20:07:40 <spevack> #startmeeting
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20:07:48 <stickster> Sorry for keeping spevack, folks, he's all yours!
20:08:03 <spevack> Ok everyone, happy new year, and let's get started with our EMEA Ambassadors meeting.
20:08:08 <spevack> Who's around?  Roll call please
20:08:10 <sspreitzer> all the spevack belngs to us
20:08:13 <sspreitzer> :D
20:08:28 <sspreitzer> !fas sspreitzer
20:08:31 <spevack> .fas mspevack
20:08:32 <zodbot> spevack: mspevack 'Max Spevack' <mspevack@redhat.com>
20:08:35 <sspreitzer> .fas sspreitzer
20:08:36 <zodbot> sspreitzer: sspreitzer 'Sascha Thomas Spreitzer' <sascha@spreitzer.name>
20:08:36 <pingou> .fas pingou
20:08:40 <zodbot> pingou: pingou '' <pingou@pingoured.fr>
20:08:57 <pingou> Pierre-Yves Chibon
20:09:03 <spevack> hey guys!
20:09:21 <spevack> anyone else here?
20:09:33 <giannisk> .fas giannisk
20:09:34 <zodbot> giannisk: giannisk 'Konstantinidis Giannis' <gloooabvoe9a@gmail.com>
20:09:45 <bochecha> .fas bochecha
20:09:46 <zodbot> bochecha: bochecha 'Mathieu Bridon' <mathieu.bridon@gmail.com>
20:10:22 <spevack> ok, let's get started on the agenda, and see also what other topics come up.
20:10:26 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2010-1-6
20:10:45 <spevack> #topic FOSDEM
20:10:52 <spevack> I'd like to start by talking about FOSDEM, actually
20:11:01 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FOSDEM_2010
20:11:21 <spevack> we've got quite a long list of people who are attending
20:11:35 <spevack> I don't see pingou or bochecha on the list -- are either of you guys coming, or am I just not seeing your name?
20:11:56 <pingou> I'm coming
20:12:00 <bochecha> spevack, I don't know yet if I'll be there :-/
20:12:14 <pingou> spevack: I'm on the list :)
20:12:23 <pingou> just above mr
20:12:25 <pingou> MrTim
20:12:29 <pingou> MrTom*
20:12:29 <spevack> ok -- do you guys have any questions?
20:12:47 <giannisk> i guess not
20:12:56 <sspreitzer> spevack, is the agenda set?
20:13:15 <spevack> One of the things that I want to try to organize this week is a chance for us to have a Fedora meetup on Friday -- before the beer event -- so that we can have some longer Fedora discussions that need to be had.
20:13:31 <sspreitzer> +1
20:13:34 <sspreitzer> :)
20:13:34 <pingou> +1
20:13:40 <spevack> sspreitzer: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FOSDEM_2010_Technical_Talk_Propositions
20:13:56 <spevack> frederic hornian is continuing his work on the agenda.  It's very different this year than it has been in the past.
20:14:05 <sspreitzer> spevack, i mean fedora overall fosdem 2010 involving social events
20:14:07 <spevack> There will be a variety of Fedora-related talks, though.  And of course we will have the Fedora booth.
20:14:42 <spevack> sspreitzer: not 100% set yet, no.  That's my fault, and it's something that I meant to finish before Christmas but didn't have a chance to do.  I simply ran out of time before the holidays
20:15:01 <spevack> sspreitzer: i expect to have it sorted out by the end of this weeks
20:15:25 <spevack> It will look something like this:
20:15:39 <spevack> Friday (afternoon) -- Fedora discussions at a hotel or restaurant somewhere
20:15:47 <spevack> Friday (night) FOSDEM beer event
20:15:51 <spevack> Saturday (day) FOSDEM
20:15:59 <spevack> Saturday (night) Fedora meetup somewhere
20:16:02 <spevack> Sunday (day) FOSDEM
20:16:08 <spevack> Sunday (night) ???
20:16:24 <spevack> So what needs to be figured out by me is Friday afternoon, and Saturday night, basically.
