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20:05:41 <liknus> #topic Rollcall
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20:06:21 <cmpahar> wow ! a lot of people! #excited
20:06:21 <liknus> We lagged zodbot :P
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20:06:41 <liknus> cmpahar, we are not it tweeter :P
20:06:59 <liknus> loupgaroublond, its rollcall yet
20:07:12 <loupgaroublond> liknus, s/yet/still
20:07:21 <liknus> ....still i ment :)
20:07:26 <biertie> :)
20:07:27 * loupgaroublond rolls a 5
20:07:38 <loupgaroublond> someone want to call that?
20:07:43 <liknus> 3
20:07:53 <heffer> joksters
20:08:00 <heffer> +e
20:08:02 <heffer> :D
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20:08:43 <liknus> Ok lets move on
20:08:52 <liknus> #topic Announcements
20:09:05 <liknus> kital, anything special from FAmSCo?
20:09:16 <rsc> Robert Scheck (robert)
20:09:31 <kital> famsco is still working on the topics from last townhall
20:09:38 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_agenda
20:10:03 <kital> mentoring has cleaned up 44 Candidates from fama yesterday
20:10:19 * cwickert (christoph wickert) is sorry for being late
20:10:30 <kital> and thanks to fabian affolter
20:10:40 <kital> we have new statistics for our group
20:10:44 <kital> http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=fama.git;a=blob_plain;f=stats/ambassadors.png
20:10:48 <kital> eof
20:11:00 <liknus> Nice one kital :) We needed some statistics
20:11:21 <cmpahar> thanks guys. Great statistics :)
20:11:26 <zoltanh7211> cool
20:11:38 <liknus> There is a clear cleanup during summer 2009...nice :)
20:11:59 <kital> ;)
20:12:12 <liknus> Ok.. I can see biertie has an announcement regarding Fedora Campus Ambassadors
20:12:15 <liknus> biertie,
20:12:22 <biertie> ah yes, I can do that now too
20:12:31 <biertie> We are starting the campus ambassadors program again
20:12:40 <biertie> and I am elected as the 'president'
20:12:50 <sspreitzer> whats that about?
20:12:50 <liknus> biertie, explain it a little bit to us
20:12:55 <cwickert> ?
20:13:05 <biertie> our next meeting is on saturday, 21h utc, so if you want to come ;-)
20:13:27 <biertie> campus ambassadors resembles to the read ambassador project
20:13:32 <heffer> how broad is the definition of campus? universities only?
20:13:35 <biertie> but it's more meant for college / uni students
20:13:56 <liknus> #info Fedora Campus Ambassadors meeting on Saturday 21 UTC
20:13:57 <biertie> so our goal is to get open source (not only fedora) into schools more
20:14:18 <biertie> but off course, we'll try to push fedora first ;)
20:14:32 <zoltanh7211> that's cool
20:14:33 <dramsey> +1
20:14:34 <liknus> who can become a Campus Ambassador? Do you have to be an Ambassador already?
20:14:44 <biertie> no, you don't have to be an ambassador
20:14:58 <liknus> (ok we need to clarify that :) )
20:14:58 <biertie> but you need to have the cla done, and you have to be in college / university / some other school
20:15:01 <heffer> biertie: wait. universities or schools?
20:15:15 <biertie> schools count too :)
20:15:19 <heffer> okay
20:15:21 <liknus> biertie, So there is gonna be a special group in FAS?
20:15:29 <biertie> liknus: there is already one
20:15:32 <liknus> nice
20:15:52 <liknus> any link? (with #link tag please)
20:16:04 <biertie> #link https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/group/view/campusambassadors?_csrf_token=9bc110425a1507848448adae4900f6f9c5b31ed4
20:16:11 <th0br0> how far does the campus ambassador program differ from the "normal" one?
20:16:16 <biertie> ok, the token wasn't needed, I guess ;-)
20:16:31 <biertie> th0br0: that's one of the things we still have to clarify in the next meetings
20:16:40 <cwickert> ?
20:16:53 <biertie> we are starting it, we don't have all details set yet :)
20:17:06 <liknus> cwickert, go ahead
20:17:22 <cwickert> do we follow the meeging rules or is everyone supposed to just speak up?
20:17:25 <sspreitzer> i think a focus on early education is very important
20:17:36 <biertie> sspreitzer: +1
20:17:40 <liknus> cwickert, we are a little bit flexible on that..
20:17:55 <sspreitzer> one of the windows 7 sins points is MS in schools
20:18:03 <sspreitzer> i think we can battle that
20:18:04 <cwickert> ok, my question was: biertie, who elected you? and congrats of course ;)
20:18:20 <biertie> the people who attended last meeting ;)
20:18:27 <cwickert> which meeting?
20:18:28 <linuxthomass_gh> :)
20:18:35 <biertie> lcafiero, inonde0, ...
20:18:42 <biertie> we weren't with to much people
20:18:48 <biertie> last saturday, we had a meeting
20:18:51 <biertie> it was announced!
20:18:53 <cwickert> ah, i see
20:18:56 <kital> biertie: Campus Ambassadors have to be Ambassadors ?
20:18:58 <cwickert> eof
20:19:06 <biertie> kital: no
20:19:11 <liknus> Is there gonna be a SCO for that group?
20:19:13 <heffer> sspreitzer: i do have a lot of experience dealing with german education ministries on the topic of software :D
20:19:22 <biertie> kital: but most will probably
20:19:32 <rsc> ?
20:19:32 <kital> so the approach is the same as Ambassadors with smaller scope?
20:19:36 <sspreitzer> heffer, great!
20:19:40 <biertie> kital: indeed :)
20:19:52 <heffer> okay. i'd like to request to follow the meeting rules if that's okay? i'm getting a bit confused
20:19:59 <cwickert> +1
20:20:03 <linuxthomass_gh> +1
20:20:10 <biertie> kital: well, about the same anyway :)
20:20:12 <liknus> +1 i guess if everyone is agreed on that
20:20:12 <underscores> +1
20:20:24 <sspreitzer> +1
20:20:24 <constanton> +1
20:20:27 <sspreitzer> !
20:20:30 <nihed> +1
20:20:33 <liknus> Ok lets try this on...anyone please follow the meeting rules
20:20:44 <liknus> sspreitzer, go ahead (on announcements please)
20:20:51 <sspreitzer> ok
20:21:23 <sspreitzer> I think it is for the future of FOSS very important to do early educations
20:21:42 <sspreitzer> because the pupil of yesterday will be the executives of tomorrow
20:21:55 <sspreitzer> and if they select FOSS, we are paid off
20:21:58 <sspreitzer> eof
20:22:02 <sspreitzer> eh
20:22:03 <sspreitzer> eod
20:22:10 <dramsey> Cool
20:22:13 <rsc> ?
20:22:24 <liknus> This approach is something to be considered by both Ambassador Groups I guess
20:22:25 <cmpahar> sorry i didn't "got" that
20:22:31 <liknus> rsc, go ahead
20:22:55 <liknus> cmpahar, follow meeting rules please :)
20:23:08 <th0br0> !
