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03:12:05 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
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03:12:17 <harish> hmm.
03:12:28 <azneita> .fas azneita
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03:12:33 <harish> i seem to have forgotten my passwd for my name.
03:12:47 <azneita> just the username will do
03:12:52 <dramsey> Yup.
03:13:01 <harish> harish == harish pillay
03:13:58 <dramsey> Harish, any news from FAmSCO?
03:14:01 <dramsey> #agenda
03:14:41 <harish> dramsey, well, I am not on FAmSCO so I cannot speak for the group.
03:14:59 <dramsey> Understood.
03:15:16 <dramsey> How about any news on APAC?
03:15:19 <harish> since there are only three of us here shall we keep to the agenda or move along
03:15:22 <harish> sure
03:15:36 <harish> a) POSSE APAC to be held in Singapore Nov 9-13
03:15:59 <harish> b) FOSS.my Oct 24/25 in KL and i will be speaking there about community and focusing on Fedora
03:16:00 <dramsey> Very good.
03:16:03 <azneita> anybody from here going?
03:16:38 <harish> azneita, the attendance is being coordinated by RH APAC marketing.  I know that there are folks from SG, IN and CN.  Not sure of PH.
03:16:50 <azneita> ok
03:16:52 <harish> folks == faculty
03:17:19 <dramsey> ok.
03:17:33 <harish> c) I will be speaking (along with M Tiemann) at the Malaysian Government Open Source Conference Nov 3-5.
03:18:05 <harish> d) There is a Indonesian Open Source Conf Oct 26-28 but I cannot make ti.
03:19:02 <dramsey> Harish good information.
03:19:15 <harish> http://www.gcos.info/
03:19:47 <dramsey> #chair dramsey
03:19:47 <zodbot> Current chairs: dramsey
03:19:54 <azneita> hmm. that is a lot of goings-on in APAC FOSS scene
03:20:17 <dramsey> True.
03:20:18 <harish> also, Gnome.Asia in HCM I think Nov 21-23.
03:20:29 <harish> I am trying to fit that into my schedule.
03:20:37 <harish> HCM == Ho Chih Minh City.
03:20:49 <dramsey> +1
03:21:11 <harish> It would be just after F12 is launched
03:21:24 <dramsey> Right, have heard November 20th for F12.
03:21:27 <azneita> KageSenshi has an event FOSS.my on the 23-25 Oct
03:22:14 <azneita> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events/FOSS.my_2009
03:22:39 <harish> dramsey, ah yes. it is on the same day
03:22:39 <dramsey> I am trying this metbot thing so bear with me while I try to do this right for us.  :)
03:22:41 <dramsey> Cool
03:22:47 <harish> ok
03:23:00 <dramsey> Should I go with agenda ?
03:23:04 <azneita> +1
03:23:40 <dramsey> #topic Ambassadors Members Pinging
03:24:00 <harish> +1
03:24:01 <dramsey> I'm Japan and F12 alpha...soon F12 beta.
03:24:10 <dramsey> You both?
03:24:14 <azneita> F11
03:24:29 <azneita> Quezon City, Philippines
03:24:53 <harish> f11, singapore
03:25:18 <dramsey> Excellent!
03:25:19 <harish> f12 x86_64 on one machine (via external USB drive)
03:25:33 <dramsey> Sweet!  8-)
03:25:33 <harish> f12alpha to be precise. need to move it to beta.
03:25:44 <dramsey> Me too on F12 beta.
03:26:30 <dramsey> This is good.  Should we move to the planning and preparation for F12?
03:26:36 <harish> yes
03:26:41 <azneita> +1
03:26:46 <dramsey> #topic Planning and Preparation for Fedora 12 in mid November
03:27:05 <dramsey> I am doing biweekly F11 and preparing for F12 in November.
03:27:19 <harish> dramsey, good job!
03:27:20 <dramsey> I appreciate both of your inputs on the FOSS
03:27:35 <dramsey> +1 to you both!
03:28:28 <harish> am not sure what the status is on the magazine to include F12.
03:28:42 <dramsey> me, too.
03:28:43 <azneita> i believe it was a no go
03:29:00 <harish> ok. i have not read a thread of email on that.
03:29:01 <dramsey> I think that was a great initiative, but sort of had a moment or two....
03:29:14 <dramsey> yup, I read no go, too.
03:29:25 <azneita> it will be picked up in the next few releases but just not for f12
03:29:32 <harish> that should not stop us from doing something here.
03:29:40 <azneita> true
03:29:54 <harish> do you reckon local magazines would be interested?
