21:04:28 <smooge> #startmeeting Cloud SIG
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21:04:54 <smooge> hi jforbes I figured we should have something stored for old times sake
21:04:59 <smooge> sorry I am late
21:05:01 <jforbes> #topic Current status
21:05:08 <smooge> #chair jforbes
21:05:08 <zodbot> Current chairs: jforbes smooge
21:05:15 <jforbes> smooge: heh, NP, not sure if anyone else is showing
21:05:17 <jforbes> #topic Current status
21:06:02 <smooge> Ok the king (GDK) is dead, long live the king (jforbes)
21:06:05 <jforbes> Sadly, I have little to report here. I think we are going to have to do a bit of a reboot.  I didn't get any status from gregdek before he left
21:06:20 <smooge> I have a couple of things to report
21:06:30 <jforbes> smooge: excellent
21:06:45 <smooge> 1) you will be added to some aliases with max spevack for contacts with amazon and such.
21:06:54 <smooge> I will do it after the freeze is over
21:07:32 <smooge> 2) mspevack probably has gdk's notes so we need to invite him for a virtual brown bag and reboot things
21:07:44 <jforbes> great
21:08:19 <smooge> 3) I had something but I forgotz it
21:08:36 <jforbes> heh, any word on the centos clients hammering the update servers?
21:08:45 <jforbes> I sent amazon an email and didn't hear back
21:09:02 <smooge> no they are still hammering
21:09:11 <jforbes> Okay, I will follow up again
21:09:13 <smooge> but mmdomsch put in a "Go the f away"
21:09:37 <jforbes> I am still expecting they they really wont be able to do anything other than possibly tell us who owns the image so that we can contact them
21:09:38 <smooge> jforbes, was I supposed to give you a list of IPs
21:09:45 <jforbes> smooge: I got that list
21:09:48 <smooge> ah ok
21:09:49 <smooge> cool
21:09:55 <smooge> I didn't check mark it off
21:10:18 <jforbes> Yeah, you sent it to the cloud list
21:11:00 <jforbes> Repinging them, and if I don't get a response again, I will try to track down gafton or nathan on chat
21:11:34 <jforbes> #action jforbes will follow up with Amazon on systems hammering update servers
21:11:41 <smooge> My guess is that on the amazon side there isn't much to do . The people who made the image can't do much either because well copies are copies
21:11:58 <smooge> .fasinfo jforbes
21:11:59 <zodbot> smooge: User: jforbes, Name: Justin M. Forbes, email: jforbes@redhat.com, Creation: 2009-01-08, IRC Nick: jforbes, Timezone: US/Central, Locale: en, Extension: 5122453, GPG key ID: 75C972C8F350AC946E760511B73ADA495962C8BB, Status: active
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21:12:07 <smooge> will email you soemthing
21:12:28 <smooge> I thought you were cc'd on it but it may have been direct to me and mdomsch
21:12:33 <jforbes> #action jforbes will try to get a handoff from mspevack and rebiit the SIG
21:13:11 <jforbes> Well, the image owners could unpublish and republish the image with a working URL
21:13:34 <jforbes> I would guess most users are not copying their image, but booting it directly.  So as they shut down, it would go away
21:14:36 <jforbes> I am wondering if we should perhaps move the meeting to a time when more people can participate.
21:14:46 <smooge> ah I have no idea myself.. I haven't gotten access yet
21:14:49 <smooge> ok here is the deal
21:14:58 <smooge> Amazon told us who made the images
21:15:01 <jforbes> I will send out an email to the list and see if we can come up with a better time
21:15:16 <jforbes> Ahh, okay.  Have we contacted them?
21:15:21 <smooge> a company called RightScale. mdomsch contacted them
21:16:02 <jforbes> Did he get any response?
21:16:25 <smooge> yes.. they  have published hundreds of images and need more information
21:16:36 <smooge> and that is who I am supposed to send the list of IP addresses to.
21:16:56 <smooge> ah ok I thought it was you for some reason and was going to talk to you over the meeting
21:17:00 <smooge> will do that right ow
21:17:32 <jforbes> Ahh, okay.  Good, so this is at leat going somewhere, and not Amazon dropping the ball
21:17:37 <smooge> forwarded you the contacts.. sorry about that. I really thought you and max were on the cc'd
21:17:41 <jforbes> I expect they have done all that they can in this regard
21:19:28 <jforbes> Okay.  Anything else we should cover?
21:20:04 <smooge> not much else on my plate.
21:20:18 <smooge> got to get cloud01 updated after the freeze and then run F13 images on it
21:20:43 <smooge> then try to see what changes would need to be done to make it more amazonian
21:20:45 <jforbes> Okay.  I am kind of at a stand still until I get the info from mspevack, but will try to get that ASAP
21:20:54 <smooge> okie dokie.
21:21:28 <smooge> I say we call it good for a week and go play monkeybubble
21:21:34 <jforbes> I will also see about rescheduling the meetings if they would be more convenient for others
21:21:40 <jforbes> smooge: sounds good :)
21:21:59 <jforbes> ending meeting in 1 minute unless someone else chimes in
21:22:39 <Oxf13> did you get my topic?
21:22:52 <Oxf13> eg what's next for getting F13 into amazon?
21:23:02 <jforbes> Oxf13: I did.
21:23:49 <jforbes> Oxf13: In theory we need huff here to help answer that, but I think we can get the ks ported to f13 quickly and get kernels tested.
21:24:04 <jforbes> Oxf13: in fact, I think it might be better to focus on F13 at this point instead of F12
21:24:13 <Oxf13> that was my thought too
21:24:16 <Oxf13> and a lot more relevant
21:24:32 <Oxf13> our future goal would be to have a Fedora release available in amazon the day of our public release
21:24:45 <pjones> that sounds nice.
21:24:45 <jforbes> #action jforbes will get F13 kernels to EC2
21:25:17 <jforbes> Oxf13: Yeah, I agree, in fact we really need to focus on making the process automatable early in the F14 cycle
21:26:02 <jforbes> Oxf13: There was a lot of confusion because Amazon has talked about changing the way we do kernels, which would have a big impact on that, but I haven't heard any updates on it in 2 weeks or so
21:26:21 <Oxf13> nod
21:26:21 <jforbes> I will follow up on that as well to see what the deal is
21:26:56 <jforbes> #agreed switch focus from F-12 images to F-13
21:27:23 <jforbes> Oxf13: hope we will have more status on that by next weeks meeting.
21:27:53 <jforbes> Okay, any more topics?
21:28:30 <smooge> not from me.
21:28:42 <Oxf13> nadda
21:28:50 <jforbes> okay, ending meeting...
21:28:58 <jforbes> #endmeeting