01:10:14 <sseiersen> #startmeeting
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01:10:18 <dramsey> Okay.
01:10:33 <sseiersen> #topic Roll Call
01:10:50 <dramsey> I'm here.  :)
01:10:51 <sseiersen> Sorry all was stuck on a bus
01:11:05 <VileGent> .fas jbwillia
01:11:06 <zodbot> VileGent: jbwillia 'Ben Williams' <vaioof@yahoo.com> - jbwilliams 'Jason Williams' <jb.williams@tiscali.co.uk>
01:11:08 <sseiersen> Damn bus service.
01:11:30 <crossbytes> .fas crossbytes
01:11:31 <zodbot> crossbytes: crossbytes 'Kevin Higgins' <Kevin@crossbytes.org>
01:11:41 <jay4rest> here
01:11:44 <dramsey> .fas diamond_ramsey
01:11:45 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
01:12:29 <sseiersen> Okay that about does it.
01:12:35 <sseiersen> Anyone else here or not?
01:12:41 * herlo is here
01:12:58 <herlo> but only semi-here
01:13:03 * sseiersen waves to herlo
01:13:11 <herlo> hi
01:13:54 <sseiersen> #topic Announcements - FAmNA Meeting
01:14:07 <sseiersen> Anyone got anything to add?
01:14:43 <dramsey> Any updates from the Red Summit?
01:14:55 <sseiersen> Have not heard anything.
01:15:15 <dramsey> No probs., will look forward to hearing how the Summit goes.
01:15:55 <sseiersen> Anything else?
01:16:35 <crossbytes> anything new on linux con 2009
01:17:13 <dramsey> That's in a few weeks, right?
01:17:15 <sseiersen> Not from what I've seen
01:17:16 <VileGent> agenda???
01:17:41 <sseiersen> hmm.
01:17:53 <sseiersen> #topic Events - FAmNA Meeting
01:18:06 <sseiersen> Let's talk about Linux Con for a sec.
01:18:23 <sseiersen> It only has 3 ppl signed up for it on the wiki.
01:18:36 <sseiersen> They may need some help or it may be a bust
01:19:26 <sseiersen> mdomsch, you availible?
01:19:32 <crossbytes> tried to contact matt but have had no repies
01:19:47 <crossbytes> replies
01:20:00 <sseiersen> Hmm...That's not good
01:20:03 <mdomsch> sseiersen, hello
01:20:18 <sseiersen> mdomsch, Hi!
01:20:30 <sseiersen> Care to shed some light on Linux Con?
01:20:45 <mdomsch> I'm going, but have done nothing Fedora-related towards it
01:21:24 <mdomsch> I think 0xf13 is going
01:21:29 <VileGent> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#FY10_Q3_.28September_2009_-_November_2009.29
01:21:51 <sseiersen> Oxf13, ping
01:22:14 <mdomsch> I'm happy to help, particularly after noon on Monday
01:22:15 * lcafiero sneaks in the back and sits down
01:22:20 <sseiersen> smeyer, welcome.
01:22:27 <smeyer> Hey man
01:22:34 <smeyer> Same here
01:22:45 <sseiersen> mdomsch, that's good.
01:22:54 <smeyer> @lcafiero, send you an email
01:22:58 <sseiersen> It'd be nice if we had something going there.
01:23:11 <lcafiero> okay, thanks smeyer
01:23:28 * sseiersen looks at the events...
01:23:32 * lcafiero raises hand
01:23:55 <sseiersen> shoot!
01:23:59 <sseiersen> :)
01:24:09 <lcafiero> bang! where are we on the agenda?
01:24:18 <sseiersen> Events
01:24:28 <lcafiero> Ah, thanks.
01:24:44 <sseiersen> Ok, OLF is coming up fast.
01:24:54 <sseiersen> Anyone going to OLF?
01:25:27 <VileGent> possible
01:25:39 <VileGent> table is confirmed
01:25:55 <sseiersen> #topic Events- http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#FY10_Q4_.28December_2009_-_February_2010.29 | FAmNA Meeting
01:26:11 <sseiersen> We need anything for it?
01:26:22 <VileGent> work has been done, hopefully we have other show up
01:26:28 * sseiersen recalls the event box is on it's way...
01:26:53 <VileGent> i am planning to go if things go good for my mother if not i will ship the event box
01:27:06 <lcafiero> here's a list of folks going: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ohio_Linux_Fest_2009
01:27:10 <VileGent> sseiersen,  I have the event box
01:27:36 <sseiersen> Ok.
01:27:55 <sseiersen> dramsey, I see you got a lot of Distributions coming up.
01:28:02 <sseiersen> How are those?
01:29:35 <dramsey> Yup.
01:29:42 <dramsey> My Sundays time.
01:29:49 <dramsey> s/days/day
01:30:05 <dramsey> Things start on 13th.
