03:26:43 <dramsey> #startmeeting
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03:26:46 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
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03:26:54 <dramsey> #chair dramsey
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03:27:01 <azneita> .fas azneita
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03:27:08 <dramsey> :D  Welcome to APAC!  :D
03:27:18 <dramsey> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2010-02-07
03:27:34 <dramsey> #agenda Ambassadors Members Pinging
03:27:45 <dramsey> I am using Fedora 12, I love it!  :)
03:28:01 <dramsey> Who else is here?
03:28:08 <harish> yes it is a great piece of engineering
03:28:23 <harish> and i am running on ton a acer aspire one d250 netbook
03:28:29 <dramsey> Excellent.
03:28:36 <dramsey> Very true...I am looking forward to Fedora 13, too.
03:29:04 <azneita> :)
03:29:29 <harish> so, agenda #1 please
03:29:35 <dramsey> Welcome
03:29:36 <dramsey> #agenda News from  FAmSCo may be skip this item if no FAmSCo information / representation is at meeting.
03:29:56 <dramsey> Okay, any news "pinging?"  :)
03:29:58 <harish> no updates?
03:30:32 <dramsey> Are there some updates, which may be useful?
03:30:44 <azneita> we're doing GeekCamp3 this coming March
03:30:58 <harish> i have none to offer
03:31:02 <azneita> Engels, Magie and me are going
03:31:14 <azneita> #link http://bluepoint.com.ph/index.php?entry=20091201120156
03:31:17 <dramsey> For me, biweekly distributions of Fedora 12...
03:31:40 <lcafiero> APAC meeting?
03:31:51 <azneita> yes lcafiero
03:32:02 <harish> lcafiero: welcome
03:32:09 <azneita> harish: i still have some leftover media from last dec
03:32:20 <harish> of f12?
03:32:28 <azneita> we're distributing them on geekcamp
03:32:33 <harish> ok good
03:32:34 <azneita> f12 LiveCDs
03:33:03 <harish> i have the fedora stickers for laptops ready now.  need to get the mailing addresses to ship out.
03:33:04 <dramsey> Great!
03:33:08 <dramsey> Media, media...
03:33:45 <azneita> you still have my address harish :)
03:34:55 <dramsey> Hi lcafiero!  :)
03:35:03 <harish> silence?
03:35:23 <dramsey> Should we go to next agenda?
03:35:53 <lcafiero> Hey, dramsey
03:36:03 <lcafiero> Just sitting in.
03:36:08 <dramsey> Welcome lcafiero...that's great...
03:36:52 <dramsey> Uh oh, may have lost harish connection...let's stand-by for return okay.
03:37:14 <dramsey> Any news for you lcafiero for your Scale mega-event, sounds fantastic!  :)
03:37:29 <dramsey> Hi Harish!
03:37:35 <harish> dropped off
03:37:44 <harish> not sure what happened. webchat was frozen
03:37:55 <dramsey> Understood.  Next agenda?
03:37:58 <azneita> netsplit galore
03:38:11 <harish> back via xchat
03:38:25 <azneita> yes please dramsey
03:38:27 <dramsey> #agenda News from  FAmSCo may be skip this item if no FAmSCo information / representation is at meeting.
03:38:33 <harish> ok
03:38:33 <dramsey> Does anyone have any news from FAmSCo?
03:38:41 <harish> nope
03:38:46 <lcafiero> Thanks, dramsey
03:38:52 <dramsey> Okay, if no news, then we will move forward...
03:38:57 <dramsey> +1 lcafiero.
03:39:06 <dramsey> #agenda Planning and Preparation for Fedora 12 in 2010.
03:39:28 <dramsey> I have my biweekly distributions for this month and the remainder of the quarter til May
03:39:46 <dramsey> Any othere plans and/or preparations for everyone?
03:39:48 <harish> dramsey, coold.
03:40:26 <dramsey> s/othere/other
03:40:27 <azneita> we're planning a POSSE come jun
03:40:43 <lcafiero> Where, azneita?
