14:02:01 <pknirsch> #startmeeting Power management for Fedora
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14:02:45 <pknirsch> Hey folks and welcome to the new time for the power management meeting for Fedora. Due to time conflicts we had to move it to this day and time now.
14:03:21 <pknirsch> As we're short 2 people of the team today we'll cut the meeting rather short with just a few announcements basically.
14:05:01 <pknirsch> 1) As next wednesday is already 1 day before "Heilig Abend" here in Germany and quite a few are away on holiday starting next week the next meeting will be held on the 6th of January next year.
14:06:43 <pknirsch> 2) There isn't any feature set yet defined for F13, but as the feature submission deadline for F13 is somewhat close that'll be a topic for the next meeting
14:07:26 <pknirsch> 3) With ktune and tuned now being merged we'll probably have another person joining some of the work, Thomas Woerner. He'll be on the meetings starting January as well
14:08:51 <pknirsch> 4) Same with Jan Vcelak who was already doing quite a bit for the test day, he's now officially part of the team as well!
14:09:22 <pknirsch> Other than that i wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year and see you all next year!
14:10:20 <pknirsch> #endmeeting