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01:00:49 <StabbyMc> For those of you following along at home, meeting page
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01:01:10 <StabbyMc> Like last meeting, we're going to do without roll call.
01:01:17 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting
01:01:28 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Announcements
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01:01:55 <StabbyMc> We're not doing roll call.
01:01:55 <mock> :\
01:02:08 <Arsenick> :(
01:02:11 <mock> :(
01:02:11 <StabbyMc> Turns out, if you talk, you're in the meeting minutes already.
01:02:16 <threethirty> ahh
01:02:18 <mock> ok
01:02:21 <StabbyMc> Anyone have announcements?
01:02:28 <makfinsky> .fas makfinsky
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01:02:37 <StabbyMc> no roll call.
01:02:48 <StabbyMc> that means you makfinsky ;-)
01:02:50 <makfinsky> Doh!
01:02:57 <inode0> this change is entertaining
01:03:04 <rrix> 'lo everyone
01:03:04 * StabbyMc blames inode0
01:03:15 <StabbyMc> Announcements, topic is announcements.
01:03:21 <StabbyMc> You gots, then share.
01:03:43 <rbergeron> yooo!
01:03:47 <rbergeron> oh.
01:03:59 * rbergeron unrollcalls herself
01:04:18 <crossbytes> linux fest this weekend. leaving for bellingham on friday morning
01:04:42 <StabbyMc> crossbytes: you and lcafiero have that on the agenda towards the end of the meeting.
01:04:57 <StabbyMc> so I'll be yeilding the floor to you later to tell us more :-)
01:05:14 <StabbyMc> Announcements, going....Going....
01:05:36 <StabbyMc> gone
01:05:38 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Fedora Ambassador Day
01:05:44 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_NA_2010
01:05:55 <StabbyMc> inode0: so what's the happy-haps with FAD?
01:06:22 <makfinsky> Got schedule online, got logistics except for hotel worked out.
01:06:24 <inode0> We are making agenda progress and soon should be able to make funding decisions.
01:06:40 <rbergeron> total cost of flights is currently at $2157.
01:06:46 <rbergeron> flights / car rentals / gas, etc.
01:06:58 <inode0> stop depressing me :)
01:07:13 <threethirty> rbergeron: does that include the lesser fare i found for myself?
01:07:37 <rbergeron> we finally have everyone's time allocations - i'm putting together the agenda right now, since everyone has added their durations for topics.
01:07:42 <rbergeron> threethirty: if it's $193, yes.
01:07:56 <threethirty> rbergeron: yep that the one
01:08:30 <rbergeron> as far as i can see - we have approximately 13 hours of things to do, if i use the "wide estimates" (ie, 90 minutes where people said 60-90).
01:08:51 <inode0> the preferred hotel is still iffy, I'll look into alternate arrangements but there are plenty
01:09:05 <rbergeron> no, 11
01:09:14 <rbergeron> but - i think some of these are vastly underestimated
01:09:20 <inode0> that can easily balloon into two days
01:09:42 <rbergeron> which is fine - we can budget like 5-6 hours each day, and have it be 9 hours of work each day, and still be kosher and not screwing ourselves.
01:09:55 <rbergeron> I think we have a solid set of objectives and deliverables.
01:10:07 <inode0> and if ambassadors who aren't coming have issues they think should be addressed pleeeease add them
01:10:11 <rbergeron> does anyone think that anyof these have dependencies on other tasks?
01:10:15 <rbergeron> yes, plz add them.
01:11:09 <rbergeron> inode0: what time did you say we'd be going to vrac, approximately?
01:11:17 <StabbyMc> Anything planned for those of us who are not attending IRL?
01:11:31 <inode0> 1-2pm
01:11:54 <inode0> with perhaps some time on one side or the other, probably 30 minutes maybe
01:12:58 <threethirty> StabbyMc: i atteneded the Marketing FAD remotely and mchua's irc description of what was going on and the conference call was pretty good (it sucked for me but that is a personal defect)
01:13:27 <StabbyMc> Anyway we could mabe do Video Skype?
01:13:27 * rbergeron nods
01:13:46 <StabbyMc> Or something of the same ilk?
01:13:57 <rbergeron> I think that is an option.