20:23:16 <rsc> I don't really get why we need "campusambassadors"? Why can't regular ambassadors do that as well? And how will you ensure that "campusambassadors" are knowledged enough?
20:23:25 <liknus> +1
20:23:32 <sspreitzer> 0
20:23:38 <rsc> eof ;)
20:23:43 <zoltanh7211> +0,5
20:24:00 <sspreitzer> !
20:24:02 <biertie> rsc: well, we will be more 'specialized', and we will also try to have good 'quality control' on the people
20:24:04 <liknus> I think that this thing has to be discussed more generally
20:24:32 <liknus> kital, anything from Famsco in this?
20:24:47 <liknus> (sorry sspreitzer and th0br0 ..i got you)
20:24:52 <kital> no not as long it is not included in Ambassador Group
20:25:12 <kital> they are welcome to do it within Ambassadors and use our mentoring approach
20:25:27 <sspreitzer> +1
20:25:29 <kital> if they want to do it outside it is ok for me
20:25:33 <liknus> Then I guess board has to get a position on that
20:25:44 <sspreitzer> !
20:25:59 * kital thinks it is easier within Ambassadors from the Infra pov
20:26:00 <kital> eof
20:26:03 <liknus> #action liknus publish that considerations and get some answers
20:26:29 <liknus> Is anyone ok with that action above?
20:26:38 <sspreitzer> !
20:26:40 <kital> +1
20:26:42 <th0br0> +1
20:26:44 <liknus> sspreitzer, go ahead
20:26:45 <zoltanh7211> okay +1
20:26:48 <cmpahar> can i ask something please?!
20:26:49 <constanton> +1 yes
20:26:51 <biertie> +0 ;-)
20:27:02 <sspreitzer> ok guys
20:27:12 <cmpahar> ?
20:27:12 <liknus> cmpahar, ill get to you :)
20:27:15 <sspreitzer> i need to add something that is from my pov very important
20:27:37 <th0br0> (postpone me, if people want to comment on the campus ambassadors, program, i want to comment on the FOSS @ schools thing)
20:27:42 <sspreitzer> there is a huge difference between schools and universities
20:28:08 <sspreitzer> so I think, it is needed to have special skilled people to delive the thought of FOSS to the student
20:28:12 <sspreitzer> like say
20:28:39 <sspreitzer> a 10 year old will not understand what a 22 year old can understand with two words
20:28:53 <linuxthomass_gh> +1
20:28:53 <liknus> +11
20:28:56 <underscores> +1
20:28:58 <sspreitzer> so it is a whole new target audience
20:29:11 <sspreitzer> and not part of the 4 fedora foundations
20:29:13 <biertie> oh, well: let's say we aim from high school students to older ones :-)
20:29:28 <sspreitzer> eof
20:29:31 <zoltanh7211> I think there is an solution - we have an respin for kids
20:29:36 <dramsey> +1
20:29:49 <liknus> Thanks sspreitzer ill write down those considerations too
20:29:49 <kital> !
20:29:55 <liknus> kital, go ahead
20:30:07 <kital> i think cmpahar was first
20:30:21 <kital> cmpahar: go ahead
20:30:28 <cmpahar> thanks kital
20:30:33 <liknus> oops...sorry... cmpahar
20:30:58 <cmpahar> i want to figure out what was sspreitzer means on that <sspreitzer> and if they select FOSS, we are paid off
20:31:46 <sspreitzer> ah yes
20:31:51 <liknus> He meant that then we would have accomplice our target (or part of it)
20:31:51 <sspreitzer> may I explain?
20:31:56 <liknus> sspreitzer, go ahead
20:31:59 <sspreitzer> okay
20:32:25 <sspreitzer> lets say we convince a 17 years old passionated person for FOSS
20:32:40 <sspreitzer> he might later, when he becomes CIO/CTO of a big company
20:32:58 <sspreitzer> decide for the FOSS use and not the proprietary use
20:33:02 <sspreitzer> eof
20:33:16 <cmpahar> thanks sspreitzer :)
20:33:26 <sspreitzer> cmpahar, you are welcome :)
20:33:38 <liknus> thanks both :) kital ...
20:33:44 <kital> i think these points are valid
20:34:23 <th0br0> !
20:34:38 <kital> i think we have great examples of Students who follow this approach
20:34:43 <kital> within Ambassadors
20:34:44 * liknus sees th0br0 :)
20:35:03 <kital> like Mirlan or a lot Indian Ambassadors
20:35:19 <kital> i think personally that they all can live within the Ambassadors Group
20:35:45 <kital> today we have got a new Candidate who is 14 years old
20:35:52 <sspreitzer> omg
20:35:56 <sspreitzer> +1
20:35:59 <kital> i do not care where an Ambassador spreads the word
20:36:06 <nihed> +1
20:36:07 <liknus> and here is giannisk = 15 years old :)
20:36:17 <constanton> +1
20:36:21 <liknus> +1
20:36:22 * sspreitzer gets tears in his eyes
20:36:28 <sspreitzer> ;)
20:36:29 <biertie> kital: sometimes yes, but what if we want to do things somewhat differently... wouldn't we have troubles then with famsco etc? :)
20:36:35 <kital> there is an danger that we cause new management overhead with another ambassador group
20:36:53 <kital> biertie: you can do what ever you want
20:37:00 <liknus> +1 for the overhead
20:37:10 <kital> and it would much easier to use our ressources
20:37:18 <underscores> +1 for the same reason (and I think it may confuse as we have basicly the same goals)
20:37:26 <kital> just my opinion
20:37:31 <biertie> kital: we have support from red hat! :)
20:37:35 <dramsey> +1
20:37:48 <kital> not that i want to discourage you - you will always have my support
20:37:50 <kital> eof
20:37:54 <heffer> !
20:38:27 <liknus> I got everything written so i ll post them all together
20:38:29 <liknus> halfline,
20:38:35 <liknus> sorry heffer ...
20:38:42 <heffer> no problem
20:39:08 <heffer> i think this should be discussed more on another occasion
20:39:41 <liknus> Thats why I should post this considerations on the list
20:40:38 <liknus> heffer, anything more on that?
20:40:46 <heffer> not right now
20:40:53 <liknus> ok
20:40:55 <heffer> i will join in on the discussion on the list
20:41:02 <liknus> th0br0,
20:41:09 <th0br0> Right...
20:41:52 <th0br0> I think we might run into a ... more or less of a problem here. Just for some background information: currently, at my school, we are trying to get students to know
20:42:28 <th0br0> FOSS better and to use it from time to time. However, these attempts are actually endangered by our regional administration who made some contracts for MS stuff etc.
20:42:47 <biertie> !
20:42:49 <heffer> !
20:42:57 <giannisk> !
20:42:58 <sspreitzer> :(
20:43:06 * liknus show biertie heffer giannisk
20:43:10 <th0br0> So now, for actually gaining *young* people to join the FOSS mindset, i think that we'll have to ...
