20:01:11 <mchua> #startmeeting
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20:01:17 <mchua> Roll call!
20:01:21 * stickster 
20:02:08 * spevack 
20:02:46 <mchua> ...I need to start pinging people in this channel first, and not #fedora-mktg.
20:02:50 * mchua waits for a few folks to migrate over
20:03:03 * sdziallas is here, somewhat.
20:03:18 <themayor> im here
20:03:39 <mchua> w00t
20:03:41 * mizmo waves hi
20:04:04 <mchua> I think we're getting the traditional Start Of The School Year meeting attendance count right now.
20:04:23 <stickster> Heh, post Labor Day zomg slump
20:04:24 <mchua> But hey. Let's begin. :)
20:04:45 * mchua finds agenda
20:05:07 * spevack has major IRC lag
20:05:30 <mchua> Task status: we're doing... okay. Not great, but okay.
20:05:37 <mchua> Tickets of unknown status:
20:05:37 <mchua> * https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/25 (get zikula-module-filterutil packaged and reviewed)
20:05:37 <mchua> * https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/11#comment:5 (Prepare blurbs for "Fedora fun projects" rotation on fp.o)
20:05:45 <mchua> Things we need to do this week:
20:05:45 <mchua> * take desired website changes to websites team (https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/22)
20:05:45 <mchua> * open up call for release slogans
20:06:20 <mchua> Really big things coming up: * briefing ambassadors on talking points - not this week, but next (meaning talking points need to be finished this week; that's on my plate)
20:06:28 <mchua> Open tickets: https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/12 (Prepare short stories for "I use Fedora" rotations on fp.o/FI)
20:07:06 <mchua> affix has stepped in to take on a lot of the FI sysadmin workload, so hurrah for affix!
20:07:55 <mchua> That's where we stand - some of these will come up in the discussion topics later on, but I'll be riding release deliverables pretty hard this week (checking in on stuff every day, if I can).
20:08:13 <mchua> Aside from that, here's the agenda
20:08:13 <mchua> * Call for release slogans opening... now!
20:08:13 <mchua> * Last call for changes to websites this week.
20:08:13 <mchua> * Briefing Ambassadors. See Francesco Ugolini's email to the ambassadors list.
20:08:13 <mchua> * Fedora Insight status, questions. We need to start focusing on content!
20:08:14 <mchua> * Fedora print magazine exploration. What do we think of the Fedora print magazine proposal?
20:08:16 <mchua> * If you have a question you'd like to bring up, a topic you'd like to discuss, or something you'd like to do, please add it to this list.
20:08:26 <mchua> #topic call for release slogans opening
20:08:35 <stickster> Is mizmo around?
20:08:56 <mizmo> im here
20:08:58 * stickster thinks we might want to have a bit of context around the release slogan
20:09:03 * mchua was about to ask for that
20:09:19 <mizmo> its for the top of the website
20:09:23 <mizmo> it should be a call to action
20:09:31 <mizmo> somehow related to... mosaics and constantine o_O
20:09:54 <stickster> mchua: So for past releases, we used a release slogan which went on the fp.o main site
20:10:06 <stickster> It was related somehow to the artwork...
20:10:12 <spevack> do we have a reminder/list of the previous ones?
20:10:15 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F11_release_slogan
20:10:16 <spevack> F10: Fire it up!
20:10:20 <spevack> F11: Reign.
20:10:21 <stickster> i.e. F11 = Reign
20:10:23 <stickster> Yup
20:10:33 <stickster> Here is what I wanted to bring up now that we are rolling down the road to a web redesign
20:10:41 <stickster> The slogan doesn't have as much of a place in the new web design.
20:10:57 * mchua looks for those files
20:11:09 <stickster> So I feel like we have two alternatives here: (1) The Safe Bet: Go ahead and do a release slogan as best we can, based on the artwork as in previous releases
20:11:19 * mchua finds https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Website_redesign_2009 and consequently http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/woot/page1.png
20:11:43 <stickster> (2) More Aligned But Possibly Risky: Forget the release slogan, based on the fact that it doesn't fit into the web redesign and wouldn't be used.
