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02:00:53 <makfinsky> Welcome all to the Feb 16, 2010 FAmNA meeting
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02:01:32 <makfinsky> #topic-Agenda
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02:01:38 <makfinsky> Thx VileGent
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02:02:20 <makfinsky> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2010-2-16#Agenda
02:02:20 <makfinsky> 
02:02:25 <makfinsky> #topic Announcements
02:03:21 <makfinsky> Bueller?
02:03:38 * inode0 has an announcement
02:03:46 <inode0> there appear to be no announcements
02:03:54 <makfinsky> Excellent!
02:04:15 <makfinsky> Moving on then.
02:04:17 <makfinsky> #topic Events
02:04:28 <makfinsky> #topic Events - TLF
02:04:36 <makfinsky> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Texas:LinuxFest_2010
02:05:02 <inode0> we had a shipping mishap - I assume it is either straightened out or will be soon
02:05:36 <inode0> I sent stuff, it was refused, then returned to ke4qqq
02:05:49 <makfinsky> Refused by...? That sounds odd.
02:05:53 <inode0> dell
02:06:00 <makfinsky> Heh!
02:06:05 <inode0> just a goof up
02:06:05 <jetrigger> sent to david at work?
02:06:12 <makfinsky> Ok, it happens.
02:06:17 <inode0> scott
02:06:20 <jetrigger> k
02:06:34 <makfinsky> Ok, next.
02:06:37 <inode0> CFP was also extended to 3/1
02:06:54 <inode0> submit papers!
02:06:56 <makfinsky> We do have several folks heading there, correct?
02:07:17 <ke4qqq> jetrigger: it's leaving me tomorrow
02:07:22 <inode0> spevack and I have submitted talks and plan to go if they are accepted
02:07:24 <jetrigger> good deal
02:07:43 <makfinsky> Excellent.
02:07:51 <inode0> there are several Texas people going for sure
02:07:54 <makfinsky> inode0: You seem to be a font of paper ideas.
02:08:34 <inode0> that is all I have on TLF unless collier_s has something to add
02:08:42 <makfinsky> Ok, any other events not on the agenda?
02:08:56 <threethirty> My buddy Murph and The New Jersey Linux User’s group are doing a showing of the film “Revolution OS” at the Darress Theatre in Boonton NJ on Wednesday, March 31st 2010.
02:08:57 <inode0> there is another one on the agenda
02:09:07 <dramsey> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SCaLE_8x_Event
02:09:26 <collier_s> inode0, just to let you know the packages still are not here
02:09:31 <makfinsky> Ah, yes, getting ahead of myself.
02:09:57 <makfinsky> #topic Events - SCALE -- final check-in before event
02:09:57 <makfinsky> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SCaLE_8x_Event
02:10:00 <jds2001> threethirty: where in the world in Boonton?
02:10:00 <inode0> collier_s: ke4qqq just mentioned he will be shipping them tomorrow if I understood him
02:10:16 <collier_s> ah, ok, i just joined, thanks
02:10:36 <threethirty> jds2001: beats me, i think they have a map on their site NJlinux.org
02:10:47 * jds2001 shipped the vertical banners awhile back.
02:10:52 <jds2001> scott should have them now.
02:11:04 <jds2001> but he is unhere.
02:12:01 * nb 
02:12:06 <makfinsky> Ok, what's the update with ScaLe? Lots of folks heading there.
02:12:29 * inode0 just tried to poke lcafiero
02:12:52 <inode0> he likes making a fashionably late entrance for effect
02:12:56 <ke4qqq> makfinsky: there will be a fedora presance
02:12:58 <VileGent> several of us anyways, quaid is keynoteing, and we are have a FAD working on the Summer of Code stuff
02:12:59 <ke4qqq> presence even
02:13:30 <makfinsky> Excellent, any challenges, difficulties?
02:13:32 <VileGent> herlo, i think is giving a talk as well
02:13:43 <VileGent> we will see about the weather
02:13:58 <VileGent> eof
02:14:03 <makfinsky> stpierre is as well. Not sure if it's in FAM capacity though.
