03:00:02 <dramsey> #startmeeting
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03:00:13 <dramsey> #chair
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03:00:17 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
03:00:18 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
03:00:49 <dramsey> Hello Everyone, I'm David.  Welcome to APAC!
03:00:58 <dramsey> Please do the ".fas yourusername" for attendance on this IRC.
03:01:10 <hers> .fas bbbush
03:01:11 <zodbot> hers: bbbush 'Yuan Yijun' <bbbush.yuan@gmail.com>
03:01:14 <magie> .fas magie
03:01:15 <zodbot> magie: geatz87 'Bogusław Magiera' <geatz87@tlen.pl> - magi 'Rafal Magiera' <R.K.Magiera@wsisiz.edu.pl> - magie 'Magie Antonio' <magie@bluepoint.com.ph>
03:01:26 <born2linux> .fas born2linux
03:01:27 <zodbot> born2linux: engels 'Engels Antonio' <engels@bluepoint.com.ph>
03:01:42 <dramsey> Great!  If others join in, perfect.
03:02:06 <dramsey> We have this time slot for 60 minutes...if we run overtime, then we will go the #fedora-ambassadors channel.
03:02:13 <azneita> .fas azneita
03:02:14 <zodbot> azneita: azneita 'Heherson Pagcaliwagan' <herson@azneita.org>
03:02:20 <dramsey> Has everyone looked at the meeting url?
03:02:21 <dramsey> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2009-10-25
03:02:29 <azneita> hi sir engels :)
03:02:33 <dramsey> Cool
03:02:49 <dramsey> We'll start with first topic...
03:02:50 <dramsey> #topic Ambassadors Members Pinging  (only 5 Minutes)
03:03:10 <dramsey> Everyone tell about yourself.  I am a Fedora 12 Alpha / Beta user..
03:03:56 <dramsey> Welcome back azneita! :)
03:04:00 <azneita> F11 still afraid of F12 ;)
03:04:15 <magie> hi herson :)
03:04:23 <azneita> hi ma'am maj!
03:04:41 <magie> F11 for me as well
03:04:56 <born2linux> hello
03:05:15 <born2linux> i'm a Fedora 12 alpha/beta user too
03:05:33 <hers> I'm from China, Shenzhen; working on http://news.fedora-zh.org since last month (I just forward emails from various fedora list); using Fedora 12 for a long time
03:05:49 <dramsey> Great!  I think that's everyone, right?
03:06:42 <azneita> good number we have here right now
03:06:43 <born2linux> looks like it
03:06:52 <dramsey> Okay.
03:07:08 <dramsey> Should we move to next topic?  Is anyone have news about FAmSCo?  If not, then we go to next topic.
03:07:23 <dramsey> +1 True on number!  :)
03:07:59 <dramsey> #agreed number
03:08:08 <magie> :)
03:08:24 <dramsey> #topic Planning and Preparation for Fedora 12 in mid November.
03:08:36 <dramsey> Anyone doing anything for getting Fedora 12 out?
03:09:21 <dramsey> I have a couple biweekly distributions, others?
03:09:48 <magie> we have just started planning for the release party
03:09:57 <dramsey> Excellent
03:10:55 <born2linux> yes, the 3 of us (magie, azneita, myself) are working on this for the philippines
03:11:05 <dramsey> Sounds great!  :)
03:11:51 <magie> we are also "renovating" http://ph.fedoracommunity.org" in preparation for f11
03:11:56 <magie> oops, f12
03:12:02 <dramsey> http://ph.fedoracommunity.org
03:12:04 <dramsey> Cool!
03:12:21 <dramsey> Sounds like you have a good team, that helps!
03:12:29 <dramsey> Teamwork works.
03:12:54 <dramsey> Do you do distribution hers ?
03:13:14 <dramsey> http://news.fedora-zh.org
03:13:34 <hers> no I don't, may share some medias when SZLUG meet on Nov. 15 or so
03:13:57 <dramsey> That's cool!  Everyone, I like your web sites.  :)
03:14:27 <dramsey> I did the url in the IRC chat by itself, creates a "LINK" entry for our logs.
03:14:44 <dramsey> Okay, should we move to next topic?
03:15:33 <dramsey> I would love to get more F12 media for the release date in November...
03:15:34 <dramsey> ;)
03:15:45 <dramsey> When the release is final.
03:16:20 <azneita> dramsey, i just remember - dvd replicator for apac
03:16:25 <dramsey> Yup!
03:16:27 <born2linux> +1 on that
03:16:33 <azneita> did harish get the mail
03:16:34 <dramsey> That sounds like an action...
03:16:45 <dramsey> I think so, I did.
