07:06:33 <dramsey> #startmeeting
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07:07:01 <dramsey> Hello welcome to APAC
07:07:21 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
07:07:21 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
07:07:28 <PhrkOnLsh> .fas rrix
07:07:29 <zodbot> PhrkOnLsh: rrix 'Ryan Rix' <ry@n.rix.si>
07:08:42 <dramsey> If you are here for the APAC meeting enter .fas followed by your user name
07:09:11 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
07:09:12 <zodbot> tuanta: tuanta 'Truong Anh Tuan' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
07:09:21 <dramsey> Great
07:10:04 <dramsey> Meeting agenda is at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2009-12-27
07:10:41 <dramsey> Looks likeonly three people should we proceed?
07:12:13 <dramsey> #agenda Ambassadors Members Pinging  (only 5 Minutes)
07:12:49 <tuanta> ok, we should wait a few minutes for others
07:13:11 <dramsey> Okay, let us do that.  I like that idea.
07:17:36 <kaio> hi
07:17:54 <kaio> .fas kaio
07:17:55 <zodbot> kaio: cchance '' <cchance@redhat.com> - kaio 'Caius 'kaio' Chance' <k@kaio.me> - kaiomarcio 'kaio marcio' <kaio.marcio@gmail.com>
07:18:05 <dramsey> Hi Kaio...
07:18:19 <tuanta> nice to meet you
07:18:20 <kaio> dramsey☻ 今日は
07:18:27 <dramsey> Should we begin now about four...
07:19:17 <dramsey> Meeting agedna is https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2009-12-27#Agenda
07:20:05 <tuanta> yes, I have read it
07:20:26 <kaio> em...
07:20:28 <dramsey> Cool
07:20:59 <kaio> we have upgraded our FZUG to new version: http://bbs.fedora-cn.org
07:21:16 <dramsey> Welcome to APAC
07:21:26 <dramsey> I am David Fedora 12 user in Tokyo, introduce yourselves
07:21:42 <dramsey> Great!
07:21:48 <kaio> http://bbs.fedora-zh.org/ #wrong url just now
07:22:02 <dramsey> #link http://bbs.fedora-zh.org/
07:22:24 <tuanta> I am Tuan, Fedora user in Hanoi
07:22:26 <kaio> I am Kaio. from RH, located in Brisbane, Australia.
07:23:37 <dramsey> Welcome!
07:23:51 <dramsey> Since looks no one from FAmSCo, may be we will think of future Fedora 12 plans...sound good?
07:24:33 <kaio> also we updated the forum banner
07:24:45 <dramsey> Cool Kaio!
07:25:01 <kaio> currently working on the FZM magazine first issue...
07:25:23 <dramsey> Wow, would love to see that!
07:25:29 <tuanta> in Chinese?
07:25:39 <kaio> tuanta☻ yes.
07:25:50 <tuanta> cool
07:26:03 <kaio> tuanta☻ Z in FZM/FZUG is Zhong-wen (Chinese language)
07:26:38 <dramsey> Best to your adventure.
07:27:19 <dramsey> #agenda Planning and Preparation for Fedora 12 in future and 2010.
07:27:29 <dramsey> Any plans?
07:27:29 <tuanta> ok
07:27:43 <dramsey> ok
07:28:29 <tuanta> here in Vietnam, I am preparing some free medias for schools.
07:28:56 <kaio> I will try to improve the freemedia infrastructure in Australia.
07:29:09 <tuanta> we will have a trip to Lao Cai province, to Van Ban high school on January, to support them to use Fedora, Linux and FOSS
07:29:15 <dramsey> Nice!
07:30:01 <dramsey> Any help needed?
07:30:48 <dramsey> Good plans.
07:31:37 <tuanta> Now I need some nice free media for the community (like the Ubuntu ones from shipit.ubuntu.com)
07:32:08 <dramsey> Ah sounds like an action...
07:32:20 <tuanta> I can burn myself, but its quality and media are not good
07:32:48 <tuanta> especially the label
07:33:01 <dramsey> I understandd
07:33:36 <dramsey> I think that media is a good question with our Fedora Ambassadors.
07:33:46 <dramsey> Fedora 12 media?  Live and/
07:33:55 <dramsey> or Install DVDs?
07:34:09 <tuanta> both
07:34:17 <dramsey> +1
07:34:37 <tuanta> I have just received a request for Fedora 12 free media, from Ho Chi Minh city
07:34:50 <tuanta> just in a minute :)
07:35:21 <dramsey> Ah...
07:36:06 <dramsey> Anything else?
07:36:30 <dramsey> Next agenda?
07:37:04 <tuanta> I am also trying to extend Fodora Ambassador group in Vietnam especially in Ho Chi Minh city and Hue
07:37:17 <tuanta> it's long from Hanoi to there
07:37:39 <dramsey> Good stuff, travel...
07:37:40 <tuanta> and I sometimes can not support community in those place
07:37:52 <dramsey> Sounds like you need help.
07:39:19 <tuanta> I will think more about this and post what I need from you onto Ambassador mailing list
07:39:53 <dramsey> Good idea!  I will put as this...
07:40:05 <dramsey> That is the best for address.
07:40:35 <tuanta> ok, we should  go next
07:40:47 <dramsey> Okay.
07:40:50 <dramsey> #agenda Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events in APAC.
07:41:00 <dramsey> Sounds like we may have touched ideas on this, other ideas?
07:43:00 <dramsey> May be same for next item...
