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02:02:10 <makfinsky> Hmm, decent turnout so far.
02:02:24 <StabbyMc> #topic North America Meeting - Announcements
02:02:34 <StabbyMc> Anyone got announcements?
02:03:24 <StabbyMc> #topic North American Meeting - Events
02:03:34 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
02:03:54 <StabbyMc> There are a few upcoming events soon.  Anyone need things they don't already have?
02:04:15 <spevack> StabbyMc: that can tie into the budget conversation at some point in this meeting.
02:04:28 <StabbyMc> spevack: that's next.
02:04:50 <StabbyMc> #topic North American Meeting - Budget Review
02:04:52 * herlo has a list of SWAG for events that we need to obtain
02:04:59 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Budget
02:05:15 <StabbyMc> #topic North American Meeting - Budget Review.FAmSCo Budget for FY11 Q1
02:05:22 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_budget
02:05:30 <StabbyMc> spevack: want to take the show?
02:05:39 <spevack> yeah.
02:06:00 <spevack> We just kicked off a new quarter (and a new fiscal year).
02:06:31 <spevack> Our budget planning has been cyclical, usually based on whether I have "enough time" or "not enough time" to worry about budget compared to other things.
02:06:38 <spevack> I want to make sure we get really off to a good start
02:06:51 <spevack> this year, worldwide.  So I want to try to spend every penny of our budget, but do it in a SMART way.
02:07:09 <spevack> we've got an invoice to pay for vinyl stickers.
02:07:26 <spevack> And aside from that our our usual shipping, we don't have much queued up in NA for this quarter.
02:07:40 <spevack> but I figure that I want to spend about $7k, not counting any FADs
02:07:50 <StabbyMc> spevack: we've got tees somewhere in the works.
02:07:58 * spevack adds those things to the page
02:07:59 * herlo has quite a list of items we need
02:08:21 <spevack> herlo: where is that list?
02:08:22 <herlo> Buttons, pens, tattoos and of course, the new plan for stickers
02:08:28 <herlo> spevack: ^^ right ther e:)
02:08:36 <spevack> heh
02:08:48 <Southern_Gentlem> Texas Linusfest sponsorship and media
02:08:52 <herlo> I can put $$ amounts on them but I think others did the legwork the first time
02:08:57 <inode0> I have tons of tattoos, many thousands
02:09:00 <spevack> so the vinly stickers are getting paid by me via Paypal.
02:09:05 <StabbyMc> herlo: I can get the #s on pens, no problem.
02:09:08 <spevack> who owns other stuff, logistically?
02:09:27 <herlo> spevack: vinyl stickers (aka case badges)??
02:09:29 <inode0> Brian has most of the pens, I have no idea how many remain
02:09:39 <inode0> I probably have a few hundred pens too
02:09:40 * herlo isn't interested in that, we have tons of those...
02:09:48 <spevack> herlo: nope, different.  like those clear sticky things you put on your car window that peel off, i think :)
02:10:00 <Southern_Gentlem> clings
02:10:10 <makfinsky> I have tattoos and a handful of install media.
02:10:11 <herlo> spevack: oh, I want sticker pads like the rh guys have at their booth every time
02:10:15 <StabbyMc> Ok, I have a box of clings but haven't spent any time at home to ship them.
02:10:17 <spevack> so we're ok on pens and tattoos
02:10:19 <herlo> and I'm willing to put up the work to do it
02:10:23 <spevack> herlo: say what?
02:10:25 <StabbyMc> Plus once the sticker invoice gets paid, I'll have those to send too.
02:10:26 <spevack> herlo: pixplz :)
02:10:35 <herlo> spevack: hang on, I'll get em
02:11:18 <spevack> StabbyMc: i'm doing the sticker payment *right now*
02:11:20 <inode0> I don't know we are good on pens but I suspect we are ok
02:11:32 <StabbyMc> spevack: appreciated.
02:11:43 <herlo> #link http://redhat.brandfuelstores.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=139
02:11:46 <herlo> spevack: ^^
02:12:14 <herlo> similar to those...
02:12:30 <inode0> didn't StabbyMc just get a bunch of the larger sticker made?
