21:02:24 <gregdek> #startmeeting
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21:02:37 <gregdek> #meetingtopic Fedora Cloud SIG
21:02:49 <gregdek> Quick roll call?
21:02:59 <gregdek> Maybe very quick.  :)
21:03:03 * jforbes is here :)
21:03:06 * gregdek is here!
21:03:09 <gregdek> Yaaay, quorum!
21:03:17 <gregdek> Heh.
21:03:20 <gregdek> All right.
21:03:22 <sspreitzer> :)
21:03:25 <gregdek> Intimate.
21:03:32 <gregdek> #topic AKI baby!
21:03:45 <gregdek> jforbes, do we have an AKI uploaded yet?
21:03:56 <jforbes> Well, I would like to say that the AKI are up and ready to go, but they are still in progress.
21:04:08 <gregdek> Okey doke.  ETA?  Can anyone else help at this stage?
21:04:20 <jforbes> No roadblocks so far other than the cable guy spending longer here than planned.  ETA is later tonight or early tomorrow
21:04:34 <gregdek> Very good.
21:04:39 <gregdek> And you will send a note, yes?
21:04:51 <jforbes> I will (and they will be visible to the world)
21:04:57 <gregdek> Brilliant.
21:05:10 <gregdek> Any questions from the gallery?
21:05:27 <gregdek> That's a no.  Very good.
21:05:31 <gregdek> Moving on:
21:05:44 <gregdek> #topic Changes coming at Amazon
21:06:06 <gregdek> OK, so there are Big Changes coming at Amazon that will make the AKI process unnecessary in the future.
21:06:24 <gregdek> Which should, theoretically, make the uploaded of new images to Amazon *much* simpler.
21:06:37 <jforbes> indeed
21:06:49 <gregdek> I have details from Nathan Thomas at Amazon.  He's ready to share them, but doesn't want blog posts or anything to hit yet.
21:07:00 <jforbes> Oh great!
21:07:11 <gregdek> So I'm prepared to share these with individual SIG members, but will not put anything on-list until he gives me the go-ahead.
21:07:17 <gregdek> So jforbes, I'll send along details to you.
21:07:23 <gregdek> And anyone else who asks.
21:07:31 <jforbes> gregdek: thanks
21:07:43 <gregdek> At some point, there will be a public FAQ, and when there is, we will enter that in the mailing list record or something.
21:08:16 <gregdek> jforbes, that email is sent to you.
21:08:47 <gregdek> So... um... I don't really want to drag on a 2-person meeting.
21:09:08 <gregdek> So, jforbes, if there's no objection, I'll go ahead and call this one.  :)
21:09:13 * nirik cheers about updates to the amazon images. Look forward to hearing more.
21:09:15 <jforbes> Okay, perhaps we ca send out a message to see if this time is a problem for folks
21:09:21 <gregdek> jforbes, will do.
21:09:27 <gregdek> STUPID UTC!!!
21:09:32 * gregdek shakes his fist impotently.
21:10:04 <gregdek> Before I call this very brief meeting done...
21:10:16 <gregdek> ...does *anyone* have any cloud questions?
21:10:22 <gregdek> I'll wait 2 minutes.
21:11:25 <dramsey> Was on the previous review account, I will have to review the logs.  Thank you for chairing the meeting.  ;)
21:12:49 <gregdek> dramsey: It's a brief status, but a good one.
21:13:09 <dramsey> +1
21:13:58 <LinuxCode> [21:09] <gregdek> STUPID UTC!!!
21:13:59 <LinuxCode> OI!
21:14:02 <LinuxCode> lol
21:14:06 <Oxf13> sorry I missed the start, was lost in tickets
21:14:14 <Oxf13> this time is fine with me, I even reset my alarm
21:14:32 <gregdek> 0xf13, have you read back?  Anything you want to add, or questions?
21:20:04 <dramsey> gregdek, looking forward to the meeting notes.
21:20:14 <gregdek> OK, then.
21:20:21 <gregdek> #endmeeting