20:02:54 <mchua> #startmeeting
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20:02:59 <mchua> #topic roll call
20:03:09 <mchua> While I go around and ping the usual channels, who's around?
20:03:10 * rbergeron just notes that she'd be finding a post-turkey-sandwich-nap if not :)
20:03:11 <PhrkOnLsh> .fas rrix
20:03:12 <zodbot> PhrkOnLsh: rrix 'Ryan Rix' <phrkonaleash@gmail.com>
20:03:25 * rbergeron is here
20:04:46 * mchua thinks we may have a few new folks today who haven't been on IRC before, checking email...
20:05:32 <PhrkOnLsh> people who haven't played multiplayer notepad? get'em in here ;)
20:07:00 <mchua> Here's one now! Welcome, coreymull!
20:07:19 <PhrkOnLsh> moin moin, coreymull
20:07:26 <coreymull> hey, hope i'm not too late
20:07:54 <rbergeron> never
20:07:57 <rbergeron> :)
20:08:10 <mchua> Not at all - we're just getting started. PhrkOnLsh, coreymull, since both of you are new, why don't you introduce yourselves briefly?
20:08:24 <PhrkOnLsh> coreymull: care to take first honor? :)
20:09:47 <coreymull> sure, I'm Corey Mull and I'm a PR pro in Washington DC - my job focuses mostly on public policy but I have a big interest in the open source movement, so I thought I'd see exactly how I could help out here
20:10:02 * rbergeron claps
20:10:17 <coreymull> almost no experience with technology marketing/comms, but I'm here to learn
20:11:22 <PhrkOnLsh> kay, I'm Ryan Rix, Fedora KDE SIG, Ambassadors, Packager and News Beat guy. I'm here mostly because of a cool project I've taken up with franciscod (Ankur Sinha) which I'll probably blather about later on. As an ambassador, I'm fairly close in line with marketing, so being a member of both efforts just seems natural in general :)
20:11:36 <mchua> hey asamaras!
20:11:43 <mchua> we've just started - we have 2 new folks today, PhrkOnLsh  and coreymull
20:12:06 <PhrkOnLsh> oh, and I'm amazingly humble, just for the record ;)
20:12:16 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: ;)
20:12:44 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua knows where I'm coming from *nod*
20:13:11 <mchua> Ok, that's longer than we usually take for intros, but it's good to have new folks around.
20:13:14 <mchua> Let's get started.
20:13:16 <mchua> #topic Agenda
20:13:36 <mchua> This meeting's purpose is pretty simple: this kicks off a week of WILD BRAINSTORMING!!! for what we want to do during the F13 cycle, as a team.
20:13:51 <mchua> What projects/goals/milestones do we want to hit for marketing for the Fedora Project?
20:14:05 * PhrkOnLsh has one! :D Other ideas first though.
20:14:33 <rbergeron> i think we should do developer interviews mid-way through, similar to the in-depth features stuff we did at the end of f12.
20:14:42 <rbergeron> but more of a "what are you working on, what should we be looking forward to"
20:14:51 <mchua> I say this because this week's meeting is pretty small (there's only 5 of us right now, here) but next week's is going to be pretty big (I hope) because it's where we'll firm up our plans and schedule for the release
20:14:53 <rbergeron> so maybe get a feel for who is doing some major rev work in f13
20:14:58 <mchua> (F13 release date being at the start of may)
20:15:07 <mchua> rbergeron: +1, I'll start the brainstorm part in a sec ;)
20:15:08 <rbergeron> and see if we can schedule them in for interviews post-holiday time
20:15:15 <mchua> That would be great.
20:15:19 <PhrkOnLsh> rbergeron: +1
20:15:24 <rbergeron> oh, i'm already brainstorming, and you're still talking. :D
20:15:24 <mchua> So this week is Strategic Planning Week, in other words.
20:15:46 <mchua> And I'd like to generate as *many* ideas as possible during this week and get them in the form of tickets in our queue.
20:15:48 <PhrkOnLsh> rbergeron: One of the UK ambassadors was thinking of a similar idea; developer interview podcast sort of thing.
20:16:19 * rbergeron notes that we should hit up the mailing list too and see if we can jog any brains that aren't present today
20:16:24 <mchua> Absolutely.
