20:09:50 <liknus> #startmeeting
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20:10:06 <liknus> #meetingtopic EMEA Ambassadors Meeting
20:10:15 <liknus> #topic Rollcall
20:10:26 <liknus> .fas ppapadeas
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20:10:40 <liknus> Please state your name for rollcall's sake :)
20:10:48 <spevack> kital is in India, so he probably is asleep
20:10:52 <spevack> .fas mspvack
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20:11:23 <bochecha> .fas bochecha
20:11:24 <zodbot> bochecha: bochecha 'Mathieu Bridon' <mathieu.bridon@gmail.com>
20:11:31 <sspreitzer> .fas sspreitzer
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20:11:58 <alukin> .fas alukin
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20:12:24 <liknus> Many absences today, i guess
20:12:55 <liknus> Shall I move forward?
20:13:04 <spevack> yeah, let's
20:13:07 <liknus> #topic Announcements
20:13:20 <liknus> Any particular announcements from Famsco spevack ?
20:13:59 <spevack> I have a bunch of things to say, but they are on a bunch of different topics.
20:14:07 <spevack> should I just do that now, or save it for later/
20:14:29 <liknus> I guess we could do it now and leave only events for later..
20:14:35 <liknus> So go ahead :)
20:14:41 <spevack> ok
20:14:54 <spevack> Here are the things I want to discuss.
20:14:56 <spevack> (1) Funding
20:15:03 <spevack> (2) current status of swag and other stuff in EMEA
20:15:06 <spevack> (3) FAMSCO elections
20:15:14 <spevack> (4) FADs and FUDCons in EMEA next year
20:15:23 <spevack> So I'll start with funding.
20:15:34 <spevack> Yesterday was the first day of a new quarter for Red Hat from a finance point of view
20:15:39 <liknus> #topic Funding of EMEA region
20:15:48 <spevack> which means that my team -- Community Architecture -- has a new set of budget that we need to spend.
20:16:02 <spevack> We've got an order in for F12 live CDs and DVDs that will be used in EMEA
20:16:10 <liknus> #info spevack reminds us for the new fiscal period
20:16:13 <spevack> I asked for quotes for either 2,000 or 3,000 depending on cost.
20:16:28 <spevack> so we'll have f12 media for the region.
20:16:49 <liknus> Any schedule on that?
20:16:51 <spevack> We'll figure out how to have it spread out and shipped to a few key ambassadors in the region, who can then spread it around further
20:17:00 <spevack> I hope all of the media is in people's hands by Christmas.
20:17:10 <spevack> It's taking a bit longer this time than I want, and I apologize for that.
20:17:14 <bochecha> spevack, no need for france, we already produced 1000 of them
20:17:17 <spevack> ok
20:17:22 <spevack> good to know, bochecha
20:17:35 <liknus> Italy and Greece need fot Release Events
20:17:47 <liknus> but Xmas is after that :(
20:18:07 <spevack> shit... maybe we can get it done faster -- I will send another email today and poke people
20:18:11 <sspreitzer> i can spread some arround munich and in bavaria and basle, zurich and switzerland
20:18:27 <sspreitzer> lets say Alps ;)
20:18:57 <liknus> 12 Dec for Greece and Italy is ok i see...16 Jan
20:19:02 <spevack> We also have probably, as a starting point, 2500 EUR to spend on "other random stuff"
20:19:11 <liknus> so if it is only for us dont bother :)
20:19:14 <spevack> We're going to make some case badges for the whole world, as you guys saw on fedora-ambassadors-list
20:19:23 <alukin> may be I need about 70-100 for north Ukraine though we already had event at 27. Nov. with home-made DVDs but people keep asking 32bit DVDs
20:19:24 <spevack> and we'll have some of those sent to Europe -- a few thousand.
20:19:42 <spevack> And then I want to spend about 2500 EUR additional in the region, so I'm not sure what sorts of things are at the top of the wish list.
20:19:56 <spevack> But if we have a "shopping list" for the region, we can then figure out priorities and start buying what we need
20:19:59 <spevack> EOF
20:20:05 <liknus> spevack, i guess swag for main events like Fosdem
20:20:17 <spevack> exactly
20:20:17 <liknus> Flyers, buttons and stickers
20:20:28 <sspreitzer> spevack, new tshirts for the new ambassadors?