07:43:01 <dramsey> #agenda FreeMedia
07:43:30 <tuanta> yes, free media, I told my thoughts :)
07:43:49 <dramsey> Okay, next couple agenda items then...
07:43:52 <dramsey> #agenda Plans on APAC coordination/organization
07:44:06 <dramsey> Looks like Fedora Voting occurred...voted?
07:45:20 <tuanta> I have placed my votes
07:46:10 <tuanta> actually, I am new here, so I do not have good feelings enough to have  the best votes
07:46:17 <tuanta> :)
07:46:32 <tuanta> just vote for well-known people
07:47:06 <dramsey> Great.
07:47:23 <dramsey> Understood on your voting feeling
07:47:43 <dramsey> Okay, we are at closure so may be it is last agenda item
07:47:45 <dramsey> #agenda Open floor
07:48:16 <dramsey> Kaio and Tuanta, thank you for attending what is probably last fedora meeting of year.
07:48:40 <tuanta> thank you
07:48:43 <dramsey> Looks like Tuanta needs support from the APAC.
07:48:50 <tuanta> sure
07:48:59 <tuanta> I will post my needs soon
07:49:03 <dramsey> I think your idea to send a correspondence to our Fedora Mailing list is a good idea, go forth!
07:49:06 <dramsey> :)
07:49:09 <dramsey> +1
07:49:28 <dramsey> Other thoughts?
07:50:25 <dramsey> I think that this meeting went well
07:50:37 <maktrix> oops! I've missed the meeting :(
07:50:45 <dramsey> Almost...
07:50:47 <tuanta> I have the solution for the new request (that I mentioned from beginning): I will request a help from HanoiLUG member in HCM city to send free Fedora media to people there
07:50:51 <dramsey> Introduce yourself!
07:51:04 <maktrix> Mahay Alam Khan Fedora Ambassador Bangladesh
07:51:11 <tuanta> almost over, but it could be extend for you
07:51:17 <tuanta> you are welcome
07:51:32 <dramsey> Yup, we are slated for another 9 minutes...any thoughts?
07:51:45 <tuanta> hi, nice to meet you, Malay
07:51:52 <dramsey> Welcome maktrix
07:51:55 <maktrix> maHay
07:51:56 <tuanta> I am Tuan from Vietnam
07:52:13 <tuanta> yeah, sorry, maHay
07:52:29 <maktrix> I have had planned a release party on 25th, but I forgot it was holiday (cristmas)
07:52:35 <maktrix> So, I'm going to reshedule
07:52:43 <maktrix> will update in the event page
07:53:06 <dramsey> that is okay...2010 plans?
07:53:15 <maktrix> I was wondering, if there is any need of fund, who would disburse that (I mean reimburse)
07:53:26 <maktrix> it was in FY10 Q4 (December 2009 - February 2010)
07:54:27 <dramsey> good question, I think that APAC is working a new quarter for funds...so a note to our fellow Ambassadors via the Fedora Mailing list is a good idea to pursue...
07:54:36 <maktrix> dramsey: my event is below your Tokyo event
07:55:13 <dramsey> Excellent!
07:55:33 <dramsey> I could always use media
07:55:59 <dramsey> Tuanta, I like your HanioLUG idea.
07:56:02 <dramsey> +1
07:57:19 <tuanta> yes, HanoiLUG is good in spread Fedora, Ubuntu Linux and FOSS in Vietnam
07:57:31 <tuanta> I am one of the most active member here
07:58:03 <maktrix> !
07:58:13 <dramsey> Nice!
07:59:08 <maktrix> we have had one successful release party for Fedora9 https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ReleaseParty_F9_Dhaka
07:59:15 <dramsey> Well for ideas for your support, then follow up with the mailing list as a start.
07:59:20 <dramsey> +1
07:59:32 <tuanta> +1
07:59:44 <maktrix> +1
07:59:55 <dramsey> Other thoughts?
08:00:05 <maktrix> Harish Pillay (from singapore) reimbursed that
08:00:08 <tuanta> where's kaio?
08:00:11 <maktrix> previous event
08:00:54 <tuanta> the reimbursement process is not so good. I have had to wait for over 2 months :)
08:00:56 <dramsey> +1 for contacting Harish Pillay...
08:01:08 <dramsey> Ah...
08:01:19 <maktrix> but, now I can see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Reimbursements Harish Pillay is for APJ, and Shankarshan is for India
08:01:23 <maktrix> whom shall I ask?
08:01:45 <maktrix> India is nearest and easy to get reimbursement from Shankarshan
08:02:17 <tuanta> yes
08:02:33 <tuanta> I recently contacted with Max Spevack
08:02:38 <dramsey> Inquire and verify, I am really not sure.
08:02:53 <tuanta> he's nice
08:02:59 <tuanta> he may be in the US, right?
08:03:46 <maktrix> dramsey: I will inquire
08:03:52 <dramsey> +1
08:04:40 <dramsey> Max is in Germany I think
08:05:30 <tuanta> anything else now?
08:05:32 <dramsey> Other thoughts?
08:05:45 <dramsey> None from me.
08:05:51 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending.
08:06:13 <maktrix> thank you too dramsey
08:06:44 <tuanta> ok, thank you all
08:06:50 <dramsey> Take care and do folluw emails...Happy New Year!!!
08:06:54 <tuanta> see you next times
08:06:59 <tuanta> Happy new year
08:07:14 <dramsey> endin meeting
08:07:18 <dramsey> #endmeeting