20:04:23 <mchua> #startmeeting
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20:04:54 <mchua> #topic roll call
20:04:57 <mchua> Who's here?
20:04:58 * rbergeron 
20:05:14 <mchua> rbergeron, stickster, ianweller, ke4qqq, Sparks, et al - ping
20:05:24 * stickster 
20:05:26 <stickster> (partly)
20:06:25 * mchua notes that people usually at this meeting have been working on things like zikula modules instead of coming to meetings (which is totally fine in my book ;)
20:06:45 <mchua> Ok, topic list for today
20:06:47 <mchua> *  Marketing research - plans for FUDCon?
20:06:47 <mchua> * Feature profiles - we need one more taker!
20:06:48 <mchua> * Fedora Insight
20:07:01 <mchua> * priming the PR pumps
20:07:14 <mchua> * what's happening between beta and General Availability (GA)
20:07:18 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings#Agenda
20:07:26 <mchua> this should be pretty quick :)
20:07:27 <mchua> shall we begin?
20:07:34 <mchua> #topic Marketing research - FUDCon plans?
20:07:35 * rbergeron votes yes
20:07:44 <mchua> rbergeron: all yours :)
20:08:03 <rbergeron> Okay... can we clarify the FUDCon plans part of that topic :)
20:08:13 <rbergeron> and by we i mean you
20:08:21 <rbergeron> mchua :)
20:08:32 * mchua pulls up Marketing reseach wiki page
20:08:39 * rbergeron has some stuff on the market research stuff, but not much on the FUDCon end yet.
20:08:43 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_research
20:09:06 <rbergeron> other than, there will (hopefully be) stuff to present at fudcon (or at least discuss) and a survey for the fudcon folks.
20:09:10 <mchua> rbergeron: well, the situation is that you've got a bunch of Marketing folks who'll be at FUDCon and can deploy just about... anything market-research-ish you'd like.
20:09:14 * mchua nods
20:09:20 <rbergeron> right
20:09:24 <mchua> rbergeron: basically, thou hast minions at FUDCon. what is thy will?
20:09:38 <rbergeron> the plan tentantively is that some research will be done prior to fudcon, since that would be a good time to actually discuss results.
20:10:04 <rbergeron> so, with that, I have ... a few questions.
20:10:24 <rbergeron> well, and I"ll say that I have a question list done, to send out to the mailing list, but I'm redoing the wiki page a bit this afternoon
20:10:25 <mchua> go for it!
20:10:41 <rbergeron> to be a little more organized and whatnot, since we've narrowed down the plans a little bit.
20:10:58 <rbergeron> so that I can have some feedback on the wiki page rather than having to sort through mailing list drama (which may happen anyway)
20:11:07 <rbergeron> so question #1:
20:11:19 <rbergeron> we're going to have to have some sort of privacy policy statement of sorts.
20:11:33 <rbergeron> biertie: we're going to keep your information, we're not, we keep track with a cookie, or whatever is decided.
20:11:49 <rbergeron> how should that be decided (should i just make a decision and let people throw darts at it if they feel so inclined),
20:12:03 <rbergeron> or is there some legal ... someone or another who should be deciding that?
20:12:07 <biertie> ?
20:12:28 <rbergeron> biertie: sorry, apparently my typing randomly selects people's names and inserts them randomly
20:12:37 * mchua looks to see if we have privacy policy stuff on the wiki
20:12:38 <biertie> haha, ok, no problem :)
20:12:39 * rbergeron is not sure what's up with the irk client
20:12:41 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraProject:Privacy_policy
20:12:58 <mchua> that seems to be from aug '08
20:13:00 <mchua> #link http://www.mail-archive.com/fedora-announce-list@redhat.com/msg01391.html
20:13:04 <mchua> that's an email from spot
20:13:22 <rbergeron> Fedora collects personal information when:
20:13:22 <rbergeron> you create a user account;
20:13:22 <rbergeron> you participate in surveys and evaluations;
20:13:37 * rbergeron notes that sometimes using a wiki combined with search could solve 99% of her questions
20:13:51 <mchua> also https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraProject:Privacy_policy#Cookies_and_Other_Browser_Information
20:13:57 <mchua> rbergeron: nah, asking is good too :)
20:14:13 * mchua hasn't really read this stuff before either, mm learningness!
