15:00:57 <poelcat> #startmeeting Zikula
15:01:12 <poelcat> who is the house to talk Zikula?
15:01:17 * Sparks is here
15:02:38 <poelcat> Sparks: hi
15:02:54 <poelcat> ke4qqq  ianweller ping
15:02:59 <poelcat> who else did we need to track down?
15:04:04 <Sparks> ke4qqq ianweller rislam jds2001 rjune_wrk mizmo: Zikula Meeting
15:04:11 * rislam is here
15:04:50 * ricky is here
15:06:09 <poelcat> let's get started and hopefully ke4qqq will appeear
15:06:24 * poelcat looks at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Zikula_IRC_log_20090708 for followups
15:06:29 <poelcat> #topic followup https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Zikula_IRC_log_20090708
15:06:44 <mizmo> hi
15:06:45 <poelcat> Sparks: how's Tracking of other modules needs to be added to bugzilla
15:07:26 <Sparks> I think everything is on that ticket, now.
15:07:39 * abadger1999 rubs his eyes and joins the party
15:07:54 * Sparks goes to get the link
15:07:57 <poelcat> Sparks: cool
15:08:23 <poelcat> we had a few others that ke4qqq was tracking down and a few that I'm not sure who was covering them
15:08:49 <poelcat> re: puppet manifests and getting the test instance going
15:09:01 <Sparks> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=504066
15:09:02 <buggbot> Bug 504066: medium, high, ---, david, ASSIGNED, CMS for docs.fp.org
15:09:35 <Sparks> ^^^ That should be the master ticket.  I see 16 blockers on that ticket of which three have been closed.
15:09:55 <Sparks> I know that my packages are in bodhi no
15:09:57 <Sparks> now
15:10:41 <poelcat> Sparks: we said last week we wanted to have all "non-sponsor-needed" modules done by today
15:10:48 <poelcat> is there an easy way to tell?
15:11:54 <Sparks> poelcat: I wouldn't know.  ke4qqq should.  I can do a query to see if anything is flagged as NEEDSPONSOR, though.
15:12:59 <Sparks> poelcat: Give me a few minutes and I'll see if I can do that.
15:13:29 <poelcat> okay
15:13:42 <poelcat> in the meantime who can give status on puppet and the test instance?
15:14:51 * ricky has been wondering about the test instance as well
15:15:08 <ricky> Is there a link floating around by any chance?  :-)
15:15:56 <poelcat> ricky: I don't have one.. it was a comment made in passing last week
15:16:06 <ricky> Ah, OK
15:17:25 * poelcat notes this meeting seems to be dragging
15:17:36 <abadger1999> It is running on one of the publictests.
15:17:37 <poelcat> do we have enough of the right people today or should we call the meeting?
15:18:11 <Sparks> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?query_format=advanced&short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&short_desc=zikula&classification=Fedora&product=Fedora&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&field0-0-0=blocked&type0-0-0=equals&value0-0-0=177841
15:18:17 <poelcat> abadger1999: do you know if there are particular things that need to be done to it to make it usable?
15:18:42 <Sparks> poelcat: Should be one package open that still needs sponsorship...  zikula-module-Content
15:19:00 <poelcat> Sparks: how can we get a sponsor for it?
15:19:39 <Sparks> I think abadger1999 is working that ticket.
15:19:47 <abadger1999> Sparks, poelcatI will sponsor when the package is ready.
15:19:48 <Sparks> .bug 492091
15:19:50 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=492091 medium, low, ---, a.badger, ASSIGNED, Review Request: zikula-module-Content - Page editing module for Zikula
15:19:51 <buggbot> Bug 492091: medium, low, ---, a.badger, ASSIGNED, Review Request: zikula-module-Content - Page editing module for Zikula
15:20:17 <abadger1999> poelcat: I do not know of the status of the publictest instance.
15:20:23 <poelcat> okay, so who will make the package ready?
15:20:34 <abadger1999> It was running quite a while ago, but without everything being in packages.
15:21:42 <Sparks> Yeah, there is a publictest instance.  I don't recall what it was, though.  We talked about it on the Marketing Meeting yesterday
15:23:07 <abadger1999> Looks like publictest15
15:23:07 <quaid> publictest15
15:23:37 <Sparks> Yeah, what they said
15:24:33 <Sparks> #link http://publictest15.fedoraproject.org/cms/
15:24:48 <poelcat> let's close on bug 492091... what is the next action and who owns it?
