16:00:03 <jlaska> #startmeeting
16:00:11 <jlaska> #meetingtopic Fedora QA Meeting
16:00:22 <jlaska> #topic locating bodies
16:00:29 <adamw> mine's here
16:00:30 * poelcat here
16:00:35 <jlaska> Greetings folks!
16:00:43 <jlaska> this is our hot new meeting time
16:00:51 <jlaska> I suspect we'll have some confusion this week
16:00:56 <adamw> heh :)
16:01:06 <jlaska> I'm always confused ... so that's nothing new
16:01:30 * kparal here
16:01:40 <jlaska> Howdy kparal
16:01:54 <adamw> this isn't the AA meeting?
16:02:09 <jlaska> adamw: oh oops, wrong agenda :)
16:02:10 <jeff_hann> howdy guys :)
16:02:14 <jlaska> jeff_hann: greetings!
16:02:24 * Viking-Ice clocks in..
16:02:31 * dpravec is here too
16:02:37 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: dpravec greetings gents
16:03:22 * f13 
16:03:29 <jlaska> f13: welcome
16:03:46 <jlaska> do we have a wwoods lurking?
16:04:06 * skvidal is lurking
16:04:23 <jlaska> skvidal: welcome you lurker!
16:04:23 <jlaska> ;)
16:04:37 <jlaska> okay ... let's get started
16:04:43 <jlaska> #topic Follow-up from last week
16:05:06 <jlaska> for folks using the play-at-home version, the proposed agenda was sent to the list ... https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-July/msg00529.html
16:05:28 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: thanks for knocking off the first time
16:05:29 <jlaska> # [Viking-Ice] - updating meeting channel page w/ new QA time
16:05:42 <jlaska> kparal: thanks for the assist with updating the QA/Meetings links too
16:05:46 <kparal> no problem
16:06:26 <jlaska> okay, flying through the list ...
16:06:26 <jlaska> # [jlaska] - discuss ideas with fedora-infrastructure for getting test candidates out to testers
16:06:53 <jlaska> spoke to mmcgrath last week about some of the problems experienced in the past on the alt.fp.org system
16:07:02 <jlaska> he isn't aware of any new problems since a recent system upgrade
16:07:23 <jlaska> and has set things up to monitor for bottlenecks once the test compose #1 has been posted
16:07:44 <jlaska> More information is posted in the fedora-infrastructure ticket - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1554#comment:4
16:09:05 <jlaska> hopefully if there are problems, we'll hit them this week and we can then work with the infrastructure team on solutions
16:09:26 <jlaska> okay next up .. Viking-Ice ... I've moved this into an agenda item to give you some time to discuss any concerns
16:09:30 <adamw> so what's happening exactly?
16:09:41 <adamw> we're pushing test compose #1 to a publicly accessible site?
16:09:43 <jlaska> adamw: they've got phazers on stun and are monitoring
16:09:57 <jlaska> you betcha ... they want to feel the burn before we make any corrective actions
16:10:09 <adamw> ok. have we decided to what extent we will announce it?
16:10:10 <Viking-Ice> I thought we were facing bandwith/storage issues not performance?
16:10:45 <jlaska> adamw: yeah, QA is going forward on plan with allowing testers to contribute
16:10:55 <f13> bandwidth issues lead to performance
16:10:58 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: storage wasn't a concern as I'm told
16:11:04 <adamw> jlaska: right, but do we announce to test-list only, or wider than that
16:11:08 <jlaska> and any performance issues were surprises to them
16:11:20 <adamw> f13: i think viking means how is a 'system upgrade' going to help if the bottleneck was bandwidth
16:11:24 <jlaska> adamw: ah, let's stick with what we've done before for now ... keeping things equal (fedora-test-list)
16:11:27 <adamw> OK.
16:11:44 <Viking-Ice> adamw: nailed it. .
