20:09:16 <liknus> #startmeeting
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20:09:26 <Oxf13> somebody else had the same idea
20:09:46 <liknus> #meeting topic Ambassadors EMEA Meeting
20:09:53 <liknus> #meetingtopic Ambassadors EMEA Meeting
20:10:09 <liknus> ok lets start with the rollcall
20:10:14 <liknus> Pierros Papadeas
20:10:17 <spevack> .fas mspevack
20:10:18 <zodbot> spevack: mspevack 'Max Spevack' <mspevack@redhat.com>
20:10:21 <rsc> Robert Scheck
20:10:24 <bochecha> Mathieu Bridon
20:10:28 <cmpahar> Christos Bacharakis
20:10:34 <kital> .fas jsimon
20:10:35 <zodbot> kital: jsimonelli 'Jose Simonelli' <jose.simonelli@gmail.com> - jsimon 'Joerg (kital) Simon' <simon@simline.de>
20:10:50 <cwickert> Christoph Wickert
20:10:55 <bochecha> killefiz, .fasinfo ;)
20:11:04 <cmpahar> .fas cmpahar
20:11:05 <zodbot> cmpahar: cmpahar 'Christos Bacharakis' <cmpahar@gmail.com>
20:11:19 <bochecha> damn, that was for kital ^^
20:11:27 <liknus> ok wellcome all to our re-started EMEA Ambassador meeting :) We agreed on a 2week cycle from now on so here we are :)
20:11:29 <kital> bochecha: ;)
20:11:50 * spevack thanks liknus for taking over the "ownership" of this meeting.
20:12:03 <liknus> Last week we had an excellant FAD EMEA in Germany, in which we had some goals
20:12:16 * sdziallas waves, apologizes for being late.
20:12:20 * liknus is honored to do so
20:12:24 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_EMEA_2009
20:13:08 <spevack> Most of the "meeting minutes" from FAD EMEA right now are on my blog -- linked from the URL above.  loupgaroublond was the official secretary, and I don't know where all of the TODOs and summaries that meetingbot generated are living.  liknus, do you know?
20:13:49 <liknus> All were archived in the url produced by the meetbot
20:13:59 <spevack> I think it's important that as we have our EMEA Ambassadors meetings, we refer back to those topics and action items, so that we can be sure we are making progress on them and having sufficient discussion and transparency.
20:14:13 <spevack> oh, they are on the page!  I'm blind
20:14:18 <spevack> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_EMEA_2009#Meeting_Minutes
20:14:23 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_EMEA_2009#Meeting_Minutes
20:14:25 <liknus> Thanks max :)
20:14:27 * spevack feels dumb and shuts up
20:14:45 <liknus> So shall we start with our actions from there?
20:14:54 <liknus> spevack: no worries :)
20:15:08 <liknus> loupgaroublond: ping
20:15:42 <liknus> max please tell us about the shipping account and RH..
20:16:21 <spevack> so regarding the shipping account
20:16:44 <spevack> There was some discussion around getting an account w/ DHL that would bill directly to my Red Hat credit card
20:16:50 <liknus> (Anyone that has any question from FAD EMEA reviews may ask anything he wants :) )
20:16:54 <spevack> so that people who need to ship swag around EMEA don't have to pay out of their own pocket
20:17:12 <spevack> loupgaroublond volunteered to look into that, and I volunteered my credit card for automatic payments, to make the lives of Ambassadors easier.
20:17:42 <spevack> The other action item
20:17:47 <spevack> under the "what do we need from RH" section
20:18:12 <spevack> was people asking for more RH employees -- local engineers of solutions architects, not just Fedora People -- to come to some of our events and meet the community
20:18:32 <spevack> I volunteered to be more aggressive on some RH mailing lists about what is upcoming in EMEA, and trying to get people to show up
20:18:42 <liknus> #topic Reviewing FAD EMEA Actions
20:19:18 <spevack> There's a couple of events in Germany in November that we might be able to have some luck getting folks to.
