20:04:46 <mchua> #startmeeting
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20:04:55 <mchua> #topic roll call - who's here?
20:05:54 <PhrkOnLsh> ohaithar, everyone
20:06:01 * rbergeron waves
20:06:11 <mchua> hey hey!
20:06:25 * mchua is on the bus back from Toronto to Boston - FUDCon just ended
20:06:40 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: How was it?
20:06:42 <mchua> In retrospect, it may not have been the best idea ot have this meeting while everyone is on a car/bus/train/plane back...
20:06:47 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: fan-freakin'-tastic.
20:06:49 <rbergeron> lol
20:07:03 * mchua pulls up logs
20:07:05 * PhrkOnLsh wishes he was on that bus back right now with ya; wanted to go to FUDcon badly
20:07:23 <mchua> aha, here we go.
20:07:25 <mchua> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Toronto_2009_Live
20:07:47 <mchua> Yaakov Nemoy organized live transcription of pretty much every single session ( I think we missed... one. )
20:07:51 <mchua> so there are logs of *everything.*
20:08:09 <PhrkOnLsh> Yups /me attended most of the transcriptions ;)
20:08:57 <mchua> Ok, let's get going - f13 planning.
20:09:32 <mchua> What I was thinking we could do today is go over our schedule for F13, and decide on our Official Deliverables, and plot dates out for them.
20:09:49 <mchua> Then we can examine the things we want to do that *aren't* on that list - and then have a rough gauge for the capacity we'll have to do them.
20:10:10 <mchua> In other words, /me pulls up the f12 schedule
20:10:13 <rbergeron> lol
20:10:26 <mchua> If you recall http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-12/f-12-marketing-tasks.html
20:10:33 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: were you able to get a timeline from poelcat?
20:10:35 <mchua> that page is huge, and (for me) hard to follow
20:10:48 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: Yep, I'm checking to see if the f13 version is up.
20:10:55 <mchua> #topic F13 schedule
20:10:59 <PhrkOnLsh> awesome-sauce
20:11:20 <rbergeron> it is
20:11:27 <rbergeron> he sent it out, i think
20:11:42 <mchua> So the good news is that since we don't have many dependencies on/for other tams, we can, for the most part, just tell John what schedule we'd liek to be reminded of.
20:11:45 <mchua> in other words, we have... nearly complete control over our shcedule.
20:12:06 <PhrkOnLsh> hmm, kontact isn't checking my mail, brb
20:12:25 <rbergeron> http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-13-draft/f-13-marketing-tasks.html
20:12:31 * mchua having slight lag; on mobile broadband, apologies. Feel free to interrupt me anytime.
20:12:36 <mchua> rbergeron: thou rockest.
20:12:59 <PhrkOnLsh> still a large list
20:13:16 <mchua> There are two other teams I want to make sure we sync up with this release cycle - Infrastructure ( because we want to get things like Insight and limesurvey deployed)
20:13:27 * PhrkOnLsh sighs "43 unread"
20:13:37 <mchua> and Design, since they're the ones that are adding polish and usability to our deliverables.
20:13:59 * rbergeron nods
20:14:00 <mchua> (Though of course syncing with all teams is *really* important - Ambassadors is another huge one, but I think the dates on that will be more flexible, esp. with the new schedule.)
20:14:21 <rbergeron> what is new" about the new schedule
20:14:24 <mchua> Yeah. Okay, so that schedule from poelstra from f13 isn't updated yet, that's basically a copy of F12.
20:14:37 <mchua> The old schedule went someting like this:
20:15:21 <wonderer> hy, sorry for late...
20:15:21 <mchua> Start of release cycle: doot dee doot dee doot.
20:15:21 <mchua> Alpha: Pick talking points. Doot dee doot dee doot.
20:15:21 <mchua> Beta: Doot dee doot dee doot. *twiddle fingers*
20:15:33 <mchua> ...I'd, uh, like to change this a bit, if we may.
20:16:51 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: people work better rushed ;)
20:17:20 <mchua> Start of release cycle: ideas and capacity planning (and marketing research, when we have the tools to do it.)