16:11:49 <jlaska> yeah
16:11:57 <jlaska> hopefully if it's going to fail ... let's fail now
16:12:04 <jlaska> and then we can work the problems
16:12:29 <adamw> OK, just wanted to be clear on the plan.
16:12:36 <jlaska> adamw: no worries, thanks for asking
16:13:01 <jlaska> #topic Testing dracut in rawhide
16:13:30 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: it hasn't been a full week since our last meeting, but I wanted to give you some time to talk about any updates you had with Harald
16:13:42 <jlaska> give you a chance to walk through any topics that need QA attention
16:14:10 <Viking-Ice> Well no changes in the front here I have not had time to note down and contact harald ( was out in the country the whole weekend which kinda screwed things up )
16:14:43 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: ooh, I wish I had the same experience!
16:15:08 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: no worries, are there any related issues you wanted to talk about today ... or should we revisit offline (or next meeting)?
16:15:15 <Viking-Ice> In the meantime dracut reach it's 0.7 version with additional several fixes added cmd options etc
16:16:12 <Viking-Ice> Next meeting I would say..
16:16:33 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: okay, I'll keep it on the list
16:17:37 <jlaska> okay, just a quick note on upcoming events ...
16:17:42 <jlaska> #topic Alpha test compose
16:18:08 <jlaska> assuming the F12Alpha list is cleared, we can expect a test compose built this Wednesday
16:18:08 <f13> I thought we were in good shape for this
16:18:16 <f13> except that apparently we haven't been having images for the last couple days
16:18:38 <f13> jlaska: we don't need the list clear for a test compose
16:18:47 <f13> we just need it clear of any super debilitating issues, like no images (:
16:18:55 <jlaska> f13: ah my mistake ... we do need those anaconda showstoppers cleared
16:19:07 * poelcat was under the (possibly mistaken impression) that we haven't been able to install rawhide for a week or more
16:19:15 <jlaska> poelcat: you are correct
16:19:16 <adamw> no images being generated sounds different from the anaconda showstoppers
16:19:49 <adamw> although the _fact_ that there's no images being generated recently means we can't be sure if the showstoppers are fixed, i guess
16:19:57 <jlaska> http://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/mash/rawhide-20090727/logs/pungify-i386.log
16:20:00 <f13> there was a short period of time where there were images
16:20:08 <f13> perhaps even working images
16:20:13 <jlaska> and during that time we logged a few installation blocker bugs
16:20:14 <f13> when the dbus issue got fixed.
16:20:29 <jlaska> looks like an error in the pungify-i386.log
16:21:02 <jlaska> f13: should this be bz'd or sent out for investigate to the you and the release engineering team as a trac ticket?
16:21:12 <f13> should be a bug on the blocker list
16:21:28 <f13> against component, um...  distribution for now
16:21:31 <jlaska> alrighty ... if someone doesn't beat me to it, I'll get it logged after the meeting
16:22:23 <jlaska> so images and the 2 anaconda blockers are the install test blockers I'm aware of
16:22:55 <kparal> i have reported 2 bugs in anaconda and still waiting for fresh images to verify the fix
16:23:13 <jlaska> kparal: are these issues you feel should be Alpha blockers?
16:23:23 <jlaska> bug#513175 and bug#513383 ?
16:23:26 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=513175 medium, low, ---, anaconda-maint-list, MODIFIED, ImportError: No module named decorator
16:23:26 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=513383 medium, low, ---, anaconda-maint-list, CLOSED RAWHIDE, Detecting devices crashes
16:23:30 <kparal> thats it
16:23:37 <kparal> youre fast
16:23:51 * jlaska has some handy links
16:25:05 <kparal> both should be fixed, just waiting for new images to confirm it
16:25:12 <jlaska> okay
16:25:21 <kparal> and probably it happens only on certain machines
16:25:56 <adamw> well, you said you were using virt-manager, right?