03:17:12 <dramsey> We could follow-up with harish...I think harish is doing the event "like now..."  :)
03:17:23 <magie> dvd replicator...wow!
03:17:24 <azneita> that's what i have in mind
03:17:28 <dramsey> azneita, sounds right...
03:17:34 <dramsey> #agreed
03:18:10 <azneita> he's in malaysia doing speaking engagements
03:18:12 <dramsey> #agreed DVD duplicator would great!
03:18:19 <dramsey> Yup, that's right.
03:18:54 <dramsey> Okay, so next topic?
03:20:16 <dramsey> We will discuss your events stuff!
03:21:22 <dramsey> #topic Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events in APAC.
03:22:30 <dramsey> Everyone, anything new for you?
03:22:54 <azneita> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#FY10_Q4_.28December_2009_-_February_2010.29_4
03:23:11 <dramsey> Oh yes!  :)
03:23:45 <azneita> the one for UP I promise will push through this year ;)
03:23:52 <dramsey> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#FY10_Q3_.28September_2009_-_November_2009.29_4
03:23:56 <dramsey> Cool!
03:24:10 <dramsey> How was the SFD09?
03:24:34 <azneita> FUN
03:24:52 <azneita> http://ph.fedoracommunity.org/index.php?entry=20091002124644
03:25:06 <magie> yup
03:25:16 <magie> http://bluepoint.com.ph/SFD09/
03:25:35 <born2linux> http://ph.fedoracommunity.org/index.php?entry=20091002124644&show=album
03:25:38 <azneita> http://bluepoint.com.ph/index.php?entry=20090919190902&show=album
03:25:43 <dramsey> Great!
03:26:03 <dramsey> :)  Looks like the DVD Replicator is "key"  :)
03:26:20 <azneita> +1
03:26:33 <magie> #agree
03:26:34 <azneita> it will make our lives easier
03:26:44 <born2linux> #agreed
03:27:05 <azneita> we still have fedora banners from SFD09
03:27:11 <dramsey> #idea Follow-up on the DVD Replicator "prior" to you University of the Philippines Engineering Week...
03:27:25 <dramsey> ;)  I like your Fedora Banners...  ;)
03:28:06 <magie> sounds good
03:28:16 <dramsey> +1
03:28:19 <magie> we plan to hold our f12 release party on december 5
03:28:34 <dramsey> Cool.
03:28:47 <born2linux> ah yes, the replicator will be a lot of help then
03:28:47 <azneita> same venue ma'am maj?
03:29:07 <magie> still in the drawing board herson ;)
03:29:14 <dramsey> +1 to born2linux!
03:29:29 <born2linux> :)
03:29:35 <dramsey> May I ask how much those banners cost?
03:30:17 <dramsey> #info Planning  f12 release party on December 5th.
03:31:05 <dramsey> hers, please tell us about SZLUG...
03:32:07 <hers> in SFD2009 some Fedora media is shared, not much photo taken though. http://pics.livejournal.com/bbbush/pic/003rpz7s/t9678z
03:32:25 <dramsey> Nice banner!
03:32:36 <dramsey> I like everyone's banners!
03:32:40 <azneita> dramsey: they were donated for free by a volunteer - mark mercado
03:32:40 <magie> dramsey, the banners cost around 1 us dollar per square feet
03:32:51 <dramsey> okay, wow!
03:32:52 <dramsey> :)
03:33:01 <dramsey> +1 for banners!
03:33:26 <dramsey> hers good link!  Bluepoint  nice web site.
03:33:46 <hers> SZLUG made no speech on Fedora @SFD2009. I sent a wrong link, the gallery should be http://pics.livejournal.com/bbbush/gallery/0002bk4e
03:34:08 <born2linux> cool
03:34:11 <dramsey> Wow!!!  I hit the jackpot!
03:34:12 <dramsey> :)
03:35:03 <azneita> i like the wristband
03:35:27 <dramsey> Food, I'm getting hungry...
03:35:33 <azneita> how do we get one hers :)
03:35:47 <dramsey> Feed me ==> :-D
03:36:16 <born2linux> :))
03:36:34 <dramsey> Nice wristband indeed!
03:36:42 <hers> last weekend ZEUUX2009 was held in Zhuhai (a city near Shenzhen and Macao), sponsored by Kingsoft. They invited RMS. No Fedora speech either, but the event is quite interesting. Some photo of RMS: http://pics.livejournal.com/bbbush/gallery/0002ct8y?page=9
03:37:27 <magie> wow
03:38:02 <dramsey> Very cool!