03:40:46 <harish> have not see it in the POSSE plans yet.
03:41:03 <azneita> i think magie is spearheading it for us
03:41:23 <azneita> and she has sent mail to TOS list
03:41:28 <harish> should get it into the POSSE schedule
03:41:52 <azneita> we're just wrapping GeekCamp this March before going full blast for POSSE
03:41:52 <dramsey> lcafiero, I think azneita is in the Phillipines area.  +1 to azneita, do you need any help.
03:41:53 <KageSenshi> *blink *blink
03:42:05 <dramsey> Welcome KageSenshi.
03:42:07 <harish> KageSenshi, good morning.
03:42:08 <KageSenshi> :)
03:42:16 <KageSenshi> gmorning
03:42:31 <azneita> lcafiero: Quezon City, Philippines
03:42:56 <azneita> hi KageSenshi, glad you can make it :)
03:43:06 <harish> how are you planning on POSSE? Since I have run the first one in APAC last year, I am happy to help out.
03:43:24 <KageSenshi> azneita, :)
03:43:55 <dramsey> +1 harish...share "lessons learned" and empower "your knowledge" for the people...  ;)
03:44:15 <azneita> thanks for the help harish, I'll link you up with magie
03:44:25 <harish> yes, that is what I want to do. a lot of the 1st POSSE lessons are all on the blogs and reports by Mel Chua.
03:44:25 <azneita> i'm but a lowly helper :)
03:44:42 <azneita> oh, i've seen them
03:44:45 <harish> key is to ensure that we have people who are willing to learn.
03:44:52 <harish> especially faculty.
03:45:02 <harish> which is whom we are focusing this on.
03:45:02 <dramsey> +1  Where there is a will, there is a way.  +1
03:45:29 <azneita> we actually have interest from faculty...
03:45:57 <azneita> most of the problem we're expecting are logistical in nature
03:46:02 <harish> the last round here was interesting in that the faculty that were attending were totally lost for the 1st 1.5 days and going by the blogs, it was "what the heck is going on?"
03:46:04 <azneita> and content too :)
03:46:22 <harish> only towards the end of day 2 did it click and then they were flying on irc, blogs, etc etc.
03:46:30 <azneita> i heard some also went on shopping
03:46:42 <harish> azneita, yes that too. pity though.
03:46:45 <KageSenshi> >.<
03:46:47 <azneita> haha
03:46:55 <harish> but those who stayed learned alot i must say.
03:47:00 <harish> i too learned a lot.
03:47:26 <KageSenshi> erm ... i'm wondering, to organize a POSSE, what is usually required? ..
03:47:31 <azneita> i popped on #teachingopensource-posse from time to time when you ran it
03:48:08 <azneita> and people really need someone holding their hands :)
03:48:22 <harish> KageSenshi, a couple of instructors, a bunch of "students" and internet connectivity.
03:48:35 <harish> good connectivity - not that we need streaming per se, but good nonetheless.
03:48:37 <KageSenshi> harish, for how many days ?
03:48:44 <harish> a classroom environment would be good.
03:48:45 <dramsey> Sounds like a "meeting of the minds..." like the vulcan-mindmeld...
03:48:49 <harish> we ran it for 5 days.
03:49:03 <harish> we can pare it down to say 3.5 to 4 days.
03:49:15 <KageSenshi> ooh
03:49:35 <azneita> #link http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE
03:50:04 <dramsey> This Posse event sounds great, I look forward to see how your results go...sending positive Fedora energy to everyone's efforts.
03:50:42 <KageSenshi> harish, how about venue? .. using university facilities? or find venue sponsors ?
03:50:42 <harish> #link http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_APAC
03:50:47 <azneita> we will be updating as we go along
03:51:01 <harish> ideal is for educational institutions
03:51:36 <dramsey> +1
03:52:01 <dramsey> Any more good news for Planning and Preparation?
03:52:39 <KageSenshi> in .MY there'll be a FOSSDay in International Islamic University Malaysia on 19th ..