16:25:56 <jlaska> that's all I had for the test compose ... Liam is driving this initiative, so stay tuned to the list for further details (https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-test-list/2009-July/msg00523.html)
16:26:03 <adamw> that's a common 'machine' :)
16:26:06 <kparal> yes, virt-manager
16:26:27 <adamw> i'd consider installs in virt-manager being broken being close to an alpha blocker at least...but we can discuss it at the next review meeting
16:26:36 <jlaska> heck, I've been treating virt-manager as a reference platform
16:26:41 * jlaska agrees
16:26:45 <wwoods> yeah, our testing is going to focus on KVM guests
16:27:01 <wwoods> err, our automated testing is going to ...
16:27:09 <wwoods> so if that's broken we're back in the dark
16:27:31 <jlaska> right on
16:27:35 <kparal> in that case it sounds reasonable to treat them with high priority
16:27:53 <adamw> should we throw them on the f12alpha list now so we don't forget to talk about them at the meeting?
16:27:57 <dpravec> i had problems with virt-manager -> so now i am using only kvm :)
16:28:16 <jlaska> adamw: kparal: yeah definitely ... kparal won't be around for this friday's meeting too, so that's a good dbl check
16:28:21 <adamw> ok
16:28:26 <kparal> let's add them then
16:28:30 <adamw> i'll do it
16:28:33 <kparal> ok
16:28:35 <jlaska> thx
16:28:47 <adamw> done
16:29:00 <jlaska> any other questions/concerns/thoughts/hicu on Liam's install testing plans coming up this week?
16:29:38 <jlaska> alrighty ... stay tuned to the list
16:29:43 <jlaska> now on to a related topic ...
16:29:49 <jlaska> #topic Alpha blocker bug day#3
16:30:02 <jlaska> nothing earth shattering here ... just a reminder about bug day #3 this friday
16:30:20 <jlaska> adamw: wanted to give you a chance to share and things that worked well, or not so well, about the last 2 events?
16:30:24 <jlaska> s/and/any/
16:30:43 <adamw> i think they went fine really
16:31:04 <adamw> just the usual exhortation for anyone who sees a bug they think might be a blocker: put it on the list :)
16:31:05 * poelcat really appreciates the email recaps
16:31:09 <adamw> that way you can be sure it'll be evaluated
16:31:20 <jlaska> I like meetbot :)
16:31:24 <adamw> or else, come out to the meeting and mention it there
16:32:24 <jlaska> in keeping with last week, should we identify who has (or wants) the ball(s) for this weeks bug day?
16:32:34 <jlaska> * send announcements
16:32:37 <jlaska> * send meeting summary
16:32:38 <jlaska> 
16:32:47 <jlaska> anyone new interested in trying it out this week?
16:33:27 * poelcat will send announcement
16:33:33 <dpravec> :)
16:33:36 <jlaska> poelcat: danke
16:33:46 <jlaska> points to whomever can come up with some good ascii art to kick off the meeting
16:34:13 <adamw> i can do the recap
16:34:25 <jlaska> adamw: thx!
16:34:25 * dpravec will try ascii art
16:34:35 <jlaska> nice, just keep it clean ;)
16:34:56 <jlaska> #action poelcat to send blocker bug meeting announce
16:35:03 <jlaska> #action adamw to summarize blocker meeting
16:35:17 <jlaska> #action dpravec to try his hand at ascii art for blocker meeting
16:35:23 * jlaska still playing w/ meetbot
16:35:26 <dpravec> is it for irc, right?
16:35:51 <jlaska> dpravec: you got it ... take a look at the SOP poelcat wrote ... https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Poelstra/blocker_bug_meeting_sop
16:35:54 <dpravec> hmm thats hard to do right :) some people have wrong fonts
16:36:22 * poelcat notes sop is in draft status and needs to be finalized at some point
16:36:35 <jlaska> okay ... any other points to discuss on the blocker meeting coming up?
16:36:36 <poelcat> so feel free to use experiences learned thus far to make it better
16:36:44 * jlaska isn't exactly sure of a clean consistent way  to track the test blockers
16:37:21 <jlaska> poelcat: it's 1000x better than the SOP I didn't write :D
16:38:05 <jlaska> unless any other questions, changing gears shortly ...
