20:01:42 <kital> #startmeeting
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20:01:48 <kital> roll call
20:01:53 <heffer> Felix Kaechele
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20:02:05 <spevack> .fas mspevack
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20:02:12 <kital> JoergSimon
20:02:18 <liknus> .fas liknus
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20:02:19 <rsc> .fas Robert Scheck
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20:02:44 <liknus> thanks kital for taking over for this meeting :)
20:02:47 <zoltanh7211> .fas zoltanh721
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20:02:52 <GeroldKa> hi
20:02:54 <GeroldKa> am I late?
20:02:56 <kital> ok liknus asked me 5 minutes before to take over so please forgive if i am a bit unorganized
20:02:58 <spevack> just starting
20:03:02 <liknus> not at all GeroldKa :)
20:03:07 <adil452100_> hello everybody
20:03:15 <zoltanh7211> hi guys
20:03:15 <kital> GeroldKa: still rollcall
20:03:31 <spevack> kital: when rollcall is over, I have a few things to share if that's ok
20:03:37 <cwickert> adil452100: please say your name, this is the purpose of the rollcall
20:03:38 <GeroldKa> Gerold Kassube
20:03:48 <kital> sure spevack
20:03:55 <red_alert> Sandro Mathys
20:04:03 <liknus> kital give me chair with #chair for changinf topics etc
20:04:13 <kital> chair liknus
20:04:17 <kital> #chair liknus
20:04:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: kital liknus
20:04:23 <liknus> thanks
20:04:23 <kital> #chair spevack
20:04:23 <zodbot> Current chairs: kital liknus spevack
20:04:30 <adil452100_> Adil Lebbat
20:04:31 <liknus> #topic RollCall
20:05:09 <kital> ok i would say spevack take the floor for the announcements
20:05:15 <liknus> #meetingtopic EMEA Ambassadors Meeting
20:05:26 <spevack> ok.  Hi everyone!
20:05:28 <spevack> A few things from me.
20:05:29 <liknus> #topic Announcements
20:05:57 <spevack> First of all -- I am sitting in a chair right now outside my boss's office, and I expect that at about :15 past the hour, he will need to talk to me for about 20 minutes, so I may disappear in a bit.
20:06:11 <spevack> I apologize for that.  Something came up today and this is the only time.
20:06:22 <spevack> Next
20:06:40 <spevack> the Case Badges are somewhere in Red Hat's building here.  I'm going to find them and bring them with me to FOSDEM.
20:06:50 <spevack> Third
20:06:57 <spevack> I want to talk for a moment about FOSDEM.
20:07:00 * spevack finds his blog post
20:07:37 <cwickert> #link http://spevack.livejournal.com/96254.html
20:08:09 <spevack> right
20:08:11 <spevack> that's it
20:08:15 <spevack> Next Friday
20:08:20 <spevack> I want to basically have a mini-FAD.
20:08:26 <spevack> because it's before FOSDEM starts
20:08:44 <spevack> And I'm remember the first time I came to FOSDEM, when we all spent an afternoon in a restauarant and talked about a lot of issues.
20:08:58 <spevack> With 20+ EMEA contributors all coming to Brussels, I hope to re-capture some of that feeling.
20:09:36 <spevack> I have my own ideas for what some discussion topics should be -- FUDCon EMEA 2010, Swag, etc. -- but I want to hear what you guys think, and if people will be available on Friday before the social event.
20:09:40 <GeroldKa> only with Steak Tatar
20:09:40 <spevack> 
20:09:41 <spevack> Last thing
20:09:44 <kital> spevack: which restaurant
20:09:46 <kital> ?
20:09:58 <spevack> kital: Frederic and I are still finalizing it.  We'll let everyone know :)
20:10:23 <kital> ok ;)
20:10:26 <spevack> this weekend we are having a Fedora Activity Day in Raleigh.  I think folks in EMEA will be interested in some of the logs, and that we will talk about it when we discuss FUDCon EMEA next week
20:10:31 * spevack finds thta link
20:10:36 <liknus> #action liknus creates a wiki section on FAD FOSDEM agenda
20:10:37 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events_FAD_2010
20:10:58 <spevack> the last thing I want to say
20:12:29 <spevack> and this is something that GeroldKa pointed out to me, and that I have known in my heart for a few months as well -- since I am now back in the USA and not in EMEA anymore, I know that my attention for some of the EMEA-related issues has been less than it was in 2009.  I want to make sure at FOSDEM that when we talk about the needs of the EMEA community, you are honest with me about the places where I'm too slow, and we either figure out a ...
