07:13:58 <dramsey> #startmeeting
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07:14:17 <magie> it was supposed to be a release party but the media did not arrive on time
07:14:40 <magie> so we just initiated the "I am fedora" thing we discussed during our previous meetin
07:14:52 <dramsey> Ay, yay, yay...I remember azneita and other s trying for the DVD replicator.
07:15:00 <magie> the 2nd is a relase party on dec 15
07:15:05 <dramsey> Cool on the "I am Fedora!!
07:15:12 <born2linux> ah yes, that's at the university of the philippines
07:15:21 <born2linux> I believe azneita is coordinating this
07:15:22 <dramsey> Okay in a couple days!  Most excellent!
07:15:39 <dramsey> +1 for your efforts.
07:15:51 <dramsey> #agenda Planning and Preparation for Fedora 12 in December
07:16:13 <dramsey> Others on information about Fedora 12?  This sounds exciting?
07:16:41 <dramsey> Looks like zodbot is getting back online especially with the datacenter move this weekend...
07:16:50 <wariola> we in malaysia just had our release party, but a small group of us ambassadors and fedora users
07:17:07 <dramsey> Great wariola!
07:17:09 <magie> congratulations! :)
07:17:21 <born2linux> excellent
07:17:21 <wariola> for a change from the big crowd during our fedora 11 release party
07:17:35 <wariola> but we are planning for a roadshow for fedora
07:17:43 <wariola> live medias already here
07:17:47 <dramsey> The Phillipines group is a definite mover/shaker!!!  I think that we will all learn a lot from their teamwork.
07:17:57 <dramsey> +1 for live medias.
07:18:00 <wariola> going to some universities to spread the love
07:18:09 <wariola> thanks to RH singapore for the media
07:18:39 <dramsey> Yup, sounds like harish and others correct?
07:18:39 <born2linux> +1
07:18:42 <dramsey> +1
07:18:50 <KageSenshi> yup
07:18:56 <born2linux> azneita also received media from harish
07:19:09 <dramsey> May I send virtual power to harish!!!
07:19:17 <magie> +1 many thanks
07:19:31 <wariola> dramsey, yups
07:19:32 <KageSenshi> hehe .. may the source be with him
07:19:53 <dramsey> I think in my humble opinion media makes our work much easier...+1 for the source!!!  :)
07:20:01 <born2linux> yay
07:20:07 <magie> :)
07:20:14 <dramsey> KageSenshi, any news from your area?
07:20:18 <KageSenshi> yup
07:20:26 <KageSenshi> dramsey, my area == wariola's area
07:20:36 <dramsey> Oh okay!
07:20:42 <KageSenshi> mainly helping him up .. :)
07:20:43 <dramsey> Sounds like good team.
07:20:48 <magie> +1
07:20:56 <dramsey> Team work ===> works!
07:21:03 <born2linux> +1 :)
07:21:04 <dramsey> Understood.
07:21:07 <dramsey> +1
07:21:19 * KageSenshi +1
07:21:30 <dramsey> Other thoughts or everyone ready for next agenda then?
07:21:56 <born2linux> next agenda?
07:22:03 <dramsey> Okay...
07:22:06 <dramsey> #agenda Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events in APAC.
07:22:31 <dramsey> I am doing a couple Fedora 12 release in Japan and the U.S. how about you?
07:23:24 <magie> dec 15 + feb 26-28
07:23:27 <born2linux> +1
07:23:31 <dramsey> +1
07:24:06 <magie> oops, power failure
07:24:13 <magie> born2linux w/o ups
07:24:15 <dramsey> no problems...
07:24:34 <magie> will say goodbye before mine is depleted
07:24:39 <magie> sorry guys
07:24:54 <dramsey> Sending positive energy to you now!!!  :)
07:25:12 <wariola> magie, where r u btw?
07:25:20 <magie> thanks! :)
07:25:35 <magie> philippines @ bluepoint foundation http://bluepoint.com.ph/
07:25:37 <wariola> for malaysia, still yet to confirm which university to go for the road show
07:25:42 <magie> born2linux,  azneita, and myself will check logs
07:25:45 <magie> byn :)
07:25:49 <magie> bfn :)
07:26:15 <KageSenshi> same goes for date , not quite confirmed yet
07:26:27 <dramsey> Understood.
07:27:36 <KageSenshi> me and .MY team still have a lot to learn to coordinate >.< ..
07:27:43 <dramsey> S
07:27:47 <wariola> :D
07:28:02 <wariola> yeah KageSenshi is the who wake me up for this meeting BTW
07:28:06 <dramsey> That's okay... we all are learning!  Continual improvement is a good thing!
07:28:33 <wariola> whatll bout your side dramsey ?
07:29:24 <dramsey> Fedora 12 distribution is going well...some problems with nVidea users...but medis good.  I like this question indeed.
07:29:47 <wariola> cool
07:29:56 <wariola> so shall we go to the next agenda?
07:30:07 <dramsey> Good question...meda
07:30:15 <dramsey> s/meda/media
07:30:26 <dramsey> #agenda FreeMedia
07:30:43 <dramsey> Is okay?  I think that zodbot is not up, but we will try...
07:31:15 <wariola> we from malaysia gets our freemedia from RH APAC Singapore
07:31:31 <dramsey> :)  +1 for Harish!!!  :)
07:31:36 <wariola> or if not sufficient, will burn it out
07:31:38 <wariola> hi sniffit_
07:31:57 <wariola> i think he's the one managing our free media in malaysia
07:32:27 <sniffit_> uh wha? lost?
