20:09:32 <liknus> #startmeeting
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20:09:52 <liknus> #meetingtopic Fedora Ambassadors EMEA Meeting
20:10:06 <liknus> Welcome all to our bi-weekly EMEA meeting!
20:10:13 <wonderer> Hy
20:10:20 <liknus> Rollcall following!
20:10:29 <loupgaroublond> gruess di' wonderer
20:10:33 <cmpahar> .fas cmpahar
20:10:34 <zodbot> cmpahar: cmpahar 'Christos Bacharakis' <cmpahar@gmail.com>
20:10:36 <liknus> .fas ppapadeas
20:10:38 <zodbot> liknus: ppapadeas 'Papadeas Pierros' <ppapadeas@gmail.com>
20:10:50 <lcafiero> .fas lcafiero
20:10:51 <kital> .fas jsimon
20:10:51 <zodbot> lcafiero: lcafiero 'Larry Cafiero' <larrycafiero@cruzio.com>
20:10:54 <zodbot> kital: jsimonelli 'Jose Simonelli' <jose.simonelli@gmail.com> - jsimon 'Joerg (kital) Simon' <simon@simline.de>
20:10:55 <lcafiero> just sitting in.
20:11:01 <loupgaroublond> .fas ynemoy
20:11:02 <zodbot> loupgaroublond: ynemoy 'Yaakov Meir Nemoy' <loupgaroublond@gmail.com>
20:11:05 <wonderer> .fas wonderer
20:11:06 <zodbot> wonderer: wonderer 'Henrik Heigl' <wonderer4711@gmx.de>
20:11:43 <liknus> Ok lets start with our announcements
20:11:52 <liknus> #topic Announcements
20:12:35 <liknus> i would like to state that cmpahar and I had a great event in Athens Digital Week with many contributors joining Fedora Project
20:12:52 <liknus> (mainly on translations)
20:13:12 <cmpahar> and a lot of Fedora enthusiasts!
20:13:18 <cmpahar> people loved fedora!
20:13:21 <loupgaroublond> how many people did you have?
20:13:41 <liknus> Aprox 3000 people came by
20:13:58 <liknus> 50 people watching Fedora sessions-workshops
20:14:15 <liknus> 4-5 booth personnel
20:14:19 <loupgaroublond> any stats on the number of new signups?
20:14:35 <liknus> 3 new translators
20:14:50 <liknus> 1 new on Fedora Websites
20:14:56 <liknus> 1 possible Ambassador
20:15:39 <liknus> We were the only distro with constant presence there and that did count
20:15:52 <liknus> Any other announcement?
20:16:15 <loupgaroublond> release party stuff?
20:16:20 <loupgaroublond> or should that wait
20:16:47 <liknus> Moving on to Events should suit the "release stuff"
20:16:59 <liknus> #topic Events
20:17:36 <liknus> ok so we have our next event in Hungary
20:17:46 * loupgaroublond has a couple of notes to add
20:18:02 <loupgaroublond> can wait though
20:18:07 * wonderer also...
20:18:07 <liknus> loupgaroublond: go ahead
20:18:41 <loupgaroublond> ok, lessee
20:18:50 <bochecha> liknus: I think your 5 minutes are over now :)
20:18:53 <kital> !
20:18:54 <loupgaroublond> unknown potential date for a release party in the netherlands
20:19:06 <bochecha> (oops, sorry, scrolling problem :-/)
20:19:14 <liknus> bochecha: np
20:19:16 <loupgaroublond> going to be in utrecht most likey, and possibly a saturday meaning we can have a long multi hour event with presentations and things
20:19:27 <loupgaroublond> kanarip is more or less the owner of the event
20:19:33 <loupgaroublond> .fas kanarip
20:19:34 <liknus> loupgaroublond: anyone exept you supporting the event?
20:19:34 <zodbot> loupgaroublond: kanarip 'Jeroen van Meeuwen' <kanarip@kanarip.com> - kanarip2 'Jeroen van Meeuwen' <kanarip@fedoraunity.org>
20:19:47 <loupgaroublond> hehe, his secret identity is out ;)
20:20:00 <liknus> #info loupgaroublond states a concern on Netherlands Release Event
20:20:22 <loupgaroublond> concern? did i say something worrying? ;)
20:20:50 <liknus> the unknown date i mean..nothing worrying
20:21:03 <liknus> (sorry for stating it this way)
20:21:04 <loupgaroublond> second of all, i've gotten a heads up about a panel and conference on open source in biology in amsterdam coming up next month
20:21:43 <loupgaroublond> i'm giving it serious thought, i think a couple us fedora people might go and see about getting our points across
20:21:44 <liknus> loupgaroublond: you are going to attend only in panel or have a booth etc?
