting the page
01:38:32 <ke4qqq> :)
01:38:35 <herlo> yeah, I realize now
01:38:49 <rrix> :)
01:39:02 <inode0> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sponsoring_event_attendees
01:39:42 <herlo> inode0: indeed, I've seen that...
01:39:56 <herlo> just didn't realize it was the same as FUDCon thing until now...
01:40:08 * herlo stops slowing the meeting down and shuts up
01:40:26 <rrix> Any other budget items?
01:40:31 <rrix> VileGent: you said you added the OLF stuff?
01:41:04 * inode0 will try to figure out if the Summit needs anything and have it next meeting
01:41:21 <inode0> I don't expect it will need anything very substantial though
01:41:32 <rrix> Good stuff
01:41:47 <rrix> inode0: Red Hat Summit?
01:41:48 <VileGent> rrix my budget has been up
01:41:51 <inode0> yes
01:42:00 <rrix> #action defer RH Summit expenses to next week
01:42:11 <rrix> VileGent: good stuff
01:42:18 <VileGent> we meet biweekly
01:42:27 <rrix> er
01:42:29 <rrix> efff
01:42:31 <rrix> #undo
01:42:31 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x26107750>
01:42:33 <VileGent> when we meet the summit will be happening
01:42:41 <rrix> hmmm
01:42:54 <inode0> the summit starts the week after our next meeting
01:42:55 <rrix> inode0?
01:43:12 <rrix> ok
01:43:20 <inode0> if you want me to do it now I'll just request $300 in discretionary funds :)
01:43:37 <rrix> :-)
01:43:39 <VileGent> according the demonjester is has swag going to the summit
01:43:57 <VileGent> we may need to send some f13 media
01:44:04 <inode0> most supplies are in good shape I think
01:44:09 <rrix> Good stuff
01:44:18 <herlo> VileGent: it'll be there
01:44:18 <herlo> media ^^
01:44:18 <inode0> usb sticks are ready to go
01:44:53 <rrix> #info RH Summit seems pretty well set, defer last minute expenses to next week
01:45:01 <ke4qqq> why are we sending media if everyone gets a usb stick
01:45:17 <inode0> we need a smallish amount of media for the booth
01:45:33 <inode0> not everyone at the expo gets a bag, some people want DVDs, etc.
01:45:46 <rbergeron> ke4qqq: i think registered people get media - i think expo attendees do not
01:45:47 <ke4qqq> ahhh ok
01:45:49 <rbergeron> or, what inode0 said
01:45:59 * ke4qqq shuts up now
01:46:04 <lcafiero> sure
01:46:08 <lcafiero> :-)
01:46:39 <rrix> Any other budget items then? going once?
01:47:02 <rrix> twice?
01:47:20 <rrix> Okay, next item
01:47:27 <rrix> #topic Unfinished Business
01:47:38 <rrix> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2010-05-19/fedora-meeting.2010-05-19-01.00.html
01:47:57 <rrix> Anyone from lsat week's meeting have any business ?
01:48:27 <rbergeron> I need a moment to talk about F14 schedule.
01:48:40 <rrix> okay, shall we just go to open floor then? :)
01:48:51 <rrix> Doesn't seem to be any carry over from last week
01:49:12 <rbergeron> yes plz :)
01:49:15 <rrix> kk
01:49:18 <rrix> #topic Open Floor
01:49:21 * herlo wants to talk about the Ambassador Join process a bit
01:49:25 <rrix> rbergeron: Go!
01:49:29 <rrix> herlo: you're next then :)
01:49:34 <herlo> cool
01:49:37 <herlo> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors_Join_start
01:49:53 <herlo> I've been hard at work at some cool new pages for the Ambassadors Join pages
01:49:59 * rbergeron yields to herlo
01:50:04 <herlo> it's more wizard like now and I'd like some feedback
01:50:12 * rrix goes to look
01:50:13 <herlo> I got some really positive feedback from kital and co
01:50:36 <herlo> if you have any suggestions, thoughts or improvements, please feel free to let me know, and make the changes :)
01:50:55 <herlo> bochecha did teh forward and back buttons and we'll be updating those a bit in the near future too
01:51:23 <herlo> if you haven't seen this, I'd really like you to look at it and send herlo@fp.o any feedback
01:51:24 <rbergeron> Re: F14 Ambassador schedule - as most of you know, poelcat has schedules for most of the teams so that they can align their groups' respective deliverables.
01:52:07 <rbergeron> Ambassadors have been asked to figure out what types of media are going to be produced by a certain date, so that the design team can have time to work on sleeves.
01:52:30 <rbergeron> So - we need to pick an appropriate date, and have that - at bare minimum - be on the ambassadors schedule
01:52:41 * herlo has another thing when rbergeron is finished...
01:53:01 <rbergeron> so that we can be part of this master schedule.
01:53:03 <rbergeron> #link http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-14/f-14-key-tasks.html
01:53:28 <herlo> rbergeron: as for the media being produced, it's always just been Live 32-bit, Install 32-bit and 64-bit of the main spin
01:53:55 <rrix> I'd like to see spins media, but we're a little short on time to dive into that I gues :)
01:53:56 <herlo> is that what they want?  Should we be providing them with these details again?