20:16:25 <PhrkOnLsh> I'd be willing to put some effort into that one
20:16:26 <rbergeron> that could include my own brain, for the record
20:16:29 <rbergeron> :)
20:16:35 * mchua laughs
20:16:46 <mchua> Shall we start, and go for... say, 20m finding and throwing out ideas, and see what we come up with?
20:16:52 <mchua> (Any questions?)
20:17:20 <mchua> coreymull: (feel free to interrupt us to ask questions at any time, btw)
20:17:25 <rbergeron> so there's that. developer / in-depth features more along-the way and not just at the end. also gives us kind of a springboard at the end when we do in-depth features... ie "a few months ago we talked to you and yada yada"
20:17:44 <rbergeron> more fodder for FI also
20:17:53 * rbergeron notes to ask mchua later where that is at ;)
20:18:48 <rbergeron> what's going on with the fedora magazine idea we were bouncing around a few months ago?
20:19:01 <mchua> whoops
20:19:03 <mchua> #topic brainstorm time
20:19:17 <rbergeron> lol
20:19:21 <PhrkOnLsh> :)
20:19:42 <mchua> so rbergeron, that was "earlier/continuous developer and in-depth feature interviews"
20:19:45 <mchua> and "fedora magazine"?
20:19:48 <rbergeron> well
20:19:57 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh, asamaras, I know the two of you have projects going this cycle, go for it ;)
20:20:02 <rbergeron> we had that fedora magazine idea thing going on last time around.
20:20:13 <mchua> coreymull: (in IRC, we usually all talk at the same time, and then read and sort stuff out ;)
20:20:14 <rbergeron> or talking with one of the magazines about maybe doing a feature-type thing.
20:20:20 <rbergeron> i just wasnt' sure where that was standing
20:20:28 <coreymull> haha, thank you, i'm trying to keep up
20:20:46 * mchua pulls things from https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing#Projects into this chat, so everyone sees them
20:20:56 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_print_magazine is the magazine project rbergeron was mentioning
20:21:17 <mchua> rbergeron, did you have anything about https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_research you wanted to do for the F13 cycle?
20:21:34 <rbergeron> oh, yeah, all of it. i'm trying to not get sick now so I can work on it, ha, haha.
20:21:37 <rbergeron> :\
20:21:38 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User_stories is asamaras (Sakis, did you have any particular goal in mind for that project, for May?)
20:22:00 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight is something that I'm personally quite keen on finishing and launching this weekend at FUDCon
20:22:04 <PhrkOnLsh> well, mchua, the project I've embarked on with franciscod (for reference, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora-tour ) may be F13 or F14 feature track, we are still unsure
20:22:05 * rbergeron just kind of needs to move that schedule around a little bit
20:22:19 * tatica is here o/
20:22:21 <PhrkOnLsh> Ankur couldn't attend today, because he's off having fun at foss.in
20:22:23 <PhrkOnLsh> hi tatica
20:22:24 <mchua> rbergeron: no worries, you saw what happened with the FI schedule ;)
20:22:41 <rbergeron> mchua: is there any interest in doing fedora stuff prior to / during rh summit next year?
20:22:46 * rbergeron notes that it is in june
20:22:59 <mchua> hey tatica! we're brainstorming things we'd like to do in Marketing for the F13 cycle.
20:23:01 <mchua> rbergeron: YES
20:23:04 <rbergeron> so anything that might be planned might be added around f13
20:23:11 <tatica> yes, I came running, let me read
20:23:11 <rbergeron> since
20:23:21 <rbergeron> june... 7 months from now
20:24:12 <tatica> ok
20:24:15 <tatica> can I start?
20:24:35 <rbergeron> tatica: just blurt it out, it's all getting logged :)
20:24:42 <PhrkOnLsh> :)
20:24:48 <tatica> ok
20:25:02 <tatica> 2 things that I already suggest to mchua in our interview
20:25:31 <rbergeron> trying to find events and logging them somewhere on the wiki and making sure fedora is being represented / presented about as many places as possible would be a good thing.
20:25:37 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: ok - so for fedora-tour, the goal for F13 might be "it's a f13 feature," - but if it ends up being an f14 feature, what would the goal for the f13 cycle be?
