20:02:28 <mchua> #startmeeting
20:02:35 * ianweller 
20:02:40 <spevack> is there a #troll option?
20:02:43 <rharrison> here
20:02:49 * stickster 
20:02:52 <themayor> here
20:02:52 <mchua> spevack: we could add one
20:03:15 * ianweller goes to get some chocolate, will be back by the end of roll call
20:03:21 * mchua is running this one last time while themayor recovers from jetlag :) wb, Jack!
20:03:29 <mchua> ok, agenda is at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule
20:03:38 <mchua> followed by the usual open floor
20:03:42 <mchua> let's get down to business.
20:04:10 <mchua> First up: $FooBar has a name and platform, thanks to ianweller and JonRob for driving this.
20:04:24 <mchua> yea verily, it will be called Fedora Insight and run on Zikula.
20:04:49 <mchua> welcome cseay!
20:04:54 <mchua> cseay: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule
20:04:55 * stickster applauds
20:05:04 <rharrison> so something that puzzled me about zikula
20:05:08 <ianweller> anybody have any huuuuuge last minute dislikes about either of those decisions?
20:05:19 <mchua> rharrison: go for it
20:05:32 <cseay> mchua: danke
20:05:33 <rharrison> someone mentioned that it had an excelent security record but I found it was based on PostNuke which had a terible one.
20:06:07 * ianweller goes to poke certain people
20:06:12 <rharrison> just currious.  I don't want to stir the pot on the platform at this stage.
20:06:26 <mchua> ianweller, can you take care of followup on rharrison's note?
20:06:30 <stickster> rharrison: Actually, pn's security record over the last 5 years *is* exceptional
20:06:37 <ianweller> follow up done :)
20:06:43 * mchua grins
20:06:55 <mchua> any big blockers on foobar platform or name? if not, moving on
20:06:57 <stickster> The folks who did the review of platforms retrieved stats for it along with many tohers
20:07:00 <ianweller> oh god this twix bar is leaking
20:07:04 <mchua> (is Sparks_ in here?)
20:07:34 <rharrison> I guess post nuke has changed a bit in that time.  I think its been about 5 years since I last had to use it.  Back then it made me want to break things, but 5 years is a long time to make a bunch of improvements.
20:08:05 <ianweller> anything else?
20:08:11 <ianweller> rharrison: thanks for your concern :)
20:08:20 <cseay> mchua wireless died and she is trying to get back in
20:08:31 <JonRob> i was hoping pascal would be here to confirm for the news team
20:08:50 <JonRob> but i don't think we should hold on them
20:09:41 <stickster> JonRob: It sounded from the brief conversation on the f-news-l like they're on board with us at this point, correct?
20:09:49 <JonRob> as far as i can tell
20:10:00 <JonRob> but i would *love* more input from them!
20:10:19 * mchua curses wifi
20:10:24 <stickster> evil clones must die
20:10:38 * onekopaka_laptop hands mchua a long ethernet cable
20:10:41 <mchua> Sounds like FI is happily moving forward.
20:10:56 <ianweller> export FOOBAR=Insight
20:10:57 <JonRob> ianweller, btw, love the ligature idea
20:10:58 <ianweller> :)
20:11:05 * stickster wonders if we should use F<O> so as not to collide with FI=Fedora Infrastructure
20:11:07 <mchua> it seems that next steps = getting a beta up, and getting started on design.
20:11:08 <ianweller> JonRob: you can always expect a typography nerd to come up with that :)
20:11:13 <mchua> ianweller ligature +1
20:11:14 <spevack> so what are the next steps/milestones for Insight?
20:11:23 <mchua> beta up, design draft.
20:11:25 <ianweller> stickster: i don't often see FI=Fedora Infrastructure
20:11:27 <ianweller> stickster: fwiw
20:11:37 <JonRob> mchua: in parallel, i'd like it if we started planning content and workflow
20:11:49 <mchua> beta up, design draft, content/workflow plan.