01:54:09 <rrix> herlo: I think the date is the more important part here
01:54:25 <rbergeron> Well - the date for that stuff is on the design-team schedule
01:54:34 <rbergeron> but we need to be aware of that date - and possibly create our own schedule
01:54:42 <herlo> rrix: I think the idea of putting together and marketing a particular spin would be awesome too, so one extra spin design per release
01:54:42 <rbergeron> so that those things can be decided - and handed off accordingly
01:55:03 <herlo> rbergeron: essentially, I need it about 2-3 weeks before release so I can send it with the final RC
01:55:14 <herlo> this *has* *not* changed in 3 releases
01:55:48 <rbergeron> so - http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-14/f-14-design-tasks.html has the current date of 9-21 - 10-05
01:55:52 <herlo> but if we do a separate spin art, that could be something they could help with
01:55:56 <rbergeron> for when design needs to create artwork
01:55:58 <herlo> rbergeron: plenty early
01:56:14 <rbergeron> so - what date is a good date for us to have chosen those specific spins by
01:56:23 <herlo> just needs to also have that they will put it on the MediaArt page too :)
01:56:25 <rbergeron> one week prior?
01:56:32 <herlo> rbergeron: probably should choose now
01:56:37 <herlo> in the next 3-4 weeks
01:56:50 <herlo> let the ambassadors choose what bonus spin we'll be offering at events
01:56:52 <inode0> can I add something here
01:56:58 <rbergeron> inode0: yes please
01:57:09 <rrix> herlo: so defer to list?
01:57:20 <inode0> we might need to do some special spins based on non-traditional events that get sponsored
01:57:35 <herlo> rrix: pretty much, but for F13 it's decided, but F14, would be nice to involve the masses...
01:57:36 <inode0> those can't easily be planned this far in advance though
01:57:42 <rbergeron> we need to at least wait for spins freeze, i'd guess
01:57:48 <rbergeron> which is 7-27
01:57:53 <rrix> inode0: ie Design and Security spins, etc? The "specialized" spins?
01:57:57 <herlo> inode0: well, I think we can still plan something 2 months before release no?
01:57:58 <rbergeron> and i'd recommend that that be the earliest point we'd pick a spin.
01:58:13 <herlo> rbergeron: that seems reasonable
01:58:19 <inode0> if we sponsor design folks to attend SXSW for instance, we should make a suitable run of the design studio or whatever it is called for them
01:58:36 <herlo> sure but that doesn't have to work within a release timefram imo
01:58:40 <VileGent> rrix,  i am thinking more kde xfce or lxce
01:58:44 <inode0> that is what I just said :)
01:58:49 * j0hn would like to get started on an HPC sping
01:58:51 <j0hn> *spin
01:58:59 <j0hn> and will be in Austin for SXSW
01:59:06 <herlo> VileGent: yes, kde is f13 if i can get it done this week
01:59:16 <rrix> :>
01:59:20 * rrix dances
01:59:45 <herlo> I gotta bail, but I'll check the notes and comment more after reading....
01:59:53 <rrix> okay, it's 7pm anyways
01:59:57 <rrix> so
01:59:57 <rbergeron> okay so - maybe 8-10?
02:00:18 * rbergeron votes for 8-10 to be decided on F14 media sleeve needs / artwork needs
02:00:23 <rrix> +1
02:00:35 <VileGent> +1
02:00:38 <ke4qqq> who is going to communicate that to poelcat ??
02:00:41 <rbergeron> rrix: note it in the meeting notes plz :)
02:00:42 <rrix> or rather, actually, that should be the deadline, it should be discussed on-list beforehand
02:00:43 * rbergeron will do that
02:00:51 <rbergeron> yes - probably a week - 2 week window
02:00:56 <rrix> ok
02:00:59 <rbergeron> 8-3 - 8-10
02:01:14 * rbergeron will get with poelcat on that, if everyone is kosher with that.
02:01:20 <rrix> #info 8-3 - 8-10 discuss on-list about F-14 specialized spin
02:01:42 <rbergeron> ke4qqq: since he's been asking on amb-list about it. :)
02:01:44 <rrix> #action rbergeron to communicate schedule with poelcat.
02:02:02 <herlo> oh, I wanted to share one more thing really quick
02:02:13 <herlo> related to the KDE dvd spin
02:02:17 <herlo> er live spin
02:02:19 <rrix> herlo: go for it, but quickly :)
02:02:26 <herlo> http://herlo.fedorapeople.org/art/Fedora-13-kde-live-booklet-inside.pdf
02:02:35 <herlo> http://herlo.fedorapeople.org/art/Fedora-13-kde-live-booklet-outside.pdf
02:02:37 <herlo> enjoy :)
02:02:41 <herlo> not finished but close
02:02:50 <rrix> herlo: You're awesome, btw :-)
02:02:57 <herlo> hehe, tx
02:03:00 * herlo blushes
02:03:01 <herlo> and leaves
02:03:12 <rrix> Okay, folks, anyone got any last minute biZ?
02:03:17 <rrix> You have ten seconds, GO!
02:03:21 <lcafiero> none here
02:03:31 <mock> one thought about the special spins
02:03:43 <mock> just a thought, but what if the timing was staggered?
02:04:07 <rrix> :)
02:04:11 <mock> not with a release but a few months after.  it might coincide with a few confs that don't fall on release dates.
02:04:31 <inode0> mock: that was partly my point too
02:04:33 <mock> and would give more time to get them out after the finals have been done
02:04:44 * mock missed inode0's point
02:04:46 <inode0> which we make and when can partly be determined by need
02:05:09 <rrix> Yeah, I think deferring them a little bit can take off some release-time crunch, and make things more need-based
02:05:19 <mock> that's all from me
02:05:36 <rrix> Good stuff! thanks for coming, everyone!
02:06:00 <inode0> thanks nb and rrix for running this show
02:06:25 <lcafiero> +1
02:06:53 <mock> gn
02:06:53 <rrix> Sorry I was fashionably late ;)
02:06:59 <rrix> once
02:07:04 <rrix> twice
02:07:09 <rrix> and gone!
02:07:11 <inode0> yeah, mostly thanks to nb :)
02:07:33 <rrix> #endmeeting