20:25:39 <tatica> 1.- what about trying to figure out who plans to use F13 and do with them a poll about what they need to show their friends what they use
20:25:53 <tatica> (more than 2 now...)
20:26:22 <mchua> rbergeron: there's naturally some overlap with Ambassadors for what we do, I wonder if we can do some projects that are cooperations between the 2 teams
20:26:28 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: I think franciscod and I should be able to get to at least a beta point by six months. Maybe not release worthy, but we want something to show
20:26:34 <mchua> tatica: yes! i think some of that will be marketing research... rbergeron?
20:26:39 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: sounds great!
20:26:41 <rbergeron> +1 to that tatica
20:26:44 <PhrkOnLsh> I'm going to be spending this afternoon brainstorming on the design parts
20:26:57 <mchua> oh, also, social network strategy keeps coming up, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/SocialNetworks
20:27:08 <tatica> 2.- more events like I''m doing in Venezuela, that are a really success. Is a *hacklab* but while you teach people to *do things* with fedora tools, they can add what they did to fedora project... so they can say to their fiends "hey... I help to a huge distro and you didn :P~~"
20:27:15 <rbergeron> yes, we need more of that on the social networking
20:27:23 <rbergeron> i think it will be easier once FI is going maybe
20:27:42 <PhrkOnLsh> tatica: awesome ideas :)
20:27:46 <rbergeron> mchua: we need to get some sort of infrastructure going to do polling stuff, so I will file some tickets on doing that
20:27:48 <mchua> So going along with the idea of "Marketing can make materials for Ambassadors to deploy at events," maybe some kits and HOWTOs for people who want to run those sorts of things?
20:27:55 <rbergeron> and maybe some basic info for people to set up polls
20:27:56 <mchua> ah yeah, infrastructure to get up: limesurvey
20:28:05 <tatica> 3.- We can't spread alone... not even contributors neither ambassadors, then why don't try to make new users and potential users spread, even if they don't know a lot
20:28:06 <rbergeron> although we don't want to be bombarding people with 3 surveys a week
20:28:08 * mchua pops out our usual deliverables to list
20:28:10 <rbergeron> because that just gets irritating
20:28:13 <mchua> * talking points
20:28:14 <mchua> * release slogan
20:28:18 <mchua> * feature profiles
20:28:21 <mchua> * one page release notes / tour
20:28:36 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: I think giving the ambassadors a kit like that would be awesome
20:28:54 <rbergeron> mchua: can screenshots be added to that usual deliverables list
20:28:57 <mchua> Oh! We're going to have a Marketing FAD, I was thinking sometime around March
20:28:59 <PhrkOnLsh> even if FAmNA paid for them and we just supplied the content, it would really help, i think
20:28:59 <rbergeron> it seems like they're needed all over the place
20:29:02 <mchua> * screenshot library
20:29:14 <mchua> I was also thinking that another good project to do with Ambassadors might be
20:29:17 <rbergeron> FAD...
20:29:18 <mchua> * slides library
20:29:21 <rbergeron> can you translate the TLA plz :)
20:29:32 <mchua> (not a "premade slides for you to use" thing, but a "if you make slides, share them here!" thing)
20:29:41 <mchua> rbergeron: Fedora Activity Day (sorry, thanks for the catch!)
20:29:47 <rbergeron> ahhhh
20:29:48 <rbergeron> ok
20:29:50 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD
20:29:58 <tatica> I think I can some urls for example
20:30:08 <mchua> it's basically a weekend (usually) where we fly people over and feed them and have a party to work on something together
20:30:13 <rbergeron> by slides you mean like... background / templates for presentations?
20:30:25 <alukin> II think taht most Fedora users are developers but we want to attract regular users too. So may be good idea is to focus on quality of release and on development tools. For regular user quality is very iportant.