20:16:45 <spevack> and I also want to double-check to make sure that we are all set for Fedora swag that we need.
20:17:04 <spevack> sspreitzer: I got a bit confused with all the emails.  Did you have any trouble getting the CDs in-person in Munich?
20:17:33 <spevack> #topic F12 Media
20:17:37 <sspreitzer> spevack, no, i got in and took it. no problems. no questions. clean job. ;)
20:17:43 <spevack> How many did you end up with?
20:17:49 <sspreitzer> 150 or so
20:17:52 <sspreitzer> so 300
20:18:04 <sspreitzer> live media and dvd install
20:18:19 <spevack> sspreitzer: ok, so those are just for your general usage.  Joerg Simon said that he ended up with a TON of media, so that is what he'll be bringing to FOSDEM, I suppose.
20:18:27 <spevack> and we can further distribute it to Ambassadors there.
20:18:35 <sspreitzer> yes, exactly
20:18:46 <sspreitzer> things i wanted to talk about in this point are
20:18:53 <sspreitzer> quality of media
20:18:53 <spevack> sspreitzer: a second topic that you and I had discussed pre-Christmas was getting an opportunity for you to have a meeting with the media company, so that we can make plans for Fedora 13 and onward
20:19:02 <sspreitzer> yes
20:19:16 <spevack> sspreitzer: is the quality bad?
20:19:21 * spevack will see for himself in a month
20:19:26 <sspreitzer> no, its brilliant
20:19:40 <sspreitzer> but, i dont know whether it suits what we have ordered
20:19:42 <spevack> well i will yield the floor to you -- whatever you want to discuss.
20:19:48 <sspreitzer> do we have a guidline or agreement?
20:19:49 <spevack> in what way?
20:20:06 <spevack> Well, the Fedora Design Team comes up with the artwork for the sleeve and the disk
20:20:12 <spevack> We hand it to the company, and they produce it and deliver it
20:20:19 <sspreitzer> ok
20:20:26 <sspreitzer> so, the media looks good
20:20:30 <spevack> so the media should look the same all over the world
20:20:46 <sspreitzer> maybe youve seen the pictures ive taken
20:20:50 <spevack> i did
20:21:02 <sspreitzer> the media is perfect
20:21:23 <sspreitzer> i have a question from cwickert who is very angry about the spin media topic
20:21:41 <sspreitzer> he asks for the spin media
20:21:54 <sspreitzer> and why it had not been produced
20:22:20 <spevack> So, let me answer this question both worldwide, and for EMEA
20:22:25 <sspreitzer> as ive seen from meeting logs, kital wanted to raise this issue to famsco
20:22:34 <sspreitzer> ok
20:22:40 <spevack> We need to have a standard operating procedure that happens in the month or two leading up to a release.
20:22:52 <sspreitzer> eek itil
20:23:02 <spevack> (1) Each spin is able to request its own artwork for media production, if it wants it.
20:23:12 <cwickert_afk> done
20:23:23 <spevack> (2) The artwork is produced for all spins, and is put in a SINGLE PLACE where it can be seen.
20:23:34 <cwickert> never happened
20:23:46 <spevack> (3) In each part of the world where media is going to be produced, the Ambassadors figure out what spins and quantities they would like to produce.
20:24:07 <bochecha> can't a spin use the same artwork as the « official media » ?
20:24:14 <spevack> (4) We use a company -- one would be easiest -- in the region that is able to put together a proof, have it approved, and then produce what we ask for.
20:24:25 <spevack> (5) The media is delivered to addresses supplied, and then shipped.
20:24:32 <spevack> (6) we pay :)
20:24:40 <cwickert> bochecha: good questions. IMO official spins should be able to use the official artwork
20:24:41 <sspreitzer> no, rh pays
20:24:44 <sspreitzer> ;)
20:24:56 <spevack> Let me continue
20:25:25 <spevack> Those who were at FUDCon in Berlin will remember that we tried to get media for several different spins, and the production company in Munich made a mistake, and made the wrong sleeves.
