20:06:26 <liknus> #startmeeting EMEA Ambassadors Meeting 16-12-2009
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20:06:38 <liknus> ok guys this is the time for rollcall :)
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20:06:44 <liknus> #topic RollCall
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20:06:57 <red_alert> Sandro 'red' Mathys
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20:07:01 <lfoppiano> hi
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20:08:07 <fho> fho -> Frederic Hornain
20:08:21 <liknus> #topic Announcements
20:08:45 <liknus> I want to remind everyone for the ongoing Famsco elections
20:08:49 <liknus> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Election/2009Nominations
20:09:15 <liknus> And the today's agenda on :
20:09:24 <liknus> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2009-12-16
20:09:38 <vincent_vdk> vincentvdk
20:09:56 <liknus> So Im done with announcements... Any other announcements anyone?
20:10:04 <spevack> not from me
20:10:38 <liknus> Ok so I guess we shall move on
20:10:42 <liknus> #topic Events
20:10:56 <liknus> This is a busy period on events
20:11:23 <liknus> Mainly the Release Parties and the upcoming FOSDEM will be discussed today
20:11:33 <liknus> So on the Release Parties
20:11:41 <spevack> when we're ready to discuss FOSDEM, fho and I will take over :)
20:11:55 <liknus> ok spevack
20:12:23 <liknus> We have the ongoing Release Party on France
20:12:42 <liknus> Is anyone here from France?
20:13:04 <sspreitzer> do 50 meters to the border count?
20:13:23 <liknus> I guess no sspreitzer :P
20:13:24 <zoltanh721> :)
20:13:28 <sspreitzer> ok
20:13:29 <sspreitzer> im not
20:13:48 <liknus> So lets move on to the Italian Party on January
20:13:50 <dafahounko> I'm from Togo !
20:13:51 * MrTom is from France
20:14:13 <liknus> lfoppiano, is everything ok for the event?
20:14:33 <lfoppiano> yes
20:14:44 <liknus> Any swag or live media needed?
20:14:54 <lfoppiano> I'm just need to have the confirmation of people to book the hotel
20:15:02 <lfoppiano> liknus: if available, yes
20:15:26 <liknus> lfoppiano, there is an ongoing gathering of addresses for the media F12
20:15:26 <MrTom> liknus: what do you want to know about the French Release Event ?
20:15:45 <liknus> MrTom, if there is any particular problem or request :)
20:15:46 <lfoppiano> liknus: I think I sent the address to max for the CDs
20:15:56 <liknus> ok lfoppiano :)
20:16:32 <MrTom> liknus: we will come back on the list responding to spevack request about it... working on the message
20:16:39 <spevack> lfoppiano: yep, we'll deal with CDs
20:16:44 <lfoppiano> ok
20:16:54 <liknus> #action MrTom mail on the request
20:16:55 <spevack> I'm providing a list of addresses to the shipping company today, and they will ship on Friday
20:17:09 <spevack> #action spevack give shipping addresses to CD/DVD company
20:17:11 <liknus> spevack, we are there too (Greece?)
20:17:15 <spevack> yup
20:17:23 <liknus> nice
20:17:50 <sspreitzer> erm I can also pickup some media, because I am next to the producer
20:17:59 <liknus> So, before moving on to FOSDEM, is anything else on other event?
20:18:05 <sspreitzer> and distribute some in the local LUGs ?
20:18:21 <sspreitzer> is that possible?
20:19:00 <liknus> sspreitzer, have you responded with your address on spevack 's mail?
20:19:00 <spevack> sspreitzer: I think it will be possible, yes.  I will ask them to set aside some for you to pick up directly.
20:19:19 <liknus> Nice max :)
20:19:20 <sspreitzer> liknus, yes, but without address
20:19:22 <spevack> liknus: sspreitzer is going to actually pick up the media IN PERSON since he lives or works close to it
20:19:23 <lfoppiano> !
20:19:25 <sspreitzer> spevack, excellent
20:19:34 <spevack> sspreitzer: how many do you think you need?  100?