20:43:37 <th0br0> pursue two different "marketing strategies", one aimed at students, while the other one being aimed at the administrations.
20:43:44 * liknus meant saw....what is happening to me? :P
20:44:10 <sspreitzer> !
20:44:22 <th0br0> At the same time, if you want to introduce FOSS to schools, then you've got to provide not just mere spins but rather complete solutions for user administration etc. So far, there are a few out there ... I've only had contact with one so far so I can't argue much on this.
20:44:37 <th0br0> So in general, this might be a bigger challenge than we currently perceive it to be.
20:44:44 <th0br0> I guess this is EOF
20:45:13 <liknus> Not that I want to stop that discussion but i believe that we should continue it on the list with all ambassadors round the world
20:45:20 <liknus> biertie,
20:45:23 <biertie> th0br0: believe me or not, but that's one of the problems we face in about *all* schools, and that's something we want to 'fight' with the campus ambassadors program but you have a good point about the 3 marketing strategies..
20:45:24 <cmpahar> +1
20:45:43 <heffer> +1, i can make my point on the list
20:45:49 <biertie> and you're right about the 'complete solutions', but I think foss has something to offer there too :-)
20:46:11 <sspreitzer> !
20:46:16 <th0br0> I think we should make this a joint effort, where a *big* part of the FOSS community is collaborating to bring FOSS to schools.
20:46:22 * liknus saw sspreitzer
20:47:26 <liknus> Please everyone remember to "eof" everytime you end your part on the meeting
20:47:37 <liknus> th0br0, anything more?
20:47:52 <biertie> th0br0: true, that's one reason why we're not in the ambassador program
20:47:52 <biertie> eof
20:48:19 <liknus> giannisk,
20:48:34 <th0br0> liknus: sorry, eof :S
20:49:08 <liknus> giannisk, anything you want to add?
20:49:15 <giannisk> i just wanted to say that here in my school it is getting really worse...no one knows about FOOS...and books are only focusing on MS stuff
20:49:26 <giannisk> eof
20:49:33 <liknus> sspreitzer, sorry for the delay ...go ahead
20:49:39 <sspreitzer> thanks liknus
20:49:59 <sspreitzer> as some of you might know im also living in Bavaria, Germany
20:50:15 <sspreitzer> the government of germany chose the path of FOSS
20:50:43 <sspreitzer> and they even design their own Linux for there administration services
20:50:49 <biertie> !
20:50:50 <sspreitzer> based upon debian
20:51:03 * liknus saw biertie
20:51:12 <sspreitzer> as well as the german department of foreign affairs chose linux
20:51:21 <sspreitzer> if bertie or thj0br0
20:51:45 <sspreitzer> one of you need help or contacts or decision suggesting documents
20:51:56 <sspreitzer> TCO calculations or whatever
20:52:08 <sspreitzer> ill be glad to organize them for you
20:52:10 <sspreitzer> eof
20:52:26 <liknus> thanks sspreitzer for the info :)
20:52:41 <liknus> So lets all move on
20:52:53 <liknus> Anything more on Announcements?
20:52:56 <sspreitzer> liknus, bertie is on the list
20:53:17 <liknus> Sorry biertie :)
20:53:22 <liknus> thanks sspreitzer
20:53:26 <biertie> sspreitzer: first: thank you that you want to do that (about the documents)
20:53:41 <biertie> but I just wanted to add: a lot of governments start to embrace FOSS in europe
20:53:53 <biertie> but not yet schools -or it even gets worse in schools-
20:53:54 <biertie> eof
20:54:13 <liknus> Ok anyone else on announcements?
20:54:27 <th0br0> !
20:54:30 <liknus> th0br0,
20:55:19 <th0br0> Just some quick comment, I think that a major problem for the regional levels of administration is also the lack of professional support. And many schools don't have the manpower to do the support themselves. My region is kinda like an exception, but I presume this lack of prof. support for schools for FOSS might be a main reason... EOF
20:55:46 <liknus> thanks th0br0
20:55:49 <liknus> now..
20:55:55 <liknus> #topic Events
20:55:59 <cwickert> !
20:56:08 <liknus> cwickert, go ahead
20:56:18 <cwickert> event report from last saturday at
20:56:22 <cwickert> #link http://www.christoph-wickert.de/blog/2010/02/17/4-linux-informationstag-oldenburg/
20:56:24 <cwickert> eof
20:56:46 <liknus> Thanks cwickert . You did some nice job there :)
20:57:11 <liknus> So...
20:57:26 <liknus> Our next event on EMEA region is Cebit
20:57:31 <cmpahar> !
20:57:39 <dramsey> #link http://www.cebit.de/
20:57:54 <liknus> We have previously encountered the problem
20:57:55 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Cebit_2010
20:58:08 <liknus> And still we have no event owner
20:58:13 <liknus> thanks dramsey
20:58:24 <liknus> Anyone on that?
20:58:32 <liknus> cmpahar, about Cebit?
20:58:40 <heffer> ! on cebit
20:58:43 <cmpahar> about a event report
20:58:51 <liknus> heffer,
20:58:52 <th0br0> !
20:58:59 <th0br0> (cebit)
20:59:08 <heffer> we're over the deadline of applying for a presence on cebit already
20:59:13 <liknus> cmpahar, wait a little bit on that :)
20:59:20 <cmpahar> liknus, no problem
20:59:30 <heffer> i asked sdziallas to take care but he's deep into his exams at the moment :D
20:59:38 <heffer> eof
20:59:47 <liknus> heffer, So i guess we have nothing to do on that anymore
20:59:57 <liknus> Is anyone going to attend whatsoever?
21:00:03 <heffer> guess so
21:00:28 <biertie> liknus: I *might* be there on saturday, but I'm not sure yet, so I don't count as event owner too :)
21:00:29 <liknus> It would be nice to have a report on the FOSS presence in order to keep up with others
21:01:21 <biertie> liknus: I could do that, if I go, not sure yet
21:01:29 <liknus> ok biertie thanks :)
21:01:31 <liknus> th0br0,
21:02:20 <th0br0> Oh I just wanted to say that (for future CeBits) staying at Halle is pretty cheap, although you'll need ~30-40min each morning to get to cebit...
21:02:22 <cwickert> ! (cebit)
21:02:33 <th0br0> i can't be there due to school unfortunately.
21:02:33 <th0br0> eof
21:02:41 <liknus> th0br0, you could state it on the wiki :)
21:02:57 <th0br0> I'll get further information on it and post it then. eof
21:02:58 <liknus> cwickert, go ahead
21:03:02 <cwickert> I talked to romal on saturday, he used to organize cebit and I think he was already in contact with the organizers
21:03:15 <sdziallas> ! (cebit, too)
21:03:16 <cwickert> so he may already have an agreement on the booth
21:03:20 <cwickert> but not sure
21:03:23 <liknus> #action th0br0 edit the wiki on accommodation for Cebit
21:03:30 <cwickert> I will have to ask him for details
21:03:31 <cwickert> eof
21:03:58 <ascenseur> *sincere apologies for the late arrival
21:04:11 <liknus> #action cwickert clarify with romal the booth on Cebit
21:04:15 <liknus> ok cwickert ?
