15:05:08 <pknirsch> #startmeeting Power management for Fedora
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15:05:17 <pknirsch> hello and welcome everyone!
15:06:04 <marcela> hello
15:06:22 <pknirsch> i hope everyone had an enjoyable week so far. lets get started with a quick check who's here today
15:06:45 <pknirsch> marcela already accounted for. plautrba, skalnik1?
15:07:51 <pknirsch> alright, lets get started anyhow.
15:08:17 <skalnik1> pknirsch: skalnik ist da
15:08:23 <pknirsch> #topic Recap from 2 weeks ago
15:08:45 <skalnik1> pknirsch: time shifting :-(
15:08:57 <pknirsch> i'll make this quick: We mainly focused on the last issues for the Fedora Test day on 22-10-2009.
15:09:24 <pknirsch> main point there was the testrpm that was done to make testing easier
15:10:16 <pknirsch> then we went on to documentation where marcela has done a tremendously great job in putting together a really nice page https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/PowerManagement/UserDocumentation
15:10:55 <pknirsch> that concluded the meeting then. we've also decided to not do a meeting last week due to the test day.
15:11:13 <pknirsch> which leads us directly to the next topic
15:11:23 <pknirsch> #topic Test day recap and discussion
15:12:04 <pknirsch> i wanted to get your honest opinion on the test day and how it went, what went well and what could have gone better
15:12:12 <pknirsch> so any comments from anyone>
15:12:13 <pknirsch> ?
15:12:51 <marcela> I suppose we were prepared well and QA was happy with our rpm
15:13:18 <pknirsch> mhm
15:13:35 <marcela> on results is working jvcelak (who's not here), so we will see
15:13:35 <pknirsch> i see that the same way, yea.
15:14:26 <marcela> results is other thing, we definitely need comparisom between this TestDay and the TestDay before
15:14:46 <pknirsch> yes, definitely. Is he working on a comparison as well?
15:15:07 <skalnik1> more attendees joined to the second test day
15:15:43 <marcela> I saw only some graphs from this TestDay. I don't know
15:16:11 <pknirsch> thats true, skalnik1, and i was really happy to see that.
15:16:51 <pknirsch> what would you think were the reasons for a higher participation? the test rpm? better announcement?
15:17:14 <pknirsch> or better wiki test day page?
15:17:22 <pknirsch> or any other reason?
15:18:15 <skalnik1> perhaps we write something to mailing lists time to time
15:18:21 <marcela> I believe rpm. It was easy to do
15:18:45 <skalnik1> and the people have chance to know about our activities
15:19:14 <skalnik1> i don't believe we are only 5,6,7 persons that are involved to pm
15:19:49 <pknirsch> hm, would you think sending out agendas and/or meeting minutes e.g. to fedora-devel would be good, skalnik1 ?
15:20:40 <pknirsch> but i agree with marcela as well. i really loved the test rpm
15:21:12 <pknirsch> and before i forget, thanks everyone for putting so much effort in the whole preparation!
15:21:42 <skalnik1> i think to propagate more results and also ask people for participating, help etcc
15:22:08 <skalnik1> meeting minutes are available on SIGs, this is enough to write the link
15:23:06 <pknirsch> ye, true. but maybe an invitation every couple of months? sort of like a reminder? or write an announcement when we finished something new?
15:23:12 <pknirsch> s/months/weeks/
15:23:40 <marcela> reminder about new things would be great
15:24:31 <skalnik1> pknirsch: yes invitation and also i wanted to invite some famous person to discuss here actual activity
15:24:36 <pknirsch> for example i really love how the documentation has come together so far, so we could just send out a short email to fedora-devel and let people know whats there now.
15:24:45 <skalnik1> but i was not successful
15:25:02 <pknirsch> what was the problem?
15:25:07 <skalnik1> no answer
15:25:10 <pknirsch> :(
15:25:27 <skalnik1> for my email
15:25:59 <marcela> ok, no problem, I can send email to f-devel about docs
15:26:40 <pknirsch> great marcela! i think you really deserve a lot of credit for it.
15:28:24 <marcela> um, I've also used your readme from tuned ;-)
15:28:27 <pknirsch> thats too bad skalnik1. but maybe if we just make our efforts a bit more visible more people will actively participate as well, so lets try.
15:28:37 <pknirsch> thats fine marcela :)
15:30:21 <pknirsch> hm, but we've been drifting a bit away from the test day recap.
15:30:26 <pknirsch> so anything bad about the test day?
15:31:33 <skalnik1> incorrect synced illness
15:31:37 <Southern_Gentlem> pknirsch,  for next release more advertiseing in like the #fedora channel may help get more testers
15:31:59 <pknirsch> Southern_Gentlem: good point!
