20:07:21 <liknus> #startmeeting EMEA Ambassadors Meeting 2010-05-12
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20:07:27 <liknus> #chair kital
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20:07:36 <liknus> #topic RollCall
20:07:41 <cmpahar> .fas cmpahar
20:07:42 <zodbot> cmpahar: cmpahar 'Christos Bacharakis' <cmpahar@gmail.com>
20:07:42 <liknus> its on the topic guys :)
20:07:46 <kital> Joerg Simon
20:07:47 <GeroldKa> .fas geroldka
20:07:47 <constanton> .fas constanton
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20:07:47 <liknus> .fas ppapadeas
20:07:49 <acaleechurn> .fas acaleechurn
20:07:51 <zodbot> constanton: constanton 'Konstantinos Antonakoglou' <anton.cost@gmail.com>
20:07:53 <wonderer> .fas wonderer
20:07:55 <zodbot> liknus: ppapadeas 'Papadeas Pierros' <ppapadeas@gmail.com>
20:07:57 <sspreitzer> .fas sspreitzer
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20:08:07 <zodbot> sspreitzer: sspreitzer 'Sascha Thomas Spreitzer' <sascha@spreitzer.name>
20:08:11 <zodbot> fabian_a: fab 'Fabian Affolter' <fabian@bernewireless.net>
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20:08:28 <liknus> Ok many people here today :)
20:08:41 * cmpahar and many greeks too
20:08:43 <liknus> today's agenda can be found here :
20:08:48 <liknus> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:EMEA_Ambassadors_2010-5-12
20:09:09 <liknus> so letsmove on
20:09:15 <liknus> #topic Announcements
20:09:32 <liknus> i want to remind everyone that Fedora elections are closing by
20:09:39 <liknus> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections
20:10:22 <liknus> And also there are going to be town hall sessions so we can ask quiestions to the nominees :)
20:10:43 <liknus> candidates i ment :)
20:11:08 <liknus> Elections start in May 20 so note it on your schedule :)
20:11:22 <liknus> kital, any news from FAmSCo ?
20:11:29 <kital> yes, as most of you have seen today Rodrigo Padula has left FAmSCo
20:11:52 <kital> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2010-May/014499.html
20:11:53 <dmaphy> .fas dmaphy
20:11:56 <zodbot> dmaphy: dmaphy 'Dominic Hopf' <dmaphy@gmail.com>
20:12:31 <kital> i think Paul responded well on that to sort it out
20:12:40 <kital> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2010-May/014514.html
20:12:59 <kital> we have still our call for F13 Release Events running
20:13:03 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events
20:13:08 <liknus> (yeah!)
20:13:21 <kital> and are happy to provide you the April FAmSCo Report
20:13:23 <kital> http://susmit.fedorapeople.org/report/famsco_report_apr_2010.html
20:13:25 <kital> eof
20:13:43 <liknus> very informative :) and nicely done report! thanks kital !
20:13:57 <liknus> Any other announcements anyone?
20:14:24 <mether> kital, can the famsco report be moved into a generic location?
20:14:38 <mether> get some space in fedorapeople.org for that purpose if necessary
20:14:40 <mether> and use that
20:15:13 <liknus> ( mether please respect the IRC meeting protocol)
20:15:17 <kital> mether: we have it also on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_report_2010-04
20:15:30 <kital> but will consider it in the next Report
20:15:34 <kital> thanks for the hint
20:15:44 <mether> also is the process of generating the report outlined in some place?
20:16:05 <liknus> #idea Famsco Reportbe merged more on the maintrack wiki :)
20:16:20 <kital> mether it is the history file in the wiki
20:16:39 <mether> SOP might be useful
20:16:41 <kital> s/history file/history/
20:16:59 <mether> similar to how infrastructure and marketing documents the steps
20:17:31 <kital> #idea SOP for creating the monthly FAmSCo report
20:17:43 <kital> mether eof
20:17:43 <kital> ?
20:17:48 <mether> yes
20:17:49 <mether> thanks
20:18:01 <liknus> nice :) thanks both of  you
20:18:20 <liknus> #topic EMEA Media Quantities
20:18:32 <liknus> sspreitzer, its your time to talk :)
20:18:33 * cwickert is there
20:18:46 * liknus waves at cwickert
20:18:52 <sspreitzer> hey there
20:18:57 <cwickert> just in time...