02:14:06 * quaid pokes his head in
02:14:38 <quaid> makfinsky: stpierre is who?
02:15:38 <ke4qqq> quaid: chris stpierre
02:15:47 * ke4qqq thought he was listed under lopsa
02:15:53 <ke4qqq> this year anyway
02:16:06 <jds2001> yeah, he is lopsa
02:16:23 <ke4qqq> a lot of LOPSA presence this year
02:16:26 <makfinsky> quaid: stpierre is giving an ldap talk, not sure if he's an ambassador. smart guy, is #rhel often.
02:16:58 <quaid> ok, I'm wondering because we're planning a flyer with Fedora/Red Hat talks
02:17:00 <makfinsky> Sounds like ScaLE is the place to be.
02:17:01 <inode0> he is a lopsa instructor and pal
02:17:14 <jds2001> and an all around good guy
02:17:31 <inode0> not an ambassador but helped at the Fedora booth at the summit
02:17:37 <jds2001> if you really want to be cool, get buttons printed that say 'poor stpierre'
02:17:41 <jds2001> :D
02:18:15 <ke4qqq> quaid: what night is thai?
02:18:16 <quaid> I don't see it on the schedule
02:18:19 <lcafiero5> lopsa hosts SCALE U at SCALE
02:18:20 <ke4qqq> and when are you guys getting in
02:18:26 <quaid> ke4qqq: thai?
02:18:29 <quaid> we're getting in Thu. night
02:18:32 * ke4qqq just found out I am arriving really late on Wednesday night
02:18:39 <ke4qqq> quaid: food
02:18:45 <VileGent> ke4qqq,  11AM thursday
02:18:49 <quaid> ke4qqq: oh!
02:18:53 <quaid> I had no idea ke4qqq was going to be there
02:19:09 <ke4qqq> quaid: attending on someone elses dime, but yes will be there
02:19:25 <quaid> ke4qqq: FAD dinner is planned Santa Monica
02:20:26 <makfinsky> Anything else for SCaLE?
02:20:33 <lcafiero5> Yes
02:20:40 <herlo> oh, hai
02:20:58 <jds2001> the fashionably late herlo, as always :)
02:21:08 <lcafiero5> I agendized this to put out a call at the 11th hour for any swag folks might want to send
02:21:16 <herlo> well, you couldn't call me that if I wasn't fashionably late :)
02:21:21 <lcafiero5> folks = reg ambassadors
02:21:30 <ke4qqq> lcafiero5: I'll be bringing case badges
02:21:31 <jds2001> lcafiero5: i have stuffs I could send.
02:21:40 <lcafiero5> We're set with media, case badges
02:21:46 <ke4qqq> ahhhh cool
02:21:47 <quaid> lcafiero5: I have a small stack of t-shirts
02:21:50 <ke4qqq> then I won't
02:21:52 <herlo> ke4qqq: you going to be at SCaLE? :)
02:21:53 <lcafiero5> and tattoos
02:21:56 <ke4qqq> herlo: yep
02:21:58 <herlo> w00t!
02:22:02 <jds2001> lcafiero5: i have stickers, tattoos, and pens
02:22:18 <lcafiero5> Need pens and stickers
02:22:30 <herlo> lcafiero5: I've got pens, if you want 'em
02:22:32 <lcafiero5> If we don't get 'em, we don't get 'em, but I thought I'd ask.
02:22:34 <jds2001> will send, wont last for all of scale though.
02:22:35 <herlo> buttons somewhat too
02:22:45 * ke4qqq has no buttons
02:22:50 <lcafiero5> Also, I'd like to see how the cheat cubes turn out and maybe run off a bunch to hand out.
02:23:04 <jds2001> do that at kinkos out there.
02:23:06 <makfinsky> lcafiero5: Cheat cubes?
02:23:13 <lcafiero5> Right.
02:23:14 <threethirty> i just made a cheat cube they are awesome
02:23:14 <jds2001> thats what we did last year iirc for the media holders.
02:23:25 <lcafiero5> I remember jds2001
02:23:56 <jds2001> and herlo was making a fool of himself, but when does he not? :D
02:23:59 <lcafiero5> But that's all I had to say, other than plans have worked out well so far and we're looking forward to quaid wowing the masses on Saturday
02:24:26 <lcafiero5> Thanks to vwbusguy for doing all the legwork on location.