20:14:17 <mchua> rbergeron: is that the kind of thing you need?
20:14:38 <rbergeron> so I could probably do something like, stuff in this survey is collected in accordance with the htmlized privacy policy
20:14:58 <rbergeron> click on that word to read it , etc
20:15:14 <rbergeron> esp since it includes the language about surveys
20:15:23 <rbergeron> that sounds like a plan to me.
20:15:31 <rbergeron> yes, i think it is mchua :)
20:15:38 <rbergeron> okay. questions #2 -
20:16:01 <rbergeron> i'm guessing we will need a subdomain of sorts to run the survey on
20:16:05 <mchua> woo!
20:16:09 * rbergeron is guessing now that there is probably a wikipage on that as well
20:16:18 <rbergeron> survey.fedoraproject.org
20:16:33 * mchua doesn't actually know the answer to that one
20:16:35 * mchua searchy...
20:17:16 <mchua> ...ooh
20:17:16 * rbergeron assumes that it does make sense though :)
20:17:17 <mchua> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Local_community_domains#Pre-purchased_domain
20:17:20 <mchua> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Local_community_domains#Pre-purchased_domain
20:17:29 <rbergeron> yeah, i was just reading that.
20:18:01 <rbergeron> i wasn't really thinking fedorasurveys.org ... more just a subdomain
20:18:01 <mchua> sounds like stickster et al would be the ones able to wave the magic wand.
20:18:10 <mchua> on survey.fedoraprojectorg
20:18:15 <rbergeron> and there is info on doing a subdomain of fedoracommunity.org
20:18:36 <rbergeron> but i'm not sure if it should go there... it doesn't really seem like it should, but i suppose it would be kosher
20:18:51 <mchua> stickster: ^^?
20:19:49 <stickster> What's the question?
20:19:52 <mchua> rbergeron: I think the thing to do would be to put an "I would like these domain names, in order of preference, which is the first acceptable one?" request to the board - that's my best guess - and let them pull the fedora infrastructure lever on whichever name they deem most appropriate
20:19:52 <rbergeron> survey.fedoraproject.org
20:20:24 <mchua> stickster: *.fedoraproject.org domain names, approval process same as http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Local_community_domains#Pre-purchased_domain (for *.fedoracommunity.org domains)?
20:20:29 <stickster> The "Local community domains" page concerns international community-run domains, not services to be run on Fedora infrastructure, which is what I take it you guys want to do with surveys, right?
20:20:36 <mchua> stickster: yes
20:20:55 <stickster> *.fp.o domains are simply put up by Infrastructure to support services we, the Fedora Project, are going to run and be responsible for ourselves
20:21:08 <stickster> So you'd just to have to work with Infrastructure to get that established
20:21:20 <stickster> There's no special blessing needed by the Board
20:21:23 <rbergeron> okay
20:21:41 <stickster> Make sense?
20:21:41 <stickster> cool
20:21:41 * mchua nods
20:21:41 <mchua> thanks!
20:21:42 <mchua> rbergeron: next question? :)
20:21:58 * rbergeron didn't have another written down, and then thought of one, and now has lost it out of her brain
20:22:11 * rbergeron grasps at her remaining straws
20:22:43 <rbergeron> okay, no dice. feel free to move on
20:22:55 * rbergeron just wanted to get things answered in case they took a while to get going
20:23:08 <mchua> rbergeron: good call :)
20:23:10 <rbergeron> particularly the privacy policy stuff...i know legal stuff can be fun on occasion
20:23:27 <rbergeron> oh!
20:23:30 <mchua> thanks rbergeron! so will we be getting a bunch of mailing list traffic on the survey stuff then?