20:12:05 <mchua> How about the text "Free Your Computer" (big, in the header of http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/woot/page1.png)? The place where that is?
20:12:26 <mizmo> mchua: you got it, thats the filler
20:12:30 <mizmo> 'free your computer' => filler
20:12:38 <stickster> But...
20:12:39 <mchua> Ahhh.
20:12:56 <mizmo> the one i was mulling over should we go with a theme-aligned one is 'order the chaos' or something like that
20:13:07 <mizmo> bring order to chaos
20:13:19 <stickster> I think something that mizmo and I agreed was that our release slogan is Yet Another Wording that is somewhat confusing. We already know our slogans tend to have translation problems.
20:14:08 * mchua has no objections to not doing a release slogan, but also lacks historical context (which is rapidly being fixed here, thanks!)
20:14:19 <mchua> any downsides to not doing a release slogan?
20:14:31 <spevack> well if we don't need it, then let's just decide that and move on, /me says
20:14:32 <mchua> (are there people who are really attached to the idea?)
20:14:32 <mizmo> well
20:14:35 <mizmo> we need something for the front page
20:14:48 <mizmo> even the redesign has a slogan filler thing (not release-tied though)
20:14:56 <mizmo> without a slogan the front page doesnt really have a message and it looks wishy washy
20:15:01 <stickster> Yes, I'd agree we want something
20:15:14 <stickster> I'm not sure we want to hold fast to the idea of a time-based, release-based slogan
20:15:29 <stickster> As opposed to something that's more universal, holds true over many releases, and unifies our marketing message
20:15:47 * stickster has to drop off for a moment, but will brb
20:15:51 <mizmo> it should be directed at newbies 'what is fedora?' 'should i download fedora?' if we did something like the four foundations it would go over most peoples' heads
20:16:04 * mchua nods. I'd like to make a quick decision on this and move on
20:16:32 * mizmo doesnt have a preference at all
20:16:44 <mchua> how's this - we put out the call for slogans for f12 as usual, and all that, and figure out where it'll fit into fp.o later - and if it doesn't, we can still make little "download f12!" banners with the slogan?
20:16:56 <mchua> that should at least teach us whether we need to do slogans in the future
20:16:59 <mchua> with the new design
20:17:14 <mchua> hey, mether!
20:17:16 <mizmo> the download banners dont usually have it, makes for less translation work
20:17:39 <mizmo> less duplicate graphics
20:17:51 <mizmo> i would say thats a good plan though
20:18:00 <mizmo> at the least the slogan could be used for the release announcement
20:18:18 <mether> mchua, hello
20:18:25 <mchua> mizmo: that sounds good. Done!
20:18:44 <mchua> #agreed Release slogan to be solicited for F12 as usual; if it doesn't fit in the new fp.o design, we'll use it in the release announcement.
20:18:46 <mchua> next topic!
20:18:47 <spevack> seeing ads it's 2 AM in India, we should give mether all the time he wants to talk :)
20:18:56 <mchua> mether: did you have something you wanted to bring up?
20:19:18 * mchua switches to next topic real quick, since I expect it to be a 1-minute thing
20:19:22 <mether> mchua, spevack , not really. fedora-marketing is just auto-login. sorry
20:19:27 <spevack> ah, ok
20:19:30 <mchua> #topic last call for website design change requests
20:19:34 <mchua> mether: good to have you here though :)
20:19:44 <mether> thanks
20:20:02 * mchua pulls up ticket text
20:20:25 <mchua> "The Websites team has a 09/29 feature freeze, so we need to make sure any features/changes we want (text, images, page restructuring, etc...) have been approved by them by that date. This means that two weeks prior, Marketing should know exactly what changes we'd like to see on the websites, that all those changes should be tickets filed in the Website team's Trac, and that each change should have a Marketing delegate working on it from within the
20:20:25 <mchua> Websites team."