03:52:51 <dramsey> Excellent.
03:53:09 <KageSenshi> the local group would be involved
03:53:32 <KageSenshi> overseeing the installfest, but we are thinking of submitting some talks ..
03:53:48 <harish> 19th of Feb?
03:53:51 <KageSenshi> yep
03:54:01 <KageSenshi> unless IIUM themselves changed the date
03:54:13 <KageSenshi> previously they stated 12th Feb ..
03:54:16 <harish> could you add it to the fedora calendar?
03:54:20 <KageSenshi> ok
03:54:59 <azneita> i'll likewise be updating FedoraEvents
03:55:17 <harish> ok
03:55:26 <azneita> to include Philippine activities
03:55:28 <dramsey> Yes please update the Fedora calendar with all these cool events.
03:55:55 <azneita> someone mentioned gnome.asia a while ago...
03:56:15 <dramsey> True...
03:56:25 <KageSenshi> erm .. Fedora Calendar = FedoraEvents right?
03:56:31 <dramsey> I was hoping that individual(s) would be on the IRC today.
03:56:42 <azneita> yes KageSenshi :)
03:56:43 <dramsey> I think so, Events...
03:56:46 <KageSenshi> ah ok
03:56:50 <dramsey> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
03:56:55 <KageSenshi> talking bout calendar .. erm .. i saw the thread bout event calendar ... local team have http://fedora.foss.org.my/events .. but then i think its not kosher, unless theres someone willing to port it to openstreetmaps >.<
03:57:53 <azneita> i already saw that one and it's shiny :)
03:58:11 <KageSenshi> yep shiny .. haha
03:58:30 <harish> well, it is OK I think until opensteetmaps has Malaysian information
03:58:31 <azneita> one have to wear shades and it's great
03:58:38 <dramsey> Everyone, need to step away for 4 minutes...continue I'll be back.
03:59:44 <azneita> going back, will the guys from indonesia be able to get funding for gnome.asia?
03:59:59 <azneita> it's unfortunate that none of them can attend
04:00:27 <harish> from fedora malaysia?
04:01:47 <azneita> there was a note I got from GNOME.asia wanting to run it in Indonesia and the Indonesian fedora ambassadors were asking for help. - harish
04:01:53 <azneita> :)
04:02:19 <dramsey> True, I think  I got a few e-mails from Alzea, too...in reference to coming to Japan...
04:02:30 <harish> thanks for that azneita
04:03:33 <harish> i am now told that GNOME.asia is keen on the event to be considered to be held in Singapore or Taiwan. I need to ping them again on the question of Indonesia hosting it.
04:03:45 <azneita> ah ok
04:03:49 <dramsey> okay.
04:04:01 <harish> Alzea is also asking for funding as well
04:04:15 <azneita> so nothing is settled yet for gnome.asia
04:05:04 <harish> yes.
04:05:09 <azneita> funding for what harish?
04:05:22 <harish> travel and related stuff
04:05:56 <azneita> conference? fedora event? sorry, i'm just getting back into the loop
04:06:27 <dramsey> Harish, I got a few e-mails from Alzea, inquiring on funding to come to Japan for my events...I suggested that Alzea contact the mailing list and others for such.  I am not in charge of any such funding.
04:06:40 <harish> i guess he was asking specifically about GNOME.asia but if it is not going to be in Indonesia, then travelling to locations where it will be held. nothing
04:06:58 <dramsey> Lastly, I think was for a couple people to travel...
04:07:08 <harish> dramsey, yes, i told him to put in a request.
04:07:15 <dramsey> Thank you.
04:07:40 <harish> we did sponsor Tuan from Vietnam on his travel to Japan for the Linux conference.
04:07:48 <harish> we as in CommArch
04:07:50 <dramsey> Yes, I think so.
04:08:07 <azneita> that's great news! at least for me :)
04:08:36 <azneita> btw, everybody's welcome to Manila :)
04:08:40 <dramsey> +1
04:08:52 <harish> for geekcamp?