20:19:50 <sspreitzer> yes, maybe 150
20:19:51 <liknus> #action spevack contact media company on direct pickup by sspreitzer
20:19:56 <sspreitzer> ill take the rest with me to FOSDEM
20:20:13 <liknus> lfoppiano, go ahead
20:20:39 <lfoppiano> I was wondering, for events to have some goal, more specific and verifiable...
20:21:01 <liknus> You are refering to Release Parties?
20:21:13 <liknus> or Fedora-specific in general?
20:21:48 <spevack> I think the answer depends on a few things.
20:22:01 <spevack> including the size of the event, the budget for the event, and the goals of the event.
20:22:25 <spevack> For a release party -- the budget is small, and the goal is to show off Fedora, to celebrate a new release, and to plant the seeds of new users in your local areas.
20:22:42 <spevack> Release parties are the most "fun" of all events we have, and that is ok.
20:22:59 <dafahounko> i'm new there, my first meeting... what do we need, if i want to schedule a relaese party in my country ? (Togo)
20:23:00 <spevack> The next step up is something like liknus idea for Fedora Coffee -- which is a meeting and a discussion, that probably has one or two actual goals.
20:23:27 <spevack> Maybe it is to discuss a few new features in detail.  Maybe it is to help someone who is a user *become* a contributor and learn their way around the community.
20:23:34 <spevack> slightly more formal, but still low budget and low pressure.
20:23:55 <spevack> The next step up is something like, for example, Froscon
20:24:09 <spevack> a mid-size event that 4-6 Ambassadors attend.
20:24:10 <liknus> ohh we have a split
20:24:16 * spevack waits
20:24:23 <lfoppiano> I lost the connection
20:24:38 <liknus> not only you lfoppiano
20:25:05 * liknus thinks we shall wait 2 minutes
20:25:46 <sspreitzer> of course
20:27:10 <spevack> lfoppiano, cwickert, liknus, sspreitzer, kital: are you back?
20:27:20 <liknus> I m here
20:27:26 <lfoppiano> yes
20:27:40 <liknus> I guess we shall move on .... spevack :
20:27:59 <cwickert> spevack: me is here
20:28:01 <sspreitzer> yes, back
20:28:30 * cwickert wants to report an event
20:28:36 <spevack> sure -- the last point I was going to make is that once we get to mid-size events and up -- anything from something like a froscon to FOSDEM to FUDCon or Fedora Activity Day -- that is when an important schedule and goals and reporting is critical
20:28:42 <spevack> because we spend a lot of time and money on the events.
20:28:57 <spevack> i previously wrote what is (in my opinion) the more casual and fun goals for release parties.
20:29:01 <spevack> EOF
20:29:18 <liknus> nice spevack :) thanks for the clarification
20:29:23 <cwickert> the weekend after FOSDEM there is "4. Linuxinformationstag Oldenburg", a single day event. Me will do this
20:29:38 <cwickert> togther with Michael SPahn
20:29:41 <liknus> cwickert, is there a reference on the wiki?
20:29:52 <cwickert> not yes, I am just adding the wiki page
20:30:00 <cwickert> s/yes/yet
20:30:28 <liknus> nice cwickert . Is anything needed for the event?
20:30:57 <cwickert> livemedia, a banner, but that's all
20:31:22 <cwickert> no bugdet or alike, because it is like 40 kilometers away from my parents
20:31:24 <spevack> there was someone asking about how to create a new event.  is that person still here?
20:31:33 <cwickert> yes
20:31:41 <liknus> livemedia i guess is not a problem (just remember to reserve some after FOSDEM)
20:31:43 <dafahounko> yeah
20:31:45 <spevack> dafahounko: it was you :)
20:31:52 <cwickert> we are planning a FAD Niederrhein in Germany on February 20+21 or 27+28
20:32:08 <liknus> cwickert, one by one please :)
20:32:12 <cwickert> it is going to take place ether in Möchengladbach or in Düsseldorf
20:32:25 <liknus> spevack, shall you go ahead on the event creation?
20:32:26 <cwickert> liknus: spevack asked....
20:32:52 <lfoppiano> cwickert: IMHO is better to leave at lest a couple/three weeks after fosdem
20:32:54 <cwickert> liknus: any further questions about Linuxinformationstag?