20:19:29 <spevack> and then certainly RMLL and FOSDEM
20:19:43 <liknus> Nice initiative max :) More RH guys are much appreciated in our events.
20:19:45 * bochecha notes a RH instructor usually hangs in our events in Paris, he gave a talk at the F10 Release Party and might give another one for the F12 release party
20:19:47 <spevack> I think that trying to get folks to come to some of the larger events might be the best idea, or to FADs
20:20:04 <spevack> bochecha: that's awesome.  Release parties are also a good idea for that, since it's no-pressure and "fun" :)
20:20:12 <spevack> 
20:20:23 <liknus> #info bochecha notes that RH guys are present in events in Paris
20:20:24 <spevack> Did any of the folks who were not at FAD EMEA have comments or questions about the event?
20:20:33 <spevack> We tried really hard to have a lot of the conversation logged on IRC
20:20:34 <bochecha> liknus, -s ;)
20:20:42 <spevack> but I personally haven't heard any feedback from anyone who wasn't there
20:20:46 * spevack is curious
20:21:31 * inode0 was inspired as always by it and really wants to try to organize something similar in NA when the time is right
20:21:53 <liknus> I thinkk that it was the most comprehensive coverage of an event via IRC ever :)
20:22:36 <liknus> If we have nothing on it, shall we move on the other actions?
20:23:06 <spevack> let's move on
20:23:11 <loupgaroublond> hi folks
20:23:13 <spevack> inode0: when we do the NA one, i'll be there
20:23:25 <loupgaroublond> i'll be a bit laggy, i'm just sitting down to dinner
20:23:46 <liknus> So about Fedora in Greece, there is a growing community here and we had our Fedora Coffee last Friday :)
20:24:32 <liknus> Fedora Coffee is a small event proposal i presented in FAD EMEA
20:25:13 <liknus> I owe a review on the Fedora Coffee that happened here and possibly start a conversation in ambassadors mailing list
20:25:14 <spevack> how did it go?
20:25:24 <spevack> can you give us a brief summary?  :)
20:25:28 <liknus> #action liknus review on fedora coffee
20:25:53 <liknus> 12 people showed up and it all went great!
20:26:35 <spevack> that
20:26:36 <liknus> I informed them about the latest news on fedora and we had time to organize a little bit our nexts events
20:26:41 <spevack> is a nice little crowd!
20:27:19 <liknus> Generally, they were excited and wanted to know more on the ways we organize our community
20:27:39 <liknus> (that seems to be the main problem when someone starts to contribute)
20:27:59 <spevack> when you say "organize our community" do you mean the different sub-projects of Fedora
20:28:05 <spevack> how things work in general?
20:28:08 <liknus> Possibly we can re-organize the Ambassador-Wiki to refer to such topics
20:28:43 <liknus> how the sub-projects are related and stuff like how we handle our swag etc :)
20:28:48 <kital> liknus: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Join
20:28:59 <kital> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Join
20:29:32 <liknus> kital: I am referring to an addition on the way Ambassadors explain things :)
20:29:49 * kital understands
20:30:13 <liknus> Anyways, there are still things to be done on the "Fedora Coffee" idea and I shall wikify them
20:30:31 <liknus> in order more people to get involved
20:30:47 <liknus> Any ideas on that ?
20:31:06 <spevack> yeah -- as always -- and this isn't EMEA related but rather global -- I think there is never-ending work to be done in cleaning up the wiki, organizing it better, removing old stuff, etc.
20:31:16 <spevack> I have several Action Items related to that from FAD EMEA.
20:31:46 <liknus> spevack: indeed..contstant work on wiki
20:31:56 <cmpahar> liknus, we have to make the coffee more "stable"
20:32:08 <cmpahar> maybe every month..