20:17:23 <mchua> Alpha: Getting up infrastructure (for F13, that's Fedora Insight, Limesurvey, things like fedora-tour)
20:17:27 <mchua> Beta: Make all deliverables between Alpha and Beta, excepting final screenshots.
20:17:30 <mchua> GA: Final screenshots; focus on PR and pushing out deliverables, and helping other teams manage their capacity-building.
20:17:49 <wonderer> I had a "wish". If we have a old one and a new one can we mark (in one way or another) the changes so that we know what we have changed...?! maybe in a table in the wiki or so ...
20:18:04 <mchua> What I mean by "helping other teams manage their capacity-building" is that - between Beta and GA day, most of the other teams are Super Hosed, but since that's when the most visible activity and excitement goes on, it's also when we tend to get the most new contributors.
20:18:14 <mchua> wonderer: Yeah, I'd like that too - and there will be a diff, when we have the new one, for sure.
20:18:30 <mchua> wonderer: right now the new one is just the old one copy-pasted, since Poelstra is on a plane back home and hasn't gotten to upload our notes from yesterday.
20:18:33 <mchua> But they're basically what I posted above.
20:19:10 <wonderer> yes, shure.
20:19:47 <mchua> anyway, re: "manage capacity-building" - we lose a lot of these new folks because nobody has the time to take care of getting them started, so if we in marketing can do some things to keep those folks engaged until the teams they're "going" to have the bandwidth to handle newcomers again, I think we'll be able to grow the contributor base of Fedora overall.
20:21:19 * rbergeron nods
20:21:26 <rbergeron> <--- was just taking food out of oven
20:21:53 <wonderer> :)
20:21:55 * rbergeron wonders if mchua is still on :)
20:22:41 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: so, get short term marketers until others need someone?
20:24:04 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: Sort of.
20:24:06 <PhrkOnLsh> who does FWN marketing beat?
20:24:30 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: the beat is Chaitanya Mehandru, but Chaitanya has been busy with school lately.
20:24:51 <mchua> Someone should ping and see what's up. ;) He did a great job for F12.
20:24:56 <PhrkOnLsh> ah; FWN is waiting on QA and marketing beat for this week, i think
20:25:04 <PhrkOnLsh> .fasinfo Chaitanya
20:25:05 <zodbot> PhrkOnLsh: User "Chaitanya" doesn't exist
20:25:09 <PhrkOnLsh> .fas Chaitanya
20:25:10 <zodbot> PhrkOnLsh: naga 'NagaChaitanya  Vellanki' <vellanki.chaitanya@gmail.com> - cn51290 'Chaitanya Nadig' <cn51290@gmail.com> - cvghate 'Chaitanya Vijay Ghate' <cvghate@gmail.com> - tschaitanya 'tschaitanya' <tschaitanya_369@yahoo.com> - datian21hreal 'Chaitanya C. Kulkarni' <aritroR8@yahoo.com> - vijaychaitanya 'Vijay Chaitanya Reddy .K' <chaitanya.info@gmail.com> - chaitanya 'surya chaitanya' (1 more message)
20:25:19 <PhrkOnLsh> here, i'll take this to -mktg
20:25:26 <PhrkOnLsh> not meeting related
20:25:34 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: re: short-term marketers - I'd think of this as a consulting service we can run for other teams during the final crunch.
20:25:45 <PhrkOnLsh> okay, cool
20:25:59 <mchua> "You have new people coming in but no time to help them do things. What small tasks can they do to get started while you're busy? We'll help get them started on those if yo uleave us instructions."
20:26:05 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: thanks!
20:26:19 <mchua> Oh, that's me, sorry - I was supposed to write the beat this week, but didn't get a chance to before I had to leave.
20:26:24 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: good idea
20:26:28 <PhrkOnLsh> oh
20:26:44 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: actually, can you just tell Pascal not to wait for the Marketing beat? I don't want to be a blocker.
20:26:53 * mchua doesn't have enough battery to write the beat after this meeting
20:26:54 <PhrkOnLsh> -> #fedora-mktg
20:26:56 <rbergeron> mchua: so today we need to decide... what exactly? just what we want to do, and what we have to do? or do we need to have exact dates for everything as well
20:27:03 <mchua> rbergeron: dates.