20:12:36 <spevack> ... way for me to help someone else do the task, or yell at me a lot :)
20:12:38 <spevack> EOF
20:12:58 <kital> thanks spevack!
20:13:00 * spevack reminds folks that he will get pulled away from his keyboard at any time.
20:13:03 <spevack> So, carry on!
20:13:07 <kital> ;)
20:13:17 <kital> ok questions to spevack?
20:13:30 <liknus> Any news from FamSCO kital ?
20:13:45 <kital> #topic FAmSCo update
20:14:12 <spevack> famsco -- we had good meetings so far in 2010
20:14:14 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_meetings
20:14:26 <spevack> this is what we are working on for next week's meeting.
20:14:27 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_agenda
20:14:31 <kital> as some of you may have read famsco works on the process to get in touch with the ambassadors
20:14:40 <spevack> kital can say the rest :)
20:14:44 <kital> thanks spevack
20:15:23 <kital> we work on the feedback we have got from all of you
20:15:39 <kital> so we will establish a monthly report along these template
20:15:45 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_tasks
20:15:46 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/ReportTemplate
20:16:17 <kital> and also clarified the roles every famsco member takes in famsco https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_tasks
20:16:23 <kital> ah thanks spevack
20:16:32 <kital> you read my mind?
20:16:33 <kital> ;)
20:16:55 <kital> as you also know we have new election rules
20:16:57 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_election_rules
20:17:32 <kital> we will also have the first townhall in the next 14 days along with the monthly famsco report
20:17:35 <spevack> I think the question that I would like to ask is this: It's only the first month of 2010, but have we improved communication from FAMSCO to ambassadors-list, and are we doing the right things?
20:18:04 <spevack> kital: in fact, we cleaned up all FAMSCO wiki pages -- https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Ambassadors_Steering_Committee
20:18:07 <cwickert> it think it's too early to answer that question
20:18:33 <kital> spevack: yes
20:18:53 * inode0 was very happy by the things this famsco did right off the bat
20:19:19 <kital> Another important task we started to focus in the last meeting is a event workflow
20:19:54 <kital> we will update you about this process as well as about mentoring improvements we plan
20:20:01 * spevack has to go into his meeting now
20:20:13 <kital> thanks spevack for your support!
20:20:26 <kital> have fun!
20:20:38 <kital> questions to famsco?
20:20:43 <cwickert> !
20:20:51 <kital> cwickert:
20:20:58 <cwickert> one point where communication is really broken is FAMSCO's trac instance not being public for ambassadors
20:21:23 <cwickert> I mean, we get the FAMSCO meeting logs and the links to trac, but we cannot read the tickets
20:21:29 * inode0 agrees with that
20:21:36 <cwickert> this is a bad joke, not even FESCOs trac is hidden
20:21:46 <kital> the tickets are only open for the creator and famsco
20:21:47 <kital> right
20:22:00 <kital> thanks for bringing this up
20:22:25 <cwickert> but there are things that affect me, for example kital opens a ticket on a topic I brought up, nut I cannot se the progress
20:22:32 <cwickert> s/nut/but
20:23:13 <kital> good topic for next famsco meeting
20:23:18 <kital> we will discuss it
20:23:31 <cwickert> I agree there might bit tickets with personal information or other sensitive data that need to be protected, but the large majority of tickets should bue public.
20:23:32 <cwickert> eof
20:24:00 <kital> cwickert: fesco has not to deal with money and sentiments along with money
20:24:19 <kital> but we have definitely to discuss this
20:24:26 <cwickert> ok, thanks
20:24:28 <kital> i tend to open it
20:24:38 <kital> but want to have other pov first
20:24:50 <GeroldKa> ?
20:25:03 <kital> GeroldKa:
20:25:07 <GeroldKa> kital> cwickert: fesco has not to deal with money and sentiments along with money
20:25:22 <GeroldKa> afaik is "money" always a open point to everyone
20:25:29 <GeroldKa> isn't it?
20:25:29 <cwickert> +1
20:25:34 <GeroldKa> eof
20:25:34 <red_alert> +1
20:26:08 <kital> ok can we move on?
20:26:27 <zoltanh7211> continue kital
20:26:47 <kital> #topic Events
20:26:58 <kital> more to Fosdem?
20:27:33 <zoltanh7211> about swag
20:28:04 <kital> zoltanh7211:
20:28:15 <zoltanh7211> we will see lxde and xfce discs, and other stuff? Status?
20:28:54 <kital> https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/11
20:29:34 <kital> cwickert more updates to this which are not in the wiki?