20:32:36 <liknus> #info max things that overally our wiki needs more attention and things to be done :)
20:32:47 <cmpahar> or every 2 weeks, and let pleople know the extract day, time and place so they know where to find us
20:32:55 <cmpahar> *people
20:33:00 <liknus> cmpahar: putting it on a schedule would not always help us
20:33:53 <liknus> Its more like an ad-hoc thing. An ambassador feels there is a need for one and we quickly organizes it
20:34:13 <liknus> Thus there is going to be more excitement on it :)
20:34:15 <bochecha> a fixed schedule is *hard*. We did that for some time in Paris, every 2 weeks. But it quickly became a burden as we were 2 to organize things, and then we didn't do anything for months
20:34:22 <bochecha> liknus, +1
20:35:02 <liknus> shall i call it agreed on irregular schedule? Any opinions?
20:35:20 <cmpahar> +1 from me.. Changed my mind ;)
20:35:30 <bochecha> I don't think we can agree on it, that's your event, we're not all in Greece :P
20:36:05 <liknus> bochecha: We think about the global potentiallity of the idea too :)
20:36:45 <spevack> it's an idea that easily scales.
20:36:56 <liknus> Anyways, lets leave it to mature (maybe a couple more like this in Greece) and we shall come back to it on a later meeting
20:37:02 <spevack> http://www.fedoracoffee.com/  :P
20:37:18 <bochecha> .org :P
20:37:19 <liknus> spevack: nice url...we shall grab it!
20:37:26 <liknus> bochecha: +1
20:37:51 <cmpahar> bochecha, +1
20:37:54 <spevack> liknus: maybe someday you could write up an email or a wiki page that says "here is what i did to organize Fedora Coffee, and the information that we discussed, etc."  It feels a lot like the Fedora Round Table idea that Gerold had in Germany
20:38:02 <spevack> someone already has the URL!  :)
20:38:20 <spevack> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FRT
20:38:21 <cmpahar> pity :(
20:38:44 <liknus> spevack: I shall do the wiki-mail thing :)
20:39:07 <liknus> Ok! lets move on to our next actions "Mentoring & Trac"
20:39:23 <liknus> #topic Mentoring & Trac
20:39:26 <liknus> kital: ping
20:39:35 <kital> ja
20:39:48 <kital> the trac instance for emea is up and running
20:40:02 <kital> and on fad we get the action item to set up an inventory
20:40:07 <kital> which can be found here
20:40:15 <kital> https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/wiki/Inventory
20:40:52 <kital> Mentoring works and scales well - i think you all see the positiv effect on the list and the better quality of new Ambassadors
20:40:57 <liknus> #info in FAD EMEA Trac was finalized and Inventory started to fill up
20:41:42 <cwickert> killefiz: how to add inventory?
20:41:48 <kital> you can see here what we do at Fedora Ambassador Membership Administration here
20:41:50 <liknus> #info Mentoring scales up well and improves the Ambassador Project quality, says kital
20:41:54 <kital> https://fedorahosted.org/fama/report/6
20:42:22 <liknus> cwickert: just login in Trac and edit the Inventory page
20:42:24 <spevack> cwickert: just edit the page?
20:42:44 <kital> eof
20:42:58 <cwickert> spevack: ah, ok
20:43:14 <liknus> Thanks kital for the info! :)
20:43:37 <liknus> So lets move on to our upcoming events
20:43:50 <liknus> #topic Upcoming EMEA Events
20:44:28 <liknus> spevack: any particular comment on the actions ?
20:44:34 <kital> !
20:44:38 <spevack> liknus: no comments from me right now
20:44:42 <liknus> kital:
20:44:57 <spevack> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/wiki/Inventory
20:45:06 <kital> we can announce the first fedora event ever in hungary
20:45:07 <kital> http://konf.fsf.hu/cgi-bin/ossc
20:45:22 <liknus> Thats nice kital :)
20:45:30 <kital> is added to events and the owner is zoltan a new ambassador from hungary
20:45:34 <spevack> The Greeks think that is hard to read!  :)
20:45:55 <kital> we figure to ship cwickert to budapest to have a veteran there for best results
20:45:58 <kital> eof
20:46:03 <spevack> seriously though, i'm really glad to see our first Fedora event in Hungary, and an Ambassador presence starting there.