20:23:30 * rbergeron remembers
20:23:35 <rbergeron> yes.
20:23:49 <rbergeron> i need the wiki revised a litttle first so that people aren't insanely confused
20:24:03 * mchua goes ooh, third question! and listens
20:24:10 <rbergeron> so_solid_moo: at some point we're going to have to figure out how to get the traffic from point a (whatever that is) and point b (the survey).
20:24:33 * mchua thinks we need to get rbergeron a better irc client ;)
20:24:35 <so_solid_moo> o/
20:24:36 <rbergeron> So, I'd suggest that maybe when poeple are going to fp.org or whatever, that there is something... sort of noticeable
20:24:39 <rbergeron> GAH
20:24:50 * rbergeron needs to get out of terminal but is really attached to screen
20:24:53 <rbergeron> sorry moo.
20:25:27 <rbergeron> so_solid_moo: what needs to be done to ... get things put in place if others deem it appropriate
20:25:30 <rbergeron> crap
20:25:44 <so_solid_moo> fail :P
20:25:46 * rbergeron notes that logs must be really fun to read
20:25:53 <rbergeron> pretty much :(
20:25:58 <so_solid_moo> :)
20:25:58 * mchua nearly falls out of chair laughing
20:26:22 * rbergeron notes that the name doesn't even show up in the line.... it just magically appears after typing
20:26:48 * rbergeron clearly has a case of the pebkac
20:26:58 <rbergeron> so. mchua: thoughts on that :)
20:27:15 <rbergeron> if i would like to request some sort of front-pageish link
20:27:25 <rbergeron> i'd imagine there is a timeline or something going on there.
20:27:26 <mchua> rbergeron: I'd say we can spin up some marketing shiny, probably with Design's help, for an addition to the front-page banner rotation
20:27:30 <mchua> (top left corner of http://fedoraproject.org/)
20:27:33 <rbergeron> right
20:27:50 <mchua> not sure who makes the final call on that, I'd guess a combo of Design and Websites, meaning mizmo and ricky are the ones to ask
20:27:58 <mchua> (of which banners get into that rotation, I mean)
20:28:04 * rbergeron nods
20:28:05 <rbergeron> okay
20:28:10 <rbergeron> that's really all i have then
20:28:16 <mchua> I think having "take the survey!" buttons available = also a good idea
20:28:18 * rbergeron will be quiet so as to not harass moo :)
20:28:26 <mchua> rbergeron: i think you should ask that question to the mailing list and I'll do my response braindump there :)
20:28:32 <rbergeron> will do
20:28:48 <mchua> in general, totally feel free to braindump/speculate/think-out-loud on the mailing list; I'd like it to be more a discussion list and less an announce list
20:29:01 <mchua> (translation: traffic is good)
20:29:05 <rbergeron> right
20:29:30 <rbergeron> next!
20:29:33 <mchua> #action rbergeron to email fedora-marketing-list copiously on marketing research stuff ;)
20:29:44 <rbergeron> careful what you wish for :)
20:29:52 <rbergeron> *grin*
20:29:52 * mchua grins
20:29:55 <mchua> #topic feature profiles
20:30:54 <mchua> rbergeron: you mentioned last week that you might be interested in taking one of them?
20:31:04 <rbergeron> mchua: see mailing list
20:31:08 <rbergeron> from today :)
20:31:08 <mchua> stickster is doing one (systemtap), I'm doing another (virtualization)
20:31:11 * mchua looks
20:31:23 * rbergeron is taking kind of a generalized desktop, including some stuff on networkmanager
20:31:39 <mchua> rbergeron: ROCK ON!
20:31:40 <rbergeron> stickster pinged the list a few hours ago.