21:04:22 <cwickert> ok
21:04:27 <liknus> ascenseur, no problem :)
21:04:34 <liknus> sdziallas, go ahead
21:04:56 * GeroldKa also :-)
21:05:17 <sdziallas> alright, so I double-checked the information concerning the Linux Media sponsored booths, and I guess we won't be able to get stuff there, as they announced their partner projects already.
21:05:50 <sdziallas> unfortunately, I'll be travelling almost the whole week, so I wouldn't count as an event owner, either.
21:05:59 <GeroldKa> !
21:06:08 * liknus saw GeroldKa
21:06:13 <sdziallas> last year, I stayed at the Gnome Booth with Sven Herzberg, if anybody's interested there...
21:06:15 <sdziallas> EOF
21:06:24 <liknus> GeroldKa,
21:06:35 <GeroldKa> Do you imagine what costs are for Cebit? Only for a hotel room; there are already booked; since MONTH in advance
21:06:51 <GeroldKa> we had this discussion also last year
21:06:58 <GeroldKa> were we wanted to attend
21:07:03 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, <th0br0> Oh I just wanted to say that (for future CeBits) staying at Halle is pretty cheap, although you'll need ~30-40min each morning to get to cebit...
21:07:05 <GeroldKa> with one or two peopele
21:07:26 <GeroldKa> and we were not elected to be there
21:07:29 <GeroldKa> EOF
21:07:55 <heffer> staying at sdziallas' place could also be very cheap :D
21:08:00 <heffer> just joking
21:08:13 <biertie> heffer: +1
21:08:21 * underscores has to go, sorry but good bye :)
21:08:22 <liknus> ok done for Cebit. Next year we could be more organized on that :)
21:08:27 <liknus> underscores, bye
21:08:35 <sdziallas> heffer: that would have worked (at least for one person), if I was at home and attending. I won't be around, though.
21:09:06 <liknus> sannithomas_gh,  has to say something for an event :)
21:09:28 <sannithomas_gh> Thanks liknus
21:09:34 <liknus> sannithomas_gh, go ahead and surprise us from Africa :)
21:10:08 <sannithomas_gh> In May this year there Ghana will be hosting the 4th IDLELO. This is a program hosted by FOSSFA
21:10:24 <sannithomas_gh> #link http://www.idlelo.net/
21:11:02 <sannithomas_gh> I havent seen too much activity from Fedorians here in Ghana or the West Africa region
21:11:12 <cwickert> ?
21:11:37 <liknus> sannithomas_gh, Are you planning to attend?
21:11:42 <sannithomas_gh> Since there will be an exhibition part of the program the objective is to have a Fedora exhibition too
21:11:55 <liknus> Nice sannithomas_gh !
21:12:00 <dramsey> +1
21:12:01 <sannithomas_gh> liknus- yes I plan to attend this
21:12:06 <GeroldKa> +1
21:12:09 <biertie> +1
21:12:21 <liknus> You want anything on swag, media etc?
21:12:22 <GeroldKa> sannithomas_gh, how can we support you?
21:12:27 <liknus> Any help :)
21:12:37 <sannithomas_gh> yes i will require media etc.
21:12:50 <sannithomas_gh> i have decided to burn few copies of the F12
21:12:56 <liknus> Ok, i guess you should file a request on our ticketing system
21:13:16 <sannithomas_gh> and do some demo on hacks..etc using Fedora
21:13:21 <sspreitzer> !
21:13:37 * liknus saw cwickert  sspreitzer
21:13:52 <kital> !
21:14:08 <liknus> #action sannithomas_gh request media through out ticketing system
21:14:21 * cwickert has nothing to say, question already ansered
21:14:30 <sannithomas_gh> I spoke to the assistant organizer, but she requires some letter showing representation of Fedora.
21:14:46 <biertie> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/
21:14:51 <kital> there is an open request for ghana i have set asside stuff for it ? sannithomas_gh
21:14:59 <kital> https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/8
21:15:01 <liknus> We could arrange it (the letter)
21:15:33 <kital> .fas edgates
21:15:34 <zodbot> kital: edgates 'Elijah Hanson' <pkwesihanson@yahoo.com>
21:15:42 <liknus> GeroldKa, can we have an official letter from Fedora EMEA ev
21:15:44 <liknus> ?
21:16:07 <kital> !
21:16:19 <GeroldKa> what kind of letter?
21:16:30 <sannithomas_gh> kital: i will try and talk to the 2 other Fedorians here so we plan this event but his request is not for the FOSSFA event.
21:16:37 <liknus> stating the Ambassador status of sannithomas_gh
21:16:45 <sannithomas_gh> +1
21:17:28 <GeroldKa> I'm not aware that the NPO is stating any Ambassadors
21:17:29 * liknus notes next on the line is sspreitzer and then kital
21:17:46 <liknus> GeroldKa, just asking...
21:17:48 <sannithomas_gh> the request for <.fas edgates> is for a University he attends.
21:17:53 <sspreitzer> thanks liknus
21:18:14 <liknus> wait sspreitzer :)
21:18:21 <GeroldKa> I can write many things on letters :-)
21:18:26 <liknus> We need to address this issue on the official letter
21:18:36 <sannithomas_gh> +1
21:18:41 <liknus> sannithomas_gh, what exactly do you need?
21:19:13 <GeroldKa> would be nice if I get these request by mail with the exact words you need
21:19:27 <liknus> sannithomas_gh, can you do that?
21:19:32 <sannithomas_gh> What I got from the lady meant that they need to be sure I represent Fedora as an ambassador.
21:20:03 <sannithomas_gh> GeroldKa: thanks. can i get your email address then.
21:20:05 <liknus> #action sannithomas_gh mails GeroldKa on the letter and GeroldKa prepares it
21:20:08 <liknus> Is this ok?
21:20:12 <kital> !
21:20:18 <kital> can i say something about this
21:20:18 <kital> ?
21:20:25 <liknus> kital, go ahead :)
21:20:25 <GeroldKa> .fas GeroldKa
21:20:26 <zodbot> GeroldKa: geroldka 'Gerold Kassube' <gerold@lugd.org>
21:20:46 <sannithomas_gh> thanks.
21:20:47 <kital> we have a verification page for this
21:20:49 * liknus is sorry for sspreitzer but kital has to comment on that
21:21:02 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/MembershipService/Verification
21:21:35 <sannithomas_gh> kital: it doesnt include me there :(
21:21:40 * sspreitzer is patient as always :>
21:21:53 <kital> .fasinfo sannithomas_gh
21:21:54 <zodbot> kital: User "sannithomas_gh" doesn't exist
21:22:00 <sannithomas_gh> .fas linuxthomass
21:22:01 <zodbot> sannithomas_gh: linuxthomass '' <linuxthomass@gmail.com>
21:22:22 <kital> you are listed in unknown country
21:22:43 <kital> you may want to enter your country code  in FAS
21:23:10 <sannithomas_gh> ok
21:23:11 <kital> regarding to this letter, famsco is also always happy to help out with these
21:23:14 <kital> eof
21:23:38 <sspreitzer> liknus, ?