20:19:07 <sspreitzer> i havent added that topic to the agenda, who has?
20:19:22 <liknus> It was moved from the previous meeting
20:19:30 <sspreitzer> ok
20:19:31 <liknus> or is the subject closed?
20:19:45 <sspreitzer> status update: quotes pushed to wiki and fedorapeople
20:19:48 <sspreitzer> mail was sent
20:19:51 <sspreitzer> to ML
20:20:02 <sspreitzer> thats all
20:20:02 <sspreitzer> eof
20:20:23 <liknus> ok thanks sspreitzer
20:20:31 <liknus> cwickert, anything on the subject?
20:20:50 <cwickert> first of all a big thanks to sspreitzer
20:21:01 <cwickert> now I need to calculate
20:21:08 <cwickert> s/I/we
20:21:22 * sspreitzer smiles to cwickert, at your service, Sir :)
20:21:36 <cwickert> I made a propsal on the ML, the question is if it is reasonable
20:22:00 <cwickert> regarding the sleeves: anything below 1000 is to expensive
20:22:15 <cwickert> because they are juyt doing sleeves in steps of 1000
20:22:18 <liknus> s/to/too
20:22:42 <cwickert> so for the spins we might consider taking plain discs, no sleeves, if anybody is fine with it
20:22:58 <cwickert> of we could do a combined Xfce/LXDE sleeve
20:23:09 <cwickert> to sides, one Xfce, the other LXDE
20:23:18 <liknus> +1 for the combined....seems like a nice design challange
20:23:19 <cwickert> but it is hard to tell what is inside then
20:23:29 <cwickert> not sure if people like it
20:23:37 <cmpahar> +1 that it will confuse
20:23:39 <cwickert> especially the Xfce people
20:23:41 <GeroldKa> and also not cheap
20:23:47 <GeroldKa> I guess
20:23:56 <cwickert> GeroldKa: shouldn't make a difference
20:24:18 <cwickert> the price is the same no matter what is actually printed
20:24:20 <GeroldKa> cwickert, it seems to be a disk must be double handled
20:24:40 <cwickert> we are not talking about disks but about the covers
20:24:40 <GeroldKa> that makes it (I guess) more expensive that single side
20:24:59 <GeroldKa> .oO(sleep tight dear GeroldKa)
20:25:03 <liknus> please guys use "!" and "?" for te meeting
20:25:06 <GeroldKa> mea culpa SIR
20:25:10 <cwickert> discs can be ordered in smaller numbers too, but sleeves only at 1000
20:25:26 <cwickert> I will just calculate this and then we revisit it in another 5 minutes?
20:25:50 <liknus> possible cwickert :)
20:25:59 <liknus> maybe on openfloor?
20:26:06 <cwickert> ok for me
20:26:11 <liknus> nice :)
20:26:27 <liknus> anything more on media will be discussed on open floor
20:26:37 <liknus> Lets move on to the Events :)
20:26:45 <liknus> #topic Events
20:26:58 <liknus> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#FY11_Q1_.28March_2010_-_May_2010.29_2
20:27:21 <liknus> ok in EMEA region the next event we are having is the GFOSS conference in greece :)
20:27:40 <liknus> Its a distributed event and fedora is going to be in every part of it
20:28:00 <liknus> constanton, fill us ip on Athens side of the event
20:28:08 <liknus> s/ip/up
20:28:44 <constanton> sorry for the delay
20:28:47 <constanton> ok
20:28:53 <constanton> at the event
20:28:57 <constanton> we will have a workshop
20:29:05 <constanton> on Fedora Remix and Spins!
20:29:17 <liknus> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/GFOSS_Conference_2010
20:29:22 <constanton> there will be a lot of people attending the event
20:29:42 <constanton> so I think it's a good chance to show also how Fedora supports the global
20:29:49 <constanton> open source community through Spins
20:30:03 <constanton> we will also have booth as usual
20:30:14 <constanton> thanks eof
20:30:23 <liknus> thanks constanton :)
20:30:38 <liknus> cmpahar, on Thessaloniki side of the event ... :)
20:30:44 <cmpahar> thanks liknus
20:30:54 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/GFOSS_Conference_2010_Thessaloniki
20:31:25 <cmpahar> In thessaloniki together with giannisk we will set up our wonderful booth with the usual goodies
20:31:45 <cmpahar> Additionally I am going to give a talk regarding Fedora in Educations,
20:32:13 <cmpahar> s/educations/education
20:32:29 <cmpahar> how fedora can help in education from the software side
20:33:30 <cmpahar> and I will give solutions on problems that the greek education has on the tech-software side of the schools
20:33:31 <liknus> ok thanks cmpahar on the status update :) we are waiting the reports and photos!
