17:00:47 <jreznik> #startmeeting F19 Go/No-Go meeting
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17:00:58 <adamw> ahoyhoy.
17:00:58 <jreznik> #meetingname F19 Go/No-Go meeting
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17:01:16 <jreznik> #topic Roll Call
17:01:21 <nirik> morning.
17:01:30 <jreznik> let's at least start it officially and waiiit for surprise
17:01:31 <adamw> here, sir
17:01:32 <nirik> I was told there would be punch and pie... :)
17:01:43 * adamw punches nirik and tells him he ate all the pies
17:01:58 <drago01> we still don't call this slip/no-slip meeting? ;)
17:02:14 <jreznik> #chair adamw nirik
17:02:14 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw jreznik nirik
17:02:37 <adamw> call it bob if it makes you happy
17:03:07 <jreznik> bob/no-bob
17:04:04 <adamw> no bob
17:04:06 <adamw> i don't like bob
17:04:20 * nirik likes bob. +1 bob.
17:04:29 <adamw> -1 bob! you suck!
17:04:50 <jreznik> anyone else? I hope dgilmore will join us with good news...
17:04:53 * Martix1 is here
17:04:59 * tflink is here
17:05:01 <jreznik> welcome bob martix
17:05:12 <jreznik> #chair tflink
17:05:12 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw jreznik nirik tflink
17:06:07 * nirik goes to get more coffee, back in a min.
17:06:54 <jreznik> #topic Purpose of this meeting
17:06:56 <jreznik> #info Purpose of this meeting is to see whether or not F19 Final is ready for shipment, according to the release criteria.
17:06:58 <jreznik> #info This is determined in a few ways:
17:06:59 <jreznik> #info No remaining blocker bugs
17:07:00 <jreznik> #info Test matrices for Final are fully completed
17:07:02 <jreznik> #link http://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/milestone/19/final/buglist
17:07:03 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Current_Installation_Test
17:07:05 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Current_Base_Test
17:07:05 <dgilmore> jreznik: im here
17:07:06 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Current_Desktop_Test‎
17:07:08 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_19_Final_Release_Criteria
17:08:34 <jreznik> so it's officially started, now we are waiting for RC3
17:09:09 <jreznik> anyone wants to say anything about accepted blockers, otherwise I'll just info current status
17:09:25 <adamw> to make it clear for the record, we have an open blocker which is unaddressed in the current candidate build, RC2+RC2.2 :
17:09:40 <jreznik> #topic current status
17:09:44 <adamw> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=978852
17:09:53 <adamw> #info we have an open blocker which is unaddressed in the current candidate build, RC2+RC2.2 : https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=978852
17:10:02 * Martix1 is traveling home, because it's going to be looong uncertain and stochastic waiting
17:10:06 <nirik> so, what areas could be possibly changed in rc3? we need to do a full retest? or ?
17:10:42 <adamw> the sole intended change for rc3 is this:L
17:10:52 <adamw> https://lists.fedorahosted.org/pipermail/anaconda-patches/2013-June/004788.html
17:11:01 <adamw> it is limited to the software spoke in the tui install interface.
17:11:07 <jreznik> nirik: for the bug itself, it's pretty limited to tui and small fix
17:11:26 <adamw> so what we really need to re-test is software selection in text install. for everything else we should do sanity testing on key things like media consistency etc.
17:11:26 <nirik> cool
17:11:40 <adamw> we should not need to re-do base or desktop tests at all, just check the images don't explode for some crazy reason.
17:11:48 <adamw> however, rc3 will include an unintended change too:
17:12:08 <adamw> https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/comps.git/commit/?id=020acb5464596607acf8d3b75c702dd637497bec
17:12:36 <adamw> let me take this opportunity to ask people again, for the love of god, PLEASE not to make unnecessary frivolous changes to comps and spin-kickstarts during release freezes.
17:12:42 <nirik> so, shall we leave this meeting open until rc3 testing can be done? or ?
17:13:01 <adamw> we need to check that change does not somehow cause the desktop live or the DVD to go oversize.