20:11:58 <mchua> volunteers?
20:12:29 * JonRob would happily take the latter, with plenty of help :p
20:12:35 <moixs> Hi :)
20:12:44 <mchua> JonRob, you're doing awesome stuff with News and all the other groups we need to be coordinating with, so yay!
20:12:48 <mchua> moixs: hey!
20:12:57 <mchua> that leaves getting the beta up and getting a design draft going
20:13:00 <mchua> mizmo: ^^^ design team!
20:13:18 <ianweller> what if we ping the design-team list and make a general call for help
20:13:22 <ianweller> and then file tickets as necessary
20:13:26 <mchua> ianweller: +1
20:13:30 <mchua> ianweller: wanna holler?
20:13:32 <ianweller> yeah sure
20:13:41 <mchua> #action JonRob to make workflow/content plan
20:13:50 <mchua> #action ianweller to ping design list for help with FI
20:13:55 <mchua> infrastructure?
20:13:57 <ianweller> #action ianweller to eat this banana
20:13:57 <ianweller> ;)
20:14:15 <onekopaka_laptop> ianweller: lol.
20:14:40 <mchua> If there aren't any immediate takers for getting up a zikula-based FI beta ( ianweller? not sure what your bandwidth looks like ) I'll find someone.
20:14:55 <ianweller> mchua: my physical bandwidth is a bendystraw
20:14:58 <JonRob> mchua: at this point it might be good to speak with docs
20:15:01 <ianweller> if that makes any sense whatsoever
20:15:08 * onekopaka_laptop has not good bandwidth but has a server of some sort
20:15:11 <JonRob> see if they have beta plans, share their work
20:15:13 <pcalarco> pascal_calarco here; sorry I am late
20:15:15 <mchua> JonRob + 1
20:15:17 <stickster> mchua: I think that the Docs team is currently working on that very task
20:15:23 <mchua> hey pcalarco, welcome!
20:15:27 <JonRob> pcalacro: hey :)
20:15:35 <ianweller> damnit
20:15:37 <ianweller> banana fail
20:15:52 <ianweller> mchua: i mean that stuff can fit but it takes some time to get it done :)
20:16:13 <mchua> is anyone already hanging out with docs who can check in on zikula progress, and find out what we have to do to get a FI setup?
20:16:18 <stickster> mchua: Docs is currently packaging everything, and uncovering some licensing problems they're working through with the upstream. Is that what you meant by a FI setup?
20:16:42 <stickster> mchua: I'm basically doing that
20:16:50 <stickster> Ian is also a principal guy there too
20:16:58 <mchua> stickster, ianweller: yay!
20:17:23 <mchua> stickster, ianweller: estimates on when we can have a FI demo live, or could you find out?
20:17:43 <ianweller> whenever we get a strong spec of what we need
20:17:52 <ianweller> we definitely should talk with docs/upstream to see what modules we need for zikula
20:18:16 <JonRob> wasn't that the point of the reqs section on the wiki?
20:18:27 <JonRob> i mean... obv next step is to talk to upstream based on those reqs
20:18:39 * mchua nods
20:18:47 <mchua> how's this, since we need to move on to non-FI marketing topics:
20:19:01 <stickster> Well, in this case, upstream can tell us the modules we need, and then work with Docs to get things packaged as needed.
20:19:15 * stickster suspects many of the basics are included already.
20:19:25 <mchua> JonRob has workflow, ianweller is poking design, and he and stickster are looking at the logistics list and poking upstream.
20:19:32 <stickster> right on
20:19:40 <ianweller> ready *break
20:19:44 * ianweller murders RHT's vpn again
20:19:54 <JonRob> pcalarco: could we meet sometime to discuss News workflow etc?
20:20:06 <JonRob> might be good to do it on IRC rather than e-mail
20:20:24 <mchua> I can own the spec for this week (unless someone wants to take that task from me ;) and poke people to get final request rounds in, and make sure stickster and ianweller have what they need from Marketing to bring to the broader zikula-logistics discussion.