20:32:58 <spevack> whenever cwickert is finished
20:33:13 <liknus> cwickert, not something else thanks for the info :)
20:33:25 <cwickert> ok, then I go on
20:33:50 <cwickert> lfoppiano: I think we have enough people to make this 2 or three weeks after FOSDEM
20:34:46 <cwickert> unfortunately Sven Lankes is not here, he is the event owner and takes care of the organization
20:35:13 <cwickert> we want to do some hack sessions on Xfce and Geany, some Xfce folks and the geany developer are also attending
20:35:15 <liknus> I think that it could be better if the FAD would be a month after FOSDEM
20:35:26 <liknus> just to have a nice span of our events
20:35:27 <cwickert> more topics and workshops are welcome
20:35:53 <lfoppiano> liknus: +1 that what I ment
20:36:13 <liknus> but if you guys have already finalized it, it is ok
20:36:16 <cwickert> liknus: I think the target audience is different from FOSDEM and we cannot make sure that we have the Xfce people attending a month later
20:36:34 <dafahounko> sorry i've been off for a while !
20:36:35 <cwickert> it's not yet finalized, but we want to do it in Q1
20:37:07 <dafahounko> still need to know how can a plan an event like fedora release party !
20:37:21 <cwickert> ok, I talk to Sven Lankes than about doing it in March
20:37:41 <cwickert> but I think he already arranged the place where it is going to be
20:37:52 <liknus> cwickert, ok we shall discuss it also in our next meeting
20:38:09 <dmaphy> well, if it is in the end of february it maybe also would fit
20:38:48 <cwickert> liknus: +1, we need to have Slankes here and I cannot reach him atm
20:38:50 <cwickert> eof
20:39:00 <liknus> spevack, move on :)
20:39:20 <liknus> #topic Organizing an Event
20:39:20 <spevack> dafahounko: for creating a new event:
20:39:22 <spevack> a few comments
20:39:41 <spevack> 1) Look here -- https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events -- for events that seem similar to what you want to do.
20:39:46 <spevack> 2) Add your event to the Events page above.
20:40:11 <spevack> 3) Copy the way other people have organized events that went well!
20:40:14 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/Organization
20:40:40 <spevack> If you need budget, ask for it and then be sure to save your receipts.
20:40:48 <spevack> We will do a "Fedora Ambassadors Training" class in January
20:40:56 <spevack> you might want to attend it, because we can give much more detail there
20:41:07 <liknus> #info  "Fedora Ambassadors Training" class in January
20:41:10 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom#Upcoming_Classes
20:42:41 <liknus> dafahounko, you got the steps :) ?
20:43:03 <spevack> dafahounko: i gave you the short answer because it's getting late in EMEA and we still MUST talk about FOSDEM
20:43:10 <dafahounko> yeah !
20:43:12 <liknus> nice
20:43:18 <liknus> so lets move on to FOSDEM
20:43:23 <dafahounko> thx
20:43:27 <liknus> #FOSDEM organizing
20:43:37 <liknus> #topic FOSDEM organizing
20:43:42 <spevack> Well, I want to start by saying a big THANK YOU to fho who is once again doing a fantastic job with FOSDEM.
20:43:45 <liknus> #chair spevack
20:43:45 <zodbot> Current chairs: liknus spevack
20:43:56 <fho> Thx
20:44:01 <spevack> I was hoping more people would come to this meeting
20:44:07 <spevack> so we may have to followup on the mailing list.
20:44:19 <spevack> but I wanted fho to be able to answer questions, or tell us what he needs from us that he doesn't have yet.
20:44:25 * spevack lets fho talk :)
20:44:51 <fho> Ok, as you know FOSDEM team have changed the rules/
20:45:29 <fho> Now, We have to share 2 devroom between all interseted distribution (Debian, Centos, etc..)
20:45:53 <fho> I have already good contacts with Mandriva, CentOS
20:46:15 <fho> The devroom suject are :
20:46:35 <fho> *  packaging     * localization     * governance     * working with upstream     * community infrastructure     * test and QA
20:47:06 <fho> And  we have to make talk in relation with these subject.
20:47:53 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FOSDEM_2010
20:48:06 <fho> So that is the reason why I am looking after speakers.