15:32:23 <pknirsch> hehe skalnik1 :) can't avoid that for the future i suspect ;)
15:32:44 <Southern_Gentlem> a wiki page url posted every 30 minutes can be easily scheduled
15:33:50 <pknirsch> can the irc server do that? or a bot?
15:36:40 <Southern_Gentlem> bots
15:37:01 <Southern_Gentlem> zodbot and fedbot both can
15:37:10 <pknirsch> sweet, cool!
15:37:49 <fedbot> i am fully functional
15:37:56 <pknirsch> haha
15:38:03 * pknirsch slaps fedbot
15:39:00 <Southern_Gentlem> contact nirik or any of us in #fedora-ops to set that up
15:39:53 <pknirsch> alright! i'll write that down for the next test day event
15:41:46 <pknirsch> i personally was really happy with the test day as well. there were 2 points i think we can improve/add for the next one:
15:42:21 <pknirsch> 1) Make sure we have all tests ready early so we can include them all into the test-rpm. Having ALPM test outside of the test-rpm was a bit unfortunate.
15:43:19 <pknirsch> 2) Investigate if we can use the automatic upload script that mmcgrath i think showed us and integrate and/or extend it in the test-rpm. That would make it even easier for testers to test and post results.
15:44:10 <pknirsch> Together with 2) i think the script could also output the entry for the test-day wiki that testers need to enter as it should have all the necessary information.
15:44:23 <marcela> ad 2/ the script wasn't for fedora wiki
15:44:41 <marcela> firstly the scripts must be written for this kind of wiki...
15:44:57 <pknirsch> hm, do the results have to be published on fedora?
15:45:13 <marcela> hm :) good point
15:46:02 <Southern_Gentlem> pknirsch,  to do transparent a link should exist the the data on the wiki
15:46:16 <Southern_Gentlem> if the data is stored elsewhere
15:46:46 <pknirsch> Southern_Gentlem: hm, what do you mean?
15:47:02 <Southern_Gentlem> if bugs are found that data needs to be in the bugzilla correct??
15:47:19 <pknirsch> hm, yea, i guess so.
15:48:30 <Southern_Gentlem> and why should the test data be private
15:49:18 <pknirsch> it wouldn't be on the other data server, Southern_Gentlem. it's just as accessible, only that the script already exists to upload it to iirc mediawiki or something like that.
15:50:08 * pknirsch needs to search for the script once more... he had it somewhere...
15:52:40 <pknirsch> alright, but lets move on as i need to leave early today
15:52:49 <pknirsch> anyone else got anything regarding test day?
15:53:21 <pknirsch> ok, so lets quickly touch documentation then
15:53:28 <pknirsch> #topic Documentation
15:54:13 <pknirsch> As mentioned before, marcela has done a fantastic job so far with the docu. If anyone is interested, feel free to take a look here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/PowerManagement/UserDocumentation
15:55:35 <pknirsch> i have gotten already some feedback marcela, i'll forward them to you tomorrow (totally forgot so far, sorry!)
15:56:00 <pknirsch> it's overall really positive, so no worries :)
15:56:44 <marcela> I hope rest do someone borned in english speaking country ;-0
15:56:47 <pknirsch> just a few missing points and sections, but i already knew about most of them (programmer tips, howto use powertop to help you optimize your system)
15:57:02 <pknirsch> don't worry marcela ! it's good :)
15:57:39 <skalnik1> i'll participate on bltk
15:58:17 <pknirsch> great!
15:58:24 <marcela> well, someon wanted programmer tips in different article
15:58:57 <pknirsch> yea
15:59:30 <pknirsch> Depending on how much we can put together we could do a second wiki page with DeveloperDocumentation maybe?
15:59:39 <marcela> I suppose so
16:01:17 <pknirsch> anything you think is still missing, marcela? or where you'd like to get some more input from other people? I've already asked richard to add a section about g-p-m, but i suspect he hasn't had time yet to do so.
16:01:50 <marcela> pknirsch: I'm confident with my work and I have no other ideas about this article
16:02:06 <pknirsch> marcela: alright, thats fine :)
16:03:45 <marcela> um content :)
16:03:58 <pknirsch> hehe :)
16:05:54 <pknirsch> alright, anyone else got anything? if not i'll send out a quick update for the task list to you folks tomorrow. it just has a bit more for documentation on it now together with QE stuff. but we can talk about the QE stuff next week.
16:06:42 <pknirsch> and ofc about jvcelak results :)
16:07:35 <pknirsch> alright, thanks everyone and talk to you next week again!
16:07:41 <pknirsch> #endmeeting