15:03:49 <pknirsch> #startmeeting Power management for Fedora
15:04:04 <pknirsch> #topic Last week recap
15:04:28 <pknirsch> Ok, just a quick summary of last week:
15:04:45 <pknirsch> - Introduced scomes utility and showed what it does
15:05:11 <pknirsch> - Feature status for F12
15:05:30 <pknirsch> o ktune/tuned integration
15:05:40 <pknirsch> o Profile switcher
15:06:16 <pknirsch> - Quick mention of testday
15:07:12 <pknirsch> I think plautrba is here today, who is the author of scomes, so if anyone has any questions regarding it you could ask now ;)
15:08:19 <plautrba> not really author, Jan Hutar is real one, I've just helped him with packaging and so
15:08:20 <pknirsch> alright, seems not, so lets continue.
15:08:49 <pknirsch> #topic Fedora 12 feature status
15:09:37 <pknirsch> We've managed to get most of it done by now, Thomas Woerner is still fiddling with the last details of the ktune integration, but that should be done by either tomorrow or Monday
15:10:05 <pknirsch> The tuned enhancements are nearly done as well, just running a few tests before we're confident enough that it works properly
15:10:54 <pknirsch> For the CLI tool we'll probably go with a very basic tool for the feature completeness but rework it a bit till F12 final as we've found a few issues with it where we need to make it work a bit different.
15:11:19 <pknirsch> Current status can always be tracked here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/PowerManagementF12
15:13:16 <pknirsch> #topic Developer conference in Brno
15:13:43 <pknirsch> This is just a quick reminder about an upcoming developer conference in Brno
15:14:09 <pknirsch> There we'll have multiple sessions and projects going on, and a power management session in regard to coding will be held there as well
15:16:08 <plautrba> link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DeveloperConference2009
15:16:14 <pknirsch> So if you're interested take a look here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DeveloperConference2009
15:16:27 <pknirsch> ah thanks plautrba :)
15:17:13 <pknirsch> #topic Next steps
15:17:25 <pknirsch> Last topic today on my agenda, whats next.
15:17:55 <pknirsch> Next week we'll finish the last features for F12 (in time for the deadline) and then fix all the bugs in them afterwards ;)
15:19:19 <pknirsch> Other than that long term we'll be looking at better measurements and auditing and definitely more documentation.
15:19:54 <pknirsch> This includes programming guides and good practices as well as how to use some of the already existing technologie
15:20:54 <pknirsch> One specific thing we might focus on a bit more in the future is how to reduce memory consumption of applications in general.
15:21:15 <pknirsch> But thats very early work and nothing to show yet properly.
15:21:36 <pknirsch> For the long term things we're aiming for you can always check here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/PowerManagement
15:22:58 <pknirsch> But thats already it from my side for this week.
15:23:14 <skalnik1> I have one short term thing
15:23:16 <pknirsch> Any questions/concerns/ideas/topics anyone wants to bring up?
15:23:17 <pknirsch> sure
15:23:44 <skalnik1> on SIG PM is new link to HW table
15:23:59 <skalnik1> the link is in the bottom of the https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/PowerManagementBaseOS
15:24:30 <skalnik1> Unfortunately I should repair the real page with the table
15:24:57 <skalnik1> the table  should make an overview about power eaters
15:25:32 <skalnik1> i'd like to ask all to help to complete information in the table
15:26:25 <skalnik1> the main idea is developer should know hardware because the hardware consumes power through our code
15:27:39 <skalnik1> one example - I didn't found any information about Advanced Power Management of disk
15:27:53 <skalnik1> you can see it in hdparm -B
15:28:15 <skalnik1> what really does value of the range 128-254
15:28:43 <skalnik1> I suppose there is much more questions in the HW world that affects power management
15:28:53 <skalnik1> that is
15:32:46 <pknirsch> Thanks skalnik1!
15:34:42 <skalnik1> Remark: meetings summaries are available on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/PowerManagement/Meetings
15:37:12 <pknirsch> Anyone else has anything?
15:37:56 <onekopaka> PowerManagement?
15:38:25 <pknirsch> yes
15:40:30 <pknirsch> Alright, then we'll call it a day for today. Thanks everyone for joining and talk to you next week!
15:40:33 <pknirsch> #endmeeting