16:39:01 <jlaska> alright, wwoods + dpravec ... I know it hasn't been a long time since our meeting, but if there are any AutoQA topics you'd like to discuss with the team ... we've got some time
16:39:08 <jlaska> #topic AutoQA update
16:39:36 <wwoods> I'm writing a couple of longer things about this (a blog post and maybe some wiki docs)
16:39:53 <jlaska> wwoods: awesome!
16:39:58 <wwoods> but I've got 7/12 tests from the rawhide acceptance plan automated
16:40:25 <dpravec> last autotest packages have some problems, I posted something at https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/ticket/9#comment:32
16:40:42 <wwoods> I'm gonna try to rig something up to send out status emails / logs
16:41:17 <Viking-Ice> Hum cant we automate this https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/XZRpmPayloads
16:41:18 <jlaska> wwoods: I think there support for sending mails built into autotest
16:41:26 <Viking-Ice> as in the test
16:41:37 <wwoods> Viking-Ice: probably, yes, but that's outside the scope of israwhidebroken.com
16:41:48 <dpravec> wwoods: please ping me when your docs will be online
16:41:49 <Viking-Ice> yup
16:41:54 <wwoods> hopefully the wiki docs will give a good idea about how to write a test though
16:41:58 <wwoods> dpravec: will do
16:42:23 <wwoods> jlaska: oh excellent. I'd like to have some useful public test results between now and when we get a nice web frontend for this stuff
16:42:49 <wwoods> I'll give that a look
16:43:20 <jlaska> wwoods: I could be wrong, there is some email support in the global_config.ini packaged by autotest, we might just be able to update that
16:43:38 <wwoods> yeah, but if all it does is (e.g.) send out links to internal URLs for logs
16:43:43 <wwoods> then that's not gonna be real useful
16:43:55 <wwoods> so I'm not yet sure it'll be that simple
16:43:56 <jlaska> yeah, probably not in the short term
16:44:01 <dpravec> xmmp reporting might be sweet
16:44:17 <dpravec> i mean notifications about finished tasks
16:44:32 <dpravec> xmpp*
16:44:33 <jlaska> dpravec: thanks for the update on the packaging ... looks like a file went missing from the previous autotest package
16:44:37 <wwoods> dpravec: yeah, eventually we want to do a big Fedora Infrastructure Message Bus thing, so we get a signal about the completion of a new compose/build/whatever
16:44:41 <wwoods> and tests get kicked off
16:44:49 <wwoods> and then signals get sent about the test results
16:44:55 <wwoods> and so on. we'll get there eventually.
16:45:55 <jlaska> f13: do you have any cycles left for an autotest packaging update, or is that something dpravec and I should look into?
16:46:06 <f13> I'll look at it today
16:46:28 <jlaska> f13: sweet, thanks for the turn around
16:46:41 <dpravec> i will test them...
16:46:52 <dpravec> i mean if you do new packages
16:47:11 <f13> nod
16:48:34 <jlaska> cool, so I think that's it for AutoQA ... are there any other comments/concerns before moving to 'open mic night' ?
16:50:07 <jlaska> #topic <your topic here>
16:50:15 <f13> I have a topic, mass rebuild
16:50:31 <jlaska> #topic open mic - <f13> mass rebuild
16:50:35 <jlaska> f13: you've got the mic
16:50:47 <f13> At some point this week, some 8K new builds will be tagged into rawhide
16:51:13 <f13> this is new arch (i686), new compression (XZ), new glibc, and new gcc.
16:51:21 <f13> should be exciting
16:51:33 <f13> we're going to need to look out for issues like this.