20:32:02 <rbergeron> so now i'm hoping to actually get this whole podcast thing functioning
20:32:05 <rbergeron> :D
20:32:12 * mchua edits page
20:32:23 <stickster> rbergeron: If you combine that with new PackageKit features, new DeviceKit stuff, and so forth, you've got a pretty good assortment of end-user visible things
20:32:25 <mchua> WOO! I think we're covered for feature profiles then
20:32:39 <rbergeron> i think stickster mentioned we could still have someone do something more indepth on Ogg
20:32:41 <rbergeron> in the mail
20:32:47 <mchua> and the three of us can pass notes back and forth on the mailing list as needed
20:33:03 <stickster> rbergeron: Right, or (if it's more interesting to someone) something on, say, ABRT, which almost made the cut for talking points
20:33:03 * mchua nods, looks at ogg feature
20:33:08 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Thusnelda
20:33:18 * stickster thinks focusing on something that reports crashes is not a good talking point, marketing-wise
20:33:37 <rbergeron> I think you should absorb the NetworkManager stuff into the overall
20:33:38 <rbergeron> Desktop feature.  As for Ogg, that one is still open for a taker.
20:33:38 <rbergeron> Someone could add an in-depth feature they feel strongly about -- like
20:33:38 <rbergeron> ABRT, for instance.
20:33:51 <mchua> so we're looking for someone who'd want to interview Christopher Montgomery (xiphmont), AdamJackson
20:34:00 <stickster> ABRT makes a great feature *in context*, which podcasts provide
20:34:01 <rbergeron> oh look, i'm cutting and pasting while you're typing.
20:34:11 <stickster> hee hee
20:34:14 <mchua> oh hey, they're both in Westford. Hm.
20:34:25 <stickster> We should note that there is an Ogg Theora spotlight video forthcoming from Red Hat as well
20:34:36 <mchua> stickster: oh, should we not do that for non-redundancy then?
20:35:35 <mizmo> mchua: he goe by monty :)
20:35:38 <mizmo> s/goe/goes
20:36:02 <rbergeron> stickster: something that reports crashes could be interesting if it was put in the context of "great for developers doing crazy coding stuffs"
20:36:18 <mchua> mizmo: noted, danke :) (was copypasting wiki page)
20:36:44 <mchua> mizmo: hm, think I could leave my sound recorder at Westford and then bribe people with cookies to sit down over lunch and talk about their features?
20:36:54 <mizmo> mchua: absolutely
20:37:02 <mizmo> lol
20:37:05 <mizmo> maybe we should set up a fun room
20:37:09 <mizmo> you could have your recorder for interviews
20:37:19 <mchua> #action mchua to leave sound recorder @ westford, bribe people with cookies to sit down and talk into it
20:37:20 <mizmo> and on the other side maybe adjacent room i could have the usability lab set up
20:37:26 <mizmo> and we could have cookies and pizza and other tempting treats
20:37:33 <mizmo> :)
20:37:40 * mchua likes this idea.
20:37:50 * mchua is so totally up for office-hacking when I return to Boston in December
20:37:59 <mchua> ...presumably with a car so I can actually, ah, get to the office
20:38:04 <mchua> anyhoo
20:38:15 <mchua> feature profiles, we have three, and mechanisms for generating more.
20:38:27 <mchua> and we can talk on-list about the feature profile work we're doing
20:38:37 <mchua> and I think we're ok on this then, and anything more we get will be a bonus.
20:39:07 <mchua> next topic!
20:39:26 <mchua> #topic Fedora Insight
20:39:35 <mchua> We are SO close to the finish line - one week and one day more of hard running, and we'll be DONE. (For this round, anyway!)
20:39:36 <stickster> mchua: Sorry, talking with monty's manager as we speak :-)
20:39:46 <mchua> stickster is multitask god
20:39:54 <rbergeron> all hail stickster
20:39:56 <mchua> launch date is a week from tomorrow, ulp
20:40:02 <mchua> but we are looking good
20:40:03 <stickster> mchua: I don't mind doubling up... we *need* to trumpet the Ogg Theora stuff, since Red Hat put a lot of work into it
20:40:06 * rbergeron gets out the tin foil hat
20:40:14 <stickster> Eeek! Hail
20:40:18 * stickster puts up an umbrella
20:40:22 <mchua> #info Ogg Theora needs to be trumpeted
20:40:36 <mchua> FI in a nutshell:
20:40:40 <mchua> on the tech/infra side, all modules except for WYSIWYG are more or less through review at this point; legal, etc. blockers clearing
20:40:53 <mchua> except for WYSIWYG; need WYSIWYG module packaged, tested, deployed.