03:38:07 <hers> sorry for SFD2009, both links are wrong.. should be this one.. http://pics.livejournal.com/bbbush/gallery/0002a8qf
03:38:08 <magie> rms was also interested in swinging by here, but i think there was no time to get a visa
03:38:32 <dramsey> http://pics.livejournal.com/bbbush/gallery/0002a8qf
03:38:35 <dramsey> +1
03:39:19 <azneita> would have been nice to hear him talk
03:39:29 <dramsey> True.
03:39:49 <hers> quite impressive
03:39:56 <dramsey> +1
03:40:00 <born2linux> there's always a next time ;)
03:40:31 <hers> you can get much support from his speech
03:41:17 <hers> and more thorough understanding to free software.
03:41:20 <magie> we will try to invite him on february
03:41:26 <magie> geek camp 3.0
03:41:27 <dramsey> Sounds like a winner...
03:41:45 <born2linux> geek camp 3.0 wil be another great chance to showcase fedora
03:41:56 <magie> +1
03:42:01 <dramsey> For Geek Camp 3.0 invite RMS?
03:42:03 <magie> it's an apac event
03:42:06 <dramsey> Yup!
03:42:07 <dramsey> +1
03:42:13 <magie> in coordination with apng
03:42:30 <dramsey> #idea For Geek Camp 3.0 invite RMS in coordination with apng
03:42:49 <dramsey> Good luck on the contact.  Would love to hear of the connections indeed.
03:43:32 <dramsey> This is good discussion, I like this!
03:43:41 <dramsey> :)  Everyone, anything else we may think about for Fedora Events?  :)
03:44:04 <azneita> the podcast?
03:44:17 <dramsey> Ah, yes, let's do that!
03:44:18 <dramsey> :)
03:44:23 <azneita> i am fedora
03:44:26 <dramsey> "I am Fedora!"  :)
03:44:37 <dramsey> Localized language, snippets...
03:44:56 <hers> who can talk about FOSS.in? I'm interested in that.
03:45:58 <dramsey> Good question, probably SusmitShannigrahi, RahulSundaram, and/or KushalDas...
03:45:58 <azneita> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Foss_in_2009
03:47:09 <dramsey> I guess in the mailing list, your interest on the FOSS.in could be ask.  That's an idea, what do you think?
03:47:13 <azneita> they're the event owners but I'm seeing joerg going too
03:47:43 <dramsey> True.
03:48:23 <azneita> and they hope to reel in max too, now that's a thought
03:48:32 <dramsey> Yup!
03:48:42 <born2linux> :)
03:50:04 <dramsey> Good any other thoughts?
03:50:18 <dramsey> Should we move to next topic?
03:50:46 <hers> +1
03:50:48 <azneita> +1
03:51:06 <dramsey> We'll bring up  podcasts..in plans...
03:51:06 <dramsey> :)
03:51:09 <magie> +1
03:51:10 <dramsey> Okay, next topic
03:51:14 <born2linux> +1
03:51:20 <dramsey> #topic FreeMedia (Only if there is any query.)
03:52:03 <dramsey> I think that DVD replicator is in your minds...so must follow-up with harish
03:52:16 <azneita> true.
03:52:20 <dramsey> true.
03:52:24 <magie> yup
03:52:58 <dramsey> Any thoughts on FreeMedia or keep on rolling?
03:53:04 <azneita> btw, how are shouldering shipment in and out ph
03:53:17 <azneita> to other apac countries
03:53:26 <dramsey> Good question...
03:53:37 <azneita> i think we need to sort that out in future meeting if not now
03:53:42 <dramsey> That sounds like a possible harish inquiry
03:53:50 <dramsey> Understood.
03:54:14 <azneita> plus guidelines. but that can go later
03:54:24 <dramsey> I think that is a great question which should be done with guidelines, too.
03:54:26 <dramsey> +1
03:54:34 <born2linux> +1
03:54:38 <magie> +1
03:54:47 <hers> as efficient as possible
03:54:53 <dramsey> Yup!
03:55:19 <dramsey> Any other thoughts or move to next topic?
03:55:41 <azneita> we'll put this on next meetings agenda then move on
03:55:53 <dramsey> YuP!
03:55:58 <dramsey> s/P/p
03:55:59 <dramsey> ;)
03:56:27 <born2linux> let's keep rolling?
03:56:33 <hers> +1. BTW I see harish is posting many notices on identi.ca since morning on #fossmy
03:57:00 <dramsey> Good information, #fossmy is where harish must be  :)
03:57:31 <dramsey> #topic  Plans on APAC coordination/organization
03:57:56 <dramsey> Next topic, let's talk!  Podcast resurfaces...