20:20:30 <spevack> regarding websites -- curious to know which of the red-hat-sponsorship mockups we're going with for the get fedora page and also for the footer page.  since that was something i was looking at earlier today
20:20:37 * spevack finds link
20:20:41 <mchua> my take: Do we have any change requests? (Personally, I think that with the {get, spins}.fp.o site redesigns and FI going up, we've got our quota of website redesigns going on for this release cycle already, though I intend to do some work on the Join wikipage myself later on if there is time.
20:21:03 <spevack> http://pfrields.fedorapeople.org/temp/rh-bannering/
20:21:05 * mchua steps back to let mizmo take spevack 's question
20:21:22 <spevack> the get.fp mockups are probably outdated now, actually
20:21:48 <spevack> but i think it's important that we still have something in addition to the footer
20:21:51 <mizmo> spevack: i think this one is least obnoxious http://pfrields.fedorapeople.org/temp/rh-bannering/footer-idea-3.png
20:21:56 * mchua personally likes http://pfrields.fedorapeople.org/temp/rh-bannering/footer-idea-3.png
20:22:11 <mizmo> lol great minds think alike
20:22:23 <mchua> the one at http://pfrields.fedorapeople.org/temp/rh-bannering/download-page-banner.png makes me go "waaah! shadowman!"
20:22:40 <mchua> (it just seems out of place in the middle of all the fedora branding/colorscheme/etc)
20:22:46 <mizmo> yeh exactly
20:22:53 <mizmo> the red sets off most peoples bear detectors...
20:23:40 <mchua> mizmo: is this a decision that we're supposed to make now, here? i thought it was ultimately a Mo-and-the-board say "this! this one is it!" and we all go "hurrah!"
20:24:04 * spevack doesn't need a decision today, just making sure it's still on the radar screen since the people poking me about this are literally at the highest levels of RH
20:24:13 <mchua> 'cause if it's the latter, then we can go "hurrah!" and move to the next topic, since it doesn't seem like anyone has any other website design requests to take over to ricky & co. :)
20:24:29 <mizmo> spevack: if they are okay with footer-idea-3, that's what i was intending to put in the final mocks for www.fpo
20:24:42 <mchua> spevack: oh, okay. whose radar screen is it supposed to be on? I was under the impression that it was a board + Mo radar, but if it needs to be watched by marketing I'll make a ticket too.
20:25:12 <spevack> that sounds good.  mizmo, what about the idea of footer + (something else) for the download page?
20:25:39 <spevack> i know that old design -- http://pfrields.fedorapeople.org/temp/rh-bannering/download-page-banner-2.png -- doesn't necessarily translate to our new designs
20:25:47 <mizmo> spevack: it probably would be doable to put something not too distracting in the right column
20:25:53 <mizmo> there is gonna be a right column on all the download tabs
20:26:15 <mizmo> spevack: if u want when i have those final mocks prepped i can send you a copy with the RH blingage
20:26:32 <spevack> mizmo: ok -- then I would like to humbly request that we keep the spirit of that download mockup in the new design also
20:26:44 * spevack is done talking
20:26:49 <mizmo> sure thing!
20:26:53 <mizmo> ill do my best
20:27:49 <mchua> spevack: mizmo: ok to move on?
20:28:16 * mchua will take that as a yes :)
20:28:21 <spevack> oh, sorry, yeah
20:28:34 <mchua> #topic Briefing Ambassadors. See Francesco Ugolini's email to the ambassadors list at https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-ambassadors-list/2009-September/msg00043.html
20:28:59 <mchua> ...actually, I'd like to - considering the amount of discussion the magazine has gotten in ambassador circles - briefly do FI and then do magazine + ambassadors together
20:29:02 <mchua> one sec
20:29:06 <mchua> #topic Fedora Insight
20:30:02 * spevack warms up his fingers
20:30:13 <mchua> Short version: affix rocks my world; I need to take care of https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/26 and we need to find someone to package mizmo's skin and itbegins needs to fix https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/25 and then I think... we can... go to staging.
20:30:20 <mchua> That's the infra side.
20:30:29 <mchua> Content-wise, we need help. Lots and lots of help.
20:30:46 <mchua> mizmo: If you see dufflebag, can you ping him about https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/11 ?
