15:01:16 <adamw> #startmeeting 2010-04-13 Bugzappers meeting
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15:01:24 <adamw> #topic roll call
15:01:50 * Tech33 is here
15:01:56 * etank is here
15:02:35 <adamw> morning folks
15:02:39 * tcpip4000 hi
15:03:55 <adamw> was hoping nirik would be here...
15:04:02 * adamw throws stuff at nirik
15:06:10 <adamw> oh well
15:06:13 <adamw> #topic follow-ups
15:06:19 <adamw> sorry if i'm slow today, doing three things at once
15:06:29 <Tech33> heh, in three channels :)
15:06:58 <adamw> so we have three follow-ups from last week
15:07:06 <adamw> adamw to pass on the screencast idea to the mailing list (see 2010-03-30 minutes): okay, I did this, see the list
15:07:18 <adamw> next...
15:07:24 <adamw> mcepl and tech33 to help etank get started working on the firefox bug mountain (see 2010-03-30 minutes)
15:07:26 <Tech33> I'll start my followup... ready? ... I have nothing new to report ... phew (wipes brow)
15:07:31 <adamw> so did you get round to that one?
15:07:45 <Tech33> oh, that one, yes I did
15:07:51 <adamw> yaaay
15:08:03 <adamw> etank: are you now triaging firefox bugs like a grizzled veteran? :)
15:08:09 <Tech33> I haven't gotten with him since the first night, but I think I left him warm and fuzzy-ish
15:08:32 <etank> yeah
15:08:38 <etank> i have been able to do some
15:08:49 <adamw> excellent! great stuff, thanks
15:08:53 <etank> still have some questions but havent had a ton of time in the last week or so
15:08:56 <Tech33> some = better than none
15:09:08 <etank> Tech33 was a huge help
15:09:46 <adamw> #info etank is now more up-to-speed and has started triaging firefox
15:10:11 * nirik is around now, but pre-coffee. ;)
15:10:29 <adamw> by a happy coincidence, the stuff I was throwing at you was coffee beans
15:11:03 <adamw> one more follow-up item...ooh, and the man just came in
15:11:18 <adamw> oh wait it's the same follow-up item, it was just so good we wrote it twice
15:11:31 <adamw> so, that's everything from last week, i think.
15:12:23 <mcepl> what I am missing?
15:12:40 <mcepl> (was a littleb struggling with gajim, sorry)
15:12:43 <adamw> mcepl: we're just following up from last week. etank and tech33 let us know that you and tech33 had got etank going with triage
15:12:55 <mcepl> yeah, a bit
15:13:05 <adamw> excellent
15:13:22 <adamw> next topic's for nirik, which i'm springing on him by surprise - hah!
15:13:27 <adamw> #topic kernel triage
15:13:32 <Tech33> mcepl: etank and I met late on Monday I think, and I got him a bit further
15:13:34 <nirik> I thought it might be. ;)
15:13:44 <adamw> we had rjune looking at kernel triage for a while, but he's been busy job searching so hasn't had chance to do a lot with it lately
15:13:53 <adamw> lately, nirik's been giving it some initial thoughts to
15:13:58 <adamw> s/to/too
15:14:03 <nirik> so, looking at the current kernel bugs... we have around ~1500... most of them new and not really touched.
15:14:19 <mcepl> auch
15:14:33 <nirik> I've been dropping some ideas on a wiki page.
15:14:43 <nirik> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/KernelTriage
15:15:03 <nirik> I'd like to refine that over the next week or two and get it looking better and get feedback from kernel maintainers before we do anything.
15:15:21 <nirik> but I think a group of folks triaging kernel bugs could really help a lot.
15:15:59 <nirik> So, if anyone has any additional ideas for the wiki page or wants to help, let me know.
15:16:55 <nirik> I did float the idea to the kernel folks the other day and didn't get lynched. ;)
15:17:01 <adamw> did you get a brain dump from rjune yet?
15:17:55 <nirik> he didn't have much completed before he ran out of time.
15:19:19 <nirik> so, I didn't have too much else, but input and help very welcome.
15:19:39 <adamw> excellent, thanks for the update
15:19:56 <adamw> once my cloning machine is up to full speed I have adamw #376 earmarked for helping you with this
15:20:08 <adamw> (#375's job is to learn Bulgarian)
15:20:17 <nirik> ha
15:20:46 <Tech33> hmm, is she pretty?
15:20:52 <adamw> #info nirik working on a strategy for kernel bug triage, ideas and assistance welcome
15:20:53 <adamw> Tech33: hehe
15:21:58 <adamw> okay, that's everything we had agenda-wise
15:21:59 <adamw> so...
15:22:01 <adamw> #topic open floor
15:22:09 <etank> screencasts?
15:22:40 <adamw> it's still an open idea, requiring someone with the time/expertise to do it. i might be able to do it sometime if no-one else can, but not exactly sure when my schedule would be clear (I'm super-busy this week)
15:23:24 <etank> i would be willing to preview them to make sure they are idiot proof :)
15:23:27 <adamw> cool
15:23:43 <jeff_hann> hi everyone
15:24:02 <adamw> hi jeff
15:24:09 <adamw> you didn't miss much exciting, don't worry :)
15:24:25 <jeff_hann> ok then
15:24:31 <jraber> just catching up...
15:24:37 <adamw> any other business? anyone's missing a cow? got an itch in their left leg?
15:24:39 <jeff_hann> adamw: except my bank accounts, huh? :P
15:24:47 <adamw> Jeff_S: oh pshaw, that was barely worth mentioning
15:24:52 <adamw> grr. too many jeffs
15:25:03 <jeff_hann> I get the point
15:29:05 <adamw> welp, if no-one has anything to add, we can close the meeting
15:29:54 <Tech33> nothing here
15:30:15 <adamw> allllrighty then. thanks for coming everyone
15:30:35 <adamw> #endmeeting