02:24:28 <makfinsky> Is the con being recorded?
02:24:35 <herlo> makfinsky: yup
02:24:41 <lcafiero5> I think so, yeah.
02:24:44 <makfinsky> Excellent.
02:24:47 <etank> lcafiero5: have you printed an of the cubes yet?
02:24:48 <ke4qqq> makfinsky: yes - but will be weeks if not months after the fact before they are releasesd
02:24:51 <ke4qqq> released
02:24:55 <lcafiero5> Not yet.
02:25:08 <etank> threethirty: what size paper did you use for them
02:25:10 <lcafiero5> Will probably go to Kinko's tomorrow
02:25:20 <threethirty> etank: a4
02:25:25 <lcafiero5> a4 got it.
02:25:37 <etank> ok. i was thinking 11x17 card stock
02:25:39 <ke4qqq> threethirty: why a4?
02:25:55 <threethirty> ke4qqq: im poor and thats all i have
02:26:04 * lcafiero5 is poor too.
02:26:05 <dramsey> Got to love the cube!  :)
02:26:11 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_collateral#Fedora_Cheat_Cubes
02:26:17 <makfinsky> Ok, anything else for SCaLE? If not, inode has a couple items to mention.
02:26:19 <etank> the cube is awesome
02:26:22 <makfinsky> Thanks dramsey.
02:26:23 * ke4qqq didn't know that a4 was very common in the us
02:26:30 <lcafiero5> I don't have anything else.
02:27:01 <makfinsky> #topic Events - TLF revisited
02:27:07 <VileGent> i printed some on letter but i forgot to pick them up out of the printer i will check in the morning
02:27:28 <inode0> I just forgot to mention that TLF requested that we provide some literature for inclusion in the conference bag
02:27:50 <inode0> so if any marketing/art/ambassador types would like to help with that it would be greatly appreciated
02:28:04 <jds2001> inode0: make a design-team ticket?
02:28:19 <inode0> I'm not taking it, I'm asking for help :)
02:28:43 <ke4qqq> inode0: really? who from TLF?
02:29:09 <inode0> probably nate but I don't know since the request came to me second hand
02:29:23 <jds2001> when is this literature required?
02:29:41 <inode0> probably late March/early April
02:30:01 <jds2001> what kind of literatrue are they looking for?
02:30:23 <inode0> something about Fedora to put in the bag, beyond that I don't know anything
02:30:51 * ke4qqq assumed TLF == The Linux Fund
02:30:51 <inode0> I expect one of the tri-fold stock things would work well, maybe updated
02:30:55 <ke4qqq> not Texas LF
02:31:20 <inode0> ok, one other thing so we can leave events
02:31:30 <inode0> #link http://us.pycon.org/2010/about/
02:31:33 <makfinsky> #topic Events - PyCon
02:32:06 <inode0> Several Fedora developers are attending PyCon again this year from the 17th to 25th of this month
02:32:30 <makfinsky> Wow, that's a long conference.
02:32:44 <inode0> I shipped an emergency supply of Fedora goodness to Atlanta for them to lure people into our lair with
02:33:11 <makfinsky> Excellent. McStabby volunteered to deliver, correct?
02:33:32 <inode0> yes, but I shipped to the conference hotel so he is off the hook
02:33:51 <makfinsky> Ah, good.
02:34:02 <inode0> that is all
02:34:06 <makfinsky> #topic Budget Review
02:34:06 <makfinsky> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Budget
02:34:19 <makfinsky> #topic Budget Review - Fedora Branded USB Key Price Quote
02:34:36 <inode0> ok, just for the record
02:34:58 <inode0> I requested a quote from Red Hat's source of USB sticks used at the past couple of summits
02:35:20 <jds2001> those sucked last year, btw.
02:35:34 <jds2001> or rather the year before
02:35:38 <inode0> The quote I got for Fedora branded 2GB swivel sticks came in around $13.50 - $15.00
02:35:42 <jds2001> the last summit i was it :)
02:36:03 <inode0> which is a bit pricy for us I think - but there it is
02:36:12 <makfinsky> inode0: Wow, that seems pricey.