20:30:56 <mizmo> mchua: sure
20:30:59 <spevack> may i ask some stupid questions that will indicate how far behind i am on FI emails?
20:31:02 <mchua> mizmo: thanks!
20:31:04 * stickster returns, sorry 'bout that
20:31:07 <mchua> spevack: go for it :)
20:31:13 <spevack> regarding content...
20:31:30 <spevack> The one piece of content that we know we care about is transitioning FWN into Fedora Insight, yes?
20:31:43 <spevack> Do we have a list somewhere even of ideas for other types of content that we might be looking for?
20:31:54 <spevack> content that exists already versus new stuff we're hoping to create?
20:32:14 <mizmo> i think we had the idea of picking some posts off of planet.fpo that were particularly good
20:32:16 <mizmo> and republishing them
20:32:27 <spevack> Or things we want to try -- like getting nicu to recreate his Fedora Weekly Comic :)
20:32:37 <spevack> mizmo: yeah, that's a good idea
20:32:39 <mchua> well, one on my list is that talking points should go up on FI (or the wiki, then FI), so that's one. Basically, most marketing deliverables.
20:32:53 <spevack> right
20:32:54 <spevack> ok
20:33:10 <spevack> well-done event reports
20:33:12 <mchua> spevack: yeah, if you look at the https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight#Content_examples they're actually all from planet.
20:33:30 <spevack> ah, brilliant
20:33:46 <spevack> EOF
20:33:56 <mchua> We haven't decided who ultimately exercises editorial control over the content; I'll have to talk with Pascal about that.
20:34:11 <mchua> actually, stickster, did you ever get a chance to talk with pcalarco? just so I don't repeat any convos when I ping.
20:34:18 <stickster> mchua: No, you're clear to go
20:34:22 <stickster> Meaning, stickster FAIL
20:34:41 * stickster wanted to point out something on-topic, which is types of content for FI
20:35:00 <stickster> spevack: We also talked about rotating general stories that are examples for the Four Foundations
20:35:09 <stickster> Stories about freedom, friends, features, first
20:35:20 <mchua> #action mchua to ping pcalarco about FWN + FI = ? and how editorial control will work for that. (Mel hopes the answer is not-mchua.)
20:35:37 <stickster> spevack: Not sure if you were looking for ideas about repurposing existing content only
20:36:07 <spevack> no, i like the idea of stories related to four foundations, etc.
20:36:20 <spevack> A fundamental question:
20:36:27 * mchua thinks we should get existing content up first, then think about getting our friends to write features on whatever gaps we think need filling (for... um... freedom!)
20:36:29 <stickster> Anything we're likely to produce to bolster a release or the Project in general we would want to centralize under FI eventually
20:36:33 <stickster> mchua: I agree completely.
20:36:40 <spevack> Is insight an aggregation of stuff that is produced elsewhere, or is Insight a place where things debut, and then get reblogged, or a bit of both?
20:36:58 <stickster> spevack: I think that in many cases we have been putting everything on the wiki for lack of a better place
20:37:04 <stickster> That doesn't work well for e.g. podcasts
20:37:06 <mchua> spevack: I think it's a bit of both in the same way that http://olpcnews.com is a bit of both.
20:37:09 <spevack> the correct answer is a bit of both, but probably more of the former at first.
20:37:12 <spevack> ok
20:37:32 <stickster> Right, we grab what exists first, then as we make new things we figure out the right venue for them (if they start here)
20:37:39 * spevack nods and is in general agreement
20:37:42 <mchua> If you look there, you'll see both new content (usually shorter), and reblogged content (sometimes rewritten/adapted for the olpcnews audience instead of the original author's private blog)/
20:37:58 <mchua> But that's something I am personally thinking about Later, once FI is Up and Running, and we have our Basic Release Deliverables on it.
20:38:10 * mchua capitalizes Words for No Apparent Reason!
20:38:17 <ianweller> Capitalization(tm)
20:38:26 <mchua> It's The Awesome (R)
20:38:33 <mchua> Anyhoo, does that clear up lingering FI questions?