20:27:06 <mchua> Does the 3-stage idea make sense to everyone? Instead of dumping all the delivables *and* PR at the end, make tools for the first 1/3 of the cycle, make deliverables for the second 1/3 of the cycle, and push those deliverables out (PR) for the final 1/3 of the cycle?
20:27:10 <mchua> In terms of deliverables, I see us as having 5 this cycle (but I'm totally open to suggestions):
20:27:14 <mchua> * talking points selection (which features do we want to focus on?)
20:27:16 <mchua> * in-depth feature profiles (interviews)
20:27:19 <mchua> * release slogan
20:27:21 <mchua> * screenshots repository
20:27:23 <mchua> rbergeron: (yes, my connection cut out earlier and I wrote that in notepad instead)
20:27:26 <mchua> * one-page release notes
20:27:28 <mchua> ...anything else people want to add to our Release Deliverables section? This is not to say that these are the only things we're going to do (we'll definitely do much more) but these are the things we'll promise the rest of the Fedora community we will be making for the F13 release specifically.
20:27:34 <mchua> s/notepad/gedit
20:28:32 <rbergeron> that seems reasonable
20:28:39 * wonderer reads....
20:29:15 * PhrkOnLsh brb
20:29:27 <mchua> The way I was thinking of doing the deliverables is in sprints - we'll produce one deliverable at a time, and use our weekly meeting time that week to sprint on that deliverable.
20:29:55 <wonderer> * Flyer / booklet
20:30:29 <rbergeron> i think what youer' saying is those are the "have to absolutely happen" things we are promising
20:30:35 <PhrkOnLsh> +1 mchua
20:30:42 <rbergeron> and everything else we can produce is the yummy gravy :)
20:31:27 <wonderer> rest sounds also good for me.
20:31:31 <mchua> rbergeron: to answer your original question more directly... in terms of what we have to do today, it's an okaying of that F13 release schedule (John and I will work out the exact dates based on F13 dates) and then a "okay, what do we want to do between now and Alpha (March 3) in terms of getting tools and documentation up so we can really sprint between Alpha and Beta"?
20:31:37 <mchua> rbergeron: exactly.
20:31:41 <mchua> I like yummy gravy.
20:31:44 <mchua> underpromise and overdeliver, eh?
20:31:59 <mchua> wonderer: would a print layout of the one-page release notes (like we did for F12) work for that?
20:31:59 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: that's how you make us look awesome :)
20:32:02 <rbergeron> something lik that :)
20:32:28 <mchua> The fun part is that this also gives us capacity to do "consulting" for the first time - for spins who come in and want to have cool marketing too, for teams who want it, etc.
20:32:47 <mchua> for instance, say the KDE sig wants to have one-page release notes for the KDE spin
20:33:01 * rbergeron nods
20:33:03 <mchua> we wouldn't just take it and make it for them, *but* we would have the HOWTO on making one-page release notes, and we'd help them do their marketing
20:33:27 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: I can be KDE SIG liason :)
20:33:32 <mchua> Sooo, if this makes sense, we need to figure out what we want to do in terms of getting infrastructure up betewen now and Alpha, for which we have a bit under 4 months to do.
20:33:36 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: fantastic!
20:33:45 * PhrkOnLsh <- KDE SIGger
20:33:47 <wonderer> mchua: as a start, yes. But I think of a thingy with a bit more flesh as the One-Pager. For a short Intro, Ok. But for more in-depth Introductions in class or Edu. facilities it would be better to have more "surrounding" Infos in it. So a very small booklet or something with 2-4 pages...
20:34:37 <rbergeron> so in terms of infrastructure: we have insignt, limesurvey, what else?
20:34:48 <rbergeron> how-tos, wiki
20:35:00 <PhrkOnLsh> so, today in -ambassadors, Rodrigo Padula brought up an interesting project of his, that if we carry out, will be -awesome- marketing material
20:35:03 <mchua> rbergeron: that was exactly my list
20:35:05 <PhrkOnLsh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Zero_Carbon
20:35:57 <mchua> and then we have cool projects like fedora-tour, which don't make it directly easier for us to make release deliverables this round, but could next round, so I'd call them "infrastructure coming down the pipeline"
20:36:04 * rbergeron nods
20:36:15 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: that would be fantastic gravy.