02:12:31 <herlo> the big pages of stickers really don't work all that well.  I like these because they are easy to hand out
02:12:43 <StabbyMc> herlo: http://redhat.brandfuelstores.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=37_52
02:12:47 <StabbyMc> Like these ^
02:12:55 <herlo> StabbyMc: no
02:13:10 <inode0> that is a lousy picture
02:13:12 <herlo> StabbyMc: those *with* the freedom, friends, features, first on there too
02:13:14 <spevack> StabbyMc: paid :)
02:13:38 <StabbyMc> herlo: the stickers ordered are like these: http://redhat.brandfuelstores.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=37_52
02:13:54 <inode0> herlo: you want the ones with the 6 case badge style little stickers?
02:13:57 <herlo> anyway, sounds like it might already be in place...
02:14:14 <StabbyMc> herlo: we got 3000 sticker for $750 including shipping.
02:14:25 <herlo> inode0: yes, but similar to the original ones mizmo did
02:14:40 <herlo> StabbyMc: it's all good, I'll do it on the next batch then :)
02:14:43 <inode0> right, these are 3" logo stickers
02:15:03 <herlo> there was just discussion at SCaLE that it would be nice to have ones like I suggested above :)
02:15:07 <inode0> we figured since we actually have case badges we'd just get more larger stickers
02:15:11 * herlo also owns media
02:15:24 <herlo> and I read that there is a desire to have DVDs only?
02:15:27 <herlo> StabbyMc: ^^
02:16:01 * spevack created https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Media_production to try to be a central point of sanity and organization
02:16:06 <spevack> patches welcome :)
02:16:17 <herlo> spevack: right-o
02:16:21 <Arsenick> StabbyMc, those stickers are nice, how it work if we want some for canada ?
02:16:33 <StabbyMc> herlo:  Yeah, that's the next topic.
02:16:53 <herlo> StabbyMc: oh, sorry
02:17:04 <StabbyMc> Arsenick: isn't djf_jeff your regional ambassador?
02:17:15 <inode0> while still on this topic ... my short list is buttons, sponsorship of TLF & LFNW
02:17:21 <Arsenick> yup, I should check with him ?
02:17:38 <StabbyMc> Arsenick: I'll be sending a bunch to him for distribution to you.
02:17:42 <spevack> I have one "general" budget item to share as well, at the end.
02:17:45 <spevack> just an FYI
02:17:45 <Arsenick> ho nice, Thanks
02:18:03 <inode0> screenprinted table skirts or sheets for booths?
02:18:08 <inode0> more banners?
02:18:16 <inode0> VileGent: ^^^
02:18:58 <spevack> inode0: TLF & LFNW should be simple.  Do you have recommendations in terms of sponsorship amounts?
02:19:14 <inode0> spevack: quick math suggests t-shirts + media + TLF/LFNW is our budget
02:19:55 <spevack> inode0: probably about right, yes
02:20:10 <spevack> buttons and such are pretty cheap though, and usually get fit in when we under-spend in other regions
02:20:21 <spevack> so it's nice to have quick things like that that we can just pull the trigger on
02:20:29 <spevack> but we should handle big ticket stuff first.
02:20:31 <spevack> tshirts, for sure
02:20:35 <spevack> and the F13 media plan
02:20:42 <inode0> agree, I think we should have a list and just prioritize it
02:21:01 <spevack> let's build that prioritized list out here
02:21:02 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_budget
02:21:06 <VileGent> i am looking into screenprinted sheets for the event boxes
02:21:15 <VileGent> no priceing yet
02:21:35 <StabbyMc> #action build prioritized list of items/event sponsorship
02:21:56 <VileGent> and I think another set of banners we would good
02:22:13 <VileGent> would be good
02:22:45 <inode0> balloons :)
02:22:53 <inode0> kid friendly stuff
02:23:26 * lcafiero sneaks in and sits in the back of the room
02:23:45 <inode0> tell us what you want while you sneak around
02:23:45 <VileGent> TLF budget on the webpage is here http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Texas:LinuxFest_2010/Budget
02:24:08 <VileGent> lcafiero,  what is the sponsorship for lfnw
02:24:20 * makfinsky follows lcafiero's example.