20:39:00 * spevack nods
20:39:02 <mchua> I'll try to find affix after this and see if we can wrap up the infra work so we can focus 100% on content.
20:39:03 <mchua> okeydokey.
20:39:07 <mchua> laaast topic of the day.
20:39:27 <mchua> #topic Fedora print magazine + Ambassadors - briefing and gearing up for F12
20:39:34 <mchua> spevack: you have the floor, sir
20:39:39 <spevack> sure.
20:39:53 * spevack will take a bit of time to lay this all out
20:40:07 <spevack> The idea of a meatspace "Fedora magazine" isn't a new one.
20:40:21 <spevack> We've talked about having a nice-looking newsletter at a FUDCon, for example
20:40:51 <spevack> And other ideas of how you could take a snapshot and subset of some of the cool electronic content produced for Fedora and turn it into something tangible
20:41:06 * mchua just told #fedora-ambassadors we were talking about them :) welcome, tatica!
20:41:11 <spevack> which I think would be somewhat unique and appealing, especially if we could get something nice-looking relatively inexpensively
20:41:13 <tatica> :)
20:41:17 <spevack> hola tatica !
20:41:18 <spevack> meanwhile
20:41:19 <tatica> hello all
20:41:24 <spevack> happy birthday :)
20:41:26 <tatica> spevack, hola corazón
20:41:27 <spevack> meanwhile
20:41:30 <tatica> thx :$
20:41:31 <loupgaroublond> mchua, you summoned me?
20:41:38 <spevack> last week -- maybe around Wednesday or Thursday
20:41:44 <spevack> Mel was pinged by the folks at Linux Pro Magazine
20:41:52 <mchua> loupgaroublond: spevack is giving the "what's up with magazine + ambassadors" update
20:41:55 <spevack> who had a proposal for us of a Special Edition of their magazine about Fedora 12
20:42:09 <spevack> They've done a few of these before -- 2 about Ubnuntu, 1 about Open SUSE, 1 about Google stuff
20:42:28 <spevack> Mel blogged about this proposal, a wiki page was set up, ideas were brainstormed, etc.
20:42:34 <spevack> A lot of people did a lot of thinking over the weekend.
20:42:47 <spevack> My opinion on the whole thing is as follows:
20:43:00 * mchua notes the the ping from LPN came via ke4qqq - LPM has been thinking about this for a while as well (a fedora print magazine specifically, for the past... 3-4 releases or so)
20:43:18 <spevack> It's a nice idea in general, and maybe SOMEDAY we will want to pursue it, but to take LPM up on this particular offer at this particular time is not the right decision to make.
20:43:23 <spevack> There's a few reasons for that.
20:43:44 <spevack> (1) The fact that the budget needed to pull this off is non-trivial.
20:43:50 <spevack> And because this wasn't budgeted in advance
20:44:04 <spevack> means that we'd have to take budget from other parts of Fedora, which was one of the things that Ambassadors needed to know was in play.
20:44:42 <spevack> There's an opportunity to look for some people who might want some ad space in a magazine like this (even Red Hat perhaps), but not enough time to do it properly in the timeframe that LPM needs to operate under.
20:44:59 <spevack> So there are budget problems RIGHT NOW that could disappear with the ability to plan something like this further in advance.
20:45:02 <spevack> Secondly
20:45:20 <spevack> I think that a project like this -- the general case of a Fedora Magazine, regardless of whether or not it's done in patnership with someone like LPM --
20:45:33 <spevack> requires us to do it following a certain set of principles that Fedora always operates under
20:45:46 <spevack> namely -- transparency of the way it's done, and appropriately licensed content.
20:46:08 <spevack> Again, I think we could achieve both those goals with someone like LPM in the future, but not in the already-short timeframe that this Special Edition would have to operate under.
20:46:34 <spevack> And I don't want to start us on a project that already feels rushed and that will force us to perhaps give up transparency due to schedule crunches.
20:46:41 <spevack> I guess that about sums it up.