20:33:39 <cmpahar> more news, soon
20:33:39 <cmpahar> eof
20:34:08 <liknus> Ok moving on to the next event that is going to hold me up from attending GFOSS with my fellow greek guys :)
20:34:11 <liknus> Idlelo :)
20:34:20 <liknus> #link http://idlelo.net
20:34:50 <liknus> You all propably know about this upcoming event in Ghana that fedora has put so much effort to attend
20:34:58 <liknus> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/IDLELO_2010
20:35:02 <sspreitzer> !
20:35:20 <liknus> Isaac unfortunately is not here to give us a status update
20:35:55 <liknus> I shall say that Isaac and i work closely on the preparations and i am going to be on a panel for "Non-profit" administration
20:36:14 <liknus> Also we manage to get a workshop on Fedora localization
20:36:57 <liknus> Isaac pointed to me that there is no distro or OS supporting the local language (twi) so being a l10n mentor I started the process to create such support
20:37:11 <liknus> We set up a mailing list and a new language in transifex
20:37:41 <liknus> We will officially boot this up during IDLELO and we are very proud for fedora being first once again
20:38:28 <liknus> As promised I write a series of blogposts on the preparations for the event (fedora-side and personal-side)
20:38:32 <liknus> #link http://pierros.papadeas.gr/?tag=ghana
20:38:48 <liknus> Hopefully they will get updated every day :)
20:39:27 <liknus> Now, we had some conversation regarding the amount of involvement the local Ambassador has in the whole organization procedure
20:40:17 <sspreitzer> !!
20:40:26 <liknus> Isaac is not hereto express that views analytically but we promised to open the discussion in general so we can have a nice apporach for next events
20:40:34 <liknus> sspreitzer, go ahead my friend
20:40:59 <sspreitzer> Friends first of all I would like to apologize on behalf of Issac for not making it tonight because of unforseen events
20:41:33 <sspreitzer> As we all know he is the even owner for IDLELO and as agreed he would get the support of the community to run the event
20:42:25 <sspreitzer> however he feels that he has been let down by decisons taken directly related to the event without consulting him
20:43:00 <sspreitzer> In his own words "he wanted help to run a local event and not other people to run the event for him"
20:43:42 <sspreitzer> to sum up, he wants everyone to respect him as the event owner and follow the initial schedule set
20:44:26 <sspreitzer> let him handle the talks and worshop and fellow ambassadors who have anything can share the time in consultation with him
20:44:30 <sspreitzer> eof
20:44:32 <kital> ?
20:44:37 <liknus> ok sspreitzer
20:44:41 <liknus> to start with...
20:44:59 <liknus> name me a descision that has been made without consulting Isaac :)
20:45:18 <GeroldKa> !
20:45:28 * liknus saw kital and GeroldKa
20:46:06 <GeroldKa> Personally I think it makes no sense to discuss without Issac here, so let's accept the staemaent as it is and talk directly to Isaac
20:46:08 <GeroldKa> eof
20:46:22 <cmpahar> +1
20:46:25 <wonderer> +1
20:46:42 <liknus> GeroldKa, unfortuantely this is not the statement of Isaac as it is
20:47:01 <sspreitzer> +1
20:47:02 <liknus> sspreitzer, anything on that?
20:47:08 <acaleechurn> +1
20:47:20 <kital> as one of the co-organizers who kicked off idlelo together with Isaac i want to add something as well?
20:47:28 <liknus> kital, go ahead
20:47:47 <sspreitzer> liknus, no, i am just passing the message
20:48:03 <kital> as the topic was a bit generic today i prepared the process of decission making from start till now
20:48:09 <kital> the communication with Isaac started in the mids of February where i wrote a personal letter to fossfa to enable Isaac to attend
20:48:14 <liknus> sspreitzer, unfortunately you are rephrasing it my friend
20:48:18 <kital> and we put a fedora event wiki-page on and the event was public discussed in the Ambassadors Meeting 2010-03-03 with Isaacs participation
20:48:25 <kital> about high charges and that we both working on it ... that we have to decide how much we are able and willing to pay for a booth ...