02:24:38 <spevack> VileGent: what's the process for acting on Chris Tucker's TLF sponsorship request?
02:24:42 <inode0> should we digress and talk about sponsorship requests?
02:24:50 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sponsoring_event_attendees
02:24:50 <lcafiero> The sponsorship for LFNW is $600 and there will be travel expenses that we haven't calculated yet
02:24:56 <lcafiero> we=crossbytes and me
02:25:14 <inode0> because in the past we have left it up to event owners for the most part
02:25:30 <jetrigger> I was curious about that as well.
02:25:51 <spevack> jetrigger is Chris Tucker :)
02:25:56 <spevack> no wonder he's curious :)
02:25:56 <inode0> several people think the section on the TLF page, similar to FUDCons in the past is a great idea
02:26:41 <spevack> So on the TLF page it ballparks $1k for travel, and jetrigger is asking for about $300.
02:26:57 <spevack> inode0 is attending, I know.
02:27:01 * inode0 picked $1K out of thin air
02:27:04 <VileGent> spevack,  for budgeting purposes it should listed till we can talk about it more
02:27:15 * inode0 is only attending if his talk is accepted :)
02:27:17 <spevack> I'll be attending if my talk is accepted, but my travel will come from my team's internal-to-RH travel budget and not the Ambassador budget
02:27:43 <makfinsky> What talks are you two hoping to give?
02:27:45 <spevack> I think it would be nice to give jetrigger an answer....?  But I look to inode0 as the event owner
02:28:07 <spevack> makfinsky: I submitted a talk about the interesting stuff going on in the intersection of open source software and education
02:28:23 * inode0 thinks answers are easier after 3/8 when we have speakers who we know are going or not
02:28:26 <spevack> which is something that my team has spent a lot of time on in the past year -- especially mchua_afk, and gregdek
02:28:45 <spevack> jetrigger: can you wait one more week until we know all the talks accepted or not?
02:29:09 <makfinsky> spevack: Nice.
02:29:14 <spevack> speaking only for myself, i'm inclined to give it a +1 unless there's some really weird budget reason not to.
02:29:20 <jetrigger> Sure, if need be, I was trying to do this speedily to get discounted rate on lodging.
02:29:22 * inode0 also asked jetrigger to add a description of activities he plans to do at TLF
02:29:33 <spevack> inode0: +1 to that for sure
02:29:54 <inode0> I know, I just thought they should be on the wiki :)
02:30:13 <spevack> right, +1 to putting that list down is what I was saying :)
02:30:23 <StabbyMc> spevack: other budgetary items?
02:30:30 <spevack> two random things:
02:30:33 <lcafiero> Linux Fest Northwest
02:30:42 <lcafiero> ?
02:30:52 <spevack> (1) I sent an email to a few folks earlier -- I've stolen an un-used laptop off of spot's desk, and it will be donated to NA ambassadors' event box.
02:31:21 <Arsenick> StabbyMc, , is this when I need to talk about the event box ?
02:31:26 <spevack> (2) In the next two weeks or so -- after all of RH's year-end stuff is done -- finance is going to give me their thoughts on buying pre-loaded VISA cards that we can hand out to Ambassadors worldwide.
02:31:36 <spevack> I'm *really hoping* we can make that a reality
02:31:37 <StabbyMc> Arsenick: that's coming up :-)
02:31:41 <Arsenick> StabbyMc, ok :P
02:31:42 <lcafiero> +1
02:31:46 <spevack> that's all from me
02:31:53 * spevack goes back to lurking
02:32:05 <spevack> and tries not to fall asleep after a long day :P
02:32:16 <VileGent> spevack,  ok where is that laptop going to go
02:32:18 <lcafiero> spevack, check your e-mail about the Los Angeles Angels hat
02:32:35 <lcafiero> The west coast yields to the senator from Virginia.
02:32:40 <spevack> VileGent: it's going back to RDU with me.  You guys tell me what to do with it from there :)
02:32:47 <spevack> lcafiero: ok
02:32:56 <VileGent> spevack,  i suspect canada
02:33:12 <VileGent> but we will discuss
02:33:20 <inode0> it is something nice to put into their event box :)
02:33:24 <lcafiero> I don't think we need it on the WC
02:33:24 <spevack> they need a laptop *AND* a gold medal?  sheesh!