20:30:28 <PhrkOnLsh> or the actual presentations
20:30:28 <tatica> http://proyectofedora.org/wiki/Arte  <=== this url (spanish... sorry) let users to upload any artwork they made
20:30:42 <tatica> even if they aren't contributors
20:31:03 <mchua> rbergeron: Maybe a couple blank slides with nice Fedora logos and designs and things is one way to think of a slide library, and those could be pretty valuable (the Design team would have to help a lot with those)
20:31:17 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: I also think collecting the actual presentations that Ambassadors are *already* giving is another really valuable thing to do
20:31:22 <tatica> they have banners, posters, talks, dvd, t-shirts, anything
20:31:29 <rbergeron> mchua: yeah, those would be awesome to have, actually
20:31:33 <PhrkOnLsh> brb
20:31:34 <mchua> tatica: Awesome.
20:32:02 <mchua> alukin: +1, what kinds of projects could we work on during the F13 cycle to help out with the polish and the quality?
20:32:09 <rbergeron> just basic tools to help spread the word.
20:32:55 <rbergeron> presentation backgrounds, stock artwork, website buttons ready to go, etc. i think most of that is already in the plan somewhere, but i'm just sayin' :)
20:32:58 <mchua> rbergeron: what I *don't* want to do is to make a "here are the slides you will use to talk about F13" deck, because part of the power of Ambassadors is that they can make and customize and deliver *way* better presentations than any canned thing we'd give them
20:32:59 <alukin> Well, I'm trying to join java team but I am new to packaging. So bug reporting and testing...
20:33:02 * mchua nods
20:33:05 <tatica> question: does fedora has a "what to do now that I have fedora in my pc" tutorial embedded into the disc? anyone has ever talk about this?
20:33:19 <mchua> alukin: this is the Marketing team, though :)
20:33:23 <tatica> not a wiki guide, some kind of graphic tutorial for real new users?
20:33:30 <mchua> alukin: so maybe a better question is "what can Marketing to to help QA"?
20:33:39 <PhrkOnLsh> regards
20:33:51 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: want to answer tatica's last question? ;)
20:33:52 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: +1 on collecting presentations, but Ambassadors already does that.
20:34:02 <PhrkOnLsh> tatica: I'll get to that in two ticks :)
20:34:13 <tatica> really? awesome
20:34:27 <PhrkOnLsh> tatica: see http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora-tour . Myself and franciscod will be working on that.
20:34:33 <tatica> I was planing to do it with renpy, but if you know a better way.... go for it :D
20:34:34 <rbergeron> how about, let's have marketing and ambassadors talk about all these resources we seem to think would be cool that the other group seems to be doing :)
20:34:36 <tatica> sweet :D
20:34:47 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: yep, I know, but the wiki page seems to not be getting used much... in part I think of Marketing as "infrastructure for Ambassadors" so maybe we could put up a better tool for that team?
20:35:01 <rbergeron> mchua: i agree on the part about the content
20:35:06 <PhrkOnLsh> yeah, mchua, i agree
20:35:07 * mchua doesn't know if that's a good idea or actually needed but hey, it's brainstorm time ;)
20:35:13 <mchua> rbergeron: +1
20:35:30 <rbergeron> mchua: but if someone wants to go and make stuff... it never hurts to have a starting point for them either
20:35:34 <rbergeron> a launchpad if you will
20:35:36 <alukin> Yes, I see. As ambassador I have a lot of talks last 2 weeks after presenting F12... What my university students want is some kind of quick-start guide.
20:35:41 * rbergeron notes that would be a cool name... fedora marketing launchpad
20:35:50 <rbergeron> for, um, something.
20:35:51 <tatica> PhrkOnLsh, but that's going to be through a website?
20:35:51 <rbergeron> :)
20:35:59 * mchua chuckles
20:36:00 * rbergeron adds that to the "cool name for something good" shelf
20:36:06 <PhrkOnLsh> launchpad is already kinda inuse though ;/
20:36:07 <alukin> And second important question is stability and better hardware compatibility
20:36:13 <Jeff_S> I don't think mixing fedora & launchpad is a great idea :)
20:36:18 <PhrkOnLsh> tatica: no, it will be an application
20:36:24 <PhrkOnLsh> tatica: that's just the wiki page for it :)
20:36:25 <rbergeron> oh, you're right.
