16:08:23 <jlaska> #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Meetings/20091026
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16:08:31 <jlaska> #chair adamw
16:08:31 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw jlaska
16:08:45 <jlaska> #topic Gathering
16:09:14 <jlaska> hey gang, show of $limb ... who do we have joining today?
16:09:57 * jlaska notes ... Oxf13 indicated he would arrive late
16:10:01 * skvidal worries about this $limb thing
16:10:02 * kparal here
16:10:32 <jlaska> kparal: howdy
16:11:04 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: adamw: wwoods: and anyone else I'm forgetting
16:11:11 * Viking-Ice here..
16:11:17 * wwoods is here
16:11:25 <jlaska> greetings gents
16:12:16 <jlaska> adamw might be running late, so just going to kick things off and he run things when he returns
16:12:25 <jlaska> skvidal: don't be afraid :)
16:12:44 <jlaska> I put adamw's proposed agenda on the wiki, and plan to just walk the list (see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Meetings/20091026)
16:12:48 <jlaska> starting with ...
16:12:52 <jlaska> #topic Previous meeting follow-up
16:13:32 <jlaska> I took an action item to rename the existing debug pages to the new format "How to debug <component> problems"
16:13:41 <jlaska> so I think we're good there
16:13:42 <jlaska> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Debugging
16:13:52 <jlaska> there was 1 page left that I was unclear how folks wanted that
16:14:27 <jlaska> #info So the only open item on my list is ... should [[KernelBugTriage]] be renamed to [[How to debug kernel problems]]?
16:14:59 <jlaska> I'll follow up with cebbert before renaming that page
16:15:23 <jlaska> besides, I think that page is more about traiging and not so much debugging, but could be wrong
16:15:41 <jlaska> that's all I had recorded for last week, any other items before we dive into the agenda?
16:16:33 <jlaska> Okay ... then first topic up ...
16:16:39 <jlaska> #topic Viking_Ice locale test suggestion
16:16:48 <jlaska> #link https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-October/msg00503.html
16:17:22 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: you raised this on f-t-list this past week, sounds like you felt this is something that could be automated?
16:17:40 <Viking-Ice> yup give me sec..
16:17:43 <jlaska> sure
16:20:01 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: want us to come back to this topic?
16:20:13 <Viking-Ice> yup
16:21:05 <jlaska> alright ... I'll move that to the end
16:21:39 <jlaska> the next topic is around a discussion that milos Jakubicek and adamw had ... I'll save that for when Adamw returns
16:22:01 <jlaska> #topic Marcela Maslanova test day proposal
16:22:09 <adamw> morning - sorry, I overslept
16:22:37 <jlaska> adamw: welcome morning ...
16:22:50 <jlaska> you need a few minutes?  Or should we jump back to the FTBFS topic?
16:23:07 <adamw> go for it
16:23:29 <jlaska> okay ... just a quick update on the current topic
16:23:49 <jlaska> pknirsch is will be providing a formal summary of last weeks power management test day
16:24:21 <jlaska> but I also received some updates from Marcela Maslanova around his experiences creating a test day rpm with automated scripts
16:24:37 <jlaska> not sure if everyone had a chance to participate in this last event ... there's always time to jump in
16:24:49 <jlaska> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2009-10-22
16:25:04 <kparal> *her* experience :)
16:25:23 <jlaska> kparal: doh, thank you :)
16:26:02 <jlaska> Just a summary for me ... the test day was awesome from a preparation stand-point
16:26:20 <jlaska> you download a test day rpm ... and each of the tests was a script provided by the package
16:26:42 <jlaska> so, the only thing I wanted to raise here was just around building on this process
16:26:57 <jlaska> I know that not all test day topics are as easily automated
16:27:34 <jlaska> but certainly need help from folks in identifying ways to automate future test days in much the same format that Marcela and team have
16:27:48 <jlaska> installer might be one of those easy topics (w/ virt)
16:28:07 <jlaska> I suspect X might not be very easy
16:28:30 <jlaska> anyhow ... unless any other thoughts there ... let's jump back to FTBFS
16:28:37 <jlaska> #topic Milos Jakubicek suggestion on FTBFS bugs
16:28:41 <jlaska> adamw: you want to take it away?