16:51:52 <jlaska> the perfect storm
16:52:04 <wwoods> there's a bit of a problem right now AFAIK - the rawhide RPM has been rebuilt twice
16:52:15 <wwoods> so if you don't already have the RPM with xz support
16:52:18 <wwoods> you can't upgrade
16:52:23 <wwoods> because all the packages are xz payload now
16:52:36 <f13> oh geez
16:52:43 <f13> didn't we go through this with the checksums too?
16:52:53 <f13> and decided that having rpm itself need new rpm was a bad idea?
16:52:53 <jlaska> so this will require some manual jiggery to upgrade to rawhide?
16:53:21 * f13 would strongly push for rpm itself to be built with the old compression
16:53:28 <adamw> at least it's happening before the alpha
16:53:52 <wwoods> jlaska: well, no - the rpm package in F11 updates-testing is gzip payload with xz support
16:54:44 <wwoods> and using anaconda to upgrade is no problem, since anaconda will have xz support
16:54:55 <wwoods> the only place it's a problem is pre-rebuild rawhide -> post-rebuild rawhide
16:55:05 <jlaska> gotcha
16:55:33 <wwoods> a simple but ugly hack is to force the f11 package into the rawhide repo
16:55:47 <jlaska> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/XZRpmPayloads
16:56:36 <jlaska> wwoods: f13: this may have already been done ... but is this a worthwhile candidate for the rawhide blog?
16:56:50 <f13> yes
16:57:11 <wwoods> yeah. if you force it with --nodeps you'll hose your system (unfortunately krh seems to have found this out the hard way)
16:57:20 <jlaska> doh!
16:57:51 <jlaska> okay so http://rawhidewatch.wordpress.com ... perhaps we can add that to the Feature page "how to test"?  Not sure ... how else can we warn testers
16:57:54 <wwoods> right now AFAICT (I have no Rawhide systems so I'm guessing) the situation will look like this: you can't upgrade anything because of depsolving problems
16:58:05 <wwoods> the fix is, I guess, to install the RPM package from F11 updates-testing
16:58:42 <jlaska> anyone interested in taking that discussion to warren?
16:59:29 <skvidal> that would more or less be this bug
16:59:30 <skvidal> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=5139372
16:59:32 <buggbot> Bug 5139372: was not found.
16:59:34 <jlaska> if no takers, I'll be happy to talk with warren after the meeting and see about testing wwoods idea
16:59:43 <adamw> i don't see why we can't just do f13's solution and have rpm in rawhide built with gzip compression and xz support, just like the one in f11
16:59:49 <adamw> it'd only cost a few kilobytes, surely
16:59:53 <jlaska> skvidal: is there an extra number in that bz?
16:59:59 <warren> ?
17:00:00 <f13> rpm and any of it's deps I guess
17:00:06 <adamw> hmm, true
17:00:07 <skvidal> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=513937
17:00:09 <skvidal> yes the 2
17:00:09 <buggbot> Bug 513937: medium, low, ---, skvidal, NEW, missing dependencies
17:00:13 <adamw> that's bigger =)
17:00:16 <jlaska> skvidal: thx
17:00:18 <skvidal> sorry
17:00:30 <wwoods> I'm not sure how hard it is to disable xz payloads on a package-by-package basis
17:00:49 <adamw> well, 'all dependencies' makes it rather tricky anyway
17:00:54 <adamw> rpm has lots of deps :\
17:01:27 <jlaska> so stick with the f11-update 'workaround' for now?
17:01:37 <f13> adamw: enough deps that you can do a yum update rpm, yum update
17:02:53 <jlaska> can someone help with the summary for this?
17:03:18 <adamw> everybody's screwed?
17:03:21 <jlaska> heh
17:03:32 <adamw> that's my standard summary for everything, it's usually quite accurate =)
17:03:57 <wwoods> people using pre-alpha rawhide might notice that they can't upgrade due to dependency problems with rpm/glibc
17:04:08 <wwoods> (I don't have example messages, sorry)
17:04:22 <jlaska> wwoods: no worries ... and we'll recommend installing the f11-updates rpm to work around the issue for now?