20:36:30 <tatica> ahh excelent
20:36:31 <rbergeron> that's probably why it sounds so clever
20:36:40 <PhrkOnLsh> hi MooDoo we're just brainstorming so throw the idea in :)
20:36:52 <MooDoo> hi all :)
20:36:58 <rbergeron> such a good word
20:37:16 <PhrkOnLsh> MooDoo has an idea similar to my fedora developer interview podcast thinger idea
20:37:54 <MooDoo> I've been thinking about a fedora related podcast, my version was going to be an interview based show for ambassadors as PhrkOnLsh mentioned to me earlier, put a voice/name to an ambassador
20:38:14 <MooDoo> PhrkOnLsh mentioned he was thinking the same for developers
20:38:27 <MooDoo> thoughts?
20:38:46 <rbergeron> i think having a better linkup with the rh people about press releases would not be such a bad idea. ie: when they like to do them, when they can't, so we can schedule around their schedules, if you will, to make the most of our time and not eat up theirs (kara's)
20:38:55 <PhrkOnLsh> MooDoo: just contributors in general, i think :)
20:39:01 <mchua> hey spevack, weren't you going to start an interview chain at some point?
20:39:09 <spevack> i am!
20:39:10 <mchua> spevack: (see MooDoo's post a few lines up)
20:39:13 <MooDoo> PhrkOnLsh: yes
20:39:15 <spevack> i just haven't done it yet.
20:39:22 <PhrkOnLsh> sweet, spevack :)
20:39:28 <PhrkOnLsh> sounds like a popular idea ;)
20:39:32 <MooDoo> :)
20:39:33 <spevack> someone else can start -- I'll be happy to write my idea up to fedora-marketing-list and
20:39:37 <spevack> take it from there
20:39:45 * tatica already talking with PhrkOnLsh to contribute to that project
20:40:20 <PhrkOnLsh> well, we could always team up, spevack :) dosen't have to be a single person's effort
20:40:32 <mchua> coreymull had a question - Corey?
20:40:33 <PhrkOnLsh> the infrastructure in Fedora talk to record/stream is still there, correct?
20:40:48 <MooDoo> PhrkOnLsh: my other similar idea was video interviews at fudcon etc unfortunately i'm not there
20:40:57 <spevack> PhrkOnLsh: definitely.  I'll spit my ideas out to the list, and you can see what you think/want to improve.
20:41:21 <coreymull> hey guys, new guy here - one thing i've noticed is that most of the ideas are aimed at developers and other technically-inclined people, no?
20:41:22 <mchua> throwing out a few more ideas
20:41:30 <tatica> I don't remember who I was talking about this videos, but we should really have a video-wiki with tutorials and motivational videos
20:41:35 <tatica> I think was you MooDoo
20:41:46 <PhrkOnLsh> spevack: awesome!
20:41:57 <mchua> * being able to do consulting for subprojects that aren't the desktop spin (for instance, helping chitlesh with some of the FEL stuff he's doing - it's a great example of how to market a spin)
20:42:23 <PhrkOnLsh> coreymull: some of them, but things like fedora-tour and our kits for ambassadors will help new users more than technically-inclined people
20:42:39 <mchua> coreymull: I think some of that is because most of us here /are/ technically-inclined people, and... for me, I know that as an engineer, I know how to market to other engineers.
20:42:47 <mchua> coreymull: but I think there's also a real desire to broaden that base
20:43:42 <mchua> tatica, we talked about this ^^ a little bit the other day
20:43:55 <tatica> yup
20:43:57 <coreymull> thanks, i'm just trying to get a feel for everything
20:44:14 <PhrkOnLsh> tatica just pointed out a pretty cool idea for tour, a framework could renpy (http://www.renpy.org/wiki/renpy/Home_Page) which could be used to create a really cool interactive walkthrough/guide for new users.