20:46:13 <spevack> and I'd like to thank kital for always looking for new parts of EMEA to bring Fedora.
20:46:32 <spevack> and thank cwickert for being willing to attend such a historic event as a "veteran Fedora contributor"
20:46:38 <spevack> to provide mentoring, etc.
20:46:40 * cwickert thanks kital and is looking forward to going to budapest
20:46:43 <kital> i will make noise about this the next days
20:47:04 <kital> ;) thanks all for your support
20:47:18 * cwickert will have a talk or two: one abut Fedora (a best off from spevack's last 3 talks) and a packaging session
20:47:37 <cwickert> and we want to have a usb filling station and a burn station with beldi
20:47:47 <cwickert> I think it's going to be a gread event
20:47:55 * liknus thinks he should attend a packaging session real soon...
20:48:00 <spevack> it sounds great -- let's make sure we have plenty of swag, and spend budget if we need to :)
20:49:36 <liknus> Any actions need to be taken on that?
20:49:43 <cwickert> nope
20:49:50 <spevack> just kital and cwickert making sure we have what we need
20:49:54 <cwickert> I will work it out with zoltan
20:49:57 <liknus> cwickert: nice
20:49:58 <spevack> brilliant!
20:50:16 <liknus> Moving on with our events,
20:50:34 <liknus> next week we have our Athens Digital Week here in Athens
20:51:06 <liknus> thanks to spevack and GeroldKa we have sufficient cds and dvds for the event
20:51:25 <liknus> Stickers and flyers are sponsored from various sources :)
20:51:54 <liknus> Fedora will have a talk on Fedora 12, a translation session and a booth
20:52:39 <liknus> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/AthensDigitalWeek2009
20:53:01 <liknus> thats all from Athens :)
20:53:18 <cmpahar> at Greece now.
20:53:21 * spevack notes that attending Athens Digital Week last year was one of the best experiences he has ever had
20:53:31 <cmpahar> *again
20:54:15 <cmpahar> from 26/11 to 29/11 there is an International IT exhibition here at thessaloniki
20:54:20 * liknus liknus is very proud about contributing to max' experience in athens :)
20:54:56 <cmpahar> with ~8000 visitors every year and fedora will have a booth
20:55:11 <cmpahar> the booth is payed from the Hellenic User Group
20:55:35 <liknus> (we are full of sponsors here in Greece :P )
20:55:56 <cmpahar> but, i think that we wont have enough cds/dvds and stickers..
20:56:31 <liknus> cmpahar: stickers will be ok
20:56:40 <cmpahar> cds/dvds?
20:56:46 <cmpahar> we dont have enough!
20:57:03 <cmpahar> Athens digital Week is a big event!
20:57:23 <liknus> CDs DVDs are a little bit difficult cause it will be around the release of Fedora 12 (and dont shout:P)
20:57:28 <cmpahar> i am pretty sure that we will give all the cds and dvds from the first day
20:57:51 <liknus> We shall take care not to
20:58:37 <spevack> Right now November 10 is the release day
20:58:49 <spevack> asuming we don't slip, that's only 16 days until the Big Conference
20:59:03 <spevack> History has proven that we never have the CDs made from Germany in that much time.
20:59:11 <spevack> and if we slip again, we'll really be in trouble
20:59:26 <spevack> The only possibility is to figure out if there is a local CD manufacturer who can take the final ISO and produce CDs for you
20:59:48 <cmpahar> spevack, we can burn them here.. I have contacted with more than 2 companies to create us CDs
20:59:58 * poelcat notes recent email exchange on releng list could point to new GA date of 2009-11-17
21:00:22 <liknus> #action liknus cmpahar get quotes from local CD factories
21:01:06 <liknus> #undo
21:01:06 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x2ad9606d0150>
21:01:11 <cmpahar> spevack, lets forget it for now. I will forward you all the quotes from the local CD factories soon :)
21:01:17 <liknus> #action liknus cmpahar get quotes from local CD factories and ask on delivery times
21:01:27 <drago01> 0,
21:01:51 <liknus> Ok, shall we move on?