20:20:30 <sspreitzer> ;)
20:20:31 <spevack> I think one good action item would be to talk to Frederic Hornian and see what swag he needs for FOSDEM, so we can get it created.
20:20:35 <alukin> red hats of course are at top of wish list :)
20:20:38 <liknus> We can begin to get some quotes
20:20:49 <spevack> sspreitzer: i think kital was already handling new tshirts -- we need to ask him when he gets back from India
20:20:57 <sspreitzer> ah good
20:21:00 <liknus> #action liknus contact Fsdem event owner abour swag needs
20:21:31 <liknus> Shall we also start a quote period till next meeting on key items?
20:21:33 <spevack> actually, I think it would be a good idea to have a meeting on IRC where we talk about ONLY fosdem, and invite everyone who is planning on attending
20:22:02 <liknus> spevack, thats a good idea but when shoudl this happen
20:22:14 <spevack> next Wednesday?
20:22:19 <spevack> whenever Frederic can make it :)
20:22:21 <liknus> I mean some things need to be taken into account last minute
20:22:25 <liknus> Ah ok
20:22:31 <liknus> i guess it could work
20:22:42 <spevack> liknus: I'll take the action to organize that meeting
20:22:54 <liknus> #undo
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20:23:00 <spevack> #action spevack set up an IRC meeting about FOSDEM with all the folks and leaders
20:23:05 <liknus> nice :)
20:23:32 * spevack looks at the rest of his list.
20:23:42 <alukin> I'd like to come but I need visa in EU so who I can ask to help with?
20:24:01 <liknus> Where are you from?
20:24:07 <alukin> Ukraine
20:24:25 <sspreitzer> alukin, I can try to help you with the Schengen visa
20:24:36 <spevack> sspreitzer: that would be great
20:24:46 <liknus> hm... spevack can RH Germany have someone invited?
20:25:06 <sspreitzer> i think its a normal tourist visa
20:25:11 <sspreitzer> no problem for 3 months
20:25:14 <liknus> #action sspreitzer helps alukin with visa
20:25:24 <spevack> if sspreitzer runs into problems, we'll see what RH can do
20:25:33 <liknus> fair enough :)
20:25:40 <alukin> sspreitzer, thnks, I'll write you e-mail
20:25:43 <sspreitzer> good
20:25:58 <liknus> Shall we move to the next item?
20:26:24 <spevack> sure
20:26:34 <spevack> Next item is the Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee Elections
20:26:34 <liknus> #topic Status of swag
20:26:39 <liknus> op
20:26:40 <Southern_Gentlem> sorry but is EMEA interested in the case badges?
20:26:55 <spevack> sorry liknus, I thought we had finished the swag talk :)
20:26:59 <alukin> yes I am of course
20:27:02 <spevack> Southern_Gentlem: yeah, EMEA is in on the case badges :)
20:27:08 <spevack> as we predicted yesterday
20:27:26 <spevack> any other swag discussions?
20:27:38 <alukin> A lot of our students will be glad to put it on notebooks with Fedora
20:27:45 <liknus> nope i guess...just reminder
20:27:47 <liknus> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/wiki/Inventory
20:28:30 <liknus> #topic FamSCo Eleactions
20:28:39 <spevack> Ok, I just wanted to remind people that the famsco election is coming up
20:28:51 <spevack> FAMSCo is the Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee for anyone who is new.
20:29:11 <sspreitzer> what is it about?
20:29:14 <spevack> While we try to make sure that the regional ambassador groups have a lot of freedom, FAMSCO does serve an important purpose
20:29:24 <spevack> in making sure that we keep different regions communicating with each other
20:29:30 <liknus> We covered that on our previous meeting but I think none is here from the previous meeting :P
20:29:33 <spevack> and that we have funding, and global Ambassador policies that make sense
20:29:38 <spevack> A few links:
20:29:45 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Election/2009Nominations
20:29:57 <spevack> We had two town hall meetings, which people will find interesting to read, especially if you want more information
20:30:02 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meetings:Town_Hall_FAmSCo_2009-11-28_1800
20:30:06 <spevack> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-townhall/2009-11-30/famsco-townhall.2009-11-30-17.58.log.html
20:30:30 <spevack> It's important to vote, that's all I want to say.