20:46:44 <spevack> EOF
20:46:48 <Southern_Gentlem> +1
20:46:55 <kital> +1
20:47:03 <ianweller> it's a pity but there's no way working around that stuff :/
20:47:16 <mchua> +1; that's also the sense of things I got from the many mailing list threads that happened this weekend (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_print_magazine#History lists a lot, if anyone would like to follow.)
20:47:24 <loupgaroublond> why is it a pity? max is suggesting not to be too hasty
20:47:55 <ianweller> pity that it can't be done this release. but the reasons are very good :)
20:48:00 <Oxf13> :w
20:48:13 <stickster> Oxf13: File saved
20:48:18 <Oxf13> thanks.
20:48:23 <spevack> heh
20:48:47 <spevack> meanwhile, and this dovetails back to Fedora Insight
20:49:01 <spevack> I think the BEST thing we can do is continue to build that platform up both from the perspective of aggregating/producing content
20:49:07 <spevack> and also from how we distribute content through it
20:49:21 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight
20:49:23 <spevack> and down the road, I think it becomes quite easy to project-manage the general-case idea of a Fedora Print Magazine
20:49:52 * spevack shuts up and waits for other people's thoughts, comments, flames, etc.
20:49:54 <mizmo> baby steps first!
20:50:06 <stickster> I really appreciate the fact that so many people jumped up enthusiastically about this item
20:50:11 <mizmo> www.fpo redesign + fedora insight + meatspace mag = way too much to take on at once
20:50:21 <mchua> There are some LATAM ambassadors already doing a *really* awesome looking magazine - I think the pieces are *almost* ready to come together.
20:50:34 <stickster> I really hope those folks will consider providing content for FI as we ramp up to what might be another opportunity to do a print mag in the future
20:50:41 <tatica> I'm working on a private magazine right now
20:50:43 <stickster> mchua: The LATAM magazine is brilliant
20:50:52 <tatica> I know brazilian people has a fedora magazine
20:50:55 <tatica> montly
20:50:59 <mchua> #link http://www.projetofedora.org/Revista
20:51:06 <mchua> tatica: ^^^ that one?
20:51:09 <tatica> yeap :D
20:51:11 <stickster> That's it
20:51:13 <mchua> It's awesome.
20:51:19 <tatica> mchua, you're almost a bot u_U
20:51:40 <mchua> Added bonus: if we have great content on FI, we have things ready to adapt and edit for a print magazine if and when we decide we want one. ;)
20:51:46 <tatica> the thing is to know... how many pages, what kind of content...
20:51:47 <stickster> mchua: DISCO!
20:52:00 <mchua> tatica: yeah, you know ianweller's summer AI project? that's me. ;)
20:52:16 <tatica> so, if we want to do a project like this
20:52:28 <tatica> we need organization and then the content and art stuff
20:52:34 <tatica> that's how we do the magazine over here
20:52:48 <mchua> tatica: Does the organization get a lot easier once there's an existing stream of content and design/art stuff to draw from?
20:53:10 <tatica> no
20:53:22 <tatica> you'll always have content and art
20:53:40 <tatica> but make the first "machote" (macro... or something--.. )
20:53:47 <tatica> takes more effort... the first time
20:53:57 <tatica> then is something you wont touch again
20:54:40 <tatica> o0
20:55:03 * mchua nods
20:55:16 <mchua> we're paying those startup costs for FI right now, getting up zikula.
20:55:34 <mchua> (in a different way - getting up digital infrastructure rather than paper ones.)
20:55:35 <tatica> my english was so bad that everyone isn't talking?
20:55:50 * mchua talks! happily!
20:55:51 <spevack> tatica: pensamos
20:55:55 <spevack> :)
20:56:26 <tatica> lol
20:56:28 <spevack> we're thinking
20:57:05 <mchua> I'd love to have the momentum we got for the magazine idea this weekend go into putting that same content on FI, and finding ways to make it as useful as possible - for Ambassadors and beyond.
20:57:32 <tatica> if you work on that this weekend I can help
20:57:58 <mchua> I mean, I look at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_print_magazine#Volunteer and go "whoa, I *totally* want to read those articles." And didn't know that some people had editorial experience, interest in writing what they listed themselves down for, etc.