04:08:59 <dramsey> The Linux Conference was in Akihabara, Japan...
04:09:01 <azneita> why not?
04:09:05 <azneita> hehe
04:09:09 <dramsey> +1 for Geekcamp!
04:09:34 <harish> i will be in Mumbai during that period though.
04:09:58 <azneita> i've always wanted for ambasadors to meet face to face
04:10:20 <maktrix> !
04:10:36 <dramsey> Hello maktrix
04:10:39 <harish> which brings up the a good suggestion - can we plan for a APAC FedAm meetup?
04:10:40 <maktrix> APAC meeting going on?
04:10:45 <harish> maktrix, yes
04:10:48 <dramsey> I like it!
04:10:55 <dramsey> Yes, maktrix
04:11:02 <azneita> yes maktrix, are we spilling over another meeting?
04:11:20 <maktrix> azneita: no, I inteded to join APAC meeting
04:11:32 <maktrix> but, was late in traffice, it's office hour
04:11:32 <harish> dramsey, perhaps we should wrap this up?
04:11:34 <dramsey> Welcome to join us maktrix.  Tell us about you.
04:11:49 <maktrix> I'm Mahay Alam Khan, Ambassador from Bangladesh
04:12:03 <maktrix> I'm a owner of upcoming FAD in Bangladesh
04:12:03 <harish> mak, i remember that name!
04:12:27 <dramsey> Sounds like move forward...Okay, harish...next agenda item and move forward.
04:12:30 <maktrix> harish: hello, we talked over the phone. I called you from CHangi airport
04:12:36 <harish> maktrix, indeed.
04:12:47 <harish> maktrix, did not get to meet in person, perhaps the next time.
04:12:51 <harish> dramsey, go ahead.
04:12:52 <dramsey> Welcome maktrix.
04:13:02 <dramsey> #agenda Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events in APAC. See  Fedora Events page.
04:13:06 <maktrix> dramsey: thanks. Please carry on the meeting
04:13:07 <azneita> we'll put the FedAm meetup on the agenda
04:13:13 <dramsey> Okay...
04:13:14 <dramsey> I think we have written about the upcoming Fedora Events...should we skip this agenda item?
04:13:19 <harish> yes
04:13:29 <dramsey> I think the FedAm agenda IRC would be great...
04:13:33 <dramsey> meetup...
04:13:41 <dramsey> Do you think we have written about the upcoming Fedora Events...should we skip this agenda item?
04:13:51 <dramsey> and go to FreeMedia...
04:13:56 <harish> we have some already
04:14:05 <harish> mak and KageSenshi can write it up
04:14:48 <maktrix> I've prepared 500 F12 DVD to be distributed througout 5 Day fair in Dhaka, Bangladesh. starting from 10th February
04:14:56 <dramsey> Wow!
04:14:57 <harish> btw, i will be in kl feb 23/24 speaking at futuregov event.
04:15:05 <harish> maktrix, excellent.
04:15:08 * azneita pats maktrix
04:15:12 <azneita> nice job!
04:15:16 <maktrix> Also, produced Stickers, T-Shirts, Leaflets
04:15:16 <dramsey> :)
04:15:18 <maktrix> thanks all
04:15:22 <KageSenshi> futuregov ??
04:15:41 <maktrix> the Fairs is the National Software Expostion
04:15:54 <maktrix> 300,000 visitors expected
04:16:03 <KageSenshi> maktrix, whoa
04:16:05 <maktrix> I've managed to share a stall with an Organization
04:16:05 <dramsey> :-[
04:16:10 <harish> yes an event for govt types to attend to understand how to do thier stuff right! (www.futuregov.net). not directly related to fedora per se.
04:16:18 <azneita> big crowd
04:16:20 <maktrix> we will be preaching and distributing
04:16:21 <harish> maktrix, 300K is an enormous number
04:16:27 <maktrix> yes,
04:16:31 <azneita> anybody helping you out?