20:26:00 <sspreitzer> this is where I jump in for the future
20:26:12 <spevack> The reason why sspreitzer has volunteered to become our point-of-contact with the media company in Munich is so that we can implement the procedure that I discussed above in a way that makes sense, and has no language barriers!
20:26:24 <cwickert> spevack: what does this mean for us in this release cycle?
20:26:26 <spevack> Which may have caused some of the problems in the past.
20:27:20 <sspreitzer> spevack, will we settle this process for f13 release?
20:27:23 <spevack> cwickert: right -- so what I am discussing would be a process that helps from F13 into the future.  What about today?  If the EMEA Ambassadors want more media, we'll spend budget to make it happen.  If you want to get some LXDE or XFCE media made, I have no problem with that
20:27:35 <sspreitzer> ok
20:27:45 <spevack> We can make media any time -- not only right when the release is done.
20:27:57 <sspreitzer> wonderful
20:28:13 <cwickert> spevack: the problem is time. we discussed this back at the beginning of november and so far nothing has happened. we need the spin media for FOSDEM and CLT
20:28:46 <cwickert> AFAIK kital is waiting for response from RH Munich, namely alessandra
20:28:55 <spevack> cwickert: point me to the artwork, and you, me, sspreitzer, and alessandra will start the process today.
20:28:57 <Southern_Gentlem> cwickert, ??
20:29:08 <spevack> Southern_Gentlem: we're talking about EMEA media
20:29:12 <Southern_Gentlem> i know
20:29:19 <spevack> media is an issue worldwide :)
20:29:27 <cwickert> Southern_Gentlem: so what is your question?
20:29:39 <spevack> Here is the process for the future:
20:29:44 <spevack> (1) Artwork and bits are produced.
20:30:02 <Southern_Gentlem> cwickert,  is there a request for spin media on the FOSDEM page
20:30:03 <sspreitzer> media makes an influence on the poeple as ive seen it from the past 2 weeks
20:30:06 <spevack> (2) sspreitzer works with the media company to make sure all the details of what we want -- which artwork goes with which bits, and quantity, and delivery time, are known.
20:30:25 <spevack> (3) All alessandra has to do is open the purchase order, saving her time and making the whole process as community-friendly as possi ble
20:30:49 <spevack> so let's use cwickert's needs to put this plan into motion, I say
20:31:02 <cwickert> Southern_Gentlem: sorry, I don't understand. we need the media, the event is not important
20:31:06 <spevack> cwickert: what do you want for FOSDEM and CLT
20:31:08 <cwickert> spevack: here is the request for the spin artwork: https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/111
20:31:11 <spevack> LXDE or XFCE or both?
20:31:13 * spevack looks
20:31:14 <cwickert> both
20:31:29 * spevack nods
20:31:34 <spevack> cwickert: how many?
20:31:39 <cwickert> no idea
20:31:51 <spevack> did the artwork you requested ever get made?
20:31:56 <cwickert> no
20:32:00 <spevack> it doesn't look like any progress has happened on that ticket
20:32:09 <cwickert> it is assigned, but nothing has happened
20:32:26 <sspreitzer> ouch
20:32:27 <cwickert> Xfce will have a booth at CLT and it might be a good idea to have Fedora media there
20:32:31 <spevack> ok -- let me see what I can do to get this sorted out and moving in the next day or two
20:32:48 <cwickert> and last year we had quite a success with LXDE at CLT
20:32:53 <spevack> yep, i remember
20:33:25 <cwickert> FOSDEM is not *that* important I'd say, because nether LXDE nor Xfce are oficialla there
20:33:32 <spevack> #action spevack XFCE/LXDE media for FOSDEM & CLT
20:33:42 <cwickert> thanks a lot
20:33:52 <spevack> #action spevack general-case for media production in EMEA for F13 and onward (working with sspreitzer)
20:34:17 <sspreitzer> spevack, remind me to give you my SIP and mobile numbers
20:34:49 <Southern_Gentlem> cwickert,  since that request was put in right before the holidays can see the delay, might want to update the ticket that is needed soon
20:35:05 <cwickert> Southern_Gentlem: will do
20:35:27 <sspreitzer> ok, seems we can move on
20:36:03 <spevack> ok, so the Live CDs and Install DVDs that we *did* produce all are in the right hands.