20:49:03 <dmaphy> there aren't any yet?
20:49:23 <fho> As you probably noticed, I have made a lot of requests via different channels ( Blogs, Mailing list, etc...)
20:49:31 <spevack> fho: may i ask a question
20:49:41 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FOSDEM_2010#Speakers_in_the_Dev_Room
20:49:42 <fho> yes
20:49:43 <cwickert> fho: I can do something about translations, pootle and transifex etc
20:49:52 <spevack> There are 14 slots in that schedule
20:49:53 <marcus_> i am planning to do a talk about spacewalk within the community infrastructure section. something like a joint venture with centos: Using Spacewalk on CentOS to deploy Fedora and more...
20:49:59 <spevack> hang on everyone
20:50:00 <liknus> #info We are looking for speakers on FOSDEM
20:50:06 <spevack> this is important
20:50:15 <spevack> there are 14 slots in the schedule on the Fedora FOSDEM 2010 wiki page.
20:50:34 <spevack> Do we have to work with *all other distributions* to figure out how we will fill those 14 slots, and we have to share those slots with all other distributions?
20:50:44 <spevack> If so, that means each distribution will only get maybe 3 talks.
20:50:52 <fho> yes, as I told you we have to share them with other distribs.
20:51:07 <spevack> right, i'm just making sure I understand :)
20:51:19 <spevack> So there will be *less talks* for each distribution this year, than in past years.
20:51:27 <spevack> this is the decision FOSDEM organizers have made?
20:51:35 <liknus> #We are looking for 3-4 talks (tops)
20:51:53 <fho> OK, i see. just give 5 min to answer to all questions.
20:51:58 <liknus> #info We are looking for 3-4 talks (tops)
20:51:58 <spevack> sure
20:52:30 <fho> First, this is quite new. it is a kind of concept.
20:53:07 <fho> So, it is really difficult to be agree with everyone ( I mean distribution)
20:53:16 <spevack> right
20:53:38 <fho> So, what have been concluded is
20:53:54 <spevack> fho: to be clear -- I think that *YOU* are doing a good job of explaining things, but I think that the *FOSDEM organizers* are making some very dumb decisions to push everyone together.
20:54:13 <red_alert> +1
20:54:15 <spevack> Last year we could have filled an entire devroom with ONLY fedora talks.  Now we are trying to do Fedora and JBoss, but we only have 3 or 4 talks total to offer???
20:54:20 <spevack> Is this true?
20:54:44 <sspreitzer> we could rename it into war room? ;p
20:54:50 <fho> to receive during 3 weeks all talk propositions by the coordinator of this concept.
20:55:38 <fho> We have designed the Belgian Debian responsable to retreive all talk proposals.
20:56:51 <spevack> ok
20:56:59 <spevack> but give us all some idea
20:57:05 <fho> So the clever solution will be to have talks conjointly with  other distributions on specific subject.
20:57:40 <spevack> So what do you think the talks that Fedora will be able to have are?  If the subjects are all going to be similar, then what are they?  And we can figure out who the best people to give the talks will be.
20:58:04 <fho> I know that Mandriva and Suse have an agreement to talk together about package translation. Why should we join them?
20:59:15 <fho> Max, I try to have SPOC for each distrib concerning this concept. I failed.
20:59:38 <spevack> fho: I know that this is not because of *you* -- but I don't like it.  To me, the ONLY WAY of organizing this that makes sense is to know exactly what time slots Fedora will have, and then *we* decide the best way to use those talks to show off Fedora or JBoss or whatever we want.
20:59:48 <liknus> Are we sure we cannot have a fedora-specific room? I mean is it a FOSDEM-team suggestion or policy?
20:59:51 <spevack> I think trying to make 5 different distributions agree on anything will fail
21:00:34 <fho> BTW, JBoss have its own devroom on saturday and have also its own both.
21:00:40 <spevack> oh, that's nice!
21:01:08 <spevack> fho: let me try to ask one more simple question.
21:01:16 <spevack> You know the devroom schedule that you have on the fedora wiki?