21:23:39 <liknus> So i suggest sannithomas_gh contact that lady if that page fits her
21:23:53 <liknus> then see if we need a special letter
21:23:54 <liknus> ok?
21:24:03 <liknus> #undo
21:24:03 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Link object at 0x2b6f96a8f590>
21:24:10 <sannithomas_gh> ok
21:24:48 <liknus> #action sannithomas_gh contact a lady on Verification page and change his details on FAS
21:25:02 <liknus> nice... sspreitzer  go ahead (at last) :)
21:25:08 <sspreitzer> thanks
21:25:25 <sspreitzer> i think the Africa section of EMEA needs more support
21:25:34 <biertie> +1
21:25:38 <sspreitzer> and more Fedora contributors
21:25:40 <liknus> +1
21:25:40 <biertie> !
21:25:41 <sannithomas_gh> +1
21:25:43 <sspreitzer> so
21:25:52 <sspreitzer> I suggest we apply for FOSSFA
21:26:08 <th0br0> +1
21:26:12 <killefiz> ! (fad_niederrhein in March)
21:26:39 <sspreitzer> and try to get some of us funded to fly over and try to recruit more Fedora people at FOSSFA
21:26:54 <sannithomas_gh> +1
21:27:02 <sspreitzer> i think thats some point for famsco?
21:27:05 <sspreitzer> eof
21:27:40 <sannithomas_gh> fortunately through my consultancy I have been able to move a few companies to switch to Fedora. My current target is the universities.
21:28:10 <kital> sspreitzer: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Jsimon#Future_plans first topic
21:28:12 <liknus> ok nice we should contact famsco on that :) kital ?
21:28:42 <kital> liknus: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Jsimon#Future_plans first topic
21:28:47 <liknus> nice :)
21:28:53 <sspreitzer> great
21:28:59 <liknus> ok where were we?
21:29:02 <liknus> biertie,
21:29:27 <sspreitzer> kital, can we make an action on this? I also would like to offer my help if I can get funded and can fly over to stand at that booth.
21:29:55 <kital> sspreitzer: i would prefer not to send over an european
21:30:06 <biertie> well, I someone from africa <forgot his name :$> was at the fad before fudcon, and he told us that I wouldn't be simple to give more things to his country, and that might be a problem in all african countries?
21:30:11 <kital> nayyar from mocambique seems a good choice
21:30:35 <liknus> kital, i could help too.. i guess we are flying cheap from Athens down there than from central europw
21:30:42 <biertie> I think his country was Tunisia
21:30:43 <biertie> eof
21:30:49 <kital> #action add Africa FOSSFA support to next meeting agenda for discussion
21:31:20 <liknus> thanks kital and biertie
21:31:47 <liknus> So lets move on to our next event
21:31:51 <kital> liknus: often flight to inner africa go through south africa which is strange
21:32:09 <kital> #undo
21:32:09 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x2b6f945a2150>
21:32:18 <kital> #action add Africa FOSSFA support to next famsco meeting agenda for discussion
21:32:35 <heffer> sorry guys but i need to leave now
21:32:54 <liknus> kital, i know...we have direct to Johanesburg and not to inner africa...weird :S
21:33:03 <liknus> bye heffer
21:33:25 <liknus> So ... Open Source Days.. rsc ?
21:33:33 <sannithomas_gh> liknus: from which country?
21:33:40 <liknus> Greece
21:33:44 <sspreitzer> Munich - Accra, direct with retour 729 EUR
21:34:31 <sspreitzer> oh no, its over Frankfurt
21:34:46 <rsc> liknus: ?
21:35:10 <liknus> on the event Open Source Days? are you the owner?
21:35:45 <rsc> yes.
21:36:08 <biertie> talk about it then rsc ;)
21:36:12 <rsc> I'm the event owner, we'll likely have one or two Danish ambassadors there (that's 50-100% of our ambassadors)
21:36:26 * wonderer appologize for being late
21:36:41 <rsc> (the coordination team of Open Source Days allows up to 3 persons per community booth)
21:37:07 <rsc> Swag etc. is already handled with kital - let's try to have a nice event there :)
21:37:27 <rsc> EOF
21:37:31 <liknus> Athens - Accra 678 EUR... sspreitzer :P (just kidding)
21:37:55 <sspreitzer> liknus, munich - accra 0 EUR ( by foot )
21:37:56 <sspreitzer> ;)
21:37:58 <liknus> thanks rsc .. good luck over there!
21:37:58 <GeroldKa> rsc, go to the tivoli
21:38:09 <GeroldKa> there is also a HardRockCafee at the corner :-)
21:38:34 <liknus> sspreitzer, you would still have to cross Souez
21:38:36 <liknus> :P
21:38:46 <rsc> thanks and yes, I'll do some sightseeing ;)
21:39:00 <sspreitzer> liknus, im from Fedora, I can walk on water
21:39:01 <sspreitzer> haha
21:39:13 <liknus> hahaha :) nice one sspreitzer :)
21:39:23 <th0br0> liknus: frankfurt - accra 627.15€! ;) but let's stick to the rules i guess.
21:39:36 <liknus> ok So I think we are done for the upcoming events
21:39:42 <cmpahar> !
21:39:44 <killefiz> liknus: no
21:39:47 <liknus> cmpahar,
21:39:55 <biertie> ach, if I still can announce my event :)
21:40:01 <cmpahar> just an event report from last sunday
21:40:07 <cmpahar> #link http://bacharakis.com/2010/02/17/fedora-talk-at-university-of-macedonia-recap/
21:40:14 <cmpahar> the best thig
21:40:27 <cmpahar> thing in my talk was that there were 2 volunteers who were interpreting everything into Greek Sign Language
21:40:31 <liknus> Christos had a nice presentation on Thessaloniki :) Well done Chris!
21:41:07 <cmpahar> and in any future fedora talks in Thessaliki we will have these 2 girls "translating"
21:41:13 <giannisk> it was great
21:41:18 * liknus saw biertie and killefiz
21:41:32 <cmpahar> EOF
21:41:35 <liknus> nice cmpahar ! Thanks for the report
21:41:39 <liknus> killefiz,
21:41:45 <killefiz> We're going to have a small fad in moenchengladbach (Germany, near the Dutch border) at the end of March ( http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Niederrhein_2010 ). Topic is mostly hacking on Fedora-Related stuff. Please spread the word and add yourself to the wiki if you're able to attend.