01:14:06 <rbergeron> If someone brings a spare laptop or the like, it would be fairly simple.
01:14:27 <rbergeron> inode0: you said the facility had extensive "flair" - is videoconferencing capabilities on that list?
01:14:40 * StabbyMc thinks max probably has a spiffy webex account one might use so that multiple people could participate if it's not just me.
01:14:58 <inode0> maybe
01:15:55 <rbergeron> inode0: would we be tacking lunch into that time period (12:30 - 2:30)?
01:16:17 <inode0> we can do eating whenever we want
01:16:22 <makfinsky> rbergeron: I will bring the thinkpad and the mini 9.
01:16:38 <rbergeron> cooool.
01:16:46 <rbergeron> cool to inode0 and mafinsky. :)
01:17:07 * nb is around
01:17:09 <nb> now
01:18:15 <makfinsky> Ok, have to drop off now. Battery is dying.
01:18:17 <StabbyMc> Is anyone else wanting to remote participate, or is it just me?
01:18:37 <inode0> ok, at this point we need to throw a rope around someone and nail down the detail everyone is waiting on
01:18:49 <rbergeron> which is... what, can we do it? :)
01:19:06 <inode0> ok, we'll spend some time working out remote participation options in the coming days
01:19:19 <inode0> rbergeron: budget commitment
01:19:51 * rbergeron nods
01:19:56 <StabbyMc> danke, though if it's just me, this is pretty easy to resolve I think.  makfinsky and I could probable cobble something together.  If it's a more substatial attendee list, then maybe it's worthy of more attention.
01:20:00 <rbergeron> inode0: hours were 10am - ?
01:20:11 * rbergeron would like to see more remote attendees, fo sho.
01:20:32 <StabbyMc> inode0: so are you looking for spevack approval or someone from commarch?
01:20:43 <inode0> Fri I think all day pretty much, Sat 10-5, Sun 10-we leave
01:20:50 * rbergeron nods
01:21:11 <inode0> 9am start friday is safe
01:21:28 <StabbyMc> inode0: remember I'm in Westford this week, so if there's someone local that needs stabbing 'er, gentle prodding, I can physically do that.
01:22:24 <inode0> I think that is good coverage of FAD preparation
01:22:36 <inode0> We'll try to settle the budget ASAP
01:23:06 <StabbyMc> OK, then I'll move us to the next topic...
01:23:07 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Events
01:23:28 <StabbyMc> The only event I know of is LFNW, but that's on the agenda later.
01:23:37 <StabbyMc> Any events need some TLC besides LFNW?
01:24:08 <rbergeron> have we squared away all the media requests for SELF?
01:24:12 <rbergeron> and/or LFNW?
01:24:25 <rbergeron> or is that part of the LFNW part of the meeting :)
01:24:39 <StabbyMc> lcafiero isn't here yet, so rbergeron, you'll probably have to ask that question again later.
01:24:44 <StabbyMc> ke4qqq: ?
01:25:52 <StabbyMc> I know ke4qqq had some media, but I don't remember how much.
01:26:02 <StabbyMc> and he's the owner of SELF.
01:27:31 <StabbyMc> Guess everyone is OK ...
01:27:42 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Budget Review
01:27:59 <StabbyMc> inode0: heard from DemonJester about shirts?
01:28:08 <inode0> yes!
01:28:21 <inode0> they should be shipping around the country this week
01:28:29 <StabbyMc> To the Regionals?
01:28:35 <inode0> right
01:28:45 <StabbyMc> Cool.  Have you seen any proofs?
01:28:55 <inode0> a long time ago
01:29:02 <StabbyMc> What'd they look like?
01:30:28 <StabbyMc> Were they the I F Fedora shirts?
01:32:01 <StabbyMc> OK then ...
01:32:23 <StabbyMc> Since max isn't here, I don't know what other type of budget review we can have.
01:32:30 <StabbyMc> So ...
01:32:36 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Unfinished Business
01:32:57 <StabbyMc> Anyone have unfinished business from the last meetings?