16:29:02 <adamw> well it's milos' idea, but I can explain what he told me
16:29:09 <jlaska> go for it
16:29:16 <adamw> #link http://mjakubicek.fedorapeople.org/need-rebuild.html
16:29:36 <adamw> that's a list of remaining packages that did not rebuild in the f12 mass rebuild, with most false positives taken out (there's still a couple in there)
16:30:07 <adamw> milos' suggestion is that we make sure FTBFS (fails-to-build-from-scratch, it's a debian term) bugs are filed for each one
16:30:36 <jlaska> aha ... was trying to parse that acronym ... thx
16:30:54 <adamw> we didn't get into any details of how exactly to arrange it, but it seemed like a decent idea to me
16:31:04 <adamw> i suggested he come to the meeting to discuss it but obviously couldn't make it
16:31:30 <jlaska> I saw him earlier in #fedora-qa ... but he dropped off
16:32:10 <Oxf13> here now.
16:32:34 <adamw> hi oxf13
16:32:42 <adamw> so, that's the idea, pretty much. if anyone has any thoughts go ahead
16:32:58 <jlaska> are these things that should be lined up prior to F-12 GA?
16:33:25 <jlaska> if they weren't rebuilt ... what's the fallout (packages that contain .fc11 in the name)?
16:33:52 <adamw> there's no terrible fallout, but making sure all packages build is good policy
16:34:15 <jlaska> esp given a recent self-hosting blog post
16:34:19 <adamw> it's possible some of them won't work any more till they get rebuilt, and if you leave it too long you wind up with a giant backlog of crusty packages (i speak from experience)
16:34:35 * Viking-Ice ready now :)
16:34:42 <adamw> doing it before f12 ga would be nice but not essential, they can always be pushed as updates and anyway it'd be good for future releases too
16:34:56 <jlaska> I'd be curious for Oxf13's take ... I know Jesse was closely involved with the mass rebuild
16:35:18 <Oxf13> if they're non crit-path packages, I have no issue with tagging them up until we hit RC
16:35:45 * jlaska wonders if python-bugzilla can help here
16:35:48 <adamw> i think they all are, looking at the list, they're mostly pretty obscure
16:35:53 <jlaska> yeah
16:36:11 <jlaska> I don't see anything wrong with filing bugs to track this stuff, that's the suggestion right?
16:36:27 <adamw> jlaska: it may, except it's useful to provide a note of the build failure message in ftbfs bugs, which wouldn't be straightforward to automate.
16:36:27 <adamw> yes
16:36:38 <jlaska> adamw: good point
16:36:40 <mether> adamw, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FTBFS FYI
16:37:01 <adamw> although the idea is specifically to do it as a 'project' within QA, not just to say 'filing these bugs is a good idea'. though I didn't get milos' thoughts on specifically how he wanted to arrange it.
16:37:05 <adamw> mether: ah thanks
16:37:28 <mether> Matt Domsch does a mass rebuild now and then as a QA measure
16:37:32 <adamw> that seems to claim that bugs 'will' be filed, implying it happens automatically
16:38:09 <mether> he has scripts that do that
16:38:16 <Oxf13> and he autofiles bugs for the failures.
16:38:24 <adamw> oh, yeah, milos did point to that same F12FTBFS list, but noted that there are 39 bugs on it
16:38:25 <Oxf13> using python-bugizlla
16:38:38 <adamw> whereas the list of packages he provided is rather longer than 39
16:38:38 <Oxf13> his pass happened a month or so before my pass
16:38:52 <adamw> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/showdependencytree.cgi?id=511348&hide_resolved=1
16:39:22 <adamw> anyway, i'm sensing we need milos to explain his idea more fully either at next week's meeting or on the ml :)
16:39:32 <jlaska> yeah, let's carry the topic fwd?
16:39:52 <adamw> ok
16:39:54 <jlaska> definitely open to the idea, but nothing tangible is coming to me other than one person walking down a list?
16:40:57 <Oxf13> yeah, I haven't read the email yet
16:41:00 <adamw> it could be done as a group thing, but i think we should clarify whether it needs to happen and why his list is longer than the bugs filed by matt's thingy and so on
16:41:17 <Oxf13> his list is longer because more things failed in my pass
16:41:19 <Oxf13> and I didn't autofile bugs
16:41:44 <adamw> ah, ok.