21:42:00 <killefiz> eof
21:42:11 <liknus> Nice killefiz ! (We have more and more FADs... thats nice)
21:42:19 <liknus> biertie,
21:42:33 <biertie> on 10 and 11 april (I know, it's still a long time) I'm organising an sys admin related event in Antwerp, belgium
21:42:37 <biertie> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Load_2010
21:42:48 <biertie> any fedora people that want to attend, please join us
21:42:54 <biertie> and the call for papers is still open :)
21:42:59 <biertie> eof
21:43:25 <liknus> Thanks biertie :) I hope you will have success on that!
21:43:32 <biertie> thx :)
21:43:39 <liknus> Anything anyone on other event?
21:43:43 <zoltanh7211> !
21:43:49 <liknus> zoltanh7211, go ahead
21:44:41 <zoltanh7211> I'm currently planning to have an common event at Budapest, and I have got currently some support company called mconet
21:45:09 <zoltanh7211> and I would like to have many attendants
21:45:17 <sspreitzer> +1
21:45:18 <zoltanh7211> for talks
21:45:21 <zoltanh7211> also
21:45:46 <zoltanh7211> so if anybody interested shoot a mail, an I will count in also for talks
21:45:53 <liknus> Making a wiki page on that would be nice :)
21:46:13 <zoltanh7211> Liknus: I'm on it
21:46:32 <liknus> nice. thanks zoltanh7211 :)
21:46:45 <zoltanh7211> More later on in details
21:46:47 <zoltanh7211> eof
21:46:56 <liknus> #action zoltanh7211 makes a wiki page on Budapest event
21:47:12 <liknus> ok anyone on events?
21:47:49 <liknus> Lets move on reviewing items from previous meeting
21:48:34 <liknus> we only have cwickert asking on LXDE media
21:48:37 <liknus> cwickert, ?
21:48:50 <liknus> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2010-01-27/fedora-meeting.2010-01-27-20.01.html
21:49:03 <cwickert> no reply from max
21:49:08 <cwickert> he is busy
21:49:15 <biertie> he is :(
21:49:29 <liknus> he is indeed :(
21:49:38 <cwickert> I will write a mail to the ambassadors list to gather opinions from the ambassadors
21:49:47 <cwickert> how many media they think they need
21:49:58 <cwickert> and then get back to max or kital with that number
21:49:59 <cwickert> ok?
21:50:00 <liknus> I guess we should wait and have our eyes open for the next media requests
21:50:10 <sspreitzer> !
21:50:32 <cwickert> liknus, we need them in this cycle, we neet them for CLT in march
21:50:39 <cwickert> one month from now
21:51:00 <liknus> #action cwickert takes care on how many and what media we nee
21:51:02 <th0br0> I have to go, good bye everyone.
21:51:08 <liknus> bye th0br0
21:51:09 <GeroldKa> ! and ?
21:51:13 <cwickert> fine with me liknus
21:51:19 <liknus> sspreitzer,
21:51:31 <sspreitzer> thanks linkus
21:51:56 <sspreitzer> kital, what about the media issue in general? and the famsco items on it?
21:52:43 <kital> sspreitzer: there is a ticket that has max as owner
21:52:57 <kital> and which stated that you both works on it
21:53:18 <sspreitzer> kital, as this issue is blocking for months now
21:53:24 <kital> right now max is really not able to work on this!
21:53:30 <GeroldKa> cwickert, do you have any idea what it costs creating a set of DvDs or CD's to produce them in a manner way? Glas-Master CDs, DvD's Label, Sleeves a.s.o.
21:53:31 <sspreitzer> of course
21:53:34 <sspreitzer> but we
21:53:42 <sspreitzer> what about fedora?
21:54:00 <GeroldKa> what do you mean with "fedora" sspreitzer ?
21:54:16 <liknus> GeroldKa, go ahead with ! & ? :) ( you already did i guess)
21:54:19 <sspreitzer> I mean i fucking get nutz on this issue
21:54:30 <cwickert> GeroldKa, no idea
21:54:31 <liknus> Please sspreitzer ... dont get upset
21:54:44 <sspreitzer> i proposed like 3 ways of handling this
21:54:53 <sspreitzer> nothing moves
21:55:11 <sspreitzer> i think im going to drop this part of work, becuase i get no support
21:55:16 <sspreitzer> like cwickert does
21:55:18 <liknus> If we think that this is a major issue we should alltogether decide it is and promote it like one
21:55:46 <liknus> sspreitzer, calm down :)
21:55:50 <sspreitzer> grmpfl
21:55:59 <cwickert> sspreitzer, I never said I drop anything! i still think we can and WILL do it
21:56:01 <cwickert> eof
21:56:13 <liknus> Lets get to the blocking point
21:56:15 <sspreitzer> i say for me
21:56:19 <sspreitzer> personally
21:56:24 <sspreitzer> 4 months is enough
21:56:27 <liknus> what that is according to you sspreitzer ?
21:56:39 <cwickert> !
21:57:00 <sspreitzer> i tried to to implement a generalized media production process
21:57:05 <liknus> ok
21:57:05 <sspreitzer> in the behalf of redhat
21:57:07 <liknus> and...
21:57:15 <sspreitzer> where we can order and redhat will pay
21:57:22 <GeroldKa> !!!!!!
21:57:30 <liknus> sspreitzer, wait a bit
21:57:34 <liknus> GeroldKa,
21:57:37 <sspreitzer> neithter Max nor the community (Fedora) were able to do more then just say
21:57:39 <sspreitzer> ok
21:57:40 <GeroldKa> to be honest; RH will never give up and outside their hand
21:57:44 <sspreitzer> go ahead
21:57:55 <GeroldKa> the production of media with their Trademark on it
21:58:02 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, thats not the point
21:58:11 <GeroldKa> and believe me, this is a damned thing I've learned
21:58:29 <liknus> guys..one by the time
21:58:37 <GeroldKa> you need for professional production all issues
21:58:46 <GeroldKa> also tradmark usage
21:58:48 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, you dont have a clue
21:59:01 <GeroldKa> yes; I'm an idiot I know
21:59:05 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, we have the company, we have the budget
21:59:14 <GeroldKa> you have budget?
21:59:15 <kital> GeroldKa: this is not true
21:59:16 <kital> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Distribution/OnlineVendors
21:59:20 <GeroldKa> who has budget?
21:59:22 <kital> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Distribution/LocalVendors
21:59:27 <sspreitzer> ok guys
21:59:44 <liknus> Lets all calm down and talk one by one please
21:59:58 <sspreitzer> i see its like i attend one meeting a year and rewind all the years issues in one meeting
21:59:59 <GeroldKa> EOF
21:59:59 <liknus> sspreitzer, please continue
22:00:07 <sspreitzer> I give up on the media issue
22:00:09 <kital> !
22:00:19 <liknus> kital,
22:00:22 <sspreitzer> someone else please do this
22:00:29 <sspreitzer> IM NOT EOF YET
22:00:38 <liknus> sorry sspreitzer :(
22:00:40 <kital> sspreitzer: why do you not spoke with max on fosdem and requested money from him ?