20:48:31 <kital> after a lot communication with fossfa we got it managed that fossfa sponsors us to have a booth for 500$ instead of 5000$
20:48:38 <kital> during that time we, Isaac as the eventowner and i agreed that it is a good idea to have a expirienced Ambassador from Europe on Idlelo
20:48:44 <kital> who has organized events and communities before
20:48:50 <kital> we, (isaac - as the event owner, max as famsco treasurer and myself as a famsco from emea) decided that it is a good thing to send Pierros over
20:48:57 <kital> besides the fact he is one of the best for the job because of his proven expirience within the EMEA Community
20:49:05 <kital> he also could offer a very good cost-effectiveness for the trip and he got sponsoring from mozilla as well for the trip
20:49:11 <kital> Isaac as the Event Owner was always involved in the commnuication and decission-making regarding idlelo
20:49:16 <kital> We asked him for Pierro┬┤s participation by email on 2010-April-09
20:49:21 <kital> he answered to Max
20:49:21 <kital> "If Pierros can make it, that will be a great idea."
20:49:25 <kital> and to me
20:49:25 <kital> "I will be glad to work with Pierros on IDLELO."
20:49:32 <kital> Isaac as the Event Owner could cut this off at any time!
20:49:40 <kital> some time ago in #fedora-de - Sascha brought up a issue while neither pierros, isaac, max or me was around
20:49:43 <kital> i could get that
20:49:45 <kital> given what Isaac answered, Sascha asked him "behind the scenes" about the progress of Idlelo
20:49:48 <kital> "der typ in ghana ist kindly pissed off, das pierros IDLELO zu einem transifex event missbraucht"
20:49:52 <kital> following that i mailed all people concerned with Idlelo organization for clarification
20:49:54 <liknus> :(
20:50:08 <kital> Isaac answered with his concern that the priority and allocated time for talk and workshop is maybe wrong but
20:50:15 <kital> this issue could be clarified with the consensus that the two paricipants are working close together on a daily basis
20:50:20 <kital> and that he "would be happy here in Ghana to have Fedora in Twi/Ashanti which is our popular dialect"
20:50:22 <sspreitzer> ?
20:50:27 <kital> Isaac as the event owner can clearly decide what priority he wants to have and also could have pulled the ripcord sooner
20:50:32 <kital> and can still do this any time!
20:50:32 * liknus saw sspreitzer
20:50:34 <kital> eof
20:50:44 <liknus> sspreitzer,
20:50:56 <liknus> (thanks kital for the history update :) )
20:51:06 <sspreitzer> maybe there is a misunderstanding then?
20:51:22 <liknus> about what tou said on fedora-de you mean?
20:51:28 <sspreitzer> can it be issac thinks you are going to support and enable him
20:51:34 <liknus> s/tou/you
20:52:04 <sspreitzer> and you think he need someone to lead the event?
20:52:06 <sspreitzer> eof
20:52:30 <liknus> None said that and Isaac is leadingg the event sspreitzer
20:53:48 <liknus> Anyone anything more on IDLELO?
20:55:14 <liknus> Ok ... So I will continue to work with Isaac and please sspreitzer dont rephrase again someone's words :)
20:55:28 <wonderer> +1
20:55:40 <sspreitzer> -1
20:55:49 <constanton> +1
20:55:55 <anast> +1
20:56:18 <sspreitzer> !
20:56:24 <acaleechurn> -1
20:56:30 <liknus> sspreitzer, go ahead my friend :)
20:57:18 * kital was rephrasing as well ;S
20:57:36 <kital> sorry for that
20:58:00 * liknus I guess everyone is rephrasing :)
20:58:02 <sspreitzer> Anyone who asks me for help in any kind will receive it. I was passing this message. Remember, Isaac allowed me to this on the mailing list.
20:58:05 <sspreitzer> eof.
20:58:14 <liknus> ok sspreitzer thanks
20:59:06 <liknus> Ok moving on to our beloved Release Parties!
20:59:15 <liknus> #topic Release Parties
20:59:37 <liknus> so we did a good introduction on the previous meeting and some Release parties are already scheduled!