20:30:00 <cwickert> everything is in the ticket or in spevack's head
20:30:08 <zoltanh7211> thx
20:30:09 <cwickert> I have no idea about the latest status
20:30:14 <kital> s/wiki/ticket
20:30:17 <kital> ;)
20:30:34 <cwickert> the problem seems to be the artwork and the number of disks
20:31:05 <kital> will you keep tracking it?
20:31:08 <kital> cwickert: ?
20:31:08 <cwickert> spevack said, that he cannot guarantee for the artwork because it needs to be done fast
20:31:22 * sspreitzer is late
20:31:25 <cwickert> I am not that optimistic to be honest
20:32:02 <cwickert> IMO it is more important to get proper labeled official media for the whole EMEA region than just a bunch for FOSDEM
20:32:06 <kital> #action cwickert ask spevack for clarification related to lxde/xfce media time, count ...
20:32:23 <sspreitzer> !
20:32:27 <sspreitzer> may I add a note?
20:32:28 <cwickert> ok, for people interested, please read the details in the ticket
20:32:33 <kital> sspreitzer: hi, any news to media
20:32:38 <sspreitzer> yes
20:32:39 <kital> sure sspreitzer
20:33:05 <sspreitzer> I wanted to clearify the process and get in contact the media company to handle the things directly
20:33:06 <sspreitzer> but
20:33:14 <sspreitzer> i emaild max spevack 2 times
20:33:22 <sspreitzer> and did not get a reply
20:33:29 <sspreitzer> im stuck, sorry :(
20:33:56 <cwickert> sspreitzer: the latest plan from max was that he produces them in the US and brings them to FOSDEM. but this would only be a small number and most likely without proper labeling
20:34:07 <cwickert> and IMHO this is a half-backed thing
20:34:08 <kital> sspreitzer: what do you need from spevack to proceed?
20:34:40 <sspreitzer> kital, an introduction to the media company, and a briefing with RH (spevack or alssandra) about the process
20:34:57 <bochecha> how about every local groupproduces its own media ?
20:34:58 <sspreitzer> so I can in future order the stuff for fedorpoject without RH
20:35:14 <kital> bochecha: that is the plan
20:35:28 <cwickert> bochecha: what is "local"? every region?
20:35:37 <bochecha> cwickert, we produce our own media in France
20:35:53 <bochecha> this way, we can only blame ourselves if we're late or don't have the spins we wanted
20:35:58 <cwickert> and do they look the same or are they different
20:36:16 <bochecha> we take the design made by the art team
20:36:20 <kital> GeroldKa: could Fedora EMEA e.V. help to give us more independence in producing media
20:36:30 <kital> as we have with t-shirts and other stuff
20:36:38 <kital> how coud that be handled?
20:36:46 <GeroldKa> I think in generall yes
20:36:53 <cwickert> kital: I don't think it's a budget problem, I think it's an organization problem
20:36:56 <GeroldKa> it's part of our main targets
20:37:00 <bochecha> IMHO, that's the onl sane way to do, avoids shipping costs, avoid delays,...
20:37:00 <kital> cwickert: right
20:37:02 <sspreitzer> cwickert, +1
20:37:14 <zoltanh7211> I have also suggested to use an HU company here, so maybe we could gain more discs
20:37:23 <bochecha> and we don't spend lots of nights talking about how we can organize to do this
20:37:25 <bochecha> just do it :)
20:37:34 <sspreitzer> yes zoltanh7211, thats the next step
20:37:40 <sspreitzer> :)
20:37:40 <kital> so we need an entity which gives us the ability for independ ordering
20:37:59 <sspreitzer> kital, pardon?
20:38:00 <cwickert> bochecha: if you can do it, go ahead, I already did the artwork
20:38:13 <bochecha> cwickert, we already did it ;)
20:38:24 <sspreitzer> I have an idea
20:38:33 <bochecha> cwickert, we had our 1000 F12 gnome liveCDs by the beginning of december
20:38:41 <sspreitzer> we open a wiki page with producers and media tracking
20:38:53 <cwickert> bochecha: spins media? what artwork?
20:38:55 <sspreitzer> maybe we can organize it by the wiki page?
20:39:14 <bochecha> cwickert, artwork on the wiki
20:39:25 <kital> ok people can we please follow meeting guidelines
20:39:33 <heffer> !
20:39:40 <kital> first sspreitzer
20:39:54 <lfoppiano> hi guys, sorry for the delay...I get home only now from the office :(
20:40:09 * pingou around
20:40:19 <sspreitzer> ok kiltal
20:40:32 <sspreitzer> the thing is, I am now confused
20:40:37 <kital> sspreitzer if we order as Fedora EMEA e.V. we do not need RH
20:40:51 <sspreitzer> thats ok
20:40:53 <sspreitzer> BUT
20:40:59 <kital> but we have to plan the budget for EMEA e.V. then
20:41:02 <sspreitzer> the thing im askling for 3 months now is
20:41:17 <sspreitzer> WHICH media company is our producer?