15:24:50 <buggbot> Bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=492091 medium, low, ---, a.badger, ASSIGNED, Review Request: zikula-module-Content - Page editing module for Zikula
15:25:31 <Sparks> LukasHetzi owns it and abadger1999 is working it
15:26:49 <abadger1999> So next step for that is Lukas makes a new package that uses the system installed php libraries instead of the ones bundled with the package.
15:27:20 <poelcat> how soon do we need that from Lukas and does he know we are waiting for it?
15:29:51 <Sparks> Last comment on the ticket was today
15:32:18 <abadger1999> Yeah, I worked on a bunch of reviews last night.  Lukas has been pretty responsive.
15:32:33 <abadger1999> Don't know if he knows there's urgency in getting reviewed, though.
15:34:20 <poelcat> okay, i guess we should move on.  It might help if he did
15:35:11 <poelcat> Sparks: who knows the latest status of the test instance and what the next steps are?
15:35:31 <Sparks> poelcat: I can't answer that.
15:36:40 <poelcat> who would be the next logical person to ask?
15:36:54 <Sparks> ke4qqq: or infra
15:39:03 * stickster_mtg shows up very late
15:39:16 <stickster> I'm sorry guys
15:39:22 <poelcat> anything else we should cover today? it seems that we aren't making a lot of progress
15:39:32 <poelcat> and are dependent on others not here
15:39:32 * stickster reads back to see where we are
15:41:01 <rislam> i'm confused to ask what part I should take as I am new on this team
15:41:17 <stickster> Sparks: poelcat: abadger1999: So the main thing I see right now is packaging needs, is that where we're blocked?
15:41:47 <abadger1999> It's probably the bottleneck, though we're flowing.
15:41:57 <Sparks> stickster: that is a major blocker
15:42:04 <abadger1999> packaging needs include writing/rewriting code sometimes.
15:42:08 * Sparks agrees with abadger1999
15:42:35 <abadger1999> because of bundled libraries or licensing issues.
15:42:48 <stickster> Sparks: Who do we have working on the team who's PHP proficient (or somewhat so)?
15:42:57 * Sparks doesn't know
15:43:02 * stickster has done a couple packages himself, but they tended to be pretty easy.
15:43:27 <stickster> Sparks: Perhaps you could clarify that on the list, then?
15:43:44 <Sparks> stickster: ok
15:43:49 <stickster> We probably need to know who our go-to folks are. And if we don't have any outside the Zikula folks, we would want to know that as well.
15:44:12 <stickster> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/showdependencytree.cgi?id=504066&hide_resolved=1
15:44:25 <stickster> That's the current lineup for Zikula packaging stuff that's waiting, right?
15:45:19 <stickster> abadger1999: About thsi bug...
15:45:20 <stickster> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=506517
15:45:22 <buggbot> Bug 506517: medium, medium, ---, nb, ASSIGNED, Review Request: phpFlickr - PHP client library for Flickr
15:45:29 <stickster> That looks closeable to me, do you agree?
15:45:51 * stickster has stepped in the weeds and backs out.
15:46:17 <stickster> Would anybody agree that, since packaging is a bottleneck, we should traverse this short bug list to see what needs to be completed?
15:46:22 <abadger1999> stickster: Looks to be.  Let me check with yum
15:46:25 <stickster> Or am I digging too deep there?
15:46:37 <Sparks> stickster: Are we holding these tickets open until the package goes live?
15:46:58 <stickster> Sparks: I think abadger1999 just asked the same thing, differently
15:47:05 <poelcat> the only other topic we had was how to engage other groups besides documentation but i'm not sure if we have enough other people t9o discuss
15:47:23 <poelcat> so walking the bug list for the remaining time is fine
15:47:34 <stickster> poelcat: Sorry if I got off the agenda
15:47:40 * stickster was like a bull in a china shop there for a minute
15:48:06 <stickster> So...