21:00:21 <liknus> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/ReleaseParty
21:00:42 <liknus> oops..that was the previous release page
21:01:03 <liknus> but i guesswe can clean it up :)
21:01:09 <bochecha> liknus, #undo if you want to remove it from the minutes
21:01:09 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events
21:01:16 <bochecha> too late :)
21:01:24 <kital> #undo
21:01:24 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Link object at 0x2ac336f0a490>
21:01:24 <liknus> thanks bochecha and kital
21:01:34 <kital> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events
21:01:58 <liknus> biertie,
21:02:08 <liknus> On the Ghent party :(
21:02:13 <liknus> s/:(/:)
21:02:52 <liknus> Martin Surada, Nicu and me are going to be on Brussels on that time for LGM and we shall attend this party thanks to biertie
21:03:52 <liknus> On Greece we are thinking for something big :) We will try to host two simultaneous Release Parties in Athens and Thessaloniki and connect them with video :)
21:04:27 <liknus> I am proposing that we could organise to be connected with other Release Party that day on other countries
21:04:28 <liknus> :)
21:04:37 <liknus> is any other country interested on that?
21:05:00 <liknus> We are looking for around 12 June as the date
21:05:02 <cmpahar> ++++1
21:05:08 <giannisk> +1
21:05:43 <liknus> Ok I am going to bring it up on ml and see who's interested :)
21:05:58 <biertie> liknus: ok, that's super awesome! I just hope fedora releases on time then ;)
21:06:10 * constanton we too!!
21:06:19 <liknus> #action liknus proposing connection of Release Parties on mailing list
21:06:35 <bochecha> biertie, nope, one week slip already
21:06:39 <wonderer> liknus: and do not forget the wikipage ;-)
21:06:57 <liknus> of course wonderer :) thanks for the hint!
21:07:19 <liknus> Anyone else on that? or on another Release Party?
21:07:33 * cwickert likes to point out that the release is delayed till may 25th
21:08:08 <liknus> I remind you that is crucial to have as many Release Parties as possible in order to spread the word of fedora!
21:08:27 <liknus> Ok maybe on the next meeting we shall have more proposals on that
21:09:15 * kital will be celebrate it during his vacation in gran canaria ;)
21:09:32 * liknus is jelous of kital :P
21:09:48 <liknus> Ok guys lets move to our Reviewing Previous Items
21:09:58 <liknus> #topic Review of Previous items
21:10:05 <liknus> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2010-04-28/fedora-meeting.2010-04-28-20.10.html
21:10:07 <cmpahar> !
21:10:11 <liknus> Ok so..
21:10:25 <liknus> cmpahar, was kind enough to upolad the Fosscomm english report :)
21:10:27 <liknus> cmpahar,
21:10:43 <cmpahar> #link http://bacharakis.com/2010/05/06/fosscomm-2010-is-over-review-from-fedoras-point-of-view/
21:11:00 <cmpahar> and at
21:11:03 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/Fosscomm2010#Blog_posts_-_reviews_in_English
21:11:18 <cmpahar> i will add futures reports (in english only ) :)
21:11:35 <cmpahar> These are the reports from the Greek Fosscomm 2010
21:11:45 <cmpahar> the biggest Foss event in Greece :D
21:11:47 <cmpahar> thank you liknus
21:11:53 <liknus> nice cmpahar :) thanks a lot.. reporting back is a crucial part of being an event owner!
21:12:37 <liknus> ok moving on I did not find time to clean up the wiki so
21:12:41 <liknus> #action liknus cleans up the Events Wiki page and makes a comment on that on the wiki code
21:12:45 <liknus> once again :)
21:13:16 <liknus> i tried to contact Mohammedsafwat but unfortunately got no answer
21:13:27 <liknus> i hope it went well :)
21:14:05 <liknus> And also i contacted Martin and Nicu agreed to join biertie on his release Party!
21:14:16 <liknus> biertie, and us will sort out the details :)
21:14:34 <liknus> cwickert, what about the budget?
21:14:50 <cwickert> !ok, I calculatet a bit...
21:14:58 <cwickert> *calculated*
21:15:05 <liknus> #topic OpenFloor
21:15:05 <biertie> liknus: can you give a talk? i'll arange that you get back in the hotel, and get there :)
21:15:26 <liknus> biertie, i will be happy to do so!
21:15:42 <liknus> sorry cwickert ...move on
21:16:02 <cwickert> ok. our previous plan were 3 x 2000 media
21:16:09 <cwickert> but only GNOME
21:16:15 <GeroldKa> ?