16:42:11 <adamw> anyway, i'll take an action item to ask him to follow-up at next week's meeting or on the list
16:42:38 <jlaska> #action adamw will ask Milos to follow-up at next week's meeting or on the list on the FTBFS topic
16:43:04 <jlaska> okay, shall we jump back to Viking-Ice's topic?
16:43:20 <jlaska> #topic Viking_Ice locale test suggestion
16:43:30 <jlaska> #link https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-October/msg00503.html
16:43:44 <Viking-Ice> basically this is what I had in mind..
16:43:45 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: take it away my good man
16:43:54 <Viking-Ice> http://fpaste.org/GuOk/
16:44:14 * adamw -> biobreak
16:44:23 <Viking-Ice> A test case that checks if keyboard layout is correct after install reports if not
16:44:56 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: would we then want to iterate over installing using different lang/keymap settings ... and run this script?
16:45:17 <jlaska> #link http://fpaste.org/GuOk/
16:45:36 <Viking-Ice> I dont think we need to parse all of them
16:46:04 <Viking-Ice> a single test should suffice and we should be able to add this to a current installation test
16:46:30 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: for this test to fail now, you need to install with a non US lang and keymap?
16:47:17 <Viking-Ice> in the ks file set the keyboard  to a none us layout ( keyboard is-latin1 )
16:48:24 <Viking-Ice> jlaska: it's the other way around it fails if it's not what we defined in keyboard
16:48:25 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: seems like there is a enough to write a wiki Test_Case: for this
16:48:41 <Viking-Ice> why ?
16:48:51 <Viking-Ice> this should be automated
16:48:51 <jlaska> gotta have a test before you automate
16:49:02 <jlaska> Seems like it should be yeah
16:49:28 <jlaska> but if we just write automation with no background or indication of the steps required, it's not really clear for people outside the group why that test exists
16:49:28 <Viking-Ice> how do you wiki-fi for autoqa ?
16:49:48 <jlaska> well, for israwhidebroken ... we have https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Rawhide_Acceptance_Test_Plan
16:50:07 <jlaska> once we have a test case, for me, the next step is determining where it's best to automate this
16:50:28 <Viking-Ice> guess it would be added here  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Anaconda_package_install_test_case
16:50:33 <jlaska> whether it's a generally useful thing that affects how usable rawhide is - 'israwhidebroken'
16:50:35 <Viking-Ice> but ok
16:50:50 <adamw> Viking-Ice: no, that's a different test case.
16:51:02 <adamw> test cases should be single purpose, not a clump of different tests in one.
16:51:10 <jlaska> lili and rhe are currently looking into automating the current test matrix ... I think your case would fit perfectly there
16:51:19 <Viking-Ice> Basic Functionality <-- then ?
16:51:31 <wwoods> No. RATS is supposed to be a super-simple basic test
16:51:31 <adamw> it would be a new test case, with its own name.
16:51:41 <Viking-Ice> ah ok
16:51:42 <wwoods> you're talking about something for a more exhaustive test plan
16:52:06 <jlaska> yeah ... I'd see this case being added to the list here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Fedora_12_Install_Test_Plan
16:52:11 <wwoods> it's called the Acceptance Test Plan because it sets out the criteria for judging whether we can even accept a rawhide tree for *real* testing
16:52:19 <wwoods> you're talking about defining one of the cases for the *real* testing
16:52:24 <wwoods> which is awesome and exciting
16:52:46 <wwoods> but, yeah, falls outside of the rawhide acceptance test plan
16:52:57 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: that test matrix you see floating aroudn is something that would come into play after wwoods's rats plan
16:53:13 <jlaska> and it's light on validating any i18n tests ... it could use this
16:53:25 <Viking-Ice> ok what's usually done with the output from those test ( OK fail ) mailed etc..