17:13:07 <adamw> with all appendages crossed it shouldn't.
17:13:11 <jreznik> nirik: I'd say so
17:13:17 <drago01> adamw: can we just temporary revert that change?
17:13:26 <adamw> we should also do quick sanity checks on install package sets which might possibly be affected by that change
17:13:37 <adamw> drago01: unfortunately no, because comps changes require a complete repo mash, which takes several hours
17:13:39 <nirik> drago01: not without remashing everything.
17:13:40 <adamw> so we're basically stuck with it
17:13:46 <drago01> oh
17:13:49 <drago01> ok
17:13:57 <adamw> nirik: leave it open or re-convene, either way. we use this channel so we can leave it open if necessary.
17:14:15 <drago01> adamw: is rc3 being composed right now?
17:14:16 <tflink> isn't readiness meeting here in less than 2 hours?
17:14:20 * nirik is fine either way, do we want to set a timer?
17:14:26 <nirik> drago01: it is.
17:14:30 <drago01> nirik: ok
17:14:31 <adamw> tflink: it's not in here.
17:14:35 <tflink> ok
17:14:37 <dgilmore> drago01: to revert it will make for RC3 taking about 8 hours to compose
17:14:44 <adamw> gnome-getting-started-docs is in the gnome-desktop package set so we should test a GNOME dvd install
17:14:51 <drago01> dgilmore: yeah not really an option
17:15:11 <adamw> drascula is not in any package set i can see (only in games, as optional, which basically means 'not in it' these days) so that's not a problem
17:15:16 <jreznik> no other meeting scheduled to this channel today as looking on wiki, so we can have it open
17:16:01 <adamw> kicad is in electronics lab so we can probably give that a shot
17:16:12 <adamw> sagemath is not in anything
17:17:39 <adamw> so to me rc3 test recipe looks like 'ensure sizes are OK, check key install types on text, sanity checking on other images and major install paths, check electronics lab group'
17:17:52 <adamw> most tests we can just copy over from rc1 and rc2
17:18:04 * nirik nods.
17:18:32 <adamw> it would help confidence if everyone can just grab an rc3 image and do _something_ with it
17:18:41 <adamw> obviously contributing to the test matrices helps
17:18:41 <jreznik> are you going to prepare test matrix for rc3?
17:18:55 <adamw> robatino will create the matrices, he always does. i'll try and do a curated result transfer from rc2
17:18:59 * jreznik will definitely grab it once it's available
17:19:04 <nirik> he's already done so. ;)
17:19:11 <adamw> okay, i'll get going on the result transfer then
17:19:14 <robatino> they're done
17:19:47 <jreznik> thanks robatino
17:20:01 <adamw> +1
17:20:26 <adamw> we need to check obvious 'compose sanity' stuff like image sizes, checksums, bootability and the like - at least boot each release-blocking image once
17:30:28 <adamw> man, I should do all my testing this way
17:30:36 <adamw> rc3 base and desktop testing is complete, i'm awesome ;)
17:30:54 * nirik hands adamw a drink with a tiny umbrella in it.
17:31:31 <jreznik> :D
17:38:32 <thebya> desktop lives done in koji, within size limits
17:39:02 * nirik cheers
17:54:46 <Martix_> is mtg still "on air"?
17:55:13 <jreznik> Martix_: yes
17:55:15 <adamw> yes, we're leaving it open while we test
17:55:24 <adamw> s/test/handwave and pray/
17:55:39 <handsome_pirate> Heh
17:55:42 <jreznik> and we're getting first live images now
17:57:21 <Martix_> ok, ping me if there is some progress
18:03:50 <adamw> result transfer to rc3 matrices is complete, I've tried to leave strategic gaps for things we really ought to re-test
18:04:02 <adamw> of course, we should go on and replace as many 'previous run' tests as time allows too
18:06:04 <jreznik> [20:04] <dgilmore> RC3 Live portion is all in place with checksums, i.e. Desktop and KDE
18:09:07 <tflink> desktop spin appears to not have size issues
18:10:24 <adamw> trumpets, etc.