20:41:05 <mchua> however, lack of WYSIWYG is not a blocker (more of a serious inconvenience)
20:41:30 <mchua> it's something that can be fixed after launch, in any case.
20:41:31 <rbergeron> it will be a great enhancement to announce as soon as it's ready :)
20:41:47 <mchua> rbergeron: ...I like the way you frame things. :)
20:41:52 <rbergeron> fedora insight...now with wysiwyg
20:42:00 <mchua> workflow: need FWN workflow figured out - Pascal is on top of that, we're good
20:42:11 <mchua> the News team is meeting Thursday and then again on Monday to nail this down
20:42:33 <mchua> we need to have whatever plugins they'll be using up by then, so thursday afternoon is the wysywig go/no-go for next Wednesday date
20:42:52 <mchua> so I'll be screaming towards the wysiwyg finish line before then, but it's a coin toss right now.
20:43:16 <mchua> #action mchua chase down wysiwyg for FI yes/no decision before FWN's Thursday meeting
20:43:29 <mchua> target date for handoff to mmcgrath for staging is tomorrow evening
20:44:02 <mchua> design is... well, the live-or-die blockers are done except for 3 of them
20:44:54 <mchua> I think we mostly need someone to sit in #fedora-design, #fedora-infra, and #fedora-websites for the next 48h and try to get people to take them on
20:45:45 <mchua> none are hugely insurmountable, but they require a fluency with tinkering with css/js that I know I personally don't have (i.e. it's faster for me to try to find someone than to try to learn to do it)
20:46:01 <mchua> I'll try to do this when I'm online, which is late-at-night US time since I don't sleep, but help appreciated
20:46:10 <mchua> tickets in question:
20:46:13 <mchua> #link https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/53
20:46:17 <mchua> #link https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/56
20:46:27 <mchua> #link https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/58
20:46:38 <mchua> the last one is being taken by Affix but hasn't had update for 4 days.
20:47:12 <mchua> finally, content; I need to ping dufflebag and Paul Johnson about fedora-fun-tasks and Planet post repurposing, respectively. JonRob has also indicated interest in helping out
20:47:23 <mchua> mizmo: can haz dufflebag ping help?
20:47:33 <rbergeron> 53 looks like at least there is a backup plan of sorts.
20:47:38 <mizmo> lemme see if i can get a hold of him
20:47:40 <mchua> #action mchua ping dufflebag, Paul Johnson, JonRob about loading up the content queue.
20:47:43 * mchua nods
20:48:21 <mchua> rbergeron: yeah, I think our worst case scenario is "take 3h and do a sprint" which will give us FWN and some repurposed Planet content
20:48:27 <mchua> which is really, really, not that bad at all
20:49:06 <mchua> Any questions on FI?
20:49:18 <mchua> I think that it's one of those things that once we launch it and it's working smoothly it will make our lives *so* much easier
20:49:39 <mchua> because then we can focus on strategy, contents, etc. rather than the tech logistics of where to post things, how to put up infra for it, etc etc
20:49:56 <mchua> we also need FUDCon hackfest plans for zikula stuff for FI
20:50:04 <mchua> #action mchua send request for zikula hack wishlist to mktg list
20:50:21 <mchua> #action mchua work with itbegins, Sparks, others who are interested, to make a zikula hackfest plan
20:50:34 <mchua> I think that's all for FI
20:50:49 <mchua> stickster: ping
20:51:09 <mchua> #topic PR stuff + what's happening between Beta and General Availability
20:51:38 <mchua> I'd like to get an overview of what's going on between now and GA, because Beta is almost upon us.