16:53:53 <jlaska> That's what they're investigating now ... very *early* stages
16:53:55 <adamw> the tests in the test matrix are done manually, you see Liam Li send out mails every so often for that testing
16:54:09 <wwoods> depends on how you write the test. right now it gets stuffed into the autotest UI; we have the RATS tests also sending email when they complete
16:54:15 <wwoods> you can decide what you want it to do
16:54:22 <adamw> autoqa tests are run regularly and results mailed to a special mailing list at present, but automating tests is more complex and hasn't been done for all tests yet
16:54:55 <jlaska> and I think you've got a good test case here to cover recent non-US lang/keymap failures
16:55:19 <jlaska> so it'll be a bit before we have the full test matrix automated
16:55:31 <jlaska> so I'd start with getting the test case defined and added to the install test plan
16:55:33 <jlaska> how do others feel?
16:55:51 <Oxf13> worksforme
16:55:56 <Viking-Ice> this checks for what is essentially what maintainer asked for on bug 530452
16:55:58 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=530452 high, low, ---, jmccann, MODIFIED, Gnome sets the keyboard layout to USA after every log in
16:56:35 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: yeah, we certainly need more testing there
16:57:00 <Viking-Ice> so what additional steps do we take from here..
16:57:20 <jlaska> basically, create a wiki test case and propose adding it to the current install test matrix
16:57:28 <Viking-Ice> ok
16:57:34 <jlaska> I think that's the first step
16:58:07 <jlaska> the follow-on steps will be around automating that large matrix ... I don't have any updates on that front, other than that's a topic Liam and Rui have started investigating
16:58:20 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: but this way, if we've go tthe test case ... it won't get lost
16:58:40 <jlaska> anyone want to take an action item to create the test case and request addition to the matrix?
16:59:15 <Viking-Ice> guess me I suppose with guided hand :)
16:59:31 <jlaska> hehe ... thanks!
16:59:35 <adamw> Viking-Ice: it's pretty straightforward to create a test case, it's just a wiki page based on a template; edit any existing test case to see how it's done
16:59:35 <Viking-Ice> or review patients :)
16:59:51 <jlaska> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Template:QA/Test_Case
16:59:54 <adamw> Viking-Ice: but feel free to ping me if you're having trouble
17:00:31 <jlaska> #action Viking-Ice investigating creating a test case for bug#530452 ... and adding to F12 install matrix
17:00:33 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=530452 high, low, ---, jmccann, MODIFIED, Gnome sets the keyboard layout to USA after every log in
17:00:50 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: fedora-qa tickets will come into play here soon
17:01:00 <jlaska> once we have an idea on how to proceed on the matrix automation front
17:01:22 <jlaska> alright, any other updates on this topic, or shall we jump to autoqa?
17:02:11 <jlaska> okay ... autoqa time
17:02:14 <jlaska> #topic AutoQA Updates from wwoods and kparal
17:02:27 <jlaska> wwoods: kparal: what's up in your realm?
17:02:44 <kparal> ok, news from the rpmguard world:
17:02:54 <kparal> I have posted a blog about rpmguard
17:02:54 <kparal> http://kparal.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/rpmguard-print-important-differences-between-rpms/
17:02:54 <kparal> and I also wrote to some mailing lists.
17:02:59 <kparal> maybe you have noticed
17:03:13 <jlaska> #link http://kparal.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/rpmguard-print-important-differences-between-rpms
17:03:18 <kparal> there was some feedback, skvidal posted me a link to his mungingdiff
17:03:18 <kparal> http://skvidal.fedorapeople.org/misc/mungingdiff.py
17:03:18 <kparal> but I'm not sure if there are parts inside which I haven't already implemented in rpmguard
17:03:41 <kparal> also alexey torkhov suggested to leverage rpmsodiff in my tool. I have created a ticket for that, because I have decided to look at it a little later:
17:03:41 <kparal> https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/ticket/75
17:04:14 <kparal> the upcoming task is to look at the watcher wwoods is working on and integrate rpmguard into autoqa to have it up and running
17:04:28 <jlaska> #info the upcoming task is to look at the watcher wwoods is working on and integrate rpmguard into autoqa to have it up and running
17:04:34 <wwoods> so, yup - we've got a basic watcher for koji
17:04:52 <wwoods> it's ready to be run and picks up every new build in a set of koji tags that we specify
17:05:28 <kparal> so, for my script the important part would be to find out the version and the link of the previous package release. to have something to compare
17:05:57 <wwoods> right - the tests for that hook will likely get a package NVR and/or package name as input
17:06:13 <wwoods> but I'm writing a library to take e.g. a package NVR and tag and give you the previous released versions of that package
17:06:26 <wwoods> or rather, I have written that tool
17:06:30 <kparal> is it in the git atm?