18:10:41 <jreznik> #info desktop spin sizes are ok
18:16:00 <adamw> 32-bit dvd is up
18:21:45 <dgilmore> as is 64 bit dvd
18:56:03 <jreznik> REMINDER: The Release Readiness meeting "starts" in 5 minutes in #fedora-meeting-1
19:04:20 <cwickert> #join fedora-meeting-1
19:04:23 <cwickert> oops
21:13:57 <adamw> rc3 testing proceeding smoothly, no issues found so far, blocker fix is verified
21:14:03 <adamw> (just providing a status update)
21:17:53 <nirik> so, how much more testing needed before go/no-go call?
21:18:33 <adamw> mostly just need to boot a few more images and do a fedup test
21:18:36 <adamw> hour or two?
21:18:40 <nirik> cool.
21:19:24 * jreznik would like to see one hour :D still in the office :)
21:21:03 <adamw> c'mon, it's not even MIDNIGHT yet
21:21:04 <adamw> wuss
21:22:11 <jreznik> :D well, I found supply of energy drinks :)
21:22:19 <jreznik> called "HELL"
21:44:07 <tflink> jreznik_: wouldn't energy drinks sourced from HELL be a little on the warm side?
21:44:24 * tflink prefers energy drinks cold, but to each their own :)
21:55:24 <drago01> tflink: unless the "energy drink" is called coffee ;)
21:55:48 <tflink> drago01: coffee can be good cold if it's done right
21:56:08 <drago01> indeed
21:56:30 <tflink> however, coffee that's been sitting around so long it's now cold is usually not what I think of as "good" :)
21:56:42 <drago01> ;)
21:56:54 * adamw finishes off his double nespresso iced latte
22:01:09 <jreznik> heh, alarm in the office is set to midnight, disarmed
22:01:30 <adamw> okay, i am about ready to sign off on this thing, personally
22:01:40 <adamw> who else from qa is still here? tflink? anyone else?
22:01:47 * tflink is here
22:01:56 <adamw> you happy yet? or waiting for any more tests?
22:02:03 <tflink> no objections from me - I don't see how more fedup runs are going to prove much of anything
22:02:20 <adamw> no, i just wanted one to check the rc3 upgrade.img
22:03:16 <adamw> so to do the bureaucracy: we have no unaddressed open blockers for the rc3 images
22:03:22 <adamw> we need to push spin-kickstarts to stable, but that's okay
22:03:42 <jreznik> #info after RC3 validation we have no unaddressed open blockers
22:04:08 <adamw> we consider the combined rc1/rc2/rc3 test coverage sufficient: all required tests have been hit somewhere in that set and we did enough testing on rc2 and rc3 to be confident that everything is good
22:04:36 <adamw> can we get to the votin'? :)
22:04:38 <adamw> nirik: pingy
22:04:46 <adamw> dgilmore: pingu
22:04:48 <tflink> he just left a few minutes ago :)
22:05:01 <jreznik> #info QA considers the combined rc1/rc2/rc3 test coverage sufficient: all required tests have been hit somewhere in that set and we did enough testing on rc2 and rc3 to be confident that everything is good
22:05:29 <jreznik> yep, nirik left a few minutes ago saying he will be back in 30, 40 minutes
22:05:41 <dgilmore> adamw: no
22:05:55 <adamw> dgilmore: you're not pingu?
22:06:02 <dgilmore> adamw: im not
22:06:06 <jreznik> rbergeron: you around?
22:06:11 <adamw> dgilmore: don't worry, i was just asking you to vote for releng
22:06:15 <adamw> i think releng gets a vote
22:06:23 <adamw> if nirik's not here do we have anyone to be devel?
22:06:26 <dgilmore> adamw: oh i say ship it
22:08:16 <jreznik> adamw: not sure I see anyone we can say "devel" :(
22:08:23 * adamw is a provenpackager
22:08:29 <adamw> or fesco, for that matter
22:08:33 <adamw> damnit people need to stop leaving
22:08:43 * jreznik is also provenpackager :)
22:08:57 <adamw> let's get out the Big Box Of Disguises
22:09:00 <tflink> aren't you two special :-P
22:09:04 <misc> adamw: mjg59 ?