21:01:22 <fho> So for the miniconf concept is only for distribution
21:01:22 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FOSDEM_2010#Speakers_in_the_Dev_Room
21:01:52 <spevack> Is that schedule -- in the link I just pasted -- the one that we have to SHARE or is it one that we can fill out however we want?
21:02:54 <fho> Sorry , but yes I forgot it. it has not been udated. Sorry again.
21:02:59 <kital> sorry guys thought the meeting is 22:00 in my timezone
21:03:05 <fho> I will changed it tommorrow
21:03:07 <spevack> no need for anyone to say sorry :)
21:03:36 <liknus> #action fho change the schedule for the distro-room on wiki
21:03:56 <fho> you know i was aware of the concept quite late.
21:04:08 <spevack> fho: i know
21:04:14 <spevack> fho: you must be very frustrated with the FOSDEM organizers.
21:04:24 <spevack> fho: it seems to me that the path forward is this:
21:04:25 <spevack> 
21:04:25 <spevack> 
21:04:38 <spevack> We need to make a few things VERY CLEAR on the wiki:
21:04:39 <fho> No, that is the game ;)
21:05:03 <fho> Ok, I ll do that tomorrow.
21:05:10 <spevack> (1) The number of speaking slots that we have for Fedora or JBoss.  People who are interested in one of those slots needs to be given another opportunity to speak up.
21:05:36 <fho> But JBoss is already almost full.
21:05:46 <spevack> (2) The booths that we have.  If Fedora has one booth and JBoss has another, then we need to know who is going to be representing each booth.
21:05:59 <spevack> fho: i don't see anything about JBoss on the wiki.
21:06:20 <spevack> everyone is listed as part of Fedora
21:06:21 <spevack> group
21:06:32 <fho> Please clone me two more hands. ;)
21:06:56 <spevack> fho: I'm not trying to be critical!  i'm trying to help share my way of thinking.
21:07:33 <fho> I know, i was just kidding.
21:07:39 <spevack> ok :)
21:07:51 <spevack> So #1 -- exactly how many talks we have, and the deadlines for figuring out speaker & content
21:08:14 <spevack> #2 -- the plan to staff Fedora and JBoss booths.  Fedora is easy, JBoss is harder because we don't know who from JBoss is coming -- or maybe you know, and it's not on the wiki yet.
21:08:20 <fho> The thnigs is that I was not sure if JBoss could be on Fedora wiki.
21:08:36 <spevack> We can share the Fedora wiki for organizing FOSDEM -- it's no problem.  #3 -- Some sort of plan for the nights -- I can help you with this
21:08:56 <spevack> We should find a restaurant that we can know will have space for us in the nights, and call them ahead of time to make some reservations.
21:09:08 <spevack> Then people know what the plan is for the booth, for the talks, and for the social time.
21:09:17 <spevack> All that leaves is for hotel and travel, which is easy :)
21:09:31 <spevack> what do you think?  Anyone else have comments?  cwickert or red_alert ?
21:10:03 <sspreitzer> I am looking forward for the nights. :)
21:10:04 <fho> I will update the wiki tomorrow and send you email with much more details.
21:10:26 <liknus> spevack, what about the reservations?
21:10:38 <spevack> for hotel?
21:10:41 <cwickert> spevack: it all depends on the number of talks. if there are only three, there surely are better people than me
21:10:47 <liknus> Shall we make the team-like or individually?
21:10:54 <liknus> yeap for the hotel
21:11:18 <sspreitzer> Gerold KAssube and me already booked.
21:11:23 <spevack> I think we just need to have a recommended hotel like we did in previous years.
21:11:27 <spevack> sspreitzer: which hotel?
21:11:28 <sspreitzer> in Renessaince Hotel Brussel
21:11:31 <spevack> right
21:11:48 <spevack> #action spevack to discuss FOSDEM lodging plan on ambassadors-list and wiki
21:11:56 <liknus> I shall say that i object on the Renessaince Hotel
21:12:09 <sspreitzer> liknus, y?
21:12:15 <liknus> it is expensive and there is no free-wifi
21:12:28 <spevack> liknus: i think we should try to have two hotels that we recommend for people.