17:06:35 <wwoods> and it will be available for use in post-koji-build tests
17:06:35 <wwoods> not yet
17:06:40 <jlaska> sweet
17:06:42 <kparal> looking forward to it
17:06:48 <Oxf13> hrm.
17:06:57 <wwoods> I need to rearrange the autoqa library stuff a little bit so the tests can share code like this better
17:06:58 <Oxf13> it might make more sense to compare to the previous shipped package, rather than the previous built package
17:07:09 <wwoods> Oxf13: I said "previously released"
17:07:16 <Oxf13> (would make it a lot easier to discover too)
17:07:19 <Oxf13> wwoods: oh sorry, missed that
17:07:39 <kparal> very good point, nice
17:07:44 <wwoods> to go into more detail: you give it a package name (e.g. "preupgrade") and a tag (e.g. "dist-f12-updates-candidate")
17:07:54 <jlaska> #info basic watcher for koji in place.  picks up every new build in a set of koji tags that we specify
17:08:05 <wwoods> we have some data that indicates which other tags to check for that
17:08:21 <wwoods> i.e. "dist-f12-updates-candidate" -> "dist-f12" and "dist-f12-updates" (iirc)
17:08:23 <Oxf13> wwoods: (not to distract, but wouldn't dist-f12-updates(-testing) be more appropriate?  not all -candidate builds get shipped)
17:08:31 <jlaska> #info wwoods has a library soon to be added to git repo which takes a package NVR and tag and provides the previous released versions of that package
17:08:31 <Oxf13> wow, n/m.
17:08:33 <wwoods> so then it asks koji for the NVR of the packages with those specific tags
17:08:45 <wwoods> right, the point is that the watcher sees the build land in -candidate
17:09:15 <wwoods> and the test can use this library call if it needs to know the corresponding version for -updates or -updates-testing or the GA
17:09:22 <jlaska> wwoods: cool, so it walks the tag inheritance chain?
17:09:32 <wwoods> not explicitly, no
17:09:58 <wwoods> we have to keep a mapping in autoqa that tells us which "parent" tags to check for a given -candidate
17:10:06 <wwoods> we already have a mapping like this in the other watchers
17:10:25 <jlaska> wwoods - keepin' it simple
17:10:25 <wwoods> e.g. https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/browser/hooks/post-repo-update/watch-repos.py
17:10:46 <jlaska> right on
17:10:50 <wwoods> so I'm thinking we need to move the data from line 30-76
17:11:00 <wwoods> which is also in https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/browser/hooks/post-tree-compose/watch-composes.py
17:11:26 <wwoods> and keep a shared autoqa.repoinfo data structure
17:11:32 <Oxf13> yeah, that sounds good
17:11:42 <jlaska> +1
17:11:42 <Oxf13> we could make a watcher library
17:11:48 <wwoods> which may be provided by a config file (so we don't have to update the package just to tweak the inheritance/URLs/etc)
17:11:59 <Oxf13> that includes the mapping, and any other common stuff, then each watcher script could import the library
17:12:03 <wwoods> Oxf13: yep, that's the plan - gonna have an autoqa library for the server-side stuff (watchers etc)
17:12:08 <Oxf13> rock
17:12:16 <Oxf13> it's like... real software development
17:12:17 <wwoods> and one for the test stuff (like the things in rats.py and virtguest.py)
17:12:37 <wwoods> (and the proposed koji-interfacing stuff I mentioned for post-koji-build)
17:12:45 <adamw> Oxf13: maybe we need something to automatically check whether there's any bugs in it =)
17:12:56 <Oxf13> adamw: crazy talk.
17:13:04 <wwoods> I should roadmap out this plan but I was upgrading my workstation to F12B last week
17:13:29 <wwoods> but yeah now that I think of it, I'm going to give myself an action to do that
17:13:44 * jlaska pulls out the meetbot action pen
17:14:13 <jlaska> wwoods: are these post irb.com things?