02:36:21 <ke4qqq> hmmmm think we can get it in before budget cutoff?
02:36:22 <inode0> the branding on them is nice
02:36:44 <inode0> can anyone reach spevack?
02:36:45 * ke4qqq notes there's 16,000 in ambassador budget that will disappear in just a few days
02:36:46 <jds2001> yeah, when you charge $900 for a conference, $15 isnt that much - but for swag, it is :(
02:36:49 <ke4qqq> inode0: no
02:36:50 <ke4qqq> inode0: not really
02:37:09 <inode0> well, let me say something about these
02:37:09 <VileGent> ke4qqq,  i think we can do alot cheaper to be truthful
02:37:24 <inode0> I wasn't thinking about getting them to drop on a table as swag
02:37:30 <ke4qqq> but I am sure quaid or mchua, or gdk could hook us up with a PO
02:37:55 <inode0> quaid mentioned giving them to people who asked good questions at a talk and that got me thinking
02:38:10 <quaid> "Ever filed a bug report?"
02:38:11 <dramsey> +1 great thoughts and ideas.
02:38:13 <inode0> that it would be nice to just have some around for special uses like that
02:38:22 <ke4qqq> I agree
02:38:32 <makfinsky> inode0: +1
02:38:42 * ke4qqq liked the $nextrelease's idea as well
02:39:16 <inode0> ke4qqq: well, I have a quote in hand, just need money :)
02:39:39 <ke4qqq> quaid: ??
02:40:20 <quaid> wow, that's a toughie potentially
02:40:40 <quaid> I'm fairly sure we need spevack for this, and he is deeply out of pocket
02:40:50 <inode0> at a minimum it would run around $2500 I think
02:40:53 <quaid> however, if you bounce me the quote I can get it in to his queue, top-center
02:40:59 <ke4qqq> yeah I know about that - but can gdk help us?
02:41:02 <ke4qqq> or sometihng
02:41:09 <quaid> well, I'll do a full-team alert, yes
02:41:09 <ke4qqq> if not we'll just miss it
02:41:12 <inode0> quaid: I'll forward it to you
02:41:15 <quaid> and greg is last seen in RDU
02:41:46 <ke4qqq> yeah i figure greg is at least in proximity to finance types
02:42:22 <makfinsky> #action Need P.O. for USB sticks, inode0 to forward quote to quaid.
02:42:58 <makfinsky> USB sticks would be nice for demo'ing spins.
02:43:16 <makfinsky> Ok, 5.
02:43:22 <makfinsky> 4.
02:43:24 <makfinsky> 3.
02:43:27 <makfinsky> 2.
02:43:28 <makfinsky> 1.
02:43:29 <makfinsky> #topic Budget Review - Event box for Canada
02:43:55 <ke4qqq> did we not get that bought?
02:45:00 * ke4qqq sees that my email is still in draft
02:45:21 <VileGent> i thought so but we need the have the people for Canada to respond for certain
02:45:27 <makfinsky> Ah, the oft overlooked maintenance.
02:45:54 <ke4qqq> I'll follow up on the list?
02:46:31 <makfinsky> #action ke4qqq will follow up on Event box for Canada.
02:46:34 <inode0> I think it hasn't been taken care of but isn't really that urgent ...
02:46:55 <VileGent> Unfinished Business Event Box for CA (VileGent, 03:05:21)
02:46:55 <VileGent> 1. ACTION: Arsenick arrange with Max to order Pelican 1610 box (VileGent, 03:07:25)
02:46:58 <inode0> I mean $200 now or later isn't really critical
02:47:28 <ke4qqq> ok , that will move til March then
02:47:45 <makfinsky> Anything else?
02:47:48 <makfinsky> 5.
02:47:52 <makfinsky> 4,3,2,1.
02:47:55 <makfinsky> #topic Budget Review - T-Shirt order
02:48:26 <inode0> we have a quote for those also sitting on spevack's desk
02:48:49 <makfinsky> Sounds like we are on hold until max returns.