01:30:17 <dramsey> Will post to you all how this goes.
01:30:43 * sseiersen looks around...
01:30:43 <sseiersen> Moving on, UTOSC is up next.
01:30:44 <sseiersen> herlo, would you care to add something on it?
01:30:47 <lcafiero> I will in herlo's place, if the senator from Utah will yield.
01:31:14 <herlo> thank you lcafiero
01:31:26 * sseiersen will be coming to UTOSC as well as paying for smeyer to come.
01:31:36 <lcafiero> http://2009.utosc.com/pages/home/
01:31:54 <sseiersen> herlo, all set at your place?
01:32:20 <herlo> yes
01:32:25 <herlo> you, ianweller and lcafiero
01:32:31 <herlo> are all welcome to sleep at my house
01:32:39 <sseiersen> how's about one more :P
01:32:59 <lcafiero> UTOSC is 8-10 October. We will have a table there, which needs staffing.
01:33:12 <herlo> yes!
01:33:13 <lcafiero> We should have a FAD there
01:33:17 * sseiersen will be staffing
01:33:23 <sseiersen> FAD FTW!
01:33:25 <lcafiero> As will I.
01:33:38 <sseiersen> We got to figure out something about that though.
01:33:40 <lcafiero> there has been some discussion about what the FAD should be.
01:33:56 <sseiersen> Let's get to that later.
01:33:57 <lcafiero> and herlo had a great idea -- so great it escapes me at the moment
01:34:02 <lcafiero> (whew)
01:34:17 <lcafiero> I still need to make a wiki page for the event, which I'll do this evening.
01:34:27 <herlo> fedora-event-splash
01:34:36 <lcafiero> ^^^ yeah that
01:34:47 <sseiersen> I'm going to skip over the events without a owner.
01:34:59 <lcafiero> want more on UTOSC?
01:35:00 <sseiersen> But if you can do try to take them up.
01:35:27 <sseiersen> lcafiero, take the floor for about 5 mins or so.
01:35:42 <lcafiero> Only 5 minutes? :-(
01:35:48 <sseiersen> :P
01:35:58 <sseiersen> I think UTOSC is rather done.
01:36:09 <sseiersen> Don't want to get off track too much
01:36:10 <lcafiero> Okay, if I can ask herlo -- who's presenting from Fedora this year?
01:36:15 <herlo> you! :)
01:36:19 <herlo> okay, not really
01:36:27 <herlo> Paul is presenting and Ian is doing two
01:37:02 <lcafiero> I may be, in quaid's place.
01:37:20 <herlo> well, there's the fedora BoF too
01:37:51 * sseiersen is about to move on...
01:37:58 <lcafiero> right. -- herlo, is it okay if I give quaid's talk?
01:38:15 <lcafiero> Right, I think that's all we have to report on it.
01:38:29 <lcafiero> I can do shadow puppets to take up the rest of the five minutes . . . .
01:38:48 <sseiersen> #topic Budget review- https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Budget#Q3_2010_Budget_.28September_2009_-_November_2009.29 | FAmNA meeting
01:38:50 <herlo> lcafiero: it was removed
01:39:02 <herlo> so we didn't approve it, but we can talk afterward, there might be something there
01:39:06 <lcafiero> Ah.
01:39:22 <herlo> sorry, I'm in two meetings right now too, in fact.  We're selecting presentations now...
01:39:29 <lcafiero> Okay, we'll talk later, herlo
01:39:31 <sseiersen> $785 on tattoos and $500 on New Mexico Linux Fest.
01:39:49 <sseiersen> Total expenses: $1,285
01:39:56 * VileGent in other meeting as well (finalizing installfest this weekend)
01:40:17 * ianweller rolls in
01:40:27 <sseiersen> welcome ianweller
01:41:06 <sseiersen> From what I see the budget is a bit solid, but may get bit a worse as we go along.
01:41:24 <sseiersen> We still got to factor in other events and such.
01:41:58 <lcafiero> Right. I am going to make a request for SCaLE in Q4 2010 (December to February)
01:42:07 <lcafiero> But I'll take that up at the proper time
01:42:18 <sseiersen> Ok, wonderful.
01:42:28 <sseiersen> herlo: how much for UTOSC?
01:42:28 <dramsey> Truly, wonderful.  :)
01:42:36 <herlo> sseiersen: for you, free
01:42:44 <herlo> if you volunteer, lcafiero has a coupon code
01:42:47 <smeyer> What about HOPE?
01:43:03 <sseiersen> ?
01:43:03 <herlo> for UTOSC it's $35 for three days with the promo code FDRA
01:43:21 <sseiersen> How much do we need from the budget :P
01:43:23 <sseiersen> ?
01:44:29 <sseiersen> Do te do te do...