20:30:35 <sspreitzer> ok
20:30:36 <liknus> The town hall meetings are discussions with the nominees on various subjects
20:30:55 <liknus> spevack, some schedule on that?
20:30:59 * spevack looks
20:31:20 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections#Committee_Elections_Schedule
20:31:25 <spevack> Elections start December 8
20:32:03 <spevack> EOF from mee
20:32:09 <spevack> er, me :)
20:32:48 <liknus> I dont have sth to add on FamSCo elections, so i guess we sahll move to our next topic
20:33:02 <sspreitzer> yes
20:33:06 <spevack> The last thing that is very much on my mind, but that we won't go into too much detail today, is starting to figure out the Fedora Activity Days for next year
20:33:09 <spevack> and FUDCon in EMEA.
20:33:16 <liknus> #topic FAD's and FUDCON on EMEA next year
20:33:17 <spevack> I know that red_alert was asking about FUDCon yesterday
20:33:26 <spevack> and it's the time of year where we need to start to figure out some real details.
20:33:47 <spevack> so, I'm going to be figuring out some sort of way to discuss this stuff on a global level, and then we'll see where we go from there.
20:33:50 <liknus> Unfortunately none from the candidates are here
20:34:06 <spevack> So really, my point in this meeting is "stay tuned" and "start thinking about what sort of Fedora Activity Days you might want to see in EMEA next year.
20:34:06 <cwickert> candidates? for what?
20:34:26 * cwickert is sorry for being late
20:34:32 <liknus> for hosting FUDCON
20:34:38 <cwickert> ah, I see
20:34:53 <spevack> cwickert: he means red_alert or others who were volunteering to do a lot of the work depending on the location
20:34:58 <liknus> We (as Fedora Greece) are looking for an FAD on September
20:35:02 <cwickert> first question: where will FUDCon take place?
20:35:05 <spevack> this is a conversation that we need to have in a much more organized way, and that we'll have later.
20:35:14 <spevack> cwickert: no decision yet -- the conversation will start soon, and in public, by me.
20:35:22 <cwickert> ok, fine
20:35:23 <spevack> because we need to try to plan all of next year's fudcons
20:35:26 <spevack> not just one at a time.
20:35:33 <spevack> so it's really a global conversation
20:35:37 <cwickert> right
20:35:38 <spevack> and I need to start it soon :)
20:35:47 <cwickert> ok, then for FADs
20:36:14 <cwickert> liknus: what are your plans for greece?
20:36:17 <spevack> FADs are much more regional :)
20:36:22 <liknus> Shall we do anything special? apart from mentioning it on Wiki etc
20:36:42 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_organize_a_FAD
20:36:45 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_organize_a_FAD
20:36:46 <liknus> We are seeing a 2 days hackfest combined with presentations and translation sessions
20:37:32 <cwickert> liknus: anything you are going to fokus on?
20:37:35 <liknus> We have the venue (my university) and many new members are eager to help
20:38:14 <liknus> Mainly translations and stressing out the universal factor of Fedora community
20:38:23 <spevack> sounds great
20:38:34 <cwickert> ok, we are thinking about doing a FAD next year in the rhine-ruhr area, possibly at düsseldorf
20:38:39 <spevack> also great
20:39:00 <cwickert> we will focus on technical things such as Xfce and geany
20:39:07 <spevack> brilliant!
20:39:10 <spevack> any idea of when?
20:39:16 <cwickert> not yet
20:39:19 <sspreitzer> maybe Munich too, i need to investigate that
20:39:30 <cwickert> I think 2 quarter may be fine
20:39:36 <sspreitzer> include several LUG of the area, etc...
20:39:39 <red_alert> sandro mathys (red)
20:39:45 <cwickert> first quarter there is already lots of events
20:39:54 <sspreitzer> ok
20:40:10 <alukin> we're planing 2 events: middle March and middel May in Chernigiv, Ukraine
20:40:27 <cwickert> what topics?