21:12:48 <spevack> and then if we also have pre-arranged meeting times in the evenings, people will know that they will see each other at a certain location
21:12:54 <sspreitzer> i see if i can get a special offering or free wifi for fedora at the hotel
21:13:08 <MrTom> i think that having no free wifi is good for people to talk between them instead of staying behind their laptop all the time :)
21:13:16 <cwickert> sspreitzer: the hotel is quite expensive, especially wifi
21:13:22 <lfoppiano> IMHO if there is not free wifi in the hotel is better because people don't go to the hotel and enjoy the social event..
21:13:25 <sspreitzer> MrTom, very true
21:13:27 <pingou> but having a cheaper hotel would also be nice imho
21:13:32 <lfoppiano> MrTom: +1
21:13:33 <liknus> ok I shall add our nice hostel (that had free wifi, breakfast and is not at all "hostel" in our wiki
21:13:43 <cwickert> pingou: +1
21:14:11 <zoltanh721> pingou: +1
21:14:33 <sspreitzer> MrTom, +1
21:14:36 <spevack> liknus: perfect, and then we can give people options
21:14:41 <spevack> #action liknus to add hotel option
21:14:44 <cwickert> I think we should not spend so much money on luxurious hotels. Most people will pay for themselves but the ones that need reimbursement will cost us more money than necessary
21:14:47 <liknus> ok spevack :)
21:14:54 <spevack> #action max to handle the "social event organizing" part of FOSDEM.
21:14:59 <liknus> cwickert, +10 !
21:16:15 <sspreitzer> so, where to go at the nights?
21:16:39 <sspreitzer> do we have some kind of base camp?
21:16:46 <liknus> for food or for drinks?
21:16:58 <sspreitzer> exactly, to get social
21:17:09 <spevack> sspreitzer: that's what I am taking the action for
21:17:17 <sspreitzer> cool
21:17:18 <liknus> for drinks we have the one we used last year
21:17:21 <spevack> one of the problems last year was that we had people get separated at night
21:17:31 <spevack> so I will try to figure out some options for the nights that can keep folks together
21:17:38 <spevack> and we will have some budget also.
21:17:48 <liknus> spevack, +1
21:18:21 <marcus_> okay, off for today. as mentioned i would offer to do a talk about spacewalk (together with red). just let us know.
21:18:36 <red_alert> will we all meet up at the FOSDEM sovial event?
21:18:45 <spevack> probably
21:18:51 <liknus> red_alert, of course!!
21:18:53 <cwickert> red_alert: sure
21:19:02 <sspreitzer> count me in ;)
21:19:03 <liknus> we dont lose the Delerium event :)
21:19:31 <lfoppiano> :D
21:19:32 <lfoppiano> +1
21:19:43 <spevack> fho: anything else you want to discuss about FOSDEM here?
21:21:10 <fho> unfortunatly, I have to leave in few mins. I will do update tomorrow and send you details asap. Thanks.
21:21:31 <spevack> fho: once again -- i want to make sure you know that I appreciate the work that you are doing -- FOSDEM organization is definitely not easy!
21:21:46 <spevack> liknus: i guess we're done with this topic :)
21:21:51 <liknus> Anyone else on FOSDEM?
21:21:58 <cwickert> move on
21:22:06 <liknus> nope? ok....
21:22:12 <dafahounko> nope
21:22:23 <liknus> #topic Reviewing Items
21:22:46 <liknus> Previous meeting items :
21:22:50 <liknus> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2009-12-02/fedora-meeting.2009-12-02-20.09.html
21:23:34 <liknus> Firstly, sspreitzer is everything ok and smooth with alukin;s visa?
21:23:45 <sspreitzer> state is;
21:23:59 <sspreitzer> redhat shall officially invite alukin
21:24:16 <liknus> Nice :) thanks for taking care of it sspreitzer
21:24:28 <spevack> sspreitzer: you need help from me or someone at RH to get an invitation letter?