20:41:26 <GeroldKa> !
20:41:36 <sspreitzer> does it change every production order?
20:41:41 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, ?
20:41:48 <GeroldKa> the company is in the same building as RH Munich office in Dornach
20:41:58 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, the office was
20:41:59 <kital> GeroldKa: go ahead
20:42:09 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, but i know the building
20:42:19 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, the munich RH office is in Grasbrunn now
20:42:20 <GeroldKa> then we need zo ask Alessandra
20:42:37 <GeroldKa> afaik she knows the name
20:42:42 <sspreitzer> thats all ok
20:42:52 <sspreitzer> so noone can ask my answer
20:42:58 <kital> sspreitzer: if we take over the responsibility to take over this task we can choose on our own
20:43:26 <kital> sspreitzer: there is no official producer -
20:43:28 <sspreitzer> kital, that was the decision
20:43:38 <sspreitzer> kital, which has been made in decembre
20:44:14 <sspreitzer> kital, it was committed we are going to order by the company in munich and max would introduce me
20:44:21 <sspreitzer> do i can instantly order with them
20:44:33 <sspreitzer> and general case it in the fedora project
20:44:43 <sspreitzer> now we are talking this over again and again
20:44:48 <kital> if max is the blocker right now and it is necessary to introduce you not
20:45:50 <kital> ok lets clarify after the meeting so we can continue
20:45:50 <sspreitzer> ok?
20:45:53 <sspreitzer> whats the meeting for then?
20:46:04 <sspreitzer> dont get me wrong. sry.
20:46:09 <sspreitzer> go ahead, thank you.
20:46:43 <kital> sspreitzer: we have other tasks we want to follow - we can discuss as soon as we have an open floor
20:46:57 <kital> right now there is no solution because spevack is not around
20:47:06 <kital> i can not give you the money
20:47:34 <kital> so what we can do is lament that someone does not answer email
20:48:06 <kital> the only solution on long term establish a process to produce it on our own
20:48:12 <kital> ok for you?
20:48:42 <kital> ok we are still in events
20:48:46 <sspreitzer> perfect if it is ok for the people
20:49:03 <kital> zoltanh7211: any more to add from  'Fedora Cafe' - Fedora Activity Day Hungary
20:49:11 <kital> awesome report
20:49:12 <kital> !
20:49:23 <zoltanh7211> thx kital
20:49:26 <lfoppiano> !
20:49:40 <kital> lfoppiano:
20:49:56 <lfoppiano> anybody has comment / observation about our event in Cerea?
20:50:07 <lfoppiano> we did it on 16/17 Jan
20:50:20 <kital> yes super pics
20:50:24 <kital> http://blog.foppiano.org/2010/01/20/cerea-fair-report-jan-2010/
20:50:36 <lfoppiano> we had a boot in a fair in Cerea that counded around 25000 participants in the two days
20:50:53 <zoltanh7211> kital - nothing more - guys are looking for me, and asking to meet as we could, so something is moving
20:50:53 <sspreitzer> wow, impressive
20:51:26 <lfoppiano> EOF
20:51:41 <zoltanh7211> lfoppiano: truly congrats guys - I hope I could arrange similar here too
20:51:59 <kital> next event Linux-Informationstag
20:52:03 <kital> cwickert: ?
20:52:33 <kital> do you need something (besides this media-desaster)?
20:54:12 <kital> nest event Cebit
20:54:18 <kital> s/nest/next
20:54:28 <kital> no Event Owner
20:54:43 <kital> anyone interested in this?
20:55:04 <heffer> maybe sdziallas can do this?
20:55:09 <sspreitzer> thats the biggest Consumer Technology fair in germany
20:55:12 <heffer> he's local to Hannover
20:55:23 <kital> sdziallas: are you around?
20:55:29 * sdziallas hullos
20:55:42 <heffer> unfortunately I will not be around for CeBIT and CLT :(
20:56:00 <sdziallas> from what I know we'd be too late for this (and I might get into trouble with CeBIT since I should be writing exams at some point).
20:56:19 <sdziallas> LinuxMagazin has already awarded free booths, so we're out there.
20:56:46 <heffer> Owning an Event is not that hard though. If you like help you a bit.
20:56:52 <cwickert> !