20:36:16 <spevack> We are 95% certain that we know how it will get to FOSDEM, and that is easy to confirm to 100%
20:36:29 <sspreitzer> yes
20:36:29 <spevack> Christoph has made an entirely appropriate request for more variety, and we will put that into action.
20:36:32 <spevack> What else?
20:37:03 <sspreitzer> press topic
20:37:07 <spevack> #topic Press
20:37:16 <sspreitzer> yes
20:37:22 <spevack> who's topic is this?
20:37:28 <sspreitzer> mine
20:37:31 <sspreitzer> ^^
20:37:31 <spevack> well go ahead, sir
20:37:48 <sspreitzer> i visited the linux new media ag in munich
20:38:05 <sspreitzer> which is the producer of linux magazine/user/pro
20:38:07 <sspreitzer> and so on
20:38:10 <sspreitzer> worldwide
20:38:23 <sspreitzer> i gave them a lot of media
20:38:30 <sspreitzer> and we discussed about F12
20:38:39 <sspreitzer> the feedback i got was not so nice
20:38:54 <sspreitzer> nor are the articles in the magazines
20:39:02 <sspreitzer> but
20:39:09 <sspreitzer> they suggest us their help
20:39:34 <sspreitzer> they might go to translate the documentation of Fedora Linux into german in the future
20:40:21 <sspreitzer> and i think we should have major talks with them so they include the "word" into their articles and releases
20:40:51 <sspreitzer> there was just one article in 5 magazines mentiniong why fedora does not sip mp3 support
20:40:59 <sspreitzer> *ship
20:41:07 <sspreitzer> sry the typos
20:41:19 <sspreitzer> what do you think?
20:41:22 <stickster> sspreitzer: This is interesting, because I introduced myself to several people from Linux New Media AG at last year's LinuxTag, and offered to help them with producing content and correct information regarding Fedora
20:41:31 <stickster> but never heard back from any of them
20:41:49 <stickster> It's possible they were simply not the right people to talk to, but they made it sound like they were
20:41:50 <sspreitzer> yes, im also an author to the magazine, so i have the contacts to them
20:41:51 <sspreitzer> ^^
20:42:35 <spevack> stickster: what do you recommend as the best way to proceed?
20:42:54 <spevack> this begins to intersect ambassadors & marketing -- that's perfectly fine, but we just need to make sure we do the right things here
20:43:36 <stickster> sspreitzer: Are the LNMAG people open to having more Fedora content?
20:43:37 <sspreitzer> yes, wait for the nex topic ;)
20:43:47 <sspreitzer> stickster, perfectly yes
20:43:55 <spevack> well, let's go to the next topic then, and continue the conversation
20:43:57 <stickster> OK, I'll wait for the next topic since it sounds like you have more to say :-)
20:44:02 <sspreitzer> stickster, they are heading me to do an KVM article
20:44:05 <spevack> #topic Marketing(?); "Food for thought" mail
20:44:13 * spevack brb -- but carry on the conversation
20:44:25 <sspreitzer> ok
20:44:40 <sspreitzer> have you read that mail?
20:44:57 <sspreitzer> its kind of a religion and mission thing of the project
20:45:15 <sspreitzer> it was on ambassadors ml
20:45:53 <sspreitzer> well ok
20:45:58 <sspreitzer> ill summarize it
20:46:44 <sspreitzer> the thread just is about to more marketize fedora project as a future technology product
20:46:54 <sspreitzer> property of mankind
20:46:57 <sspreitzer> and stuff
20:47:22 <spevack> right -- that is a big part of Fedora's messaging, in my opinion.  We talk about the future, and how Fedora represents the best way to be part of building the future of open source
20:47:40 <sspreitzer> exactly
20:47:51 <sspreitzer> do you think that we can make more impact
20:48:03 <sspreitzer> in, lets say commercials?