02:48:49 <inode0> 270 shirts came in at $1,783.00
02:49:00 <ke4qqq> inode0: just order these
02:49:05 <ke4qqq> it will come out whenever it comes out
02:49:07 <makfinsky> inode0: Those are the splatter shirts, yes?
02:49:14 <inode0> no
02:49:15 <VileGent> no
02:49:18 <ke4qqq> tshirt people don't demand payment up front
02:49:37 <inode0> ke4qqq: brian will order them however he and max always do it
02:49:59 <ke4qqq> ahhh didn't realize it was waiting on demonjester
02:50:13 <VileGent> $7 each seems steep for the white shirts
02:50:26 <inode0> these as I understand it are blue shirts with I (f) Fedora on the front and the logo on the back
02:50:57 <inode0> ke4qqq: I think Brian is waiting on Max to say do it
02:51:07 <inode0> but he just got the quote today I think
02:51:36 <ke4qqq> ok, but as quaid noted, max is out of pocket for a bit
02:52:16 <inode0> doesn't know what that means
02:53:04 <makfinsky> Ok, anything more?
02:53:07 <inode0> StabbyMc is also waiting I think on a quote for stickers, or on art or something
02:53:24 <inode0> unless someone wants to tell me what being out of pocket means
02:53:40 <etank> inode0: i think it means unavailable
02:53:47 <ke4qqq> clings gone out?
02:53:58 <makfinsky> inode0: I think it's a military surveillance reference. Means un-reachable.
02:53:59 <inode0> StabbyMc has them is all I know
02:54:46 <makfinsky> #action StabbyMc to send out clings.
02:54:50 <inode0> should we set StabbyMc up with UPS ... I think so
02:55:02 <ke4qqq> inode0: I sdent him details already
02:55:11 <inode0> ok, good
02:55:12 <ke4qqq> for that very purpose when he was in clemson
02:55:39 <makfinsky> #topic Unfinished Business
02:55:39 <makfinsky> #topic Unfinished Business - Campus Ambassador Program
02:56:10 <inode0> just a quick comment that we had a meeting last saturday, biertie is the new sheriff in town
02:56:35 <inode0> he sent out mail to the list about the next meeting, which is really the first meeting
02:56:54 <inode0> it would be great if some NA campus ambassadors would attend
02:56:57 <ke4qqq> awesome!
02:57:16 <makfinsky> Ah, if only I could easily get back to campus...
02:58:41 <inode0> biertie will need help from people in all regions, including NA
02:58:45 <inode0> I'm done
02:58:53 <dramsey> +1 for help
02:59:12 <makfinsky> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Campus_Ambassadors
02:59:17 <makfinsky> Thanks inode0
02:59:27 <makfinsky> Ok, last but not least.
02:59:28 <makfinsky> #topic Open floor
02:59:44 <dramsey> Thinks Scholarship program is way excellent for people...
02:59:47 <dramsey> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Scholarship
03:00:08 <dramsey> eof
03:00:45 <makfinsky> dramsey: Where are you now?
03:00:46 <dramsey> Sends power Fedora 12 energy for Scale event...
03:01:03 <dramsey> Coming to U.S. next week...downtown Tokyo now.
03:01:06 <makfinsky> Are you still heading up the UMD events on the calendar?
03:01:18 <dramsey> Yup!
03:01:58 <dramsey> Going to visit old coworkers at Nasa Goddard and HQ as well as try to get Campus people to network...sort of two birds with one stone concept...
03:02:06 <makfinsky> Excellent, I'll have to hit that up the next time it's not snowing here.
03:02:39 <dramsey> yup, I am sensitive to weather white-out indeed...
03:03:01 <dramsey> +1
03:03:21 <makfinsky> Ok, anything else?
03:03:50 <dramsey> Tnak
03:03:53 <dramsey> hank y
03:03:58 <makfinsky> Closing meeting in 5.
03:04:00 <makfinsky> 4.
03:04:01 <makfinsky> 3.
03:04:02 <makfinsky> 2.
03:04:04 <makfinsky> 1.
03:04:05 <makfinsky> #endmeeting