20:36:21 <PhrkOnLsh> mmmmm
20:36:24 <mchua> a great article to put on Insight, for instance.
20:36:33 <PhrkOnLsh> indeed
20:36:47 <PhrkOnLsh> Rodrigo already has the LATAM servers Carbon Neutral
20:37:17 <mchua> wonderer: can you give examples of what that flyer/booklet would look like? (is there something online for another project that's similar?)
20:37:23 <mchua> yay carbon neutral!
20:37:41 <PhrkOnLsh> KDE has one, let me dig it up, mchua
20:37:43 <rbergeron> mchua: what parts of the wiki?
20:37:52 <rbergeron> just the marketing part or... all the F13-related wiki stuff
20:38:10 <wonderer> mchua: I can look out for some flyers that I collected over the past year of eventchasing and forward them to you.
20:38:15 <mchua> Ok, so if our main infrastructure projects ("will make it easier for us to make release deliverables") projects are Fedora Insight, limesurvey, and the HOWTOs for each deliverable, plus our wiki, we need to make sure that (1) someone is wrangling each of those between now and Alpha, and (2) they have what they need to get things up and running and tested before March.
20:38:27 <mchua> rbergeron: Just the Marketing part, imo.
20:38:32 <rbergeron> okay
20:38:37 <mchua> Including the pages we work on our deliverables on, etc.
20:38:47 <mchua> The entire wiki is a huge task to take on, even just the F13 stuff
20:38:51 <rbergeron> i was about to say "we could probably do that ina  week or two in sprints.....
20:38:53 <mchua> and we should get our own houes in order first ;)
20:38:57 <mchua> rbergeron: agreed completely
20:39:00 <rbergeron> but i didn't want to say that if it was for all the F13 stuff :)
20:39:06 <mchua> Oh gosh no.
20:39:32 <rbergeron> do you think that's a one-person job (just to avoid duplication work) or multiple people?
20:39:38 <mchua> I think we can do the "hey, we sprinted on our wiki, now it's looking awesome and is easy to navigate... other teams, you could do this as well by copy-pasting our template!" thing.
20:39:51 <rbergeron> and if multiple people, do we have a checklist of what pages need to get done?
20:40:02 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: see docs link https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AcGKfTnzk5_7ZGhoZ2JwamZfN2M1OTNjdGNk&hl=en
20:40:08 <PhrkOnLsh> oh okay
20:40:09 <mchua> rbergeron: well, you mentioned a sprint - that's inherently multiple people, I think.
20:40:13 * rbergeron nods
20:40:20 <rbergeron> :)
20:40:22 <mchua> rbergeron: but yes, if we're sprinting we'd need a to-do list ahead of time to keep things efficient.
20:40:31 * PhrkOnLsh asplodes and loses his konqueror session. stupid google docs
20:41:17 <rbergeron> i can do a checklist of wiki to-do's over the next few days, unless you want to do it - i know you did a lot of it for the last cycle
20:41:29 <mchua> Actually, Steven Moixs did that last cycle
20:41:35 <mchua> rbergeron: if you want to do that, that'd be rockin'.
20:41:39 <rbergeron> we should probably do a wiki checklist, and a how-to-checklist, and maybe a how-to for both those :)
20:42:03 <mchua> Our HOWTO checklist = is there a HOWTO for each of our 5 release deliverables? if so, done.
20:42:06 <rbergeron> or a how-to for the wiki checklist :)
20:42:11 <rbergeron> ahhh
20:42:14 * rbergeron nods
20:42:21 <mchua> (other HOWTOs = bonus)
20:42:25 <rbergeron> right
20:42:41 <mchua> Ok, so Robyn on the wiki cleanup. rbergeron, do you want to own next week's meeting time for a sprint on that?
20:42:57 <rbergeron> that should work
20:43:13 * rbergeron was thining for a second it was winter break... alas one more week :)
20:43:16 <mchua> Sweet.