20:48:06 <stickster> The most important part of that idea, IMHO, is the *sustainable process* of building future technology
20:49:13 <sspreitzer> or other way arround asked; can we make the people understand what FOSS is about and how it will help manking prosper if they support it by hitting as many as possible of them
20:49:19 <sspreitzer> thats marketing, i know
20:49:39 <stickster> Michael Tiemann had a nice thing to say about a recent paraphrase I made of his thoughts on the matter... that while Moore's law keeps putting better potential technology in front of us, it only works in the software sense when it's done through FOSS methods
20:50:05 <stickster> That's something that we can make understandable to anyone in any walk of life
20:50:19 <sspreitzer> okay, but in other things?
20:50:23 <sspreitzer> like patents?
20:50:26 <sspreitzer> algorithms?
20:50:31 <sspreitzer> codecs?
20:51:11 <sspreitzer> we are talking about technology, not only software
20:51:28 <sspreitzer> the message is, technology must be as free as knowledge is.
20:51:34 <stickster> Right, again the open process at work
20:51:45 <spevack> sspreitzer: are you proposing that we start giving talks about this sort of a topic at events, that we do a podcast with this as a topic, etc.?
20:52:06 <spevack> because a lot of this stuff is discussed often -- but in different places and formats.  You're talking about a more structured way of spreading the message
20:52:18 <sspreitzer> spevack, thats some start, but i ask you and RH. what about radio? what about TV?
20:52:24 <sspreitzer> what about commercials?
20:52:31 <delhage> o
20:53:06 <delhage> ( sorry, wrong key, wrong window... )
20:53:30 <sspreitzer> maybe a joint venture with the linux foundation and other to reach the broader mass
20:53:46 <sspreitzer> any thoughts?
20:53:53 <sspreitzer> opinions?
20:54:14 <giannisk> no i dont have any thoughts at this time
20:55:32 <sspreitzer> ok, maybe im too enthuastic about FOSS and Fedora
20:56:43 <stickster> No such thing :-)
20:56:59 <sspreitzer> :)
20:57:22 <sspreitzer> just a thought, since my gf likes F12 and she wouldnt have heard of, if i wouldnt have shown her.
20:57:28 <sspreitzer> or my grandma
20:57:36 <sspreitzer> or other friends
20:57:45 <spevack> sspreitzer: well, radio and TV commercials are expensive.  Very expensive.
20:57:50 <sspreitzer> none of them involved in IT or FOSS
20:57:55 <sspreitzer> spevack, no
20:58:09 <sspreitzer> spevack, having them shown in emea 20k an evening
20:58:35 <sspreitzer> producing them in the community mabe 2k
20:58:42 <sspreitzer> thats cheap compared to US
20:59:47 <spevack> sspreitzer: i could see spending a bit of money to produce some videos that we'd share on youtube, show at events, etc.  We have a video team at Red Hat that already does some of that for us, for free -- but they don't work only for Fedora.  but 20k EUR for a commercial -- that's a lot of money!  Forget Fedora for a minute -- Red Hat itself has never had a single television or radio ad in its life, as far as I know
21:00:10 <stickster> I think the thing we should always ask ourselves in any such proposal is, "How does this create more contributors?". Red Hat is a member of the Linux Foundation which has a better mandate (and capability) for FOSS promotion to the masses than Fedora itself.
21:00:47 * stickster suspects this conversation has happened many times in many distributions over the past decade, and is but one of the reasons the LF exists
21:00:52 <sspreitzer> spevack, ok, what if I can make regional television broadcast it for us for a minimum or even free?
21:01:44 <sspreitzer> the more users feel freedom the more contributors will become out of them, thats how it works and did with me
21:02:46 <sspreitzer> maybe its not yet time for :)
21:02:56 <spevack> sspreitzer: if there were some sort of proposal with some numbers attached to it, then it's something we could definitely discuss and consider.