22:00:41 <liknus> go ahead
22:00:47 <kital> like i did for shipping ?
22:00:48 <kital> eof
22:01:19 * sspreitzer bang head on keyboard
22:01:25 <sspreitzer> EOF
22:01:38 <liknus> Ok
22:01:44 <liknus> I have a suggestion
22:02:00 <liknus> Shall we call a special meeting (with max attending) on that issue?
22:02:06 <liknus> maybe next week?
22:02:23 <cwickert> liknus, max is out for the next week at least
22:02:38 <cwickert> liknus, but +1 one to your idea
22:02:49 <liknus> ok maybe on two week then
22:03:11 <cwickert> then we are running out of time
22:03:12 <liknus> Shall I arrange it? sspreitzer kital GeroldKa anyone?
22:03:13 <kital> GeroldKa: is there money around for pressing 200 media
22:03:29 <GeroldKa> I don't know
22:03:40 <kital> /around/available
22:03:48 <sspreitzer> liknus, im out of the issue
22:03:54 <cwickert> liknus, please keep me up to date, I'd like to attend this meeting
22:03:58 <GeroldKa> which amount kital?
22:04:04 <liknus> ok cwickert :)
22:04:18 <kital> sspreitzer: do you have prices?
22:04:27 <liknus> #action liknus arrange a meeting on media issue
22:04:51 <kital> zoltanh7211: do you have prices
22:04:52 <kital> ?
22:05:14 <bochecha> kital, we pay 0.55€ per CD here when we make 1000
22:05:17 <zoltanh7211> kital - yes I have sent to sspreitzer
22:05:18 <liknus> please dont abandon it sspreitzer ... you did some job and we are thankful for that. I can see there are some blockers but i think that we can get round to it
22:06:01 <zoltanh7211> sspreitzer: don't let your anger lead you
22:06:12 <sspreitzer> liknus, get me a letter from RHT entitling me to order the media in future in behalf of RHT or on theri bill, and I will continue. Otherwise im out.
22:06:32 <kital> sspreitzer: you do not need this letter
22:06:34 <GeroldKa> muahua
22:06:37 <liknus> sspreitzer, please give it another chance with our community approach .. i think we worth it
22:06:44 <bochecha> sspreitzer, why would you need that to order some CDs ? oO
22:06:46 <GeroldKa> on behalf of Red Hat
22:06:55 <GeroldKa> you`re kidding sspreitzer
22:07:13 <kital> sspreitzer: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Distribution/OnlineVendors#Western_Europe
22:07:19 <sspreitzer> jesus
22:07:28 <sspreitzer> you guys make me sick
22:07:32 <liknus> ok ok
22:08:01 <liknus> sspreitzer, can you please state all the things that you said here in that special meeting in two weeks from now?
22:08:20 <sspreitzer> we decided to bring a process in place where fedora people can order the media and RHT will pay the bill
22:08:22 <GeroldKa> to be honest kital
22:08:27 <sspreitzer> thats the decision
22:08:30 <GeroldKa> what's that: http://www.aum-engineering.com/fedora.html
22:08:32 <sspreitzer> and NOTHING happened
22:08:39 <GeroldKa> the first vendor on your given link
22:08:54 <GeroldKa> fu**** Bulls**
22:09:01 <sspreitzer> liknus, ok
22:09:16 <GeroldKa> FC6 for that amount
22:09:21 <liknus> thanks a lot sspreitzer
22:09:31 <GeroldKa> maybe FAMSco should take care of such pages
22:09:31 <liknus> its collectable now GeroldKa :P
22:09:34 <rsc> GeroldKa: it is F9 already for 12-20 Euro ;)
22:09:34 <loupgaroublond> kital, yes?
22:09:35 <biertie> GeroldKa: F9 according to the text above it :)
22:09:38 <sspreitzer> liknus, you are welcome :)
22:09:38 <kital> liknus: you can follow it here https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/11
22:09:43 <loupgaroublond> i'm trying to help greg out too IRL right now
22:10:11 <kital> loupgaroublond: do we have money to help out sspreitzer to produce official xfce media soon
22:10:16 <rsc> sspreitzer: everything > 5 Euro _per_ _medium_ is horrible worse.
22:10:35 <liknus> ok all.. lets stop this discusion for now and spin it off to a special meeting
22:10:39 <liknus> ok?
22:10:40 <kital> zoltanh7211: what are your prices?
22:10:49 <biertie> rsc: not _IF_ you get support in return
22:11:01 <zoltanh7211> kital: wait, opening the pages
22:11:13 <rsc> biertie: support by aum-engineering.com whenever needed? ;)
22:11:21 <loupgaroublond> hold on a second
22:11:25 <GeroldKa> rotfl rsc
22:11:31 <biertie> rsc: off course! ;)
22:11:48 <liknus> GUYS! protocol, time and order! please...
22:11:49 <GeroldKa> omg
22:11:56 <GeroldKa> the second "vendor": http://www.callacd.com/index_fedora_cd.htm
22:12:06 <GeroldKa> I got crises :-(
22:12:31 <liknus> ok GeroldKa point taken...wiki page needs renewal
22:12:50 <liknus> kital, can you do it?
22:13:05 <rsc> and we need real vendors without exorbitant prices.
22:13:10 <kital> liknus: no i do not care about media - i will tell susmit
22:13:21 <zoltanh7211> kital: I have sent an mail to you
22:13:27 <kital> #action contact susmit on media page issue
22:13:28 <GeroldKa> oh wow; let's have another look : http://www.dvd-iso.de/Linux-Distributionen/Fedora-Linux
22:13:33 <cwickert> !
22:13:36 <liknus> #action kital tells susmit about updating media vendors page
22:13:36 <kital> GeroldKa: enough
22:13:42 <liknus> #undo
22:13:42 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x28010c50>
22:14:07 <kital> liknus: susmit works on that?
22:14:09 <liknus> ok everyone
22:14:10 <loupgaroublond> kital, how much is the final bill going to be?
22:14:31 <loupgaroublond> i mean, there are funds to do a 2000 euro project, but i don't know if you guys want to spend that much in the first place
22:14:50 <liknus> loupgaroublond, please do not continue that discusion :)
22:14:52 <kital> loupgaroublond: sorry there is no price around
22:14:56 <kital> eof
22:15:35 <zoltanh7211> kital: you got my mail?
22:15:37 <loupgaroublond> sure
22:15:47 <liknus> Ok everyone.. I understand there are 2 hours since starting this meeting.. So we have Open Floor, Support issue and Video proposal
22:16:20 <zoltanh7211> !
22:16:24 <dramsey> !
22:16:36 <liknus> Shall we continue the meeting or leave some issues back for the next one?
22:16:39 <liknus> zoltanh7211,
22:16:44 * ascenseur needs to be going now - I shall have to read the IRC logs through the wiki - Thanks
22:16:53 <liknus> bye ascenseur
22:17:11 <zoltanh7211> I have begun an release video ad about F13
22:17:29 <liknus> oh nice zoltanh7211
22:17:41 <liknus> have you contacted marketing team?