20:51:45 <mchua> (~2wk)
20:52:10 * stickster returns
20:52:12 <stickster> OK, let me get out my big master timeline
20:52:27 * stickster waits for it to load
20:52:30 <mchua> stickster: while you do that, I'll braindump what I have so far
20:52:32 <stickster> OK,
20:52:52 <mchua> basically I see us shifting into PR mode for the last stretch of this release
20:52:56 <stickster> I'm currently working on procuring USB keys to send out to journalists, along with an update of the one-sheet that goes with themn
20:53:11 <mchua> working on things like the feature profiles, press kits (which we need to start on now), release note shiny-ifying (Docs writes them, we make them into marketing stuffs)
20:53:15 * mchua EOF
20:53:19 <mchua> stickster: your turn
20:53:29 <stickster> Kara Schiltz is working already on the Red Hat press release for F12 GA
20:53:30 <mchua> #action start working on press kits
20:53:53 <stickster> Thee will be a press blog entry from RH for the F12 Beta
20:54:00 <stickster> Kara and I are working on that as well
20:54:26 <stickster> I'm hoping to have the SystemTap podcast done next week for a 10/14 release
20:54:55 <stickster> There will be a video release around 10/20 of either the virt video we shot at Summit, or the Ogg video I mentioned previously -- whichever is ready first.
20:55:03 <stickster> s/There will be/There *should* be/
20:55:20 <stickster> These are in the Creative pipe but in the end they are the ones that produce the media.
20:55:34 <stickster> We're on their schedule and those videos are in progress.
20:55:54 <stickster> Around Oct 27th, we'd like to have another podcast to spotlight
20:55:59 <stickster> either virt or desktop stuff
20:56:19 <mchua> Creative == Red Hat Creative: input requests, and they output Media Magic.
20:56:20 <stickster> mchua: rbergeron: Do you think there are any objections to Red Hat making a press blog entry that points back to those interviews?
20:56:25 <stickster> mchua: Thanks :-)
20:56:27 <mchua> stickster: can't think of any.
20:56:27 <rbergeron> mchua: we can check with our respective interviewees
20:56:34 <rbergeron> to see what their schedules are
20:56:39 * mchua nods
20:56:46 <rbergeron> and then figure out which ones can go first, if that's kosher
20:56:49 * stickster notes that in cases where the interviewees are RH employees, it should e no problem.
20:56:56 <stickster> s/ e / be /
20:57:02 <mchua> yeah, hence the "I don't think mine will be a problem" bit :)
20:57:14 <rbergeron> oh
20:57:21 <mchua> also, they'll be online and open-licensed anyway, won't they?
20:57:21 * rbergeron notes this question might be aimed in her direction then :)
20:57:32 <mchua> stickster: so anyone could point to them
20:57:35 <stickster> I think they're usuall CC BY-NC-SA
20:57:39 * rbergeron has no issues
20:57:43 * stickster fires another typist
20:58:02 * rbergeron is pretty sure her non-existent employer has no issues either
20:58:02 <mchua> stickster: I thought you went through your Q3 allocation already
20:58:14 <stickster> I think that's everything up through Oct 30.
20:58:16 <mchua> stickster: oh, would the NC part cause issues?
20:58:17 <stickster> sorry, Oct 31.
20:58:20 * rbergeron is also pretty sure that the hubby won't mind
20:58:26 <stickster> mchua: It just means you can't put it on the Fedora wiki.
20:58:29 <stickster> You can *point* to it.
20:58:31 <rbergeron> mmm. halloween!
20:58:41 <mchua> and on october 31 we all party!
20:58:44 <stickster> You can even copy it and redistribute it, as long as you're redistributing from a point that's non-commercial
20:58:54 <stickster> mchua: I may have that wrong
20:58:59 <stickster> It might be "ND" not "NC"
20:59:04 <stickster> Sorry, can't recall off the top of my head.