20:43:25 <mchua> #info Infrastructure: Wiki cleanup - Robyn
20:43:32 <rbergeron> so i'll send out a checklist and wiki that as well
20:43:35 <mchua> #info next week's meeting time = rbergeron running a sprint on wiki cleanup
20:43:38 <mchua> yay!
20:43:38 <mchua> thanks, Robyn!
20:44:07 <mchua> Other infrastructure projects: I'm driving Fedora Insight deployment right now, and I'll contineue to do that at least until we get to staging nd production for the time.
20:44:12 <mchua> er, first time.
20:44:32 * rbergeron has the limesurvey stuff on her plate and time to actually install and stuff tonight on publictest6
20:44:37 <rbergeron> now that my blizzard is gone
20:44:42 * rbergeron claps for sunshine
20:45:09 * wonderer doing a little sun-dance ... maybe it helps.
20:45:10 <mchua> #info: Infrastructure - limesurvey deployment = Robyn
20:45:21 <mchua> #info: Infrastructure - Fedora Insight deployment = Mel
20:45:22 <rbergeron> so hopefully i can get that sent off to ... the next stage soon
20:45:42 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: and you have fedora-tour, and KDE SIG ambassadorship - anything else you wanted to do?
20:45:45 <mchua> rbergeron: staging :)
20:45:52 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: hmmm
20:46:04 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: is there anything else I can do, more involved?
20:46:25 <rbergeron> as far as infrastructure is concerned, do we want to pull anything together as far as press contacts, lists, etc. to have that stuff ready for when we have press releases going out and that kind of thing?
20:46:37 <mchua> YES
20:46:49 <rbergeron> i think that would be a good infrastructure deliverable
20:46:53 * mchua doesn't know how to do that, though
20:47:14 * rbergeron will brainstorm on it tonight while burning dinner, maybe send a mail to the list soliciting ideas?
20:47:15 * mchua wonders...
20:47:32 <rbergeron> i mean, we collected all those articles mentioning f12 a few weeks back
20:47:40 <rbergeron> we could start with getting their contact information, etc.
20:47:47 <rbergeron> start making a list of magazines, news outlets, contact information
20:48:01 * rbergeron notes that maybe we should decide what to do with it too... not sure thought
20:48:04 <rbergeron> though
20:48:05 <rbergeron> :)
20:48:08 <mchua> rbergeron: actually, I'm wondering if PhrkOnLsh might be able/willing/interested to run with limesurvey deployment for a bit if you're doing the PR stuff
20:48:17 <PhrkOnLsh> I can do that
20:48:25 <rbergeron> yeah, if you can get it like... up and going and stuff
20:48:32 <rbergeron> i can put the questions in the machine
20:48:39 <PhrkOnLsh> As long as it's not ZOMG THIS HAS TO BE DONE THIS WEEK i can :)
20:48:57 <PhrkOnLsh> heck, I can get it working on publictest this afternoon
20:49:06 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: hawt
20:49:11 <rbergeron> mchua: what do you think? how important is the timing as far as the fudcon survey goes
20:49:21 <rbergeron> i know you or yaakov said something about the 15th
20:49:39 * rbergeron is pretty sure rh folks have a mandatory vacation maybe?
20:49:40 <mchua> #info Limesurvey deployment --> PhrkOnLsh
20:50:01 <PhrkOnLsh> rbergeron: we're moving our servers soon
20:50:07 <PhrkOnLsh> from chandler to gilbert
20:50:07 <rbergeron> ahhh
20:50:32 <PhrkOnLsh> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1845
20:51:04 <mchua> That'd be Yaakov - yeah, he wants to get the survey out soon; it's all free text questions (at least from Yaakov). Since we won't have an unmanageable number of responses, I don't think it's the end of the world to ask people to email in their replies, if we don't have limesurvey up by then, so (in my mind) it's not a ZOMG GET IT UP NOW thing, it's a "oh, it would be nice, and if it's up we'll use it, but if it isn't, okay" thing.
