03:04:01 <dramsey> #startmeeting
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03:04:11 <dramsey> #link
03:04:22 <lcafiero> .fas lcafiero
03:04:22 <dramsey> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2010-05-02#Agenda
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03:04:29 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
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03:04:35 <dramsey> #chair dramsey
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03:04:37 <tuanta> I have already got a coffee now
03:04:40 <callkalpa> .fas callkalpa
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03:04:43 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
03:04:44 <zodbot> tuanta: tuanta 'Truong Anh Tuan' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
03:04:44 <KageSenshi> .fas izhar
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03:04:52 <hanthana> .ෆාස සනාවින
03:04:56 * lcafiero is observing from NA
03:04:59 <hanthana> .fas snavin
03:05:00 <zodbot> hanthana: snavin 'Danishka Navin' <danishka@gmail.com>
03:05:11 <dramsey> #topic Ambassadors Members Pinging
03:05:27 <dramsey> I'm dramsey in Japan, where are you guys at?
03:05:38 <callkalpa> I'm Kalpa from Sri Lanka
03:05:40 * hanthana is from Sri Lanka
03:05:46 <tuanta> I am Tuan from Vietnam
03:06:11 * KageSenshi from Malaysia
03:07:15 <dramsey> Fantastic!
03:07:48 <tuanta> there are more people today (than ever, I see)
03:07:53 <tuanta> ;-)
03:08:43 <callkalpa> :-)
03:09:00 <dramsey> #link #topic Ambassadors Members Pinging
03:09:03 <dramsey> whoops
03:09:11 <dramsey> #topic News from  FAmSCo (will skip this topic, if no FAmSCo information / representation is at meeting.)
03:09:28 <dramsey> Anyone have news from FAmSCo/questions if not then we will move on.
03:10:19 <dramsey> Okay, will skip.
03:10:21 <dramsey> #topic Planning and Preparation for Fedora 12 in 2010.
03:10:35 <dramsey> I am doing Fedora 12 DVD distributions every two weeks, how about you?
03:11:29 <lcafiero> !
03:11:31 <tuanta> I do not have any more plan for Fedora 12
03:11:43 <dramsey> yes, larry please empower us.
03:11:46 <tuanta> All I focus on now is for Fedora 13
03:11:46 <callkalpa> Got some F12 live media and hope to distribute them in coming events
03:11:47 <dramsey> cool tuanta
03:11:49 <lcafiero> Do you mean Fedora 13?
03:11:49 <KageSenshi> none for f12 .. but will be planning for fedora 13 ..
03:12:30 <dramsey> Excellent everyone.
03:12:35 <dramsey> Larry, good question, Fedora 13 / Release parties is our next topic.
03:12:42 <lcafiero> Ah, sorry.
03:12:44 <dramsey> #topic Planning and Preparation for Release Events Fedora 13 in APAC.
03:12:45 * lcafiero sits down.
03:12:54 <tuanta> We will have a Fedora 13 release party in 26 of May in Hanoi
03:12:58 <dramsey> Please, good question, helps.
03:13:17 <tuanta> I hope Fedora 13 will be released in time (22 of May)
03:13:31 <dramsey> +1 tuanta
03:13:42 <dramsey> I am doing Fedora 13 release party / event, too.
03:14:03 * KageSenshi going to do one too , but havent decided the date
03:14:18 <callkalpa> hanthana, and myself are also going to have one at the end of May
03:14:20 <hanthana> callkalpa: we can organized a one in end of May or mid of June :)
03:14:27 <hanthana> yeah
03:14:38 <dramsey> +1 KageSenshi
03:14:54 <dramsey> +1 callkalpa and hanthana
03:15:20 <tuanta> I won the prize for my Fedora 11 release party so now I am very excited to organize this
03:15:35 <dramsey> :)
03:16:04 <dramsey> Sidenote from last month's April meeting with susmit, "...03:24:40 <susmit> for those who are planning to have release event, please start by having atleast a wiki page..03:25:45 <susmit> that should detail approx. date, and budget requiremnents, plans, no of attendees....03:26:15 <susmit> it would be easier to plan the disbursement of resourses accordingly. ."
