15:02:41 <pknirsch> #startmeeting Power management for Fedora
15:03:02 <pknirsch> First topic as usual, a quick recap of last week:
15:03:05 <pknirsch> #topic Last week recap
15:04:41 <pknirsch> Last week we had the pleasure of having Rudy Lenderman here from the documentation team
15:05:13 <pknirsch> We basically discussed the whole hour how we can improve the state of documentation for Fedora in regard to Power Management
15:05:51 <pknirsch> In the end we agreed to send him all the information in whatever form we have and he'll work on a draft for the initial update
15:06:19 <pknirsch> Hopefully sometime next week we might be able to see that first version (at least thats what he told me a few days ago ;).
15:06:54 <pknirsch> Now over to our typical 2nd topic:
15:06:56 <pknirsch> #topic Fedora 12 feature status
15:07:21 <pknirsch> I just updated the feature page for F12 yesterday to reflect that we're basically done with all the features we wanted to get in for F12.
15:07:54 <pknirsch> There are a few odds and ends here, but only minor things or cosmetic changes that still need to be done.
15:08:34 <pknirsch> But F12 brings us to the main topic for today:
15:08:44 <pknirsch> #topic Fedora 12 test day
15:09:23 <pknirsch> I've talked with James Laska from the Fedora QE team recently and we agreed that a test day, similar to what we did for F11 would be a great idea for F12 as well.
15:10:22 <pknirsch> Currently we have scheduled the test day for the 22th October. It's a bit late but it was one of the last slots available for a test day.
15:10:46 <pknirsch> The benefit is that this will give us a bit time to plan on what we want to do there in detail and prepare for it.
15:10:59 <pknirsch> A very good link on how to approach a test day can be found here:
15:11:10 <pknirsch> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Adamwill/Draft_test_day_SOP
15:11:45 <pknirsch> To get the ball rolling for a discussion here, what would people like to have included for the test days this time?
15:14:13 <marcela> I think measuring the same data will be great. We can add seting up the profile with tuned_adm and measuring with and without changes on custom pc.
15:15:01 <pknirsch> good idea marcela! that will allow us to compare the results from F11 to F12.
15:15:47 <skalnik1> this is good idea. it is worth to contact persons that provide data last test day if they have the same hw
15:16:10 <skalnik1> to compare it
15:16:55 <pknirsch> exactly, yes.
15:17:25 <pknirsch> Adam Will and also James mentioned that of course making it as easy for testers as possible is always a good idea.
15:17:51 <pknirsch> So what do you think about e.g. doing a live-cd with some automated scripts that run after booting it?
15:23:01 <skalnik1> pknirsch:  what about asking QA for it
15:23:44 <skalnik1> i forwarded an email with agenda to jscotka. unfortunately he is on vacation
15:24:03 <skalnik1> he helped last time with test day as far as i remember
15:24:20 <pknirsch> perfect, thanks skalnik1!
15:24:50 <pknirsch> and yes, i'd like to get more people involved this time, e.g. people from the kernel and desktop side as well
15:25:23 <pknirsch> do you know when he'll be back, skalnik1?
15:25:33 <pknirsch> so we could just invite him to a meeting here
15:25:49 <skalnik1> pknirsch:  i hope on Monday
15:25:58 <skalnik1> on pto list is 19-21
15:26:28 <skalnik1> yes, it was an intention of forwarding the mail
15:27:34 <skalnik1> so quiet masked binding to job ;-)
15:27:42 <pknirsch> hehe :)
15:27:48 <pknirsch> it is vacation time after all ;)
15:29:33 <pknirsch> which reminds me, i will be on vaacation for 2 weeks in september (5 - 20)
15:29:37 <pknirsch> -a
15:30:32 <plautrba> can't be problem that live-cd doesn't run from regular disk?
15:30:51 <pknirsch> ah, good point plautrba
15:30:57 <plautrba> i mean it's based on squashfs, all placed in memory
15:31:09 <pknirsch> this might skew the results as the harddisk won't be accessed
15:34:06 <plautrba> i have here testday image on my usb disk and f12 on laptop
15:34:17 <plautrba> so i can run some tests and compare results
15:34:48 <pknirsch> that would be great!
15:35:28 <plautrba> I'll use tests from f11 for it
15:36:22 <pknirsch> sounds good :)
15:41:10 <pknirsch> I think the next steps should really be to get in contact with QE first then and then work with them on a plan for the test day, put up a wiki etc.
15:42:42 <pknirsch> In the meantime we can all review what we did for the last test day and possibly come up with a few new tests that are specifically targeted at the new features we have.
15:42:49 <pknirsch> e.g. some tests for scomes?
15:43:24 <marcela> probably not, that's more for developers
15:44:12 <pknirsch> hm, yea, you have a good point there marcela
15:44:57 <plautrba> i'll try to think up something
15:45:19 <plautrba> but i will be probably related on functionality
15:45:35 <plautrba> systemtap and debuginfo symbols
15:46:37 <plautrba> we are preparing measuring system for developer confernce workshop, so maybe something from that
15:47:00 <pknirsch> ah yes, true
15:50:48 <pknirsch> alright. i think lets try to get jscotka invited for next weeks meeting and discuss how to proceed then.
15:51:05 <pknirsch> anything else anyone wants to bring up in regard to the test days?
15:53:10 <skalnik1> one thing
15:54:00 <skalnik1> i saw a chart on lesswatts bltk measurement of kernels
15:54:34 <skalnik1> it could be interesting to continue with this test e.g. every released kernel
15:55:51 <pknirsch> do you have a link to it? but it sounds like a very good idea, yes.
15:57:00 <skalnik1> on main page www.less..... is bottom right a chart - click on it and :-D
15:58:43 <plautrba> http://www.lesswatts.org/results/index.php ?
15:59:05 <skalnik1> yes
15:59:07 <pknirsch> yea, that sounds interesting. do we have the equipment to do those measurements?
16:00:32 <skalnik1> we use one nb for tests
16:01:07 <skalnik1> than it should be automated
16:01:21 <plautrba> and i think we can use on of desktops prepared for workshop
16:01:47 <skalnik1> i was not sure if it could be offered too but this is great
16:01:53 <plautrba> should be measured vanilla or fedora kernel?
16:02:37 <pknirsch> hm
16:03:01 <pknirsch> maybe for both so we can see where the Fedora kernel gets worse or even better than the vanilla one?
16:04:06 <plautrba> ok
16:04:34 <skalnik1> and not only kernel, oo and firefox is interesting too - easy to prepare it due to bltk availability
16:04:50 <pknirsch> mhm
16:08:15 <pknirsch> think you guys can set this up till next weeks meeting?
16:08:42 <skalnik1> yes
16:08:50 <pknirsch> cool!
16:09:53 <pknirsch> then we'll have hopefully jscotka to talk with here as well next week and the results of the kernel tests!
16:10:15 <skalnik1> oh sorry, i thought another way
16:10:25 <skalnik1> we can start but ...
16:11:09 <skalnik1> let's talk about progress next meeting
16:11:32 <pknirsch> alright, fair enough :)
16:11:45 <pknirsch> thanks everyone for coming!
16:12:22 <pknirsch> #endmeeting