07:32:29 <sniffit_> T_T
07:33:04 <wariola> sniffit_, introduce yourseld :)
07:33:12 <dramsey> Hello sniffit_
07:33:37 <sniffit_> hi sniffit_ is here
07:33:54 <sniffit_> uh i dunno why i'm here tho but wariola and KageSenshi set me up T_T
07:34:37 <sniffit_> and uh yea i'm a freemedia volunteer for my
07:34:40 <sniffit_> as for now that is
07:36:01 <dramsey> Excellent!!!  Welcome sniffit_!
07:36:17 <sniffit_> thanks you dramsey
07:37:56 <dramsey> Let us continue with FreeMedia
07:39:28 <dramsey> Tell us what is up.
07:40:31 <wariola> for now for Malaysia shld be ok
07:40:39 <wariola> just got 200pcs of fedora 12 live cd
07:40:45 <wariola> maybe sniffit_ can comment more
07:41:14 <sniffit_> well the freemedia program in malaysia is a bit of a hit and miss really
07:41:28 <sniffit_> requesters tend to not feedback on their tickets
07:41:28 <dramsey> ol how?
07:41:45 <dramsey> ay yay yay!!!
07:42:18 <sniffit_> as of now there's 7-8 pending tickets that are waiting for me to mail the media
07:42:41 <sniffit_> albeit it has been quite sometime back but it's taken care of by this coming week
07:42:43 <dramsey> Understood...
07:43:10 <sniffit_> we have more success in distributing freemedia in events such as conferences and the like
07:43:22 <dramsey> Great!!!
07:43:28 <sniffit_> that is pertaining to live media at least
07:43:47 <sniffit_> most requested media are of the installation dvd
07:44:05 <sniffit_> and to date a month i'd be happy to see 2 tickets
07:44:13 <sniffit_> at least from malaysia alone
07:44:46 <dramsey> Got it!
07:45:13 <sniffit_> i did some legwork on getting freemedia printed here locally
07:45:35 <sniffit_> and so far there is 1 or 2 places that needs to be followed up
07:45:46 <sniffit_> s/people/places/
07:45:54 <dramsey> ghoo
07:46:07 <dramsey> s/ghoo/good
07:48:01 <sniffit_> thats about itthat's about it from me
07:48:02 <sniffit_> EOF
07:48:09 <dramsey> any other news?
07:48:35 <dramsey> Next agenda?
07:48:45 <KageSenshi> +!
07:48:47 <KageSenshi> +1
07:49:00 <sniffit_> +1
07:49:08 <dramsey> #agenda Plans on APAC coordination/organization
07:49:19 <dramsey> Any plans?
07:50:00 <KageSenshi> between countries?
07:50:15 <dramsey> Your call...
07:50:31 <KageSenshi> erm none from me ..
07:51:52 <sniffit_> ?
07:51:57 <dramsey> Okay
07:52:38 <sniffit_> is there a roadmap or calender of sorts that marks any FOSS events within APAC?
07:52:44 <dramsey> Sort of a thought on coordination
07:52:57 <sniffit_> for the coming year that is
07:52:59 <dramsey> True...ecwnra
07:53:08 <wariola> +1 sniffit_
07:53:45 <dramsey> s/ecwmra/evemts
07:54:03 <dramsey> s/m/n
07:54:30 <dramsey> Probably F12 and F13 for the next 6 months
07:55:39 <dramsey> Good thoughts...
07:56:11 <wariola> FAD, FUDcon or stuffs like that
07:56:20 <sniffit_> if we could have a sort of planner of events coming up in 2010 well in advance
07:56:30 <KageSenshi> wariola, wiki/Events
07:56:35 <KageSenshi> sniffit_, wariola, wiki/Events
07:56:39 <sniffit_> even tentative dates will help us better coordinate
07:56:42 <KageSenshi> wiki is down now however
07:57:05 <dramsey> True probably due to the datacenter movement.
07:57:08 <sniffit_> KageSenshi, understood google cache = win ;)
07:57:36 <KageSenshi> sniffit_ then .. this ,
07:58:33 <wariola> :D
07:58:35 <dramsey> looks like http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/ is up now
08:00:26 <dramsey> Shoul we go to next agenda item?
08:01:01 <KageSenshi> +1
08:01:05 <sniffit_> dramsey, we cold further discuss the events planned at a later date ... being end of the year and all
08:01:18 <sniffit_> some people are already in the xmas joy ;)
08:01:22 <sniffit_> so yes +1
08:01:25 <dramsey> Okay...
08:01:33 <dramsey> #agenda Open floor
08:01:45 <dramsey> Understood
08:02:34 <dramsey> #agreed
08:04:27 <dramsey> open floor any thoughts?
08:05:25 <sniffit_> erm none that cross my mind as of yet
08:05:40 <wariola> me too
08:06:49 <dramsey> Last call...before ending meeting...
08:06:58 <dramsey> 5
08:07:16 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending this APAC meeting...
08:07:20 <dramsey> 4
08:07:29 <wariola> thanks to u too
08:07:42 <dramsey> We did good!
08:08:00 <dramsey> I hope that the things we need to have for us to succeed are available...
08:08:02 <dramsey> :)
08:08:12 <dramsey> 3
08:08:52 <dramsey> 2
08:08:54 <dramsey> 1
08:09:10 <dramsey> 0.5
08:09:12 <dramsey> 0
08:09:24 <dramsey> Once again, thank you for attending our APAC meeting.
08:09:29 <dramsey> My best to you all!!!
08:09:43 <dramsey> Team work ===> works!!! :)
08:09:46 <dramsey> Bye,
08:09:49 <dramsey> #endmeeting