20:44:35 <tatica> yeap, renpy is easy, fast to program, and easy to use
20:44:45 <mchua> coreymull: for instance, I *loved* the interview rbergeron did on the desktop features precisely *because* rbergeron did that from the viewpoint of a non-coder user
20:44:49 <tatica> has a self-embed "save your play" option
20:45:01 <tatica> so if a user want to do one lesson every day, can save his progress
20:45:19 <mchua> coreymull: comparing https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Desktop_Enhancements_in_Fedora_12 (rbergeron's) to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Virtualization_improvements_in_Fedora_12 (mine) you can see a little difference
20:45:42 <mchua> coreymull: mine is much more of a "oh! how do I help develop it? where is the documentation for sysadmins?" conversation
20:46:10 <mchua> coreymull: whereas I saw rbergeron's as a way better "how do I use this?" thing
20:46:13 <mchua> (both are valuable)
20:46:42 <mchua> oh, some other projects I was thinking of
20:47:08 <tatica> we should do more wiki pages like this => http://proyectofedora.org/wiki/Conoce_Fedora_12
20:47:09 <mchua> * trying to work with a class of Marketing students (to see how we can on-board a large group of contributors with that domain knowledge, all at once)
20:47:12 <mchua> tatica: YES YES
20:47:17 <tatica> oh, sorry, let me paste english web
20:47:24 <mchua> * translations and i18n workflow for Marketing stuff
20:47:31 <mchua> * HOWTOs on how to make all Marketing deliverables
20:47:42 <tatica> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_tour <= english
20:48:08 * mchua would actually love to have some Marketing meetings that aren't in English, though... I'm not sure how that would work yet
20:48:16 <rbergeron> it seems like we should be getting things done... soonerish to give translations a crack at it
20:48:24 <rbergeron> as far as deliverables
20:48:26 <mchua> maybe it would be a regional/language Ambassadors meeting we could visit and get feedback from?
20:48:29 * mchua nods
20:48:31 <rbergeron> so they aren't like going crazy :)
20:48:42 * rbergeron notes that french would be okay but after that she'd be up a creek :)
20:48:43 <mchua> rbergeron: yeah, we squeaked in pretty late this cycle
20:48:48 <tatica> lol
20:49:17 <tatica> lol, and a lot of google translator
20:49:20 <mchua> THOUGH! I would like to point out that this was the second cycle we even *had* a schedule for, and the first time we kept up with it!
20:49:30 <mchua> Ok, it's been 20 minutes of brainstorm, and we have a *lot* of stuff
20:49:49 <mchua> any other ideas to throw out here? I think this is an excellent start (brainstorming isn't done, just changing venues to the mailing list)
20:50:22 <tatica> we should continue the "meet fedora" meme of MooDoo
20:50:30 <tatica> people call people
20:50:48 <mchua> I'd like to go over (1) what we want to do with all these ideas at next week's meeting, (2) where we're going to collect them between now and then, (3) how we can get more people to help brainstorm for stuff we could do over the next week, and then (4) take a few minutes to talk about how we did
20:50:58 <mchua> once folks are done brainstorming, that is ;)
20:51:03 <tatica> :D
20:51:10 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: wikipage?
20:51:23 <mchua> any objections to moving brainstorming to the list / wiki / trac / somewhere else?
20:51:26 <PhrkOnLsh> Marketing/F13_Brainstorm ?
20:51:29 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: Yes, we should do a wiki page too...
20:51:41 <tatica> +1
20:51:42 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: Yeah, that sounds awesome, could you throw a stub up there?
20:51:44 <PhrkOnLsh> condense this mass of awesome ideas into bulletpoints
20:51:48 <rbergeron> let's take it to wiki, hash it out, and then make tickets from what is firmed up.
20:51:48 <mchua> +1
20:51:55 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: I can do the page after the meeting, I'm free all afternoon
20:51:55 <mchua> sounds like a plan.
20:52:00 <tatica> wiki + mail = +1
20:52:07 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: and bulletpoint-ize this log :)
20:52:11 <rbergeron> mchua: meeting next week during fudcon, will that be, ahem, simulcasting on irc?
20:52:16 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: ...dude, YOU ROCK
20:52:21 * PhrkOnLsh does, at times.