03:16:10 <hanthana> Basically we will be doing a joint release party for Fedora 13 and Hanthana 13 (a fedora remix)
03:16:20 <dramsey> nice
03:16:50 <tuanta> how about the fund for the release party?
03:17:10 <tuanta> I would like to ask for fund about $120-$150
03:17:19 <tuanta> what do you think?
03:18:13 <dramsey> Ask.  I think that we APAC have great support with susmit.  We must do the wiki / budget plan to help them help support us.
03:18:15 <dramsey> :)
03:18:22 <tuanta> sure
03:18:24 <tuanta> I know
03:18:27 <tuanta> will do that
03:19:05 <dramsey> Good, if we have questions, susmit is very good to review our APAC meeting log and will give us guidance on what to do.  I am very happy that we have susmit to support us.  :)
03:19:36 <tuanta> I also believe that
03:19:51 <dramsey> I was very honored to meet Harish Pillay last month here in Tokyo.  Harish wants to support us and is a very knowledgable person, too.  :)
03:20:18 <dramsey> Cool.  I think that our fedora-ambassadors mailing list will have more answers after I post the meeting logs.
03:20:47 <dramsey> #idea Verify what is needed to help support Fedora 13 Release Party / Event
03:20:50 <dramsey> sound like good idea?
03:21:10 <tuanta> yes
03:21:34 <dramsey> Excellent, good question.  Everyone, please ask "anything" is good, to help others understand.  ;)
03:21:40 <dramsey> Next topic then...
03:21:44 <dramsey> #then Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events in APAC. See   Fedora Events  page.
03:21:53 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
03:22:10 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#India.2C_Asia.2C_and_Australia_.28India.2FAPAC.29
03:22:23 <dramsey> I am doing a Fedora 12 today, how about you?
03:22:48 <hanthana> dramsey: good luck!
03:23:08 <tuanta> I registered my event here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events#APAC
03:23:09 <dramsey> hanthana, thank you.
03:23:34 <dramsey> Perfect link for the Release Events!
03:23:42 <tuanta> details here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F13_Hanoi
03:24:02 <tuanta> but currently, the budget have not calculated yet
03:24:06 <dramsey> We need more Fedora 13 Release Events/Parties at that link.
03:24:11 <tuanta> I will do next week
03:24:15 <dramsey> that's okay, must start from somewhere.
03:24:22 <tuanta> sure, I will need more
03:24:34 <dramsey> As always ask questions and understood, you can do it!!!  :D
03:25:00 <tuanta> I hope we will have Release parties every where, all cities
03:25:51 <dramsey> Does sound like good action to have more Release Events/Parties at the link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events#APAC
03:25:52 <tuanta> I am trying to organize some more in other cities in Vietnam, but it is difficult to do that "remotely"
03:26:02 <dramsey> Ah, understood.
03:26:08 <KageSenshi> i've added an event in https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#FY11_Q2_.28June_2010_-_August_2010.29_4
03:26:21 <dramsey> +1 KageSenshi!
03:26:28 <dramsey> Are there other ambassadors to help you tuanta?
03:26:45 <KageSenshi> there'll be a conference on june in .MY .. might need F13 cds :)
03:27:01 <dramsey> Do you need media KageSenshi or other support?
03:27:06 <tuanta> this time, I am the only Ambassador in Vietnam :-(
03:27:20 <dramsey> sounds like me in Japan...
03:27:22 <dramsey> ;(
03:27:25 <KageSenshi> dramsey, mainly media , and if theres some swags that'll be nicer :)
03:27:35 <hanthana> callkalpa: could u pls add our events ?
03:27:40 <hanthana> callkalpa: refer http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/SriLanka/wilgamuwa
03:27:47 <callkalpa> yeah sure
03:27:57 <dramsey> #topic media and swag request for KageSenshi.
03:28:11 <tuanta> I wonder if we can have "official" Fedora DVDs
03:28:15 <tuanta> in high quality
03:28:18 <KageSenshi> err .. #topic ?
03:28:21 <dramsey> #action Need more Fedora 13 Release Events/Parties for APAC at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events#APAC
03:28:31 <hanthana> callkalpa: thanks buddy :)
03:28:33 <tuanta> my self-burnt DVD is not good enough
03:28:35 <dramsey> whoops, topic, idea...
03:28:49 <dramsey> #idea  media and swag request for KageSenshi.
