05:00:46 <juhp> #startmeeting i18n
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05:01:26 * juhp still wonders what "#halp" does... :)
05:02:07 <juhp> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2009-09-29
05:02:32 <juhp> me forgot to send an announcement out but welcome to the biweekly fedora-i18n meeting
05:02:43 <juhp> pingaling...
05:03:22 <juhp> ping tagoh3, phuang, dychen_, pravins, paragn
05:03:36 <pravins> hi juhp
05:03:36 <juhp> and anyone else who cares to join
05:03:39 <dychen> pong juhp
05:03:41 <jni> hi juhp
05:03:43 <phuang> hi
05:03:48 <tagoh3> hi
05:03:51 <fujiwarat> hi
05:04:08 <juhp> great
05:04:41 <juhp> #topic QA Test Day
05:05:12 <juhp> unfortunately don't have much to update since I didn't find time to work on this more :-/
05:06:11 <juhp> the event is 2 weeks from Thu so certainly plan to push on it this week
05:06:36 <pravins> juhp: any link for test cases?
05:08:31 <juhp> pravins: not yet - if you and others can help preparing such testcases that would be great
05:09:01 <pravins> juhp: sure
05:09:14 <juhp> ok once I setup the wiki page I will send out a mail to f-i-l asking for help and input
05:09:28 <pravins> i thought we have some already from previous such events ;)
05:09:41 <juhp> not sure if we should do a generic testcase or different ones per language
05:09:54 <juhp> pravins: maybe you have for Indic?
05:10:21 <juhp> well we might have something - all input is welcome include pointers to those
05:10:22 <pravins> i think there are soem
05:10:26 <juhp> great
05:10:30 <pravins> s/soem/some
05:11:44 <juhp> the starting point or idea we got from QA was focusing more on application input/rendering/printing in general
05:12:16 <juhp> so we might want some matrix a little like for thte ibus event but a little broader
05:12:41 <juhp> and probably better instructions - like "reboot Live" or use a fresh a/c etc
05:13:12 <juhp> I think we can reuse some bits from last event and earlier
05:13:34 <juhp> #topic F12Beta
05:14:08 <juhp> beta freeze is upon us and I believe F-12 cvs mass-branching is happening as we speak
05:14:57 <juhp> yesterday I committed some changes to comps-f12 to change japanese default font back to vlgothic
05:15:16 <juhp> and other stuff like adding more ibus-table-* packages
05:15:34 <tagoh3> thanks for updates
05:15:48 <juhp> I also took google-droid out of Live spin last week
05:15:59 <juhp> :)
05:16:43 <juhp> phuang: and ibus-qt is in @input-methods group
05:16:49 <phuang> thanks
05:17:21 <juhp> hope that is good enough for f12 but guess still time for final adjustments if necessary post-beta
05:17:40 <juhp> #topic f12 bugs
05:18:14 <juhp> pravins: hmm bitmap-fonts is on the blocker list currently
05:18:29 <juhp> what are the options?
05:18:46 <pravins> juhp: most of the things done now
05:18:51 <pravins> i am doing that today
05:19:12 <juhp> pravins: aha - so you will push an updated bitmap-fonts?
05:19:30 <pravins> i will updated .spec and srpm on bug
05:19:38 <juhp> good
05:20:57 <juhp> pravins: guess I am asking do we update bitmap-fonts.spec for f12 before splitting it up?
05:21:19 <pravins> oops sorry, yes we are
05:21:39 <pravins> so will build it quickly
05:21:44 <juhp> cool
05:22:42 <juhp> pravins: you might have to wait for the mass-branching to finish first - anyway it shouldn't have problem to get into f12 since it is blocker
05:23:00 <pravins> yeah
05:23:16 <juhp> pravins: also remembered wanted to ask f-d-l/f-f-l why we install bitmap-fonts mandatory
05:23:33 <juhp> should I fire off a mail for that or you want to?
05:23:49 <juhp> still not sure if it is just legacy for modern X server
05:23:59 <pravins> juhp: go ahead and file :)
05:24:03 <juhp> ok
05:24:41 <pravins> juhp: surely at least we can remove many redundant .pcf files
05:25:08 <juhp> aha yeah
05:27:43 <juhp> pravins: hmm it is default now
05:29:30 <juhp> alright sent ;)
05:30:25 <juhp> #topic F12Target
05:30:47 <juhp> I think behdad punted the droid issue post-f12
05:30:59 <juhp> maybe we should just take it off F12Target dunno
05:31:12 <juhp> still wish it could be fixed...
05:32:19 <juhp> let's drop Bug 486272 - need a hotmenu for focus-follows-mouse wm
05:32:21 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=486272 medium, low, ---, phuang, ASSIGNED, need a hotmenu for focus-follows-mouse wm
05:33:05 <juhp> tomorrow's rawhide since have vlgothic as default for ja
05:33:18 <juhp> that should deal with the kde fonts issue too
05:33:39 <juhp> pravins: thanks for fixing lohit obsoletes
05:36:33 <juhp> 85 rawhide bugs
05:36:42 <juhp> rawhide installed for me today
05:36:54 <juhp> (in f11 kvm)
05:38:39 <juhp> hm bug 525597
05:38:40 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=525597 medium, low, ---, dcantrell, ASSIGNED, [ko_KR] Korean Fonts are missing with GUI (square box with Unicode Number Appear)
05:39:18 <juhp> ah looks on track
05:41:02 <juhp> ok
05:41:20 <juhp> #topic open time
05:41:31 <juhp> anything else to discuss from anyone?
05:42:50 <juhp> if not then we will finish the meeting in a couple of min
05:43:26 <juhp> please all try to test f12beta in your native languages and file bugs!
05:43:35 <phuang> ok
05:43:55 <juhp> thanks for the meetings guys
05:44:16 <phuang> thanks
05:44:58 <tagoh3> thanks
05:45:06 <juhp> #endmeeting