15:03:26 <adamw> #startmeeting Bugzappers 2010-05-18
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15:03:38 <adamw> #topic gathering bodies
15:03:41 <adamw> who's around?
15:03:46 * Tech33_work is here
15:03:46 * mcepl is in
15:04:05 * tk009 =)
15:04:28 <adamw> hey everyone
15:04:37 <tk009> good morning
15:04:39 <adamw> #topic so, how bout those yankees
15:04:54 <mcepl> Yankees suck!
15:04:57 <adamw> as you can see, we have a jam-packed agenda this week =)
15:05:07 <Tech33_work> I'm a Southerner by nature...oh you mean baseball :p
15:05:42 * mcepl was living five years in Boston ... his mind is irreparably damaged
15:05:48 <tk009> I have been out of the loop for a bit so I am catching up
15:05:51 <adamw> that's okay, i'm a mets fan
15:06:14 <adamw> so, seriously - hasn't been much that's needed group discussion in bugzapping world lately. some of us have been sidetracked with f13 final release work.
15:06:39 <adamw> does anyone have any issues / concerns or anything to raise? anything related to f13 cycle, now it's nearly done?
15:06:40 <Tech33_work> yep, very quiet
15:06:50 <tk009> with release one week away has all the housekeeping been done?
15:07:24 <adamw> good question...
15:07:27 * adamw wonders if poelcat's around
15:07:36 <adamw> poelcat: pingly
15:07:41 <tk009> there would be items due now
15:08:32 * mcepl was completely consumed by rewrite of BugZappers scripts, so just barely catching up with enterprise bug triage
15:08:35 <tk009> should I volunteer to look at it?
15:08:53 <adamw> that would be very good of you
15:09:05 <adamw> #action tk009 to check all housekeeping tasks for f13 release are up to date
15:09:18 <tk009> I will get with poelcat if needed
15:10:13 <adamw> awesome, thanks tk009
15:10:25 <adamw> mcepl: so, want to tell us more about this rewrite of bugzappers scripts?
15:10:29 <adamw> #topic mcepl script rewrite
15:10:56 <mcepl> http://live.gnome.org/GUADEC/2010/Schedule/Main ...
15:11:26 <mcepl> small room 2 14:45
15:11:42 <adamw> awesome! bugzappers is going big time
15:12:05 <mcepl> the idea is a) to propagate existence of the scripts around among developers, b) to make them compatible with multiple instances and making upstream ... I have somebody working on something similar for b.m.o
15:12:30 <mcepl> but it is VERY VERY raw as of now ... incompatible JSON format is just the least of the problems
15:12:46 <adamw> #info mcepl presenting on triage scripting at GUADEC (2010-07-28, 14:45)
15:12:48 <mcepl> and I have created my own fedorahosted repo ...
15:13:18 <mcepl> https://fedorahosted.org/bugzilla-triage-scripts/ ... http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=bugzilla-triage-scripts.git
15:13:42 <mcepl> so the scripts in triage are currently in the maintenance mode ... i.e., ping me if somethng is broken
15:14:05 <Tech33_work> always do :)
15:15:04 <mcepl> that's it, I guess
15:15:15 <adamw> #link https://fedorahosted.org/bugzilla-triage-scripts/
15:15:17 <adamw> awesome, thanks
15:15:32 <tuxbabu> Hi
15:15:52 <tk009> hello tuxbabu
15:15:53 <adamw> one thing i've noticed with the 'current' scripts is that whenever I enter anything in the keyword field, it seems like the triage script fires twice - i get two copies of all the triage script buttons, and two signatures appended to my comment
15:15:55 <adamw> tuxbabu: hiya
15:16:32 <tuxbabu> adamw, I recently joined bugzapper group but I am still awaiting to get approval,
15:16:51 <tuxbabu> tk009, hi
15:17:03 <mcepl> adamw: yeah, there is some problem about it ... will investigate ... could you fire me a ticket (component bzTriageJetpack), please?
15:17:12 <poelcat> adamw: tk009 hi
15:17:26 <mcepl> in triage trac for now
15:17:26 <adamw> poelcat: hiya
15:17:35 <adamw> mcepl: will do
15:17:41 <tk009> =)
15:18:03 <adamw> tuxbabu: sorry about that, tk009 and I are being a bit lazy about it atm :) will try and get it done in a minute
15:18:17 <tuxbabu> adamw, thanks
15:18:22 <tk009> I am looking now tuxbabu, adamw
15:18:51 <tk009> did you apply for the rtiagers group tuxbabu?
15:19:00 <tk009> triagers*
15:19:20 <tk009> I am not seeing your nae there
15:19:27 <tk009> name*
15:19:52 <adamw> tk009: marleyjnr could be it
15:21:06 <tuxbabu> tk009, I think I am not
15:21:06 <tk009> tuxbabu what name did you apply for the triagers with please?
15:21:31 <tk009> well apply and I will get you sorted straight away
15:21:46 <adamw> poelcat: we were wondering whether we're up to date with the housekeeping tasks, tk009 has volunteered to check and make sure, he'll be in touch with you if necessary
15:23:07 <poelcat> adamw: cool. i think i have it covered except for my premature goof last month :)
15:23:16 <tk009> yes I saw that =)
15:23:50 <adamw> #topic open floor
15:23:58 <adamw> so, anything else anyone has?
15:24:13 <Tech33_work> any new 'zappers have any questions/comments?
15:25:11 <tk009> afk for 30 minutes see ya'll in bugzappers
15:25:20 <tuxbabu> tk009, let me see
15:27:26 <adamw> mcepl: bug filed - https://fedorahosted.org/triage/ticket/37
15:27:45 <adamw> seems like there's not much else to bring up...closing the meeting in a few :)
15:28:16 <Tech33_work> okie doke
15:28:39 <adamw> thanks for coming everyone
15:28:47 <adamw> #endmeeting