15:25:58 <tk009> #startmeeting
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15:26:16 <tk009> bugzapper meeting sound off if here
15:26:49 <adamw> squilookle
15:26:50 * mcepl is here
15:27:00 * SMParrish here, finally got work schedule fixed so I can make it
15:27:28 <tk009> welcome brothers
15:27:43 <tk009> comphappy here by any chance
15:27:58 * serega is finally present
15:27:59 <adamw> SMParrish: awesome
15:28:03 <adamw> hi serega
15:28:06 <tk009> okay
15:28:13 <adamw> for the record, serega = sergey rudchenko
15:28:31 <tk009> hehe I got that now
15:28:44 <tk009> #topic Status - Moving Action Items to to Tracs
15:28:55 <tk009> link https://fedorahosted.org/triage/
15:29:08 <tk009> I didn't get as far with that as I would of liked
15:29:28 <tk009> I still have about 10-15 logs to read beofer I have everything gathered
15:29:46 <tk009> os jsut a heads up on the status of that action item
15:29:53 <adamw> thanks a lot for what you've done so far
15:29:58 <adamw> yell if it's getting too much and you need help
15:30:12 <tk009> just time =)
15:30:23 <tk009> itnever sees to be my own nymore
15:30:37 <tk009> wow that was typo city
15:30:42 <tk009> moving on
15:30:56 <tk009> #topic Review - Meeting SOP Draft
15:31:08 <tk009> link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tk009/meeting-sop
15:31:29 <tk009> I had this complete but killed my copy on friday
15:31:39 <tk009> so I am doing it from memory
15:31:45 <adamw> owch :/
15:31:51 <tk009> its missing stuff but I think the gist is there already
15:31:56 <tk009> that is...
15:32:04 <adamw> yes it looks good to me so far
15:32:16 <tk009> that anyone should be able to run the meeting based on that document
15:32:23 <adamw> thanks for that work
15:32:23 <serega> what is the SOP?
15:32:26 <tk009> that was really the documents only goal
15:32:37 <adamw> serega: see above - the intention of an SOP is to write down how a certain procedure is done
15:32:56 <adamw> so that things are done consistently and the procedure isn't lost if any one person decides to quit or whatever
15:32:58 <mcepl> SOP === standard operational practice or something
15:33:08 <adamw> i think procedure, but it's not that important =)
15:33:14 <serega> thanks
15:33:20 <tk009> I would like to have my bits in by today or tomorrow and then you guys are free to edit it as you see fit
15:33:47 <tk009> then we should be able to say where we want it by next meeting
15:34:02 <tk009> my thought was the eeting wiki page
15:34:11 <tk009> but if someone has a better idea
15:34:17 <tk009> meeting*
15:34:33 <adamw> so far we've been making each SOP its own page
15:34:39 <adamw> i think that's probably usually a good idea
15:34:43 <adamw> then link to it from appropriate places
15:34:47 <adamw> (like the meeting page)
15:34:52 <tk009> its kind of formated that way now
15:35:01 <tk009> so that works for me as well
15:35:31 <tk009> I guess that is it for that one
15:35:45 <tk009> #topic Triage metrics - Current status
15:35:51 <tk009> link http://publictest14.fedoraproject.org/triageweb/
15:36:05 <tk009> I emailed comphappy about the status of the metrics
15:36:14 <adamw> get anything?
15:36:14 <tk009> but as yet have recieved no reply
15:36:26 <tk009> I thought aybge you'd heard from him
15:36:31 <tk009> maybe*
15:36:40 <adamw> nope
15:36:49 <adamw> this is bad. :/
15:36:55 <tk009> na
15:37:03 <tk009> I have a plan on the back burner
15:37:05 <tk009> =)
15:37:08 <adamw> ooh. good.
15:37:42 <tk009> well this eeting will be short I guess =)
15:37:58 <tk009> #topic Triage policy change - Implement triage policy change.