21:03:30 <sspreitzer> spevack, ok, i will have a talk with the stations and broadcasters?
21:04:06 <spevack> sspreitzer: I'm not opposed to anything, as long as we have a plan for whatever we want to do, and we feel like it's worth the money.  sspreitzer -- sure, see where you can go with it.  I'm all for trying new things -- we just have to be smart about how we try it.
21:04:30 <sspreitzer> :)
21:05:08 <sspreitzer> i just want to try to reach those who are not within IRC and the whole linux stuff to let them know there is a choice
21:05:25 <spevack> sspreitzer: I agree with that idea 100%
21:06:12 <sspreitzer> so, what do you think? should I make a request at those stations?
21:06:19 <sspreitzer> they even run RHEL ;)
21:06:24 <sspreitzer> *use
21:06:27 <spevack> Well, here's the questions I would be asking:
21:06:45 <spevack> (1) If we do an ad -- either radio or TV -- what sorts of people will hear it?
21:06:54 <spevack> (2) Are there programs that you have data showing that technical people listen to?
21:07:02 <spevack> (3) What kind of audience are we trying to reach?
21:07:08 <spevack> (4) What would we want to say to those people, in 30 seconds?
21:07:21 <spevack> (5) How do we know if anyone actually takes an action based on that ad?
21:07:31 <spevack> all of the same questions that any marketing group asks about advertising activities
21:07:56 <sspreitzer> reach everyone on prime time
21:08:18 <sspreitzer> saying; you are using stuff, its not your property
21:08:29 <sspreitzer> Fedora is actually your property
21:08:33 <sspreitzer> use or abuse it
21:08:36 <sspreitzer> its yours
21:08:41 <sspreitzer> ours
21:08:49 <sspreitzer> like E=mc2
21:09:17 <spevack> sspreitzer: i'll make you a deal -- if we can find a way to actually broadcast something for a price that can work with our budget, then we'll all work together to produce a kick-ass message that we actually spread :)
21:09:38 <sspreitzer> spevack, yeah :D
21:09:40 <mchua> sspreitzer: when you draft a proposal on that, could you forward it to https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-marketing-list?
21:09:43 <sspreitzer> spevack, thats a deal
21:09:51 <spevack> :)
21:10:01 <spevack> #topic Anything else?
21:10:05 <spevack> anything else?
21:10:12 * mchua is intrigued by this idea (and judging from the Marketing folk starting to peek into the channel, I'm not the only one)
21:10:28 <sspreitzer> one more thing
21:10:57 <sspreitzer> wiki about fedora issues
21:11:06 <sspreitzer> is another topic on the agenda
21:11:35 <sspreitzer> eeeeh
21:11:40 <sspreitzer> fedora politics
21:11:45 <sspreitzer> sry
21:12:12 <spevack> what do you mean by this topic?
21:12:41 <sspreitzer> a fedora fellow asked me about the politcal processes inside of the Fedora Project
21:12:51 <sspreitzer> and if they are somewhere documented
21:13:08 <spevack> sspreitzer: the "fedora elections guide" is about how we hold elections
21:13:43 <sspreitzer> ok, lets say like the spin media issue
21:13:49 <cwickert> spevack: sspreitzer and me were talking about the media thing
21:14:00 <cwickert> this was discussed and voted back in november
21:14:09 <sspreitzer> who is responsible, who has right to diced
21:14:14 <sspreitzer> is that documented?
21:14:18 <cwickert> does famsco need to follow the vote from an ambassadors meeting?
21:14:21 <sspreitzer> in the wiki?
21:14:31 <cwickert> it this an "imperative mandate"?
21:14:36 <sspreitzer> that has attention, not only cwickert asked for thar
21:14:40 <sspreitzer> *that
21:15:44 <spevack> So, in my opinion, it's up to the regional ambassador groups to figure out how they want to spend their money.  If the EMEA region made a decision about media and what actually happened was different, then that is a mistake, and it is my fault, and i apologize.