17:14:15 <wwoods> #action wwoods to add roadmap/tickets for reworking shared autoqa code (watchers, test helper methods, etc) into a proper library
17:14:25 <jlaska> oh thanks ... u did it for me :)
17:14:28 <wwoods> jlaska: yes, this is a different milestone in my opinion
17:15:08 <jlaska> #info update from mmcgrath on hardware the hardware delivery ... looking at Nov 20
17:15:18 <wwoods> oh also! I'd like to mention http://wwoods.fedorapeople.org/files/critical-path/critpath.py
17:15:34 <wwoods> which was rewritten to be dead stupid simple to use
17:15:45 <wwoods> you run that script, it solves critpath and writes critpath.txt
17:16:06 <jlaska> #link http://wwoods.fedorapeople.org/files/critical-path/critpath.py
17:16:07 <Oxf13> I do believe jwb was going to integrate that with the rawhide compose
17:16:14 <wwoods> Oxf13: excellent!
17:16:20 <Oxf13> so that we'd have a written out critpath just like we do the depsolve and repodiff
17:16:26 <jwb> yes.  need to get back to that, but i've been sick
17:16:30 <jlaska> Oxf13: so that output would be in the mash log dir for each rawhide compose?
17:16:42 <Oxf13> which would give us a static url, http://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/mash/rawhide/logs/critpath.txt
17:16:49 <Oxf13> jlaska: yes
17:16:52 <jlaska> delicious!
17:16:55 <wwoods> after warren's confusion using the months-old deplist.txt I had sitting in my people.fp.o page I want to make sure everyone knows how this works
17:17:00 <Oxf13> "mash/rawhide" is a symlink that gets updated each compose
17:17:01 <wwoods> oh man that would be totally aces
17:17:11 <jwb> it will be dated, but yeah
17:17:25 <jlaska> thanks jwb
17:17:25 <wwoods> I'll do whatever I can to help get that integrated
17:17:40 <wwoods> dated as in it'll have a date on it
17:17:43 <wwoods> not "it'll be kind of old"
17:17:44 <wwoods> right?
17:17:59 <jwb> wwoods, you did a lot already.   i just need to take your script and add it to the releng git repo, etc.  yes, dated as in 'critpath-<date>.txt'
17:18:17 <Oxf13> jwb: dated?  What will be dated?
17:18:20 <Oxf13> hrm.
17:18:29 <jwb> the file itself
17:18:29 <Oxf13> jwb: it might be better to not date it, so that we have a static URL
17:18:38 <Oxf13> it'll already be in a dated directory
17:18:42 <wwoods> it'll be in a datestamped *directory*.. yeah
17:18:43 <jwb> oh, true
17:18:51 <jwb> ok, wfm
17:19:04 <jwb> i was still going off of the 'will be on mirrors' idea
17:19:08 <jlaska> #info jwb working to integrate critpath script into daily rawhide compose process
17:19:59 <jlaska> wwoods: kparal: great updates thx ... anything else to note for the logs?
17:20:33 <wwoods> oh
17:20:38 <wwoods> autoqa-devel!
17:20:45 <jlaska> ah yes
17:20:54 <wwoods> https://fedorahosted.org/mailman/listinfo/autoqa-devel
17:21:10 <jlaska> and atodorov gets points for being the first poster
17:21:22 <jlaska> I don't know if it needs this or not ...
17:21:28 <jlaska> #link https://fedorahosted.org/mailman/listinfo/autoqa-devel
17:21:31 <Oxf13> blah, more lists I should probably be on
17:22:07 * jeff_hann here...sorry I'm late
17:22:33 <jlaska> jeff_hann: thanks for joining ... just about to go to open floor
17:22:35 <wwoods> yeah, Yet Another Mailing List, but honestly we avoided it as long as we possibly could
17:22:50 <wwoods> and eventually determined that we really need a mailing list after all
17:23:15 <jlaska> Thanks for the updates wwoods and kparal ... lots of progress
17:23:40 <jlaska> so ... I'm going to skip ahead and jump back on the agenda
17:23:55 <jlaska> #topic Upcoming QA events - 2009-10-29 - i18n Test Day
17:23:59 <jlaska> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2009-10-29
17:24:08 <jlaska> #info Looking for volunteers
17:24:27 <jlaska> Rui and Jens pulled together the test day wiki page.  I think it looks pretty good
17:24:46 <jlaska> but we could use more volunteers to help with i18n testing this Thursday
17:25:10 <jlaska> if you're interested, feel free to add a watch to the wiki page
17:25:19 <jlaska> or add yourself to the cc list of the tracking ticket
17:25:24 <adamw> also poke any chinese/japanese/korean speakers you know :)
17:25:31 <jlaska> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/ticket/25
17:25:37 <jlaska> adamw: yes please!