20:20:27 <mchua> with upstream and such.
20:20:45 <ianweller> hiiii
20:21:12 <mchua> #action stickster and ianweller to continue watching logistics/docs zikula discussion, push Marketing specs/reqs up as needed
20:21:22 <pcalarco> JonRob: sure, we can set something up that works
20:21:36 <JonRob> pcalarco: will e-mail to arrange a time later
20:21:42 <mchua> #action JonRob and pcalarco to meet and discuss News workflow for FI
20:21:43 <mchua> ;)
20:21:52 <pcalarco> JonRob: excellent, thx
20:22:07 <mchua> #action mchua to poke various groups for final spec requests for FI, pass to stickster and ianweller
20:22:15 <mchua> Any other FI stuff? We need to move on to non-FI stuff.
20:22:21 * stickster says you're good to go
20:22:22 <ianweller> i can't think of anything
20:22:29 <mchua> K, onwards!
20:23:01 <mchua> I don't think Sparks_ is here (he didn't respond earlier) so I'll poke at "docs/Marketing release notes workflow" on-list.
20:23:25 <mchua> themayor, stickster: Face of Fedora video campaign - need anything?
20:23:45 <mchua> ianweller, themayor: Fedora (Picture) Book - need anything?
20:23:56 <ianweller> mchua: other than more photos, no :)
20:24:05 * ianweller could probably abuse POSSE as a time to get photos...
20:24:05 <moixs> I added that on the list from the old marketing to do list
20:24:11 <themayor> more photos, did we ever end up chaning the submission process
20:24:23 <moixs> Don't know if we even should have it up there (te video campaign)
20:24:30 <mchua> ianweller: abuse away.
20:24:46 * onekopaka_laptop needs to sign that one form..
20:25:03 <mchua> if there are no blockers on the picture book or the video campaign that we need to cover here, we can move on :)
20:25:15 <themayor> i think we will hold off on the face of fedora and make that part of foobar
20:25:20 <themayor> once its up and running
20:25:33 <mchua> themayor: noted. I'll edit the wiki page to say that.
20:25:52 <mchua> #agreed Face of Fedora --> FI
20:25:53 <moixs> themayor: exactly what I was thinking, remove it then.
20:25:57 <moixs> :)
20:26:33 <mchua> Ok. Fedora Classroom... nobody actively bit on the mailing list last week, so I'll try to teach a class sometime this summer on something Marketing-related.
20:26:53 <ianweller> themayor: oh there you are :)
20:26:54 <mchua> (Or... probably I'm going to get SeanDaly from Sugar Labs to come in and give us a crash-course on what he does. He's a professional marketer.)
20:27:23 <JonRob> mchua: that would be pretty cool :)
20:27:35 <Southern_Gentlem> +1
20:27:39 <mchua> #action mchua find out if SeanDaly wants to teach a Classroom class on marketing
20:27:51 <mchua> I think that takes care of Classroom, Picture Book, and Face.
20:28:11 * mchua waits a bit to make sure nobody is screaming "wait stop no it doesn't!"
20:28:23 <mchua> .....ok!
20:28:38 <mchua> next topic: spevack brought up netbooks on-list.
20:28:48 <mchua> see https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-marketing-list/2009-July/msg00068.html and https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-marketing-list/2009-July/msg00069.html threads for context
20:28:59 * spevack refreshes his memory on what he wrote
20:29:10 <mchua> basically, should we have a mini-campaign (read: wiki page resource, at least) targeted towards netbook users, going "you do want to use Fedora on your netbook!"
20:29:25 <mchua> or more usefully, "would anybody like to do this?"
20:29:36 <JonRob> i liked the suggestion of at least listing what hardware works with fedora
20:29:48 <JonRob> and think we should note that there's already fedora-mini sig with an interest in this area
20:29:55 <mchua> ...really? Ooo.