20:56:58 <kital> cwickert:
20:57:03 <cwickert> sorry, I was afk
20:57:23 <cwickert> there is not much we need for the event, I will open a ticket in the swag trac
20:57:32 <kital> ok thanks cwickert
20:57:37 <cwickert> but most is already taken care of, don't worry
20:57:47 <cwickert> EOF
20:57:49 <kital> perfect
20:58:13 <kital> sdziallas: if you attend CEBIT just make a bit marketing ;)
20:58:49 <kital> ok 3 minutes left
20:58:57 <kital> #topic open floor
20:59:09 <sdziallas> kital: last time, I was at the Gnome booth, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it this year, too (Abitur's approaching, heh).
20:59:29 <kital> sdziallas: if you do make noise about it ;)
21:00:03 <sdziallas> kital: sure thing! ;)
21:00:27 <sspreitzer> !
21:00:30 <kital> sspreitzer:
21:00:50 <sspreitzer> I wrote an official inquiry to german public broadcasting
21:01:11 <sspreitzer> no answer yet
21:01:23 <sspreitzer> I dont think they take it serious
21:01:28 <kital> what entity is this ? TV
21:01:36 <sspreitzer> radio and tv
21:01:46 <kital> "Öffentlich-Rechtlich" - public sector tv
21:01:49 <kital> ?
21:01:51 <sspreitzer> yes
21:02:15 <sspreitzer> i commercialed arround with foreign office linux approach
21:02:23 <sspreitzer> and city of munich linux
21:02:26 <sspreitzer> and so on
21:02:39 <kital> cool sspreitzer -> zoltanh7211: any news to the commercial that you created?
21:02:51 <lfoppiano> !
21:02:59 <kital> could you solve the issues zoltanh7211 ?
21:03:01 <kital> lfoppiano:
21:03:06 <zoltanh7211> I'm on it, and the release video is on the way too
21:03:12 <sspreitzer> :D
21:03:20 <kital> zoltanh7211: can not wait to see it
21:03:28 <zoltanh7211> I have gained access to the nasa's video repository
21:03:31 <lfoppiano> I printed a big banner with "fedora" written on it, I'll bring to FOSDEM to try it...
21:03:42 <lfoppiano> I sent a photo I thin in ambassador list
21:03:43 <sspreitzer> lfoppiano, good
21:03:47 <kital> it is open floor - no need for following meeting guidelines
21:03:55 <zoltanh7211> So, we got free movieclips at our disposal
21:04:10 <lfoppiano> ok
21:04:19 <kital> zoltanh7211: what will be the licence ? cc-by-sa
21:04:20 <kital> ?
21:04:25 <sspreitzer> So I will call the official press of the public broadcasting and beg for more attention
21:04:28 <lfoppiano> http://lfoppiano.fedorapeople.org/IMAG0173.jpg
21:04:30 <kital> lfoppiano: i saw it - very huge
21:04:43 <sspreitzer> hopefully we can get some attention
21:04:44 <lfoppiano> it's 180 x something (I don't remember)
21:04:58 <zoltanh7211> We could add our licence - the nasa clips aren't marked
21:05:00 <lfoppiano> but I think at fosdem it might make the difference ;-)
21:05:12 <lfoppiano> if people likes we can consider the idea to print a series of it
21:05:21 <lfoppiano> it will be cheep
21:05:21 <zoltanh7211> Free to use
21:05:49 <sspreitzer> Can you make one for my car? I drive much
21:05:50 <sspreitzer> :D
21:05:58 <kital> zoltanh7211: we have to be sure that we can use it along out fedora content licences
21:06:23 <kital> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Licensing#Content_Licenses
21:06:43 <kital> s/out/our
21:06:44 <zoltanh7211> I have the contact, and the mail from the nasa - so we could use it
21:06:46 <sspreitzer> next thing is an idea I have
21:07:03 <sspreitzer> what do you guys think of to get additional funders for us
21:07:13 <sspreitzer> to be a bit more independant to RH
21:07:18 <zoltanh7211> but if we have any question, then I could add several mail addresses
21:07:21 <heffer> sspreitzer, that is never a bad idea
21:07:35 <lfoppiano> guys I missed the part about fosdem
21:07:39 <kital> GeroldKa is the right place for them!
21:07:46 <lfoppiano> when is going to start the ambassador meeting?
21:08:11 <heffer> lfoppiano, it is ongoing
21:08:12 <kital> lfoppiano: meeting minutes will be created
21:08:20 <kital> no place yet
21:08:23 <lfoppiano> ok
21:08:31 <sspreitzer> GeroldKa, can we have a chat after the meeting?
21:09:28 <kital> ok we are over the time
21:09:44 <heffer> lfoppiano, log is here: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2010-01-27/fedora-meeting.2010-01-27-20.01.log.txt
21:10:00 <kital> #endmeeting