17:26:03 <jlaska> I'm personallyn not well versed in i18n verification ... so more eyes are needed to review the plan and propose changes
17:26:06 <jlaska> and of course ... help test :)
17:26:25 <jlaska> #topic Upcoming QA events - 2009-10-30 - Blocker Bug Day #2
17:26:50 <jlaska> Kudos to adamw and Oxf13 for walking through the list not once, but twice last week
17:26:54 <adamw> we are shooting for this blocker bug meeting to end slightly before the heat death of the universe
17:27:02 <jlaska> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/showdependencytree.cgi?id=473303&hide_resolved=1
17:27:10 <jlaska> adamw: ouch, no kidding :)
17:27:25 <jlaska> recap from last meeting ...
17:27:28 <jlaska> #link https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-October/msg00579.html
17:27:42 <jlaska> Under the column ... how can I help  ...
17:28:13 <jlaska> add block:F12Blocker for issues you feel affect a fair number of users, or are just plain embarrasing
17:28:35 <jlaska> If you are assigned or on the cc list of a blocker list bug ... you can help in advance by ensuring the bug is up-to-date
17:28:40 <jlaska> adamw: anything else you can think of?
17:29:09 <adamw> not really - more people coming to the meeting to help review the bugs is always welcome
17:29:34 <jlaska> agreed!
17:29:48 <jlaska> adamw: something about more eyes right? :)
17:30:00 <adamw> more eyes make all arguments longer, yes
17:30:11 <jlaska> bingo!
17:30:16 <jlaska> okay, moving along ...
17:30:25 <jlaska> #Topic Open discussion - <Your topic here>
17:31:10 <jlaska> anything else not covered that is of interest?
17:31:23 <jlaska> concerns, questions, complaints ... favorite color?
17:31:44 <Oxf13> Who all is going to FUDCon ?
17:31:55 <jeff_hann> just for information value, I have several kernel bugs I'm working on
17:32:02 <wwoods> I'll be at FUDCon
17:32:34 <Oxf13> wwoods: good, I want to get people talking about the message bus, and what kind of data you'd need from it for autoqa et al
17:32:36 <adamw> I am
17:32:53 <adamw> Jeff_S: wrong meeting, but did you get in touch with rjune regarding kernel triage in the end?
17:32:55 <adamw> grr
17:33:00 <adamw> jeff_hann: ^^^
17:33:00 <Jeff_S> adamw: no :)
17:33:12 <adamw> Jeff_S: go away, WrongJeff =)
17:33:16 <Jeff_S> lol
17:33:18 <jlaska> heh
17:33:34 <Oxf13> so I signed up to do an update on AutoQA, but since wwoods will be there, perhaps wwoods should take over that pitch?
17:33:44 <jeff_hann> :)
17:33:48 <jeff_hann> will do that
17:34:08 <wwoods> Oxf13: sure, I can do that
17:34:26 <jlaska> Oxf13: we're planning for a blitzkrieg of autoqa information for the FUDCon
17:34:40 <wwoods> we're hoping to be able to give a status update and demonstrate a prototype for how maintainers can add post-build tests right in pkgcvs
17:34:45 <Oxf13> rock
17:35:26 <jlaska> okay gang ... I think we can put a fork in this meeting
17:35:52 <jlaska> thanks everyone for joining and providing your $0.02
17:36:11 <jlaska> As usual, minutes will be on the mailing list soon
17:36:26 <adamw> thanks jlaska
17:36:39 <jlaska> #endmeeting