20:40:46 <alukin> first focused on virtualization in Fedora, and secons - on teaching with FOSS
20:40:52 <liknus> We are talking about FAD alukin, we shall discuss other events later :)
20:40:54 <spevack> well, i'm glad to see that there are some ideas already, and that they are for things other than just Ambassadors, so it's really great.  Let's continue making them happen.  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD
20:41:24 <liknus> #action liknus adds Greece FAD 2010 on wiki and starts local management
20:41:50 * spevack has said everything that was on his mind
20:41:51 <spevack> EOF
20:42:06 <spevack> one more thing -- I miss you guys!  It was fun living in Europe for 1.5 years :)
20:42:18 <heffer> and we miss you
20:42:22 <cwickert> spevack: we miss you too
20:42:23 <liknus> We miss you too spevack :)
20:42:28 <spevack> awwwww
20:42:31 <red_alert> spevack: you're welcome to come back any time ;)
20:42:34 <heffer> but i'll be able to meet you in a few days :)
20:42:38 <LinuxCode> spevack, come to the UK, we will have you
20:42:45 <cwickert> there is a giant gap now that spevack has left
20:42:48 <spevack> I'll see you guys at FOSDEM
20:42:57 <spevack> we have to find somewhere to watch the Super Bowl :P
20:43:03 <sspreitzer> yeah, great
20:43:05 <LinuxCode> spevack, London
20:43:21 <LinuxCode> watch it at wembly...
20:43:23 <spevack> cwickert: part of that is my fault -- I have been so busy with the $EVERYTHING_ELSE part of my job since getting back to USA that I've fallen out of touch a bit on the EMEA stuff.  I need to fix that
20:43:43 <liknus> spevack, we really need it too :)
20:43:52 <liknus> So moving on
20:44:04 <liknus> #topic Release Events
20:44:27 <liknus> spevack, now that you are here... what about the refurbishments on Release Events?
20:45:05 <spevack> liknus: same as everything else -- save receipts, write an event report, and I can either reimburse with PayPal directly, or Fedora EMEA e.V. can reimburse
20:45:23 <liknus> Ok nice to be mentioned :)
20:45:35 <liknus> We have 4 events left for EMEA region
20:45:46 <liknus> Tunisia, Greece, France and Italy
20:46:19 <liknus> Greece and France our covered and organized (as mentioned on previous meetings)
20:46:50 <liknus> We were unable to contact the Tunisia guys, but i guess if the needed us on anything they could find us
20:47:28 <liknus> And as far as the Italy is concerned, its a month ahead so we are going to have another meeting till then :)
20:47:37 <liknus> So far the release events are going great
20:47:54 <liknus> Any one else something on release events?
20:49:10 <alukin> Where repostrs on events should be sent?
20:49:34 <liknus> On the fedora-ambassadors-list or on Fedora Planet via your blog
20:49:51 <MrTom> when does the tunisian event happens
20:49:55 <liknus> and as always you should mention them on the wiki page of the event
20:50:11 <MrTom> the tunisian guy asked me yesterday for sharing OpenOffice presentations
20:50:12 <liknus> MrTom, 3 days from now on 5 Dec
20:50:34 <MrTom> omg
20:50:34 <MrTom> ok
20:51:03 <liknus> Thanks MrTom for taking care of it :)
20:51:21 <MrTom> is there any information your need from him ?
20:51:38 <liknus> A report of the event could be just nice :)
20:51:54 <MrTom> ok i'll ask him
20:52:17 <liknus> There is also an event in Lagos registered in our Wiki
20:52:27 <liknus> Any idea anyone on that?
20:53:24 <liknus> It doesnt seem like Fedora-user organized and no nick is mentioned. So I guess we shall move to our next topic :)
20:53:52 <liknus> #topic Review items from Previous Meeting
20:53:53 <spevack> i guess so :)
20:54:01 <liknus> #liknk http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2009-11-18/fedora-meeting.2009-11-18-20.12.html
20:54:09 <liknus> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2009-11-18/fedora-meeting.2009-11-18-20.12.html
20:54:55 <liknus> zoltahn could not attend us today so we cant now on his item
20:55:27 <liknus> On action item d. biertie has taken care of it
20:55:44 <liknus> On action item e. alukin
20:56:27 <liknus> alukin, i guess you were talking about the event you mentioned earlier
20:57:02 <alukin> It was great and report in Russian is on http://cs.stu.cn.ua/blogs/view.html?id=373
20:57:44 <liknus> Thats the photos :
20:57:46 <liknus> #link http://cs.stu.cn.ua/gallery.html?id=84
20:57:59 <alukin> It was very first our experience but everything went OK and people keeps asking for next events
20:58:24 <liknus> Nice job alukin  :) Keep it up :)
20:58:43 <alukin> I do not know is it ok or not tyo have common meetings with Ubuntu people...