02:33:31 <Arsenick> yup it would be awesome!
02:33:33 <lcafiero> Heh.
02:33:36 <Arsenick> maha
02:33:40 <StabbyMc> Ok, in the interest of keeping the meeting moving forward ...
02:33:42 <StabbyMc> #topic North American Meeting - Budget Review.Media Spins, Quantity
02:34:01 <StabbyMc> So a while ago we talked about changing the media distributed.
02:34:02 <inode0> they play us and they play us and they play us until they win and they get a gold medal
02:34:02 * lcafiero will bring up LFNW during open floor -- just a warning :-)
02:34:03 <spevack> Arsenick: I'm happy to send it up to the Canada event box.  I have no problem with that at all
02:34:16 <spevack> Arsenick: are you assembling that box?
02:34:24 <spevack> Arsenick: if so, send me a shipping address
02:34:25 <StabbyMc> I had proposed making an install DVD that also contained a live image.
02:34:47 <StabbyMc> But nothing ever came of it.
02:34:59 <Arsenick> spevack,If we need to assemble it we will! But I don't know how they ship it
02:35:07 <StabbyMc> But it would cut down on the amount of different types of media we produce.
02:35:22 <spevack> StabbyMc: does that require additional engineering work?
02:35:25 <spevack> from rel-eng?
02:35:37 <StabbyMc> spevack: probably.
02:35:45 <inode0> would be nice to have multi-arch DVDs
02:35:46 <Arsenick> spevack, ok I'll send you the address by mail, do you need any other information, or you got everything you need to buy it ?
02:35:52 <inode0> but we aren't driving that
02:35:56 <StabbyMc> spevack: jds2001 was supposed to broach the topic, but don't know that anything came of it.
02:36:21 <spevack> StabbyMc: anything for F13 that requires new work needs to be a feature that is being worked on.  It might be too late for that for F13 already, I'm not sure.
02:36:28 * spevack consults the schedule
02:36:35 <inode0> isn't happening for F13
02:36:59 <spevack> yeah, inode0 is right.
02:37:03 <spevack> I
02:37:33 <VileGent> ok i am totally lost
02:37:38 <spevack> I think that if Ambassadors are seeing a need for either multi-arch DVDs or an image that combines both, it's our responsibility to (at the least) tell the rel-eng guys about that in an email to their list and ask for their thoughts
02:37:52 <spevack> (and at the most) spec out some feature proposals that can be discussed in F14 planning
02:37:58 <spevack> but we can't just expect them to read these logs and do it.
02:38:03 * spevack states the obvious
02:38:07 <spevack> VileGent: go ahead
02:38:14 <inode0> they are considering it anyway, and we have spoken to them about it
02:38:20 <spevack> cool
02:38:26 * spevack doesn't know anything :)
02:38:39 <inode0> seems inevitable at some point
02:38:56 <inode0> but I'm probably wrong
02:39:15 * ianweller is hereish
02:39:18 <StabbyMc> Ok, so tabled for now I guess.
02:39:20 <VileGent> i hope someone is writeing down the budget stuff
02:39:44 <inode0> StabbyMc: what we want given what is available should be discussed maybe?
02:40:05 * inode0 wants herlo to use his brilliant judgment and decide :)
02:40:36 <lcafiero> +1 on herlo's judgment
02:40:39 <StabbyMc> inode0: The agenda item was types and quantity of media, I defer to herlo.
02:40:55 <spevack> VileGent: i captured most of it
02:40:56 <inode0> one question that has come up though is do we want KDE live media
02:41:27 * lcafiero looks for the exits, just in case
02:41:40 <makfinsky> Is that up for general discussion? I vote for kde live media.
02:41:53 <inode0> I think we have no idea if there is any demand for it, thinks if we make it and people take it it tells us nothing about demand, ...
02:41:58 <makfinsky> So far, live media has been more popular with folks I've met than the install media.
02:42:32 <VileGent> makfinsky,  most people can get livecd.iso easily
02:42:35 <lcafiero> actually, I think that's changing
02:42:37 <inode0> My opinion generally was to get rid of DVDs and only do Live media at events
02:42:40 <jetrigger> Everyone likes the live media at the LUG
02:42:51 <makfinsky> Yeah, I can't say one way or the other about what desktop in the live media, just that everyone prefers the live media.
