18:01:00 <Oxf13> #startmeeting Fedora Release Engineering Meeting
18:01:05 <Oxf13> #topic roll call
18:01:28 <Oxf13> ping: notting jeremy jwb lmacken warren wwoods rdieter poelcat dgilmore spot
18:01:36 <rdieter> here
18:01:39 * warren here
18:01:45 * spot is here
18:01:51 * poelcat here
18:02:06 * jwb is 1/2 here
18:02:28 <Oxf13> notting doesn't appear to be on IRC
18:02:38 <warren> notting I hear is on vacation until Wednesday.
18:02:43 <Oxf13> ah hah.
18:03:14 * dgilmore is here
18:03:18 <warren> brb
18:03:56 <Oxf13> Lets go through old business.
18:03:59 * wwoods lurk
18:04:15 <Oxf13> #topic Orphans (old business)
18:04:26 <Oxf13> I finally got the orphans situation settled.
18:04:50 <Oxf13> cryptix was removed recursively and we found owners for tomoe*
18:04:56 <Oxf13> so this one is put to bed for this release.
18:05:11 <Oxf13> #topic Critical Path (old business)
18:05:34 <Oxf13> Couple actions here, one to get fedora-packager and python-offtrac tagged for alpha for people to use
18:05:41 <Oxf13> this got done.  and some people have been using it
18:05:53 <Oxf13> the other was for progress report from lmacken on bodhi changes.
18:05:55 <Oxf13> lmacken:  ?
18:06:31 <Oxf13> I don't think he's here.
18:06:47 <Oxf13> I'm going to table this topic from now on unless luke is ready to give an update.
18:07:22 * lmacken is here
18:07:27 <lmacken> no changes
18:07:33 <Oxf13> #topic Fedora 12 Alpha
18:08:10 <Oxf13> Alright the big topic.
18:08:25 <Oxf13> We finally reached release candidate phase as of Friday
18:08:39 <Oxf13> I was able to compose and post a release candidate over the weekend and testing has been going on today
18:09:01 <Oxf13> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Fedora_12_Alpha_RC1_Install_Test_Results
18:09:06 <Oxf13> nothing has been recorded yet though :/
18:09:31 <Oxf13> given previous testing though, we're not expecting any show stoppers, and we'll likely tag this RC as the Alpha
18:10:01 <poelcat> how/where do we notify QA of available candidates?
18:10:40 <Oxf13> I emailed james, but there was also a ticket that I updated
18:10:52 <warren> I have mirrored the live images to Boston, but not the installer images.
18:11:14 <poelcat> Oxf13: thanks, just curious
18:11:18 <Oxf13> As far as releng is concerned, since we're in RC phase, that means no more tagging requests, unless it is a critical alpha blocker
18:11:50 <Oxf13> I screwed up slightly during the compose process and didn't make jigdo files for the isos, so we may have to re-compose the DVD/CD isos in order to make jigdo
18:12:13 <warren> odd you can't do it after the fact?
18:12:20 <Oxf13> once we agree that the RC bits are gold and we get a good compose, we can lift the freeze
18:12:30 <Oxf13> warren: requires the isos still on the FS, and I scrubbed the isos to make room to make the live images
18:12:48 <Oxf13> (well I scurbbed more than just the isos, I scrubbed the entire tree now that I think about it.  That was dumb)
18:13:29 <Oxf13> chalk it up to trying to make a RC on the weekend while getting harassed by family :/
18:14:47 <Oxf13> so if any of you have any spare cycles, please throw it at testing something related to the Alpha
18:15:06 <Oxf13> anything else regarding Alpha?
18:15:22 <Oxf13> oh, We have to make a go/no go decision at some point today
18:15:34 <Oxf13> but I'm pushing that as late as possible to get QA enough time to verify the RC bits
18:15:43 * poelcat thought that was happening at this meeting
18:16:19 <Oxf13> poelcat: normally it would, but QA hasn't had enough time to verify the RC images
18:16:37 <poelcat> still hoping to get a clear answer on the schedule so I can tie things up
18:17:05 <poelcat> Oxf13: doesn't that take a few days?
18:18:01 <Oxf13> poelcat: not necessarily.  They already tested pretty hard slightly older images, so really we just need to verify that the remaining blockers were indeed fixed with this new set
18:18:26 <poelcat> okay, so if i don't hear anything bad by EOD today i'll adjust the rest of the schedule
18:19:02 <Oxf13> ok.
18:19:38 <poelcat> which is to add one week to all the remaining milestones based on my understanding from last week
18:19:58 <poelcat> giving us a GA date of 2009-11-10
18:20:06 <Oxf13> poelcat: er, you were going to start a thread on logistics list about that
18:20:14 <Oxf13> and announce to the normal places that such a thread was going on
18:20:17 <poelcat> i did last week and nobody objected
18:20:22 * Oxf13 looks
18:21:33 <Oxf13> oh.  See, I didn't read the message fully, because I thought it was just about rescheduling the readiness meeting.
18:22:25 <poelcat> also a reminder that release readiness meeting is wednesday at 19:00 UTC (16:00 EDT/13:00 PDT)
18:23:35 <Oxf13> #info release readiness meeting is wednesday at 19:00 UTC (16:00 EDT/13:00 PDT
18:24:02 <Oxf13> #topic Open Floor
18:27:36 * jlaska back
18:28:04 <dgilmore> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/RPM_Upgrade_SOP
18:28:09 <dgilmore> it still needs work
18:28:09 <Oxf13> hey cool!
18:28:12 <dgilmore> but is a start
18:31:31 <Oxf13> Ok, I'm going to close the meeting.  Thanks all!
18:31:35 <Oxf13> #endmeeting