22:09:15 <adamw> mjg59: ahoyhoy
22:09:51 <mjg59> ?
22:10:00 <mjg59> You've got 5 minutes until I go to get my drink on
22:10:04 <adamw> can you play devel for us?
22:10:10 <adamw> for go/no-go voting purposes
22:10:20 <mjg59> I haven't booted anything past beta
22:10:31 <mjg59> So not really in good faith, no
22:11:27 <jreznik> nirik should be back in 10-20 minutes...
22:11:51 <adamw> are we still technically on the old fesco, or are we on the new fesco?
22:12:04 <misc> does it make a difference ?
22:12:12 <adamw> well, in terms of who we can ask to come and be fesco
22:12:16 <adamw> or we can just wait for nirik, i guess
22:12:40 <misc> old fsco would have the legitimity of being there for the whole cycle
22:12:49 <misc> and new one due to the vote
22:12:49 <adamw> anyway, in case there are massive earthquakes or something, i'll note that QA will vote GO
22:13:05 <jreznik> let's change topic then
22:13:15 <jreznik> #topic Go/No-Go decision
22:15:14 <adamw> as there are no unaddressed blockers and test coverage is sufficient, QA votes GO.
22:15:14 <jreznik> as we're waiting for nirik, do not touch anything :D
22:15:59 <jwb> still need FESCo go?
22:16:03 <jreznik> #info as there are no unaddressed blockers and test coverage is sufficient, QA votes GO
22:16:10 <jreznik> jwb: yep please
22:16:39 <jwb> i don't believe there are any outstanding issues that FESCo is aware of that need addressing
22:16:43 <jwb> i would say GO
22:17:37 <jreznik> #info there are any outstanding issues that FESCo is aware of, devel votes GO
22:17:49 <jwb> er
22:17:51 <jwb> aren't
22:17:58 <jreznik> #undo
22:17:59 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x1234ee50>
22:18:20 <jreznik> #info there aren't any outstanding issues that FESCo is aware of, devel votes GO
22:18:24 <adamw> outstanding.
22:18:29 <adamw> #jreznikfail
22:18:33 <jreznik> fail, fail
22:19:34 <jreznik> adamw: eh, what's wrong now
22:20:35 <jreznik> ?
22:21:43 <adamw> i thought it was meant to say 'fesco votes GO'
22:22:10 <jreznik> so s/devel/FESCo, sure
22:22:15 <adamw> oh, fesco represents devel, i see.
22:22:57 <jreznik> ok, let's move on
22:23:11 <adamw> my bad sorry
22:23:48 <jreznik> #info as based on QA and devel feedback, FPM votes GO
22:24:13 * jreznik is not sure we can get rbergeron now as FPL
22:24:14 <adamw> if fpm and fpl are gonna have formal votes, btw, we really should update the go/no-go meeting page
22:24:22 <adamw> it only requires votes from devel, qa and releng
22:24:30 <adamw> dgilmore: releng vote?
22:24:41 <dgilmore> adamw: ship it out the door
22:25:05 <jreznik> #info releng votes GO
22:25:49 <jreznik> adamw: well, we already talked about it during F18, we want to update it... I'm ok with not voting as I just ack your decision
22:26:07 * nirik is back
22:26:25 <tflink> finally, you've been holding up release :)
22:26:28 * nirik is all go unless something horrible came up in the last 30min
22:27:01 <adamw> tflink: it's ok, we got jwb
22:27:12 <adamw> that's all the votes required in the meeting sop
22:27:21 <nirik> go go go. ;)
22:27:58 <jreznik> proposed #agreed Fedora 19 Final status is GO by Fedora QA, release engineering, developers and FPM
22:28:04 <adamw> ACK
22:28:09 <nirik> full ack
22:28:13 <tflink> ack
22:28:24 <adamw> er
22:28:30 <adamw> tflink: did you want to do an sb test?
22:28:38 <adamw> or, you know...not?