03:30:06 <dramsey> True...I think that content needed to be done to help for the original F12.
03:30:16 <harish> i know linux for you in India has included Fedora CDs before.
03:30:18 <dramsey> Possibly, good idea!
03:30:31 <azneita> if a press release would be made, i can try to feed it to local papers
03:30:32 <dramsey> Cool!  8-)
03:30:58 <harish> do you think we can do a APAC-wide IRC release party for F12 and get the media on it?
03:31:20 <dramsey> We have a October 21st to 25th conference or two here in Tokyo on Linux...one of the Red Hat kernel engineers will be here.
03:31:26 <dramsey> +1
03:31:36 <dramsey> These are great ideas!
03:31:39 <azneita> our sched is on december
03:31:56 <harish> i understand that, azneita
03:32:07 <azneita> but we can certainly do something on irc
03:32:10 <harish> but my suggestion is for a collective APAC release
03:32:12 <dramsey> We have time to discuss and plan!
03:32:25 <harish> that is done over IRC, get the local media to come, watch, participate, ask questions on line etc.
03:32:54 <dramsey> Nice...
03:33:09 <harish> we can still do individual launches as logistics dictate, but an IRC release could excite some media and bring some element of wow!
03:33:19 <dramsey> +1
03:33:27 <azneita> +1
03:33:29 <dramsey> I strongly believe that planning and preparation are pre-requisite to success.
03:33:36 <harish> dramsey, +100
03:33:42 <dramsey> Dialogue and understanding.
03:33:43 <azneita> we need to get people on boat
03:33:47 <dramsey> Yup!
03:34:10 <dramsey> Cool, should we move to next agenda?
03:34:30 <harish> if we can have say 5 launches in the 5 time zones of APAC (actually 7 tzs). then we can have that as a vanguard event.
03:34:43 <dramsey> I like that
03:34:51 <azneita> the actual release date is the IRC release party date?
03:35:01 <harish> ITC release party date
03:35:09 <harish> if it is the actual, so be it.
03:35:27 <azneita> nice
03:35:31 <dramsey> nice
03:35:52 <azneita> that's one on our board - IRC Release Party
03:36:04 <dramsey> Oh, I did not know that.
03:36:06 <harish> what we could do is to have a bunch of schools to be on the IRC.
03:36:22 <dramsey> Sounds like coordination needed
03:36:41 <harish> my 9 year old is here with me and he is a fedora user. perhaps I can get him and his classmates to do f12 launch.
03:36:47 <dramsey> #agreed
03:38:05 <dramsey> Sorry earlier on the agenda.
03:38:42 <dramsey> Should we move to next item?
03:38:48 <harish> yes
03:38:54 <dramsey> okay.
03:38:55 <dramsey> #topic Ambassadors Members Pinging
03:39:01 <dramsey> Whoops...typo
03:39:09 <dramsey> #topic Report current status of upcoming Fedora Events in APAC
03:39:22 <dramsey> I think that we discuss some of these earlier right?
03:39:29 <azneita> yup
03:39:51 <warren> what meeting is this?
03:39:51 <dramsey> Anything else to add or next agenda item which is freemedia?
03:39:59 <dramsey> Hi Warren, APAC.
03:39:59 <azneita> but i just want to say thanks for the support for SFD2009 last month
03:40:18 <warren> APAC what?
03:40:21 <dramsey> +1 to support.
03:40:25 <azneita> ambassadors
03:40:29 <dramsey> Oh APAC Ambassadors.
03:40:37 <warren> do we have any ambassadors in Japan?
03:40:46 <dramsey> That's me.
03:40:50 <warren> oh!
03:41:00 <warren> I think we e-mailed before?
03:41:12 <dramsey> I think so...
03:41:29 <harish> azneita, how did the event go?
03:41:31 <dramsey> There's that Tokyo Linux event on 21st  to 25th
03:41:46 <warren> dramsey: I'm in Boston, but I'm likely to be in Osaka late November to speak at a conference, then I want to hold an Open Source developer meeting in Tokyo.
03:41:48 <azneita> we got over 550+ attendees
03:42:01 <warren> dramsey: I hope you have contacts in Japan to spread the word when I have the details set
03:42:08 <dramsey> Warren, if you need help and or would like to meet, then I am here.
03:42:09 <harish> we ran a SFD with the Linux Users' Group (Singapore), FOSA.sg on Sept 18 and 19 and an event at the NTU OS Soceity on Sep 18th.
03:42:10 <azneita> and we gave them F11 LiveCDs to check out
03:42:17 <warren> dramsey: where are you?
