21:00:34 <jforbes> #startmeeting Cloud SIG
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21:00:49 <jforbes> Anyone around?
21:01:34 <Tucos> i'm listening, if that counts ..
21:01:51 <smooge> here
21:01:58 <smooge> hi jforbes how are things?
21:02:08 <smooge> I am here to be the lt
21:02:12 <jforbes> smooge: heya... Going well, how about you?
21:03:43 <smooge> doing well I think. Been talking with greg about Cloud SIG and saw you got the nod
21:04:03 <smooge> cool
21:04:11 <jforbes> Oh, was that posted somewhere?
21:05:02 * huff here
21:05:31 <jforbes> excellent
21:05:46 <jforbes> Okay.  Let's get started, and hope others wander in
21:05:47 * gregdek hullos :)
21:06:00 <jforbes> #topic EC2 Image Status
21:06:08 <jforbes> heya gregdek
21:07:02 <smooge> I am confused on the EC2 status at the moment
21:07:17 <smooge> I think someone said selinux was now working.. but not how/why
21:07:27 <jforbes> So I did some testing with the updated kickstart yesterday, and (with the minor modification back to xvda) it generated a locally bootable image, using the kernel and initrd that we published on EC2.  I know a few others said they would try local images, any reports?
21:07:50 <jforbes> smooge: it was missing a package or two, huff fixed that, I just verified that it was working
21:08:08 <huff> jforbes: so we want xvda or sda
21:08:18 <jforbes> huff: xvda
21:08:41 <huff> jforbes: is that what amazon uses ill my ec2 images use sda
21:08:45 <huff> all
21:08:46 <jforbes> huff: though I need to upload this image to test on EC2 proper (wanted to wait until it wouldn't kill my bandwidth)
21:08:58 <huff> ack
21:09:10 <jforbes> huff: it isn't so much a host thing, the host supports both.
21:09:40 <jforbes> EC2 is happy with both, F12 is happier with xvda
21:10:07 <huff> ok if thats the case
21:10:11 <huff> works for me
21:10:41 <huff> jforbes: do you have a xen para virt config file you can send me and I can test here too
21:10:52 <jforbes> huff: I sent it to the list
21:11:16 <huff> rgr
21:11:20 <smooge> ok question...
21:11:32 <smooge> with F13 almost out the door, when do we want to rebase?
21:11:32 <jforbes> hopefully answer :)
21:12:15 <jforbes> smooge: Honestly, as soon as we get an F12 image posted, we should start working on the F13.  I expect  it to go more quickly since we should already have a sane base to work with
21:12:37 <smooge> ok cool
21:12:48 <jforbes> Oxf13: you around?
21:12:54 <Oxf13> I am indeed
21:13:17 <jforbes> Oxf13: I haven't seen the latest, is F13 slipping, or still undetermined?
21:13:34 <Oxf13> undetermined, but it'd take a miracle to not slip at this point
21:14:12 <jforbes> hoping for a miracle, but it is possible that  slip will allow us to publish F13 images at or very close to release day
21:14:47 <jforbes> huff: are you happy with the ks file as it is, or have you gotten feedback from others regarding packages which should or should not be included?
21:15:49 <huff> jforbes: I have gotten no feed back so I say let roll with this a take suggestions/patches as they come
21:15:59 <jforbes> Works for me.
21:16:11 <jforbes> Anything else on the image status topic?
21:17:02 <smooge> one thing for me was getting amazon access. I wasn't sure what the steps were
21:17:25 <jforbes> smooge: to run images, publish images, or both?
21:19:15 <smooge> both
21:19:16 <smooge> sorry.
21:19:29 <jforbes> smooge: Actually pretty much either way, I will need to synch with gregdek to get details there.  We have an official Fedora account for S3 storage to publish images, but I don't want to run them there since that is still billing to my credit card
21:19:48 <smooge> oh definately not
21:19:58 <jforbes> smooge: There is another account for testing that we can get you the details on, but I am not sure what the usage restrictions are there.
21:20:00 <smooge> I guess i should check with spot if I could get reimbursed on that too
21:20:27 * smooge somewhere in Mass, spot's money ulcer flares.
21:20:38 <gregdek> jforbes, I will be transferring all that info tomorrow.
21:20:50 <jforbes> smooge: and of course if you have your own account, you can upload your own images now.  The kernels we are using are publicly visible now, so anyone can create their own F12 based images
21:20:56 <jforbes> gregdek: excellent
21:21:11 <jforbes> Any additional topics?
21:21:29 <jforbes> #Topic Open Floor
21:21:46 <smooge> not much. I think we can go for F12 images by next week? and F13 by June 1st?
21:22:20 <jforbes> smooge: I certainly hope so.
21:22:46 <smooge> okie dokie
21:22:47 <jforbes> I would like to see the F13 images use pvgrub as well, but it is not a hard requirement.
21:23:13 <smooge> well then my next topic would be "Whats next?" but I think we will have to wait on that
21:23:34 <jforbes> It would be great to get this in as a Feature for F14, and turn the image creation/publishing over to release engineering
21:23:36 <huff> jforbes: I have some info on that and am working with amazon
21:23:54 <jforbes> There are a number of steps required there though, and none worth taking until we have a working image.
21:24:08 <jforbes> huff: great.  Public info?
21:25:23 <huff> jforbes: not %100 sure they seem pretty happy with pvgrub
21:26:05 <huff> and I have seen some working pvgrub kernels I have a meeting with them next week ill find out the status
21:26:17 <jforbes> huff: Okay.  So we will have to work with them and see what their preference is.  At least we have something to work with in the meantime
21:26:53 <jforbes> Any other topics?
21:28:16 <jforbes> All right, will leave the floor open 1 more minute, then close
21:29:16 <jforbes> #endmeeting