20:52:28 <tatica> trac should be use after we know what to do
20:52:28 <mchua> rbergeron: the meeting will be on IRC; it's the day after FUDCon (deliberately)
20:52:32 <PhrkOnLsh> I'm listening to KoRn right now, so I guess so :)
20:52:37 <rbergeron> ahhhh
20:52:48 <rbergeron> so i should have the redbull ready for you then :)
20:52:57 <mchua> rbergeron: I didn't want to leave anyone out just because they couldn't make it to FUDCon
20:53:02 <MooDoo> mchua: you think he rocks wait till you see me on GH5 ;)
20:53:16 <rbergeron> ok so back to your list
20:53:17 <mchua> MooDoo: you're on. ;)
20:53:26 <mchua> Ok, so
20:53:31 <rbergeron> when do we want to make decisions here :)
20:53:41 <mchua> #action PhrkOnLsh to start brainstorming wiki page, bulletize this log, shout to list
20:54:01 * mchua looks at clock
20:54:03 <mchua> uh, really quick
20:54:06 <rbergeron> lol
20:54:08 <mchua> #topic at next week's meeting
20:54:23 <mchua> we'll have all the fleshed-out ideas in the form of trac tickets
20:54:39 <mchua> and we'll go down the list and note who'd like to work on them, and which ones we think (as a group) we should prioritize
20:54:40 * PhrkOnLsh fires up 'rents desktop
20:54:53 <mchua> and figure out who's running point on what, and what we need to recruit for help for
20:55:04 <mchua> #topic where to collect ideas between now and then
20:55:12 <mchua> trac, mailing list, wiki page that PhrkOnLsh is setting up
20:55:18 <mchua> brainstorming on IRC is good if you log and then send the logs to list
20:55:28 <mchua> #topic how can we get more people to help us brainstorm on this
20:55:34 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: where should link on main page be?
20:55:47 <mchua> point them towards the mailing list, trac, wiki page, or... somehow collect their ideas for what they'd like marketing to do or what they'd like to do with marketing
20:55:53 <rbergeron> can we instead of just dumping the link to the mailing list can we cut and past what's in the link... since some people just don't like to click :)
20:55:55 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: uh, put it under #projects for now
20:56:00 <PhrkOnLsh> you rock, danke
20:56:01 <rbergeron> and all feedback is good feedback :)
20:56:10 <mchua> rbergeron: +1, PhrkOnLsh ^^
20:56:13 <tatica> brb, sorry :S
20:56:16 <mchua> aaaand now...
20:56:19 <mchua> #topic how did we do during F12?
20:56:28 <mchua> Thoughts on this? Open floor. Go!
20:56:32 <rbergeron> ordinarily i'd be eithe rway but I think this stuff is good stuff and you never know what kdeas people will come up with
20:56:51 <rbergeron> i thought it went well. :)
20:57:02 <rbergeron> but someone who was here for f11, or f3, might have other things to say. :)
20:57:13 <mchua> for folks new to marketing but from other parts of Fedora (hi PhrkOnLsh) what's your perspective on how we did? and for folks new to Fedora (hi coreymull) how would you tell whether a marketing project's gone well or not?
20:57:21 <MooDoo> i think for the release distrowatch says it all
20:57:33 <PhrkOnLsh> rbergeron: mchua please explain
20:57:34 <mchua> spevack, stickster_afk, quaid ^^
20:57:52 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: my computer is having trouble, brb-ish
20:57:58 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: you were doing KDE and Ambassadors stuff, right? Did Marketing support the work you did? How could we do better?
20:58:01 * mchua nods
20:58:08 * mchua notes this is not a conversation that we'll finish in 5 minutes, I just wanted to get us started
20:58:30 <mchua> one thing I wanted to toss out is https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_team_community_health_dashboard
20:58:38 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: From a marketing perspective, the whole of the Fedora release was awesome. I note that the spins.fpo, which may not have exactly been a marketing work was very well marketed and the KDE spin page looks really awesome.
20:58:47 <mchua> that's something spevack ran on our mailing list archives for the F12 release timeline as a rough pass
20:58:58 <PhrkOnLsh> s/From a marketing perpective/Looking at the marketing/
20:59:22 <spevack> i have a half-written blog post about all the things that I think were great in terms of marketing-related stuff in this release
20:59:23 * mchua notes that part of the reason for posting https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_team_community_health_dashboard is so we could tell spevack if we disagree with any of the stuff on there, or don't care about some of the stuff on there, or think something is missing from it ;)
20:59:51 <spevack> it's meant to be a conversation starter and a way of thinking about how to judget the growth of any community
20:59:55 <spevack> it's not meant to be gospel
21:00:29 <spevack> also, if people look at that page
21:00:32 <spevack> a word about perspective.