20:51:29 <rbergeron> well, don't move them to higley school district, that guy put seti on all the machines :)
20:51:35 * rbergeron had no idea that everything was in phx
20:51:38 <mchua> RH folks tend to take the last week of December totally off, but work on Fedora never stops ;)
20:51:39 <PhrkOnLsh> rbergeron: :-)
20:51:46 * rbergeron feels like driving down and moving stuff
20:51:53 <mchua> mean, I'll be around
20:52:02 <PhrkOnLsh> rbergeron: I didn't either until last week. I asked mmcgrath if he wanted help, but he said they hired an outside company to do it
20:52:08 <mchua> (I don't expect anybody else to be around, but I'll probably be tinkering on Insight over the break.)
20:52:16 * rbergeron nods
20:52:19 <rbergeron> how did that go at fudcon?
20:52:27 <mchua> Extremely well.
20:52:38 <mchua> We blocked on packaging stuff, that's the only reason we were'nt in staging by Saturday afternoon
20:52:48 * rbergeron nods
20:52:52 <mchua> That's another capacity-building thing we may want to look at, making sure we have packagers to help with the infra we want to deploy.
20:52:57 <mchua> limesurvey seems simple, only one package
20:53:00 * rbergeron nods
20:53:01 <mchua> Insight is pretty much done
20:53:14 <mchua> But in the future when we have a tool we want to deploy we need to line up packaging help beforehand
20:53:21 * rbergeron has no idea how ot make a package unless it involves going to the post office when done
20:55:09 * mchua has a vague idea, but it's not my primary focus
20:55:22 <rbergeron> and it is......
20:55:24 * PhrkOnLsh is a packager
20:55:34 <mchua> ...ooh, are you? Sweeeet.
20:55:41 <mchua> You'll be unblocked for limesurvey then :)
20:55:45 <PhrkOnLsh> indeed :-)
20:55:54 <mchua> I think we just need to make sure that it's aailable as a resource if we need it packaging capacity)
20:55:54 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: pinging Sparks to update/let me take it over, atm :)
20:56:08 <PhrkOnLsh> sitting in review... :/ https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=508817
20:56:10 <buggbot> Bug 508817: medium, medium, ---, ian, ASSIGNED, Review Request: Limesurvey - An open source survey application
20:57:44 <mchua> Ok. Any other business? We have a wiki cleanup sprint lined up for next week, we know our deliverables and more or less what our schedule is going to be, I think we're in good shape for F13 so far.
20:57:56 * mchua apologizes for the slow pace today - I'm pretty wiped out from FUDCon
20:58:05 <rbergeron> mchua: i think we're good. i sent that mail on goals to the list, when you get back and caught up :)
20:58:16 <wonderer> no prob.
20:58:28 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: you did fine :)
20:58:32 <PhrkOnLsh> brb
20:58:38 <mchua> (so I don't have a lot of energy to drive much of anything, but if you folks want to step up and rally help around your projects before I spring back and suck EVERYBODY INTO HELPING WITH FEDORA INSIGHT!!! that would be great ;)
20:58:45 <mchua> awesome.
20:58:53 <mchua> ok - thanks everyone!
20:59:09 <mchua> I'll be blogging more FUDCon stuff on Planet in the next few days, with more Insight reports so we get a better status on what's going on
20:59:19 * mchua hopes to send the WE'RE ON STAGING!! letter soon
20:59:27 <mchua> Wrapping up in 5...
20:59:34 <PhrkOnLsh> later, mchua have a good plane nap ;)
20:59:38 <PhrkOnLsh> you earned it
20:59:38 <skvidal> mchua: are you on the bus?
20:59:40 <mchua> (oh - totally blog about your projects, too! Folks would like to see more Marketing news)
20:59:44 <mchua> skvidal: I am.
20:59:49 <mchua> Mobile broadband ftw.
20:59:51 <skvidal> mchua: when did y'all leave?
20:59:56 <mchua> skvidal: 9:30am
21:00:11 * mchua continues countdown, will be in #f-mktg channel after for a bit
21:00:12 <PhrkOnLsh> grah, bus nap! ;)
21:00:14 <mchua> 4...
21:00:16 <mchua> bus nap!
21:00:17 * rbergeron is outta here....soooooooooooohungry
21:00:18 <mchua> 3...
21:00:20 <mchua> 2...
21:00:22 <mchua> 1...
21:00:25 <mchua> 0.5..
21:00:27 <mchua> #endmeeting