20:21:52 <loupgaroublond> just showing up in the ambassador polo
20:22:03 <liknus> loupgaroublond: myabe it should be mentioned in Events
20:22:16 <kital> sorry i have to leave
20:22:18 <loupgaroublond> third of all, there is an upcoming release party in belgium, biertie announced the date today, so poke him
20:22:44 <liknus> kital: ill mention it :) bb
20:22:44 <loupgaroublond> fourth of all, i want to give a plug for nerdavond thursday evenings in wageningen again, if you're somewhat local, come by sometime
20:22:47 * biertie is poked :)
20:22:48 * loupgaroublond looks at wonderer
20:22:54 * loupgaroublond looks at biertie
20:22:57 <wonderer> just got the Linuxinfotag in Landau (germany) and have much response about kvm and the upcoming virt stuff. people enjoing it. It was a small event (in a small cafe as every year), but classy. People waiting for virt stuff.
20:23:02 <wonderer> thats it ;-)
20:23:12 <biertie> but I'm not sure yet, I still have to be sure if the location is free
20:23:14 <biertie> but I don't think it will be a problem :)
20:23:17 <loupgaroublond> biertie, where?
20:23:24 <biertie> Antwerp
20:23:57 <loupgaroublond> oh, i'm done
20:24:07 <liknus> wonderer: any blogposts on that?
20:24:30 <liknus> loupgaroublond: shall i set an action on wiki creation for the Event?
20:25:01 <wonderer> liknus: small on in german ... should be on planet...
20:25:15 <liknus> nice wonderer
20:25:19 <wonderer> as always .. hopefuly...
20:25:24 <biertie> I'll post a blogpost on the planet when I'm 100% sure
20:25:35 <biertie> -hopefully tomorow-
20:25:43 <loupgaroublond> liknus, it's a small thing, so i'm not so sure
20:25:49 <liknus> biertie: dont forget to update the release events page
20:25:54 <loupgaroublond> i think not
20:25:55 * wonderer want to mention that he loves pics in the posts...
20:25:57 <liknus> loupgaroublond: as you wish
20:26:19 <biertie> wonderer: mee too ;)
20:26:24 <biertie> liknus: will do
20:27:15 <liknus> #action biertie finalize venue for Release Event in Antwerp
20:27:36 <liknus> ok lets move on other release events
20:27:50 <Southern_Gentlem> pics say lots in every language
20:28:03 <loupgaroublond> #action kanarip will finalize details for Utrecht Release Event
20:28:07 <biertie> true! :)
20:28:18 <kanarip> nice one loupgaroublond ;-)
20:28:30 <loupgaroublond> Southern_Gentlem, veel
20:28:46 <liknus> Until now on the release events page are only 2 events in EMEA
20:28:52 <liknus> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F12_release_events
20:29:07 <loupgaroublond> viel, mycket, ma'od
20:29:13 <loupgaroublond> kanarip, you're welcome
20:29:15 <liknus> I should add the Athens one when we finalize the date
20:29:43 <liknus> #action liknus add F12 release event in Athens on wiki page
20:30:04 <cmpahar> maybe we will organize a release party in Thessaloniki too
20:30:21 <liknus> So is anyone here from italy or France (given the mentioned events in the page)?
20:31:06 <liknus> MrTom: ping
20:31:22 * bochecha is here for France
20:31:36 <liknus> bochecha: have you something to add on the Release Event in Paris?
20:31:41 <bochecha> not really
20:31:48 <liknus> Anything you need?
20:31:55 <bochecha> we're working on it atm, trying to get people to give conferences
20:32:06 <bochecha> nope
20:32:06 <loupgaroublond> bochecha, what's the date?
20:32:11 <liknus> 12-13 dEC
20:32:19 <bochecha> we produce our CDs, banners,... so we don't need anything :)
20:32:23 <bochecha> yep
20:32:27 <bochecha> Fedora 12 on the 12/12 :)
20:32:30 <loupgaroublond> ah ok
20:32:49 * Southern_Gentlem points bochecha to http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/
20:32:52 <loupgaroublond> i guess i'll have to come to your release party next summer then
20:33:04 * Southern_Gentlem points bochecha to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/Schedule
20:33:04 <liknus> #info bochecha states that the F12 Release Event in Paris is ok !
20:33:29 <bochecha> Southern_Gentlem: ?
20:33:44 <Southern_Gentlem> not released till the 17th
20:34:02 <bochecha> of november ;)
20:34:03 <liknus> 17th of November Southern_Gentlem ?
20:34:10 <Southern_Gentlem> yes
20:34:16 <Southern_Gentlem> ok i goofed
20:34:27 <liknus> Southern_Gentlem: np :)
20:34:44 <liknus> Ok Anyone anything on other Release Event?