01:34:08 <dmaxel> not me...this is my first meeting
01:34:13 <rbergeron> welcome! :)
01:34:31 <wmorri> I haven't been here in a few months so none for me either
01:34:43 <dmaxel> haha thank you! i've been trying to just observe for now
01:34:46 <StabbyMc> Then I'm going to open it up to open floor discussion for a bit (hoping for the arrival of lcafiero)
01:34:55 <crossbytes> we are all squared away for media at LFNW just waiting on event box should arrive tomorrow.. already have the Vertical Banners..
01:34:57 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Open Floor
01:35:40 <StabbyMc> crossbytes: lcafierro said something to me before the meeting that made me think he had some stuff.
01:35:50 <StabbyMc> But he wasn't specific other than putting it on the agenda for the meeting.
01:36:21 * rbergeron nods
01:36:31 <StabbyMc> Any open floor items?
01:37:10 <wmorri> nope
01:37:20 <StabbyMc> inode0: the last stickers and clings were delivered to herlo today.
01:37:20 * lcafiero sneaks in the back and sits down
01:37:21 <dmaxel> i guess we do now
01:37:46 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: I was up here dancing and entertaining the crowd waiting on you ;-)
01:37:56 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Linux Fest Northwest update
01:37:58 <lcafiero> And doing a great job, everyone give him a hand
01:38:00 <inode0> sorry, I'm multitasking tonight
01:38:03 <lcafiero> .fas lcafiero
01:38:04 <zodbot> lcafiero: lcafiero 'Larry Cafiero' <larrycafiero@cruzio.com>
01:38:16 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: we're not doing roll call anymore.
01:38:20 * rbergeron grins
01:38:24 <StabbyMc> If you talk, you're listed in the meeting participants.
01:38:25 * mock grins too
01:38:28 <lcafiero> Well, that's just for the record StabbyMc
01:38:36 <dmaxel> ummm, did i have to do something for "roll call"?
01:38:41 <StabbyMc> nope.
01:38:52 <dmaxel> ok haha, remember, newbie here
01:38:53 <StabbyMc> please for the love of all things good, no.
01:39:14 <inode0> moderators need ops to kick rollcallers
01:39:20 <lcafiero> heh.
01:39:32 <lcafiero> should I talk about LFNW, or does crossbytes want to?
01:39:46 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: first rbergeron has a question.
01:39:49 <StabbyMc> for you.
01:39:50 <crossbytes> the floor is yours
01:40:01 <lcafiero> jump in if I miss anything, crossbytes
01:40:44 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: you got all the media you need for LFNW?
01:41:25 <lcafiero> Yes, and it's on its way to crossbytes
01:41:59 <lcafiero> As for items, we're probably just lacking shirts, but stickers, case badges and other stuff is in the box.
01:42:21 <lcafiero> I believe Southern_Gentlem had sent the vertical banners, so crossbytes should be good to go this weekend.
01:42:57 <lcafiero> rbergeron, you had a question?
01:43:01 <crossbytes> yes I have the banners you missed out on that..
01:43:11 <rbergeron> my question is... i had a question? :)
01:43:14 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: it was about media, and she was slow, so I asked it.
01:43:19 <rbergeron> sorry.
01:43:20 <lcafiero> Ah, I see.
01:43:24 <rbergeron> :)
01:43:31 <StabbyMc> sorry rbergeron, you can have your thunder back now, I'm done with it.
01:43:42 <lcafiero> Good. I think we're all set. I won't be going :-( so crossbytes has the helm for LFNW.
01:44:04 <lcafiero> I think there are a couple of presentations by jesse keating and . . . do you remember which the other one is, crossbytes?
01:44:31 <crossbytes> Jeff is doing a presentation.
01:44:41 <lcafiero> Jeff Sandys, right.
01:44:45 <crossbytes> yes
01:45:37 <lcafiero> The event is this weekend at Bellingham Technical College and last year they had counted up about 1200 wrist bands that they handed out
01:46:32 <lcafiero> but most of those were repeats, so I think the attendance was around 800 for the weekend. They put on a good show up there.
01:46:43 <lcafiero> No FAD for us this time around at the event.
01:46:56 <lcafiero> Anything you want to add, crossbytes?
01:47:28 <crossbytes> no just next time I ma planning on doing a presentation.. and sorry that u can not make it
01:47:54 <lcafiero> a presentation would be great. yeah, I'm sorry I can't -- next to SCALE it's my favorite event of the year.