21:24:42 <sspreitzer> spevack, yes please
21:24:53 <sspreitzer> spevack, I sent you an email about that
21:25:12 <spevack> sspreitzer: i remember that now -- I have been too busy to get to it, but I will try to finish it before christmas
21:25:12 <sspreitzer> a week or so ago
21:25:21 <spevack> #action spevack invitation letter for alukins
21:25:24 <sspreitzer> spevack, perfect
21:25:43 <liknus> Moving on, I clarified the meeting schedule of EMEA Ambassadors on our wiki
21:26:07 <liknus> and I shall still add the FAD of Greece (still in negotiation with local team)
21:26:20 <liknus> #action linknus adds FAD Greece 2010 on wiki
21:26:28 <liknus> #undo
21:26:28 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x2b7954d3add0>
21:26:41 <liknus> #action liknus adds FAD Greece 2010 on wiki
21:27:03 <liknus> spevack, 's action items are ok :)
21:27:25 <liknus> So we are done on the action items from previous meeting
21:27:30 <cwickert> !
21:27:33 <liknus> cwickert,
21:27:43 <cwickert> I still have something from 3 meeting ago
21:28:03 <liknus> cwickert, go ahead :)
21:28:03 <cwickert> in http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2009-11-04/fedora-meeting.2009-11-04-20.15.html we agreed that kital will take care of different livecds
21:28:10 <cwickert> anybody knows the status?
21:28:27 <liknus> Oh yeah , about the LXDE and XFCE ones
21:28:30 <kital> cwickert no answer from rh munich
21:28:36 <cwickert> ok, I see
21:28:50 <liknus> spevack, anything on that?
21:28:52 <cwickert> kital: can you nag them please?
21:29:05 <cwickert> or spevack?
21:29:08 <spevack> cwickert: we can certainly have them make some
21:29:20 <sspreitzer> kital, should i knock on their door? i live next to them
21:29:32 <sspreitzer> ;)
21:29:43 <spevack> let me be honest, guys:
21:29:46 <kital> spevack: was alessandra in charge this time?
21:29:49 <spevack> regarding CDs & DVDs in EMEA
21:30:13 <kital> i mailed her several times related to livecd
21:30:14 <spevack> The production company in Munich gives us a pretty good price -- Alessandra Moraldi is a Red Hat person who helps get the orders placed since she is very close to them.
21:30:25 <spevack> kital: she probably missed it, because she was working with me.
21:30:39 <kital> understand
21:30:41 <spevack> My level of satisfaction with this company is only 50%
21:30:52 <spevack> When we did F11 media, they messed up a lot of things
21:30:58 <cwickert> +1
21:31:00 <spevack> all the backs of the CDs were wrong, as you remember
21:31:09 <spevack> this is because they had many combinations that they had to do
21:31:19 <spevack> We thought to give them one more try for F12.
21:31:26 <spevack> and we will see if they make no mistakes.
21:31:27 <sspreitzer> spevack, maybe i can have a talk with them? i know the bavarian culture and mindset
21:32:06 <spevack> sspreitzer: I think it might not be a bad idea -- If you can meet face to face, and we have an opportunity to "reboot" our relationship with them.  Make them understand that we want to have a consistent plan for different flavors of CDs and DVDs in future releases, etc.
21:32:18 <spevack> Red Hat will pay the bill (from my budget) but they work with you for questions, etc.
21:32:30 <spevack> sspreitzer, cwickert: what do you think?
21:32:41 <liknus> #action sspreitzer contact in person the media company
21:32:43 <sspreitzer> I think it is a good idea
21:32:51 <spevack> liknus: i'd phrase that action differently
21:33:01 <liknus> #undo
21:33:01 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x2b7954d3a2d0>
21:33:19 <spevack> #action sspreitzer and spevack figure out a plan of points to discuss with media company, tell Alessandra what we're thinking, then sspreitzer has the discussion
21:33:33 <liknus> much more nicer spevack , thanks :)
21:34:34 <liknus> ok lets move on
21:34:39 <liknus> #topic Open Floor
21:35:17 <liknus> so this is our open floor :) Anything someone would like to point out?
21:35:24 <zoltanh721> kital: !
21:35:40 <zoltanh721> I have 2 things
21:35:48 <liknus> zoltanh721, go ahead :)
21:36:08 <zoltanh721> I try to arrange an event at here hungary
21:36:37 <zoltanh721> ihave a good contact at Pécs University
21:37:15 <zoltanh721> But I need some letters to the leades of the school
21:37:34 <zoltanh721> to surely have the place at may
21:38:02 <zoltanh721> They awaiting to that
21:38:24 <liknus> Can anyone grant such a letter spevack ?