03:28:54 <KageSenshi> dramsey, more coffee? >.<
03:28:54 <callkalpa> dramsey, seems your badly sleepy
03:29:02 <dramsey> hahaha...
03:29:03 <dramsey> ;)
03:29:06 <tuanta> :)
03:29:09 <dramsey> But I try.
03:29:29 <hanthana> guys, who is going to write about F13?
03:29:30 <dramsey> tuanta, do you need media, too?
03:29:57 <tuanta> yes, I need
03:29:59 <dramsey> +1 for more events
03:30:18 <callkalpa> hanthana, u mean in blogs?, documentation ?
03:30:48 <hanthana> callkalpa: blogs and new paper articles
03:30:56 <hanthana> writing to public
03:31:16 * KageSenshi scrolled up .. ok the automated meeting minutes would be a bit off today XD
03:31:21 <callkalpa> I'm going to write a blog post for sure
03:31:29 <hanthana> nice
03:31:49 <callkalpa> but it won't be enough, we want to go to public more
03:33:16 <dramsey> KageSenshi, seems the meetbot, did not delta my "topic" bad typo, very strange...
03:33:29 <dramsey> Are there other requests for media?
03:33:32 <tuanta> I need good Fedora DVDs, but I don
03:33:43 <dramsey> I link tuanta's question on Fedora 13 "Official"
03:33:45 <callkalpa> brb
03:34:18 <dramsey> I am trying Fedora 13 now on four systems, the iso is sort of large...much larger than CD now.
03:34:29 <tuanta> but I don't know if FedoraProject can send some to Vietnam to me
03:34:55 <dramsey> Should we have an action/request for input from others to help with Fedora 13 media?
03:35:01 <dramsey> Can not hurt to ask.
03:35:07 <dramsey> Sounds like others need media, too.
03:35:39 <dramsey> May be good to have "great" Fedora 13 Release Event/Party with "professional or really cool" media.
03:35:45 <tuanta> I saw Ubuntu media sent directly to Ubuntu local team
03:35:55 <dramsey> I think that the North American Ambassadors are doing Fedora 13 USB Keys.
03:36:02 <dramsey> Wow!
03:36:03 <tuanta> it's so good and people like it when receive from Ubuntu local team
03:36:12 <dramsey> Good point.
03:36:28 <tuanta> they prefer to keep it
03:36:40 <tuanta> than a self-burnt DVD
03:36:50 <dramsey> ah...
03:37:00 <dramsey> Is great example, tuanta.
03:37:08 <dramsey> then let's make action.
03:37:47 <dramsey> See possibility of media for Fedora 13 for local Release Events/Parties, does that sound good everyone?  Give +1, 0 or -1 for feedback.
03:38:05 <KageSenshi> i get my supply for nicely-printed cds from harish .. though i dont think we can have it for release parties .. coz it'll take some time to produce after a release ..
03:38:53 <tuanta> +1 for "official" Fedora 13 media
03:39:00 <dramsey> Ah, understood, thank you for clear idea, KageSenshi.  :)
03:39:30 <dramsey> If not for the Release time, then for follow-on events, is good idea?
03:39:56 <tuanta> sure
03:40:40 <dramsey> Others ideas for media, please provide your ideas/feedback is important to know.  I would "love" to have Fedora 13 media, preferably DVD myself.
03:40:49 <tuanta> If we have a good answer (yes) for the good media, we can arrange some more events
03:41:20 <dramsey> +1 tuanta!
03:42:18 <tuanta> we have got about approx. one FOSS event per month
03:42:49 <tuanta> I am usually organizer for those such events
03:43:02 <dramsey> Understood, last month azneita asked this, "...03:53:28 <azneita> agree on that dramsey, any plans in the pipes for region-wide distribution of pressed media?..."  May be an idea to see again.
03:44:49 <dramsey> So should I make "action" for request of Fedora 13 media?  Please provide +1, 0, or -1
03:45:35 <dramsey> I think we have media/swag request is correct?
03:45:40 <KageSenshi> +1
03:45:48 <dramsey> +1
03:45:48 <tuanta> +1 for making an action
03:46:23 <dramsey> #action See possibility of media / swag for Fedora 13.