22:28:45 <jwb> i'm sure nirik would have spoke up if i was wrong on the fesco part, btw ;)
22:28:57 <nirik> we're all good.
22:29:27 * jreznik is going to hit enter now to send Go decision, speak now
22:29:36 <tflink> adamw: we probably should
22:30:34 <jreznik> adamw, tflink: well, so delay "agreed" or push it out?
22:30:56 <adamw> i kinda would feel bad if we don't do an SB install.
22:31:07 <adamw> the last one i can find anyone did was some random forum person on june 7th.
22:31:17 <nirik> jwb: you have sb hardware there?
22:31:25 <adamw> tflink does
22:31:26 <jwb> yes.  it's running f19
22:31:39 <jwb> hasn't been through an actual anaconda install in a while though
22:31:47 <tflink> adamw: I love how cavalier you are with my hardware :)
22:31:55 <adamw> i know, i am, aren't i?
22:32:00 <adamw> don't you have a test hard disk you can throw in?
22:32:06 * adamw has a pile of hard disks on top of his chassis
22:32:24 <drago01> still no SB vms?
22:32:25 <drago01> lame
22:32:40 <nirik> you can sorta kinda do it, but it's not easy...
22:32:42 <adamw> sorry tflink
22:33:04 <drago01> nirik: ot but any pointer to that?
22:33:13 <nirik> sure, just a sec...
22:34:55 <nirik> drago01: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Testing_secureboot_with_KVM
22:35:02 <drago01> nirik: thanks
22:35:02 <nirik> not sure if it's out of date now or not
22:35:32 <drago01> ok
22:35:59 <adamw> tflink: got a rough eta on that one?
22:36:09 <adamw> minimal install should be fine i think
22:47:40 <tflink> that would have been wise, but I started a full gnome install
22:48:28 <tflink> adamw: it's more the fact that the machine is triple booting win7, ubuntu and fedora
22:48:32 <tflink> pokemon don
22:48:40 <tflink> 't like being disturbed :)
22:48:57 <adamw> =)
22:49:19 * nirik would be happy to do secureboot testing if someone bought him one of the new samsung laptops with the nice resolution. ;)
22:49:24 <adamw> well, if it's multibooting native uefi installs you should be able to switch out disks with impunity
22:49:38 <adamw> efibootmgr entries specify uuids
22:50:03 <adamw> i suppose the uefi fedora install will nerf the efibootmgr entry for your existing fedora install though :(
22:50:11 <adamw> unless you rename it first.
22:50:34 <drago01> nirik: just to notice how we really suck at supporting those resultions? ;)
22:50:52 <nirik> I'd muddle thru. ;)
22:50:59 <drago01> ;)
22:51:14 * adamw finds 1080p at 13" sharp enough
22:52:38 <tflink> adamw: no, I've been through that before, I rename my normal fedora install's efi entry so that it doesn't get stomped on :)
22:52:43 <adamw> aha.
22:58:35 <adamw> <tflink> adamw: 833/1240 packages
22:58:38 <adamw> *twiddles thumbs*
23:04:51 <tflink> post-install setup
23:05:18 <drago01> tflink: you clearly need faster hardware ;)
23:05:20 <nirik> <elevator music>
23:06:21 <puiterwijk> nirik: you don't happen to be listening to Dutch radio, right? I just hear elevator music on the radio :)
23:06:28 <nirik> ha
23:08:06 <adamw> drago01: goddamnit he was issued a perfectly good Conner 200MB hard disk when he joined QA and that's what he'll use till its accounting end-of-life date in 2047
23:08:27 <drago01> heh
23:08:28 <adamw> never let it be said RH wastes shareholder money
23:11:34 <nirik> not a Quantum? shiny!
23:12:40 <tflink> rebooting now
23:13:03 <adamw> i caught one of the interns trying to trade in their conner for a quantum fireball
23:13:05 <adamw> damn ingrates
23:13:26 <Martix_> jreznik: ACK, let the cat go of the box!
23:13:47 <tflink> you can only read from a DVD so fast during install :)
23:13:57 <drago01> DVD?