21:00:40 <mchua> (thanks, Max)
21:00:55 <spevack> When you think about the goals and the growth of any community.
21:01:06 <spevack> It's critical to remember that the Fedora Project has many goals
21:01:16 <spevack> and that the Fedora Project is capable of achieving different people's goals simultaneously.
21:01:52 <spevack> One of the things that I am asked to do as part of my job at Red Hat is to ask "how well are many different communities serving Red Hat's particular goals" but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't think about how well the community is serving another set of goals also
21:02:26 <spevack> In short -- the URL that mchua posted is from a very RH-centric point of view.
21:02:26 <spevack> and it's important to realize that POV when you look at it, and that it's not an attempt to discredit any other points of view
21:02:27 <spevack> EOF
21:02:39 <PhrkOnLsh> spevack: +1
21:02:42 * mchua looks at time
21:02:47 <mchua> We're almost out of it
21:02:56 <mchua> So wrapping up... most of this next week is going to be a meta-week (strategic planning week! we need them once in a while), at least from my perspective
21:03:01 <PhrkOnLsh> time for an #endmeeting so soon? :)
21:03:03 <mchua> My goal for the next 7 days is to prepare for next week's meeting, at which we'll be making our project list and our roadmap/schedule for F13.
21:03:08 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: I end 'em on time ;)
21:03:17 <PhrkOnLsh> :-)
21:03:22 <mchua> so the 3 questions I want to drive conversation on are these:
21:03:25 <rbergeron> mchua: is there a draft schedule somewhere or... just kind of look at f12 schedule :)
21:03:32 <mchua> 1. How did we do with F12?
21:03:32 <mchua> 2. What could we do for F13?
21:03:33 <mchua> 3. What do I (each of us, individually) want to do with Marketing for F13?
21:03:36 <rbergeron> or a schedule with a "beggining" and "end" date
21:03:40 <rbergeron> preferably spelled correctly :)
21:03:48 <mchua> rbergeron: just kind of look at f12 schedule, but... yeah, I should ping poelcat about making a draft one so we have something to start with next week
21:04:03 <mchua> #action mchua try to get a draft schedule up to look at at next week's meeting
21:04:06 <rbergeron> mchua: take those three to the list. post your own thoughts, and ask others to respond.
21:04:11 <rbergeron> with their own thoughts for each 3.
21:04:14 <mchua> Yep.
21:04:16 <rbergeron> i'll go after you if you do it first :)
21:04:29 <mchua> rbergeron: yes ma'am! *salutes*
21:04:43 * rbergeron just piles more stuff on mchua
21:04:46 <rbergeron> sorry :)
21:04:57 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua's up for it!
21:05:03 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh, I know you and franciscod have some things you're working on for fedora-tour
21:05:24 * tatica back
21:05:28 <mchua> rbergeron and asamaras have research and user stories
21:05:31 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: franciscod will be EOF until Dec12 at foss.in
21:05:37 <mchua> tatica is doing tons of ambassadors stuff
21:05:38 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: noted
21:05:43 <tatica> o_O
21:05:53 <mchua> tatica: (not adding to your plate, just saying what you're already doing :)
21:05:54 <poelcat> mchua: i just need a deadline... ideally I draft the mkting schedule before FUDCon and we review in person there!
21:05:58 <tatica> lol
21:06:05 * tatica reading
21:06:11 <mchua> poelcat: yessir
21:06:23 <mchua> Anyone have anything else? Sorry I'm running a few minutes over right now...
21:06:45 <mchua> otherwise I think that's a wrap and we've got a lot to do on the list / on the wiki / going out to other teams and talking with them if we can, about how Marketing can help them out
21:07:03 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: I'll ping you when the page is done
21:07:17 <mchua> thanks!
21:07:18 <PhrkOnLsh> (I'll start when you #endmeeting :) )
21:07:21 <mchua> ok, wrapping up in 5
21:07:23 <mchua> 4
21:07:25 <mchua> 3
21:07:26 <tatica> looool
21:07:32 <mchua> (thanks for coming, everyone! this was a fun one :)
21:07:33 <mchua> 2
21:07:34 <mchua> 1
21:07:36 <mchua> #endmeeting