01:44:37 <smeyer> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H.O.P.E. Not the best coverage of it, basically a hardware/software hacker conference
01:45:09 <smeyer> They had Kevin Mitnick, and Adam Savage (mythbusters) last years
01:45:32 <smeyer> Steve Rambam, and Jello Biafra
01:45:42 <sseiersen> #topic Task list- https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Tasks | FAmNA meeting
01:46:03 <sseiersen> smeyer, that will be discussed later.
01:46:12 <sseiersen> So far not much tasks.
01:46:13 <lcafiero> smeyer: interesting. but it looks like the next one won't be until 2010.
01:46:25 <smeyer> no problem, but the point is to schedule ahead  :)
01:46:31 <sseiersen> Got an Event box for Canada task...
01:46:43 <lcafiero> herlo and I will talk about budget for UTOSC.
01:46:47 <sseiersen> And two contacts.
01:46:56 <lcafiero> woo hoo!
01:46:59 <sseiersen> lcafiero: ok.
01:47:32 <sseiersen> Well, that about does it for tasks, unless someone would like to add a task.
01:47:45 <sseiersen> 5
01:47:46 <sseiersen> 4
01:47:48 <sseiersen> 3
01:47:49 <sseiersen> 2
01:47:52 <sseiersen> 1
01:48:00 <herlo> lcafiero: tx
01:48:08 <sseiersen> #topic Open floor | FAmNA meeting
01:48:11 <lcafiero> no open floor?
01:48:14 <lcafiero> Oh, never mind.
01:48:18 <sseiersen> So anyone got anything?
01:48:32 <dramsey> Trying out the Fedora 12 Alpha, very nice.  :)
01:48:39 <sseiersen> Indeed
01:48:40 <lcafiero> We're hosting a Lindependence/Software Freedom Day event in Felton on the 19th.
01:48:48 <dramsey> Should consider for the hopeful November release planning...
01:49:08 <sseiersen> lcafiero, did you add it to the Events page yet?
01:49:20 <lcafiero> nope. will do that when i do the UTOSC one.
01:49:29 * lcafiero is way behind in a lot of things, not just here.
01:50:04 <sseiersen> anything else before I call it?
01:50:35 <lcafiero> not here.
01:50:43 <dramsey> For ideas to represent Fedora for example, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Presentations is this the best to utilize?
01:50:49 * sseiersen looks around...
01:50:55 <lcafiero> oh wait: question -- does canada have an event box?
01:51:00 <sseiersen> dramsey, yeah.
01:51:01 <lcafiero> and if so who has it?
01:51:06 <sseiersen> lcafiero, I dont think so.
01:51:11 <lcafiero> Oh, okay.
01:51:16 <VileGent> lcafiero,  not that i know of
01:51:24 <sseiersen> That's why it's a task :P
01:51:33 <dramsey> Thank you.
01:51:34 <lcafiero> Oh.
01:51:36 <VileGent> waiting for someone north of the border to do it
01:51:43 <lcafiero> Sorry I was unclear on that part.
01:51:45 * sseiersen is about to pound the gavel
01:52:07 <lcafiero> Wait.
01:52:11 <lcafiero> (sorry)
01:52:18 <lcafiero> is jay4rest still here?
01:52:22 <jay4rest> yes
01:52:54 <lcafiero> OK, I've been mentoring Jay for the past couple of weeks and I'm going to give him a green light.
01:53:16 <lcafiero> So you'll be seeing his name come up on the announcement soon.
01:53:17 <sseiersen> To?
01:53:23 <jcsniper> hello
01:53:23 <sseiersen> Ok.
01:53:24 <lcafiero> for Fedora Ambassador
01:53:41 <crossbytes> where is jay4rest located?
01:53:41 * sseiersen thinks that's about it.
01:53:43 <VileGent> welcome jay
01:53:46 <lcafiero> So I wanted to introduce him
01:53:51 <jay4rest> Albuquerque, nm
01:53:56 <VileGent> west coast
01:53:58 <sseiersen> lcafiero, wonderful.
01:53:59 <crossbytes> very cool
01:54:08 <sseiersen> Welcome jay4rest
01:54:16 <jay4rest> Thank you
01:54:19 <lcafiero> take a bow, jay -- he's in herlo's posse now.
01:54:21 <lcafiero> :-)
01:54:25 <jcsniper> welcome
01:54:29 * sseiersen is closing...
01:54:34 <sseiersen> smeyer: give us a countdown because your new :P
01:54:42 <smeyer> From 5?
01:54:46 <sseiersen> Yup
01:54:48 <smeyer> 5
01:54:51 <herlo> yay!
01:54:51 <smeyer> 4
01:54:54 <smeyer> 3
01:54:57 <smeyer> 2
01:55:00 <smeyer> 1
01:55:03 <sseiersen> #endmeeting