20:30:02 <JonRob> who probably have knowledge, perhaps just wants someone to write it up
20:30:08 <moixs> It's quite "stupid" in fact, all hardware works except the Poulsbo
20:30:23 <spevack> I wonder if this is best done w/ components
20:30:25 * stickster thinks he should get Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst to list his HP 2133 experiences there ;-D
20:30:26 <spevack> or w/ netbook models
20:30:26 <JonRob> moixs: not broadcom wifi
20:30:40 <spevack> I can imagine a big grid both ways, but I think breakdown by models seems best.
20:30:42 <Southern_Gentlem> some of them have weird ethernet cards
20:30:48 <JonRob> spevack +1
20:30:48 <moixs> JonRob: ok, but that's not different than every other laptop
20:30:51 <mchua> well, there's https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Netbooks and http://jfsaucier.wordpress.com/2009/06/08/fedora-netbook-remix/, http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=199199...
20:30:52 <spevack> basically a place for people to say "I have $FOO and here's the report card"
20:31:09 <moixs> SMOLT
20:31:11 <mchua> sounds like the minisig (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/FedoraMini) is a good group to tap.
20:31:16 <onekopaka_laptop> moixs: +1
20:31:22 <stickster> Smolt is crappy at showing things in a condensed report card interface.
20:31:23 <rharrison> moixs, +1
20:31:33 <rharrison> true
20:31:35 <stickster> (And that's not a slam on smolt, I think mmcgrath would agree that the UI needs work.)
20:31:38 <spevack> setting aside the details -- here's the end goal that i envision
20:31:44 <rharrison> so the smolt wiki component needs some love
20:31:53 <moixs> What I propose is to write a series of articles featuring netbooks when we have foobar up
20:32:09 <spevack> basically I just want some way of saying with authority "If you are going to buy a netbook (or even a laptop) and run Fedora on it, these models work 100%"
20:32:22 <spevack> and see that various people are +1'ing that
20:32:54 <JonRob> yes, although is a wiki page a good solution? i know wiki is easy, but i'm always a little dubious about how well maintained/referenced/easy to access wiki stuff is
20:33:01 <rharrison> so are we talking ThinkWiki style or something less than that?
20:33:03 * onekopaka_laptop is doing metrics on smolt
20:33:07 <onekopaka_laptop> speed
20:33:17 <spevack> rharrison: thinkwiki?
20:33:20 * spevack googles
20:33:22 * mchua proposes asking the mini sig if they'd like to own that, with help from marketing to make it shiny and push the info to the right places
20:33:25 * JonRob notes that no one actually mentioned wiki... getting ahead
20:33:33 <stickster> spevack: I think there are going to be numerous cases of 95% where we need to explain the gap
20:33:35 <rharrison> thinkwiki.org
20:33:47 <rharrison> its for thinkpads but its incredibly good for those
20:33:55 * stickster notes thinkwiki was *the* place he always went first when he had ThinkPads
20:33:58 <spevack> stickster: is there a better way to get to what I'm describing?
20:34:03 <rharrison> I wish it was simply expanded to all laptops.
20:34:07 <stickster> spevack: better than what?
20:34:10 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/FedoraMini
20:34:11 <stickster> better than a grid?
20:34:12 <moixs> +1 rharrison
20:34:15 <mchua> (for future ref)
20:34:24 <spevack> yeah, i guess stickster
20:35:04 <rharrison> So there's another opportunity here as well.
20:35:05 <stickster> spevack: I think a grid works well for 100%, and anywhere there's less than that, link out to a wiki page.
20:35:11 <stickster> 100% == total out of the box happiness.
20:35:23 <stickster> If I have to take a single step other than installing, that's < 100%.
20:35:25 <rharrison> which is just filling in information on places like thinkwiki or the linuxquestions wiki.
20:36:09 <rharrison> another way might be to put the howto's on the fp.o wiki and make sure links exist on the others...
20:36:40 <mchua> rharrison +1 on info-upstream
20:36:44 <rharrison> I do feel a hardware section to the docs would be very valuable.