21:16:04 <sspreitzer> nononono
21:16:06 <cwickert> no need to apologize
21:16:08 <sspreitzer> in general
21:16:17 <sspreitzer> not only the media
21:16:42 <sspreitzer> is there a documentation about how the fedora project is organized
21:16:42 <spevack> in general, my belief has always been that the regional ambassadors have the power, and the budget that famsco has is meant to enact the decisions that the regional teams make
21:16:55 <spevack> sspreitzer: apparently i'm giving a talk on this topic at FOSDEM :)
21:17:30 <sspreitzer> spevack, ok, cool
21:17:58 <sspreitzer> is there anyone responsible within the project to settle this in ink?
21:18:10 <spevack> sspreitzer: the answer is probably something like "this is just the culture that has evolved, and it's documented in 10 different places in the wiki, but nowhere that is cast in stone and is the Voice Of God"
21:18:32 <sspreitzer> thats what community is about :D
21:18:56 <sspreitzer> maybe we should use this as a major decision guideline ;)
21:19:37 <sspreitzer> thank you for the answer, i will proxy it
21:19:43 <sspreitzer> thats all
21:19:55 <spevack> maybe we'll get some more firm documentation when i prepare my talk for fosdem
21:20:11 <cwickert> great
21:20:29 <cwickert> remember, it was just a hypothetical question
21:20:38 <spevack> yep
21:20:41 <spevack> but it's a good question
21:20:49 <spevack> anything else we should discuss in this meeting?
21:21:05 * cwickert is happy
21:21:22 <sspreitzer> previous action items and open floor
21:22:08 <spevack> #topic previous action items
21:22:12 <spevack> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2009-12-16/fedora-meeting.2009-12-16-20.06.html
21:22:45 <spevack> MrTom had an action item -- something about mailing a request for an event -- not sure what that is.
21:22:49 <spevack> MrTom: if you're around, jump in.
21:22:53 * spevack looks at his action items
21:23:34 <spevack> i got most of that stuff complete -- the invitation letter for alukin is done, media we discussed today, and FOSDEM is still going.
21:23:38 <MrTom> oh my goog
21:23:41 <MrTom> errrr :D
21:23:57 * MrTom does not really remeber what it is all about
21:24:12 <spevack> MrTom: no problem :)
21:24:38 <spevack> I never heard back from zoltan -- but the invitation letter i produced for alukin can be easily changed.
21:24:51 <spevack> liknus isn't here today so we'll hold off on his action items.
21:24:57 <spevack> Open floor, I guess.
21:25:02 <MrTom> OK, trying to remember... you came to french amb about our status, and I told you i would reply after f12 install fest something like this
21:25:42 <MrTom> or pierre yves chibon (pingou) told about it can't remember
21:25:57 <pingou> I did
21:26:05 <MrTom> did we answer anything to max ?
21:26:07 <pingou> but hollidays and snow came in the way :(
21:26:20 <MrTom> and wind formated our memory ?
21:26:23 <pingou> so the email is still standing waiting to be reviewed one more
21:26:42 <pingou> snow pushed me away from my keyboard
21:26:43 <MrTom> let's review it asap pingou
21:26:48 <pingou> sure
21:27:03 <spevack> we can always have a big fedora france conversation at FOSDEM too
21:27:25 <MrTom> we will have as well max !
21:27:31 <pingou> +1
21:27:34 * sspreitzer is really looking forward to meet the crowd :)
21:27:48 * MrTom notices FOSDEM is on thomas's birthday again this year :D free beer for who request it !
21:28:05 <sspreitzer> +1
21:28:28 <pingou> ^^
21:28:30 <pingou> MrTom: you should not have said so :D
21:28:31 <sspreitzer> ok, i think we are through the meeting
21:29:00 <spevack> ok, I guess we're all set for this meeting, then.  Thanks to all for your time.
21:29:08 <spevack> I really appreciate it, and I will look forward to good talks with everyone at FOSDEM
21:29:15 <pingou> :)
21:29:15 <spevack> #endmeeting