17:04:42 <wwoods> it's because of the xz feature (link, brief explanation) - install f11 updates-testing rpm thusly as a workaround: [commandline]
17:04:54 <wwoods> yeah, that seems to be the recommended fix
17:05:13 <jlaska> okay,  Ican take that
17:05:51 <jlaska> #action jlaska - talk to warren about a rawhidewatch post on rpm xz workaround for rawhide testers
17:06:05 <jlaska> okay folks ... if not other topics, let's close things out for the day
17:06:09 <jlaska> s/not/no/
17:06:13 * jlaska likes extra letters
17:06:19 <kparal> well maybe the livecd issue?
17:06:41 <Viking-Ice> So is rawhidewatch @ wordpress supposed to be our official blog
17:06:46 <Viking-Ice> ?
17:06:47 <jlaska> #topic open mic - livecd issue
17:07:05 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: official?  Hrmm, I guess it's the first thing that came to mind that would get the work out
17:07:16 <adamw> Viking-Ice: it's a place to report important issues with rawhide that require user intervention
17:07:23 <adamw> much like this one :)
17:07:24 <warren> rawhidewatch isn't very active right now because I'm not using rawhide yet, it doesn't work on my laptop at all
17:07:28 <Viking-Ice> I see so we can close the ticked in infra for official QA blog
17:07:36 <adamw> no, because that's not what it is
17:07:45 <adamw> qa covers more than just issues in rawhide which require user intervention
17:08:07 <adamw> we wouldn't post about, oh, test days on rawhidewatch
17:08:14 <warren> yup
17:08:16 <warren> exactly
17:08:29 <Viking-Ice> no then let's get a move on getting a fedora-qa wp instance from infra
17:08:51 <kparal> livecd issue: the current guide on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Test_Days/Live_Image is I believe not correct, because it uses F11 repos instead of Rawhide repos. you can see that if you follow the includes in the kickstart file.
17:08:52 <Viking-Ice> were we can have rawhide status etc
17:09:05 <kparal> sorry, will wait
17:10:04 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: hmm, maybe something to consider in the future ... it's a neat idea.  But someone would need to investigate further and come back with recommendation/plan
17:10:39 <adamw> kparal: i believe you have the floor
17:10:51 <kparal> it's just a short note. those people building live images according to that script are in fact building images based on F11. Therefore I'm working on a best way how to modify it so that it is based on Rawhide
17:11:00 <kparal> if that's what's wanted for a test day
17:11:27 <jlaska> kparal: indeed, thanks!  You caught me cheating in that script ... I often point to a local spins-kickstart.git repo when building test images
17:11:38 <kparal> :)
17:11:42 <Viking-Ice> jlaska: investigate what further
17:12:00 <kparal> and there are jlaska and awilliam extra repositories which i don't know if they are still needed
17:12:10 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: let's wait until kparal's finished, and we'll move to your topic
17:13:02 <jlaska> kparal: I usually toss extra packages not yet in koji on the repo url posted
17:13:15 <jlaska> and adamw includes rendercheck there as well for the X testing events
17:13:16 <adamw> kparal: nothing in my repos is needed for anything in f12.
17:13:24 <adamw> well, except rendercheck. =) i should update that build.
17:13:47 <jlaska> kparal: if we need to gut that page to make things clearer, feel free to give it a once over :)
17:14:06 <kparal> ok. it was just a note.
17:14:22 <kparal> releasing the mic :)
17:14:26 <dpravec> i want to thank you all for moving the meeting time from wensday (in that day i need to take care of my kids, so it was hard to pay attention to the channel)
17:14:32 <jlaska> heh ... releasing
17:14:42 <jlaska> dpravec: you're welcome, glad this works better!
17:14:50 <jlaska> #topic open mic - qa blogs
17:14:58 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: you mentioned a request to host qa blogs
17:15:22 <Viking-Ice> Yes trying to track down the ticket in infera
17:15:25 <Viking-Ice> in infra I mean
17:15:37 <Viking-Ice> it's been there since what f9 I think with no movement
17:15:42 <jlaska> is this something people see a need for now?