20:36:48 <mchua> tell you what. I want to make sure we're going to get through the "6 weeks before alpha" tasks - any objections to running through the 5 things on there real quick, then (if there are no other topics) spending the rest of our time on netbooks?
20:36:55 <mchua> it sounds like there's a lot to say and a ton of ideas here.
20:37:01 <spevack> mchua: that's fine
20:37:13 <mchua> rharrison, stickster, ok?
20:37:25 <mchua> we'll be quick. :)
20:37:33 <stickster> mchua: Right on the money, time-sensitive stuff at the top.
20:37:35 <rharrison> sounds good
20:37:47 * stickster is ashamed he's not looking at the schedule, or would have suggested that
20:37:49 <mchua> ok. poelcat , spevack, themayor : integrate Marketing F12 schedule into main F12 schedule
20:38:01 <mchua> 'sup with that?
20:38:12 <spevack> poelstra sent a note to fedora-marketing-list today
20:38:31 <spevack> asking for us to select a time next week for the meeting to do that, and with some pre-meeting stuff he'd like us to achieve
20:39:06 <spevack> themayor: I'd like you to run with that, because the F12 schedule is yours to manage, since you are doing a second iteration of the F11 processes
20:39:09 <spevack> that you helped to put in place
20:39:30 <spevack> it's high priority, and needs to happen according to the schedule that poelcat has asked for.
20:40:21 <themayor> okay
20:40:45 <stickster> I have a pending item for that schedule that needs to be integrated
20:41:01 <stickster> It's a marketing task, I even have suggested dates that mesh well with the required Design and Websites task
20:41:08 <stickster> *tasks and schedules.
20:41:15 * stickster sends to list.
20:42:57 * onekopaka_laptop thinks mchua_ really really really hates wifi.
20:43:13 <ianweller> onekopaka_laptop: RHT is being really weird with their network :/
20:43:21 <mchua> WIFI FAIL
20:43:22 <spevack> ianweller, mchua: it's that RHGUEST network
20:43:25 * mchua is fortunately next to ianweller and caught up by shouldersurfing.
20:43:27 <mchua> #action themayor to schedule F12 schedule sync-up with poelcat and others who should attend
20:43:27 <spevack> it kept booting me off yesterday
20:43:27 <ianweller> spevack: i know
20:43:47 <spevack> ianweller, mchua: you should get on rh-wireless instead
20:43:47 <mchua> #action themayor to report on Alpha Readiness Meeting prep next week
20:44:03 * mchua will do that post-meeting
20:44:19 <mchua> ok, f12 schedule and alpha readiness moving right along.
20:44:22 * onekopaka_laptop wonders where ianweller and mchua are..
20:44:23 <mchua> stickster, talking points?
20:44:25 <mchua> "This tasks starts at feature freeze on 7/28. We want a talking points draft by 7/28 and a final by August 4, so we'll revisit on 8/21 and Paul can grab some volunteers then."
20:44:49 <mchua> onekopaka_laptop: we're at the Raleigh offices of Red Hat, at <shameless plug> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_2009 </shameless plug>
20:44:56 <spevack> i can explain talking points
20:44:58 <spevack> it's quite simple
20:45:04 <onekopaka_laptop> mchua: Raleigh.
20:45:06 <spevack> they are developed over the course of the release
20:45:15 <spevack> we use feature freeze
20:45:23 <spevack> as a snapshot to begin crafting the general story that the release might tell
20:45:23 <onekopaka_laptop> mchua: that's too far away.
20:45:26 <spevack> identifying key features
20:45:33 <spevack> for users, developers, sysadmins, visionaries
20:45:37 <spevack> different types of Fedora consumer
20:45:40 <spevack> that they might find most interesting
20:45:42 * ianweller needs to log in/out real fast
20:45:49 <spevack> how do we select those things?