20:58:28 <mchua> tatica: That would be great! We're going to be launching the FI platform soon, so it would be wonderful to have some content already queued up to go through it.
20:59:03 <tatica> question:
20:59:03 <tatica> all content will be in _en ?
20:59:03 <mchua> How's this - spevack, were you planning on sending an email explaining the magazine stuff out to various lists? (Or would you like me to summarize and do that?)
20:59:30 <tatica> what if someone do a great article but doesn't speak english... can we use our translation team for this?
20:59:46 <mchua> tatica: Absolutely.
20:59:50 <mchua> tatica: that would be great, actually.
21:00:05 <loupgaroublond> mchua, when you say content, you mean like general magazine articles as well? (forgive me if i don't know what fedora insight is)
21:00:19 <spevack> mchua: i'm planning an email
21:00:28 <spevack> somewhere in the next day
21:00:41 <mchua> tatica: For this release, we're going to put content in _en on the site (since the translation modules are not yet packaged and deployed - that's going to take a while longer) and make a way for translations to be made - this may be as simple as wiki pages.
21:01:17 <mchua> tatica: welcome back :)
21:01:38 <mchua> tatica: an easy way to do translation is priority #1 on the FI feature list for F13, so we will (hopefully) be able to back-port any translations we've gotten in the intervening weeks so it's all working together.
21:02:01 <tatica> back
21:02:08 <mchua> tatica: I suppose another way of saying it is that "We want to be multilingual/translated from the start as much as possible, but our software won't support that until F13, so we'll have to make do until then."
21:02:14 <mchua> tatica: does that answer your question?
21:02:36 <mchua> loupgaroublond: No worries, it's mainly been on the marketing and logistics lists so far, but I think it might be time to bring that out into a wider audience. Lemme find you a link...
21:02:44 <mchua> loupgaroublond: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight
21:02:45 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight
21:03:07 <mchua> loupgaroublond: I think https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight#Sketches is still the fastest way of getting the idea, because mizmo rocks. ;)
21:03:08 <loupgaroublond> mchua, well, let me sum it up otherwise, if you still want that article from me, ping me tomorrow or by email, i'm going to bed now
21:03:18 * loupgaroublond reads
21:04:07 <loupgaroublond> looks a bit like red hat magazine
21:04:21 <loupgaroublond> with more web 2.0-ness
21:04:25 <mchua> #action mchua ping loupgaroublond on magazine-->FI article
21:04:29 <mchua> loupgaroublond: will do :)
21:04:47 <mchua> #action mchua ping tatica on what "helping out with FI this weekend" means, once we figure that part out...
21:04:56 <mchua> #action mchua ping lists about getting involved with FI in general, actually
21:04:58 * mchua looks at clock
21:05:05 <mchua> whoa - sorry folks, I'm running us a bit over time.
21:05:27 <mchua> Are there any other questions about FI? I'll be around for a bit in #fedora-mktg and in the ambassadors channel in here if there are followup questions.
21:05:50 * mchua has lately gotten in the bad habit of running a few minutes over the hour on meetings, needs to fix that. ;)
21:06:12 <tatica> yeap
21:06:17 <mchua> all righty!
21:06:31 <mchua> Wow. Thanks for coming and chiming in everyone, this was an awesome meeting.
21:06:33 <tatica> whatever you need... I'm free this weekend :D
21:06:35 <mchua> I'll send the logs to list shortly.
21:06:38 <stickster> mchua: Thanks for running it :-)
21:06:38 <mchua> tatica: yay! Thank you!
21:06:41 <mchua> ianweller: jetpacks!
21:06:46 <mchua> Ok, meeting closing in 5...
21:06:49 * mchua dons jetpack
21:06:51 <mchua> 4...
21:06:58 * mchua puts on helmet
21:06:59 <mchua> 3...
21:07:02 * mchua fiddles with helmet strap
21:07:04 <mchua> 2...
21:07:17 * mchua wonders where ianweller's jetpack is
21:07:19 <mchua> 1...
21:07:30 <mchua> ...oh wait, he's afk. okay!
21:07:32 <mchua> #endmeeting