02:43:06 <lcafiero> at scale, install media was more popular than in the past
02:43:10 <VileGent> at Scale both where very popular
02:43:11 <inode0> very few people in NA can't download the DVD if they want it, the live media can be tested at the event
02:43:46 <makfinsky> A live/install dvd would be great.
02:43:57 <inode0> people just take whatever is in a cool sleeve at events
02:43:59 <VileGent> makfinsky,  aint gonna happen
02:44:08 <lcafiero> +1 mak
02:44:10 <inode0> do they ever actually take it out and use it is what matters
02:44:19 <Arsenick> makfinsky, yup!
02:44:38 <VileGent> making livemedia would be cheaper
02:45:14 <VileGent> what is the price for cds vs dvds
02:46:07 * inode0 thinks we lost herlo
02:46:44 <inode0> seems like it was 50 cents for CDs and 70 for DVDs or something along those lines?!
02:46:50 <makfinsky> VileGent: I know it's unlikely, especially for f13.
02:47:32 <makfinsky> Is it even possible to buy a regular old cdrom for a laptop anymore?
02:48:05 <VileGent> so if we go with livecds what should be the split by type and arch
02:48:54 <inode0> this is where I really want multi-arch because having to choose confuses many people
02:49:48 <makfinsky> inode0: +1
02:49:55 <inode0> if we want them to actually install using the live media we need both, if we want the live media to be for a test drive we really only need 32 bit
02:51:14 <inode0> but if I walk up to a booth and say can I have Fedora and I'm confronted with 32 bit live, 64 bit live, 32 bit live kde, ..., this DVD and that DVD my head hurts
02:52:21 <makfinsky> Agreed. The question here is what can we, ambassadors, do to help solve that technical problem?
02:52:22 <Arsenick> inode0, +1 but what it mean, is there a lot of technical job to be done ? is it a question of time ?
02:52:54 * inode0 asks who our target audience is?
02:54:06 * threethirty thinks the target audience is "people with computers"
02:54:19 <spevack> what are people asking for when we actually meet them?  For instance, at FOSDEM we had a bunch of requests for x86_64 media, which we didn't have.  Noted, and will be corrected next release.
02:54:55 <herlo> spevack: most people were asking for USB media
02:54:58 <herlo> at SCaLE
02:55:05 <herlo> inode0: I'm here...
02:55:07 <VileGent> ???
02:55:07 <spevack> herlo: did they have USB sticks of their own?
02:55:08 <herlo> just slow
02:55:13 <herlo> spevack: no
02:55:13 <inode0> wb herlo
02:55:31 <herlo> but I don't think we're at a price point that matters...
02:55:41 <spevack> We're going to spend a few hundred bucks on some USB keys for EMEA
02:55:44 <inode0> hello, do you have Fedora on a 1TB external USB hard drive I can have? :)
02:55:53 <dnhodgson> people just want free USB sticks
02:55:54 <spevack> and it's being left to the Ambassadors to be smart with to whom they re-distribute them
02:56:04 <spevack> because of what dnhodgson says
02:56:17 <VileGent> -1 on usb sticks
02:56:43 <lcafiero> we put F12 on some sticks given to us at scale by the owners
02:56:50 <inode0> I looked into and priced some usb sticks for us to possibly give out for special circumstances ... can be discussed or not
02:56:59 <jetrigger> Not every computer is usb bootable. People want the free stick to put other stuff on.
02:56:59 <VileGent> for the price we can make 20 pieces on media
02:57:35 <Arsenick> jetrigger, I think most of "new" computer can boot from usb no ?
02:57:37 <inode0> well, some do
02:58:00 <inode0> all pieces of media end up in the trash - at least the usb sticks would be used
02:58:20 <lcafiero> ever since oscon last year, we've been offering to put F11 & F12 on sticks provided by people if they so chose.
02:58:20 <VileGent> do we think it would be nice to hand out usbsticks yes is it finiancially doable no
02:58:28 <lcafiero> That worked pretty well, imho
02:58:40 <jetrigger> Most can I would think, but there are some that cannot, we tried at a install group once.