20:45:54 <stickster> spevack: Well spoken sir
20:45:56 <spevack> (1) general level of coolness
20:46:03 <spevack> (2) likelyhood that the feature will make the release
20:46:10 <spevack> the stuff that seems really cool, by identifying it now
20:46:18 <spevack> we can help lean on those developers to ensure that the feature makes F12
20:46:21 <spevack> etc
20:46:27 <spevack> EOF
20:46:47 <stickster> spevack: mchua: I think we may have found a schedule dependency that needs to be fixed...
20:46:55 <stickster> 7/28 is feature freeze and some features are still landing
20:47:03 <stickster> Oh wait
20:47:06 * onekopaka_laptop notes that people are using landfill bugzilla
20:47:08 <stickster> It doesn't need to be fixed, it's correct.
20:47:11 <stickster> *starts* 7/28.
20:47:18 <stickster> Then we're on target! ;-)
20:47:20 * rharrison is in Raleigh...
20:47:21 <mchua> #action mchua to take spevack's eloquence and update https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/Announcements/TalkingPoints and redirect [[Talking Points]] to that
20:47:22 * onekopaka_laptop also laughs again at Complaintzilla's bug #1.
20:47:23 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1 low, low, ---, bugzilla-maint, CLOSED NOTABUG, test bug
20:48:05 <mchua> stickster: just making sure you've got what you need (which sounds like "nothing 'till next week" - anything needed now?)
20:48:29 <stickster> mchua: I don't think so, other than to kick off a T-minus-1-week "What's looking cool" thread?
20:48:35 <spevack> yep
20:48:49 <mchua> stickster: want to kick off that thread?
20:48:56 <stickster> mchua: Already on it!
20:49:10 <mchua> #action stickster kicking off a T-minus-1-week "What's looking cool" thread
20:49:25 * mchua bows to stickster, guru of asskickingness
20:49:39 <mchua> two last things! then netbook time!
20:49:41 <mchua> moixs: Renew the  news distribution network people list to always have motivated people
20:50:01 <mchua> actually, one last thing since themayor is also on "Renew the  news distribution network people list to always have motivated people" for next week
20:50:10 <mchua> er, wait
20:50:20 <mchua> I mean themayor is on the "Publications list" task
20:50:34 <moixs> mchua: in progress, I contacted the people I don't feel motivated, more next week.
20:50:42 <mchua> #action themayor to report back on Publications List progress
20:50:48 <mchua> moixs: w00t. so, same thing next week then
20:51:03 <mchua> #action moixs  to report back on news distribution network next week
20:51:04 <moixs> mchua: it's not that urgent until we spam the media, that's not right now
20:51:06 * mchua nods
20:51:20 <mchua> moixs: consider that item optional then :)
20:51:34 <mchua> and we are DONE! with the agenda, except for open floor and netbooks.
20:51:42 <mchua> anything other than netbooks that people want to talk about today?
20:51:46 <JonRob> do we not already have a publications list?
20:51:55 <moixs> JonRob: yes
20:52:04 <mchua> JonRob: yeah, I'm not... entirely sure what themayor means by that task, I'm assuming it's an update task?
20:52:10 <moixs> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_press_publications
20:52:12 <JonRob> ok
20:52:14 <spevack> I'll ramble for a moment about Netbooks
20:52:26 * JonRob must run
20:52:27 <spevack> I have a few thoughts:
20:52:30 <themayor> its about getting a list of things we need to produce
20:52:34 <JonRob> cheers all
20:52:51 <moixs> themayor: ah ok, the task isn't clear on the wiki :p
20:52:56 * mchua waves to JonRob - thanks!
20:52:59 <spevack> (1) If we give people the right tool -- is it a wiki page -- is it trac -- is it something else -- and a template for grading their Netbook, then we will quickly get a lot of info
20:53:03 <spevack> if we publicize it right
20:53:14 <spevack> (2) Out of that torrent of info, I want to be able to quickly determine:
20:53:20 <themayor> idk, honestly im zoned out, so i will get back to you on it if thats the right thing or not
20:53:26 <spevack> "If I want to install F12, what Netbooks have the fedora community given their blessing to?"