15:48:24 <stickster> The way I see it, there are four groups that are involved somehow
15:48:48 <stickster> Docs is responsible and accountable for getting the Zikula system packaged, complete with whatever modules we need
15:49:16 * stickster <-- disagree with this guy when appropriate
15:49:24 * Sparks agrees
15:49:27 <abadger1999> I think phpFlickr is done -- it's in EPEL-5 testing.
15:49:47 <stickster> abadger1999: eggscellent
15:49:48 <Sparks> I think my packages are in EPEL-5 testing, too
15:50:06 <Sparks> except for the one with the licensing issued
15:50:09 <Sparks> issues
15:50:12 <abadger1999> ke4qqq: may have that set to autoclose by bodhi when the package goes stable in F-11 but there's not much left too do.
15:50:21 <stickster> Infrastructure is responsible for putting the app up, once that's done
15:50:41 <stickster> Design is responsible for skinning the thing
15:50:47 * Sparks has his set to autoclose when it goes stable in F-11
15:50:47 <stickster> (i.e. CSS work)
15:51:20 * quaid puts the skinning knife away ...
15:51:22 <stickster> Marketing (ianweller) is responsible for assessing it for use with their new content project
15:51:51 <stickster> On the side, the News team is probably affected by this and should be kept informed (they're really team #5 more or less)
15:52:09 <abadger1999> regarding infra responsibility, we're planning on giving as much of that to itbegins/other people brought in by their intterest in zikula as possible.
15:52:43 <abadger1999> I'll try to get people sponsored into additional groups or, failing that, will proxy changes into infrastructure for them.
15:53:34 <stickster> So for each of these teams, there's someone in particular who's responsible for tasks -- abadger1999 just stated what he's doing in this process.
15:53:48 <stickster> ianweller: <-- is not here apparently to talk about Marketing
15:54:10 <Sparks> ke4qqq: <-- is managing the packaging
15:54:44 <stickster> So all those people are involved on the logistics list, right?
15:54:57 <Sparks> should be
15:55:02 <poelcat> i think so too
15:55:08 <stickster> It seems to me all the groups that should be engaged, are
15:55:29 <Sparks> now if we can just get them to show up to a meeting!
15:55:40 <stickster> We can still establish next actions and set due dates for them
15:56:10 <Sparks> +1 to assigning work to people who aren't here.
15:56:16 <stickster> Sparks: Do you recall what the target date was to get the publictest instance updated with the packages being created?
15:56:34 <stickster> poelcat: I hope I'm not retreading old ground here
15:56:39 * poelcat notes we have 4 min until the end
15:56:52 <Sparks> I don't
15:56:57 <poelcat> stickster: nope
15:57:12 <Sparks> Before the RNs Alpha
15:57:26 <stickster> Sparks: When is that?
15:57:33 * Sparks is looking
15:57:47 <poelcat> 2009-08-18
15:57:58 <stickster> Thanks :-)
15:58:09 <Sparks> I was going to say the 16th but I'm good with a couple extradays
15:58:56 <stickster> OK, so without a better idea of when modules are to be completed, and to leave us room to get problems worked out, what if we tried to have all the packaging work done by 23 July (Fri) or 26 July (Mon)?
15:59:05 <stickster> That seems eminently achievable
15:59:21 <stickster> I got easy packages done in about an hour
15:59:29 <poelcat> we had an initial target of "completion of all non-sponsor-needed modules by next Wednesday, July 15, 2009 "
15:59:29 <stickster> And the hard ones we should bubble up to the list for help.
15:59:41 <stickster> poelcat: Ah, so I'm slipping that date then?
15:59:43 <Sparks> except the 23rd is a Thursday and the 26th is a Sunday
15:59:51 <stickster> sorry, date fail :-)
15:59:55 <poelcat> well we need status from ke4qqq
16:00:00 <poelcat> so i'm not sure :)
16:00:19 <poelcat> we need to wrap up... I think QA meeting is next
16:00:20 <stickster> poelcat: Thanks for that date, I didn't realize we'd passed the deadline at this poitn.
16:00:26 * adamw taps foot and looks at watch
16:00:29 <stickster> OK, let's see if we can round up issues on list
16:00:29 <jlaska> hehe
16:00:37 <poelcat> thanks everyone
16:00:38 <stickster> Take it away QA!
16:00:39 <poelcat> #endmeeting