02:58:45 <spevack> not to interrupt -- but is there anything that anyone here needs from me that can't wait until tomorrow or Wednesday?  I am quickly hitting the wall in terms of productivity tonight.
02:58:57 <spevack> er, tomorrow *is* wednesday
02:59:08 <Arsenick> maybe it could be a good idea to offer to people making their usb key a live key ?
02:59:10 <inode0> spevack: maybe
02:59:18 <Arsenick> at events and booth
02:59:27 <spevack> Arsenick: we do that!
02:59:32 <VileGent> herlo,  some have said we should do only livecd for f13 what are your thoughts
02:59:36 <Arsenick> spevack, ho great :) hehe
02:59:45 <VileGent> Arsenick,  we do that
02:59:50 <spevack> Arsenick: at least, we have the capabilities for that, and some people do it :)
03:00:23 <makfinsky> spevack: Any links on the wiki ie, howto?
03:00:49 <spevack> makfinsky: yum install liveusb-creator :)
03:01:01 <makfinsky> Oh, duh. I've done that.
03:01:48 <StabbyMc> So we ready for the next topic?
03:01:54 <Arsenick> spevack, nice, I'll try to do it at next release party to see if there's a "demand" for this
03:02:02 <VileGent> makfhttp://docs.fedoraproject.org/install-guide/f12/en-US/html/ch-new-users.html#sn-making-media
03:02:08 * inode0 goes back to leaving it to the wisdom of herlo - he knows what he is doing :)
03:02:12 <VileGent> makfinsky,  http://docs.fedoraproject.org/install-guide/f12/en-US/html/ch-new-users.html#sn-making-media
03:02:19 <StabbyMc> inode0: +1
03:02:44 <makfinsky> Thnx VileGent!
03:03:53 <StabbyMc> so we're saying we leave media production in herlo's capable hands?
03:03:56 <StabbyMc> In favor?
03:04:15 <lcafiero> +1
03:04:51 <StabbyMc> aye
03:05:00 <dnhodgson> +1
03:05:03 <VileGent> +1
03:05:11 <makfinsky> +1
03:05:21 <threethirty> +1
03:05:56 <StabbyMc> #topic North American Meeting - Budget Review.Canada Event Box
03:06:08 <StabbyMc> Arsenick: have at it.
03:06:20 <Arsenick> ok
03:07:13 <Arsenick> so I just need to know how it works to buy the event box, do I need to send price and everything to Max ?
03:08:43 <Arsenick> The timing was bad with the end of the quarter and the event I wasn't able to reach spevack
03:08:49 <StabbyMc> who bought/stocked the other NA event boxes and how did it work?
03:09:00 <herlo> VileGent: sorry, I'm only half here
03:09:04 <VileGent> StabbyMc,  just like that
03:09:25 <VileGent> herlo what were you saying about event boxes at SCALE
03:09:27 <StabbyMc> Arsenick: there you go.
03:09:38 <herlo> alright, I'll try to stay here
03:09:51 <spevack> Arsenick: I'm sorry -- we'll get it bought this quarter :)
03:10:03 <Arsenick> spevack, so I check with few store on amazon and I've found the best place to buy it, lowest price, ship to canada and the overall price is the best
03:10:24 <spevack> Arsenick: great!
03:10:32 <Arsenick> spevack, it's ok, I've sent few emails but I didn't want to insist ;) Was just trying to fit it in the last quarter
03:10:45 <spevack> Arsenick: I've just been swamped, it's my fault.  I'm sorry
03:11:03 <Arsenick> so I just need to give you the website + shipping address and that's it ?
03:11:14 <StabbyMc> damn it spevack, why can't you be at the beck and call of the ambassadors, 24/7? ;-)
03:11:16 <herlo> as far as event boxen go, we have two sets of boxes that are kind of coming together to be one in a few places
03:11:29 <Arsenick> I didn't find lot of information on how this work for the ambassadors
03:11:58 <spevack> StabbyMc: i try :)
03:12:01 <spevack> but sometimes I fail :)
03:12:12 <spevack> lately i've been failing too much, to be honest
03:12:32 <StabbyMc> spevack: I wouldn't sweat it.