03:46:26 <hanthana> +1
03:46:31 <dramsey> Cool!
03:46:32 <dramsey> :)
03:46:44 <dramsey> Next topic everyone?
03:46:48 <tuanta> es
03:46:50 <tuanta> yes
03:47:05 <dramsey> #topic FreeMedia (will skip this topic, if there is no query.)
03:47:43 <KageSenshi> the query have been done earlier XD
03:47:52 <dramsey> I am doing Fedora 12 DVDs as well as loading USB keys with Fedora 12 image.  May be future for us is DVDs / USB keys.
03:48:29 <dramsey> True, just following agenda, but saw listing at mailing list for freemedia so want to make sure is addressed.
03:48:35 <dramsey> Next topic then?
03:48:47 <tuanta> yes
03:48:54 <dramsey> #topic Plans on APAC coordination/organization
03:49:01 <dramsey> azneita, hello!
03:49:02 <dramsey> :)
03:49:11 <tuanta> Hi azneita
03:49:18 <tuanta> great to see you
03:49:24 <tuanta> why are you so late? :)
03:49:43 <azneita> just saw the reminder just now
03:49:59 <tuanta> :)
03:50:32 <azneita> sorry about that
03:50:34 <dramsey> azneita, any news for Fedora 12 / Fedora 13?  How is your health?
03:50:46 <dramsey> My bad, I did not send out on Friday.  :(
03:51:18 <azneita> we're having a release party / meetup on the 22nd at SM North EDSA
03:51:33 <azneita> just the usual suspects with one or two guests
03:51:56 <dramsey> +1 Cool, have a wiki / budget?  We talked about https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events#APAC
03:52:03 <azneita> rehab is getting along fine dramsey
03:52:29 <dramsey> Sending "recover" energy to you azneita.
03:52:36 <azneita> i still have to put it on the wiki + any budget considerations
03:52:47 <azneita> thanks dramsey
03:53:10 <dramsey> Good, good.  tuanta is working wiki / budget too.
03:53:26 <dramsey> Do you have any Fedora media requests?  How about that DVD gizmo?
03:54:47 <azneita> haven't heard anything about the replicator yet
03:54:48 <tuanta> any arranging release events should (must) be posted onto the Wiki (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events#APAC) for everyone to know
03:55:06 <azneita> agree tuanta
03:56:16 <azneita> dramsey: i actually sort of lost the ball on that one
03:56:35 <azneita> it would be great if we can restart that effort
03:57:05 <dramsey> I am the voice of reminder of great ideas / initiatives...
03:57:12 <azneita> haha
03:57:22 <KageSenshi> :D
03:57:27 <dramsey> Do you need any media / swag for your Fedora Event?
03:57:58 <dramsey> :)  I believe that the best ideas and initiatives are by the people indeed.  :)
03:59:45 <dramsey> I think that we must do our best to support F13, this will be an excellent release indeed.
03:59:57 <KageSenshi> +1
04:00:04 <tuanta> +1
04:00:16 <callkalpa> +1
04:00:17 <dramsey> Also, I think that for Fedora 13, with the Release Parties/Events, consideration their media will need to be done.  We must help Harish and Susmit know what we need in order to succeed.  :)
04:00:25 <dramsey> Thank you all.
04:00:48 <dramsey> Next topic?
04:01:27 <KageSenshi> yep
04:01:32 <dramsey> #topic Open floor
04:01:49 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending and see you on the May 16th...03:00 UTC.
04:02:06 <tuanta> great to see all of you today
04:02:07 <dramsey> Other thoughts, questions, or ideas open floor to you.
04:02:11 <tuanta> a great meeting :)
04:02:12 <dramsey> +1
04:02:23 <callkalpa> +1
04:02:27 <hanthana> +1
04:02:35 <tuanta> the best ever APAC meeting I attended
04:02:40 <dramsey> I think so, good questions and hopefully we have more answers...do not be shy for requests to help Fedora 13.  We must do it!!!  Yes, we can!!!  :D
04:02:43 <KageSenshi> hurm .. what y'all think of a fosdem-like event in apac? >.<
04:02:58 <dramsey> a question...
04:03:02 <hanthana> KageSenshi: +1
04:03:07 <azneita> i was actually thinking of something like that kageSenshi
04:03:27 <dramsey> Please give us ideas, example.