20:35:09 <liknus> #action cmpahar will see the possibility on F12 Release Event in Thessaloniki
20:36:16 <liknus> Ok moving one to swag-inventory
20:36:30 <liknus> #topic Swag-Inventory
20:37:03 <liknus> kital wanted to remind us that the Inventory page for EMEA region is up and running
20:37:08 <liknus> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/wiki/Inventory
20:37:55 <liknus> So please if you have any inventory or swag related to Fedora please drop by this link and update the page accordingly :)
20:39:15 <liknus> We printed 1000 stickers of fedora logo (full logo with letters) for the Athens Digital Week so we have a big leftover :)
20:40:04 <liknus> I guess I will supply some of you during our next European Major meeting (quite possibly the FOSDEM)
20:40:22 <liknus> Anyone any requests/questions on swag-inventory?
20:40:30 * liknus shall wait 1 minute
20:40:52 <wonderer> sounds good, because I had to few of those swag :-/
20:41:26 <biertie> ok, I added something for the inventory
20:41:35 <liknus> nice biertie :)
20:41:38 <biertie> wasn't there a project to get all this material at one place?
20:41:43 <biertie> loupgaroublond:
20:42:39 <liknus> biertie: we decided at FAD EMEA to build up an iinventory and in case someone needs sth we will ship it via a shipping account provided by RedHat
20:42:44 <cmpahar> i dont think that is good to gather all the material in one place
20:42:54 <cmpahar> i doesn't worth
20:43:06 <cmpahar> *it
20:43:12 <biertie> mhm, dnno :)
20:43:31 <biertie> but ok, if you need a router/switch/wap, you can get it now, an it runs linux ^__^
20:43:46 <cmpahar> think that you have to pay the shipment for gathering and then for sending them back to some cities
20:44:10 <liknus> biertie: thats cool ! but in major events we are porhibited to run our own APs :(
20:44:35 <biertie> liknus: well, fedora has somethimes boots in smaller events too
20:44:45 <biertie> like, I have always a stand on the open day of my school
20:45:12 <liknus> biertie: nice and running an AP on linux sounds great :)
20:45:31 <liknus> OK anything else on swag?
20:46:22 <liknus> Right, lets move to our open floor then
20:46:28 <liknus> #topic Open Floor
20:46:52 <cmpahar> Can i say something please?
20:47:02 <liknus> cmpahar: go ahead!
20:47:21 <liknus> (dont make it formal plz :P )
20:48:12 <cmpahar> well, in athens digital week we were giving people a localized flyer presenting is fedora and all its goodies. In contact details we were writing about our mailing list and we were saying to them to go and sign up
20:48:26 <cmpahar> many of them didn't know what is a mailing list..
20:48:50 <cmpahar> maybe we could create a localized page at the wiki to explain what is a mailing list
20:49:01 <cmpahar> and some instructions for them
20:49:35 <liknus> cmpahar: in case this happens, all Join pages shall be updated with a link to that page
20:50:03 <cmpahar> the mailing url is also to big to remember and to write.. so we can provide them a wiki page with a simple and short url and all the info they want
20:50:12 <cmpahar> any suggestions?
20:50:14 <liknus> In order to be localised I guess we should contact the Doc team to make a page and then pass it to Transifex
20:50:18 <cmpahar> liknus, off course
20:50:44 <liknus> shall you contact the Doc team for that?
20:51:46 <cmpahar> of course
20:51:52 <liknus> #action cmpahar contact Doc team on the creation of mailing-list explanatory page and passing it to transifex
20:52:23 <bochecha> isn't there already a /Communicate page explaining what a ML is ?
20:52:41 <cmpahar> we want it localized!
20:52:55 <liknus> bochecha: didnt know about it :) link plz?
20:53:33 <bochecha> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate#Mailing_Lists
20:54:35 <liknus> ok cmpahar you have something to start off.. link this to Doc people and ask their opinion on l10n on that
20:54:43 <cmpahar> ok
20:55:28 <liknus> thanks bochecha
20:55:37 <liknus> Anything else anyone?
20:56:17 * liknus shall wait 5 minutes before calling it off
20:56:42 <cmpahar> i forgot to mention an event!
20:56:42 <cmpahar> :(
20:56:54 <liknus> cmpahar: go ahead
20:58:01 <cmpahar> in two weeks I am planning a fedora review and intro talk at my university. I have the green light from my teachers so i think everything is OK
20:58:56 <liknus> cmpahar: nice! we are waiting for pics and posts on that! Good luck
20:59:06 <cmpahar> thanks LightSweet
20:59:09 <biertie> cmpahar: is you school, just like mine, microsoft minded?
20:59:10 <cmpahar> thanks liknus
20:59:26 <cmpahar> unfortunately biertie, yes!
20:59:43 <biertie> make it a commercial talk!
20:59:51 <biertie> I am thinking about doing the same at my school
21:00:09 <cmpahar> biertie, we will see :)
21:00:10 <biertie> so, good luck with your event, and let me know if you need any help
21:00:20 <cmpahar> you to biertie thanks :)
21:01:21 <liknus> OK my fellow Ambassadors! Thank you all for attending. See ya all in two week on our next meeting!
21:01:37 <cmpahar> thank you liknus
21:01:52 <cmpahar> have a good night everyone!
21:01:57 <liknus> #endmeeting