03:12:42 <herlo> specifically the AVKit and the EventBox become one maybe...
03:12:53 <StabbyMc> Arsenick: you got what you needed?
03:12:55 <herlo> we'll have a need for larger eventbox boxes
03:13:09 * herlo is sorry if he's interfering with other convos
03:13:21 <Arsenick> StabbyMc, almost.. lol
03:14:06 <Arsenick> spevack, What do you need to buy the box ?
03:16:09 * lcafiero has reservations about boxes larger than what we already have
03:16:14 <spevack> Arsenick: a link to exactly what you want, and a shipping address :)
03:16:34 <spevack> and a +1 from the folks in this meeting that it's the right thing to buy
03:16:42 <inode0> +12
03:16:45 <inode0> -2
03:16:47 <StabbyMc> Ok it's 10:15, I'm ready to call it.
03:17:10 <StabbyMc> 5
03:17:16 <inode0> wait
03:17:38 <Arsenick> http://www.boss-safety.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=1689{1}7
03:18:00 <inode0> is herlo done? any discussion? has lcafiero talked about LFNW?
03:18:30 <spevack> Arsenick: easy enough
03:18:49 <Arsenick> 41.25 for the shipping + 148.55 for the box Total: 189.8$
03:19:13 <lcafiero> i have not, but i can bring it up on list
03:19:22 <StabbyMc> Arsenick: I think that'll work better if you send spevack an e-mail with the link and your shipping address.
03:19:28 <lcafiero> I want to make sure it gets addresses, but we haven't sorted out the budget completely.
03:19:29 <dnhodgson> arsenick: is that CAD?
03:19:55 <Arsenick> Nop, USD
03:19:58 <lcafiero> addresses=addressed
03:20:18 * spevack copied the URL into his todo list
03:20:23 <spevack> but the shipping address is still needed
03:20:29 <Arsenick> StabbyMc, ok no problem, just wanted to show everyone what I've spotted
03:20:48 <Arsenick> spevack, I'm sending this to your email
03:20:55 <inode0> Arsenick: that is a great price
03:21:15 <spevack> Arsenick: cool
03:21:38 <Arsenick> Allright, done with the event box :)
03:22:20 <Arsenick> inode0, yep not that much!
03:22:27 <StabbyMc> #topic North American Meeting - Unfinished Business
03:22:38 <StabbyMc> lcafiero
03:22:42 <StabbyMc> NWLF
03:22:53 <herlo> inode0: internet here sucks
03:23:21 <inode0> herlo: we can do it again later when things are better
03:23:21 <lcafiero> Well, briefly -- I didn't want the budgeting discussion to go by without bringing this up
03:23:45 <lcafiero> We're probably looking at the same amount for LFNW as TLF, or maybe less.
03:24:02 <lcafiero> So being late to the meeting, I don't know what was discussed.
03:24:23 <lcafiero> Anyway, I can review the log and bring it up for discussion on list and bring it up for the next meeting.
03:24:33 <herlo> inode0: cool
03:24:35 <inode0> I think we basically agreed to sponsoring both before you came although other support is going to need to be worked out
03:24:42 <lcafiero> OK
03:26:02 <lcafiero> Just wanted to make sure LFNW got a fair shake
03:27:10 <VileGent> lcafiero,  and get a budget page on the wiki
03:27:30 <lcafiero> There is a budget section on the wiki. It's not yet filled in
03:27:45 <lcafiero> by wiki you're talking about the LFNW wiki, right?
03:27:50 <StabbyMc> inode0: we good?
03:28:12 <inode0> sorry, doing double duty
03:28:19 <VileGent> lcafiero,  1k for lfnw and i think 1k for TLF and media and tshirts and we is done
03:28:32 <inode0> I'm good
03:28:42 <StabbyMc> Ok, then I'm wrapping it up.
03:28:44 <StabbyMc> 5
03:28:46 <lcafiero> Well, 1k may not be enough, but we'll see.
03:28:54 <StabbyMc> 4
03:29:01 <StabbyMc> 3
03:29:10 <StabbyMc> 2
03:29:16 <StabbyMc> 1
03:29:20 <StabbyMc> #endmeeting