20:59:07 <bochecha> alukin, why not ?
20:59:12 <liknus> I guess it is ok :)
20:59:20 <alukin> Indeed why not :)
20:59:25 <bochecha> I hope so, we have one each month
20:59:43 <liknus> Just try to emphasize, what sets fedora apart
21:00:18 <liknus> On our next item a took care of it (mentioning the Greek Release Party on wiki)
21:00:26 <alukin> Sure! Ialways make it clear and btw Feodra is promary OS in our labs
21:00:45 <liknus> Nice alukin :)
21:01:03 <sspreitzer> good job alukin :)
21:01:23 <liknus> And finally on our last action item, spevack what about an ambassadors classroom ?
21:01:37 <spevack> What about it?  Is it time to do another one?
21:01:38 <liknus> Could we arrange it?
21:01:43 <spevack> Sure!
21:01:51 <sspreitzer> is that the wording for training?
21:01:57 <alukin> thnks! Local buisnesses helped us with Fedora disks so we had about 100 for attenders
21:02:01 <liknus> I think we have enough new ambassadors in EMEA region :)
21:02:24 <spevack> I have all the notes from the previous ones -- I'll put them on a wiki page if I haven't already done so -- and we'll make it happen.
21:02:24 <spevack> #action spevack to run an ambassadors classroom session
21:03:02 <sspreitzer> er guys
21:03:10 <sspreitzer> whats that classroom ?
21:03:19 <sspreitzer> ambassador training?
21:03:47 <liknus> spevack, could you please send at least two reminders on that on the list? (because some want it early some want it late)
21:03:56 <bochecha> sspreitzer, we have an IRC channel for classrooms: #fedora-classroom
21:04:06 <bochecha> sspreitzer, there, people give training about various subjects
21:04:09 <spevack> sure :)
21:04:23 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom
21:04:28 <sspreitzer> bochecha, ok
21:04:34 <sspreitzer> spevack, thanks
21:04:44 <liknus> It's kinda training for new (and not only) ambassadors just to keep up with the global policies, practices etc
21:05:14 <liknus> I am done with the action items from the previous meeting
21:05:24 <liknus> #topic Open Floor
21:06:05 <liknus> Anyone that has something to say bout the Ambassadors on EMEA region should step up now :)
21:06:16 * liknus lingering for a couple of minutes
21:06:59 <spevack> I'm all set -- Thanks for running the meeting, liknus
21:07:11 <cwickert> yeah, good job liknus
21:07:17 <heffer> thank you
21:07:24 <liknus> np spevack :) I am always happy to serve the community :)
21:07:25 <cwickert> one moment
21:07:29 <cwickert> I have somethink
21:07:37 <LinuxCode> me too
21:07:44 <liknus> cwickert,
21:07:54 <cwickert> we were looking for a place to host event pics
21:08:12 <alukin> We plan 2 day event in May 2010 on teching with Linux and FOSS and I'd like to invite pople from EU universities to give presentations
21:08:22 <cwickert> so what about setting up an instance of gallery2 at pictures.fedoraproject.org or something?
21:08:34 <cwickert> just like blogs.fedoraproject.org
21:08:46 <alukin> Could anyone suggest me good contacts?
21:08:46 <LinuxCode> cwickert, I think somebody in FI was brewing something up to allow that
21:08:48 <liknus> cwickert, you are talking about gallery.fedoraproject.org that Nicu mentioned?
21:08:58 <bochecha> cwickert, I think the design team is already investigating on a gallery solution
21:09:15 <cwickert> ok, nice to see someone else already had this idea
21:09:21 <cwickert> alukin then?
21:09:38 <liknus> Sorry it was Chitlesh and not NIcu
21:10:19 <cwickert> ok, I'll get in contact with him
21:10:30 <liknus> There is already a temporary one
21:10:32 <liknus> #link http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/gallery2/main.php
21:10:34 <alukin> I'd like to discuss what are possibilities of colaboration for instance in EU Temus project and similar projects
21:10:45 <cwickert> alukin: your event is going to take place where?
