15:05:00 <rjune_wrk> #startmeeting
15:05:07 <rjune_wrk> #chair arxs mcepl
15:05:28 <rjune_wrk> ok, who's here?
15:05:40 <mcepl> me
15:06:21 <rjune_wrk> arxs is in and out due to telephone call
15:06:37 <rjune_wrk> #topic Opening
15:07:19 <rjune_wrk> This is going to be a particularly short meeting this week. There's nothing new to add to the agenda that I'm aware of and half the members are out of contact
15:07:40 <iarlyy> Hi all, in time to meeting... yaya
15:08:02 <rjune_wrk> iarlyy: yes, but we're missing a lot of folks, so this is going to be shorty
15:08:03 <rjune_wrk> short
15:08:04 <mpreston> hi, present
15:08:27 <rjune_wrk> #topic Triage Metrics
15:08:45 <rjune_wrk> comphappy was working on  this, I've not heard anything back  about it since last meeting.
15:09:13 <rjune_wrk> anybody else know anything? Did I miss  this on the list?
15:10:19 <iarlyy> who sent meeting agenda to f-t-l?
15:11:01 <rjune_wrk> Nobody that I am aware of.
15:11:23 <rjune_wrk> I screwed up. I was supposed to, but I was thinking this wasn't my week
15:11:41 <rjune_wrk> The only things I know about are updates from last meeting.
15:11:59 <rjune_wrk> Moving on from triage then
15:12:05 <rjune_wrk> #topic - Component list update for the F12 cycle - Update on status.
15:12:45 <rjune_wrk> axrs was working on this. He got the dependancy stuff added
15:12:48 <rjune_wrk> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Arxs/CPCL
15:13:21 <rjune_wrk> There is a script that generates it which is a good thing
15:14:10 <iarlyy> a list very much long than old ( f11 )
15:14:40 <rjune_wrk> Yes.
15:14:41 <iarlyy> what we need to finish this page?
15:14:45 <rjune_wrk> and it changes regularly
15:15:03 <rjune_wrk> Actually, this part is complete. it was done as part of a larger task
15:16:24 <iarlyy> rjune_wrk, is now all bugzilla-fedora components in this list?
15:16:47 <rjune_wrk> I believe so.
15:17:03 <rjune_wrk> axrs said it was complete. but he had to leave before the meeting
15:17:18 <tk009> there are allot of things on that list that don't belong
15:17:31 <rjune_wrk> That is entirely possible.
15:17:34 <tk009> critical cops only should be there
15:17:38 <rjune_wrk> #chair tk009
15:17:40 <tk009> comps*
15:17:49 <rjune_wrk> Howdy tk
15:17:54 <tk009> hello all
15:17:57 <tk009> rj
15:18:02 <rjune_wrk> [10:59] <arxs> i have done the critical path components list with deps
15:18:04 <rjune_wrk> [11:00] <arxs> but this is a real big list, that need to split into groups for triage
15:18:16 <rjune_wrk> That's what arxs said in #bz regarding it.
15:18:23 <iarlyy> hmm
15:18:43 <tk009> pulseaudio is not critical
15:18:47 <tk009> as an example
15:18:48 <iarlyy> tk009, hi guy
15:18:55 <tk009> iarlyy =)
15:19:47 <rjune_wrk> Does anyone have anything else to add?
15:19:53 <wwoods> Some of the critical path components are already split into three main groups: @core, @critical-path-base, and @critical-path-gnome. But things get fuzzy when you start pulling all their deps.
15:20:03 <iarlyy> for me, nops
15:21:45 <rjune_wrk> Glad to have you wwoods.
15:22:34 * wwoods waves, goes back to lurking
15:23:27 <rjune_wrk> ok, moving on then
15:23:44 <rjune_wrk> #topic greasemonkey script
15:24:09 <mcepl> all: to the previous point ... do we have some idea how many bugs (sans kernel ones) we are talking about?
15:24:10 <rjune_wrk> mcepl: have you had anybody new start using the latest version?
15:24:28 <mcepl> I have never heard any complaints ... which may mean a lot of things ;-)
15:24:31 <iarlyy> good to remember I'm without it
15:24:41 <mpreston> i lost the link to the new version
15:25:16 <tk009> http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=triage.git;a=blob_plain;f=greasemonkey/bugzillaBugTriage.user.js
15:25:21 <tk009> is that one not correct?
15:25:25 <mcepl> mpreston: just follow the instructions on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/Tools there are no two versions anymore
15:25:44 <tk009> that is the link from the wiki/tools page
15:25:53 <mcepl> yeah, that's the same
15:25:56 <mpreston> i don't think that linked worked for me, i'll check again
15:26:14 <mpreston> it didn't give me the option to install the script
15:26:16 <mcepl> mpreston: OK, I will be in #fedora-bugzappers, fire any complaints to me
15:26:28 <tk009> remove to ending mpreston
15:26:35 <mpreston> no problem
15:26:38 <tk009> .user.js I think and it will work
15:26:58 <mcepl> and of course recheck that you have greasemonkey installed
15:27:02 <tk009> the link doesnt work for e either I have been meaning to edit it
15:28:09 <mpreston> =-O it worked for me this time... i wasn't standing on my head last time i tried
15:28:59 <tk009> =)
15:29:03 <mcepl> cool
15:30:11 <iarlyy> installed here, what the bug where mcepl test the script?
15:31:47 <mcepl> try https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=451951
15:31:48 <buggbot> Bug 451951: low, low, ---, matej.cepl, CLOSED CANTFIX, test with attachment
15:33:59 <mcepl> reopen it, close it, do any harm to it
15:34:13 <iarlyy> apparently working fine, thanks mcepl
15:36:38 <rjune_wrk> Ok, anything else there?
15:37:08 <rjune_wrk> #Debugging pages
15:37:25 <rjune_wrk> This was all adamw, he's en route back to canada from the uk right now.
15:37:42 <rjune_wrk> Does anyone else have anything to add here?
15:38:05 <rjune_wrk> #topic Debugging pages
15:38:09 <rjune_wrk> This was all adamw, he's en route back to canada from the uk right now.
15:38:12 <rjune_wrk> Does anyone else have anything to add here?
15:39:03 <tk009> nothing from me, work keeps grabbing me
15:39:14 <rjune_wrk> #topic Open floor
15:39:32 <rjune_wrk> Gripes, complaints, suggestions, or backhands go here.
15:40:18 * mcepl has just praise :)
15:40:32 <rjune_wrk> You can do that too.
15:40:45 * iarlyy seek... =(
15:42:50 <rjune_wrk> Thank you all for coming. we appreciated having you, there's a bugday in #fedora-bugzappers immediately follwoing the meeting
15:43:09 <rjune_wrk> Next week we should be back to our regularly scheduled meetings complete without goofy screwups.
15:43:23 <rjune_wrk> #endmeeting