03:42:36 <dramsey> Right now about 3 kilometers west of downtown Tokyo.
03:42:43 <dramsey> Later in Akihabara.
03:42:56 <warren> ah, dork capital
03:43:00 <dramsey> Azneita, most excellent!
03:43:11 <dramsey> Yup, Geek City...
03:43:43 <warren> dramsey: have you managed to figure out what happened to fedora.jp?
03:43:44 <dramsey> 550+ ==> Fantastic exposure.
03:44:06 <warren> dramsey: they used to run a site there, but I guess they're gone now
03:44:06 <dramsey> Sort of limited contributions I think...needs more TLC.
03:44:14 <dramsey> True.
03:44:54 <dramsey> Warren, if possible we could IM, I think is better.
03:45:20 <azneita> most of the 550 are students and faculty, we even got a fedora talk and tv exposure for one of our ambassadors - engels antonio
03:47:01 <azneita> you can check our pics here -> http://bluepoint.com.ph/index.php?entry=20090919190902&show=album
03:47:06 <dramsey> Great
03:47:09 <dramsey> +1
03:48:46 <dramsey> Any other discussion or agenda?
03:49:04 <azneita> FreeMedia
03:49:08 <dramsey> "topic FreeMedia
03:49:17 <dramsey> #topic FreeMedia
03:49:21 <dramsey> typ
03:50:08 <dramsey> I could always have a need for more media and everyone?
03:50:15 <azneita> i had a big headache preparing for LiveCDs, anybody know a cost-effective way of producing them
03:50:30 <dramsey> DVDs are best for distribution as well as live usb copying.
03:50:31 <harish> azneita, what was the challenge?
03:50:46 <azneita> we tried doing 550+ ourselves and it was drudgery :D
03:50:52 <dramsey> OMG!
03:51:07 <harish> how much would a replicator cost?
03:51:33 <azneita> did not check yet but upwards of 20K Php
03:52:33 <dramsey> Cool!
03:52:52 <harish> azneita, see if you can get a quote for that and let's see if I can get one of the RH PH partners to sponsor it.
03:53:31 <dramsey> Excellent idea Harish!
03:53:32 <azneita> then we'll mass produce for APAC and send out media every release?
03:53:51 <harish> well, depends on how much it would cost to ship out of PH
03:54:21 <azneita> ok i'll try to get back to you aout this one then
03:54:26 <azneita> *about
03:54:30 <harish> ok
03:55:14 <dramsey> Okay, anything else or move to next agenda?
03:55:27 <harish> ok
03:55:37 <azneita> next
03:55:39 <dramsey> #topic Plans on APAC coordination/organization
03:55:56 <azneita> i'm all ears :D
03:56:11 <dramsey> I think that I will remove the #1 of News from FAmSCO for the next one...do we want to do another IRC in a couple weeks?
03:56:22 <harish> yes we should
03:56:28 <dramsey> I am very happy as well as pleased to get this moving...
03:56:29 <azneita> before the IRC partu
03:56:43 <azneita> *party
03:56:57 <harish> can we have a apac identi.ca id as well so that we can use that as a channel
03:57:11 <dramsey> Agreed, great ideas!
03:57:13 <azneita> +1
03:57:16 <dramsey> +1
03:57:41 <harish> a collective ID so we can all post with the caveat that we have to put our initials at the end of the post.
03:57:49 <dramsey> Yup!
03:58:01 <azneita> who's creating it? harish?
03:58:14 <harish> let it not be me.
03:58:26 <dramsey> dramsey scratches head in question, too...
03:58:31 <azneita> username - fedora apac?
03:58:40 <dramsey> ;-)
03:58:41 <harish> good
03:58:46 <azneita> i'll do it :D
03:58:47 <dramsey> +1
03:58:53 <harish> +1
03:58:56 <dramsey> Ah, an initiative fantastic!
03:59:03 <azneita> i'll just give you guys the password?
03:59:06 <azneita> right?
03:59:09 <harish> yes
03:59:28 <harish> so if I post, i will tag hp at the end of it.
03:59:40 <azneita> will be in your mailboxes later today
03:59:45 <harish> ok
04:00:00 <azneita> hp - heherson pagcaliwagan :D
04:00:08 <harish> oops.
04:00:21 <azneita> lol. mine will be azneita
04:00:34 <harish> then i shall leave it as haris
04:00:35 <harish> then i shall leave it as harish
04:00:45 <dramsey> dramsey
04:00:52 <dramsey> We are doing great!
04:01:18 <dramsey> This great dialogue anything else?