17:16:15 <Viking-Ice> Ok how are we delivering various need to know info to people?
17:16:27 <Viking-Ice> by mind power ?
17:16:29 <jlaska> basically through every channel possible right now
17:16:38 <jlaska> mailing list(s), fedora planet, fedora forums etc...
17:16:57 <adamw> jlaska, wwoods and I have our personal blogs on planet fedora
17:17:01 <adamw> and we blog about significant qa events
17:17:05 <adamw> so they get out via that method
17:17:15 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: you don't even blog do you?
17:17:16 <jlaska> ;)
17:17:21 <adamw> i'm not sure whether a qa team blog would get significantly more exposure...it might, but i'm not sure how to tell
17:17:21 <Viking-Ice> I dont blog
17:17:30 <Viking-Ice> well microblog perhaps
17:17:33 <adamw> btw, for anyone who doesn't know, anyone can get their blog on planet fedora
17:17:43 <adamw> there's a wiki page with instructions
17:17:43 <jlaska> I know other open source projects have team blog aggregators
17:18:01 * dpravec needs to go today, see you all later
17:18:04 <Viking-Ice> We should have official blog
17:18:08 <jlaska> dpravec: take care
17:18:33 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: I like the idea of organizing the blogs of testers, but I'm not ready to put lots of time+effort into a team blog just yet
17:18:35 <Viking-Ice> instead of spreading the need to know info on various ( private blogs ) places on the internet
17:19:05 <adamw> a qa 'planet' might be a better idea
17:19:09 <jlaska> is there a way to aggregate the blogs ... right
17:19:14 <jlaska> that are already being posted?
17:19:22 <adamw> in my experience, team blogs often get neglected because no-one really takes responsibility for it
17:19:30 <jlaska> yeah I agree
17:19:55 <jlaska> but if we can continue doing what we already do ... and it's aggregated somewhere ... that seems like an easy win
17:20:09 <adamw> so if we could set up an aggregator and aggregate posts from qa team members, that might work best
17:20:11 <Viking-Ice> adamw: that just reflect poor management of those team
17:20:31 <adamw> Viking-Ice: true, but it's hard to push water uphill - always best to look for the path of least resistance (sorry for the management cliches :>)
17:20:32 <jlaska> hrmm, I guess that's one way of looking at it :)
17:20:37 <f13> I think aggregation is the best way to do "team blogs"
17:20:52 <adamw> the only downside of aggregation is we may get quite a lot of duplication
17:20:57 <adamw> five posts about the same event for e.g.
17:21:25 <jlaska> well, that at least agets the word out :)
17:21:25 <f13> like we don't already get that on planet fedora?
17:21:38 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: does this help provide focus for your existing infrastructure ticket?
17:21:48 <adamw> f13: yes, we do - that doesn't mean it's not a drawback. :)
17:22:24 <Viking-Ice> team aggregation is not a solutions
17:22:34 <Viking-Ice> a solution from my perspective+
17:22:47 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: it's a solution that has the support of the team
17:23:58 * kparal thinks blogs aggregation can't hurt
17:24:06 <jlaska> Viking-Ice: do you want to update the existing ticket ... or is someone else interested in driving this with the infrastructure team?
17:24:11 <Viking-Ice> then go ahead with it and close bug 489801
17:24:13 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=489801 medium, low, ---, notting, NEW, [RFE] rss reader + notification bubble
17:25:05 <jlaska> hmm, I'm not planning to close any bugs
17:25:16 <jlaska> okay, it'll be an open action item for anyone interested
17:25:38 <jlaska> #action - fedora QA planet aggregated blogs?
17:25:48 <jlaska> okay gang ... let's close it out
17:25:56 <jlaska> #topic closing for business
17:26:07 <jlaska> thanks for your time everyone :)
17:26:35 <jlaska> #endmeeting