23:14:00 <puiterwijk> adamw: what's wrong with interns? ;)
23:14:03 <adamw> why'd you install it from a dvd?
23:14:10 <adamw> puiterwijk: nothing's wrong with them! they make fine, fine fuel
23:14:16 <tflink> because I didn't have a USB stick ready
23:14:21 <drago01> network
23:14:26 * adamw throws another intern on the boiler
23:14:32 <ianweller> puiterwijk: servers can't keep the new HQ warm on their own
23:14:49 <puiterwijk> adamw: hah, remind me to evade you whenever possible
23:15:31 <tflink> install done, pass
23:15:34 <puiterwijk> ianweller: then you need more servers? :)
23:15:34 <adamw> yaaaaay
23:15:37 <nirik> hurray!
23:15:40 <adamw> much-delayed ACK
23:15:49 <puiterwijk> woot!
23:15:50 <adamw> tflink: confirm it's booted in SB mode?
23:16:19 <tflink> like I said, pass - g-i-s works fine, quick once over is all good
23:16:52 <nirik> cool.
23:16:59 <jreznik> #info SB mode passed
23:17:01 <nirik> jreznik: still around? or gone now?
23:17:03 <nirik> ah ha. ;)
23:17:06 <adamw> welp, just wanted to triple-double-check it's an actual sb enabled install, i think there's some log output you can check or somehing. but eh.
23:17:34 * jreznik is going to push enter and not going to undo it, never
23:17:42 <jreznik> #agreed Fedora 19 Final status is GO by Fedora QA, release engineering, developers and FPM!
23:17:49 <nirik> rocking.
23:17:55 <misc> congrats
23:17:57 <jreznik> tflink: thanks!
23:18:02 <nirik> ship it!
23:18:09 <adamw> wewp
23:18:13 <adamw> let's go for ZERO SLIP for f20
23:18:17 <puiterwijk> let's open up the box for the last time?:)
23:18:20 <nirik> yeah, +1
23:18:26 <drago01> adamw: what about the nagative slip ;)
23:18:29 <nirik> the cat... is ALIVE!
23:18:47 <adamw> drago01: whoah, whoah, one step at a time :P
23:18:56 <adamw> the cat is dead...AND TASTY
23:18:59 <puiterwijk> nirik: woohoo! though I guess I'll have to wait a week to get it? :)
23:19:08 <drago01> puiterwijk: use rc3
23:19:12 <drago01> puiterwijk: its the same
23:19:23 <jreznik> https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/934965_612824428738572_1398344475_n.jpg
23:19:31 <puiterwijk> drago01: yeah,  know. was just kidding ;)
23:19:38 <adamw> puiterwijk: you can grab rc3 if you like, but you will have wackiness for a few hours when we're doing mirror switchover, and you don't get to read the release announcement and stuff.
23:19:58 <puiterwijk> adamw: I am already running rc3 ;)
23:20:19 <puiterwijk> drago01, adamw: I was just trying to make a joke
23:20:27 * nirik pshaws all you f19 people... rawhide is the way to go.
23:20:28 <drago01> puiterwijk: this is the internet
23:20:36 <adamw> er, aha! hah! haha, haha!
23:20:47 <jreznik> #topic Fedora 19 status is GO!
23:21:06 * puiterwijk doesn't feel taken really seriously by adamw... possible because I'm an intern :)P
23:21:07 <jreznik> thanks guys for heroic effort not only today :)
23:21:27 <jreznik> #action jreznik to announce go decision
23:21:37 <nirik> thanks jreznik
23:22:14 <adamw> wait for the reviews before thanking us ;)
23:22:34 * adamw heads for the cable distribution box nearest to dedoimedo's home with a pair of industrial wire cutters
23:25:12 <jreznik> #topic Open floor
23:25:31 <jreznik> anything else? otherwise I'll set pretty fast fuse, run!
23:26:15 <jreznik> 3...
23:27:44 <jreznik> 2...
23:27:57 <jreznik> 1...
23:28:08 <jreznik> #endmeeting