04:03:31 <azneita> if we can only put forward a proposal for something like that
04:03:48 <KageSenshi> i have a small team here who are thinking of starting one ..
04:04:05 <KageSenshi> no solid stuff yet, just tentative idea a few days ago :D
04:04:19 <azneita> tell us more Kage
04:04:26 <hanthana> ok lets try to organized APAC conf for 2010
04:04:44 <hanthana> if not at least we can start from 2011 onwards
04:04:45 <KageSenshi> azneita, http://fosdem.org/2010/ < trying to do something similar like this
04:04:47 <azneita> our team in Manila is putting up a proposal for POSSE next Oct-Nov
04:05:20 <KageSenshi> totally free event, for contributors apac area to get together and share stuff ..
04:05:33 <hanthana> azneita: is it more in to education sector?
04:05:47 <azneita> hanthana: yup
04:06:07 <KageSenshi> azneita, i'm putting up proposal for posse for next december too :)
04:06:16 <hanthana> cool
04:06:18 <azneita> hear hear
04:07:24 <dramsey> hear hear..
04:07:29 <KageSenshi> :D
04:07:34 <hanthana> :)
04:08:01 <azneita> in any case we're interested in a fosdem-like event in apac this year or the next
04:08:02 <KageSenshi> azneita, dramsey , if we did confirmed on doing that, we would need cooperation of ppl around apac to promote it :D
04:08:15 <dramsey> +1
04:08:16 <dramsey> So an idea of "Fosdem-like event in apac."  sound good?
04:08:30 <KageSenshi> yep :)
04:08:35 <dramsey> #idea Fosdem-like event in APAC.
04:08:47 <dramsey> :D  We can do it!  Yes, we can!  :D
04:08:53 <azneita> we the drivers for the event? or something like a booth and presentation?
04:08:55 <KageSenshi> yeah!
04:08:55 <hanthana> yes
04:09:13 <KageSenshi> azneita, how bout both? :P ..
04:09:39 <azneita> the devil is in the details but i'd readily say yes
04:10:12 <KageSenshi> yeap devil in the details
04:10:56 <azneita> we can also hold a FAD there for APAC organization
04:11:07 <KageSenshi> +1
04:11:10 <azneita> meeting of devious minds
04:11:10 <hanthana> +1
04:11:13 <dramsey> +1
04:11:18 <KageSenshi> and put faces to nicks :D
04:11:47 <dramsey> yes.
04:12:14 <dramsey> :-[ dramsey does the "wave" to other APAC members fantastic!  These are great ideas and initiatives! :-[
04:12:32 <azneita> so we're set for malaysia then :)
04:12:36 <KageSenshi> :D
04:13:12 <azneita> hey KageSenshi, if we can help in sorting the details just ping us
04:13:29 <KageSenshi> i surely will :)
04:14:49 <dramsey> We must convey our thoughts to Harish and Susmit as well as others for support of these initiatives.  I strongly think they will support us!!!  The requirement must be understood.  :)
04:14:54 <dramsey> Fantastic!
04:14:54 <azneita> hanthana - http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE
04:15:40 <hanthana> azneita: yes, Sebastin started POSSE spin as well
04:16:31 <azneita> pretty good
04:19:04 <dramsey> Other thoughts or close meeting?
04:19:49 <KageSenshi> none here :)
04:20:34 <callkalpa> none here too
04:20:34 <dramsey> Okay.
04:20:40 <dramsey> :)  azneita, get well soon!  :)
04:20:56 <azneita> thanks
04:21:22 <KageSenshi> :)
04:21:45 <dramsey> For Fedora 13, if you need media / swag, then make your requests known.  We will do our best to make this a great Release indeed.  :)
04:21:54 <dramsey> okay, closing in
04:21:59 <dramsey> 5
04:21:59 <tuanta> yes
04:22:05 <tuanta> bye
04:22:07 <dramsey> 4
04:22:10 <dramsey> 3
04:22:13 <dramsey> 2
04:22:16 <dramsey> 1
04:22:23 <dramsey> 0.5
04:22:25 <dramsey> thank you all for attending...
04:22:26 <dramsey> 0
04:22:31 <dramsey> #endmeeting