21:39:08 <spevack> sure... I would suggest that zoltanh721 write a draft of the letter that he thinks he needs, then I can tweak it a little bit and put it on Red Hat letterhead :)
21:39:16 <spevack> and send it back
21:39:44 <zoltanh721> so we will next year alltogether at here hungary 4 events : FSF Budapest, Szeged, an new by linuxempire at Bp, and at Pécs
21:39:52 <spevack> sounds great, zoltanh721
21:40:01 <zoltanh721> 2nd thing
21:40:13 <liknus> #action zoltanh721 write a draft of the letter that he thinks he needs, then spevack can tweak it a little bit and put it on Red Hat letterhead :)
21:40:46 <zoltanh721> We have deal with an online hungarian magazine at Budapest FSF event earlier
21:40:57 <zoltanh721> FLOSSzine
21:41:04 * spevack has to go
21:41:26 <zoltanh721> What I need is an good writing about Fedora, and marketing stuff
21:41:45 <liknus> zoltanh721, you should contact the marketing team
21:41:57 <zoltanh721> What I could send to them
21:41:59 <spevack> zoltanh721: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Foundations
21:42:00 <zoltanh721> ok
21:42:03 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/TalkingPoints
21:42:06 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Talking_Points
21:42:12 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Overview
21:42:13 <spevack> :)
21:42:19 <spevack> done!
21:42:29 <liknus> and of course our wiki as spevack points out :)
21:42:42 <liknus> Anything else zoltanh721 ?
21:42:54 <zoltanh721> that's all thx guys
21:43:02 <spevack> zoltanh721: if those links don't help you, email fedora-marketing-list and ask some more questions :)
21:43:27 <liknus> Anything else anyone?
21:43:41 <zoltanh721> spevack: sure - thx
21:43:50 <sspreitzer> !
21:43:59 <liknus> sspreitzer,
21:44:12 <sspreitzer> just if someone wants to meet and have a coffe with me
21:44:19 <sspreitzer> ill be in munich on firday
21:44:39 <sspreitzer> and rheinland-pfalz/deidesheim on the weekend
21:44:47 <GeroldKa> :-) me not, unfornutately
21:44:48 <zoltanh721> I want to have beer at FOSDEM with everyone -
21:44:56 <zoltanh721> :)
21:45:06 <sspreitzer> hey GeroldKa, good to see you. :)
21:45:06 <liknus> we will zoltanh721 :) we sure will :)
21:45:28 <sspreitzer> thats all, just FYI
21:45:29 <GeroldKa> zoltanh721, on Friday afternoon, there is the beer event
21:45:40 <GeroldKa> @ FOSDEM
21:46:00 <liknus> Shall i end it ? Do we have anything else?
21:46:15 <zoltanh721> About subsidy, will be possible?
21:47:23 <liknus> zoltanh721, you can note it on our wiki and we shall shorten out the budget for possible subsidy.
21:47:44 <zoltanh721> thx liknus
21:47:54 <zoltanh721> oh one more thing
21:48:22 <zoltanh721> Is it possible to insert marketing stuff to translation shedule?
21:49:07 <liknus> thats a big discussion :) I guess there is already a sync between the projects
21:49:48 <zoltanh721> I have talked about that with Noriko, and she is agreed to that
21:50:07 <liknus> We shall contact someone from marketing also
21:50:38 <zoltanh721> Right now we don't have any stuff what is uploaded to Transifex
21:50:43 <zoltanh721> like docs
21:51:27 <liknus> The Transifex is not in full blown status..  so i think the translations team wants to add marketing stuff and docs also
21:52:21 <liknus> ok zoltanh721 ?
21:52:28 <zoltanh721> ok
21:52:31 <liknus> Ok everyone, thanks all for attending! See ya in two weeks!
21:52:32 <zoltanh721> thx
21:52:37 <dafahounko> thx
21:52:43 <zoltanh721> See you guys, thx
21:52:47 <liknus> #endmeeting