03:50:13 <dramsey> #startmeeting
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03:50:23 <dramsey> #chair dramsey
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03:50:25 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
03:50:25 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
03:50:26 <tuanta> it works :)
03:50:31 <dramsey> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2010-02-21#Agenda
03:50:32 <azneita> .fas azneita
03:50:33 <zodbot> azneita: azneita 'Heherson Pagcaliwagan' <herson@azneita.org>
03:50:46 <dramsey> Welcome to APAC!\
03:51:15 <dramsey> #agenda Ambassadors Members Pinging
03:51:27 <dramsey> I am using both Fedora 12 and 13, you guys?
03:51:49 <tuanta> just F12
03:51:52 <azneita> 12
03:51:57 <dramsey> #agenda News from  FAmSCo may be skip this item if no FAmSCo information / representation is at meeting.
03:52:16 <dramsey> I think we may skip...
03:52:25 <dramsey> #agenda Planning and Preparation for Fedora 12 in 2010.
03:52:26 <tuanta> yes
03:52:48 <dramsey> I am doing Fedora 12 releases today and in a couple weeks, you guys?
03:53:30 <azneita> Fedora Philippines is doing GeekCamp 3.0 on March 5-7, a FAD is scheduled on the last day
03:53:53 <tuanta> I am trying to repackage a Fedora 12 LiveCD/DVD/USB with OpenOffice ready
03:54:11 <dramsey> Cool!
03:54:13 <azneita> tuanta: that would be handy :)
03:54:47 <tuanta> the current problem is the final ISO file size is too large for a CD
03:55:06 <dramsey> True.
03:55:08 <tuanta> I can burn it into a DVD or USB only
03:55:17 <dramsey> Is there something which may be helpful to you tuanta?
03:55:28 <tuanta> it's still fine, however
03:55:54 <tuanta> I am thinking to remove some other less necessary packages
03:55:56 <dramsey> In other regions, there was a "push" for purchases prior to end of quarter...may be not possible for this ending quarter but idea for next quarter.
03:56:02 <dramsey> Ah, good idea.
03:56:45 <tuanta> I see Ubuntu LiveCD contains OOo
03:56:56 <dramsey> Wow, that makes big...
03:57:15 <tuanta> just CD, exactly
03:57:27 <dramsey> #idea CD for tuanta is great for sending
03:57:34 <azneita> dramsey, who's handling budget for APAC? i assume it's harish?
03:57:34 <tuanta> OOo is useful and fine for beginners
03:57:44 <dramsey> azneita, true.
03:57:58 <dramsey> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors#Getting_stuff
03:58:11 <dramsey> I posted this on mailing list, I think this is useful for us.
03:58:17 <azneita> the allocation is for $5k a quarter for a region?
03:58:22 <dramsey> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/
03:58:26 <dramsey> yup...
03:58:28 <azneita> is that about right?
03:58:42 * KageSenshi here .. fas:izhar
03:58:51 <dramsey> I think so, from that previous listing I saw references to both LATAM and APAC not using funds...
03:58:58 <dramsey> Hello KageSenshi...
03:59:02 <azneita> the fedorahosted is quite new for me
03:59:06 <KageSenshi> hi dramsey :)
03:59:10 <tuanta> hi
03:59:12 <azneita> hi kagesenshi
03:59:16 <dramsey> :D
03:59:21 <KageSenshi> hi tuanta azneita
03:59:24 <azneita> i saw tht too
03:59:31 <dramsey> Understood, me too on fedorahosted, but could be useful.
03:59:51 <dramsey> This may be the procedure needed in order to "Getting Stuff" http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors#Getting_stuff
04:00:19 <azneita> actually trying the trac instance for a spin :)
04:00:31 <dramsey> +1
04:01:17 <azneita> who are the admins?
04:01:26 <dramsey> Not sure...
04:01:35 <dramsey> Suresh may be...