03:58:08 <dramsey> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wgNd4JIXoA&fmt=18
03:58:12 <dramsey> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=709zZYMKqJc&fmt=18
03:58:17 <dramsey> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dqNIsefKpg&fmt=18
03:58:23 <dramsey> I am Fedora
03:59:05 <dramsey> Just samples...
03:59:18 <dramsey> Any thoughts on Podcast "I am Fedora"
04:00:22 <azneita> born2linux has experience on cam ;)
04:00:23 <hers> funny, YT is banned here.
04:00:58 <born2linux> yikes!
04:00:59 * hers no comments on this topic
04:01:06 <dramsey> Sending "I am Fedora" Podcasts were done very nicely in three different places before, sort of like the "I am a PC" theme.
04:01:16 <dramsey> Understood on VT ban...
04:01:30 <dramsey> +1 for cam time...
04:02:18 <dramsey> I think any "I am Fedora" work that gets done will have merit.
04:02:25 <dramsey> Native language is cool...
04:02:45 <dramsey> Sort of like in Spanish was "Yo estoy Fedora."  :)
04:03:03 <magie> bluepoint is working on a localized FOSS mini docu
04:03:11 <magie> perhaps we can tie it up
04:03:30 <dramsey> 8-)  Sweet!  Behold the power of people.  8-)
04:03:40 <dramsey> That's a great idea!
04:03:53 <born2linux> +1 we can "harvest" quite a number of "I Am Fedora" entries there
04:03:54 <azneita> yay
04:04:09 <dramsey> "Willing" people is best!  :)
04:04:13 <hers> do you have something like a "test paper" for fedora contributors?
04:04:50 <born2linux> hers, can you elaborate?
04:04:52 <dramsey> What kind of "test paper" - results or something else?
04:04:57 <dramsey> Yes, elaborate please.
04:05:27 <hers> for example for translators, there are some "must have" skills to check
04:05:46 <born2linux> got it, thanks
04:05:53 <dramsey> got it...
04:06:19 <dramsey> I do not know.
04:06:44 <dramsey> That is a good idea and may be that could be "fielded" to the fedora ambassador mailing list.
04:06:46 <dramsey> What do you think?
04:07:26 <hers> then documents can be organized in a way to assist them pass the exam.. not suitable for hackers
04:07:55 <dramsey> Sort of a like certification?
04:08:40 <dramsey> I get a lot of input from the fedoraforum
04:08:41 <dramsey> http://forums.fedoraforum.org
04:10:03 <dramsey> Oh, for the podcast, the above URLs will give an idea of what others did in the past...build from what you like as a way do do...sort of the essence.
04:10:32 <dramsey> Are we good with this topic or more discussion or keep rolling?
04:11:03 <azneita> good
04:11:20 <dramsey> me too.
04:11:30 <born2linux> same here
04:11:34 <magie> ok
04:12:10 <dramsey> Okay, then next topic.
04:12:11 <dramsey> #topic Open floor
04:12:43 <dramsey> I think this meeting went well.
04:12:49 <dramsey> Any input?
04:13:40 <dramsey> hers, I think your ideas are good and should be brought up within our mailing list.  Especially FOSS.in and the "test paper"
04:13:44 <azneita> very much. the numbers helped us sort out a lot of things
04:13:50 <dramsey> True.
04:14:05 <azneita> hope to get back harish next time
04:14:21 <dramsey> azneita, born2linux, and magie, I think that for DVD is best!
04:14:31 <dramsey> Yup, I am sure that harish will read our postings.
04:14:41 <azneita> btw guys, email me off-list if you want to use fedora apac identi.ca account
04:14:53 <dramsey> Great idea!
04:14:59 <born2linux> will do, thanks
04:15:08 <dramsey> #idea contact azneita for fedora apac identi.ca account
04:15:09 <azneita> i believe that's the reason we created one - to consolidate our efforts in apac through a single stream
04:15:10 <magie> yup
04:15:30 <dramsey> Are there actions to take out from this meeting?
04:17:48 <azneita> i believe we're good
04:17:50 <dramsey> For example, shouldering shipment in and out ph, request for information on the FOSS.in and "test paper" concept.
04:18:06 <dramsey> Okay...
04:18:22 <dramsey> Last chance or close meeting...
04:18:33 <dramsey> Final countdown from 5
04:18:38 <dramsey> 4
04:18:45 <dramsey> 3
04:18:47 <dramsey> 2
04:18:48 <dramsey> 1
04:18:56 <dramsey> :)
04:18:58 <azneita> thanks everyone and good meeting dramsey
04:19:00 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending
04:19:06 <dramsey> Good meeting!  :)
04:19:16 <dramsey> #endmeeting