21:16:30 <cwickert> yes please GeroldKa
21:16:34 <GeroldKa> How much???????? 6.000?
21:16:43 <GeroldKa> uuuuh
21:16:50 <liknus> *previous8 GeroldKa
21:16:52 <cwickert> yes, it's way too much
21:17:03 <cwickert> GeroldKa: I'll get to that ;)
21:17:16 <GeroldKa> ok (I shut up again)
21:17:44 <cwickert> this was what we decided on the last meeting, but then kital told us that in the F12 cycle we only had < 2000
21:17:57 <sspreitzer> ?
21:18:01 <cwickert> there is Africa now who also need media
21:18:07 * liknus saw sspreitzer
21:18:16 <cwickert> so, my proposal:
21:18:39 <cwickert> 1. If we do so many media, we should spend the money on different things and not only GNOME
21:18:49 <cwickert> 2. don't to su much media :)
21:18:54 <cwickert> s/su/so
21:19:08 <cwickert> I have calculated a bit based on sspreitzer's quotes
21:19:17 * cwickert looks...
21:19:22 <GeroldKa> ?!
21:20:15 <cwickert> 1000 GNOME i686 live, 1000 install DVD i386, 1000 install DVD x86_64 should be around 1570 EUR
21:20:37 <cwickert> spins are more expensive because of the small numbers
21:21:15 <cwickert> but if we do 1000 KDE live i686, 500 Xfce live i686 and 500 LXDE live i686 it should be around 3400 EUR
21:21:19 <cwickert> even with sleeves
21:21:34 <cwickert> with combined sleeves we save 170 EUR
21:21:45 <cwickert> and without any sleeves for Xfce and LXDe 340
21:22:05 <cwickert> anyway, this is in the budget and we can have great variety
21:22:18 <cwickert> eof for now, I guess it's time for questions
21:22:55 <cwickert> note: the number of 3400 is for everything and it's still 6000 media
21:22:59 <kital> is it not OpenFloor?
21:23:14 <GeroldKa> I start: to be honest, why we don't have a look inside the amounts of former orders and quantites from each "kind"? Why noone can get access to that **** office in Munich and talk directly with that guys? sspreitzer  I thought you had the "confirmation" from Red Hat to do so? Why you don't do and tell us quantity and prices??
21:23:53 <sspreitzer> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Media_production
21:24:02 <cwickert> GeroldKa: the quotes are publically available in the wiki and kital gave us the numbers of previous orders
21:24:07 <sspreitzer> #link http://sspreitzer.fedorapeople.org/mediaquotes
21:24:29 <sspreitzer> I have an open question
21:24:47 <sspreitzer> the budget for EMEA F12 media was set about 4500 USD
21:25:01 <sspreitzer> how can this fit to 2000 pcs ?
21:25:28 <cwickert> what 2000 are you referring to?
21:25:45 <sspreitzer> 2000 pcs kital pointed out for F12
21:26:41 <cwickert> sspreitzer: good question indeed, this is a reason to support GeroldKa's wish to get access to the details of previous orders
21:26:53 <cwickert> but I doubt this is documented somewhere publically
21:27:12 <sspreitzer> I wished max spevack would attend our meetings :( I think he could answer that question
21:27:18 <cwickert> are you sure the number of 4500 US $ applies to EMEA?
21:28:06 <sspreitzer> I took this number for F13 forecast plannings, either i made a mistake by looking at the wrong figure, or someone documented it incorrectly
21:28:24 <sspreitzer> or there is any other unforseen treasure
21:28:37 <LinuxCode> wasnt the whole budget 5k usd ?
21:28:48 <bochecha> sspreitzer, did you consider that maybe the F12 budget for media was much smaller and was actually sized for 2000 CDs?
21:29:01 <sspreitzer> i did not handle F12 so i cant tell about the source for those figures
21:29:20 <cwickert> all I know is that for F12 we had 1760 media
21:29:25 <cwickert> 2 * 880
21:29:50 <sspreitzer> bochecha, nope, i used 4500 as basic planning for future media, askes mspevack for budget approval, got approval
21:29:52 <sspreitzer> so
21:30:04 <sspreitzer> we have now 4500 USD budget for media in EMEA
21:30:12 <sspreitzer> and special 1000 USD for africa
21:31:05 <LinuxCode> sspreitzer, media only ?