04:02:12 <dramsey> #action find out the admins for the trac instance...
04:02:34 <dramsey> Should we move to next topic?
04:02:38 <azneita> yes
04:02:50 <dramsey> #topic Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events in APAC. See   Fedora Events  page.
04:03:11 <dramsey> I think that my events are on the Events page, everyone elses?
04:03:18 <dramsey> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
04:03:44 * azneita blushes
04:03:53 <azneita> geekcamp is not there :(
04:04:04 <dramsey> Ah, sounds like an idea...
04:04:19 <azneita> lol
04:04:21 <dramsey> #idea Geekcamp information to be put on the events page URL...
04:04:22 <dramsey> :D
04:04:27 <KageSenshi> mine have just passed .. no upcoming event yet ..
04:04:34 <dramsey> Okay.
04:04:52 <tuanta> I will add to that page when we have anything here
04:05:08 <dramsey> Understood, sounds like what we all need to do...
04:05:16 <dramsey> +1 to you all for doing the right thing.
04:05:24 <dramsey> Should we move to next topic?
04:05:39 * KageSenshi nods
04:06:05 <dramsey> Okay...
04:06:06 <dramsey> #topic FreeMedia (Only if there is any query.)
04:06:06 <tuanta> yes, please
04:06:21 <dramsey> Do any of us need any media?
04:07:24 <KageSenshi> not here .. still have some left ..
04:07:25 <tuanta> a fine media or a rough media like we usually burn ourselves?
04:08:01 <dramsey> tuanta, either, if there is a need then I feel that needs to be given resource to support.
04:08:02 <dramsey> :)
04:08:16 <tuanta> it should be fine to have high quality medias
04:08:23 <dramsey> +1
04:08:43 <tuanta> it would be more professional
04:08:56 <dramsey> I concur, that makes best.  I like the lightscribe DVDs...
04:09:09 <tuanta> +1
04:09:28 <dramsey> Any other ideas or should we move to next topic?
04:09:38 <azneita> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#FY11_Q1_.28March_2010_-_May_2010.29_3 - done.
04:09:50 <dramsey> Yeah!8-)
04:10:30 <tuanta> great
04:11:20 <dramsey> Cool, next topic then?
04:11:21 <tuanta> should go to the next item?
04:11:25 <tuanta> yes
04:11:26 <dramsey> okay.
04:11:28 <dramsey> #topic Plans on APAC coordination/organization
04:11:28 <KageSenshi> whoa lots of fedora in akiba .. >.<
04:11:35 <dramsey> Yup!
04:11:38 <dramsey> Today.
04:11:55 <dramsey> I think that we should make sure the have Trac entries for things which we need to help us.
04:12:13 <azneita> i couldn't agree more
04:12:26 <dramsey> I believe from what I read before both APAC and LATAM are not using the available resources to help "ourselves."  Does that sound right?
04:12:30 <dramsey> +1 azneita
04:13:07 <dramsey> I have posted this to other lists, so here goes on the Fedora Cube, very nice work and idea for you all...
04:13:07 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_collateral#Fedora_Cheat_Cubes
04:13:12 * KageSenshi still waiting for famsco ticket #31 ..
04:13:24 <dramsey> Understood, how long waiting?
04:13:39 <KageSenshi> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/31
04:13:43 <KageSenshi> long :)
04:13:59 <azneita> ping Max
04:13:59 <dramsey> Ay, yay, yay...
04:14:20 <azneita> he must be very busy
04:14:23 <azneita> :)
04:14:27 <KageSenshi> guess so :)
04:14:52 <azneita> dramsey: that cube is great!
04:15:03 <azneita> i can imagine it on booths
04:15:09 <tuanta> I have sent over 10 messages to get a response from Max :)
04:15:10 <dramsey> Yes, power to the Fedora Cube in English, Spanish and other languages...
04:15:19 <dramsey> Wow.