04:16:39 <maktrix> Dhaka is a MegaCity
04:16:39 <harish> maktrix, what is the url?
04:16:51 <dramsey> Do you need media?
04:16:56 <maktrix> yes, my fellow Ambassadors Imtiaz Rahi is helping me
04:17:07 <azneita> 500 media is small :)
04:17:13 <maktrix> and couple of new (under mentorship) ambasaddors as well
04:17:14 <harish> maktrix, 500 cds will go in a hurry. perhaps you should do a contest before giving it out.
04:17:32 <maktrix> harish: we are thinking of something like that
04:17:40 <maktrix> we are not just going to give away
04:17:40 <dramsey> Good idea.
04:17:58 <harish> like have an online webquiz that requires the participants to put their email IDs etc so that you can then followup with them to get them to potentially sign up as ambassadors etc.
04:18:00 <maktrix> our first target is the College students, and Government Employees
04:18:11 <dramsey> #idea online webquiz
04:18:11 * azneita would love to see pictures of the crowd
04:18:17 <maktrix> harish: that's a good idea
04:18:34 <dramsey> #idea FedAm meetup
04:18:39 <maktrix> azneita: I'm ready with me camera to click... hundred and thousands of click
04:18:42 <harish> maktrix, the quiz could comprise info that is available around fedoraproject.org etc.
04:18:48 <dramsey> #agreed ocean wave of people at event...
04:18:59 <harish> and about FOSS, principles of freedom, the 4 Fs of Fedora etc etc.
04:19:24 <dramsey> Sounds like an "F" of Fun, too...
04:19:32 <maktrix> harish: I've taken note
04:19:36 <harish> that way, when they see the CDs, they are further down the path than if they don't do the quiz.
04:19:48 <maktrix> correct
04:19:49 <harish> and the CD will be just another CD
04:20:26 <harish> maktrix, have you reached out to universities to set up fedora clubs - within their computer clubs?
04:21:01 <dramsey> #idea Reach out to universities to set up fedora clubs - within their computer clubs
04:21:13 <dramsey> Great idea, harish.
04:21:15 <maktrix> not yet, I have had planned to do this in 2010; Though I've discussed over the phone with few interested persons
04:21:30 <harish> #idea get those who attend the event to talk about Fedora and why they are interested.  can be used for F13 video.
04:21:59 <maktrix> let's see, after the SoftExpo I guess I will make new friends to do more
04:22:03 <harish> maktrix, throw them to the wiki somewhere. if they are keen, they wll pick it up.
04:22:18 <dramsey> dramsey, remembers..."We are Fedora" concept...
04:22:18 <maktrix> I'll surely do that
04:22:24 <maktrix> always
04:22:29 <harish> dramsey, exactly
04:22:47 <azneita> dramsey, i'm getting goosebumps :)
04:22:54 <dramsey> me, too...
04:23:11 <azneita> last year we talked about it - i am fedora videos
04:23:21 <harish> azneita, yes and we did not succeed for f12
04:23:39 <harish> maktrix is offline now.
04:23:40 <azneita> maybe this time around
04:23:46 <dramsey> Yup...voice of memory in me...F13 has potential...come May"ish" timeframe...
04:23:59 <dramsey> Great anything else, or should we go to the next agenda item?
04:24:04 <harish> dramsey, ok
04:24:10 <dramsey> #agenda FreeMedia
04:24:26 <dramsey> Any inquiries, if not, then we'll move forward...
04:24:50 <harish> go ahead
04:24:55 <dramsey> Okay...
04:24:56 <dramsey> #agenda Plans on APAC coordination/organization
04:25:16 <dramsey> I have a point here goes:
04:25:18 <dramsey> #link  http://susmit.fedorapeople.org/report/famsco_report_jan_2010.html
04:25:28 <dramsey> "...
04:25:28 <dramsey> Estimated amount that has not yet been expensed and/or reimbursed: $3,000
04:25:28 <dramsey> ...