21:31:13 <LinuxCode> budget
21:31:35 <sspreitzer> i was only asking for budget media, so i see it as a media budget
21:31:44 <LinuxCode> hmmm
21:31:50 <LinuxCode> k
21:31:51 <GeroldKa> africa is including EMEA :-)
21:32:09 <LinuxCode> GeroldKa, no, I meant in terms of total budget - minus media
21:32:11 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, "special" as of not normally
21:32:14 <sspreitzer> ;)
21:32:21 <GeroldKa> but since today we have had very, very small knowledge about Africa
21:33:39 <sspreitzer> #action sspreitzer clearify F12 and F13 budget figures with redhat sponsor
21:34:27 <liknus> What about the shipping sspreitzer ?
21:35:03 <sspreitzer> What about the shipping everyone?
21:35:47 <cwickert> # action cwickert to finalize proposals and send detailled numbers to the list
21:36:14 <liknus> sspreitzer, the media company will deliver the media to whom?
21:36:19 <sspreitzer> cwickert, also wiki? so i can see the status quo?
21:37:04 <sspreitzer> liknus, I told them to send it to you. :P
21:37:29 <sspreitzer> liknus, just joking. They will deliver to the person we tell them.
21:37:33 <cwickert> sspreitzer: sure
21:37:54 <sspreitzer> cwickert, thank you my friend
21:37:56 <liknus> more than one person is possible?
21:38:13 <sspreitzer> liknus, i dont think so, but i will clarify this.
21:38:28 <cwickert> !
21:38:32 <sspreitzer> #action sspreitzer clarify F13 shipping. single or multi
21:38:50 <liknus> thanks sspreitzer
21:38:51 <sspreitzer> cwickert, its open floor. no meeting rules
21:38:52 <liknus> cwickert,
21:38:55 <GeroldKa> sspreitzer, I need to have 10 pcs. each, please
21:39:00 <cwickert> I think best is to send it to kital because he has all the swag and often sends out parcels
21:40:06 <sspreitzer> cwickert, in that case, how will be shipping costs handled?
21:41:01 <cwickert> sspreitzer: you take your car, drive to the company, get the stuff and bring it to kital ;)
21:41:12 <sspreitzer> liknus, are the non-chair action items registered to the meetbot?
21:41:13 <cwickert> sorry, no idea
21:41:31 <liknus> yeap sspreitzer i think so
21:41:42 * dmaphy is off to bed, good night everyone :)
21:41:43 <GeroldKa> it's up to the media wrangler to put that in his budget, right?!
21:41:43 <sspreitzer> cwickert, i mean distribution from kital to individuals
21:41:57 <sspreitzer> liknus, thank you my friend
21:42:09 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, is it?
21:42:13 <sspreitzer> i do not know
21:42:16 <liknus> Shipping will be handled from RedHat funds...or Fedora EMEA ev
21:42:22 <GeroldKa> and to be honest I'm also sure that kital is not willing to pack the parcel and ship them around
21:42:34 <liknus> +1 for that GeroldKa
21:42:43 <GeroldKa> sspreitzer, you are responsible
21:42:50 <sspreitzer> let kital speak for himself
21:42:53 <GeroldKa> written and confirmed by letter
21:43:00 <GeroldKa> so it`s up to you :-P
21:43:08 <cwickert> sspreitzer: usually distribution is done on events
21:43:21 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, production yes
21:43:26 <cwickert> are there any events in Germany you want to attend on the near future?
21:43:49 <cwickert> btw; is somebody coming to linuxtag?
21:44:07 * liknus remidns that we are closing to 2 hours meeting
21:44:08 <cwickert> GeroldKa and me will be there, although not really for Fedora
21:44:19 <LinuxCode> cwickert, I would think about it, if we had a booth there
21:44:21 <GeroldKa> sorry, when I try to get responsibility over a project I have to calculate all costs depending on the project
21:44:22 <sspreitzer> I know form the F12 media, the media was shipped to kital and distributed from him.
21:44:37 <LinuxCode> cwickert, I personally think its a pity that fudcon wont be there again
21:44:41 <GeroldKa> prosucing media and order them is definitly NOT the end of such a project sspreitzer :-)
21:44:41 <LinuxCode> two reasons to go
21:45:12 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, true, let us all work on it together, im open for suggestions :)
21:46:01 <GeroldKa> you are the leader Sascha, it's your idea, your responsibility ...