22:17:47 <zoltanh7211> I have sent an mail to Spot, but no answer
22:17:48 <liknus> constanton, is on that too
22:18:14 * spot looks up
22:18:35 <constanton> hey
22:18:44 <liknus> Can you two make a contact with marketing team to coordinate it a little bit? (regarding dates, points etc)
22:18:48 <kital> zoltanh7211: this is your chance to catch spot
22:19:01 <constanton> !
22:19:34 <spot> what did you need me for?
22:19:37 <zoltanh7211> Spot: I have an agreement from NASA, but I dont know that I could use the video archive truly free
22:19:46 <spot> oh, that sounds familiar
22:19:48 <spot> lemme look
22:21:06 <liknus> while spot is looking constanton on the video thing please
22:21:34 <constanton> ok so
22:21:45 <constanton> I just had an idea that we could improve the promotion of Fedora with a 3-in-1 solution.
22:21:51 <spot> zoltanh7211: okay, so here's the deal
22:21:58 <zoltanh7211> ok
22:22:01 <spot> all of NASA's videos are in the Public Domain
22:22:06 <spot> you can use them however you'd like.
22:22:33 <liknus> nice, thanks spot
22:22:35 <zoltanh7211> oh, thanks - big breath
22:22:46 <spot> Works generated by the US Government are almost always automatically Public Domain. :)
22:22:55 <spot> It is good that you confirmed it with NASA though.
22:23:05 <spot> But yeah, no roadblocks. :)
22:23:07 <liknus> constanton, i think that zoltanh7211 is already on something like you propose
22:23:22 * mcepl is envious to the US citizens :'(
22:23:46 <biertie> mcepl: don't be! ;-)
22:24:31 <zoltanh7211> I have 2 polish fedorians who are helping me to create this launch movie, the musician called AM Samurai, and the maker of their clips is my second helper
22:24:31 <spot> mcepl: it almost makes up for the horrendous copyright and patent laws.
22:25:12 <zoltanh7211> Storyboard ready, currently we try to arrange together the pieces
22:25:24 <mcepl> spot: sure, just I was PhD student in sociology in US and I was very happy with all maps, data, etc. available for free
22:25:55 <mcepl> anyway, I don't want to side-track this discussion with silly Czech corrupted politicians
22:25:56 <liknus> please people stay on topic
22:26:06 <liknus> thanks mcepl
22:26:23 <liknus> zoltanh7211, anything more on that?
22:26:33 <zoltanh7211> Also tried to make some AD movie about fedora, with first Spotmixer
22:26:41 <zoltanh7211> Spot ;)
22:27:10 <liknus> nice zoltanh7211 :)
22:27:16 <spot> :)
22:27:27 <zoltanh7211> The result was sent to kital, but that 30 secs movie isn't finished yet
22:27:51 <zoltanh7211> But I think I will do more marketing stuff, when we are ready
22:28:02 <sspreitzer> zoltanh7211, can you please upstream results for the public?
22:28:12 <liknus> please zoltanh7211 contact marketing and designt team for that things too...even for announcement or review only
22:28:13 <sspreitzer> like on fedorahosted.org ?
22:28:30 <zoltanh7211> Yes, I 'll do it
22:28:59 * liknus reminds everyone on meeting guidelines ( ! ? etc..)
22:29:21 <zoltanh7211> ok, eof
22:29:31 <liknus> #action zoltanh7211 contact marketing and design teams on videos produced
22:29:40 <liknus> thanks zoltanh7211 for all that work :)
22:29:41 <kital> liknus: is it not open floor now?
22:29:53 <liknus> #topic Open Floor
22:29:58 <cmpahar> eeee
22:30:01 <liknus> sorry kital ... i forgot
22:30:01 <cmpahar> !
22:30:05 <kital> ;)
22:30:05 <zoltanh7211> eh
22:30:07 <cmpahar> there is one more topic
22:30:59 <liknus> I think that time has passed and we need to move the Local Support issue on another meeting .. cmpahar ?
22:31:48 <cmpahar> what do i have to answer now!?
22:32:17 <liknus> cmpahar, dont get upset man... i am just worried that many people left/about to leave
22:32:34 <cmpahar> do what ever you like
22:32:41 <cmpahar> move it to the next meeting
22:33:12 <liknus> It's not what i like .. it is what is logical
22:33:33 <cmpahar> it is logical to keep the guidelines
22:33:37 <liknus> And I am not "xadakwneis" you .... (greek stuff anyone else)
22:34:16 <cmpahar> just close the meeting to get over with it
22:34:27 <liknus> So anyone on that? What shall we do? Continue on that or not?
22:34:37 <cmpahar> i was waiting and trying to participate in the meeting
22:34:40 <cmpahar> the past 2 hours
22:34:50 <cmpahar> please just end it :)
22:34:55 <cmpahar> there is no one here :)
22:35:05 <liknus> my dear Chris dont get upset please :)
22:35:21 <liknus> Anyone here left? (or is it just me and you? :P )
22:35:31 <cmpahar> we will discuss this later between you and me.. Bed time ;)
22:35:31 <dramsey> :)
22:35:32 <giannisk> i am still here
22:35:34 <biertie> yes!
22:35:37 <Pant> :)
22:35:37 <biertie> I am here :D
22:35:42 <sannithomas_gh> Im here too
22:36:16 <liknus> any suggestions on the subject?
22:36:30 <cmpahar> i will post my thoughts at the mailing list
22:36:45 <giannisk> i guess that since there are not many ambassadors around,we could end the meeting
22:36:52 <biertie> +1
22:36:59 <liknus> I should wait for them then cmpahar :P :)
22:37:06 <liknus> +1
22:37:08 <zoltanh7211> +1
22:37:34 <cmpahar> +1
22:37:44 <liknus> So if no one has anything more to say (than Local Suport) I should end it in 1 min
22:37:46 <cmpahar> thanks liknus :)
22:37:57 <sannithomas_gh> +1
22:37:57 <liknus> 50
22:38:04 <cmpahar> have a nice night everyone
22:38:07 <dramsey> liknus, thank you for chairing.  :)
22:38:07 <liknus> 40
22:38:19 <liknus> thanks dramsey for attending
22:38:28 <liknus> 20
22:38:29 <dramsey> FYI, if you have not seen some of the "English, Español, and на русском" versions of the Fedora Cheat Cubes by Nushio, the Fedora Cubes are quite nice.  :)
22:38:29 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_collateral#Fedora_Cheat_Cubes
22:38:32 <biertie> good night everybody
22:38:37 <dramsey> Bye.
22:38:40 <Pant> gn
22:38:44 <liknus> cmpahar, night!
22:38:44 <zoltanh7211> sorry guys thx for meeting - good night
22:38:46 <liknus> 5
22:38:49 <liknus> 4
22:38:49 <liknus> 3
22:38:50 <liknus> 2
22:38:52 <liknus> 1
22:38:55 <liknus> #endmeeting