01:48:33 <lcafiero> Anyway, a report will follow after the event. Watch the Fedora Weekly News.
01:48:36 <lcafiero> eof for me.
01:49:07 * rbergeron would like to note quickly that she has a temp agenda up at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Ambassador_Day_North_America_2010#Detailed_Agenda
01:49:30 <rbergeron> as far as FAD stuff goes - we need to figure out how / when we're going to eat on Friday with the VRAC things being kind of during lunchtime.
01:49:38 <lcafiero> I will talk a little about OSCON during open discussion.
01:49:41 <rbergeron> i left an hour to be shifted around.
01:50:01 <rbergeron> ooh
01:50:15 <StabbyMc> Ok, then lets shift the last 10 minutes into open floor.
01:50:30 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Open Floor
01:50:45 * rbergeron shifts her last two lines downwards into the open floor discussion
01:50:48 <rbergeron> sorry, long day.
01:50:48 <rbergeron> :)
01:50:58 <rbergeron> that is all. :)
01:51:03 * lcafiero raises hand
01:51:37 <rbergeron> umm
01:51:40 * rbergeron calls on lcafiero
01:51:41 * StabbyMc stabs lcafiero
01:51:41 <rbergeron> :)
01:51:46 <lcafiero> ouch
01:52:01 <rbergeron> yow!
01:52:07 <dmaxel> no violence please, i've already seen enough bad stuff today at school...
01:52:28 <lcafiero> While crossbytes is handling LFNW, I started the process for a dot-com booth at OSCON, and sent a proposal for a Birds of a Feather meeting.
01:52:52 <lcafiero> Hopefully we'll get space for an activity day as well.
01:53:05 <lcafiero> OSCON is July 19-23, I believe, in Portland, Oregon
01:53:43 <Actown> ^ looks right
01:54:22 <rbergeron> mmmmmm, pdx.
01:54:38 <crossbytes> yes dates are correct .. http://www.oscon.com/oscon2010
01:54:39 <lcafiero> Yup.
01:54:40 * rbergeron is going to try and get up there, since it's on this side of the country and all.
01:55:14 * lcafiero wants to recognize dmaxel -- one of my manatees and say "glad to see you made the meeting!"
01:55:15 <rbergeron> lcafiero: is teh BoF anything more specific than "Fedora" ?
01:55:30 * rbergeron salutes dmaxel :)
01:55:33 <lcafiero> No, not at the moment. It could be.
01:55:41 <rbergeron> okay. Just curious.
01:55:42 <inode0> we have 2 months to get ready for the summit as well, should start doing some planning for that
01:55:55 * rbergeron nods
01:56:12 <dmaxel> haha, thanks for recognizing me...i still have some catching up to do
01:56:28 <StabbyMc> speaking of summit, have we put up a page for it yet?
01:56:39 * StabbyMc registered today.
01:56:47 <rbergeron> redhat.com/summit?
01:57:20 <rbergeron> or are you referring tooooo.....
01:58:05 <rbergeron> well, we have a summit pg on the wiki, somewhere.
01:58:58 <rbergeron> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Red_Hat_Summit_2010
01:59:09 <StabbyMc> Ok, t minus 1 minute.
01:59:28 <VileGent> inode0,  that can be arranged
01:59:44 * lcafiero says "Boston again. Dang."
01:59:46 <StabbyMc> thank you rbergeron.
01:59:49 <rbergeron> but redhat's actual summit page is accessible via redhat.com/summit, iirc.
01:59:53 <StabbyMc> the wiki summit page was what I was looking for.
02:00:16 <rbergeron> i would have more details, but the boy just started playing world of warcraft and my intarwebz just grinded to a halt.
02:00:21 <rbergeron> :\
02:00:29 <lcafiero> World of Borecraft?
02:00:45 <rbergeron> something like that.
02:00:55 * rbergeron was obsessed for approximately 4 weeks, 3 years ago.
02:01:01 <dmaxel> what world? :P
02:01:04 <StabbyMc> Ok, that's an hour, lets move the discussion over to #f-a ...
02:01:08 <rbergeron> who? what? :)
02:01:10 <StabbyMc> #endmeeting