21:01:57 <cmpahar> yeah
21:02:30 <liknus> Have we got any update from the Fedora Shop?
21:02:47 * spevack doesn't think there's been any progress on that yet.
21:03:09 <spevack> perhaps we should pick one or two of these Items and set them as the topic for the meeting in two weeks, and give the owners time to prepare and attend?
21:03:32 <cwickert> spevack: schedule already slipped to November 20th
21:03:55 <drago01> (sorry for the spam hit the keyboard by accident)
21:04:02 <liknus> #action liknus refer to Action Items on the announcement mails for next meetings
21:04:18 <spevack> cwickert: i'm behind on my info, apparently
21:05:10 <liknus> kital: have we got anything on the cards and shirts idea (for the new ambassadors)?
21:05:13 <cwickert> spevack: it was 17th, sorry
21:05:24 <kital> no not now liknus
21:05:47 <liknus> ok kital (slipped for upcoming meetings :) )
21:06:02 <kital> i have worked on the order for the new t-shirts if they are done i will move to take care for that topic
21:06:12 <liknus> #topic Actions from FAD EMEA
21:07:18 <liknus> #info kital takes care on tshirt production and about the shirt-card-on-new-ambassador idea
21:07:52 <liknus> anyways the deadline for that is FOSDEM so plenty of time :)
21:09:20 <liknus> spevack: anything on FUDCON location?
21:09:45 <spevack> liknus: haven't had a chance to think/work on that anymore yet
21:09:46 <spevack> sorry!
21:10:09 <liknus> spevack: no worries :)
21:10:26 <cmpahar> can i make a suggestion?
21:10:38 <spevack> of course!
21:10:43 <liknus> cmpahar: go ahead
21:11:54 * spevack notes that he has to leave in a few minutes
21:12:15 <cmpahar> at May of 2010 were at having the greek Fosscomm here at thessaloniki. This is a 2 day foss conference with many workshops. I think that the organization could handle the next fudcon
21:12:40 <cmpahar> i mean that all the preparation will be done till then
21:12:57 <liknus> cmpahar: we already have ruled out the possibilty for FUDCON in Greece on 2010
21:13:13 <liknus> and decided to go prepared on 2011
21:13:16 <spevack> but we were thinking about it for future years :)
21:13:27 <spevack> so yes, that organization is one that we definitely want to keep a good relationship with!
21:13:31 <liknus> possibly we could use Fosscomm for a FAD :)
21:13:38 <cmpahar> it was just a thought..
21:13:58 <liknus> cmpahar: dont be worried on that :)
21:14:28 <liknus> #action cmpahar work on a possibilty for FAD during Fosscomm 2010
21:14:34 <liknus> How about that?
21:14:42 <cmpahar> why not ;)
21:14:46 <liknus> nice
21:15:19 <liknus> So moving on,
21:15:38 <liknus> our last action item was an calendar-solution discussion
21:16:06 <liknus> I neglected to contact Fedora Community team for that so...
21:16:44 <liknus> #action liknus contact Fedora Community on schedule-calendar intergration on Fedora Community Portal
21:16:54 <liknus> Anything anyone on that?
21:17:41 <liknus> ok then
21:17:53 <liknus> #topic Open Floor
21:18:21 <liknus> Anyone has something he would like us all to discuss?
21:19:41 * liknus just thinks we should wait for 5 minutes before and this meeting
21:19:55 <liknus> ending*
21:21:54 <kital> thanks liknus
21:22:06 <kital> have to go now
21:22:15 <liknus> Thank you all for attending!
21:22:29 <liknus> #endmeeting