15:38:04 <tk009> no link
15:38:24 <tk009> we are getting close to the time of branching yes?
15:38:33 <tk009> or are we there already
15:38:39 <adamw> well, sort of
15:38:46 <adamw> but not for our purposes
15:38:56 <adamw> the important point for us is when rawhide builds wind up in F13 rather than F12
15:39:01 <adamw> and we have not hit that point yet afaik
15:39:10 <adamw> Oxf13: is the above accurate?
15:40:02 <tk009> well jsut a reminder the time is coming up then and we can revisit next week or later if needed
15:40:26 <adamw> yeah.
15:40:29 <tk009> yes no maybe?
15:40:33 <tk009> =)
15:40:49 <tk009> #topic Housekeeping - Reminder
15:41:20 <tk009> I can do most of the housekeeping and poelcat is charged with the important bits
15:41:46 * poelcat has prepp'd the F12 page
15:41:52 <poelcat> still need to fill in some details
15:42:00 <tk009> housekeeping is two week away
15:42:13 <poelcat> correct
15:42:14 <tk009> I just wanted to remind myself and everyone else =)
15:42:16 <adamw> great
15:42:23 <adamw> sounds like everything's going smoothly
15:43:03 <tk009> okay last thing is open floor
15:43:15 <tk009> #topic Open Floor
15:43:25 <tk009> who has the dirt?
15:43:38 <tk009> oh forgot link
15:43:45 <tk009> link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/HouseKeeping
15:43:50 <adamw> the dirt to go on the open floor?
15:43:56 <tk009> for those playing at home
15:44:15 <serega> dirt == bugs that would be CLOSED?
15:44:19 <tk009> hehe
15:44:27 <tk009> it what ever you say it is
15:44:34 <adamw> um, today is rjune's off-week right?
15:44:38 <adamw> so no kernel triage update
15:44:43 <tk009> correct
15:44:48 <serega> I bet I have. GDM has lots of bugs for F10
15:45:25 <tk009> I just have some follow up on a task I have failed to complete as yet but have not forgotten
15:45:38 <tk009> that would be teh Triage day event
15:45:46 <tk009> and trying to make it better
15:45:47 <serega> should I pay attention to the F10 bugs for the next two weeks?
15:46:02 <tk009> while you should work on the bugs you want
15:46:12 <tk009> rawhide is always the best target
15:46:18 <tk009> rawhide
15:46:21 <tk009> =)
15:46:23 <adamw> right
15:46:32 <serega> cool 8-)
15:46:33 <adamw> but it's good if you have time to go through bugs for a release that's about to expire, like f10
15:46:51 <adamw> and try to get confirmation from reporters on any that may still be valid for a later release
15:47:00 <adamw> so they don't get lost when we close all the f10 bugs
15:47:16 <adamw> as tk009 says, bugs from rawhide and the latest stable release usually take priority though :)
15:47:23 <tk009> people really hate teh auto close
15:48:10 <serega> I don't have a live F10 installation, so I'd test the bugs on F11 and rawhide and change the version. The rest will be buried in HouseKeeping. Deal?
15:48:17 <adamw> the alternative of festering years-old bugs is equally bad, though.
15:48:32 <adamw> serega: that works fine - as i said, the other thing you can do is ask reporters to test on later versions, if you can't for some reason
15:48:33 <tk009> that is perfect serega
15:49:22 <serega> adamw: ah, yup I'll ping reporters for those bugs which are not reproducible on F11 and rawhide
15:50:26 <tk009> 11 minutes, serega do you have more or does anyone have anything else they want to address?
15:50:55 <tk009> not all at once =P
15:51:05 <adamw> i think we're good
15:51:35 <serega> I think I'm all set
15:51:46 <tk009> stick a fork in it, it done!
15:51:53 <tk009> thanks all for coming
15:51:57 <tk009> we are done
15:52:13 <tk009> I will do the recap
15:52:18 <tk009> #endmeeting