04:01:45 <azneita> let's take it by stride
04:01:50 <azneita> ;D
04:01:54 <dramsey> Okay.
04:01:57 <harish> for f12, I am wondering if the two of you can have podcasts/vidcasts of local users?
04:02:20 <azneita> english language?
04:02:23 <dramsey> I think that is great idea...I was looking at the podcast technology...
04:02:25 <azneita> or vernacular
04:02:27 <harish> not critical
04:02:33 <dramsey> True, not critical...
04:02:37 <harish> it should be from the heart.
04:02:48 <harish> subtitles exist for a reason
04:03:01 <azneita> aha
04:03:03 <dramsey> There could always be an appendix or reference to an English translation of the words.
04:03:09 <harish> yes
04:03:12 <azneita> we'll try to get one done
04:03:15 <dramsey> may be straight for the person is best.
04:03:20 <dramsey> Let's try!!!
04:03:36 <harish> the common thread I think is for everyone to say "I am fedora" in English.
04:04:00 <dramsey> Yes, snapshot ---> I am fedora.
04:04:04 <dramsey> I am fedora...
04:04:15 <azneita> are there any guidelines around or a sample we can build upon?
04:04:27 <harish> don't know.
04:04:43 <azneita> let's just see paul frields podcasts :D
04:04:47 <dramsey> I have only seen and perused the technical podcasts and youtube content?
04:04:58 <harish> we could use qik.com as a possible platform and/or kaltura.com
04:05:10 <dramsey> Maybe when this text gets to our ambassadors group others may have ideas.
04:05:12 <dramsey> Cool!
04:05:14 <harish> azneita, yes, paul's stuff is good.
04:05:26 <dramsey> +1 to Paul!
04:05:28 <azneita> very smooth :D
04:05:35 <dramsey> Leading by example...
04:05:38 <harish> qik.com/harishpillay has some of my videos taken using my handphone for a variety of stuff.
04:05:53 <dramsey> 8-)  Sweet!!!  8-)
04:06:21 <harish> what I am looking to see us do in APAC is a region centric usecase example.
04:06:38 <dramsey> Grand idea, I like it!
04:06:42 <harish> we have the tools, we need the hands and legs and dedication to make it happen.
04:06:58 <dramsey> Action begets progress!
04:07:07 <dramsey> Especially with F12 right around the corner.
04:07:32 <dramsey> +1 to you both on these ideas, I am getting inspired!!!  :-D
04:07:40 <harish> kaltura.com is open source video and I am keen to see that being used as a platform. they were the ones who supported the RH Summit in September.
04:08:34 <azneita> good job for kaltura.com! they're based in SG?
04:08:39 <harish> no
04:08:52 <azneita> US then :D
04:08:56 <harish> yes
04:09:16 <azneita> sounds like Filipino world for culture - kultura
04:09:18 <dramsey> yes
04:09:21 <azneita> * word
04:09:27 <dramsey> :-[
04:10:18 <dramsey> Should I put next agenda item?
04:10:24 <dramsey> Do you both know anything about the time limitations on this channel?
04:10:31 <azneita> 1 hour:D
04:10:37 <dramsey> Okay.
04:10:41 <harish> yes you should. perhaps we can invite kaltura to this as well.
04:11:20 <dramsey> Okay, should we go next agenda and conclude and move to like #fedora-ambassadors ?  Humbly...
04:11:25 <dramsey> Okay.
04:11:34 <harish> ok. till the next time.
04:11:38 <dramsey> #topic Open floor
04:11:47 <dramsey> I think we did great!
04:11:51 <dramsey> Lots of good discussion.
04:11:58 <harish> thanks, Mr Chairman.
04:12:06 <dramsey> Open Floor to ideas and may be we move to #fedora-ambassadors
04:12:08 <dramsey> Thank you both.
04:12:17 <dramsey> I am very happy that we did this.
04:12:31 <dramsey> Lots of grand discussion and this leads to better understanding.
04:12:38 <dramsey> Next meeting?
04:12:43 <dramsey> :-/
04:12:53 <harish> two weeks?
04:13:03 <harish> oct 25?
04:13:09 <dramsey> I am yours in two weeks.  Sounds good to me.
04:13:10 <azneita> +1
04:13:12 <dramsey> +1
04:13:15 <harish> oops, that would be in the middle of foss.my
04:13:26 <harish> i will be speaking at 9am I think.
04:13:27 <dramsey> Ah...
04:13:46 <azneita> next one..
04:14:10 <dramsey> do you want November then?
04:14:14 <dramsey> I am flexible...