21:46:13 <GeroldKa> come on, show us your proposal
21:46:27 <GeroldKa> if you haven#t done yet, hurry up
21:47:12 <sspreitzer> We are a community, GeroldKa, do you have a suggestion how "we" should handle this?
21:47:12 <GeroldKa> hey this is not to blame you
21:47:25 <GeroldKa> as said:
21:47:39 <GeroldKa> You have got "chairman" in that partial project
21:47:51 <GeroldKa> AND you got the responsibility you asked for
21:48:03 <GeroldKa> from Red Hat directly
21:48:10 <GeroldKa> advise us, please
21:48:16 <sspreitzer> its ok GeroldKa, i know about the process
21:48:39 <GeroldKa> wonderfull
21:48:43 <sspreitzer> I am asking everyone in this meeting how this should be handled.
21:48:48 <GeroldKa> who gets media?
21:48:53 <GeroldKa> which quantity?
21:49:01 <GeroldKa> one single person?
21:49:05 <GeroldKa> one country?
21:49:21 <LinuxCode> Germany is cheap-ish for shipping
21:49:32 <LinuxCode> very competitive rates
21:49:38 <LinuxCode> will stretch the budget
21:49:40 <GeroldKa> as said a few lines before; I like to have 10 pcs. each
21:51:05 <sspreitzer> I have a suggestion; https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/
21:51:38 <sspreitzer> Anyone willing to step up and help to distribute to people that order media?
21:51:55 <sspreitzer> especially those that attend many events?
21:52:13 <sspreitzer> should we continue this talk on the mailing list?
21:52:22 <liknus> +1
21:52:28 <cmpahar> +1
21:52:32 <acaleechurn> +
21:52:38 <acaleechurn> +1
21:52:40 <GeroldKa> I need to go to bed, sorry guys (I'm sick)
21:52:46 <GeroldKa> sleep tight everybody
21:52:46 <cwickert> GeroldKa: media are for events+1
21:52:50 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, good night my friend
21:53:06 <cwickert> erm... sorry, copy and paste error
21:53:09 <cwickert> +1
21:53:12 <cwickert> just +1
21:53:17 * cmpahar my best wishes GeroldKa !!!!! I wish you to get well really soon!
21:53:28 <cwickert> +1 to cmpahar!
21:53:39 <liknus> +1 also :)
21:53:51 <liknus> ok guys I shall end this meeting in 2 minutes
21:54:41 <sspreitzer> +1 liknus
21:55:35 <giannisk> ! may I report an event during these two minutes ? :P
21:55:43 <liknus> ok giannisk
21:55:54 <liknus> and then we end this meeting
21:56:00 <giannisk> thanks liknus,I was keeping it for the open floor
21:56:04 <cmpahar> right, I forgot giannisk event! :(
21:56:24 <giannisk> well I had a presentation in my school about fedora
21:56:32 <giannisk> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/fedora_neapoli
21:56:47 <giannisk> and I gave a speech for about 20 minutes
21:56:56 <liknus> nice giannisk :)
21:57:09 <liknus> Very good coverage :)
21:57:14 <giannisk> The students became really interested in fedora I guess
21:57:31 <giannisk> and they asked me more than 20 questions ! :)
21:57:53 <liknus> giannisk, is a very promising and up and rising young Ambassador in greece
21:57:59 <giannisk> and in the ssecond part of the presentation we had something like a small workshop
21:58:36 <giannisk> and in the end I gave flyers and live cds
21:58:37 <sspreitzer> #action sspreitzer write to ML about F13 shipping ideas
21:58:50 <giannisk> here you can read the full report http://konstantinidis.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/105/
21:59:05 <cmpahar> #link http://konstantinidis.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/105/
21:59:10 <giannisk> and my thanks to the fellow ambassadors from Greece for their helo
21:59:19 <giannisk> *help
21:59:25 <cmpahar> thank YOU giannisk !!!!!
21:59:33 <liknus> thanks giannisk !
21:59:40 <liknus> Ok all that was it :)
21:59:41 <giannisk> the event was above my expectations
21:59:43 <giannisk> eof :)
21:59:50 <liknus> see ya on two weeks!
21:59:57 <liknus> #endmeeting