04:15:34 <tuanta> that's true :)
04:15:43 <tuanta> I think he is too busy
04:16:07 <dramsey> Should "we" contact harish, I am sort of confused on the who, I have no famsco tickets so I do not know process or contact.  Help me understand...
04:16:09 <tuanta> +1. that cube is fine
04:16:14 <dramsey> +1 for cube, too
04:16:28 <KageSenshi> +1 for cube!
04:16:49 <azneita> i believe members of the the community arch are the ones authorized with the budget concerns
04:17:01 <dramsey> Ah, got it.
04:17:04 <azneita> that's max primarily, and harish for apac
04:17:16 <dramsey> +1, I understand.
04:17:18 <dramsey> :)
04:17:45 <KageSenshi> guess i'll poke harish :D ..
04:18:00 <dramsey> We had harish on our meeting two weeks ago, will see if we may have access to harish for next month's APAC...good idea?
04:18:03 <KageSenshi> if i'm not mistaken he'll be in .my next week for some event ..
04:18:04 <dramsey> #idea poke harish
04:18:11 <azneita> i think other comm arch members can also weigh in, but they'll defer to max and harish :)
04:18:21 <dramsey> Understood.
04:18:34 <dramsey> +1 to KageSenshi...Sending Fedora power to meeting harish.
04:18:57 <KageSenshi> >.<
04:19:41 <dramsey> May be harish will attend our March APAC meeting...
04:19:57 <dramsey> Any other idea or thoughts?
04:20:21 <tuanta> +1
04:20:27 <azneita> organization - like NA
04:20:41 <dramsey> True on organization as well.
04:20:48 <azneita> i can't type fast enough
04:20:55 <dramsey> hahaha
04:20:57 <dramsey> lol
04:20:59 <azneita> but that's what i want
04:21:10 <dramsey> Me too.
04:21:15 <dramsey> +1 to azneita's idea.
04:21:23 <dramsey> #idea Organization APAC
04:21:29 <dramsey> or something like that...
04:21:34 <dramsey> O:-)
04:21:36 <azneita> something like NA, which plans, strategizes and have a constant list of people you can turn to
04:21:38 * KageSenshi like the idea .. but totally no idea on how to do it ..
04:21:52 <azneita> that's actually my problem too
04:21:55 <azneita> :)
04:22:11 <KageSenshi> >.<
04:22:25 <azneita> i think that's why dramsey is helping us out a lot :)
04:22:27 <dramsey> No problem...I think if we all  participate in APAC, we will do better...Information and resources to help us to grow.
04:23:04 <dramsey> Help me, help you.
04:23:11 * KageSenshi nods
04:23:16 <tuanta> +1
04:23:22 <dramsey> Good meeting everyone, anything else or next topic?
04:23:37 <tuanta> next, please
04:23:39 <dramsey> #topic Open floor
04:23:51 <azneita> how can we help you?
04:23:54 <azneita> :D
04:24:00 <azneita> can't resist :)
04:24:05 <KageSenshi> :D
04:24:08 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending and I hope that we may get others to help us for our APAC>
04:24:13 <tuanta> it has been so open since beginning
04:24:20 <tuanta> thanks all
04:24:24 <dramsey> Will try for March...
04:24:30 <azneita> thanks all
04:24:32 <dramsey> +1 to all attendees...
04:24:38 <dramsey> Counting down, okay?
04:24:38 <KageSenshi> thanks all too
04:24:41 <dramsey> 5
04:24:44 <dramsey> 4
04:24:47 <dramsey> 3
04:24:49 <azneita> #idea get other ambassadors fo march meeting
04:24:49 <dramsey> 2
04:24:53 <tuanta> yes, see you on March (and on the mailing list)
04:25:00 <dramsey> +1 for idea!
04:25:04 <dramsey> See you in March
04:25:06 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending APAC!  :)
04:25:10 <dramsey> #endmeeting