20:53:50 <spevack> So to me, this whole exercise comes down to choosing the right tool and making a good template
20:53:53 <spevack> EOF
20:54:03 <mchua> spevack +1
20:54:18 <mchua> my question is how much of this is marketing and how much of this could be something exciting for the minisig to work on
20:54:18 <rharrison> I'd take a page right out of the thinkwiki book
20:55:07 <rharrison> make a good template for hardware in general and then create a release page that links to well supported options.
20:55:12 <moixs> spevack: as the netbook market evolves very quickly, I don't feel that we should set up a wiki page about that...it will quickly be outdated. What I suggest is a series of articles (on foobar) featuring certain netbooks that work, associated with smolt profiles.
20:55:15 <mchua> I note that there are two people in #fedora-mini now (the channel according to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/FedoraMini) - myself and sdziallas
20:55:30 <rharrison> I wouldn't do them as articals
20:55:46 <rharrison> once they're off the front page its like they never get found again.
20:55:58 <mchua> I see people as asking two questions: "I want to get a netbook and I know I want to run Fedora on it. What netbook should I get?"
20:56:03 <moixs> and yes, it's maybe not our work primarely, but we can serve as a means to tell people "hey, Fedory just works on this HW, you don't need a netbook remix"
20:56:05 <mchua> and "I have this netbook. Can I run Fedora on it?"
20:56:13 <spevack> moixs: i'm not interested in grading every single netbook -- i'm interested in letting people who have purchased one and are using a version of Fedora on it basically give their report card
20:56:18 <rharrison> what think wiki does is they take a laptop model and list its hardware. with links to the hardware categories for detail
20:56:50 <spevack> rharrison: do you have any cycles to try to make something similar happen for Fedora, in whatever way you think is best?
20:57:03 <stickster> mchua: Brilliant way of stating the questions
20:57:23 <mchua> rharrison: if you can mobilize the folks at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/FedoraMini you'll have a tiny army to help.
20:57:57 <moixs> I'm asking the qestion again, how is this different from other laptops? Or even desktops. Oh wait, that's RH's HCL.
20:58:00 <rharrison> If that's the case then one or two templates and maybe one example may be enough to get them going.
20:58:10 <rharrison> moixs, I don't think that it is.
20:58:23 <rharrison> only in that people are motivated about netbooks right now.
20:58:29 <rharrison> which makes it a good place to start.
20:58:35 <mchua> rharrison: can you put that into proposal/exampe form this week and see if anyone from the mini sig bites?
20:58:48 <stickster> It's not different, it just happens to be a much more limited hardware set, and therefore attainable in a reasonable time frame
20:58:48 <mchua> s/exampe/example
20:58:59 <rharrison> I'm traveling this week but perhaps next.
20:59:08 <mchua> rharrison: cool beans.
20:59:14 <mchua> I'll revisit next week.
20:59:19 <mchua> or rather, actually, themayor will. :)
20:59:25 <mchua> We need to wrap up. Final thoughts?
20:59:31 <mchua> closing in 5...
20:59:34 <mchua> 4...
20:59:36 <mchua> ianweller: jetpacks!
20:59:38 <mchua> 3...
20:59:42 * ianweller dons it
20:59:42 * mchua dons jetpack
20:59:43 <mchua> 2...
20:59:44 <rharrison> do we have a netbook we know a bunch of details on?
20:59:47 <moixs> rharrison: sure, but in the long run, should we provide a series of suggestions for laptops/desktops/servers that run fedora out of the box? Maybe associated with a HW mafg
20:59:52 <ianweller> rharrison: go look at [[Eee PC]] on the wiki
20:59:57 <mchua> rharrison, moixs: we'll take it to the list. :)
20:59:58 <mchua> 1...
20:59:59 <ianweller> rharrison: it's slightly out of date but it's a relaly good page
21:00:02 <mchua> #endmeeting