21:10:51 <liknus> But needs to be finalized and possibly conected with the new community portal
21:10:52 <cwickert> and when?
21:11:20 <alukin> MAy be we'll find some common interests. And it is interesting for Ukrainian teaches and students to hear how FOSS is used in EU universities
21:11:34 <alukin> When is appr. May, 17
21:11:50 <alukin> Exact date will be known next week
21:12:20 <liknus> alukin, possibly some ambassadors with University experience could come over
21:12:38 <alukin> Where: Chenigiv, Ukraine, State Technological university
21:13:20 <alukin> Chernigiv is 1h20min from Borispol int. airport
21:14:13 <liknus> Maybe you could create a wiki page for the event and ask for any suggestions from the ambassadors-list ?
21:14:53 <alukin> Yes, good idea. Thnks. As soon I will know exact date, next nomday
21:15:00 <liknus> alukin, shall i make it an action item?
21:15:14 <alukin> Yes
21:15:43 <liknus> #action alukin starts a wiki page on Ukrainian event and asks suggestions on the list
21:15:50 <liknus> nice :)
21:16:17 <liknus> LinuxCode, go ahead
21:16:33 <LinuxCode> can we please clarify the meeting times on the wiki ?
21:16:43 <LinuxCode> it states, 2nd Wednesday
21:16:50 <liknus> by clarify you mean?
21:16:53 <LinuxCode> this is the first Wednesday of the month
21:17:17 <LinuxCode> well, either state some dates, so people know what is the second Wednesday
21:17:21 <liknus> Every other Wed would be more appropriate?
21:17:29 <LinuxCode> or say 1st and 3rd Wednesday every month
21:17:41 <liknus> Thats not always the case LinuxCode
21:17:57 <liknus> Its note the same to say that
21:17:59 <LinuxCode> well, I am open for suggestions
21:18:08 <liknus> I shall make it " Every second Wed"
21:18:30 <liknus> or not?
21:18:31 <LinuxCode> yes, but specify a date so people can extrapolate
21:18:35 <LinuxCode> hehe
21:18:44 <liknus> We always specify the next one
21:18:52 <LinuxCode> go by week number, for instance
21:18:56 <LinuxCode> ;-}
21:19:32 <liknus> Yeap, but the only meeting organized is always "the next one"
21:19:46 <liknus> So what's the point on that?
21:19:48 <inode0> it is every other wednesday isn't it?
21:19:57 <liknus> yeap inode0
21:20:04 <LinuxCode> inode0, it says every second wednesday
21:20:14 <liknus> I mean flexibility on that could be vital for our meetings :)
21:20:16 <LinuxCode> today is the first wednesday of the month
21:20:28 <LinuxCode> how are people going to tell when it is ?
21:20:35 <inode0> yeah, saying every other is more clear but not helpful about when the next one will be :)
21:20:48 <LinuxCode> guess why I joined late ;-p
21:20:59 <LinuxCode> I thought itisnt the 2nd Wednesday
21:21:00 <bochecha> LinuxCode, every second wednesday means that one wednesday there is, the next wednesday there isn't, then the next wednesday there is,...
21:21:03 <liknus> You are right on the present stating though
21:21:21 <alukin> It's fine for me just to get reminder by mailist
21:21:24 <LinuxCode> bochecha, and I will be psychic to figure out what is the 2nd ?
21:21:25 <inode0> or it could mean the 2nd wed each month
21:21:48 <liknus> ok I shall correct it to an more appropriate description
21:21:50 <bochecha> LinuxCode, no, you read liknus' announcement on the mailing list :)
21:21:54 <LinuxCode> liknus, thanks
21:22:15 <liknus> #action liknus clarifies the meeting schedule on wiki
21:22:29 <liknus> Anything else anyone?
21:22:41 <LinuxCode> bochecha, despite the factm that I clearly stated that people should subscribe to the mailing list.
21:22:48 <LinuxCode> I guarantee you, many have not
21:22:50 <LinuxCode> ;-p
21:23:20 <LinuxCode> liknus, thank you
21:23:41 <liknus> no problem LinuxCode  :)
21:24:04 <liknus> OK. Thanks everone for attending! See ya in two weeks :)
21:24:24 <liknus> er, everyone :)
21:24:38 <liknus> #endmeeting