04:14:25 <harish> would that not be too late?
04:14:36 <harish> if we want to get video stuff moving?
04:14:39 <dramsey> Should we try to get people in October 25th...
04:14:48 <dramsey> Follow-up in November...
04:14:50 <dramsey> Feedback?
04:15:09 <harish> why don't you move on with oct 25th.  nevermind me - I will try to connect from foss.my somehow.
04:15:15 <dramsey> I think that our dialogue may / will discussion on fedora ambassadors APC.
04:15:24 <dramsey> Okay, Harish there in spirit!
04:15:52 <dramsey> May be a FOSS.MY yo things are grand here, thinking of ambassadors!  ;-)
04:16:54 <harish> action items for me: contact Kaltura to see if they can support us somehow.
04:16:54 <dramsey> Then I will send October 25th and then afterwards on November 8th, sound good?
04:17:01 <harish> dramsey, ok
04:17:02 <dramsey> Understood.
04:17:29 <dramsey> Action items for me, e-mail our mailing list, other thoughts for me?
04:18:08 <dramsey> Azeita, any other input?
04:18:12 <dramsey> Harish any other input?
04:18:40 <harish> azneita, need to revert with quote for duplicator and action item for me is to corral RH PH partners to sponsor.
04:18:43 <dramsey> My first with MeetBot...and my typos  :-[
04:18:53 <dramsey> +1 on quote!
04:19:49 <harish> last note is POSSE APAC - get the word out so that we can generate interest for subsequent ones.
04:19:58 <dramsey> Yup!
04:20:19 <herson> ok
04:20:32 <dramsey> Hello Herson!
04:20:49 <harish> herson == azeita
04:20:49 <herson> azneita here. got disconnected :D
04:21:03 <dramsey> Whoops, alias in effect
04:21:09 <dramsey> :)
04:21:24 <dramsey> Azeita, any other input / thoughts?
04:21:42 <dramsey> s/Azei/Aznei
04:21:44 <herson> i'm cool guys.
04:22:05 <dramsey> Harish, any other input?
04:22:18 <harish> last one: identi.ca.
04:22:27 <dramsey> What's that?
04:22:33 <herson> fedorapac as username?
04:22:42 <harish> ok
04:22:51 <herson> password in the mail
04:23:00 <harish> identi.ca == twitter.com but with code and GPLv3.
04:23:10 <dramsey> Cool!
04:23:37 <harish> fedorapac is fine
04:23:45 <dramsey> I found / discovered the Facebook goodies, they are nice indeed.
04:24:05 <dramsey> I am trying to do the fedoraforum.org
04:24:06 <dramsey> http://forums.fedoraforum.org
04:24:51 <harish> was this the one that had some ownership problems?
04:25:48 <dramsey> Azneita, Harish posted "...azneita, need to revert with quote for duplicator and action item for me is to corral RH PH partners to sponsor..." Did you get that?
04:26:05 <azneita> got it
04:26:09 <dramsey> Great!
04:26:24 <dramsey> Harish, what problem, Facebook / Twitter / something else?
04:26:52 <harish> dramsey, i recall some issue with fedoraforum.org.
04:26:58 <dramsey> ah...
04:27:26 <dramsey> I am signed on there as diamond_ramsey and enjoying the review and post of this forum.
04:27:37 <dramsey> What was issue?
04:28:08 <harish> perhaps I am confusing it with something else. too many to keep track of :-).
04:28:20 <dramsey> Understood, no probs.
04:28:23 <harish> i recall the issue being one of ownership or something.
04:29:14 <dramsey> Ah...
04:30:30 <dramsey> ;-)  Okay, should we close meeting and move to #fedora-ambassadors?  Open to you input, humbly.  ;-)
04:30:47 <azneita> +1
04:30:50 <harish> ok, please close.  i need to clear up here as well.
04:31:14 <dramsey> I want to thank you both for your attendance and my typos...
04:31:31 <dramsey> Harish in spirit in two weeks and next APAC in two weeks.
04:31:35 <harish> here's a vote of thanks to the Chairman!
04:31:37 <dramsey> Best to FOSS.MY.
04:31:48 <azneita> thanks dramsey
04:31:49 <harish> thanks.
04:31:55 <dramsey> Together we will succeed and do good things.
04:31:59 <dramsey> +1 to you both.
04:32:07 <dramsey> O:-)
04:32:32 <dramsey> Okay, ending...3, 2, 1...move to #fedora-ambassadors
04:32:35 <dramsey> #end
04:32:38 <dramsey> #adjourn
04:32:44 <dramsey> #endmeeting