20:59:19 <mchua> #action mchua doublecheck on content licensing for FI to see what we should slap on the bottom of the footer
20:59:33 <mchua> (I would assume the same thing as we do for Docs/wiki)
20:59:40 <mchua> but having bases covered == good
20:59:41 <stickster> That's CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported.
20:59:52 * mchua nods
20:59:52 <stickster> I doubt the Red Hat produced videos are going to be appropriate.
20:59:54 <stickster> That's OK.
21:00:00 <mchua> Yeah, that's ok.
21:00:04 <stickster> We can still link out to them where needed.
21:00:07 * mchua nods
21:00:17 * mchua is out of things for today - anything else anyone wants to bring up?
21:00:18 <stickster> mchua: Can I have two more minutes?
21:00:32 <mchua> stickster: go go go!
21:00:34 * stickster notes he has a really heavy schedule from now through immediately post-release.
21:01:12 * mchua is on the road a somewhat ridiculous amount as well between now + FUDCon at the start of Dec
21:01:17 <stickster> Oct 7-11: Utah for UTOSC -- Oct 12-14: Raleigh for Community Architecture meetings -- Oct 22-25: FAD Fedora Talk 2009 -- November 6-13: Australia for $DAYJOB meetings
21:01:55 <stickster> So it's super-important that we keep communication open and flowing on the list.
21:02:20 <stickster> I'll do my best to keep everyone updated on what's going on in Red Hat PR and offering opinions where you want/need them.
21:02:51 <stickster> mchua: efo
21:02:58 <stickster> Aw for pete's sake. <eof/>
21:03:33 <mchua> Oct 6-7: Indiana for K12 Open Minds -- Oct 11-15: Raleigh for Community Architecture meetings -- Oct 22-30 OnLinux/RIT/TOSS/FSOSS -- Nov 9-13: Singapore for POSSE APAC --after that: CMU visit sometime, etc etc
21:03:47 <mchua> Yeah. List conversation...
21:04:01 <mchua> #agreed mailing list conversation tranparency SUPER IMPORTANT now
21:04:10 <rbergeron> mchua: are you going to be here for meeting next week
21:04:14 <mchua> #agreed Paul and Mel have travel schedules of insanity between now and release day (and probably afterwards)
21:04:17 <mchua> rbergeron: Yep!
21:04:20 <rbergeron> sweeeeet
21:04:33 <mchua> rbergeron: though I may need a sub again the week I'm in Singapore ;)
21:04:41 <mchua> but that's something we can figure out later, methinks
21:04:46 <stickster> mchua: What we'll need to do wherever possible...
21:04:50 <rbergeron> what! i know you want to get up at 3am to do that :)
21:04:58 <stickster> is to identify crisp, small, high-value tasks
21:05:15 <stickster> if we're looking for volunteer assistance beyond the stalwarts like rbergeron, dufflebag, etc.
21:05:57 <mchua> +1
21:06:07 * rbergeron snickers
21:06:27 <rbergeron> stickster, should i just ping mattias directly or do i need an introduction from you
21:06:35 <rbergeron> ReneP: desktop interview stuff
21:07:18 <rbergeron> gah
21:07:30 * rbergeron is totally fixing this this afternoon
21:08:08 * mchua has to run; conference things re-starting for dinner about now-ish
21:08:35 <mchua> rbergeron, stickster: are we good on meeting stuff, and the two of you can continue after I stop meetbot?
21:08:43 <stickster> We're good
21:08:45 * stickster has to dash too
21:09:04 <stickster> rbergeron: By "dash" I mean concentrate on other things, but if you need *anything* ping me here and I'll come runnin'
21:09:48 * rbergeron nods
21:10:02 * mchua same, when not |afk - though I see messages from that time and go back and follow up on them when I get back to IRC
21:10:06 <mchua> ok, we're closing for the week...
21:10:11 <mchua> thanks, everyone!
21:10:12 <mchua> #endmeeting