04:25:28 <dramsey> In short, FAmSCo is worried about what seems to be very little spending in LATAM, India, and APAC. We still have about two weeks left in this quarter to correct that, but it requires those regions to get their shopping lists together quickly. In your regional meetings, please make a list of the things that you need, and bring that discussion to the mailing list.
04:25:28 <dramsey> ..."
04:25:47 <azneita> harish have mine
04:25:57 <azneita> :)
04:26:17 <harish> azneita, well, if we do that with CommArch monies, then so be it.  let me check.
04:26:20 <dramsey> I am not with FAmSCo, but I was wondering if not for this quarter, then may be for next quarter, our APAC needs are fulfilled...sounds like a timing thing...
04:26:34 <dramsey> Thank you, harish...
04:26:42 <dramsey> Sending positive energy to harish!  :)
04:26:49 <azneita> thanks harish
04:27:04 <harish> ok, ok, i get it :-)
04:27:15 <azneita> if something bigger came up, we can push itback for next quarter
04:28:38 <dramsey> Are there any needs from our APAC group which may need to be considered and fulfilled?  For me, I am thinking of plans for F13...
04:28:39 <harish> guys, I need to go.
04:29:00 <azneita> thanks for the time
04:29:01 <dramsey> Understood, take care harish.  I appreciate you joining us.
04:29:16 <harish> thanks and see you online
04:29:20 <dramsey> +1
04:30:02 <azneita> anything else on our plate dramsey?
04:30:05 <dramsey> Okay, anything else or next agenda item?
04:30:07 <dramsey> Nope...
04:30:13 <dramsey> #agenda open floor
04:30:25 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending.
04:30:39 <dramsey> I think some good cross pollination of ideas and experiences were done.
04:30:49 <maktrix> !
04:31:00 <maktrix> dramsey:
04:31:21 <dramsey> Thank you maktrix for joining us.  Do you have any needs for your events?
04:31:31 <KageSenshi> :)
04:31:48 <dramsey> How about you KageSenshi and azneita, any needs?
04:32:00 <azneita> none at my end
04:32:13 <KageSenshi> none at the moment , as we still have quite some amount of f12 freemedia left in storage
04:32:23 <dramsey> Understood...
04:32:25 <dramsey> FYI, I will check back on the IRC in about 2 and a half hours and see if others "thought" about the "old IRC" time as the meeting.
04:32:33 <azneita> ok
04:32:39 <dramsey> So, is this a wrap-up for the meeting then, okay...
04:32:49 <maktrix> dramsey: my expenses are seesm to go beyond the budget allowed
04:33:19 <maktrix> i'm spneding from my own and hope to be reimbursed
04:33:28 <dramsey> Oh, that sounds like me, too.
04:33:45 <azneita> i think the SOP is to collate all receipts then ask fro reimbursemnt from FAmsCo
04:33:50 <dramsey> May be some inquiry with harish as well as susmit, would be advantage.
04:34:02 <dramsey> True on procedure, "must" have receipts.
04:34:14 <maktrix> I've kept all receipts;
04:34:18 <dramsey> Great!
04:34:23 <dramsey> Both want to help us...
04:34:28 <azneita> you're half-way there my friend :)
04:34:35 <maktrix> thanks you
04:34:38 <dramsey> :)
04:34:48 <azneita> just file it and they will act on it
04:35:09 <maktrix> azneita: good; I will update through the list
04:35:14 <dramsey> Sending positive Fedora 12 energy to you all now from my computer...
04:35:25 <dramsey> So, is this a wrap-up for the meeting then, okay...
04:35:32 <azneita> yup
04:35:35 <dramsey> 5
04:35:38 <azneita> nice seeing you guys
04:35:44 <maktrix> same here
04:35:45 <dramsey> nice see you all, too.
04:35:48 <dramsey> 4
04:35:51 <dramsey> 3
04:35:53 <dramsey> 2
04:35:54 <dramsey> 1
04:36:02 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending APAC!  :)
04:36:03 <dramsey> #endmeeting